Friday, January 31, 2014

"War On Women"--BS!

Liberal Democrats talk a lot about a “war on women” that seems to be going on in this country, but it’s all bulldung. It’s part of their wish to fool us all into believing in one of their latest scams. The truth is, there IS no “war on women” anywhere but in the Democrat Party. What Obama doesn’t want you to know is HE pays his female workers LESS that he pays men. If there’s a “war on women,” HE’S practicing it.

STATE OF THE COUP…ER, UNION PHONY: I don’t believe I’ve ever seen so many lies come out of one politician’s mouth in a row as when Zero (Obama) gave yet another “tissue of lies” billed as the “State of the Union speech.” It was nothing but a “dog and pony show” designed to make us think, “all is well,” when it is NOT.

DEMOCRATS RACIST: Why do Democrats keep on pushing the idea that Republicans are the party of racists, when that title belongs unalterably to THEM? They fought the Equal Rights Amendment, tooth and nail. The Republicans fought FOR it, and got it passed in spite of the Democrats' best efforts. This is not something a racist party does. Top Democrat members of Congress were members of the KKK in the past, some of them top “officers.”  They’re really twisting it to call Republicans racist. But  that’s what they do.

AMANDA KNOX TRIED AGAIN: How many more times are Italian “authorities” going to put Amanda Knox through the agony of this? They’ve now tried her TREE TIMES for the murder of her roommate. I don’t know if she’s guilty or not, and neither do they, after three trials. So far the score is even: one guilty verdict and one innocent. Now they’re trying her yet again. Will it be guilty or innocent? (Update: she was convicted AGAIN the third time around) If guilty, will we be forced to extradite her? Could the same thing happen here? I thought an “innocent” verdict was final. Apparently not in Italy. They can just keep on trying you over and over until they get you.

DON’T NEED IT, BUY IT ANYWAY: That’s what Obamacare is all about: forcing those who don’t need a lot of health care insurance to buy at inflated prices to  pay for the services older people NEED. That’s “ripping off” young people to benefit old people (and I'm an "old person"). It’s not right, but when did that ever stop liberals before? They believe in socialism or some form of it, and they want to force it on ALL of us, whether or not we want any part of it.

PAYING PEOPLE NOT TO WORK: That’s what Obama is all about, now. He declared in his “State of the Coup…er, Union” speech that “all is well.” The economy is “roaring back,” although it isn’t. "Unemployment is improving apace," although it isn’t, and we need to again increase the length of time we pay people not to work. He told us Obamacare is now “fixed,” although it is NOT, and never will be. But that’s how he wants it so he can blame capitalism and move us into socialism.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Imperial Presidency?

Some said Richard Nixon’s was “an imperial presidency.” Others said Bush had one. They were wrong. Obama DOES have an “imperial presidency.” It became that when he started “making laws without Congress.” What kind of a fool IS this guy? He’s “thumbing his nose” at the law. He’s assuming powers he does not have. But then, that’s not new. He’s been doing that since the first day after his inauguration. And the fools in DC keep their mouths shut and let him do it. Damn, what FOOLS they are!

DON’T THINK IT, DO IT!  Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) walked out on Obama’s “State of the Coup…er, uh, Union” speech the other night because he just couldn’t stand to listen to the litany of lies Obama was telling there. I have the same problem, although I don’t “walk out” on it, I just never listen to it. It’s a “dog and pony show” designed to fool the public. Stockman is now “thinking about filing articles of impeachment.” My advice? Don’t just “think about it,” DO it.

HENRY WAXMAN TO RETIRE: After more than 35 years in Congress, Henry Waxman is going to retire. It’s about time! Congress was originally designed to be a part-time job people who wanted to “serve their country” engaged in for a short time, and then went back home to their real lives. It has evolved until now it is a lifetime career where you go to DC broke, and return years later as a millionaire from graft. We need to limit Congress people to ONE TERM, period. Forever. No repeats.

DEMS DITCHING ZERO: Many Democrats want no part of Obama in their campaigns for re-election, and rightly so. If the election were honest, Obama would never have gotten a second term—and CERTAINLY not a third term, which I’m sure he wants, if he can con us again. Now the members of his own party do not want to be identified as being in his party, if possible. Many are invited to his events, and are uniformly ”busy” on that day, whatever day it is. I don’t know how they figure to get out of it, but they want to completely SEPARATE themselves from Obama.

OBAMACARE A SUCCESS: Everybody thiniks Obamacare is a failure; a “trainwreck.” But it is not, according to Obama’s wishes. In Obamaland, it is a “smashing success,” forcing millions of people who were happily insured to become “wards of the government” to be insured at all. He’s actually pushing a “single payer system.” He has SAID he “prefers a single payer system and Obamacare will make it possible. So to Obama, it is a “smashing success.”

BEING PREPARED: I was taken to task on Twitter the other day for saying the people in Atlanta were “unprepared” for their THREE INCHES of snow. One Tweeter even used words I can’t repeat here in describing me. I know Atlantans are having a problem now, but it is the fault of their politicians, who have IGNORED the necessity to PREPARE for such storms. In Indianapolis where I was born, or Denver, where I live now, 3” of snow is never a problem because they are prepared for much worse.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Violating the Constitution

Obama (Zero) is about the most arrogant “president” ever. Amid his MANY violations of the Constitution, he has now vowed to :”make law without the Congress.” That’s patently unconstitutional. It's ILLEGAL, in fact. This IS grounds for impeachment. When is somebody going to grow a pair of gonads and DO something about his arrogant fool ignoring of the BASIS for ALL our laws? Damn, I get tired of saying that! Wake UP, Washington! Obama is NOT your king! This fool needs to be “slapped down. NOW, not later!

AFGHANISTAN WAR WILL BE OVER! Right; for him, maybe. He says that soon thousands of American troops in Afghanistan will come home and the war in Afghanistan will be over. Dream on, Zero! The war might be over for US when our troops come home with HIS tail between their legs, but it won’ be over for Afghans. It will continue on as the newly strengthened Taliban takes over, returning to their previous prominence. Karzai will be gone, maybe dead. And Islamic rule will return. They’ve been “laying low” until we leave, and now they’ll do what they wish.

WILL HE BE LYING? Pundits are asking the question: “Will Obama be lying in his State of the Coup…er, uh, Union address?” The answer is, OF COURSE. He lies every time he opens his mouth, so why should this address be any different? How do you tell when Obama is lying? That’s easy. His mouth is moving and sounds are coming out. Simple. Why does the media (including Fox),even need to ASK that question? They KNOW he's lying.

STOP SPYING ON SPYING: Obama wants to take steps to stop “spying on his spying on everybody.” That’s the latest. “As the Obama administration considers ending the storage of millions of phone records by the National Security Agency, the government is quietly funding research to prevent eavesdroppers from seeing on whom the U.S. is spying, The Associated Press has learned.” Damn! It just ain’t right! Spying on the spies? Damn! Hang the perps high!

STEALING MORE OF YOUR MONEY: Obama has just stolen more of your money and given it to “federal workers.” He did it by raising federal workers’ minimum wage rate to $10.10. do you know how many MILLIONS of dollars out of your pocket and INTO the pockets of federal employees that is? And he did it not with a law passed by Congress and signed by the president as required by law and the Constitution. He did it with an executive order signed by him. Nobody else.

AGAIN UNEMPLOYMENT WENT DOWN: While at the same time the number of unemployed went up. Again. How could that be? It’s simple: millions more people GAVE UP on ever finding a job and left the job market. When they do that, the government stops counting them. The “job market” now contains fewer people, making that number smaller and the PERCENTAGE still unemployed is a larger PERCENT of that now smaller total. Simple “fudging” of the numbers.

NO GAYS HERE! That’s what the mayor of Sochi, Russia, says. What he doesn’t say is why. The reason is his cops have killed them all. Those who admit it, anyway. But I’d bet there are a lot more that won’t admit it, as long as being gay is a death sentence. Iran’s Ahmadinijerk said the same, for the same reason. They killed all they could find. A newsman said he knew personally some of them and Ahmadinijerk said, “Oh? What are their names and addresses?” What he didn’t say is, “So we can find them and kill them.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Stop Killing Christians (For Now)"

Until we gain control, anyway, “Ayman al-Zaahiri, al-Qaida’s current leader (until we kill him) says, “To kill Christians right now isn’t going to help us establish an Islamic state in Egypt, and it only gives Americans things to use against us.” What goes unsaid is “wait until we’re in control, THEN kill Christians.” Actually, they’re not “giving us ammunition.” That’s the way they ARE: intolerant of other religions to the extreme, and we merely report it. So they need to be told to wait to kill Christians until they are in control.

HOW CLEAR CAN WE BE? The Second Amendment is VERY clear. It says, unequivocally, that “NO LAW can be made restricting the ownership of guns.” What part of that do these fool politicians not understand when they make their useless laws that only provide illegally armed criminals with an unending supply of unarmed victims? Yes, they DID mention “a militia,” which, in their time, meant ALL the people. State and other organized militias did not exist at the time so they couldn't have meant that. So that part of the amendment does not apply. How hard is that t understand?

HOW ABOUT THAT? And we thought this was a free country! Now the feds have graciously allowed Google and others to let us know when (six months after) they accede to their demands for personal information about us. Isn’t that precious? How many other things like that have they covered up by not allowing people to talk about what they’re doing to us?

THAT’S JUST ORFUL! Dennis McGuire suffered for twenty minutes before he died and people are whining about that. I don’t think he suffered enough, considering what he did to his victim in the crime that led to his execution. He raped Joy Stewart vaginally and anally, threw her from a car, choked and stabbed her. She suffered much more pain for a much longer time than he. It’s too bad they couldn’t kill him quick enough to keep it from being painful, but I find it difficult to care under the circumstances.

ON “DEAF EARS?” They say Obama’s speech on global warming might “fall on deaf ears.” Ya think? Global warming has been proven, may times, in many ways, to be a hoax that has enriched its proponents, mostly AlGore, former vice president and top con man  (and now Obama). He flies around in his private jet, polluting the atmosphere, telling people all about how OTHER PEOPLE are polluting the atmosphere and they ought to give him money so he can stop it. What a damned FOOL. He changed the name of his con to "climate change" when it was found the globe hasn't been "warming" for more than 15 years.

COW FARTS EXPLODE: I’m not kidding! A buildup of methane gas in a barn in Germany is blamed for the explosion that damaged the barn and injured one of the cows. What I want to know is how the methane gas could build up unless that barn was virtually airtight. But “cow farts” causing a big explosion? You can’t make this stuff up, folks! Of course it took the farts of 90 flatulent cows to do it, along with an electrical charge. I guess that means we’ll now be saddled with “regulations” to keep flatulent cows from destroying their barns here.

Monday, January 27, 2014

New York Super Bowl

That’s what they’re calling it, even though it’s going to happen in Jew Jersey. New Jersey is ignored by the world, just as Oakland, California is ignored. Driving down I-5 north of Oakland, it’s as if Oakland doesn’t exist. All signs tell you how many miles to San Francisco and ignore Oakland entirely. New Jersyites are miffed by this and say so at every opportunity—and I don’t blame them.  New York will get a large part of the money to be made by the Super Bowl without having to spend as much money to prepare.

DINESH DESOUSA: POLITICAL PRISONER: Dinesh DeSousa, who made a video that told the truth about Obama, has been indicted on “election fraud” charges for his trouble. This is a good example of what happens to you if you do something that really does hurt Obama’s plans. And to make matters worse, his bail is more than 9 violent criminals charged with murder, rape, and mayhem, at half a million dollars.  This is what happens to people who REALLY do something to irritate Obama.

“CRACK DOWN MORE!” That’s what Chuckie Schumer says. They need to go after the Tea Parties even more than they already have in the IRS, even if it IS illegal. Nothing the Tea Parties have ever done is illegal, but people like Chuckie still think they should go after them even more. That would be nice if there were actually an “organization” called the “Tea Party.” But the TP is just an idea about what these people stand for. He says they have spent millions in “unrevealed” money to hurt Democrats. Of course, that money is “unrevealed” because it doesn’t have to be, since this government has “stonewalled” their applications for tax-free status for so long.

He has announced his intention to do many things to “stop global warming” after global warming has been proven many times to be a scam. The globe has NOT been “warming” for more than 15 years. Global warming fools call that a “pause” in the warming of the globe. I’d call that more than a “pause.” I’d call it an ENDING. But they continue to hold onto their “flights of fancy,” especially since it means they can con more money out of gullible Americans. Unfortunately for them, America is “waking up” to their con. Obama is behind times. But he’s so “out of touch’ he doesn’t know it.

WILL THEY EVER LEARN?  Raising the minimum wage kills jobs. Statistics prove it. But liberal politicians ignore such statistics and go right on and do it. Just about everything Obama does kills jobs. One spectacular example is the Keystone Pipeline. There is no INTELLIGENT reason why that project cannot go ahead. It creates many jobs and helps us to become independent of the oil Sheiks in the Middle East, who hate us. He makes as many restrictive regulations as he can to get in the way of oil fracking, which has proven to be safe, practical, and cost effective. What’s WRONG WITH THIS FOOL?

At least that’s what he tells us; and just as usual, it’s a LIE. He and the democrats LOVE polarization; they work hard to CREATE it. They THRIVE on it. Every time they can get us fighting amongst ourselves, especially on unimportant subjects, they benefit. He talks about “unity” and “cooperation,” but what he means is agreeing with HIM. “Cooperation,” to him, IS agreeing with him. Cooperation is two wolves and one sheep holding a vote on what’s for dinner.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Maryland Shooting

Maryland has some of the tightest anti-gun laws in the nation, right up there with DC. That mall was a “gun-free zone.” Yet some fool who had a grudge against somebody came in and killed two people and himself. How’s that “gun-free zone” workin’ for ya? Many, many times I have said this, and I’ll say it again: gun-free zones are an OPEN INVITATION to fools to come in and shoot people. How many more people need to die before the fools in power figure it out?

SMITH & WESSON REFUSES TO COMPLY: They made a law in California that all new or redesigned guns must use “microstamping” technology to imprint the make, model, and other info on the shell when it is shot. The process is very expensive and almost impossible to achieve. It makes it almost impossible for the maker to comply, therefore, it effectively prohibits the maker from selling covered guns in the state. What a bonanza for illegal gun sellers, who don’t care about such laws and they vastly improve their business as law-abiding people become criminals in order to have guns for self defense. They can’t just BAN guns, so they make them impossible both to make, AND to use in the field.

PUSHING THE ENVELOPE: Liberal pundit Sally Kohn asked in a Tweet recently, when Disney was going to make a movie about a princess marrying another princess. How stupid is THAT? Disney isn’t in the business of pushing political ideas. It’s in the business of entertaining, mainly kids. To make such a picture would be to APPROVE of the “gay lifestyle” and PROMOTE it to kids, who don’t know any better. I don’t have a problem with gays as long as they keep it to themselves and don’t try to “recruit” my kids. That would be what such a movie was for.

WOMAN KILLS INTRUDER: She actually called 9/11 and “asked permission” to shoot the intruder and was told to do what she had to do. So she shot and killed the intruder when he broke into her locked bedroom door. By doing so, she reduced violent crime where she lives by one, maybe two criminals. This proves again what I’ve always said about more guns in the hands of honest, responsible people.

MISPLACED OPPOSITION: Palestinians are mad at Scarlett Johanssen for becoming the spokesperson for an Israel-based company. But that company employs many Palestinians and pays them a lot better and treats them better than other companies. If they’re forced to move out of Israel because of this “tempest in a teapot,” it will cost 900 Palestinians better jobs than they can get elsewhere in the area, Israel or not. This is a good example of misplaced anger.

MOST JUDGED: They call Wendy Davis “the most judged woman in history.” But what about Sarah Palin? Doesn’t she count? Oh; I forgot. She’s a Republican, so she DOESN’T count to these people. What about the “other Michelle?” Oh; she’s a Republican, too. Silly me. Only Democrat women count in their opinions. This is typical of how liberals twist the facts out of any recognition at all.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Frack You!

Obama doesn’t like fracking because it will, if he doesn’t destroy it, make him look like the fool that he is. Like the shale oil operation in Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged,” fracking could just make oil and gas exploration in the United States profitable again, in spite of Obama’s efforts to destroy the energy industry, period. His promise to “bankrupt the coal industry” is only part of his “war on energy.” Why is he against energy? Because if he succeeds, he will blame that, and the resulting disruption on capitalism and therefore move us even closer to the socialist “paradise” he envisions for America.

WHO CARES ABOUT HILLARY? The media seems more interested in Hillary Clinton’s health and if she’s going to run for president again in 2016 instead of why she told rescuers to “stand down” while our embassy personnel were being murdered in Benghazi. They’re supposed to be the agents that “kept their feet to the fire” when they did wrong. What happened to that? Since when are they more interested in keeping a damaged candidate viable rather than “go after” the truth about how our president and his then secretary of state CONSPIRED in their deaths.

“OFF THE HOOK”:  The “Little Sisters of the Poor,” whose only purpose in life is helping the poor, refused to go against their religious convictions and provide condoms and were threatened with millions of dollars in fines. They stuck to their guns as contraception is against their religious convictions. After a long time sitting under the hanging sword, Obama’s government finally relented and granted them a waiver, just as if his demands were legal and he actually HAD the right to say "yea or nay.".

ONE SHOTGUN SHELL: Didja hear about the man in DC who was raided by 30 armed, soldier-like cops, he and his children and his lady friend assaulted and cuffed while they tore his house apart looking for guns he didn’t have, and they didn’t find, They did find ONE useless shotgun shell, which they removed on tongs, wearing protective gear. He faces TWO YEARS in prison and a hefty fine for possessing that shotgun shell. This is DC today. Talk about overdoing it! But this is “jack-booted thug America.”

ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY: There has been a shooting at a Maryland mall. Results show it was a “targeted shooting,” killing two, then himself. But they’re so afraid, they’re taking HOURS to “inspect” for explosives and other threats and haven’t even TOUCHED the shooter’s body with anything but an explosives sniffing robot. I predict, when the dust settles, it will be found to be a “family dispute” or lover’s quarrel.

OFF LIFE SUPPORT: Remember that pregnant brain dead woman they were keeping alive in life support until her baby comes to term? Courts have ordered the hospital to remove it on her own request (when she was alive). The same kind of people who love baby killing in abortion whine about “giving that child a chance to live.” What hypocrites they are! They murder thousands of babies every day, then use the "let the baby live" whine when they want to stop a brain dead woman from being taken off life support.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Obama: "No Respect"

When meeting with NBA champs, Obama (Zero) whines about “getting no respect,” like he should get it, unearned. For my part, he has not only NOT done anything to MERIT “respect,” he has done everything he can to NOT merit respect. So like that well-known comic, he can twist his tie and moan, “I get no respect” all he wants, and until he does something to MERIT respect, he will get none, at least, not from me or mine. The American Overlook says, “Apparently the mean bullies in Washington, D.C have hurt the president’s feelings. I wonder if he cries on his pillow at night?

“SMALL AND MODEST BILL”: That’s what John Conyers, congressman from Michigan (Democrat, of course) says about Obama’s health care swindle bill. What planet has this fool been living on for the last few years? Is he a COMPLETE fool? I know most liberals aren’t very smart, or they wouldn’t be liberals. But this? What kind of a fool IS he? What kind of fools does he take us for? A bill containing 382,000 words cannot be described by ANYBODY with any intelligence, as “small and modest.”

INVOLVED READERS AT 10: I just heard a call to Rush Limbaugh about his “Rush Revere” book with a good idea for the next book. Which told Rush that, even at ten, his readers are “involved.” It was a very gratifying call, indeed. Not often can an author get such reader participation from readers, especially not among the ten-year-old crowd, and that gives him hope for the future. Me, too.

JOBS CREATION DISASTER: Only 74,000 non-farm jobs created in the last month could only be described by people with any intelligence at all as a “disaster.” But Obama celebrates it. Labor force participation is at an all time low, with more people “giving up” on ever finding a job and stopping looking reduces the labor force so that the remaining number of job-seekers becomes a smaller percentage of the whole. Meanwhile, Obama takes credit for “an improving job market” while the REAL number is 37% (if you include those who gave up).

PROPAGANDIZE THE CHILDREN: Vladmir Lenin (the “father of communism in Russia, for those who don’t know) once said, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I’ve sown will never be uprooted.” He also said, “Give us a child for eight years and he will be a Bolshevik forever.” Insert your favorite word for “Bolshevik” and you now know why the liberals work so hard to control our schools and what is taught there.

THE DIFFERENCE: Ann Coulter gives us a good description of the difference between MSNBC and Fox News. It’s incomplete, but it gives us the right idea. She says MSNBC would never break a story about Democrat scandal, while Fox has, in the past done the same against a Republican when it reported George bush’s arrest for drunk driving. That’s the long way to say that Fox reports BOTH SIDES, and doesn’t hide stories that might hurt consevatives. And that’s what liberals hate.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Should Obama Be Executed?

One Florida legislator thinks so, and that has gotten him in a lot of trouble with liberals. But he’s right. If any president ever rated imprisonment and maybe even “hanging,” it’s “Zero.” He violates the Constitution DAILY and thinks he can make laws WITHOUT Congress. If this is not TREASON, I know not what is. But will it ever happen? Not likely, with all the ignorant people out there who “do not pay attention to politics” and do so PROUDLY. Is a revolution imminent? I hope not. I hope SOMEBODY who can DO something meaningful will soon “wake up” and get rid of this “scourge on the land.”

INCOME INEQUALITY: Liberals like to bandy around such terms as “income inequality” to promote their pipe dreams of socialism, or whatever they call it, currently “progressivism.” “Progressivism” is a euphemism to mean communism or its derivatives. But the only REAL and honest way to change that is by promoting individual productivity, not TAKING from the productive and GIVING to the unproductive, as they suggest. This is their way to fool the public and is the same plan that created communism in Russia and Nazism in Germany.

HE KNOWETH NOT: Of what he speaks. Kevin de-Leon (D-CA) is an ardent anti-gun fool. But he knows NOTHING about guns, as do most anti-gun fools. He doesn’t even know the difference between bullets and magazines as he talks about ”30-magazine clips” in a recent anti-gun rant. If this fool is so ignorant about guns, why is he so adamant about getting rid of them? Ignorance, plus peer pressure, I guess, in California, one of the most virulent anti-gun states in the union.

SHOULD OBAMA BE IMPEACHED? That’s a question that’s asked a lot, and most Americans think he should be impeached, as soon as possible. But so far, nobody has had the gonads to DO anything about it. Meanwhile, Obama (Zero) marches right along, destroying our medical profession and the health insurance profession that accompanies it, ignoring our constitution, the BASIS for ALL our laws, making law “administratively” by issuing “executive orders” that have no effect on anything but the federal government and its personnel, though he’s got too many people convinced they ARE law, for everybody.

“RACIST AND HOMOPHOBIC REMARKS”: That’s what liberals call “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson’s statements. But what they don’t say is that he was only reciting that which is written in the Bible on the subject. Is the Bible then “racist and homophobic?” Or is it still the true word of God? I can’t think of a better way to discredit the Christian religion than to call its BIBLE “racist and homophobic.” Unfortunately for them, both words are phony words, made up to discredit honest people by insinuating their heartfelt opinions are somehow “evil.” But then, who cares what liberals think? I certainly don’t.

NO INVESTIGATION OF IRS SCANDAL: Obama calls it, among all the others, a “phony scandal.” He really thinks we will believe that lie while he works HARD to stop ANY real investigation into it. Just like he’s doing with all the other investigations into his crimes. The IRS has ADMITTED “targeting” groups with names like Tea Party” or “patriot,” or the like for extra harassment, which includes demanding the answers to numerous inane questions, the answers to which are none of their business, before granting them tax-free status, while “whistling through” an application by Obama’s brother for his phony “charity.”

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Twisting the World Around

I never thought I’d see the governor of a state, even a LIBERAL state, say to the world that people who didn’t like murdering innocent babies in the womb and people who insisted on the constitutionally-protected right to bear arms for self protection “had no place in his state.” What FOOLS they raise in New York State and elect to be their governors! He also said people who think being gay is wrong have no place there, too. I have nothing against gays, but people have the right to believe otherwise and say so. That’s another constitutionally-protected right.

“THE IDLE RICH”: Liberals like to talk a lot about “the idle rich,” which they usually define as people who EARN their riches. They try and make you think those people somehow have swindled their workers out of the money to become rich. What they don’t tell you is that most of the liberals in Washington ARE the “idle rich.” Like the Kennedys and others, that’s why they have so much free time to become politicians so they can run the lives of others They are those who INHERITED wealth, and want to keep others from EARNING their wealth.

WE WERE RIGHT: General Paetraeus, Ambassador Ryan Crocker and I all predicted the violence that has risen in Iraq after Zero precipitously “cut and ran” after telling the enemy a “date certain” when we would “run away.” Now we’re gone, the Islamic terrorists (that we used to support) are again running wild, killing people. This was so predictable it didn’t take a general or an ambassador to predict it. Any ten-year-old who paid attention to politics could have done it.

TAXING RAIN: The State of Maryland made a law taxing the owners of ANY structure that prevented rain water from reaching the ground, which forced taxpayers to literally pay a tax on RAIN. That’s about as stupid as the tax they put on cow farts elsewhere. But with all the stupid politicians out there (most of them liberal Democrats) that’s the kind of thing you can expect. But the law proved so unpopular (there are a few smart people left) that they’re now considering repealing it.

LEAVING NEW YORK: Sean Hannity, who was BORN in New York, in answer to NY Gov. Cuomo’s announcement that conservatives were not welcome there, said to him, “Go to hell: I’m moving to Texas.” Another Conservative, Glenn Beck, has already moved to Texas. Rush Limbaugh moved to Florida years ago, and New York audits him still every year to see if he spent ONE DAY in New York doing business. Net loss to NY, millions of dollars in taxes and employment: and it has not ended. More will do so and take their money with them. What FOOLS they elect in New York!

TALK ABOUT DISTRACTED DRIVING!  Stepen Gove, 56, had finished his newspaper route on his three-wheeler bike and was on his way home when he was hit by a car and carried on for blocks as the man kept driving. At one point, he said to the driver, “Hello, I’m the guy you ran over back there” as he held on while stuck through the windshield. He was ignored and the car didn’t stop until it hit another car. Then the driver locked the car and walked away. The cops found him and arrested him on a drunk driving and leaving the scene of two accidents charges. What a damned FOOL!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Piling On

I don’t know if it’s true, but I do notice that it is a DEMOCRAT mayor alleging that Christie withheld Hurricane Sandy money until she approved a real estate deal he was interested in. In addition, and right after the “traffic” scandal that made so much noise, and I smell a “political killing” in the offing. Christie has been mentioned many times as a top 2016 presidential candidate. Running true to form, Democrats all over are accusing him of everything, right up to tying his shoes wrong. They hope to kill his chances any way they can.

STILL PUSHING THE BLACK THING: Obama (Zero) is still telling people that “some people don’t like me because I’m black.” When is he going to get off that schtick? He got elected BECAUSE he was black; and he’s only HALF black. He’s as much white as he is black He CHOOSES to be black for the advantage it gives him in the political game. If we were really as racist as he claims, he would never have been elected. The fool thinks we still believe that crap. He just can’t understand that his offensive POLICIES might be the reason.

“INNOCENT BLOOD?” The Russians whose recently released video threatens the Sochi Games, say it is “for the innocent Muslim blood spilled all over the world.” What a bunch of bulldung THAT is! The only “innocent” Muslim blood being spilled is as a result of GUILTY Muslims killing innocent people to prove their point that we should ALL be Muslims. THEY kill more innocent people than we possibly could!

MORE RIGHTS THAN INNOCENT PEOPLE? I don’t have a RIGHT to a sex change operation paid for by the government (not that I’d want one), so why does one court think a convicted MURDERER has that right just because he is in prison? They think it is “hard, psychologically” on him to have to live as a man. So what? He’s a MURDERER! Who cares about his “sensitivities?” Just say NO.

MEAN, PARTISAN GOP: That’s what Zero calls it when the Republicans won’t let go and let him rape the nation with his health care swindle law. He just doesn’t credit the Republicans with having serious problems with that socialist program that victimizes young, healthy people to pay for the health care for the old. He just has to impute “impure motives” into anything Republicans do.

IRAN SCAMMING US: They agreed to turn off SOME of their centrifuges to “buy time” to finish what they started while conning us into lifting some of our sanctions in the bargain. And we bought it. Everybody knows they’re scamming us, but our incompetent, stupid politicians, led by “Zero,” refuse to know that. They can turn those centrifuges back on in DAYS, and they don’t really need them to be operational right now. But they can sure use the money and the freedom to operate.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Trying to Hide Benghazi

Greta Van Susteren said it. Right after Benghazi the feds tried “HARD’ to stop Fox from reporting on Benghazi. Why do you suppose that is? First they eliminated Fox from all the press briefings on Benghazi. Then they tried to belittle their reporting; then they tried to shut up Jennifer Griffin, who was reporting strongly (and factually) on Benghazi. They told Greta to advise her to “lighten up” to “save her career.” This would not have been able to happen if the rest of the press corps had done their job. This is how Zero works.

ARRESTED FOR HOLDING A SIGN: Cops in Frisco, Texas, arrested a man for holding a sign that said, “Police Ahead,” thus warning drivers about a “speed trap” ahead. And they had to “trump up” a charge to do that. There isn’t even a law against warning people about law enforcement, which, itself, might be even more of an inhibition to speed than the cop himself. But it wouldn’t add to the cops’ treasury by allowing them to write tickets, so it must go. They cuffed him and treated him like a criminal. The charge they put on him was a “violation of the sign ordinance.” That pretty well proves it was a “retaliation arrest.”

TWISTING REALITY: Vladmir Putin,(former KVD boss), Russian president, says, “Gays are welcome, but they should leave children alone.” Which promotes a false analogy that gays ALL favor sex with little boys. Only a certain segment of gays like little boys. Another segment likes little girls. But ALL gays do NOT like to have sex with children. I really get tired of politicians (here and abroad) twisting the facts to suit their fancies,

DOES THIS GUY EVER WEAR CLOTHES? I’ve seen Richard Simmons in many places, on many shows, and he’s always wearing tiny shorts and a tank top, Does he EVER wear clothes? I think I saw him wearing a suit ONCE. And I’m not sure about THAT. The guy LOOKED like Simmons, but he’s hard to recognize wearing clothes.

GIVING INFO TO FELONS: Would you be willing to give your personal information, information that can enable somebody to BECOME you in opening money accounts and getting loans in your name, therefore ruining your credit record and causing you all kinds of trouble? Then don’t go on Obama’s Obamacare web site and try to “sign up” for his overpriced, overblown health insurance. In just New Mexico alone, one in seven of his “facilitators” are on the cops’ NCIC criminal register. How many from other states are likewise?

CYBER INCOMPETENCE: The Obama administration has proven itself to be incompetent in many ways, so I suppose it’s not surprising to find out they’re cyber incompetent.” Their web site, among other shortcomings, has no way for them to track how many people have actually “signed up” for their health care insurance swindle. Amazon, who runs a similar web site, can tell you the color of the shoelaces each customer is wearing and when was the last time they went to the potty. They can even predict buying patterns so they can have your next purchase on your doorstep almost instantly. So why can’t Obama do that?

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Democats Vilifying Viable Candidates

Does anybody wonder why the “traffic controversy” in Chris Christie’s state created such a hooraw? While at the same time the media IGNORES the murder of four people at Benghazi and the NSA spying on all of us? Why did they work so hard to demonize Sarah Palin? Ted Cruz? They get rid of viable opposition candidates as early as they can by demonizing them. Be an opposition candidate who has ANY chance of winning and you can count on the Democrat-controlled media to “bad-mouth” you incessantly.

IS HILLARY A GOOD CANDIDATE? Not a chance! If you live in the real world. But most of her followers don’t. They ignore her shortcomings and crimes or gloss them over. Letting four embassy personnel be murdered while DENYING them better security, KNOWING they were under serious threat doesn’t seem to count. And when she shows a complete INDIFFERENCE to their deaths with her scream, “What difference does it make?” that shows me she has NO  BUSINESS even being CONSIDERED to be president just because she was married to one.

SCREW YOU, CUOMO! “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a radio interview that if ‘extreme conservatives’ are ‘right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay,’ then ‘they have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.’ ” Oh, is he saying that New Yorkers are baby-killers, against self-defense, and gay”  He is a typical arrogant liberal politician and has no place in ANY elected office anywhere BUT New York, where they’re all fools to elect such people to office.

“OFFENDING” GAYS A CRIME? Being caught being gay used to be a crime all over the country. I’m not saying that was right, but that’s the way it was. Gay activists today have become so powerful that people can get in trouble just for saying bad things about gay people. That’s not right, either. “The Bachelor” star Juan Pablo Galavis made a simple comment about gay men not being good examples for children, and he’s right. But that caused an uproar of outrage from gay activists, and that’s how they gained so much power: complaining about ANY slight, real or imagined.

DIVERTING OUR ATTENTION: We’re more interested in a dancing dog or the SAG Awards than we are in what our own government is doing to us and that's fine with Obama and his thugs. Why is Obama able to do the things he does? Why is he able to “rule” by fiat instead of law, they way our “Founders” laid it out in the Constitution? Because most Americans aren’t paying attention to what he does. And proudly so. They BRAG about “not paying attention to politics,” and our politicians count on that.

DEFROCKS 400 PRIESTS: The last Pope defrocked 400 priests for molesting young boys who thought they were being recruited to “serve the church.” But they weren’t. They were being recruited to “service” the priest. There’s something very wrong in a religious order that has THIS MANY sexual deviates among its “respected” spokesmen. Maybe it’s time to get rid of that “no marriage” restriction. There’s SOMETHING there that PRODUCES so many perverts in one organization.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

You Can Depend On It

Obama went on television today and said he was going to “cut back” on NSA spying. So you can depend on the fact that it will continue. Any time you hear Obama speak it’s probably a lie—unless it involves something new (we don't like) he’s going to do to us. So as a rule, you can depend on whatever he says to BE a lie. That’s the only way you can get a kernel of truth out of anything he says.

“EAT BEFORE YOU COME”: They’re throwing a big “gala” birthday party for Michelle Obama turning 50, and telling people to “eat before you come.” This is because it’s a private affair and they can’t use taxpayer money to fund it. Obama is a spendthrift with taxpayer money, but he is TIGHT with money when it’s HIS money he’s spending. So now he insults those who come to his patty by telling them to eat before they come. I’d snub his party. But then, I’d snub him ANY time he “invited” me to do anything.

“CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT: The family of one man who was put to death for murder in one state is suing the state because they figure he suffered “cruel and unusual punishment” while they hunted for 20 minutes for a vein to use in injecting him with poison. Frankly, I go through that every time I go to the hospital. Furthermore, I’d bet he didn’t worry about “cruel and unusual punishment” for his victim or victims. Nothing is “cruel and unusual punishment” unless it EXCEEDS what he did to his victim or victims. I think a killer should be executed the same way he killed his victim or victims.

THEY’RE RACIST: The Southern Poverty Law Center calls many people racist, but they’re a racist organization themselves. They don’t want to debate with anybody on the issues, so they just call them racist and go the other way. They know if they attempt to debate, they’ll lose, as do all liberals when they try it.

FAVORITE INTERVIEWS: Karie Couric’s favorite people to interview are Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, N. Korea’s baby dictator, Kim Jong Un, and Mahmoud Ahmadinijad; 4 socialist dictators and mass murderers. I don’t know; maybe she just likes their company. I don’t know why she doesn’t include Bill Clinton on that list; maybe it’s because he’s not a dictator, although he tried hard enough to BECOME one. Maybe she got tired of fighting off his advances. BIll wouldn't let THAT get by if he could help it.

OBAMA UNITED US: He united us against himself. One of his favorite things is hiding bad laws in other laws that are important to pass. Attachments not “vetted” by anybody. He thinks that’s his own idea, but he’s wrong. It’s a con used by politicians since the very first politicians. But then, he’s not smart enough to know that. In fact, like most liberals today, he’s completely INCOMPETENT when it comes to anything except conning his way into office, by hook, crook, or lie.

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Basic Cause of Terrorism

John (Incompetent) Kerry says the basic cause of terrorism is poverty. He couldn’t be more wrong. He's ALWAYS wrong. Most of the terrorists involved in 9/11 were well-to-do. The “main man” in Islamic terrorism, bin Laden, was “super rich.” So there goes that. The base cause of terrorism, as we know it today, (Islamic terrorism) is religious intolerance. They make no bones about it. They want to KILL everybody who believes differently than THEY do. The fighting in Ireland was also about religious intolerance; and in Israel, itself, Palestinians (Islamic terrorists) want to kill ALL Jews.

“A NATION OF REGULATIONS”: Senator Mike Lee of Utah TRASHED Obama’s administration with one picture. It shows a tiny stack of papers about 3” tall to represent all the LAWS lawfully passed by the Congress and signed by the president last year beside what looks like 2-2/3 FOOT tall stacks of “regulations” promulgated by Zero (Obama) during the same year. What this shows is how LITTLE Zero thinks of Congress, and how highly he thinks of himself and his own “ability” to “make law WITHOUT Congress.” That’s ILLEGAL, but he doesn’t care. He thinks he’s king. My message to Zero is to “take your regulations and stick them in your tailpipe—sideways.”

ANOTHER ATTEMPT TO UNDERMINE OBAMACARE: That’s what Obama says all the criticism of Obamacare is—and he’s right. So what? Obamacare is an ABORTION. An ABOMINATION! We don’t have to “attempt” to get rid of it, it is doing that, itself! Just as we don’t have to criticize Obama to make him look foolish. He’s doing a good job of that, himself. It’s not an “attempt” to undermine him and Obamacare, it’s an attempt to get the TRUTH out. And that’s what he doesn’t want. He will go to any lengths to stop that.

MAKING NRA WISH THEY WERE NEVER BORN: That’s what Hollywood bigwig Harvey Weinstein says his proposed movie is going to do. But he won’t do it without lying, because there’s nothing about NRA that would do that, except to liberal anti-gun fools. They think the NRA is eeeeeeevvvill! Just by existing. And so does Harvey. This guy is a good movie-maker, but he is ignorant in so many ways otherwise, it makes me physically ill to think of him.

ISRAEL BANS WORD “NAZI”: Twice recently I have had  to take Israel to task, although I’m not a big Israel-basher (I fully support their right to exist, even if Islamic religion-bashers don't). They now want to ban the word “Nazi,” and tell Israelites never to say that word. What a FOOL notion. That would be like America making a law to ban the use of the word “British,” or “England,” just because we fought them in our revolutionary war. Then there’s their recent banning of dried fruit at the “Temple Mount” because some Muslims don’t like it. For my thinking, they’re doing WAY too many things against their own good, to please Muslims, and need to get some more backbone.

This woman wrote a scathing editorial that supposedly “took apart” Marcus Luttrelle’s account of the battle with Islamic extremists that resulted in the deaths of everybody in his team but himself. Glenn Beck was so incensed that he offered to pay her way to come and read that article to Lutterell’s face. I predict that she will not accept Glenn’s offer because she hasn’t the guts. People like that depend on hiding behind their editor’s desk.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dream On, General

An Iranian general says we try to negotiate because we can’t beat Iran militarily. What planet is this fool from? Where in the universe has he been living? He certainly isn’t living in the real world if he thinks the United States can’t beat Iran militarily. If we wished, we could “drop them” in a week, just like we did another fool dictator in Iraq. What FOOLS they have in Iran’s military! One of these days they’ll go too far and will find out the truth that they aren’t a “pimple on the ass” of America’s military power. But not as long as “Zero” is president.

DNC CHAIR DOUBLE TALK: People are surprised that DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz engages in “double-talk.” Why would that be? She engages in it every day. Didn’t they notice? This bi…uh, witch, like Zero (Obama), doesn’t know how to tell the truth, so she tells each group what they want to hear, just as Zero does. And people who accept what she says as “Gospel,’ are surprised when she says something that’s easily proven to be “double-talk.”

TYPICAL LIBERAL “REASONING”: Obama, AND his ignorant accomplices want us to believe some amazingly stupid things! Like telling us that extending unemployment benefits GROWS the economy. Talk about circular reasoning! If that’s true, why don’t we ALL stop looking for work and collect unemployment? Would that make the economy better? I am nonplussed at some of the ignorant things liberals believe, and want us to believe. Like the idea we can “spend ourselves to economic success.” What incompetent FOOLS they be!

PROMOTING DEATH: As a “student of the human condition, I shouldn’t be surprised when people LEGALIZE the MURDER of innocent, unborn infants rather than use a rubber when having sex. I have nothing against abortion as a means to save the mother’s life, but to use MURDER as a substitute for use of a condom when having sex is CRIMINAL. Whatever they think. And people who practice it should be in PRISON.

“BATTLING THE BIBLE”: Atheists have announced a campaign to “battle the Bible” in prisons all over the United States—why? Atheism is, by definition, NOT believing in God or Jesus. But why do they want to stop others from doing so? I guess because atheism is, itself, a religion, and they don’t want competition. It’s the same mindset that drives Muslims to KILL “unbelievers,” people who don’t believe exactly the same way THEY do. Both groups are FOOLS and should be “put down.”

“I’VE GOT A PEN AND CAN USE IT”: “We are not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we’re providing Americans the kind of help that they need.” What? Who the hell does this arrogant FOOL think he is? God? King? Dictator? According to law, he needs a little bit more than just a PEN to make laws. He needs the Congress, whether he likes it or not. When he “makes law” by fiat, he is violating the Constitution, the basis for ALL laws and should be impeached; immediately, before he creates a precedent that can’t be reversed.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hooded Terrorist Says, "No Internet"

A Syrian terrorist, cum rebel has told people in Syria not to use the Internet on pain of “7th century Sharia punishment.” Of course, this ADMITS that they are very 7th century. Notice the man delivering the message is completely masked, afraid to show his face. Not even his eyes (Must be hard to see that way). Not much of a threat there if he is afraid to even show his face. If they really think they can stop millions of people from using the Internet, good luck on that.

CALL HIM “ZERO”: The Seal Tram commander whose team rescued Capt. Phillips after Somali pirates “took over” his ship says Obama’s “rules of engagement” made it almost impossible to effect a rescue, though without them one would have been easy. Only after he decided he could decide what was "danger to the captain” were they able to resolve the situation in seconds by killing the pirates holding him. He called Obama “Zero” in his report and I think that’s a good appellation for Obama, as he IS a “zero.”

“BLOOD IN THE WATER”: Democrats are sensing a weakness on the part of Gov. Christie, a prominent future presidential candidate, after the kerfluffle over the traffic jam created by some of Gov. Christie’s staff. It’s an opportunity to weaken him as a candidate, whatever the outcome. Now they’ve “instituted an investigation” into “mismanagement” of Hurricane Sandy funds Gov. Christie’s state received from he feds (Nothing on the same for the New York Governor Cuomo even when many NY homes are not repaired). Nothing still on “Zero’s” (Obama’s) scandals, which are much larger and much older. And there won’t be, so long as Obama (“Zero”) is in charge.

WHY ARE WE "FIGHTING ISLAM?" We aren’t. We ARE fighting the SPREAD of Islam over the world, just like we USED to be fighting the spread of communism over the world. Russia put a serious crimp in that effort when communism “failed” in Russia. That convinced many gullible people that “communism was dead,” which it is NOT. But that aside, we cannot allow the continued spread of Islam over the world. They are admittedly, and proudly so, wishing to rule the entire world with their political system PRETENDING to be a religion and have made many inroads, even in America.

WE CAN ONLY TRUST THE COPS: Rabid anti-gun fools tell us we can only trust cops to responsibly carry guns without “shooting up the landscape.” We’re too irresponsible to be allowed to carry guns for self-defense. We’ll shoot people on the slightest provocation and cops won’t. They will ignore the recent case where a cop (an ex-CAPTAIN, no less) shot a movie-goer in a theater because he refused to stop texting. But that doesn’t count, huh? And there are many other examples of cops shooting people on the slightest provocation, but they ignore those, too. And they also beat them to death and get away with it.

SO HILLARY HAS AN “ENEMIES LIST”: So what? Everybody has an “enemies list.” I have an “enemies list,” though I haven’t written it down; I know who my enemies are. And I respond to their activities as I would to ANY enemy. What’s the big deal? It’s like people didn’t realize people like Hillary HAD a list of their enemies, either written down, or just in her mind. There are a lot of naive people out there and this controversy proves it. People like HIllary have to have an "enemies list" because they have so many.And if she ever noticed my work, I'd be on her "enemies list,," and proud of it. I'm sure her list includes everybody who tells the truth about her activities.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sharon Dies

Israel is mourning the death of “The Bulldozer.” The man who was both a hero and a villain to Israelis. His body stopped functioning recently, but in reality, he died 8 years ago when he had a major stroke that left him in a coma, from which he never came back. It’s too bad, but he WAS 85. He was 77 when he had that stroke and, to all intents and purposes he died then, but his body was kept alive until his systems shut down. I wonder how much money Israel spent for that.

FORGET CAPITALISM, EMBRACE SOCIALISM: A recent survey of young people shows that they think we should stop embracing capitalism and instead embrace socialism. That shows their complete IGNORANCE of what is good for them. They want a system based on THEFT from the PRODUCERS of new wealth to give to the NON-PRODUCERS. People who can’t or WON’T earn for themselves. That they haven’t been ALIVE long enough to know what’s right goes without saying. Otherwise, they wouldn’t buy into that socialist crap.

RODMAN WAS DRUNK: Remember has-been former basketball player/self-appointed ambassador to N. Korea Dennis Rodman? The fool who has “cozied up” to bloody dictator Kim Jong Un? The guy who “went off” on a reporter because he didn’t like the questions? Well, it turns out he was drunk (by his own admission) when he did it. I think something’s wrong in the brain of this fool to ignore the ATROCITIES Kim has committed and is STILL committing. We need to take his passport away while he is in N. Korea so he has to stay there and live under the system he so loves.

CRIMINALIZING SKINNY MODELS: Have you seen some of the models out there today? It’s a shame they must starve themselves to be able to get work. And now they want make laws against it. I agree it’s not a good thing, but is it really something lawmakers need to be wasting time on with all the other IMPORTANT things out there to take up their time? Why are they wasting their time on this “piffle” issue? To keep our minds off Obama’s crimes, I suppose.

GATES: “OBAMA DOESN’T OWN WAR”: He says the atmosphere in Washington for him was “poisonous” under the Obama regime and Obama ("Zero") didn’t want to “own” the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes, he “inherited” the wars, but since they were there, he should have at least TRIED to win them, instead of “cutting and running” after announcing a “date certain” for running out so the terrorists could just “lay low” until then, and then resume their killing ways.

NO NEGOTIATING ON IRAN: Obama seems determined to “negotiate” a peaceful settlement of the enmity between Iran and Israel. But it will never happen. Iran hates Israel with a passion and will keep trying to become a nuclear power so it can DO AWAY with Israel. It has said so in the past and has never reversed itself. Negotiations are simply a way to “fend off” those people who want to stop them. It is USELESS to negotiate with them.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Obama Admits It

Only Fox News and Rush Limbaugh (and people like them) stop him from having TOTAL press obedience. These people tell the truth, and so their work can’t be tolerated by him and his thugs. They must be stopped! And he spends a good part of every day trying to think of effective means of shutting these people up so they can’t tell the world about his excesses and his crimes. If he ever succeeds, we’re DOOMED.

ISLAM FASTEST GROWING: It’s the “fastest-growing religion” in the world. The reason for that is NOT because people think it’s a great religion—it’s not. It’s a political system PRETENDING to be a religion for the benefits they can realize by BEING a religion. It’s because when they take over an area, you’d BETTER convert, or they’ll KILL you. And once you convert, you’d better not try to leave Islam for another religion—or NO religion. They’ll KILL you for that, too. There are many things they’ll kill you for, including being raped.

IT’S AN ADMITTED CON: Obama says they NEED “young, healthy people’s money” to make his health care swindle work. That means he must force people into the plan who do not NEED it so he can steal their money, to make it work. That’s a collective (socialist) idea if I ever saw one. And he thinks we won’t realize it until it’s too late. And it may be too late already, since the fools who voted it in never even read it. The proof is Nancy Peelosi’s stupid crack that we needed to “pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” But nobody picked up on it.

NEW MAYOR GETS FLACK: The new New York City mayor is getting a lot of flack for eating his pizza with a knife and fork. So what? That’s his business. I eat pizza with a knife and fork, too, and I don’t allow people to tell me any different Of course, I have a good reason for that. My teeth long ago left me. I don’t think that’s true with New York’s new mayor. Whether or not he has any teeth left, he can afford to get falsies. I can’t. I’m not a politician. I don’t have access to “other people’s money.”

CNN TO GOP: “DROP DEAD”: That’s a pretty fool thing to say, but leave it to a liberal to say it. He’s trying to convince the world that Fox is a “Republican mouthpiece,” when CNN IS the DEMOCRAT mouthpiece. And it’s costing them viewers. People are getting tired of hearing the same old liberal crap on CNN and are turning to Fox, which tells BOTH SIDES of the story, even if it hurts Republicans. But then, that’s the sort of “cheap shot” you can expect from liberals. Is CNN still in business? I hadn’t noticed.

MUSTANG IS BACK: They’ve sold 9 million of them over the years, so it wasn’t a good idea to “retire” them. So they brought it back. They have introduced the new version and it’s disappointing. Yes, it’s fast. And it has many good features. But it looks like every other car out there. It used to be instantly recognizable but today, with aerodynamics being important, you have to look as the nameplate (just like with all other cars) to see what it is.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

"Voluntary" Conversions

Many people in the "Islamic World" have converted "willingly" to Islam after Islam took over their countries. Willingly," at least, on the surface, but under the threat DEATH if they did not convert. But what they don't consider is that you can force somebody to SAY they've "converted" to avoid being beheaded and their families killed, you haven't changed ANYTHING in their minds. They are STILL Christians in secret. They just "go through the motions" of being Muslim.

SYSTEMATICALLY LYING TO US: The government in this country SYSTEMATICALLY lies to us. And it’s not a Democrat/Republican thing. Both sides do it; that’s why it’s “systematic.” Like the “baseline budgeting” scam. That’s where they AUTOMATICALLY raise the amount of money given to each department by 10% every year. Then if the “other side” lowers that to, say, 7%, they scream CUTS! When it isn’t a “cut,” it’s simply a reduction in INCREASE.

IT’S ALWAYS AN “ASSAULT WEAPON!” Even when it isn’t. And when they say it, the press swears to it. And those who “pay no attention to politics” and still vote, swallow it up like a dog eating a morsel of food thrown to him. “Assault weapons” are RARELY used in crime. They’re too bulky to carry around. Criminals prefer smaller, more easily concealed guns that incompetent liberals ignore in making their useless anti-gun laws.

LIBERALS DON’T HAVE THE INTELLIGENCE: They don’t have the intelligence for ANYTHING, but I’m specifically talking here about the “solution to gun violence.” They think the answer is to make owning and carrying a gun, the means to self-defense, illegal while criminals couldn’t care less. They always get their guns, especially where gun laws are the tightest. Illegal gun sellers seek these areas out because they know they can sell more guns to more criminals. Liberals are told over and over again the REAL means to an end to gun violence but they’re “tone deaf” to reason. They even think reason and logic do not even exist.

KILL THEM WHERE THEY STAND: Don’t “capture and imprison” Muslim terrorists when you catch them in the act. KILL them; then and there. Then they can’t be used to create more violence to get them released. A good example is the “blind Sheik,” who masterminded the first World Trade Center bombing and was instrumental in the second one (with the help of his lawyer). They’re STILL trying to get him released and have killed many people in that effort. Eliminate that by just shooting terrorists where they stand.

FIND A “REASON FOR LIVING”: Liberals say Republicans need to accept more of THEIR positions to “give them a reason for living.” They really think Republicans and other conservatives don’t have a reason for living unless they adopt liberal ideas. How cocky that is! And how STUPID. It's like advising Republicans to stop opposing them so they can get elected more often. As if DEMOCRATS were interested in getting REPUBLICANS elected! What the Republicans need is to get a backbone and properly OPPOSE liberal ideas everywhere. That is their “reason for living,” to oppose the incompetent ideas liberals push.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Cold Weather From Hot Earth

A “government spokesman” came out with one of the stupidest cracks I’ve ever heard besides Nancy’s “We gotta pass the bill to find out what’s in it” crack. She insists the extreme cold weather we’ve been suffering is because of a “warmer Earth.” In other words, the cold is caused by global warming. Some people just won’t give up their delusions, I guess. What a bunch of FOOLS we have in DC!

BLAME BUSH FOR EVERYTHING! Harry Reid is now saying that the resurgence of the Islamic terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan is George BUSH’S fault. I don't know what delusion he bases THAT on. Typical fool idea when we KNOW the cause is Obama “pulling out” before the terrorists were FULLY beaten. They just "laid low" until we left after we ANNOUNCED we were going to leave and gave a "date certain." What damned FOOLS we have in DC, and Harry is one of the worst!

STUPIDITY INGRAINED: That aptly describes Washington, DC, where they think you can spend yourself to economic success and that “corporations are NOT people (What else ARE they, but a COLLECTION of people?). That “cutting and running” from Iraq without completely beating the terrorists is “winning the war.” That people will continue to believe your lies after they have been proven to be lies many times. That DOUBLING the cost of your health care while giving you less in return is “Affordable Health Care.” It really amazes me the utter stupidities they expect us to believe. Or it would if I hadn’t been around long enough to have heard them over and over while life proves otherwise and they ignore it..

"MOST AGREE WITH ME": Obama says a majority of Americans agree with his anti-gun policies. If they did, why are they lining up around the block in many places to get “carry permits?” That doesn’t sound much like they agree with him, does it? Actually, that’s a typical Obama LIE, told I an effort to convince Americans of something that is just NOT TRUE. Something Obama does every day. How do you know when Obama is lying? His mouth is moving and sounds are coming out.

UNEMPLOYMENT FALLS: It has fallen to the lowest rate EVER during Obama’s “reign,” but it’s much HIGHER than at any time during Bush’s administration when they were whining about unemployment being “so high.” And why is it dropping? Certainly not because people are finding jobs. It’s dropping because so many are just “giving up” and LEAVING the work force, causing  the numbers to be based on a smaller labor force, thus being a smaller percentage of the whole.. That’s something Obama will NEVER tell you.

Benjamin Wardid, a Vietnam vet, entered a restaurant with his clearly identified “Service dog,” who was with him because he suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and was refused service because of the dog. The restaurant, the Hong Mei Hibachi Grill and Buffett in Mooresville, N.C, refused to recognize that the dog was a “service dog” and refused Wardid service. If I were him, I would take my business elsewhere, and picket this restaurant until they agreed to recognize service dogs. And I would tell all my friends to stay away, too.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Income Inequality

Liberals (and Obama) talk a lot about :”income inequality” these days, so you will forget about their efforts to make :income inequality” worse. Worse, that’s just another way to promote their socialist flights of fancy involving STEALING from those who earn AND giving TO THOSE WHO don’t, which is PURE socialism. There are many forms of collectivism, and socialism is just one; communism is another. Don’t fall for their propaganda.

“PUTTING ISRAEL IN HER PLACE”: That’s what one Iran “official” says they need nuclear weapons for. Since when does ISRAEL need to be “put in her place?” Frankly, I think IRAN needs to be put in IT’S place. There is NO REASON why Israel should be destroyed for the benefit if these Muslim terrorists. They CLAIM offenses, but those ”offenses” are in RETALIATION for the Muslim ATROCITIES they committed against Israel.

I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND IT! Why many people still look at Hillary Clinton as a viable presidential candidate. Even if she IS elected, in spite of all her mistakes that resulted in many people dying, she will continue Obama’s policies and it will be like Obama never left. And we don’t want that. There are many good Republican candidates, and liberals have told us who they are by trying their best to demonize them Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, Allen West, are just three of a number of possibles. Do people really WANT to destroy this nation as a world leader?

WE CAN’T AFFORD IT! If Hillary (or anybody like her) manages to get elected to succeed Obama, we can look forward to his policies being continued. You know: the policies that have made the workforce a “part-time workforce” to avoid his policies? That have created MILLIONS in unemployed, while top liberals say that’s a “good thing?” And expect us to BELIEVE it? How INCOMPETENT are these politicians? Liberal policies have caused the BANKRUPTCY of many large cities and will continue to do so as long as we (not me) keep electing them.

SYPHILLIS AND GONORRHEA MAKING A COMEBACK: “Why? I thought we had conquered them!” That’s the reason. People think they aren’t much of a threat any more so they don’t guard against them. Not only that, gay men are afraid to be tested for fear of homophobia. So they’re getting it more and more. The same thing will happen with HIV when they come up with a cure.

THE WAR ON POVERTY: If you look at the numbers, we have LOST the “war on poverty.” There are as many people as a percentage of the whole in poverty now as there were when it started. But the liberals don’t want you to know that. No more than they want you to know that the “war on drugs” is just as much of a failure for the same reason: more people today are abusing drugs than when it started. But they don’t want you to look at that. They want you to only look at their INTENTIONS. They say, “At least we tried!” But “try” doesn’t win the horse race and they’re LOSING. But while losing, they’re profiting.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Shaking Down Big Business

Obama just shook down J. P. Morgan for $2.5 billion dollars. Morgan can’t afford to be “broken up,” so they’ll do anything, pay any “fine” (swindle) to avoid it, and that’s the threat Obama used on them, intimating complicity with Bernie Madoff’s pyramid scheme. Nobody ever asks what he does with money so extorted. Maybe he just sends it directly to the Muslim terrorists, I don’t know. He seems to be their biggest financial supporter.

QUEEN OF STUPID: That best describes filthy rich Nancy Peelosi, once majority leader of the House (who never misses an opportunity to bad mouth the rich). She’s most famous for her supremely stupid crack that we had to pass the Obamacare law to “find out what’s in it.” That this was really stupid is something completely lost on her. Now she compounds that stupidity by saying that unemployment benefits actually IMPROVE the economy, rather than being a DRAIN on it. This bi…uh, witch is an apt illustration of the INCOMPETENCE that abounds in DC. If she was the only stupid person in high office in DC I could handle it. But she is NOT, and that’s dangerous.

REINFORCING A LIE: Muslims constantly push the propaganda that they are a “peaceful religion” and if you don’t agree, they’ll KILL you. They lie and lie, and kill and kill. And they are neither a religion, nor are they “peaceful.” They’re a political system PRETENDING to be a religion for the benefits it gives them. And they’re ANYTHING but “peaceful.” They recruit by threatening death,and  keep their adherents with another death threat. They threaten death to anyone who tries to tell the truth about them. They’ll kill you for even drawing a picture of their “prophet.”

WORST PLACES TO BE A CHRISTIAN: The ten worst places to be a Christian seem all to be in Muslim-run territory. Muslims CLAIM to be a “peaceful religion” and scream the loudest every time somebody tells the truth about them, crying “religious tolerance.” But reality proves that Muslims are the MOST intolerant of other religions of ANYBODY. Their “Bible,” the Koran actually tells them it’s okay to KILL people who are not Muslim, with impunity.

IF IT’S COLD, IT’S “GLOBAL WARMING”: If it’s hot, it’s “global warming.” Anything that happens is “global warming.” And they changed the name of the swindle to “climate change,” which is “neutral enough” they can use it whether it’s cold OR hot to advance their swindle. I remember when those “infallible” pseudo-scientists were worried about “global COOLING.” They were predicting a “coming ice age.” And they think we should believe them implicitly.

CREATION VS. EVOLUTION: That’s one of the biggest, and longest lasting controversies out there. But what they don’t understand is that evolution COULD just be the way God caused us to advance. But trying to argue REASON to religious fanatics is futile. They have their BELIEFS and never let facts get in the way. I wonder about people like that. Seems like they just want to argue.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Socialism Is Robbery

It’s a social and economic system that is BASED completely on STEALING from somebody who has EARNED and GIVING that stolen to those who have NOT earned it. If I reached over and TOOK something that was YOUR PROPERTY you would get angry and probably call the cops if you didn’t just beat the hell out of me and take it back. But when the GOVERNMENT does it, you might even approve of it if you believe in socialism, especially when some of the loot comes YOUR way. That’s WRONG, all the time. No matter what you call it.

WHICH MEANS, NONE: “The National Security Administration won’t say whether or not they spy on members of Congress, only noting that the elected representatives enjoy the ‘same privacy protections as all U.S. persons.’ “ Which means, NONE. Apparently nobody in the United States has ANY “expectation of privacy” from the prying eyes of the NSA, and that INCLUDES Congress. If that isn’t evidence that we are becoming a police state, I don’t know what is.

WIENER’S AT IT AGAIN: Anthony Weiner, the politician who thinks pictures of his penis are worth more than his political career is at it again.  Sending pictures of it ruined his political career—twice—because he couldn’t seem to keep from sending pictures of it out, and now he has done it again. I guess he figures his penis is the best part of him, and I tend to agree. The rest of him isn't much. If he must do that, he should only do it to people who WANT to see it.

WHAT A LOAD! "Entrepreneurs don't do it for the money." That's what a spokesman for just about the biggest furniture store chain in Colorado said in a recent ad. He gave that as the reason they could undercut everybody else, and he's WRONG! Entrepreneurs do it ONLY for the money. What else IS there? Do they invest their money and all their time to make things easier for OTHERS? Not a chance. They have a good product THEY bought for less and sell a LOT of it. Therefore, they can sell it for less. Charity has no part in it. It’s business.

DENNIS RODMAN IS STUPID: As were the “Tories” who wanted to remain subjects of the English King. One day, Kim will tire of him and feed him to his dogs, like he did his uncle. What contributes to the stupidity of such people? Becoming rich too quickly without enough work. That gives them a twisted view of what’s right. And Rodman is an excellent illustration of that. He completely ignores Kim’s bloody hands as if it didn’t happen.

YOU CAN DEPEND ON OBAMA: To lie, when the truth would serve better.He lied about where he was born. He lied about his academic credentials. And now he uses the power of the presidency to maintain those lies. He lies about lying. He has spent millions (maybe billions) of OUR dollars to protect those lies while he tells many more lies. How do you tell when Obama is lying? His mouth is moving and sounds are coming out. I don’t think Obama knows HOW to tell the truth. We all thought Bill Clinton was a good liar, but Obama puts him to shame—and Hillary is a close second. Maybe one day somebody is going to “grow a pair” and call him on all his lies,. But I don’t think that’s going to come in my lifetime, which is going to be a lot shorter if Obama has anything to do with it—and he will.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Who Cares What NYT Thinks?

The New York Times now says Edward Snowden should be given clemency for revealing some of our most carefully-guarded secrets. Who cares? They’re on the way out, anyway, along with all the rest of the liberal newspapers (which pretty well describes ALL of them), NYT thinks it’s still “the last word” in anything. But it is no longer. We’re onto them. They went too far with that lying story about Benghazi.

SNOWDEN IS A WHISTLEBLOWER: He has revealed secrets that have been defined as “top secret” by the Obama administration to cover up Obama’s crimes. But since Obama makes the rules and defines what is, and is not “treason,” he now has to live in Russia under an already socialist state. I think, considering the above item, I should make this clear.

“TOP SECRET”: The power to describe information as “secret” is a power that is being abused by Obama and his criminal accomplices. Anything that can “bring him down” has been declared “secret” so we cannot even KNOW about his crimes. And he extends that ability to keep us from knowing ANYTHING about his past, including his birthplace. This man thinks he is a king in everything but name, and we dare not reveal anything against him.

FIDDLING WHILE ROME BURNS”: Updated. Obama “vacations while his signature law destroys America.” He couldn’t care less that Obamacare is destroying the very fabric of this country. It is accomplishing what he set out to do, helping him move us ever closer to socialism. He couldn’t be happier and I’ll bet part of his plan is a way to remain in office after Jan. 20, 2017. His Majesty King Barack I will never go away. He hopes to find a way to avoid DEATH as an end to his oppression.

LET’S BE CLEAR ABOUT THIS: Some people say I’m against gay marriage, and they’re right. I’m against the USE of the WORD “marriage to describe a contract gays make between them to give them the SAME protections as are enjoyed by married people. I am NOT against them making such a contract. I AM against usurping the WORD “marriage.” So let’s get this straight and quit twisting my words. I don’t give a tinker’s damn what they do in their bedrooms. Just don’t try to steal a good word to describe it.

INSURANCE BAILOUT NEXT? They’re gonna need it. Obama is screwing their business up like “Hogan’s goat.” And like in most cases where the government screws people’s business up, Obama commits billions of dollars of OUR money to help them because “they’re too big to fail.” That’s not true, but Obama uses it as an excuse to prop up the institutions he has ruined—for a while—with OUR money. Until it works to his favor to let them fail. He doesn’t care how much money he spends to cover his incompetence, it’s not HIS.

ABOLISH PRIVATE PROPERTY: Have you ever noticed that the people who want to abolish private property have a lot of it themselves? The owner of the “Rolling Stones” magazine (who stupidly put the Boston bomber on his cover) now says we should. I suggest we start with HIS. Send it to ME. What makes these FOOLS think they have the right to take property away from people who have EARNED it and give it to people who have not? As someone once said, “The trouble with socialism is you soon run out of other people’s money.”

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Unnecessary "Studies"

A recent “study” is about how many people will call this year “twenty-fourteen” or “two thousand fourteen.” Who cares? Why do people spend money on these stupid “studies?” Like that famous one on the “sex life of the Tse-Tse Fly.” It amazes me what some people find “important,” and how much money they can con out of the government to support such “flights of fancy.” But the feds have so much of our money they’ve got to spend it on SOMETHING, I guess.

“IT’S LIKE USING THE ‘N’ WORD”: The liberals are now saying using the word “Obamacare” is tantamount to using the ‘n’ word.” REALLY! What kind of a stupid idea is that? I guess if you can say what words mean, you can say ANYTHING, can’t you? REALITY is, Obamacare is an apt description of this train wreck, no matter what color Obama is. It’s Obama’s baby. I, for one, don’t care if he’s PURPLE! His POLICIES are an abomination! That is true, whether or not they call me a racist for having the temerity to have CRITICIZED their “Messiah.” I’d better shut up now, before I say something REALLY bad.

AGAIN, THE UNNECESSARY “STUDIES”: I decried the other day an unnecessary study that purported to tell you what a man’s (or woman’s) political position was by what they DRANK. It showed that Democrats liked colorless, or “white” drinks while Republicans liked their “dark drinks,” intimating, of course, racism (from the racist Democrat Party). Now comes another “study” claiming the same thing. Boy, these fools really work HARD to disseminate their lies, don’t they?

NOW I DAMNED SURE CAN’T AFFORD IT! What part of “can’t afford health care insurance” does Obama not understand? Does he really think passing a LAW requiring me to buy it will change that? Especially when the law he passed has had the effect of DOUBLING the original unaffordable cost of health care insurance. I understand that he’s promoting a “single-payer” system so he can CONTROL more and more of our lives and “micromanage” them. I’m just glad I won’t be around for most of it, but I feel sorry for my descendants, who will.

BUYING A PIG IN A POKE: That’s the hallmark of Obamacare; Obama’s health care swindle law. The law was PASSED by a Congress who didn’t read it, and thus knew not what was IN it. Promoted by Nancy Peelosi, who said, “We must pass it to find out what’s in it.” Now people are expected to “sign up” for it without knowing what they’re paying for. And when they find out, if they don’t like it, they can’t “opt out.” This is one of the biggest swindles (outside of AlGore’s global warming swindle) there has ever been in this country, perpetrated by a the kind of con man never-before seen, Obama.

PUT ‘EM OUT OF BUSINESS: Obama is destroying private business, one business at a time. He does this by targeting SOMETHING essential to that business, then makes onerous “regulations” based on NO law, that costs them a lot of money to comply with. If they can’t afford to comply, he fines them, costing them even MORE money. He keeps this up, until that business goes “down the tubes,” taking with it all their employees. He’s doing that now with the vending machine industry, insisting they post calorie counts, most of which are ALREADY required on he labels of the products sold.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

"Most Admired"

By liberals only. Just to show you how ignorant most Americans are, Gallup shows the “most admired people” in America to be Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. I guess these fools could gun someone down on national television and their dedicated fools who pay no attention to politics would still admire them. I guess it just isn’t important to them that these two cooperated to get four of our embassy people MURDERED IN Benghazi by taking away their security and refusing to send help (that was available and could have gotten there in time) when they were attacked. I guess killing people doesn’t count.

“CELEBRATING” 1/15TH OF GOAL: The Obama thugs are “celebrating ONE MILLON “sign-ups” to Obamacare, something people are REQUIRED, by law to sign up for. That’s roughly ONE-FIFTH of what they SAID it would be. And they’re “celebrating?” What are they celebrating? Almost total failure? And the figures are fudged to get that many. Obama will never admit it, but that unconstitutional law will NEVER succeed in doing what he SAID it would do. But it WILL succeed in doing what HE planned for it to do, and that is so screw up our economy he can move us into socialism while blaming the free market for the failure.

ON FUTILE GESTURES: Israel is releasing eight Palestinian Islamic terrorists who were convicted of bloody murder in hopes of restarting “talks” between themselves and the Palestinians. How many times do these people need to go through this kind of charade before they figure out it’s just a con on the part of the Palestinians to “buy time” to kill more Israelis? Damn, I hate gullible politicians who get people killed because they’re STUPID.

RACISM PERSONIFIED: They published a picture of former presidential candidate Romney and his family, which included one black adopted child—and liberals everywhere whined in anguish. They CALL conservatives racists, but THEY are the REAL racists. Only a racist would object to a picture of a good man who adopted a black child. So now liberals can get off our backs; but they won’t. They’re “brain dead” when it comes to logic.

CALL THE COMEDY POLICE: A shipful of “global warming” “scientists,” who went to Antarctica to “study the effects of global WARMING on Antarctica by going to a place where there WASN’T any ice at the first of the 20th Century got…wait for it…stuck in the ice and now need rescuing. They may have been rescued by the time this appears, but this makes for a lot of late-night comedy jokes. And you can bet the comedians will grab them. (giggle, giggle!)

I hate to make light of the death of a man, but I must in this case. Remember the guy who shot and killed the head of Colorado’s prisons? I guess he can blame his death on himself, since it was his prison system that paroled his killer FOUR YEARS EARLY. So I can’t really feel too sorry for him. It’s a case of his “chickens coming home to roost.” Most bureaucrats don’t suffer from their mistakes. The only people who usually do are US. I’m just sorry that pizza delivery guy had to die because of that mistake.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Lawmakers Take Notice

In Colorado we “take no prisoners.” When you make us mad enough, we GET RID of you. That was something recently learned by THREE Colorado legislatures who helped pass too many restrictive anti-gun laws in 2013. All three are gone; two by a recall election, and another quit while we were whomping up anther recall election. The governor is up for re-election, and will not find it so easy as last time to get re-elected. The lesson? Don’t mess with our gun rights!

STUPID PEOPLE: In Norway, a bunch of people put on their bathing suits and jump into icy waters every New Year. I haven’t heard about any of them getting pneumonia and dying from that, but would they publish such numbers if they happened? I think not. Stupid people don’t advertise their stupidity (mostly), Nancy Peelosi aside. But the abject STUPIDITY of such people reinforces I my mind that, until we create some system to eliminate stupid people from voting, we will continue to get such FOOLS in office as Obama and Hillary, and many others I could name.

IT’S INCOMPETENCE, STUPID! People just can’t understand why things like that big train derailment that recently occurred happened. But people who pay attention to politics ALL the time, not just before an election know why. It’s because of the widespread INCOMPETENCE in government. It’s the “Peter Principle” at work (“In a hierarchy, each person rises to his own level of incompetence”). Then the corollary to that compounds it (“After the Peter Principle is at work long enough, incompetence becomes a requirement for employment.”) Now incompetent local politicians are hollering for better regulations from federal incompetent politicians who don’t know what better regulations ARE.

KERRY GETTING LOTS OF “FREQUENT FLYER” MILES: They say that’s part of the job. But that doesn’t mean he can’t collect frequent flyer miles personally. And John Kerry has collected more than Hillary even HOPED to collect, in the short time since he replaced her as the incompetent Secretary of State less than a year ago. Of course, being “filthy rich” himself, he doesn’t need them, but he’ll take them. That’s how people like him STAY rich.

A GATHERING OF LIBERAL FOOLS: Bill De Blasio, the new New York City mayor, was sworn in by disgraced ex-president Bill Clinton and, in addition to his family, was flanked by Hillary Clinton (the butcher of Benghazi), Gov. Andrew Cuomo, former mayor Bloomberg, and many other liberals. “De Blasio thanked his family, supporters and the city for ‘taking on the elite’ and pushing for change.” But he IS “the elite.” What a bunch of FOOLS!

FOOLS THEY BE: Liberals at MSNBC criticize Romney for having ONE black adopted grandchild, but a look at the family of the new New York City (liberal) mayor’s family reveals not ONE adopted black child, but an entire black FAMILY and, I believe, the first huge “fro” I’ve seen in years. Nothing wrong with that, except it makes them the hypocrites they are to criticize Romney for what THEY do. Of course, they’ll call me a racist for calling this to your attention, but I couldn’t care less what liberals call me. It just isn’t important.

TEA PARTY SUPPORTS MINIMUM WAGE? Supporters of the $15 minimum wage CLAIM that the Tea Parties DO support their cause, but that’s a typical liberal LIE. Ask any Tea Party member and they’ll tell you they never have, and never WILL support a $15 minimum wage. Of course, that’s how liberal activists win their contests: LIE, lie, and lie again. And when somebody calls them on their lies, criticize them for calling them on their lies and call them vile names.

LIGHT OR DARK BOOZE? Apparently liberals like clear (white) liquids better than brown liquids, and vice-versa, according to one “researcher.” But that “study” doesn’t mention what side of the political spectrum a person falls on if he doesn’t DRINK liquor at all. Like me. I have nothing against drinking liquor, except I can’t see why people do it. There’s ONE reason for drinking booze: to get drunk. More drunk or less drunk is up to the individual drinker, and, since I don’t like to BE drunk, I don’t drink. What other people do is their business. I’m a “right-winger.” What I don’t like, I don’t DO. I don’t try and stop others doing it as liberals do.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pork Bombs

We need to come up with a “pork bomb” to use on Islamic terrorists. If they hate anything “pork,” that’s a weakness and should be exploited. Maybe by slipping bacon into their food supply or using catapults to throw bacon at them during firefights. Then while they’re running, shoot them down with bacon bullets. When questioning them, rub them all over with bacon grease. That ought to get rid of them. They won’t go anywhere near a place where there is gong to be a lot of bacon. Might work. Like shooting bug juice at roaches.

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS: They are an exercise in futility. I have none. They are the reason gyms and other places to “make your body better” do a land office business in January, only to have most of the contracts bought (and paid for) lie empty the rest of the year, the establishments never seeing the people who signed up (and paid for them) again. Nobody EVER keeps New Year’s resolutions, so why bother to make them at all? The only reason I can see is that “everybody’s doing it,” which is not a good reason to do ANYTHING.

DAMN, HOW STUPID? Democrats call Obamacare a “small, modest bill.” All 17,000 pages of it. If THAT’S a “small, modest bill,” I’d hate to see a big, complicated one! What FOOLS these Democrats be! They really expect us to believe this drivel that comes out of their pie holes! Too bad these stupid people are too stupid to realize they ARE stupid. And they think they’re the smartest people in the room.

HILLARY WANTS TO RUN: What on Earth do they think will forever stop a candidate from EVER considering running for office? Murder, mayhem, condoning and facilitating murder and mayhem? Showing INDIFFERENCE to the murder and mayhem you promote? Damn, what a stupid woman this is! She actually thinks the has a CHANCE! And more’s the pity with more than 50% of this nation on some kind of “dole,” she may be right.

THE END OF AMERICAN OWNERSHIP: There used to be three major automakers in the United States. Now there are only two. French automaker Fiat has now purchased the last remaining stock in Chrysler, the smallest of the “Big Three.” So if you want to buy what LOOKS like an “American made car,” don’t buy a Chrysler. It's "wholly owned" by Fiat, which is owned by the French government. Of course, when you buy a Chevy or a Ford, you’re getting about half their parts made in other countries, so what’s the difference?

LYNN STEWART RELEASED: The attorney who passed messages from the “Blind Sheikh” to his killers in the field, and thus caused the murder of many people and mayhem all over the globe is due to be released for “humanitarian reasons” nobody will detail. No comments from the victims of the terrorist killings created by her passing on his messages; they’re dead. Rich Moran of the "American Thinker" says the Obama administration "should be ashamed." I agree. But will anything about this ever appear in the liberal media big enough to be noticed? Probably not. Oh, well: at least her career is in ashes.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bloomberg's Outrageous Claims

He says, since crime rate went down while he was mayor, he should be credited with saving 92,000 lives. Poppycock! Numbers can be made to say anything you want them to say if you're willing to phony them up, but there are not any numbers available as to how many people DIED because of the stupid anti-gun laws in New York. They don’t keep those numbers so they don’t have to report them. It amazes me how politicians like him can “cherry-pick numbers” to prove something that didn’t happen at all. And they BELIEVE their numbers!

POST OFFICE GLOATS: They’re happy that UPS and FedEx have had trouble keeping their “on-time delivery” promise because they haven’t had any such problems. But since nobody expects the Post Office to keep its promises (being a government agency) anyway. Which is probably why they didn’t have any such problems. They think that shows that they can do a better job than UPS/FedEx. They’re wrong. They are the “buggy-whip makers” of today. Their business is drying up because it is now outmoded and, instead of streamlining it, they raise the price. How stupid is THAT?

I’M NOT SURPRISED: Florida is set to overtake New York in terms of population. New York has very high taxes (no matter how much they advertise  for new business by forgiving taxes for a while), snow and ice in the winter and extremely hot weather in the summer, plus extremely high rents and other costs of living; while Florida has “balmy” weather year-round, much lower taxes, much lower cost of living, and fewer rats. Plus, they have sensible and logical gun laws. What’s not to like about Florida?

SO WHAT ELSE IS NEW? Just saw a blurb on Fox News about people going to the Super Bowl facing inflated hotel rates. So what else is new? They ALWAYS raise their rates sky high in super Bowl cities while they get the chance. And that’s not even limited to the Super Bowl. Have you ever gone to a NASCAR race? TRY and find a hotel room (other than a sleaze bag hotel) at a decent price. How about Indy during the 500 mile race? Or at any other large sports event that pulls in a lot of fans.

MAKING US DEPENDENT: That’s what Obama is doing, right in front of us, and we (not me) don’t know it. His policies have made it almost impossible to get a real job, while increasing the amount of time he pays us not to work (unemployment). He thinks we don’t notice that (and those who pay no attention to politics don’t). But enough of us do notice to make a difference (I hope). But if not, we become more and more dependent on government each day—which makes many of us more and more susceptible to socialist propaganda.

A & E DIDN’T “CAVE IN”: Yes, they reinstated Phil Robertson after nine days of “suspension” (I expected that) that happened to occur at a time when shooting was on hiatus, anyway. So he didn’t lose any money and got a nine-day vacation—which he would have gotten anyway, right along with the rest of the cast. Meanwhile, A & E got a billion dollars in free publicity for that show, which will result in more viewers. Can you say, “publicity stunt?”

NO LAW ATALL: The bills Obama had signed “into law” by autopen while he was on vacation are not laws at all. Because they were NOT signed by the president, and could be constitutionally challenged in court. ANYTHING could be “signed into law” that way, any time. Presidentially approved or not. I don’t know what Obama thinks he’s doing, but this is just one way he has  violated the Constitution he swore to uphold.