Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Cop Killer Sanctuary

Denver, Colorado is a "sanctuary city." It's mayor even snubbed the president when he invited sanctuary city mayors to a meeting in DC to discuss them. And every city around them has been put in danger because of it. And that has caused the deaths of TWO cops in less than a month in the Denver suburbs. The earlier one in the south of town in an are called "Highlands Ranch." The second one north of town in a city called Northglenn. Both went on calls that sounded harmless and walked into a trap. I don't know yet who the shooter was in Northglenn, but It'd be a good bet he is a young gang member, many of whom were recruited from the ranks of illegal aliens whom the Denver mayor so diligently "protects.

MAKING STUPID MANDATORY: The members of the NJ Assembly and Senate of New Jersey are obviously too stupid to live, They want to make gun buybacks MANDATORY The bill has passed the Assembly and will probably pass the Senate. The new governor will most likely sign it, since he is a known gun-grabber. They want 9 a year as a matter of LAW. Nine times conning people into "turning in" valuable guns for a PITTANCE, many of which will end up on the black market, sold for big bucks to criminals, with which to commit more "gun crimes." Meanwhile criminals and gang members (a repetition in terms) will "dutifully" turn in their old, useless guns and get money to buy new guns, that work.

HE'S GOT IT RIGHT: At last! A politician who isn't stupid! Most of them like to make STUPID gun laws and pat themselves on the back while criminals have no trouble getting their guns from other criminals in a back alley somewhere while IGNORING those laws. The mayor in Warner Robbins, GA is telling his citizens to carry their guns after a string of robbery/murders recently. He knows that the best defense against ILLEGAL guns is A LEGAL gun in the hand of a law-abiding citizen. This can result in a significant REDUCTION in gun crime by ILLEGAL gun owners being KILLED by LEGAL gun owners when they attempt to victimize them. And studies have shown that few criminals kill people when they're dead.

THEY'RE AT IT AGAIN: After the Kentucky school shooting, done by a 15 year old boy who cannot legally buy a gun, anyway, the anti-gun fools are hooting and hollering to make even more of the useless. redundant, and futile anti-gun laws that didn't prevent this shooting. It's what they always do: after every shooting, they insist on getting more and more of those laws made. That they do NOTHING to stop further such shootings is obvious to INTELLIGENT people, but not to them.

THE SWAMP'S DEFENSE: If anyone wonders, Robert Mueller is the "swamp's defense" against a president who was elected specifically to "clean them out." That "investigation" began MINUTES after Trump was elected. Up to then, they thought they could "set aside" the election and Hillary would be president. They don't want to lose their little fiefdoms, and they INVENTED "the Russian Connection" to put a stop to Trump's efforts to "drain the swamp" and clean out the crooked politicians, of which there are many. But it hasn't worked. They can be identified by how loud their voices are in opposition to his election and everything he does.

SAME OL' DEMOCRAT SCAM: One of the oldest, moldiest Dumocrat scams is "quoting" something a Republican didn't say in private, then insisting he deny it, and having it become a "wall-to-wall story" that runs for days and weeks in the corrupt liberal media, never mind nobody but one person "heard" it, and he's an implacable enemy of that Democrat. After repeating it and having "round table discussions" on it every hour for days on end, it somehow becomes an item of faith that he said it. The idea that Trump "thought about" firing Mueller is one of the latest. The "Russian Connection" is another. They're still milking that.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Another Democrat Scam

Tell a lie. repeat it often until people begin to believe it, and when proof emerges it is a lie, demand they PROVE it is a lie. Currently they're trying to discredit that "Trump Dossier" that is due to be released soon. They say "After a year of talking about it (they're the only ones talking about it)," there is NO EVIDENCE to prove the "dossier" is true, but there is NO PROOF it is NOT true. Actually, the fact that, after a YEAR of trying they could find NO PROOF it is true, IS proof it is not true.

GLAD I DON'T LIVE THERE: The State of California has become an official THIEF. They are preparing to "confiscate" (steal) about HALF of Trump's tax cut from their citizens. What that means is that California will not benefit from Trump's economic boom, created by letting people (all people, not just the rich) keep more of the money they EARN. You cannot make a poor man rich by looting the rich. The government cannot give you money without TAKING it from others first. The earner soon learns he cannot keep the fruits of his/her labor or ideas, so he/she soon stops producing new wealth. And soon the economy goes to hell.

THE SWAMP DRAINS ITSELF: The chief justice of the 9th Circuit (Circus) Court, whose judgment banned President Trump's "Muslim Travel Ban," has now been accused of SERIAL sexual harassment of his female clerks. It is alleged that he called them into his office, alone, and not only made sexual suggestions to them, he actually showed them PORN not connected to any case on which he was working. He scoffs at this, saying, "If that's all they've got after 35 years, I'm not too worried." I would be worried if I were him.

THE YOUNG HATE TRUMP: According to a few "surveys," a majority of young people don't like Trump, and want somebody--anybody--to run against him in a PRIMARY in 2020. Of course, there isn't a Republican who has one chance in hell of beating him. If there were, those 17 Republicans who ran against him in the elections he WON would have done a lot better than they did. But the whole thing here is that older, wiser people "surveyed" don't want him to have to run in a primary. They still like him, even more than they did when they elected him. Youngsters haven't been on this Earth long enough to know anything.

PELOSI'S GOING TO HOLLYWOOD! She's appearing in a drag queen show, which I think is appropriate for her. The drag queen in charge, of course, is anti-Trump, once having said Trump's signature motto, "Making America Great Again," is "code", meaning,"Let’s go back in time to when we didn’t have to evolve and that we could just languish in our ignorance.” That's a usual liberal (Dumocrat) trick, calling something "code" to mean what THEY want it to mean, and not what it really means, at all. But then, they're stupid that way. They can't win by finding something TRUE to criticize, so they make something up.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: The “government shutdown” would get people KILLED by stopping all military improvements Trump instituted and ENDING many intelligence operations while it went on. That’s CRIMINAL.... Dumocrats say Trump has a “right wing echo chamber” who “parrot what he says.” Actually, what he says is RIGHT, not “right wing, and truth merits repeating.... People who have NO credentials in medicine OR mental health insist on implying (without evidence) that Trump is mentally incompetent and about to have a heart attack and die (they hope). That’s insulting.... Many Dumocrats, including Maxine Waters and Frederica Wilson, won’t be at the State of the Union speech. Seems they don’t like to do their jobs, all because of a LIE told by a Dumocrat liar who falsely said Trump made a racist remark about Haiti, calling Haiti a “sh-thole country.” They won't be missed....

Monday, January 29, 2018

Who The Hell Cares?

I've listened the last few weeks while liberals and conservatives argued over whether President Trump uttered the words, :"sh-t hole" or "sh-t house" in regard to Haiti, a very poor country embroiled in political controversy and corruption, that happens to be mostly black. From that, liberals push the idea that Trump is a racist, something they've been trying for a long time to sell without much success. Forget the fact that either word WOULD describe Haiti on the FACTS, not on what color is predominant there. Forget the fact that NOBODY in that meeting heard it except a KNOWN liar who is KNOWN to have made up things like that before, and the whole controversy is based on a LIE. But the important thing is, WHO THE HELL CARES?

"HE WOULDN'T NEGOTIATE": So sayeth the chief liar, Chuckie Schumer, of his "meeting" with President Trump, supposedly to get the government back open. He says the "best negotiator in the world wouldn't negotiate." So he had to get with the Republican Senate Leader and make an agreement. The agreement they made was the exact same thing Schumer rejected before the "shutdown." No more, no less. In other words, Chuckie's side LOST. And he just can't understand that refusing to negotiate is sometimes one of the strongest negotiating techniques there is. He was PLAYED by the best negotiator in the world, but he doesn't realize it. That's why it's so good. The loser doesn't even know he lost.

BACK TO "MINI ICE AGE": Most of today's global warming religion acolytes are too young to remember the seventies, when "scientists" were moaning about "the coming ice age" before they got all bent out of shape about global WARMING. Then they had to change it to "climate change" because the climate wasn't cooperating. All the while they moaned and whined about the globe "warming," it was NOT warming, and hadn't been for almost 20 years. Now they're talking about an "approaching ice age" again. It must be hard to be a global warming/climate change fool because the climate does what it has always done, work in CYCLES.

HIGH LEVEL CORRUPTION: Trump is fast "draining the swamp," but they're still fighting back as best they can. The top "investigators" in the plot are PART of the corruption. Comey, for instance, was the FBI Director and "cleared" Hillary before she was even asked a question. This after he listed her crimes and determined that :"she didn't mean it," so no charges would be filed, and the then AG agreed. Then he was replaced. But just below him were others who are KNOWN to have "presided" over much "lost evidence" in the past. Evidence that, if seen, would have incriminated some top-level politicians.

ANTI-GUN FOOLS JUMP: The other day, a deputy US Marshal was killed, and several others were wounded while trying to serve an arrest warrant. And immediately, without waiting for the facts, the anti-gun fools jumped all over it, criticizing a Senator for not passing anti-gun fool laws. They didn't wait to see if the gun used to kill the deputy was legally registered or not, or whether or not the killer had stood for a background check. If he hadn't done either, or had gotten his gun illegally, NO anti-gun laws would have even slowed him down in obtaining his gun.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Fools are saying, "If a president must SAY he is not a racist, that means he is a racist. Actually, it's just a "bad thing" for those who have ACCUSED him of racism without any kind of proof.... Dumocrats try and attribute sexual misconduct to President Trump, while harboring and LOVING a former president who actually WAS a sexual deviant.... The Dumocrats take it as an article of faith that Trump actually SAID the words "sh-thole countries" about Haiti, but nobody heard him say that except a KNOWN liar who has made things up in the past....

Friday, January 26, 2018

Many Lies Strung Together

As I predicted, Schumer just made a speech which included more lies than I have ever seen strung together in one speech. He claimed that Dumocrats were "ready to negotiate," but Trump "moved the goalposts" whenever an agreement was near. That negotiating with him was like "negotiating with Jello." That whenever he makes an agreement Dumocrats can embrace, the "hard right" talked him out of it, All of which are absolute LIES. But, of course, with no recordings of that meeting, there's no real proof he IS lying. That's what Dumocrats DO. Lie about what Trump says and blame it on "right-wing pressure." And Fox News ran his speech without comment. Sickening.

UNENFORCEABLE REGULATIONS: The ATF has taken it upon itself to come out with a "regulation" that bans ALL ways to "increase the rate of fire" of a gun. It does not mention the "bump stock" by name, but the reg covers every conceivable method to increase the rate of fire in ANY gun. Kind of a "catch-all" reg that could spell DOOM for the Second Amendment, while not specifically reversing it. Reminds me of an old gun law in California (which may still be in effect, I don't know) that defines a firearm as "anything that can be projected toward a person that can do him harm." Or words to that effect. In my mind, that includes my fist, which can do so. If so, I must LICENSE my fist.

A GOVERNMENT OF FOOLS: That's what we have. The Dumocrats kept the government shut down for 3 days over a bunch of ILLEGAL aliens. Legislation that puts illegal aliens before American citizens! And it's not even an "emergency situation" until March. But they persist in hijacking the money our military and intelligence services NEED in order to keep us safe. After 8 years of Obama's (Dumocrat) "stiffing" the military on the money they NEED, the military is in "iffy" shape. Entire squadrons of warplanes can't fly because of the lack of replacement parts, and they can't buy any because the government is "shut down." The same is true in the case of all their other vehicles and equipment. Meanwhile, our enemies have no such shortages.

MEDIA WISHFUL THINKING: They constantly ask questions about Trump's health, intimating they think he's "on his last legs" and will probably just topple over and die before sundown. They wish. They ask if symptoms of a stroke or beginning Alzheimer's have been seen, They say he has heart disease and should get a quintuple bypass right away. That oughta put him out of action for a couple of months! They talk about his love for cheeseburgers and diet coke, and say he's a "doddering old fool" who should be "put away" for his own protection. Meanwhile, they set traps for him every day, and he escapes every one. He "runs rings around them" day in, day out. He really must be stupid if he can do that.

I TOLD YA SO! It has been said that an anti-gun fool was just a liberal who hasn't been robbed at gunpoint. The story I just read is priceless! It's about a New York City comedian who was against guns all his life. Then he was robbed at gunpoint. He quivered in fear as he looked down the enormous barrel (it seemed) of the gun in the mugger's hand, then handed over his cell phone. Then the bad guy ran off, and this liberal anti-gun fool underwent a significant change in attitude. He now wants to get a gun, and a "carry permit." It's a fact that sometimes ignorant liberals wise up fast when looking down the barrel of a gun in the hand of a criminal or a terrorist.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: I'm ASHAMED of Sen. Corey Booker (Dumocrat, of course) and his "over the top" tirade "chewing out" the homeland Security Secretary in a congressional committee. It's indicative of the low intelligence of the people we send to DC.... The stock market hit ANOTHER new record today, and nary a word out of the liberal (non) mainstream media. so half (maybe more) of the American people don't know.... Dumocrat former Gov. Martin O'Malley said, "Trump is in perfect health, so he can only get worse." I'm sick and tired of Dumocrats twisting everything to paint Trump in a bad light. I think we need a new political party to put them out of business....

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Democrats Are Con Artists

Dumocrats are criticizing Trump because with a few exceptions, he can't seem to get any legislation through, while THEY are the biggest obstacle to that. The "government shutdown," for instance: Both sides know that if they don't come up with something, there is going to be a mythical "government shutdown." That has been a Dumocrat scam for forever. They keep making it impossible to get a long-term budget bill in place because then they would be stymied by the "caps" on spending that attach themselves to a regular budget bill, but not to the "temporary," short-term "band aid bills" they always (usually) pass "just in time." The Republicans always get the blame.

SCHUMER'S WH MEETING: Dumocrat Senator Schumer left the White House after being summoned for a meeting with President Trump. He actually bypassed the cameras that were set up, which is very unlike him. Bob Dole once said that "the most dangerous place for anybody to be is between Schumer and a camera." He actually looked beaten as he got into his SUV, He did stop for he cameras at the Congress building after he had had a chance to collect himself, where he said they "had a long and productive meeting." What that means is anybody's guess.

BACKGROUND CHECKS FUTILE? I read an article that tells us that background checks ARE futile. Something intelligent people already knew, but anti-gun fools do not. They talk about increased gun thefts being responsible, and they are--in part. But they are only a small part of the problem. The theory is that if a registered gun owner knows his name is on a list, he will think twice about using his gun in a crime. Which ignores, entirely, the fact that people who wish to do criminal acts do not register their guns, nor submit to a background check. They just buy their guns illegally in a back alley somewhere, or just steal it.

GOV. CLOSURE WAS ON! Dumocrats got the government "closed" so they could blame Republicans for it. But it didn't go as well as it usually does. Schumer goes in front of Congress with a beautifully prepared sign (days early) saying, "Trump government closure." Which tells me they PLANNED to see to it the government "closed." But is it? Certain "non-essential" government employees are "furloughed," and don't get paid (until later). National Parks are still open, but FREE because there aren't enough people there to collect and handle the money. Air Traffic Controllers are still getting paid and are at their respective work stations. But this time the GOP is fighting back, effectively. And it only lasted 3 days before the Dumocrats caved.

GOP CONTROLS DC: They control all three branches of government, but they can't seem to avoid a Dumocrat-engineered "government shutdown." Why is that? It's simple; before any vote can be taken in the Senate, there must be a "procedural vote" that takes 60 votes, to ALLOW them to vote on the real issue, which only requires 51 votes. And Dumocrats stick together like "tar babies" to make SURE no procedural vote will allow a vote on the issue involved. Since the GOP only has a 51 vote majority, they can't do anything about it unless they get some Dumocrats to go along with them. And that ain't gonna happen. Until they caved.

CONGRESS ALWAYS GETS PAID: It's the LAW! Whenever the government "shuts down," Congress MUST be paid. They made it a "sure thing" that they wouldn't suffer with other government employees in a "shutdown." This law must be repealed. But there isn't one chance in hell it ever WILL be, The "shutdown" stops our military from getting paid, but not the people who ENGINEER the shutdown. And to expect the very people who benefit to stop that benefit is futile. Congress always exempts itself from the problems they foist upon the rest of us. One example is the "gold trimmed" health care they receive vs. the crap they foist on us.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Flake Speaks, Nobody Listens

Sen. Jeff Flake went onto the Senate floor to accuse Trump of "being like Stalin" for accusing the liberal news media of publishing "fake news." The only problem with that is that everybody else had gone home. Nobody was listening to his damned fool speech. What he's wrong about is Trump can PROVE his accusations, with new proof coming out daily. How he figures Stalin accused his state controlled media of "fake news" is amazing, since Stalin CONTROLLED his media, absolutely. They couldn't publish a single story he didn't like, or they would be PUNISHED. Trump can't do that, so his comparison is not only flawed, it is PHONY.

RIDICULOUS RESTRICTIONS: Think about it. If an honest, law-abiding American found himself in a gun fight with a lawless individual who obeys NO laws, and that individual has all the bullets in his magazines as he wants, because he doesn't obey those "piffle laws" put out for the law-abiding to obey. Meanwhile, the law-abiding person only has FIVE bullets in his magazine before he has to reload--and while he's reloading, he is at a distinct disadvantage, and could even be KILLED. That's what the new governor in New Jersey wants. He wants to give a distinct advantage to those who obey NO laws in such a gun fight.

VA INCOMPETENCE: The government wants to control our health insurance. They think they can do it better than the private sector. And why did they build a billion dollar new hospital in Aurora, Colorado with HALF the number of examining rooms as the "old one?" The "old" hospital is going to have to remain open for five years to "pick up the slack" for the new one. Then we have the fact that the new hospital took YEARS longer than we were told it would, and cost billions of dollars over budget! Now go back a bit and remember that the VA had many vets DIE because of their inefficiency, while waiting for a simple appointment. This is an indication of what the government can do: screw everything they do up, like "Hogan's Goat."

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN SCAM: The government doesn't shut down. All it does is defer payment of federal salaries and SOME expenses until later. Not a single government employee loses a single dollar in pay. They just get it a little later while getting a few days' PAID vacation. This is a scam the Dumocrats have been using for way too long, since he Republicans usually succumb to the pressure and get the blame. But there's "a new sheriff in town," and Trump isn't going to stand for it. The blame will be placed squarely on the shoulders of the Dumocrats, where it belongs.

GUN LAWS WORK, HUH? Anti-gun fools are convinced they do, in spite of repeated evidence that they don't. Example: Chicago, which has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, has also the highest gun death numbers in the country. California is an even larger example of anti-gun fool ignorance. They too, have very tough gun laws over the whole state. Yet recently, they figured out that there were 10,000 (or more) guns in the possession of people who should not be allowed NEAR a gun. Whoa! Does that mean that those people IGNORED their "gun laws?" I don't believe it! Or I wouldn't if I were an anti-gun fool.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Did Trump really say Haiti is a "sh-thole country?" We have only the word of a KNOWN liar who seems to be the only one who heard it. But Haiti IS a "sh-thole country." Not its people, but its government, And that has NOTHING to do with the predominant color of its citizens.... The "climate change" fools are now saying that we can't honor Martin Luther King without accepting the climate change swindle as real. Never mind it has been disproven many times, in many ways.... "Maybe we can now put it aside, now the question has been asked many times." That's what they're saying about all the questions Dumocrats have asked about Trump cussing. Not a chance! Lack of truth has never stopped Dumocrats from pursuing their dreams, yet....