Thursday, April 29, 2010

Truth vs. Sedition

Joe Klein has accused Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and others of SEDITION for TELLING THE TRUTH about Obama and how he is stealing from us and causing the ruination of this nation. Since when is telling the truth sedition? Damn, these people are STUPID! Or they think we are.

HALF SPANISH: There’s a school in Texas that’s going to teach half the year in English, the other half in Spanish. WHY? Why don’t immigrants, legal or illegal, take the trouble to learn the language of their host country? Why do they insist that WE take the trouble to learn THEIR language? If I move to France permanently, I’m CERTAINLY going to learn French! I will not limit myself while demanding THEY accommodate ME. Why do these people do that?

REDEFAULT: That’s a “code word” meaning Obama’s “mortgage plan” is failing. His plan was to give mortgages to people who could not pay the money back, then have Fanny or Freddy buy the mortgage. Now people he has helped are defaulting AGAIN. That means they STILL can’t pay their mortgages. They never will. And he will have to “help” them again and again. With OUR money.

FOR WHAT? Obama thinks the American people ought to thank him, rather than organize “Tea Parties” against him. For WHAT should we thank him? For ruining the best medical system in the world? For spending $TRILLIONS of our dollars and bankrupting us? For spending more money than we have, in fact, more money than there IS? For CREATING the “economic downturn” in order to get elected and take over the government in a “bloodless coup?” This man is not just ignorant, he’s STUPID if he thinks we would thank him for that.

MAKING IT WORSE: The Massachusetts version of Obama’s health care swindle has failed. And the governor is making it WORSE by forcing the insurance companies to LOWER their rates when they’re obviously losing money NOW.

“CHANGE IS GOOD”: Saw a sign on the highway that said “change is good.” Change is not ALWAYS good. America should have asked Obama to tell them what KIND of change he intended for us. Maybe he would have slipped up and told the truth as he did when “Joe the plumber” confronted him.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Archiving" Tweets

Obama’s people, after previously whining about Bush’s wish to eavesdrop on TERRORISTS (not Americans), now want to “archive” Tweets (written BY Americans). Those short messages put on the Internet by individuals who subscribe to Twitter. The word “archiving” simply means he wants to know what we’re saying about him so he can do something about it. He thinks eavesdropping is fine as long as he’s doing it. But not when Republicans are doing it. How many times must I point these things out before somebody does something about it

YAMAMOTO’S MISTAKE: The Democrats are making the same mistake the Japanese made in WWII. “As Isoroku Yamamoto whispered so prophetically... ‘I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.’ “ That’s what the Democrats have done. And the result (for them) is going to be the same; disaster. They’re going to lose their majority for a LONG time and it’s going to be another long time before we see another Democrat president.

LIMITING YOUR SALT INTAKE: The federal government wants to limit your salt intake. A typical appeal to the “it’s good for you” excuse they use to control yet another aspect of your life. Frankly, such a rule will force me to use MORE salt. I will NOT be “told” how much salt I can use on my food. Further, I will NOT be “ordered around” by my government.

“SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”: The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States says very clearly, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” What part of “shall not be infringed” do America’s liberal gun-haters not understand? They say that “reasonable limitations” on gun ownership and use are necessary. But those “reasonable limitations” ARE an “infringement.”

BACKING OFF: The feds have “backed off” on their wish to be able to read the e-mails of Americans without a warrant. I guess they just got too much heat. We need to give them just as much heat on their other wishes to remove our birthrights.

OBAMA COSTING MORE JOBS: And most of them are in the Congress, where as many Democrats as are running in the next couple of elections (including Obama himself) will be “out of work” after the elections are over. They have “woken a sleeping giant,” those who pay no attention to politics (the people they try to keep asleep), and those people are going to finally fire them in the next two elections.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Same Extremism

Former President and chief oral sex receiver in the White House Bill Clinton is doing it again. After a “crazy” blew up a government building in Oklahoma, he tried to blame Rush Limbaugh and other conservative truth-tellers for that event, with NO proof at all. Just his word—and you all know what THAT’S worth. Now he’s doing it again, this time blaming it on the Tea Parties. It was an absolute LIE then, and it is a lie now. Truth is, Limbaugh, Hannity, myself, and the others are simply telling the TRUTH about what the liberals are doing to this country. If that’s “promoting extremism,” so be it.

WAY TOO LATE: AlGore said “we only have ten years left if we don’t do something about the environment.” He said that almost 20 years ago, now. He was lying then and he is lying now. But it has made him a billionaire, so I guess it’s working—for him.

OBAMA LOSES 10,000 JOBS: With a single stroke of a pen. On purpose. He announced the end of several space programs, which will cause the loss of many jobs. That’s what he’s been doing a lot lately. Causing the loss of many jobs. Meanwhile, he CLAIMS to be CREATING jobs.

“SWEEPING OUT CORRUPTION”: Nancy Peelosi says she’s going to ”sweep out corruption, and she’s not lying. She’s doing just that—on the Republican side. But she doesn’t even SEE any corruption among Democrats. Not the tax evasion of Rep. Charlie Rangel, or any other. She says she “sees no reason” for Rangel to step down (even though he’s evaded thousands of dollars’ worth of his own taxes while imposing new taxes on us every day. If she doesn’t see it, how can she “clean it up?”

WHY NO BLACKS AT “TEA PARTIES?” Liberals often ask this question. But there ARE blacks at “Tea Party” meetings. The liberals just tell you there are not, with no proof, whatsoever. They want to maintain the fiction that there are none. So they continue to ask this question, hoping that will make people believe the “Tea Parties” are racist, which they’re not.

LIBERALS TERRIFIED OF “TEA PARTY”: And they should be. The “Tea Parties” are going to cost them their jobs, and that’s okay (not to them, but to the people who have common sense in this country). Their recent actions have made them “easy targets” for people with common sense to run against them and win. I hope they have the worst election in history in 2010, and again in 2012.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vote The Bums Out!

That seems to be the theme of the “Tea Party” movement, and it is the ONLY way we’re going to be able to stop Obama’s “steamroller” of our rights and our money. Get rid of his voting majority in the Congress and he won’t be able to do as much damage in the rest of the only term I hope he gets to serve. We need to get rid of EVERY Democrat who supports Obama’s programs or any other socialist plans.

NOTING TEACHER ARRESTS: Leave it to bureaucrats and politicians to do ANYTHING in the most controversial way. Now some school districts in Colorado want to notify people when any teacher is ARRESTED for any on a list of serious crimes. Not when they’re CONVICTED, when they’re ARRESTED. Being arrested does not mean the teacher is guilty. But they want to stigmatize them for being ARRESTED. Sheesh!

A “PUBLIC PURPOSE”: The government can seize your property for a “public purpose.” Who decides what is a “public purpose?” The people DOING the seizing, of course! That’s the decision perpetrated by retiring Supreme Court Justice Stevens and has resulted in property being seized, then given or sold to private developers while “just compensation” way below market value was imposed. The “public interest” involved is more tax money for the seizing party.

“CHANGE”: Obama ran on a platform of “change,” and the mostlygullible American people who “pay no attention to politics” believed him without asking what KIND of change he was talking about. Now they’re dismayed to learn the ”change” he was talking about was a “change” from capitalism and small government to socialism and BIG government (IF they even are aware of it).

THE NEW RACISM: Anybody who doesn’t agree with what Obama is doing to us, are called “racists” without any kind of proof. They think they don’t need proof. They think all they have to do is LABEL them as racist and people will believe it. But that label is “growing thin” and people no longer believe them when they scream “racist.” Some people still talk about communism, although communism DOES still exist in the world. When people hear that word, they stop listening. It’s becoming the same with “racist.”

WAXMAN CHICKENS OUT: He demanded the companies who told the world how much they figure Obama’s health care swindle is going to cost them and told them to bring all their private e-mails with them. He didn’t even bother to make it a subpoena. But when they “called his bluff” and spoke out about it, he decided he didn’t want to give these companies a platform to tell the truth about Obama’s swindle. So he called it off.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

17 Deputies, 5,000 Sq. Miles

That’s how many deputies a southern sheriff has to cover 5,000 sq. miles of territory in South Texas, which is why he advises people to “arm yourselves.” People are being killed and maimed by people from Mexico and they think no one cares because he can’t do much with only 17 deputies.

ALREADY ARMED: Texas ranchers are mostly already armed, and when the sheriff told them to “arm themselves,” it just put them on “high alert.” People are mad, and will take matters into their own hands if the government does nothing. Americans can defend themselves if the government just allows them to have the tools. As Yamamoto said, "There's a gun behind every bush."

“DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS”: In Texas, you can carry a gun openly. So the illegal aliens why try to intimidate Texans better be careful themselves. Texans can go into Mexico as easily as Mexicans can come into Texas. And they know who and where the drug lords are. If the drug lords want to die, keep messing with Texans.

“HATE SPEECH”: According to Obama and his accomplices, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck and even me are all engaged in “hate speech.” His definition of “hate speech” is people telling the truth about him, so I admit it. I tell the truth about him. If that be “hate speech,” then so be it.

WHAT REAGAN DID: Many Obama-lovers say he’s doing the same thing Reagan did to protect us. They’re wrong. He’s doing just the OPPOSITE of what Reagan did. Reagan believed it was our readiness to respond to threats with force that was responsible for his successes, including the complete COLLAPSE of the soviet Union (Gorbachev didn't do it, even though he now claims it). Obama is REDUCING our readiness and saying THAT will keep us safe. What a FOOL he is!

COMPLETE STUPIDITY: “Queen” Nancy Peelosi said, "We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it." How STUPID is this? You don’t PASS bill into law in order to “find out what’s in it.” You read the bill BEFORE passing it into law. We’re being governed by FOOLS who think we’re ALL stupid. This woman needs to be sent home.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'll Do It Anyway

Kathleen Sebilius, Health Secretary, says, “If health care for children isn’t in (Obama’s health care swindle) the bill I’ll announce it anyway and it will BE in the bill. She actually thinks she has the power to do that.

He’s obviously a racist, gay-baiting, misogamist if he wants that. ANYBODY who criticizes “our president” has to be that, according to liberals.

DOESN’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE: Obama, who wants to RUN the health insurance business, along with the health care business, itself, doesn’t even know the difference between liability and comprehensive insurance.

RAIDING MONOPOLY MANUFACTURER: I understand the feds raided the company making the Monopoly game, accusing them of counterfeiting U. S. currency. (hee, hee)

BEING “TOP DAWG”: Obama’s spokesmen say we shouldn’t expect to be the “top dawg” in everything. The “anthem” of the loser. Making excuses for failure. My answer is, “why not?” Why the hell NOT? What earthly common sense reason is there to NOT expect excellence?

BUSH IS NOT CONSERVATIVE: His prescription drug program, in which every Social Security recipient MUST be a member whether or not he/she wishes, plus his ignoring our Southern border, plus many other things he did, prove that. Now a border sheriff is advising his constituents to “arm yourselves” so you won’t be killed by illegal aliens.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Obama: What Has Changed?

He claims to have “opened up drilling in PARTS of American-controlled territory. On the campaign trail while trying to BECOME president, he said passionately, many times, that offshore drilling wouldn’t make any difference. What has changed other than his election to the presidency?

STOPPING FUNNY MONEY: The Treasury Department and Secret Service works very hard to stop criminals from counterfeiting our money, saying “every counterfeit dollar makes all others in circulation worth less.” Hitler was printing American dollars in an effort to undermine our currency. What the Secret Service says is true. So why don’t they go after the BIGGEST counterfeiter of U. S. currency there is, the U. S. government?

TARGETED FOR OBEYING THE LAW: Several companies announced their estimates of how much Obama’s health care swindle was going to cost them in the coming years. They’re required to do that, BY LAW. Now Henry Waxman, one of the architects of the economic disaster under which we’re now suffering, has “targeted” them for obeying the law. What FOOLS we have in Washington!

TOO MANY LAWSUITS: You can sue for anything, any time. Judges allow way too many frivolous lawsuits they KNOW are frivolous, that require innocent people to pay out millions of dollars (collectively) in unnecessary legal fees to fight them. Congress needs to make a law to limit these suits by making the LOSER pay the legal fees and court costs in EVERY case.

THE CALORIE POLICE: They want to even control the size of the type used by MacDonald’s to tell you how many calories are in a Big Mac. Pretty soon, you’ll need a forklift to carry away your order because of the required notices, forced upon them by nameless, faceless bureaucrats.

KEEPING US “STIRRED UP”: Most of the “controversies” are “whipped up” by our government to keep us busy fighting amongst ourselves while we ignore what they’re doing to us.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Imagine That

Imagine Obama and his accomplices in Congress gone, and somebody with common sense in the White House. Well. We can accomplish half of that--the Congress part--in the 2010 election if we get rid of every Democrat we can. And we can take care of Obama in 2012—if that’s not too late.

IT’S FRUSTRATING: You tell people something, and they come right back and criticize you for saying just the opposite of what you said, and refuse to believe what you DID say. I really wish people would LISTEN to what I say.

SUPPORTING HIGH FUEL PRICES: Our erstwhile Energy Secretary SUPPORTS high fuel prices and wonders why we gripe about it. What the hell GOOD is this guy?

“VITRIOL”: That’s what Obama calls it when we tell the truth about what he’s doing. Actually, the “vitriol” out there is what HE spouts when people oppose him.

SHE DOESN’T KNOW ANYTHING: Liberals (Democrats) say Sarah Palin “doesn’t know anything.” But for some reason they can’t cite any specifics about what she doesn’t know. Who do they think they’re fooling?

OBAMA—STOP ATTACKING BUSINESS: Doesn’t he know that private business, large and small, is the “engine” of prosperity? If he continues to unfairly tax it, he’s going to destroy our economy. Take away the INCENTIVE to invest money in jobs-creating projects and soon there will be none—and the jobs will disappear. What a FOOL we have running this country!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Unfunded Mandates

Yeah, I know you're tired of hearing that "buzzword." But Congress should not be allowed to mandate states do things that cost a lot of money without attaching the money to the mandate. But such a law will never be made because Congress is full of liberal spenders who want someone else to pay for their “flights of fancy.”

CRIMINALS AS GOVERNMENT: We’re now living with “systemic criminality” in our government. Our government is being run by “Chicago thugs” who think they can get away with ANYTHING.

LOSING DOCTORS: Under Obamacare, the number of patients is going to increase A LOT, while 50% of our doctors get out of the business as they have promised to do. How is Obama going to care for twice as many patients with half as many doctors? With “health care rationing,” of course.

OBAMA’S LIES: Obama says he’s “one of the few people who can get away with claiming to be Irish on St. Paddy’s Day.” I guess that’s because he figures everybody believes his lies.

NON-FILERS: Fifty (count ‘em) FIFTY White House staffers don’t file income tax forms. Does anybody think there is an IRS agent with the guts to go after them?

WHAT CAUSED IT? The Obama administration trying to find out who (or what) caused the economic slowdown. An incestuous relationship where they “investigate themselves.” Does anybody think they will ever find out anything? Not the REAL cause, anyway, because THEY caused it in order to get elected and take over the government in a “bloodless coup.” We are now a “banana republic ruled by a dictator.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pot and Kettle

Obama and his radical liberal friends call ANYBODY who opposes their radical socialist policies “radicals” and try to “shut them up.” But we’re not going to “shut up.” We’re going to talk more often, telling the truth on them louder and longer. If we disappear, you’ll know how they “shut us up.”

TAKING RESPONSIBILITY: Obama and his accomplices (liberals) want REPUBLICANS to “take responsibility” for their rage. But it is the LIBERALS (Democrats) who ARE “responsible” for the rage of the Republicans and other freedom-lovers like me.

ASHAMED: I’m ashamed to be an American and live in this country today. Unfortunately, there’s no other country where I can go and enjoy any degree of freedom (at least for now). When that’s gone, there’ll be nowhere to flee.

KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS: What this country is doing now is NOT “Keynesian economics,” though it’s close. Keynesian economics says to RUN A SURPLUS in “good times” so you can run a deficit in “bad times.” We’re not doing it.

GOVERNMENT FLIM-FLAM: The way they passed the health care swindle is simply a “flim-flam.” A con. Look for other bad law to have been passed as part of it, when we are finally allowed to READ the bill they passed. Passing a law in order to be able to “find out what is in it” is not only STUPID, it’s CRIMINAL.

STUPID POLICIES: Obama won’t let American oil companies drill in most areas in the world controlled by the United states. But he IS allowing the Russians to drill in the gulf of Mexico so what they find can be sold to us at inflated prices. I’m getting tired of talking about getting rid of this jerk before he bankrupts us, but I’ll keep it up as long as necessary.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Driving Insurance Companies Out of Business

Massachusetts (which already has a failing single-payer health insurance system) is already driving insurance companies out of business, by “capping” the rates they can charge without regard to their costs. Soon, Obama will be doing the same thing. His entire purpose is to destroy the health insurance business and create a government-controlled, single-payer system similar to the failed system in Canada.

TAKING OBAMA’S WORD: Stupid –er, Stupak took the word of Obama that he would ban government funding of abortion with a presidential executive order. How STUPID is this man? It’s a good thing he is “running away” because he couldn’t get elected dog catcher this time around. He's too much of a FOOL.

JUST SHOOT THEM! The people who created the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution would be SHOT, today. They WOULD have been shot then if the British could have caught them. Somebody one time tried to get people on the street to sign a document that contained the SAME WORDS as the Declaration of Independence and the locals called the POLICE To arrest him for TREASON.

NOWHERE TO GO: Glenn Beck says, “if we lose our freedom here, there’s nowhere to which we can flee.” At least the Russians and citizens of other “unfree” countries have the US to which to flee, but if we lose it here, what’s left? There is not a SINGLE country left that has more freedom than we still have--at least for a while, yet

RAISING THE DEBT LIMIT: Obama’s getting ready for even more “massive spending.” He’s had the spending limit raised to FIFTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS! How long are we going to allow him to spend us into bankruptcy?

CALLING TERRORISTS RADICALS: Obama refuses to call Islamic terrorists “radicals.” But he calls U. S. citizens who disagree with his radical policies “radicals.” How much longer are we going to put up with the outrages Obama creates? (I expect his thugs to come and see me soon, unless he’s saving me for after he “takes down” Rush and Hannity and Beck. Maybe I’m just not “bothering him” enough yet.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Targeting The Rich

Obama has been very vocal about “taxing the rich” as an essential part of his policies. What good is laying heavy taxes on the very people who CREATE employment going to do our economy? His “tax the rich” policies are contraindicated and will inevitably make the economy AND the “job picture” worse. But he either doesn’t know that, or he just doesn’t care. Or that’s his PLAN.

AHMDINIJERK—“OBAMA AN AMATUER”: What a stupid remark from one of the world’s biggest amateurs as a “head of state.” But he’s right. Obama IS “an amateur” as a president. But he’s an expert as “scamming the system,” and has scammed his way into total power over the biggest part of the government, and the private sector as well as stealing more in ONE YEAR that Bush spent in EIGHT years.

GOOD DESCRIPTION OF AN OBAMA SPEECH: “A series of clich├ęs, punctuated by a bunch of drivel” –Glenn Beck I haven’t heard a single speech made by Obama that doesn’t fit this description.

OBAMA ATTACKS SARAH: He says, “I don’t remember her being an expert on nuclear weapons.” Funny he should say that. I haven’t heard ANYTHING that would tell me HE is an expert on nuclear weapons, so where does he get off criticizing her for criticizing his wimpy action?

“TEA PARTY” VIOLENCE: Liberals decry the “violence” seen at “Tea Party” gatherings. Funny: the only violence I’ve seen has been created by the union thugs sent there by Obama, then BLAMED on the Tea Party.

TAKING OVER THE INTERNET: Obama wants to take over the Internet, the ONE place where EVERYBODY has an “international voice.” He’s billing it as “equal access,” of course. Just the OPPOSITE of what it is, as usual. He wants to control access to the Internet because when you’re creating a dictatorship you don’t want people to be able to tell the truth about you and what you’re doing.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Liberal Hate Speech

Calling the Tea Party people “racists” is simply liberal hate speech. Of course, nobody will admit it, and neither will the news media, which will dutifully spout it and “shout it to the tree-tops.” They just don’t know how much they’re hurting themselves by “buying into” Obama's scams. He will eventually target THEM one day.

THOSE WHO CREATE JOBS: Those are Obama’s “targets.” He says they are simply “the rich,” forgetting how they BECAME rich, and the jobs they created on the way. But he doesn’t care. He either doesn’t KNOW they create ALL the jobs, or he just doesn’t care. I think hurting those who create ALL the jobs is part of his plan, as it will make it easier to impose socialism upon us.

LEGAL GOVERNMENT THEFT: The Civil Asset Forfeiture Act of 2000 allows federal, state and local police and district attorneys to seize any cash they can find on you to fund their own budgets. No crime must be proved, only the statement that the money “MUST be drug money,” making the “drug war” an “excuse” for the cops to STEAL money for their own use. This way, they can treat the money they steal as a “private slush fund,”

ALL A MISTAKE: A Qatar diplomat who thought the “no smoking rule” on airplanes didn’t apply to him caused an international incident when he “joked” about “setting his shoes on fire” when confronted as he left the bathroom on the airplane after sneaking a smoke. Now officials say it was “all a mistake.” I agree. It was a mistake BY that insipid, cocky “diplomat” who thinks he’s above the rules others must follow. He MUST be a liberal (or whatever they call it in his country).

TAXATION WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL ACTION: In order to raise taxes, Obama must go to Congress and have a law passed. But he doesn’t need to do that to order more money to be printed. Every dollar printed and put into circulation reduces the value of EVERY dollar now in existence, which takes money away from EVERY American who earns a living and pays taxes. This is how the government can raise taxes without having Congress pass a law. We need to make a law forcing him to ask permission (with the attendant publicity) to print more money. But that's not going to happen because a majority in Congress are his accomplices.

JUST SEND IT OVER: Obama seems to have signed a “nuclear treaty with Russia. Just send it over. We’ll sign it without reading it. That’s the way we pass our laws now, anyway. So why not do it with treaties?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The "Job Creators"

Obama is “biting off the hand that FEEDS him by assessing higher taxes on “the rich,” who are the very people who CREATE all the jobs and should be treated fairly. But obviously Obama doesn’t agree (which just shows his economic IGNORANCE, to our dismay).

TAKING RESPONSIBILITY: Liberals are constantly talking about Republicans “taking responsibility” for the “rage” that is showing lately when it should be the LIBERALS who “take responsibility” for it, since they caused it. People are enraged because the liberals are slowly, but surely, taking away their right to make their own decisions. I “take responsibility” for MY rage, which is CAUSED by the Democrats and their scams and schemes.

“YOU PEOPLE”: There’s a difference between “Obama’s people” and “you people” as far as he is concerned. Like kings of old, there are two kinds of people: the king’s, and the peasants. To him, you and I are “peasants” and “rabble,” and should just “shut up and go away,” not presuming to comment negatively on his kingly pronouncements and actions.

BANNING THE WORDS: Government is banning the words “Islamic terrorists” from the lexicon they use in describing the Islamic terrorists we are fighting. Currently, they’re only doing it for one document. But I expect this government to “issue an edict” banning those words in ALL cases in America, including its use by the news media, most of which will acquiesce happily.

THE “WAR AGAINST ACHIEVEMENT”: All this talk about “taxing the rich” is simply Obama’s “code words” to mean his “war against achievement. What he means is that ANYBODY who actually ACHIEVES anything (and subsequently becomes rich) is somehow “bad,” and subject to higher taxation than the rest of the “peasants” he “rules.” He forgets entirely that the ACHIEVERS are the ones who CREATE the jobs.

OBAMA OPENS US UP TO NUCLEAR ATTACK: He has pledged not to use nuclear weapons against countries that do not have nukes. That’s like telling a criminal, who knows you “pack heat,” that you will not use it if he robs you. How stupid IS this man? I have seen some stupid policies by previous presidents, but not as abysmally STUPID as is this one.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How DARE They?

Some big corporations are announcing what Obama’s health care swindle is going to cost them, which is REQUIRED by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). How DARE they obey the law! Now Henry Waxman is “summoning” them before Congress to “explain themselves.” They should go there and tell it like it is, right there before the committee. Don’t grovel and give the members of Congress what they want. Embarrass them before the world. Obama thinks of himself as a ”ruler,” not a president. They think the same way about themselves. They need to be disabused of this notion.

SORRY, FOLKS: I was in the hospital from Sunday to Tuesday trying to get my blood pressure back down to manageable proportions. It was 230/130 and went down to 96/57 for a while as a result of aggressive treatment. It's under better control now, so I'm back at work irritating liberals.

GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY! That’s the smartest thing any government can do to make their economy better. Obama’s people made it what it is today, but they can’t “cure it” by continuing to interfere. They need to GET OUT OF THE WAY and let the “private sector” repair the damage the politicians did to get elected.

REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH: That’s collectivism (socialism, communism, fascism, progressivism, etc.) pure and simple. It’s STEALING from those who EARN and GIVING to those who DON’T. This is what Hitler and Lenin sold to their people as they “took over in their countries. It’s as simple as that.

THE WAR ON PROFITS: Obama and his accomplices don’t realize (or maybe they do), as they go about trying to stop the “private sector” from making any kind of profits, that he DEPENDS on profits made by the “private sector” to have money to steal for his “flights of fancy.” If he succeeded in eliminating profits entirely, he, and the country, would come falling down. Just as it would if he succeeded in “bankrupting the coal industry.” This man is as insane as Ahmadinijerk, and just as dangerous.

RETURN OF THE “MISERY INDEX”: During Jimmy Carter’s “reign,” the liberals themselves created “The Misery Index” which rose and fell as Jimmy made bad decision after bad decision and cost lots of people their lives. They haven’t brought it back yet for Obama’s regime, but somebody ought to. Soon we will all be “in misery” as we pay his significantly higher taxes and. Or l (and) lose our jobs.

HIDDEN LAWS: Obama has many things hidden in his health care swindle law, which is now the law of the land, and STILL most people have no idea what’s in it. Not even the main things. Hidden within it is a law that finally creates a national ID, something the liberals have been wanting for many years, so they could, at the stroke of a pen, make ANYBODY an “unperson” at will. This is TOTAL control. Without that ubiquitous national ID card, which everybody who breathes will be forced to carry, a person can do NOTHING. They might as well be in prison. There are many other measures hidden in this law, such as his "private army"and we will find out what they are only gradually, as the government begins enforcing them on an unsuspecting public.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Damage Control

Obama knows the entire country is mad at him and he fears the next two elections. So now he’s “pandering” to us by announcing that he’s going to allow limited offshore drilling as a means toward reducing our dependence on foreign oil. Only problem is, is ain’t agonna happen. There will be so many restrictions placed on whatever drilling he DOES allow as to make it impossible. But the news media won’t cover that. When he made his announcement, he didn’t tell us he was “shutting down” projects that were ready to give us oil, in favor of those that could not produce oil for 20 or 30 years.

WE STILL NEED MORE REFINERIES: We haven’t built a new refinery in 30 years, and the ones in existence are mostly so old they can’t do the job. So it doesn’t matter how much oil we eventually get from offshore drilling, we can’t refine it. I might believe he’s serious if he authorizes subsidies to build new refineries—which he will not.

SPEAKING FROM IGNORANCE: Obama;s “useful idiots” criticize people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity. Glenn Beck, and me for what their liberal friends TELL them we say. They have no idea what we REALLY say because they don’t listen to, or read it.; But they think they’re “politically correct.”

THEY JUST WON’T ANSWER: Bill O’Reilly spent some time recently on his program trying his best to get a congressman to answer a simple question: who will enforce Obama’s requirement to buy health insurance?” We all know it’s the IRS, which is hiring 16,000 new “enforcers.”: But he “filibustered” every time Bill asked the same question, then accused Bill of “not letting him answer.” How stupid! Does he really think we’re stupid enough to believe that?

OBAMA’S ACTIONS: He snubs Netanyahu, from Israel, one of our staunchest allies, while giving a big hug to that communist thug from South America, Hugo Chavez. That should tell you a lot about his basic instincts. He’s trying his best to tell us what he is, but we’re not listening.

BAD PRESIDENTS: I’ve seen bad presidents before, but none who angers me every time I see his face on a magazine cover or on television, both of which happen all the time. Just the sound of his voice infuriates me because he’s always telling lies whenever I hear it.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

26-Year-Old Children

Under Obama’s health care swindle (now the law of the land) people are “children” until they’re 26 years old. This is a typical stupidity of liberals. These are the same people, remember, who think it’s okay to murder the result of unprotected sex rather than be “inconvenienced” by having to have, and care for, a child because you couldn’t think to use a rubber. They’re the same people who think they can just SAY something and it will be true. That they can ban insurance companies from excluding “pre-existing conditions” and those insurance companies can remain in business.

16,000 NEW TAX COLLECTORS: This is an example of what Obamacare means to Americans. He’s going to need more than 16,000 new tax collectors to collect all the new taxes he has planned for us, not just for the health care swindle, but for all of his future cons and scams, as well. At least, he told the truth about creating new jobs. Unfortunately, they’re all in the IRS and in other government agencies.

SEX ADDICT: This will soon become a “protected affliction” in America, and thus the world. We will no longer be able to put people in prison for raping people because they will plead (successfully) that they have a “sex addiction.” I wish I could get away with that, but I can’t, because I’m not a liberal (by today’s standards).

“UNEXPECTED” JOB CUTS: Unexpected by whom? Not by anybody with any degree of intelligence. Only by those liberal (Marxist) “experts” who are NEVER right, about anything. Those job cuts are not unexpected to people who pay attention to what’s going on around them.

OBAMA BUNG FODDER: I saw an article recently about some toilet paper with Obama’s face on it. If it actually becomes a marketable product and comes out, I’ll buy a lot of it. I certainly want to do what you do with toilet paper on Obama’s face.

POLITICIANS LIKE TO MEDDLE: They think they’re much smarter than we are, so they spend a lot of time making “rules” for us to follow. They forced automakers to create cars that would do 30 miles per gallon and they did. Now they’re demanding 35 miles per gallon. If they achieve that, they’ll demand 40! They’re even DICTATING the size of the TYPE on the calorie info on menus. I wish they’d just GET OUT OF THE WAY and let us live our own lives.