Monday, June 30, 2014

Is Hillary An Obsession?

Her claim to have been “dead broke” when she and Bill left the White House is ridiculous on its face. They may not have had a lot of “on hand” cash money, at the time, but they had a lot of assets, including TWO mansions in different places and contracts for millions of dollars in book advances. Which is why the world wants to know why she tried it. Liberals like to scorn “rich people,” although most all of them are rich, themselves. They don’t have any idea of what “broke” really is. What makes this something people like to concentrate on IS the liberal tendency to TRY and “identify” with REAL “poor people,” although they’re “rich as Croesus.” She is truly “out of touch.”

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?MSNBC’s expected decision to give Al Sharpton his own show is already stirring up the kind of controversy the Baptist minister, civil-rights advocate and former presidential candidate has made a career of courting.” Why would they give a guy whose whole life has been dedicated to “race baiting,” his own show? Maybe they WANT to stir up controversy as a way of increasing their audience from the TWO PEOPLE they now have. And the fact he is called a “Baptist minister” is laughable. The only reason he is a “minister” is he SAYS he is. Has he EVER been a real minister for a specific church? Probably not. All he wants to do is extort money out of people with “deep pockets” by threatening them with being labeled racist if they don’t give him money.

WHOOPI IS ALL THEY HAVE LEFT: Right after Barbara Walters left, they fired all the rest of the original cast, leaving “firebrand liberal” Whoopi Goldberg as the only remaining original member. Their ratings have been falling steadily, and they probably hope this will help. I doubt it. They need to get rid of Whoopi, too. But they won’t; they just don’t understand that their viewers are tired of her liberal bullderm. I give this sorry show maybe another year—if that.

RUSSIA SWOOPING IN: Obama won’t send Iraq any MEANINGFUL help, so Russia is “swooping to their rescue.” This is how Russia co-opts countries, prior to adding them to their “sphere of influence.” They go after ALL our “leavings” to increase their influence around the world. Now they have sent warplanes to Iraq to help them fight the Islamic terrorists who ALSO want to take Iraq over. But why they want get between Islamic factions is beyond me. We stayed out of it because our president is a wimp. We don’t need the trouble any more. He RAN from Iraq like a scared kitten, and we don’t need to go back to get between two Islamic factions.

THEY’RE NOT PHONY SCANDALS! Obama can’t make them so by saying it. They’re REAL and require answers, which we will never get out of Obama. He’s doing everything in his power to AVOID answering the questions we ask. The saga of the “lost e-mails” is as transparent a STALL as there ever was, PROVING the IRS scandal is VERY real. Demanding “contracts of silence” from those who were THERE in Benghazi proves THAT scandal to be real. The VA scandal is as real as it gets, with many vets DYING while waiting to be treated, How STUPID doe this FOOL think we are?

“A PEN AND A PHONE”: Obama (arrogance personified) thinks that’s all he needs to “rule” this country in any way he sees fit because there is a Congress that is scared to object in any meaningful fashion. He still thinks Congress is his to command, and if they don’t “do his bidding,” all he has to do is use his pen to sign an Executive Order to do what he wants, anyway, It’s really too bad the Founders made the mistake when writing the Constitution of not prescribing PUNISHMENT for politicians who violate it. Obama knows this and takes full advantage of it.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Creating A Circus

Obama is creating a circus when he brings that Benghazi terrorist to Washington, DC to “try” him on charges coming out of the consulate attack that resulted in the deaths of our ambassador and three others. It WILL be a “circus,” with press and spectators all over the place, taxing the DC cops and costing a lot of money. He should have sent him to GITMO and tried him there, in a controlled atmosphere, in a MILITARY court. But that wouldn’t work for him, since he is trying to close GITMO. That would admit GITMO is good for something.

RACISM WAS ALMOST GONE: Until Obama came on the scene. Now it is on everybody’s minds, as Obama accuses everyone who as much as disagrees with him of being racist. He looks at EVERYTHING through the “race prism.” He is as much white as he is black, but he CHOOSES to be black so he can make those accusations. In doing so, he has set back race relations in this country for years. If racism was so bad in this country, how did so many blacks get elected (including those in the southern states), including HIM? He’s a FOOL, black or white.

APOLOGY NO GOOD: In Georgia, a SWAT Team threw a “flash-bang grenade” into a house in an effort to dislodge a “bad guy,” and it landed right in a toddler’s crib, seriously injuring the child, and they have not apologized. Not that an apology would have made things better. The child is still disfigured for life. But the worst part of this is that the SWAT Team has NOT apologized, signaling that they do not care.

DRONES OVER BAGHDAD: Obama has armed drones airborne over Baghdad. But will he use them? If Americans are attacked, will those drones come to their rescue? Considering his past record, particularly in Benghazi, it’s doubtful. I think they are there only for show. To convince Americans he is “doing something.” Obama is “all show, all the time.” If they are needed, he will claim that “the only drone in the area was broken and could not be used.” That’s how he operates.

“FUELING” THE CRISIS: Russia is accusing us of “fueling” the Ukranian “crisis.” Of course, that ignores the fact that there would BE no “Ukranian crisis” if they hadn’t created it themselves in their efforts to put the old “Soviet Union” back together. Politics is hell, isn’t it? They go in and bully their former satellites and we’re “fueling the crisis” when we object. How many people are going to DIE or have their lives ruined while Putin “resurrects” the old Soviet Union?

BEST WAY TO STOP ILLEGAL ALIENS: Democrats may have come up with what may be the very best way to stop illegal immigrants. They’re sending Nancy Peelosi down to greet them in person. One look at that ugly puss will send them screaming back into Mexico, I can’t think of a batter way to frighten them off than to let them look at Nancy’s ugly mug, first thing on entering. Nothing else seems to have worked. Maybe this will. It’s certainly worth a try. If we can just convince Nancy to stay down there a while. A secondary benefit would be that Nancy could not crap on us while she’s on the border.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lost Her Job

Just a few days ago Diane Sawyer interviewed Hillary Clinton and did not confine herself to “softball questions,” asking several MEANINGFUL questions Hillary obviously didn’t want to answer. Within ten days, Sawyer was “stepping down” from her position at ABC’s “World News.” Was it because she was “mean to Hillary?” I don’t know. But the timing seems awfully strange. At the same time, liberal George Stephanopolous, who infamously “lied to his diary” during testimony in a previous investigation, took over as “Chief Anchor” for five news events (whatever that means). They SAY she will “create innovative television specials and events,” whatever THAT means.

HOIST ON THEIR OWN PETARD: Obama and other liberals like to demonize ANYBODY who makes more than $250,000.00 A YEAR! Then Bill and Hillary Clinton go ut and make speeches at $250,000.00 a POP! And she insists they are not rich. What a bunch of hypocrites! Every one of them is richer than Croesus, while they demonize WORKING people who make as much in a YEAR as they do for ONE SPEECH. What Damned FOOLS they are! Of course, liberals have never been known for logic, or even their intelligence.

“SCHOOLING” OBAMA: Somebody needs to “school” Obama on the fact that the Congress is an EQUAL PARTNER in governing the United States. They are in NO WAY subservient to him and they are NOT required to do his bidding. Further, he cannot just “go around” them if they don’t vote the way he likes. He’s not “the boss” and cannot require their action in a manner that he approves. He is NOT a king, nor is he a dictator. Their job is NOT to do as he wishes. If they do not vote to please him, he cannot just ignore them and “do it administratively.” Everything he “does administratively” must be preceded by a vote of the Congress, or he cannot do it, legally. He needs to learn that.

THIS IS OBAMA: I don’t know if he really said this, or not. Somebody posted it on Twitter. But it sounds so much like him, I could believe it. “Pres Obama slammed the Supreme Court today asking, ‘What gives them the right to challenge my edicts? Seriously who do they think they are?’ " What he did do is to announce that, Supreme Court or not, he is going to keep on making those appointments, whatever the Supreme Court says. Now is that arrogant, or not? The Supreme Court DOES have that right. That is their JOB.

OBAMA TO BE A DICTATOR? Many Democrats are urging Obama to act as a dictator; to make laws on his own if “the Congress fails to act” on his edicts. That seems to be one of his themes, as if the Congress was his to order around, and do it anyway if they didn’t act. He apparently doesn’t understand that the Congress is HIS EQUAL. Not his to order around. And if they “do not act,” that should tell him something: that he can’t do what they won’t ALLOW him to do. But he thinks he’s “the boss” and can do it himself if they “don’t act.” Obama has violated the Constitution almost every day since taking office. He needs to be punished for it.

FOUNDERS’ BIG MISTAKE: The Founders made one of the biggest mistakes ever made when they failed to include a prescribed PUNISHMENT for any politician arrogant enough to blatantly IGNORE the  Constitution. Obama is the worst for that, but he’s not alone. Politicians all over the country have been ignoring the Constitution every day, making unconstitutional laws and ordinances. That’s because they know the only thing that can be done is to reverse their laws and ordinances, that have likely been ENFORCED, destroying many lives, until declared unconstitutional, and they will not be PUNISHED.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Destroying the Constitution

In the “small print” of a recent Supreme Court decision, they created a situation in which the president can “change the Constitution, simply by VIOLATING it enough times (how many times is “enough times?”) with a “compliant Congress (meaning one that does not object “too much.”) The question in my mind is, who gets to DECIDE how much is “too much?” Seems to me the Founders made specific instructions on the ONLY way it could be changed. Somebody needs to read these Supreme Court decisions a LOT more carefully BEFORE they’re handed down.

HIDING LAWS IN OTHER LAWS: There are several onerous provisions HIDDEN in the Obamacare law that have nothing to do with health insurance. I don’t know what they all are, because I haven’t been able to get a copy of that law so I can read it and find out, as Nancy Peelosi infamously said. But I’m sure this one law is not the only one in which onerous provisions have been added, on the QT, to other legislation and nobody knows it’s there until Obama’s thugs come around to enforce it.

COREY GARDNER: EXTREME? That’s the gist of the opposition to Corey Gardner’s run for the Senate in Colorado. And the REASON they cite is that he is opposed to murdering innocent children in the womb (and now out of it, too). I never thought I’d see the day when being opposed to MURDER would be considered “extreme.” But in this topsy-turvy world where men can “marry” men and women can “marry” women, and presumably a man could marry a dog, it’s not so surprising.

TORNADO WARNINGS IN SPANISH? One thing bothers me, and liberals will probably call me a racist for it, but I just don’t give  damn what liberals think, or say. What it is, is every time a “tornado warning” comes on the television these days, they emphasize the Spanish language version of the warning. The warning is three pages long and TWO of them are in Spanish. In AMERICA! Where English is THE language! I’d lay ODDS they don’t emphasize the English language in similar warnings in Mexico, just like they punish illegal aliens coming INTO Mexico HARD while criticizing us for our immigration laws, even though Obama does NOT.

IS LERNER A MUSLIM, TOO? She has been found to have granted the Muslim Brotherhood tax exempt status with no problem or delay as far back as the Bush administration. That eliminates the possibility she did it to please Obama. We had never heard of Obama and his willingness to make Muslim terrorists happy at that time. Why was she so willing then, while at the same time giving “right-wingers” all kinds of delays and inane, stupid questions? I don’t know, but it does make me think there is a lot more to the Lerner case than anybody ever thought.

IS IT A CONSPIRACY? Several other people involved in the scandal at the IRS involving giving “right-wingers” a hard time while passing left-wingers through without even looking at their applications have “lost e-mails,” too, leading me to believe there is a massive cover-up in the IRS. Why are so many IRS employees “losing” their e-mails, just when Congress demands to look at them? Is there something in there that is incriminating? The IRS is losing ALL credibility here.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Computer's Dead

Please excuse any problems created by the complete breakdown of my computer. This is not  a big organization with many computers. There's just me and one computer, which I had to replace. I hope to be able to post again tomorrow. It's a real hassle trying to get a new computer set up and I've been trying to deal with it all day. Again, I apologize.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Carney: "Decide NOT to Work"

Former pres hack to Obama Jay Carney says what Obama “gave us” with Obamacare is the ability not only to decide TO work, but also to decide NOT to work, with those who do, subsidizing them. This sounds exactly like the “introduction to communism,” and it is. You CAN’T decide NOT to work in a free society and still be able to live, at the expense of others, and without their permission. That can only happen in a COLLECTIVIST society, under whatever label it hides. In other words, Obamacare creates a DISINCENTIVE to work; to live off the “sweat” and work of other people.

THEY’RE GONNA RIP RUSH: But he doesn’t care. All because he had the gall to criticize poor Chelsea, “who has done nothing to him,” and who wants nothing more than to "help others.” This was said as Chelsea, “who wants nothing more than to help others” and “to whom money means nothing,” moved, with her financier husband into a $10 million dollar home while getting paid $600,000.00 a year for a part-time position at NBC because she's Bill's daughter. What a bunch of bullsh-t they’re spreading! It's easy not to care about money when you have plenty of it.

OUR MOST DANGEROUS THREAT: Is Obama. He INVITED the terrorists to return to power in Iraq when he “cut and ran” from there. And they are now taking over places we lost lives to capture, threatening to take over that country completely in our absence. We “cleared the way” for them by deposing Saddam, no matter how bad he was. Now he’s in the process of doing the same thing in Afghanistan, INVITING the Taliban to “take it over again.” And this time, there’ll be nobody there to stop them as they murder thousands. Then they’ll try and “come after us,” and will fail, while more thousands, maybe millions die fighting them on our own streets. That’s what this “hidden Muslim terrorist” wants.

WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL ABOUT SOCCER? One guy in a sports bar said, “It’s a beautiful sport. It’s the most popular sport in the world!” If that’s true, why do you not hear anything about it any other time than during the “finals,” when it is highly touted by spending millions in advertising? To me, it’s one of the most boring sports out there. Right up there with baseball. I think they’re just trying to MAKE it a popular sport. I’d like to see some true figures to back up that “most popular sport in the world” crack. It's like watching grass grow.

IRS COMMISH WAFFLES: Like Lois Lerner, he repeated, over and over, before Congress, that “no evidence of wrongdoing had been found.” Not unusual at all, considering the fact that he never LOOKED for any evidence. When asked what statutes he had studied in order to reach that conclusion, he replied, “none.” Which tells intelligent people that he simply arbitrarily decided, “in his wisdom,” that no wrongdoing existed. This arrogant SOB really thinks the American people are stupid. It irritates me just to look at his arrogant face. Having said this, I realize the IRS will probably come looking for me, but I don’t give a damn.

STONEWALLING CONGRESS: Lois Lerner takes the Fifth; the IRS Commissioner says he “found NO evidence of corruption” without even LOOKING at the statutes involved, and other IRS employees had to be SUBPOENAED to appear and were treated as “hostile witnesses” while they insisted they were not. It’s patently obvious that the IRS broke the law and are “stonewalling:” Congress, as is Obama, with his ”not a smidgen of corruption” crack. It’s really bad that we have so many obvious criminals running our government, who STILL have the ability to hurt us for saying anything bad about them, lodging spurious “charges” against us, while themselves stonewalling the investigation into THEIR activities.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hillary "Isn't Well Off"

That’s the latest bilge put out by the liberals as the world laughs at Hillary’s attempt to paint herself and Bill as “broke” after leaving the White House. Thus proving she knows NOTHING about being broke. In her world, unless you have $400 million dollars or more, you’re “poor.” And this is a world where they denigrate ANYBODY (except liberals) who make a lot of money by OUR standards. She’s only worth about up to $50 million, which, to her, is “peanuts.” Meanwhile, Bill BRAGS about how rich he is, which makes it harder for Hillary to convince us how broke they are.

LIBERALS ARE LIKE HILLARY: Most liberals are what you and I would call, “filthy rich (mostly inherited, not earned).” VP Biden whines that people shouldn’t “hold it against me that I’m not rich.” Chelsea Clinton “couldn’t care less about money.” Which just shows that “if you got it, you disdain it.” This “American Princess” who gets paid $600,000.00 by NBC ($26,000.00  MINUTE) for a job that isn’t even full time because she’s Bill Clinton’s daughter and Hillary MIGHT become president in the future (Heaven forbid!). These people have NO IDEA what it’s like to WORK for a living. Yet they claim they are “at one with the average American.” What FOOLS they are!

HICK BASHES HIS OWN GUN LAWS: Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper now says “If I knew more, I wouldn’t have signed the laws.” He says he didn’t have full information about the laws, and by the time he got it, he had already signed them. Now he tells the Sheriff’s Association that firmly opposed the laws that he “regrets it.” But still he does nothing to stop the laws from being implemented, nor does he do anything to get they repealed. It’s all a bunch of liberal blather to get himself re-elected again in a state that values its right to self-defense.

FOX’S NEW "GAM" SHOW: One thing I’ve noticed about Fox’s new “Outnumbered” show where one guy is “outnumbered” by FOUR women. They make a big thing about the man (who is a different man every day) being “outnumbered” by the women on the show, all of whom are “leggy” and wear short skirts, I suppose playing on the possibility that one of them might just make a mistake while crossing and uncrossing her legs. I think the show should be called, “LEGS.” I think it plays on the hope than most men will be sitting with their tongues hanging out over all those legs, But I’m OLD, so what do I know?

POOR BABIES! Did you know that anti-gun fools have LOST 54,000 jobs in media lately? Is it because of their obvious bias in favor of USELESS gun laws that not only DON’T stop guns from getting into the hands of criminals, but DO give those criminals a steady stream of unarmed victims? Is it because they IGNORE the fact that criminals don’t buy guns where they have to obey laws? That they don’t OBEY the laws those fools make? What I wonder is how so many of them have kept their jobs this long, anyway. It must be because their bosses believe the same way they do. And it’s only pressure from intelligent people that FORCED them to fire these people.

COURT OKAYS DRONE KILLING: Even if you are an American born killer, it’s okay to send out a drone with you as the target As long as you are part of an “anti-American group” fighting the United States, and it follows the “laws of war.” So I guess when Obama sent out a drone that killed Anwar al-Awlaki, it was okay. Frankly, his birthplace wouldn’t mean a thing to me when it came to killing a traitor to everything American. In fact, being “American-born” makes his perfidy worse than if he was RAISED in a Muslim environment. He got what he earned.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Who Can Arrest Obama?

The “Sergeant At Arms” of the Senate is the ONLY one who can do it. And it has never happened in the history of the United States—yet. So far, they’ve never caught a president in an act of clear criminality. Except maybe Bill Clinton, who LIED to Congress. But that’s only a “crime of procedure.” Frankly, I think the current one needs to get his handcuffs ready for Obama. The only reason Obama has avoided it so far is that there’s no personal penalty prescribed in the Constitution for politicians who ignore it.

FOR BEING A CLINTON: Why did Chelsea Clinton get paid $600,000.00 for her FIRST job after she left school? And a PART-TIME JOB at that? What kind of talent did she bring to the job that was worth that kind of money? NONE. Except she is the daughter of Bill Clinton, and to give her that much money might influence bill to tell his friends in government to “go easy” on NBC if they “screw up” and reveal something he doesn’t like. Or maybe if Hillary gets elected president. Maybe Bill or Hillary could borrow some money from her, seeing how “broke” they are.

LIBYA IS PISSED: They’re angry that we came in and captured one of the terrorists who perpetrated the Benghazi killings. He swears he was there to HELP his countrymen who were SUPPOSED to be PROTECTING the consulate, but weren’t, and probably were helping the TERRORISTS. We’ll probably never know because Obama isn’t interested in finding out. As to Libya’s whining, pound sand, Libya!

HOMOPHOBIA DAY: This is going to get me in trouble, but it has to be said. “Homophobia” is a “made-up word” that attempts to make people who are against homosexuality seem to be somehow “mentally deficient.” May 17 was the “International Homophobia Day,” celebrating this phony word. Some people don’t like homosexuals, and in a free country, they have that right. I, personally, don’t have anything against people who wish to have sex with someone of the same sex as long as they don't try and push it on me or mine.. But some do, and I respect that right. Gays will probably come down on me with both feet for being fair, but I can handle it.

WHAT ABOUT VOTER FRAUD? Democrats say it does not exist—except for those times when REPUBLICANS do it. Sound like something they’d say, doesn’t it? When Republicans say DEMOCRATS are engaged in election fraud, their usual response is that “nobody has found widespread voter fraud by Democrats.” And they’re right. Nobody HAS. Mostly because nobody has ever seriously gone looking for it. When you don’t LOOK for something, you’ll never find it. Maybe we need somebody to REALLY look for voter fraud among Democrats. I remember one Instance last year of one DEMOCRAT who BRAGGED about voting several times. And she was an ELECTION WORKER!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

"GOP Conspiracy Theories"

According to Obama, the hooraw over Lois Lerner’s “lost” e-mails, is nothing more that Republican “conspiracy theories.” Maybe so. But conspiracy theories DO happen, This very COUNTRY was born out of one. As far as the Lerner lost e-mails is concerned, the “conspiracy” is very real. She obviously committed criminal acts, and the proof is IN those e-mails, so Obama wants to make damned sure they never see the light of day, and he hatched this “crashed hard disc” scheme to accomplish it. Remember, he’s one of the BEST con men out there. Right up there with Al Gore and his global warming swindle.

OBAMA IS INCOMPETENT: He knows nothing about what is going on in the world. He is always the last to know when something like the rise of Islamic terrorists in Iraq is concerned (or he likes it). He learns of it through the news media, just like we do. Everything he does is wrong, but he thinks all his actions are right. That’s the epitome of ignorance. He not only doesn’t know how ignorant he is, he thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room. He claims he “ended two wars,” but what he did was “cut and run” from both. That’s not winning, which is why you go into wars—to win.

“ARROGANT BAST-RD” The IRS Commissioner who “testified” before Congress the other day was about as arrogant a bureaucrat as I’ve seen lately. You could see it in the set of his mouth, and the very WAY he answered questions, the self-satisfied expression on his face. And he blithely LIED as he testified, and in effect, DARED the congressmen (and women) to call him on it. He said he’s been in government a long time and nobody has ever accused him of lying. I think it’s about time somebody did. He’s used to having complete power and having people kowtow to him. It’s time that changed.

WE KNOW WHERE THEY ARE: One of the biggest mysteries going today is the whereabouts of Lois Lerner’s last two years of e-mails. But I know where they can be found. They can be found at NSA’s Utah Data Center, which has copies of EVERYBODY’S e-mails. In addition, they can be found in any number of the government’s “redundancy” systems, REQUIRED by every government agency to guard against the loss of data they NEED to keep. Don’t let Obama crap on your head and tell you it’s chocolate.

That a supposedly free country would pass such a law as the “Patriot Act,” which allows the government to trample on our rights by simply SAYING they think we “might” be a terrorist. And all it takes the OPINION of ONE bureaucrat to invoke the Patriot Act. And I’m with him. What makes me the angriest is that the Patriot Act was signed into law by a REPUBLICAN; somebody who is supposed to be helping keep us free. It’s an obvious use of Rahm Emmanuel’s “never let a good panic go to waste” system to gain power.

OBAMA’S LEGACY: “My legacy will be to bring the United States down to the level of the rest of the world.” How STUPID is Obama to have ever said such a thing, much less done what it takes to accomplish it. Just how STUPID is this fool who CONNED his way into the White House? What makes him tick? He was born a communist, brought up as one, counseled all his life as a communist by communists and Muslims. Why would we think he thinks any other way?

Friday, June 20, 2014

Dems Tell GOP How to Win

“Rush: Republicans have been told, ‘You'd better support amnesty, and you'd better support an open border, and you'd better support them 'coming out of shadows,' or you're never gonna win’." Like the Democrats are interested in the Republicans EVER winning an election. Gimme a BREAK! If they follow the “instructions” the Democrats give them, there is NO WAY they’re ever going to win an election. And that’s what Democrats want. If the Republicans listen to them, they’re  LOST. And they probably will.

MICHELLE’S REAR END: Again, her skirt blew up as she got on Air Force One. Who cares? Who wants to see Michelle’s rear end? I certainly don’t. Should she be a little more careful? Yes. Even Obama could tell it was going to happen and he took steps to see that it didn’t happen. If Obama can see it coming, why can’t she? Does she WANT it to happen? I don’t know. I do know she likes all the attention to be on her at all times. A hard thing to do when you’re constantly with the president.

WEST: “WIN OR LOSE”:  “There are only two ways to end a war. Win or lose. You don’t just pack up and leave.” That’s LOSING! That’s what Obama did in Iraq, and is in the process of doing in Afghanistan. He’s bragging that he “ended TWO wars.” But ANYBODY can “end a war” by cutting and running, allowing the enemy to do as he pleases, killing people at will and destroying things. It has become obvious that’s what he did in Iraq, and the enemy is taking full advantage, killing people by the thousands and taking back everything we “fought and died” to win.

IRS IS FULL OF BULL: There is NO WAY you cannot recover the information they CLAIM is “lost” through a hard-drive crash. First of all, there are too many redundancies built into the system. Second, copies of those e-mails DO still exist on OTHER computers. They’re LYING through their teeth, which IRS is very good at. We need to have some computer EXPERTS go in there and “do their thing” and recover them, and destroy the IRS in the process.

KOCH DERANGEMENT SYNDROME: They gave $25 million dollars to the United Negro College Fund, and liberals are “jumping up and down.” They say it is “tainted money” and should be given back. They say it is “tainted with their political advocacy.” Liberals are insane. There is no such thing as “tainted money.” Money is fungible. It spends the same, even if given to you by “the enemy” (Which begs the question: “If they’re your enemy, why are they giving you $25 million dollars?). In fact, isn’t the very NAME of this organization RACIST? I’d get a lot of flack (and I’d deserve it) if I started a “White People’s College fund” and restricted recipients to while people.

OBAMA’S “MADE-UP FACTS”: He says, “40% of gun sales are made without background checks,” which is an outrageous lie. He includes gun transfers between family members through gifts and inheritance,  which are not sales at all, and seems to forget the “study” he sites was on a SMALL number of people. Further, the “study” happened BEFORE the new law mandating background checks went into effect; a typical Obama lie from an inveterate liar. All politicians lie, but I’ve never SEEN a president more prone to lying!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Outlaw "Pigskins"

How many pigs are offended by this description of a football? When the Patent Office gets into the act in a private dispute between the owner of a football team and its owner by canceling his right to the copyright on the team name, they’ve gone too far. They’ve created a precedent that says the Patent Office has the right to interfere in private disputes by removing copyright rights from their owners at the WHIM of an unnamed, unknown bureaucrat. Which means they could also remove MY copyrights on my two books, and everything I’ve ever written, so ANYBODY could publish what I wrote under their own name. This bureaucrat, if he/she can be found, should be FIRED, summarily, with NO separation pay, no pension

CONFISCATING YOUR MONEY: Did you know the government can CONFISCATE (steal) your money and property from a safety deposit box or from your account if there is no activity on your account for THREE YEARS or more? It used to be FIFTEEN years, buy under Obama (the thief) that period was shortened to THREE years—and they never tell you when they do it and, I’d bet they tell the bank not to tell you, either. This is yet another example of how Obama STEALS from Americans. (The Blaze)

VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION: Greta van Susteren pressed Hillary about the government spying on the American people in violation of the Constitution and she used, as her excuse, that it was done because of 9/11 and it’s being “studied” with a view toward eliminating it, Yeah, RIGHT! Nothing is being “studied.” Obama is gaily INCREASING the amount of surveillance on Americans, WITHOUT A WARRANT. He doesn’t give a sh-t about the constitution, nor what you think; he has shown that on numerous occasions.

ATHEIST CHAPLAINS? Should they allow atheist chaplains? Yes, they should. Atheism, the way many people practice it, IS a religion in itself, and many people feel the need to go to SOMEBODY for advice on problems in their lives. They can't handle their problems themselves. That there is no God in their religion makes no difference to that need, and somebody should provide that counseling. There are many religions that have no God in their theology. Atheism is no different.

COPS BEAT UP DIABETIC: Cops are “hard-wired” to see ANYBODY who can’t respond to their orders as being drunk. In this case, this 70-year-old was a diabetic. He didn’t respond to their orders to get out of the car (he couldn’t) so they beat the hell out of him. Five minutes LATER they asked him if he was a diabetic. That should have been their FIRST question. It would have saved him a helluva beating. Back in my para-medic days, I saved a man from a beating by insisting he be taken to the hospital instead of the jail, or to the jail by WAY of the hospital. This is not an unusual situation. I wonder how many diabetics have DIED because of this with it covered up. Certain cops tend to lie quickly in cases like that.

SEATTLE RESTAURANTS SUING: In Seattle, Washington, where they passed an ordinance requiring a MINIMUM wage of $15 an hour, this Subway franchisee is in danger of going bankrupt if he has to pay his people that much. So he and others are suing the city to reverse it. Liberal politicians, not understanding business, and never having to “make a payroll” themselves, think all he has to do is “dip into his stash” of money to pay it. They’re too ignorant to understand that there is no such “stash.”

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

He Released Murderers

Obama released the man from our captivity some years ago who is now the head if ISIS in Iraq; the organization that is wantonly murdering THOUSANDS of innocent people and beheading them; the ones they don’t just stone to death, anyway. How many dead people will those RECENTLY released be responsible for? Obama doesn’t care; he just released MORE Islamic terrorists, quietly. If that isn’t “aiding and abetting the enemy,” I don’t know what IS!

MY GAWD! WE’RE STUPID! The Wall Street Journal and NBC asked (liberals only) who is the most admired ex-president in recent years, and the name that came up was Bill Clinton. That answers a lot of questions for me, in how we got into such a lousy state. Bill Clinton is a known cocksman who will RAPE a woman if she doesn’t “put out,” then tell her, “Better get something on that,” referring to her bruises and scrapes. He told the children of the world that oral sex ISN’T sex, thus causing oral sex among children to skyrocket! And this is ADMIRED? What kind of STUPID people are voting?

OBAMA WAS SECOND: In that poll mentioned above, the SECOND most admired president is Barack Obama. Never mind he has spent more of our money than there IS, leaving our great-great grandchildren to pay his bills, who is about finished DESTROYING this country as we know it; or on whose watch MILLIONS of people are unemployed and he doesn’t give a damn. Who presided over one of the WORST economies, EVER. And he’s still “admired?”

CHICAGO GUN VIOLENCE DOWN: Despite reports of a “bloody weekend” in Chicago, the number of gun deaths is DOWN in Chicago. It’s just that it was so high; it’ll take a while to come down pre-gun ban levels. Maybe the increase in concealed carriers among the “good guys” will reduce gun violence naturally, as the “good guys” kill off those armed bad guys who buy their guns in back alleys out of the car trunks of other “bad guys.”

PATENT OFFICE JOINS FIGHT: The world is crapping all over the owner of the Redskins. The world wants to force the owner of the team to sell it (probably at a loss) because of some statements he made (in private, and were recorded by his girlfriend, for whatever reason), who released the recording to the world (why, I can’t fathom except to say she really must hate him). Now the U. S. Patent Office has taken the UNPRECEDENTED step of CANCELING the trademark on the team’s name (I’m not even sure they CAN do that without SOME court action)! Boy! Talk about “piling on!” There was no court involved, some unnamed bureaucrat (probably a liberal) decided, on his own (probably at Obama's request), to take the right to own their name away from them. This was done on somebody’s WHIM. That somebody should be FIRED, with NO separation payment. It doesn’t matter if he is a racist or not. This should NOT have been done.

“DOUBLING DOWN”: Obama, while still reeling from the reaction to his releasing of five bloody murderers to gain the release of a deserter, answers it by (quietly) releasing 12 MORE! Ten are Pakistanis and Pakistan says they will “watch them” to make sure they have no terrorist connections. Do you believe that? If you do, I want to sell you a bridge in Brooklyn. What excuse he gave for this bullsh-t action, I don’t know. As far as I know, he didn’t even bother to MAKE an excuse. He doesn’t care WHAT you think. When is America going to realize Obama is AN AGENT OF THE ENEMY?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I Don't Get Free Cable

But those murderous terrorists in GITMO do. They get 100 channels and free newspapers, too. So they can keep up on the successes their buddies have had, thanks to Obama’s weak “leadership.” Obama talks about closing GITMO, but there is no reason to DO so. Not a REAL one, anyway. Let them use it as a recruiting tool. We’ll happily kill the new ones, right along with the old ones. If he closes it, he’ll just have to open a new one. “rearranging the deck chairs.”

NO POSSIBLE WAY! There is absolutely NO WAY they “lost” TWO YEARS’ WORTH of Lois Lerner’s e-mails. There are too many redundancies built into their computer systems. Those e-mails are filed away SOMEWHERE. They’re flat-out LYING to facilitate the cover-up, while Obama goes out and calls it a “phony scandal,” saying, “There isn’t s ‘smidgen’ of corruption in the IRS.” Boy, I needed a good laugh, and he gave it to me! Obama insults our intelligence every day. He thinks we’ll believe ANYTHING!

THEY FINALLY DID IT: They finally went into Libya and arrested a “suspect” in the Benghazi terrorist attack. Obama was getting so much pressure he couldn’t NOT grab this guy, who was SEEN in a video of the attack, on the scene, and who actually gave interviews to CNN and other news agencies, in which he BRAGGED about his part in that attack. Now we’ll see what happens to him. He is accused of KILLING at least one person himself in the attack. Will we keep him prisoner for a while, then let him go, as we have done with other terrorists we have captured? I'm watching.

Hillary says sales of her latest book are lagging. Just not up to expectations. A veteran publishing source is calling it “a bomb.” Simon & Schuster is very nervous, in view of the $14 million advance they gave her, and I’d BET her contract does NOT require her to return any of its sales are no good. Add to that the MILLION books they printed and shipped to bookstores, many of which will be returned and ultimately sold as “remainders,” if at all. Maybe we’re just trying to tell her something. “Don't bother running for president.”

RESTRICTING USE OF FORCE: While cops are making SWAT raids on innocent people because their grass is too high and too close to the road, fining them multi thousands of dollars for it, they’re now RESTRICTING Border Control officers’ use of force in doing their job in the face of MULTITUDES of children crossing the border as well as the adults, some of whom have no “use of force” restrictions on THEM. This is a typical Obama move. When things get bad, “lighten up” on enforcement, making jobs much harder.

After promising NOT to send any troops to Iraq to help the government push back terrorists, now he has announced that he’s sending “a small number” of troops in to “help” and probably be killed, since they’ll be the only ones actually FIGHTING in some areas, while Iraqi troops run away. I wonder how many times this will be for some of those soldiers? Who finally got home alive and may be killed this time because he’s not sending enough to make a difference.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Lipstick On A Pig

 Put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig. Even Google is getting into the business of painting “right-wingers” as bigots. Google “bigots” and find out. But the fault is not all Google’s. The definition comes directly from the Oxford Dictionary, which seems to be working right along with Democrats to paint Republicans (and other right-wingers) as bigots while IGNORING their own EVIDENCE of past and present bigotry. Right-wingers are NOT bigots. Left-wingers ARE. “You can put lipstick on a pig but he will still be a pig.”

STUCK ON STUPID: People like Wendy Daviis (D-obviously) are “stuck on stupid” and she thinks we are, too. She says, “Republicans don’t like people who don’t look like them,” which is not only a LIE, but is a RACIST lie. She’s as much of a racist as she THINKS we are. And she’s running for governor of Texas. To me, even MAKING such a statement would disqualify her from running for dog catcher. But or liberals, it is a “resume enhancement.” They’re as stupid as she is.

“TEA PARTY NAZIS”: The shooters in Nevada who killed people, then placed a “Gadsden flag AND A Nazi flag on one of the bodies in a blatant attempt to blame the “right wingers” for the shootings just don’t understand what the Tea Parties represent. Nothing could be further from what the Tea Parties stand for than Nazism. Tea Parties stand for individualism and the free market, among other similar things; The Nazis are SOCIALISTS; always have been. Nazi is short for the “National SOCIALIST Party.” What fools these killers are!

MOCKING CONGRESS: Obama mocked Congress the other day when he bemoaned them REJECTING global warming, like that was something stupid. He says they reject the “science” involved, and he’s right; it is “pseudo-science” and has been DISPROVED many times over. But he insists on spending more and more of our money to “fight” it. I don’t think HE even believes it, but he’s willing to PRETEND to believe it so he can EXPLOIT it. He’s WAY behind the “curve” on this, but he insists he’s right so he can get as much out of it as possible. It’s just another one of his cons.

“URGENT NEW NEWS”: I just got an urgent e-mail telling me that the terrorists in Benghazi had captured a bunch of State Dept. cell phones and were using them to direct the attack on our embassy, while we listened in on them, real time. Which proves Obama’s view of it is patently phony. Only problem is, that’s not new. I’ve known about it for days, now. It must be awful to find out the “news” you thought you were giving somebody FIRST was NOT news to them.

RACIST BOOK STORE: The owner of one bookstore (which I will not name) says they ONLY sell books by or about “people of color,” excluding white authors—which is racist. She says that proves there is a market for them, then, in the next breath begs people to buy as many books from them as they can because they’re not making enough money to keep the doors open. What a stupid broad!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Media Doesn't Understand Christianity

But they hate it anyway. They just don’t understand that Eric Cantor was beaten by the fact that he is an unreconstructed RINO. That’s Republican In Name Only. And he was so confidant he had it all “locked up,” he wasn’t even in Virginia when the election went down, although he spent a potload of money to beat David Brat. Which, of course, tells us that you can’t always win by “throwing money at it.” He has been saying the Tea Party was dead—a “pipe dream” to him. Now the media is saying, “The Tea Party is taking over” They’re right. There is going to be more “blood in the water” before this is over.

WE KNEW BERGDAHL’S LOCATION: Most of the time he was held by his kidnappers, we knew exactly where he was. But we didn’t bother to go in after him and kill his captors. Instead, we release FIVE bloody murderers to go back and gaily murder even more innocent people. These guys aren’t JUST terrorists; they’re terrorist GENERALS. They’re the guys who set up 9/11 and did most of the planning for just about every bloody terrorist attack for years before their capture.

CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR, ABU: When Abu Bakir al-Bagdadi was released from an American prison in Iraq, he told one of his captors, “I’ll see you in New York,” meaning he and his fools will one day invade New York. I hope, for his sake that never happens. He will find that Americans aren’t so easily conquered as ignorant Iraqis or Afghans are. Our army will not “throw down their arms” and run as the Iraqi army did (I’m talking about the army Obama ORDERED to leave both countries). You’ll find out what the Japs described as “a gun behind every bush” that kept them from invading the American mainland, and he’ll DIE.

THE DUMBEST THING EVER: What ever possessed FIFA “officials” to schedule the World Cup finals in Brazil, one of the most violent countries there is outside of the middle East? They’ve invited millions of people to come there for the games, many of which will be targeted and KILLED in the violence there. I wouldn’t go there on a BET, even if I liked soccer, which I don’t. And nobody else with any intelligence is going to go there, either. Which is going to seriously affect their income from the games. What the hell were they THINKING? That’s like holding the games in Berlin at the end of World War II. Stupid.

HER NOSE IN THE AIR: Have you seen a picture of IRS bully Lois Lerner lately? Her nose is always “in the air.” She’s always “looking down her nose” at us, just like Obama, her boss. She really thinks what she did, including sending names and addresses to the FBI to spark an investigation of “right-wing organizations” asking for tax-free status while she stonewalled their applications did not represent “doing anything wrong,” even thought there is a law against it. She definitely thinks she’s better than the rest of us. So does Obama.

LIBS CONSTANTLY INSULT CONSERVATIVES: They note that most members of the Republican Party are White Christians and Cantor was a Jew, making us a “party of bigots,” completely ignoring their own party’s history of bigotry. They ignore that Democrats were totally AGAINST the Equal Rights Amendment, and filibustered it. That many Democrats in Congress were (some still ARE) Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members. So how did so many blacks and Jews get ELECTED if we’re so bigoted? What FOOLS these Democrats be! But who cares what they think? They’re just not nearly as important as they think they are.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tea Party Taking Over

That’s the hue and cry now, after they “took down” one of the biggest targets in the house, Rep. Eric Cantor, who said he would “destroy” the Tea Party. Only problem is, HE got “destroyed.” So now they can’t say any longer that the Tea Party is “dead.” Now they’re back to “The Tea party is taking over!” Putting out the word that the Tea Parties were dead was just “wishful thinking” on the part of both Democrats AND Republican elitists. Look for a lot more carnage in the house, as well as the Senate, soon.

OBAMA’S “SENDING HELP”: But he’s not sending help. He’s sending MONEY, as if that will do any good! He said he is NOT sending troops back, even while the Iraq army runs away from terrorist attacks. You can train them all you want, but if they’re yellow, it ain’t agonna help. He said that war was an “unnecessary war,” forgetting entirely that the terrorists used Saddam’s country as a “safe haven” and a “training center” for terrorists. Taking him down removed that and forced them to go elsewhere. Now they’re back.

HILLARY GETS A SURPRISE: A real question from the liberal media, which, until now, only asks her “softball questions.” She, and other liberals, just aren’t used to that. They’re used to the liberal media being willing to cover up everything liberals do. They’re changing now, and she just isn’t used to it. They ask a slightly strong question and she complains, saying “They’re unfair!” NO, they’re not unfair; they’re merely doing a little bit of what they’re supposed to do because they’re getting tired of covering up your messes.

INVASION OF CHILDREN? That’s what’s going on right now. Somebody South of the border is sending hundreds and hundreds of CHILDREN across the border into the United States, figuring we will never do anything to hurt children and we won’t just send them back. They’re right. We’re playing right into their hands and are “warehousing” these children until we can figure out what to do with them. It’s just yet another attempt to get around what border control we still retain.

COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS: How long has it been since nobody DARED admit any connection to the CFR? Now our top politicians openly speak before that group of “socialist/one-worlders.” There seems not to be ANY stigma attached to it today. I think that’s a good indication how far we’ve been moved toward collectivism (socialism). Members of our government have long been members of the CFR, but they kept it a secret. But now our very PRESIDENT is a collectivist and they no longer give a damn.

NO LOGIC TO IT: When pressed to say why Eric Cantor was beaten for his seat in the House, they come up with that old saw that people just don’t like Jews. Really; then how did he get elected in the first place? The same is true of those who say anybody who disagrees with Obama in any way are racists and they don’t like him because of that. Which begs the question, “If that is true, how did he ever get elected?” This tells me politicians are good at fooling themselves.

Friday, June 13, 2014

They Never Get It Right

Democrat Congressman Earl Blumenauer wants to take advantage of the shooting at Reynolds High School in Oregon to make more inane laws like “registering” your guns so government will know where they are when confiscation time comes. It’s just more of the same: force honest people who DO obey laws to tell them where they are while criminals and crazies ignore the law. Same stuff, different day. Doesn’t work. Do it anyway so it’ll look like he’s doing something.

BERGDAHL TO FRONT OF LINE: Sgt. Bergdahl isn’t going to be put on any “waiting list” for treatment like other soldiers who DID help defend us. He’s been brought to San Antonio and immediately put in a military hospital while good soldiers who DID their duty wait—and wait, and wait, some dying while waiting. Meanwhile, five murderous terrorists go gaily back to their old tricks, killing innocent people to make a political point.

Obama-created. When he “cut and ran” from Iraq, he signaled to the terrorists that you can now come back and retake what we took from you. It doesn’t matter that we lost lives taking it, come and take it back. We MIGHT come back and expend a few more lives to take it from you again, but don’t worry; after we do, we’ll leave again and you can take it back again and MAYBE we’ll come and take it back again, losing even more lives in the process. People like Obama should NEVER be allowed to give orders to the military.

BLAMING THE NRA: Any fool can see that he’s wrong, but Obama still blames “lax gun laws” created by the NRA for increasing gun violence today. Only problem with that is that gun violence is REDUCING because of the large number of states that have adopted REAL gun laws that ALLOW honest people to be armed and ready to repulse those ILLEGALLY armed criminals and crazies who IGNORE their silly gun laws. Obama thinks such laws CREATE gun violence, but, as usual, he’s WRONG. But his hard-head will not allow him to ADMIT it.

ONLY FOX NEWS: The Islamic terrorists are “coming back” in Iraq and “taking back” territory we expended many young lives to take away from them before Obama took over and ordered our troops to “cut and run,” leaving the Iraqis to their own devices, and the liberal media refused to tell us it was happening. Only Fox News did, and it MIGHT have been covered in the foreign press. The American media has been falling down on their job for as long as I can remember. They HATE Fox because they are doing the job they refuse to do.

“COULD NOT HAVE PREDICTED IT: Obama’s accomplices are saying “Nobody could have predicted what is happening now in Iraq, after our troops left. How then, did I predict it, even before he told them to run? Am I “nobody?” How stupid does Obama think we are? How stupid is HE? It’s only somebody IGNORANT who could not have predicted it. I predict that the same thing will happen in Afghanistan when we “cut and run” from there, too.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The War Will Never Be Over

Not as long as One Islamic terrorist remains alive. Obama can “declare” the war in Afghanistan over and withdraw his troops, but the war will rage on, with people dying, as it did when he pulled his troops out of Iraq, where the terrorists are now occupying TWO cities we lost several lives to capture during the Iraq war. As soon as we leave, the Taliban will unleash hell on the Afghanis and take back what we took from them, and soon be back “in charge,” as they were before we came there.

GEORGE WASHINGTON ON GUNS: “ A free people ought not to be armed and disciplined, but they should have enough arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who would abuse them, which would include their own government.” Which tells us exactly what the Second Amendment is all about, no matter how much the liberals (“tories”) want to dispute that. It’s not about hunting! It’s about self-defense—even from your own government! That’s a simple concept, but one liberals will never understand.

IT WAS HILLARY’S IDEA: To use that insignificant YouTube video as an excuse for the Benghazi attack was Hillary’s idea. She somehow found out about that video and suggested it be used to cover up the fact that it WAS a terrorist attack, while she KNEW, in “real time,” that is wasn’t, because the terrorists got hold of, and USED State Department cell phones to report to their “superiors.” And now she’s saying those five bloody murderers we released are not a threat to America. That’s just as true as what she said about Benghazi.

THEY’RE COMING BACK: Islamic terrorists are “coming back” in Iraq, since we’re no longer there to oppose them and the Iraq army runs away. As I predicted when Obama first announced he was to “cut and run” from Iraq, they’re coming back, HARD. They’ve already taken over several cities we lost many people taking from them and are threatening Baghdad, itself. We’re “evacuating” the few people we have left there so they won’t get killed. Some non-military contractors are left there, too. But Obama is “dragging his feet” about getting them out.

VP “BITEME SAYS WE’LL HELP: VP Joe (BiteMe) Biden tells Iraq we’re ready to “intensify” security for the Iran government. Obviously, he’s verbalizing an Obama promise. So the Iraqis should know they are “on their own” for the most part. When Obama promises it, it’s almost certain it's a LIE. And Joe is just doing what Obama tells him. Of course, if we’d have stayed there until the terrorists were decimated, this wouldn’t be necessary.

WHY DID CANTOR LOSE? Because he forgot who his friends were, and made them into enemies, who helped defeat him. The Tea Parties are the best friends the Republican Party have ever had, but the “entrenched RINOS” don’t know that. Cantor swore to defeat the Tea Parties, but instead he got defeated. Maybe if some of the RINOS “smarten up” and make friends with the Tea Parties, they just MIGHT survive. But they’d better “toe the line” after the election, or they will be “thrown out” in the next election. The “Tea Parties” represent what the American people want, and they’d better get in line.

"It's Cuz' of Global Warming"

Some people are saying the reason space aliens have not yet visited us (how do they know?) is because of global warming. How STUPID can you be? Global warming has been DISPROVED in so many ways that AlGore had to change the name of his con to make it more believable. And he had to do it again recently because the new name (“climate change”) wasn’t working, either. Yet supposedly otherwise intelligent people like Obama are still “drinking the Kool-Aid.”

CLINTONS BROKE: They say Bill and Hillary were “dead broke” when they left the White House. But still they somehow bought a multi-million dollar house in Chappequa. How did they do that? Who loaned them the money and what was he expecting in return in the future? Bill gets SIX FIGURES for each speech and has written books for which he made millions. So has Hillary, and SHE gets $200,000 a speech. Meanwhile she travels the world at OUR expense. He has made $106 million dollars’ worth of speeches in 13 years. They made $12 million between them that year alone.

“On Thursday, CNN’s Jake Tapper reported that the Central Intelligence Agency is now pressuring agents who were on the ground in Benghazi, Libya on the night of September 11, 2012 to keep silent and not talk to Congress or the media. In fact, according to the report, these CIA agents have also been put through numerous polygraph testing in order to ensure they aren’t talking about the Benghazi attacks! They were told that if they talk their career could end and that they would jeopardize themselves and their family.” (Minuteman News) This tells me Obama has much to hide about Benghazi. Will he ever be “brought to justice?” Probably not.

STORY KEEPS “EVOLVING”: That’s the story about how the decision was made to trade FIVE terrorist generals for ONE turncoat deserter, is changing daily. Which tells me it’s another Obama lie and they have to change it as more and more parts are proven to be lies. Like with Bengahazi, they have to change their stories many times because all the stories are LIES. “The story keeps evolving” is “DC speak” for Obama’s dumbasses “treading water’ trying to come up with a story we’ll believe.

BERGDAHL DEAL INEPT: The deal to release FIVE top terrorists in return for ONE turncoat deserters signals to the terrorists that Obama is either a “friend in the White House” or one of the most INEPT presidents we’ve ever had. Yes, we need to get our people back, but not at that price. People are going to DIE because of this trade, and Obama has ADMITTED that. But he doesn’t care. It will help the terrorist cause, and that’s what he wants.

IRS SENT ILLEGAL LIST TO FBI: Yep, it was Lois Lerner who did it. It was a violation of the law, which makes her a LIAR before Congress, which is ANOTHER crime when she said she had done nothing WRONG (under oath). She personally sent the FBI information about conservatives applying for tax exempt status, way back in 2010, BEFORE the election Democrats LOST, big time. She needs to be charged, and sent to PRISON. Will she? Doubtful because Obama is in charge of the means of prosecution.

IT JUST AIN’T TRUE! Bloomberg’s “henchwomen” say categorically that NO legal gun carrier has EVER stopped a crime. Oh, yeah? How about the S. St. Louis father who shot two felons who were trying to kidnap his daughter, killing one and putting the other in intensive care? I could list countless other situations like this, but there isn’t enough space to list them all. Why do anti-gun fools keep on telling easily disproved LIES and make it so easy for us to discredit them? The liberal media “laps it up” like a dog eating ice cream on a hot day, with NO effort to make sure it’s not a lie.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"Cutting and Running"

Sec. of State Kerry says, “We’re ending our combat role in Afghanistan,” which, translated, means, “We’re going to ‘cut and run’ from Afghanistan.” Obama talks about “the cessation of hostilities in Afghanistan.” But did anybody ask the Taliban if THEY were going to “cease hostilities?” I don’t think so. Ask the victims of their five-hour attack on an airport the other day. That doesn’t look like “ceasing hostilities” to me. Obama is just so wimpy he wants to get out, so he can CLAIM to have “ended two wars” Bush started.

THAT TERRIBLE HASHTAG: Boco Haram was so terrified of Obama’s terrifying Twitter hashtag that they went out and kidnapped 20 more females. This time grown women. That hashtag really put “the fear of God in them, didn’t it? Damn, I’d hate for Obama to out a hashtag on me. I’d have to go out and do more bad things to let him know—I don’t give a DAMN about his hashtags. Just as Boco Haram did when they flipped us off by taking 20 more women.

WHAT IS OBAMA DOING? He’s doing everything he can to alienate as many groups as he can in America. Why? Because he figures we aren’t really “exceptional.” He says ALL countries consider themselves “exceptional.” But they’re wrong. They can’t PROVE they’re exceptional; we can. We’ve bypassed EVERY country in the world that has been around for thousands of years in just the less than 300 years of our existence. And it’s the free market that did it. We’re the “destination of choice” for everybody who wants to better themselves, and for good reason, though that might not last much longer with Obama working to sabotage us at every turn.

HILLARY: “NO REGRETS”: She says she has “no regrets” about her “What difference does it make?” crack before Congress. That shows me more fully why she should never even be CONSIDERED to run for president. She’s too stupid. She can’t see how the deaths of FOUR innocent people because of her incompetence matters to the dead, as well as to their families. And she doesn’t give a damn, and can’t see why others do. That shows me her stupidity.

WHY SO MANY SHOOTINGS? Last week, there were three (count ‘em) mass shootings going on in three different places, and the media was dealing with a fourth, in Canada, the day before. Why? Because the fools in government insist on DISARMING honest people and leaving the way open for criminals and crazies, who have no trouble getting their guns illegally. They need to ALLOW honest people to be armed to counter this, but they won’t. They’re too stupid. This has PROVEN to be the solution, but they’re not listening.

“GUN-FREE ZONES” KILL PEOPLE: That’s a fact. It can’t be denied by intelligent people. But it IS denied by those ubiquitous anti-gun fools who can only see disarming HONEST people as a means to keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and crazies. You DON’T stop gun violence by disarming honest, reliable people. You only give the criminals and crazies a steady stream of unarmed victims. One day they’ll wake up to that, but not in my lifetime.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Bergdahl Says He Was Tortured

But I doubt it. I think he purposely left camp and LOOKED for the enemy so he could work with them to kill Americans. Soon after that the terrorist attacks became much more effective, as they would if they were being told how his former friends operated. I think he PRETENDED to “escape” so they could make a big thing about putting him in a cage to solidify his position as a “captive,” rather than a turncoat, while they “negotiated” to get some of their men released. That they got five of the worst terrorists in captivity released was just a bonus. I think they should look at Bergdahl (and his father) VERY closely.

OBAMA IS LYING: What ho! Is this something new? Obama ALWAYS lies. He’d rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better.. He says he had to “move quickly” to trade Sgt. Bergdahl because the Taliban was going to kill him, and that’s why he didn’t notify Congress. But there’s no evidence to support that. Surprise, surprise! Does this lie signal something underhanded? Maybe, maybe not. Since he’d rather lie than tell the truth in ALL cases, maybe it’s just him lying, for no reason, as he usually does.

WHY WOULD HE APOLOGIZE? The owner of “California Chrome” apologized for the statement he made right after losing the “Triple Crown” to a “fresher horse.” He criticized the system, saying they should NOT pit “tired horses” that have already run two major races in a short period against “fresh” horses who have not. That they should reserve the third race in the “Triple Crown” for horses who have RUN recently to make it fair. Now he has apologized. He told the truth. Why apologize? Maybe it’s because his remarks “offended” the “powers that be” in horse racing and they would, and could, retaliate against him with their rules. The usual. The same reason NASCAR drivers rarely criticize NASCAR.

KERRY: “IT’S BALONEY!” Sec. of State Kerry has labeled concerns that freed terrorists would “return to the fray” and kill more Americans “a lot of baloney.” I guess he thinks Obama himself added to the “baloney” when he said there is a “great possibility” they will return to the fray and kill more people. But the only “baloney” here is what is coming out of Kerry’s fevered mouth. The only way he DIDN’T become the world’s worst Sec. of State is he was preceded in office by that famous incompetent, Hillary Clinton.

A STUNNING DEFEAT! Terrorists are regarding the release of five of their top men as a “great victory” over the Americans. They’re greeting the five murderers we “traded” for One turncoat deserter as heroes when they got “home” after being released . Anybody who thinks they WON’T “return to the fray” and kill many more Americans as well as others, are really stupid (Sec. of State Kerry take note). Terrorists themselves have SAID that this gives them “more incentive to kidnap more soldiers.” Further, there’s NO CHANCE that five men as valuable to the terrorists as them do NOT go back to killing Americans is “slim to none.” Anybody who says otherwise if a damned fool. But there are lots of them in DC

TRADE 5 DEMOCRATS; Rand Paul says to Obama: “You like to trade people, why don’t you trade five Democrats to Mexico for that unfortunate ex-Marine they’re holding there? Send them Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Peelosi, Harry Reid, and several others I could mention but whose names I forgot (there are no shortages of candidates in DC). You’d kill two birds with one stone: get rid of some crappy politicians and free an American Marine. But you don’t really CARE about that ex-Marine, do you? You don’t even care much about Bergdahl, except he’s in “your corner.” He and his dad agree with you, which makes them your “friends.”

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Obama Knows They'll Kill again

 He ADMITS that he knows those terrorist murderers he released in return for ONE deserter and traitor will go back to their unit and kill again. That puts the blood of their subsequent killing squarely on HIM. But he doesn’t care; he got what he wanted, five more top terrorist commanders back in the fray to kill again. Frankly, I think the whole thing is a big scam, designed to get these men free. And I think Bergdahl is the instigator. They should put him so deep in  federal prison he’ll never see the light of day again, and his terrorist-loving dad with him.

IT’S TOO MUCH: People may say I’m going a little too far when I advocate “shooting terrorists on sight,” but I’m getting so tired of seeing them murder people by the hundreds every day with liberals all worried abut them being “confined for a long time without a trial” that I see no other equitable solution to the Islamic terrorist problem than to KILL as many as we can, every time we get a chance. Only by giving them NO MERCY can we come out on top. They’re too tricky. They think they’re better than we are, but that takes more than they’ll ever have.

“IN YER FACE!” Obama says, he will NOT apologize for trading five bloody murderers for ONE deserter and “would do it again.” And, of course, he did it without advising Congress, which is a clear violation of the law—a law HE signed, not too long ago. This fool thinks he doesn’t have to “go through Congress” if they won’t just “go along.” He has said, many times, “If Congress doesn’t act (when they disagree with him) I’ll do it without them.” Somebody needs to “take him down” and school him on the fact that he CANNOT legally “do it without Congress.”

IT MUST BE ORFUL: To be so stupid that you have scandals coming out your ears, a new one every day—sometimes every hour. But that’s Obama, and that will be his downfall. He’ll have so many scandals going on at one time he won’t be able to remember the lie he told yesterday and will contradict himself, thus giving away the scam. He says he’s not sorry for letting five mass murderers go and getting ONE turncoat deserter in return, KNOWING people are going to DIE because of it. But people have died because of his stupid mistakes before, so “What difference does it make?” To quote a woman whose name escapes me at the moment (thank goodness).

THEY JUST DON’T CARE: Obama is not a bit sorry for letting those five bloody murderers go to kill again. He KNOWS they will, and he doesn’t care. He’s crippling the energy business and causing energy costs, in his OWN WORDS, to “skyrocket.” And he doesn’t care. He has spent more money than there IS, which makes it harder on all of us, and he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about ANYTHING unless it affects him, personally. And the rest of the liberals don’t care, either. That’s obvious when you hear some of the stupid things they say.

HOW RUSSIA BECAME COMMUNIST: By listening to Vladmir Lenin say the very same things Obama is saying to us, now! He’s talking about everybody having a chance to become a “big-money CEO” when our free market system NOW allows that. But he doesn’t recognize the fact that people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs started their careers in their GARAGES. As did just about every other CEO who wasn’t BORN rich, as were most of the liberals in Congress. He’s full of stinky brown stuff, as was Lenin. And if enough of us listen to him and believe his crap, we’ll end up just like Russia did for 75 years.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

It's Not Over, Dammit!

Liberals in the news media keep talking about the “fact” that “the war in Afghanistan is winding down.” It’s not. The war is going on as much today as it has been for years because the Islamic terrorists are not going to stop fighting until we’re all dead. The only reason it may look like it’s “winding down” is because Obama is going to “cut and run.” They use this excuse to justify releasing five bloody murderers in return for ONE “turncoat.” It’s a load of bullsh-t. The war with Islamic terrorism has been going on for hundreds of years. Afghanistan is just the latest theater in that war as it continues. Is Obama stupid enough to not know that?

Islam teaches its adherents to hate EVERYBODY who doesn’t believe the exact same way they do (including other Muslims) and want to kill them if they can’t convert them. That’s the SINGLE principle that guides Muslim terrorists, and they think if they die in that attempt, they will go to “Paradise” and have 74 virgins to screw around with forever. (How they remain virgins after he’s been with them, I don’t understand). But then, I’m an intelligent, logical man. They’re not. They BELIEVE this drivel. The Mullahs keep the “rank and file” Muslims ignorant for that purpose. With knowledge comes questioning what they’ve been taught. They can’t have that.

OBAMA’S END? I think Obama miscalculated terribly on his actions surrounding the release of FIVE bloody murderers in exchange for an American soldier that is a dedicated Jihadist who has sworn he was a “warrior for Allah!” He was surprised at the vehemence of the opposition to this exchange, not just because it required him to release five terrorists to go back and kill more Americans, but because the whole thing was “setup” from the word go. It was just days after Bergdahl went missing (walked away from his camp and went looking for the enemy) that pressure for an “exchange” began. Will this be Obama’s “I’m not a criminal” statement? Will it cause his political demise?

LIBERAL CONDESCENSION: They ask people like Rush Limbaugh if he really BELIEVES the things he says. They just can’t believe conservatives BELIEVE what we believe. They’re THAT arrogant. I guess one of the reasons they think that way is that THEY don’t believe everything they say, but they say it, anyway. And they think we’re that way, too. They just can’t understand someone who has solid values and KEEPS them. Who doesn’t change his views every time the wind changes.

THERE’S THAT RACIST LIE AGAIN: Politician Charlie Christ has gone Democrat. He SAYS that the reason he did it is because he got tired of the RACISM in the Republican Party, which is COMPLETELY contrary to the truth. It’s a flat-out LIE! The DEMOCRAT Party is the “party of racists.” They FILIBUSTERED the Equal Rights Amendment; many of them were (are, in some cases) members of the Ku Klux Klan—some of them high-ranking members, “Jim Crow,” the SYMBOL of racism, was a Democrat. It was DEMOCRATS who manned the water hoses in the Mississippi demonstrations Dr, King led. Yet they have the GALL to call the Republicans racist! Damn!

HE SAYS HE’S SORRY: Who cares? The shooter in the shooting at a Seattle University that killed one student says he’s “sorry for the pain I’ve caused.” So what? He should have thought of that before he ran in and started shooting. I’m really tired of shooters “apologizing” for the murders they have committed after they get caught. An apology then means NOTHING. It’s not going to make the court go easier on him, nor is it going to mollify the family of the student he murdered, nor should it. It is what it is. That student is DEAD. No amount of “apology” is going to make a difference.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Obama's "Foreign Policy"

He has none. Or if he does, nobody (not even him) knows what it is. You try and figure it out, you find a big “fuzz ball” you can’t define. Just like his lack of a budget, nobody knows. Obama is incompetent as a president. He’s an excellent candidate for office. He’s good at stealing elections and “tailoring” things so he gets he votes. But when it comes to GOVERNING, he is “clueless.” Example: making a deal to release FIVE MURDERERS in return for ONE deserter WITHOUT notifying Congress THIRTY DAYS IN ADVANCE, according to a law HE signed, just recently into law.

DEATH SENTENCE FOR A CHRISTIAN: In Sudan, they’re going to EXECUTE a woman for “apostasy” and “illegal sex” with her own husband (because they don’t recognize marriage to a Christian). And these people think they’re better than us “barbarians.” What kind of a barbarian KILLS a woman because she doesn’t believe exactly the same way you do? And there isn’t really anything much we can do about these THUGS killing this woman for insisting on believing her own way. They’re the FIRST to holler about “religious freedom” in OUR country, while NONE exists in THEIR countries.

OBAMA WANTS TO LEGITIMIZE TERRORISTS: That’s why he violated the “no negotiations with terrorists” principle. Administration mouthpieces SAY they “didn’t negotiate with terrorists” because they “negotiated with Qatar, as a “go-between.” He thinks that means he didn’t REALLY “negotiate with terrorists” because he had a “go-between” to REPRESENT the terrorists. What a damned fool he is, to think that makes any difference!

IT WASN’T WORTH IT: Obama’s releasing FIVE terrorist murderers in return for the release, by the terrorists, of ONE American DESERTER who is wholly in favor of Islam, and whose FATHER speaks a Muslim prayer in Arabic while standing next to the president of the United States while Obama smiled and smiled, just was not worth it. Even if this guy was NOT a deserter who may have helped the enemy while living with them, MAYBE as a captive, maybe as a co-conspirator, five for one is not a good deal, at all, especially five top-level KILLERS

AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM: Liberals don’t like that concept. They don’t think ANYBODY should be considered “exceptional.” They want to kill any possibility of achieving anything. Forget this country is less than 300 years old and has exceeded anything that has been able to be accomplished by civilizations that have been around for THOUSANDS of years; that people all over the world spend every penny they have to come here and take advantage of that exceptionalism. They ignore the fact that people in Cuba have risked their very LIVES to come here. They HATE achievement, and want to punish it. To be exceptional is to ACHIEVE, and that, they hate, with a passion, forgetting that if they succeed in their efforts, THAT will be an achievement, albeit a negative one.

ENEMY OF THE STATE: Bergdahl’s father (and probably his son) is an “enemy of the state.” That “prayer” he recited in Arabic while standing next to Obama (that brought a smile to Obama’s face) wasn’t just a prayer. It was traditionally the Muslim way to “claim the ground he was standing on for Islam.” Which, to Muslim terrorists, a great victory. Robert Bergdahl IS an “enemy of the state” and couldn’t get away with his crap anywhere but here, with Obama “in charge.” Obama is OPENLY subverting us and nobody (except me) is noticing.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Teenager Flummoxes Peelosi

The media has not, in my memory, ever asked a Democrat a real question, saving those for Republicans. But this teenager flummoxes her with one question. Maybe we ought to ask more teenagers to come up with questions for “top” Democrat politicians to answer. Let them show how stupid and out of touch they are. That is, when they don’t do it themselves in normal conversation.

HELPED PASS TAX LAW SHE’S PROTESTING: Gretchen Carlson, in Texas, helped pass the very tax law that is now making it impossible for her to own her own property. As an aside, I’ll ask, what gives the government the right to make us PAY for the right to own property, in addition to what the property cost in the first place? I know they need to con us out of more money somehow, but $8,000 tax on ONE property in a year seems a bit much—and I don’t even have to pay it. I guess she thought they were only for us—not for her. Like most politicians.

BAIT AND SWITCH: Texas currently has no income tax, which draws people to move to that state like a lone light bulb in the dark draws moths. But they don’t mention their oppressive property tax. Now they’re considering applying an income tax, too. Now those people are living there and it would be hard to move, so they might soon be paying BOTH taxes. How’s that for a good “bait & switch” plan?

MURDERED CHRISTIANS: Thirty Christians were hiding in a church in the Central African Republic (CAR), trying to hide from the “unrest” outside their church, when it came inside their church. Islamists MURDERED them in cold blood. Because they were Christians, I presume. Why does it always seem to be Islamists who do things like this? I suppose they’ll call me an “Islamaphobe” for mentioning this truth. That’s how they usually stifle criticism, but it doesn’t work with me. I see what I see and say what I see, and to hell with their phony “made-up word.

INDICTED, BUT STILL CONSIDERED: Doe ANYTHING bar a liberal politician from consideration for high office? Sen. Leland Yee, a fierce anti-gun fool, has been INDICTED for corruption and gun-running, among other things, yet California (where else?) voters placed him in THIRD PLACE in a vote for Secretary of State. What does it take for stupid voters in California to reject a criminal in office? I guess that’s the root of their problems—their tendency to elect known crooks.

NO “WALL-TO-WALL” COVERAGE: I’m not going to give the trade for Sgt. Bergdahl for FIVE murdering terrorists “wall-to-wall” coverage, but I will mention that terrorist attacks became much better targeted after he left his camp and went LOOKING for them. He was living with them for FIVE YEARS, but was it as a prisoner, or a FRIEND? Seems to me he was instrumental in creating a fine victory for them by getting five of their top terrorists released.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"Spend More Money!"

That’s the “knee-jerk solution” to all problems for liberals, and at least one Democrat put it forward to solve the “obesity” problem in our schools. Haven’t I heard that before, many times, to “solve” many problems? Seems like the Democrats have only ONE solution to ANY problem: spend money. Any time Democrats see a “problem,” they want to spend more of our money on it, whether or not more money will DO anything about the “problem.”

ANNOUNCING HIS STUPIDITY AGAIN: Harry Reid, who seems to be suffering from senility, reaffirmed his stupidity yet again by saying he’s GLAD those five murderous terrorists have been freed from GITMO.  What has this fool been SMOKING? Closing GITMO would be the MOST stupid thing Obama ever did, and he has done some doozies. It’s about time we sent this damned fool packing, back to Nevada where he can only screw Nevadans.

JUST LIKE BENGHAZI: They tell a false story, repeat it over and over, then start dissembling and changing it when the real facts start coming out, slowly until it is no longer recognizable. That’s what they did on Benghazi and what they’re now doing on the Bergdahl story. The original story has him being captured during battle. Now they have him ”walking away” from his unit and being captured. Which is the real story? Probably the second one, if I know Obama and his henchmen. Maybe neither. Maybe the REAL story has yet to come out. With Obama, that’s more like it.

FEINSTEIN APOLOGIZES FOR “OVERSIGHT”: They picked yet another unlikely spokesperson to speak for them. Sen. Feinstein, famous for pointing a loaded machine gun at everybody in the crowd at an anti-gun rally, while being legally armed herself has “apologized” for the :”oversight” of not notifying Congress 30 days BEFORE turning five murderers loose in trade for ONE American deserter. I don’t believe a WORD of it. You don’t “forget” to obey a law you, yourself signed into law earlier this year. And Obama did just that.

WHEN, INDEED? Ted Cruz asks rhetorically, “When did the Democrats abandon the Bill of Rights? But the answer is something Cruz might not expect. You can’t abandon something you never believed in, in the first place. So the answer is, NEVER. Liberals the world over have never believed in the “rights of man,” and thus never believed in the Bill of Rights; period. So how can they "abandon" it?

YA THINK BIRDS ARE STUPID? I just watched a fascinating video where small birds, once “locked in” to a parking garage where they lived by the adding of an automatic door, run by “motion detectors” to open and close it. Not to be denied, the birds learned how to trip the motion-detected doors and fly in and out at will. Pretty much ruins that old saw, “bird-brained,” doesn’t it? I’ve also seen cats jump up and open doors by turning door handles, jump up and hit switches to turn lights on and off, and dogs who figured out how to get the fridge open to get treats. Animals are smarter than you think.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bergdahl A Deserter?

What’s more, he was a “friend” of our enemies in Afghanistan and so is his father, by his own admission. From what I know of our criminal president, that is the reason he traded FIVE bloody murderers to free him. People were KILLED trying to find him. He will be returned to American territory and get a “heroe’s welcome” somewhere that he does not deserve. He was NOT a prisoner; he DESERTED and stayed with the terrorists for FIVE YEARS to give them this singular victory. He is rumored also to have “converted” to Islam, himself.

OBAMA BRAGS ABOUT IT: His energy programs are going to “cause energy rates to skyrocket.” And he doesn’t care. He doesn’t pay electric bills, and as an ex-president, he never will. He wants to BANKRUPT the coal industry; an industry that is ESSENTIAL to the generation of power. He has bragged about that, too! What is WRONG with this fool? He wants to make this into a socialist country, and what he’s doing will accomplish that. If the country survives at all as we know it.

SOMEBODY NEEDS TO TELL HIM: Obama brags about “going around Congress” if they don’t do what he tells them. Is this man INSANE? Hasn’t he even READ the Constitution (that he used to TEACH about)? Doesn’t he know Executive Orders don’t apply to ANYHTHING but government agencies and employees? Hasn’t he heard about the “Separation of Powers?” And that’s REAL, not an idea in a LETTER, like the “Separation of Church and State.” Yeah, he’s “got a pen.” But his pen is not any more powerful LEGALLY than MINE is. Somebody needs to “slap him down.”

“POLAR BEARS ARE DROWNING!” That’s a big LOAD of pure bullsh-t of the kind we’ve become used to from the “global warming” (whatever they’re calling it, nowadays) bunch. They HAVE no “facts” to back up their BS, so they “make it up as they go along.” Like Obama does about everything. Polar bears don’t drown. Unless somebody shoots them without killing them, making it impossible for them to swim. Polar bears can swim for HUNDREDS of miles in the coldest water possible. Their numbers have never been HIGHER. Yet AlGore’s acolytes (fools) still claim they’re “in trouble.” And people who pay no attention to politics believe their lies.

“ACCUSING THE PRESIDENT!” Wolfe Blitzed almost came unglued when Jeffery Toobin, on CNN, said Obama “broke the law” when he released five bloody murderers without consulting Congress thirty days beforehand, a CLEAR violation of the law. Obama DID break the law, Wolfe! Whaddya want? Why do you call your colleague down for stating the truth? What kind of a damned fool ARE you? Oh; I forgot. A liberal fool. Gets pretty bad when you holler at someone on the air for reporting the truth. Is the president ABOVE the truth being reported about him? Kinda reveals your bias, huh?

RELEASE ALL GITMO PRISONERS? That’s what the father of that DESERTER who went over to the terrorists and stayed with them for five years wants to do. He says they’re being “sorely abused.” Of course, he forgets they (and their friends) murdered 3,000 people in one fell swoop on 9/11/2001. He says you can’t prove any of these men were involved, but they speak the same bullsh-t and most were responsible for the deaths of many. Apparently his son had the same beliefs, so he deserted. He was never a kidnap victim. He was there willingly.