Friday, September 30, 2016

What's Losing Feel Like?

That's a question asked of Donald Trump by former Mexican president Vicente Fox. There's only one problem there. Trump has yet to lose. During the primaries, he didn't manage to win ALL the races, but he amassed enough delegates to be a “shoo-in” at the convention and he's going to “beat Hillary like a drum” in November. She doesn't have a chance. When the PEOPLE vote, she LOSES. When the elite politicians vote, it's the only time she CAN win because they “stack the deck” in her favor.

NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT: Rep.Suzanne Bonamici (D-Ore.) says the Hyde Amendment denies women their “constitutional right” to abortion. Where the hell she gets the idea that women have a “constitutional right” to kill their unwanted offspring, I don't know. But saying this reveals her abysmal LACK of knowledge of just what the Constitution DOES allow. And she's a lawmaker! She should know better, but she doesn't. Yes, the Constitution now says killing babies is legal. But that was a FALSE decision by another liberal judge in the Supreme Court. Do I “pretend” to question the intelligence of a Supreme Court Justice? Yes. Absolutely. Stupid is stupid. No matter WHO you are.

HILLARY'S SUPERIOR FACE: One of the things that turns me off on Hillary is her supercilious expression almost every time she poses for a photograph. Her nose is always in the air, and her face is dominated by her cocky little grin. I know she thinks she's superior to the “deplorables” (the rest of us). But does she need to show it so widely? She's got most everything “fixed” in her favor, but not ALL. It's that part that ISN'T fixed that will defeat her.

THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM: That's what Jerry Brown has made law by signing into law a measure that would require farmers to spend $2 BILLION dollars of their money to buy “methane digesters” to “suck up” cow farts and turn the stink into an energy source. The device, costing $2 million each, would stick a tube up a cow's rear end to absorb the methane. One is required for EACH cow. That this is an impossible quest doesn't matter to the California liberals. If the farmers don't do it, they'll just “fine” them a lot of money. And this is guaranteed to make the cow unhappy while it will never work..

ALWAYS LEGAL GUNS: It's always the legal gun owners, and people who want buy them LEGALLY they go after. And these are NOT the people to worry about. They're just “low-hanging fruit,” easy to intimidate. The ones to worry about are the ILLEGAL gun owners, such as all those young boys who are stupid enough to join street gangs, who don't care who they shoot, on purpose, or by accident. Their laws don't TOUCH these people, nor do they bother criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists, whom Obama is importing by the hundreds of thousands to kill us for not believing in their false religion.

ELECTIONS: NECESSARY EVIL: I hate elections. Especially since there's always one going on, or being led up to. And every day we have to listen to their lies while they try to con us into voting for them. And immediately after this one is over, the next one starts. In fact, it's already started, and we still have some time left before this one is over. And on and on it goes, day after day, month after month, year after year.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

I Knew It Would Happen

A half-brained sailor refused to stand during the playing of the National Anthem, following in the footsteps of all the sports figures who do likewise. And he predictably got himself in trouble. There's a little difference between him and those sports figures. The military says it OWNS YOU when you sign up. And not standing for the National Anthem is NOT allowed. He may have destroyed his own military career. You're allowed to have your own political opinions in the military, as long as you don't express them out loud.

SCREW OFF, OBAMA! That's the message given to Barack Obama when the Congress voted 97 to 1 to override his veto of the bill that allowed 9/11 survivors to sue Saudi Arabia. That means every Republican, and all but ONE Democrat voted to tell him to “go to hell” on that bill. It proves how far “out of touch with America” Obama is. The only holdout was “Dirty Harry” (of course). Obama finally got “slapped around” by Congress. Something he has needed for a long time.

ISN'T 86% ENOUGH? Hillary (and all the other socialist politicians) say the rich don't pay “their fair share” of income taxes, but I disagree. And so does the IRS. According to their own figures, “the rich” pay 86% of ALL income taxes paid. Their own (faulty) figures are “mired in the past,” and based on figures that come from the days when there was a 90% tax rate for “the rich,” so they naturally found ways NOT to pay as much in taxes as they could. You can't take away MOST of their earnings without them finding ways to avoid paying. They pay MORE than “their fair share” today, no matter how much Democrats and other socialists deny it. When is SOMEBODY going to call them on this LIE?

COP-FREE ZONES”: “Black Lives Matter wants to create some “cop-free zones.” Areas where cops don't patrol, and their thugs can freely victimize innocent, honest citizens without worrying about being “accosted” in their “work” by the cops. Are they really stupid enough to believe ANYBODY would take them up on this ridiculous demand? Actually, in this day and age, with liberals in charge everywhere, I wouldn't be surprised if someone did. I hope I don't live anywhere near a place where they do. If so, some of them are going to die.

MUST PAY REPARATIONS? The UN says whites MUST pay blacks reparations for the past sins of our ancestors, now dead. For my part, the UN can just screw off.” They have no business interfering in the sovereign affairs of this country. They can take their demand and stick it! I, for one,. Have no intention of EVER giving today's living black people ANY money for what now dead people might have done to them. I didn't do it, so I don't intend to suffer for it. That would lead to demands for similar “reparations” to be paid to Indians, for one thing. It's a “slippery slope.”

WHATEVER YOU DO: You're a racist. That's how the race whores put honest people down, by calling them racist for doing NOTHING. A race whore at the University of Michigan was carrying a sign that said that “white silence is white repression.” So you can't win with these anal orifices. If you speak, you're a racist, uttering “code words.” If you don't speak, you're guilty of “white repression.” There's no way to win with these fools. Except to ignore their ignorant rantings. They can't win using logic, so they use ILLOGIC to overpower your reason. They whip up black against white racism by insisting that white against black racism is rife, when it is NOT.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

BLM "Solution" to Rioting

“Black Lives Matter” Has a solution to the rioting (that they encourage) that has gone on in support of the false narrative that the police are “out of control.” Remove the police from the scenario. Damn! I've heard some strange “solutions” from some stupid people, but this is the stupidest! If you remove the cops. You have anarchy and chaos as criminals “take over.” But that's what BLM wants: the cops out of the picture so the thugs can “take over” unopposed. And BLM is MADE UP of the thugs and criminals and they are the CAUSE of the rioting with their LIES.

AMERICA SAFER UNDER OBAMA”: That's what Josh Earnest, Obama's “mouthpiece” says, anyway. He says we should ignore the crime stats. We're safer under Obama than under the last four presidents. What the hell is this damned fool SMOKING? If I were a druggie, I'd want some. He must have fallen under Obama's practice of making outrageously false statements and expecting us to believe them, because that's what this is. Obama has done more to make us UNSAFE than the last TEN presidents. Releasing all those violent criminals is just one thing. Another is importing Islamic terrorist killers by the hundreds of thousands, disguised as “refugees.”

DONALD “ENERGIZER BUNNY” TRUMP: I wish I had a nickle for every time the liberal media has proclaimed Trump to be “finished.” they did it after all the debates he participated in during the primaries, and they were always wrong. He just kept on advancing, until he had dispensed with all 16 of his opponents. Now he has only one left, and he'll soon dispense with her, too. In November, to be exact, in the only "poll" that counts." They've underestimated him all along, and will probably continue to underestimate him for the next 8 years.

ISIS “INCREDIBLY EVIL?” Politico is saying Trump lied when he called ISIS incredibly evil.” Actually, it's Politico that is lying. Anybody with a lick of sense knows ISIS is “incredibly evil” as they behead CHILDREN and adults, kill 6-year-olds with welding equipment, and commit mass murder, dropping the bodies in a previously dug mass grave. They put innocent civilians between them and their enemies, GUARANTEEING “collateral damage,” then complain about “innocents killed.” And if innocents are not killed, they set it up to LOOK that way. Or they kill them, themselves.

ID IS IMPORTANT? Commentators all over the net concentrated on last night's (as this is written) debate between Hillary and Trump. As if the results there were really important. George W, Bush lost one of his debates against Ford, and ended up winning the election. Hillary herself won one against Obama, and guess who got elected? These debates are basically entertainment for the politically addicted.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Request Was Disrespectful"

The North Carolina Black History Museum refused Trump's request for a visit because he asked that it be closed while he was there. They said that was “disrespectful.” That they would refuse a similar request from Hillary if their terms were the same. That nobody got special treatment, there. But would they? She hasn't asked, so we can't know. It's easy to deem his request “disrespectful.” But if Obama made a similar request, (which is common for presidential visits), would he refuse that, too?

PLEASANT” HILLARY? The networks have complimented Hillary on her “pleasant demeanor” while trashing Trump on being “overbearing,” “condescending,” and “rude.” Were they watching a different debate than I was? What I saw in Hillary's snarky grin wasn't “pleasant,” it looked to me like she's “swallowed the cat” and thought she won the debate without never saying a word. It's a good example of the media claiming things not in evidence and trying to make them true. What I saw in Trump was a strong candidate who wouldn't be shut up by a snarky demeanor.

FACT CHECKERS” ON TRUMP: At the debate, Hillary demanded her liberal friends be “fact checkers” on Trump. But nowhere was mentioned being “fact-checkers” on HER. Of course, no liberal is EVER going to check HER facts. They not only don't care if she lies, they celebrate it, as they did with Bill.

STARTING ANOTHER RUMOR: Howard Dean, failed former presidential candidate, posits that Trump might be a cocaine addict, because he sometimes “sniffs.” It's not much on which to make such a damaging accusation WITHOUT evidence. But Democrats are well known for that tactic, Harry Reid being the best known practitioner, with his “My (unnamed” friend) told me Romney didn't pay taxes for ten years) lie since proven false.

HILLARY AND “SANCTUARY CITIES”: A Hillary aide was asked repeatedly if she supported “sanctuary cities,” and avoided the question every time. Which, to me, means she DOES support sanctuary cities, and doesn't want it known. If she DIDN'T, her surrogates would not have any trouble answering that question. Sanctuary cities are clearly in violation of the law, and any politician who supports them is in violation of the law, too. Whichever side they're on.

CALLING NAMES: Hillary is short on facts, and long on calling names. She won't answer such questions as “does she support sanctuary cities,” but is quick to accuse Trump of being “misogynistic,” “racist,” “condescending,” “Islamophobic,” “homophobic,” and “rude.” You name the nasty name, and he's it. Of course, she has no basis in fact to support those insults, but she'd rather insult him than talk about something real. She talks at length about how she plans to defeat ISIS (as if it were the only terrorist organization in the world). Telling the enemy what to plan for if she miraculously ever becomes president. Meanwhile, she tries never to mention deleting 30,000 e-mails that were under subpoena.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Hillary's First Instinct

To LIE. About anything. That's why when she was diagnosed with pneumonia, she kept it from the world, until she collapsed, in public. She continued to lie and say she was “just overheated” until it became obvious she WAS lying. Then she “fessed up.” Until then, any questions about her health were relegated to the “conspiracy theory” bunch. But now it's known to be fact, and that she LIED about it. From now on, like with Obama, her every word will be doubted because she was REVEALED to be a liar. And it's about time!

BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER! Iran has threatened to shoot down two American spy planes flying “close” to their territory in the Persian Gulf. That would be the biggest mistake they ever made, and even Obama would be forced to “go to war” with them, which would mean their complete destruction. You don't just shoot down foreign aircraft because they're getting “near” your territory—unless you want to DIE, tomorrow. And don't think we can't do it with a pipsqueak outfit like Iran. We're the elephant, they're the mouse.

BOYCOTT LIFE FOR A DAY”: That's what actor Isiah Washington (formerly of “Grey's Anatomy”) says blacks should do. No work, no school, no shopping. To which I would add, “no eating.” And maybe “no jobs” if they don't show up for work. And being disciplined for not showing up at school. I've heard some ignorant suggestions by racist blacks, and this isn't the most ignorant. But it's right up there. A suggestion from somebody who doesn't have to worry about working. There's a movement starting up to do that. But I wonder: how does a guy with NO JOB “not show up for work?”

TIT FOR NO TAT: USA Today suspended a columnist for suggesting people “just run over” protesters who block their cars so they can trash it. But nobody says a word in criticism of protesters who try and burn a photographer to death by throwing him into a fire. That columnist was right. Protesters COUNT ON the automatic reaction of human beings to try and not hurt them, while they are bent on hurting the drivers of those cars—which has been PROVEN by subsequent events. Driving on is only \self defense against a violent attacker.

TRUMP TO INCREASE NATIONAL DEBT? The Democrats say Trump's ideas would increase the national debt by $5.3 Trillion over the next 10 years. So what? Is that any different than Obama DOUBLING the national debt in 8 years? And Hillary promising to continue his policies? It may take that much for Trump to reverse all the outrages of the Obama administration. As usual, Democrats are criticizing Republicans for doing the same things THEY are doing!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Just Any Excuse

Any excuse it better than none. That's what my mother always told me when I got in trouble and tried to talk my way out of it. And she was right, in more ways than one. It definitely applies to Hillary Clinton. They're trying every way they can to discredit everything said by the Republicans, and especially the Trump people. Now they're saying, “Everybody gets sick. The only reason anybody is making a big thing out of Hillary's problems is because she's a woman.” More crap, something the Democrat Party has in good supply. Actually, she caused it, by trying to keep it secret, and by LYING about it. It doesn't matter if she's a male, female, or “identifies with” a TOAD.

DOESN'T PROVE THE POINT: In Minnesota, a legally-armed, trained civilian shot a “mass stabber” to death, ending his killing spree. The anti-gun fools say that doesn't prove the NRA's point. Really? What kind of a crystal ball are they looking into? It certainly does. And it's not as “rare” as they would have you believe. It happens thousands of times; every day, somewhere. They say because he is TRAINED, that lets him out for consideration. That the NRA simply wants everybody to be able to carry a gun, without any kind of training, which is a typical anti-gun fool LIE. It IGNORES the fact that a large part of their service is training people in proper gun handling and marksmanship. But then, I expect that of the anti=-gun fools.

WOMEN CAN'T USE GUNS: That's the conclusion the Huffington Post came to because, while 1,600 women were killed by men last year, only 15 used a gun to defend themselves. Of course, that completely IGNORES the fact that their useless gun laws keep guns out of the hands of most honest women. This is the kind of faulty reasoning commonly used by the anti-gun fools. This sexist view wouldn't be true if more women had guns, told nobody (especially their men), and, when threatened by a man, did not threaten, just SHOOT.

PRACTICING FREEDOM": The attorney general commiserated with the Charlotte rioters, and said they were “practicing one of America's basic rights.” The right to protest. And she's right. But that's not what these fools are doing. When you start attacking people on the street for being white, smash and grab in stores, set things on fire, damage private (and public) property, it ceases to be “exercising their rights” and becomes felonious activity. What she said gave a “green light” to those criminals to keep on doing what they're doing.

WHY AM I NOT 50 PTS. AHEAD?” Poor Hillary, with all she's done to demonize Trump, now she's whining about not being 50 points ahead of him. She's promising to give us 4, and maybe 8 years more of Obama's stupidity. She's lied and lied, about everything under the sun. She's destroyed thousands of e-mails right after they were subpoenaed by Congress, which is a felony. She's lied to Congress on too many occasions to count. Which is also a crime. She's used her foundation to collect $billions for access. Again, a crime. And all she has on Trump is her unsupported CLAIMS (without anything to support them) that Trump is “unqualified to be president.” And she really wonders why he's beating her? What dim bulb she is!

SOROS JOINS BLOOMBERG: THEY'RE MAD! Well, boo-hoo! The Rocky Mountain Gun Owners tell us that George Soros, who recently joined with Michael Bloomberg, both billionaire rabble-rousers and anti-gun fools, are MAD at Colorado because their efforts to “stomp out” our gun rightsare in trouble there. Well, I'll be happy to help them wring out their crying towels, but that's all. Who the hell CARES if they're “mad at us?” We're mad at THEM for meddling in our affairs! And for getting people KILLED!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Curiouser and Curiouser!

Hillary breaking the law is becoming clearer and clearer as the days go on. What tells the tale today is that her IT people have “taken the fifth” and refused to testify before Congress. Which tells us CLEARLY that they did something illegal under her orders. She talks about Trump followers being all kinds of “phobic,” while in reality, it is SHE who fits those descriptions: racist, Xenophobic, Homophobic, Islamophobic, none of which describes Trump supporters, all of which describes HER.

IT'S ALL THEY'VE GOT: I keep asking people what they have against trump, and all I get is generalities. This what the Washington Examiner wrote, which pretty well sums it up: “Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump make voters more than a little anxious. With Clinton, there's her ongoing problems with secrecy and dishonesty. For Trump, well let's just say voters aren't really sure what they'd be getting if he wins the presidency.  Have we EVER been sure of what we're getting when we elect ANY politician? As Kristen Soltis Anderson writes, 'It's easy to liken him to an experimental drug that might cause major side effects, but could also miraculously cure what ails you. Some people are tired enough of being sick that they take the risk, but are still anxious nonetheless." 

ASKING “LI'L WAYNE”: Somebody asked rapper “Li'l Wayne” what he thought about racism in this country. Why anybody would ask a rapper ANYTHING is beyond me. But his answer isn't what they expected, no doubt. The essence of his answer is that he has NEVER experienced racism. Ever. So he wouldn't be a good person to ask. Which is an answer that could be given by all those football players who refuse to stand for the National Anthem, if they were being honest. To a MAN, they were “blessed,” and are now millionaires. You don't experience racism when you're in the kind of position they're in.

MASS. ORDERS CHURCHES AROUND: There's no federal law demanding it (yet), but the State of Massachusetts has passed a law REQUIRING people (dictating to them) to “accommodate” LGBT issues. This includes churches, most of whom are on the other aide of the issue, DIRECTLY. That this violates “religious principles,” is obvious, but that makes no difference to the liberal fools in Mass. They'll pass the law and ENFORCE it until it is declared unconstitutional—if it ever is, with the possible future makeup of the court. If Hillary gets in, and lives long enough, she will appoint one more liberal fool to the Court, which will put the kibosh to that.

ONLY KILL FEW BABIES: Planned Parenthood says abortion is only about 3% of their business. Hooray! Killing babies in the womb is only a small part of their business. And that's supposed to make us feel better? Murdering ONE baby is a dastardly CRIME! Killing babies is NO part of MY business, and shouldn't be any part of theirs, either! Yes, there are times when an abortion is necessary. When the life of the mother is at risk, for instance. But no other time is murdering the infant justified. Especially not rape. There is always adoption, and there is no shortage of people willing to adopt right out of the womb. So no reason to commit murder.

TOTAL STUPIDITY: You can't make this stuff up! A feminist web site has published an article claiming that “a man can have an abortion, too!” How stupid is that? If he doesn't have a uterus (and men DON'T, even if they “:identify” as a woman), how its it POSSIBLE to need an abortion? A man CANNOT get pregnant. So how would he EVER need an abortion? This has got to be right near the top of the most IGNORANT and STUPID things anybody has ever said, much less written about! But it's not surprising for a liberal. They're stupid that way.

Friday, September 23, 2016

I'm Baaacckk!

Did you think I wasn't coming back? I would have almost agreed. We had a helluva time getting our Internet set up in the new place. And it took forever to find some of my important stuff, and we aren't finished looking, yet. I finally did get my office set up—kinda--after a couple of days typing on the computer sitting on a dresser, which almost ruined my back. But I think the worst of it is over, now. Although there are still a few problems, like my almost complete inability to roll my chair back and forth on this rug, which is the only one in the whole house. Anyway, I'm back in business—I think. A lot has been happening while we were out, including two cop shootings, one of which might even be real. The other one the usual bunch of crap where they call it a racist killing when the shooter was black, too. Add to that a mess of outside agitators—did you know 70% of protesters arrested were from “out of town?” Having rushed there to make as much trouble as they could, just like in Ferguson, MO. We'll be writing more about that, later, as the real FACTS come out, as they usually do after we sift out all the LIES. (Just common sense)

Prisoners Go On Strike

Prisoners in prison under conviction for crimes are “going on strike.” they say they're “Tired of being degraded, dehumanized, and exploited, treated like slaves.” Well, la te da! Maybe they shouldn't have committed the crimes for which they were incarcerated! They actually think we CARE that they're “going on strike?” And If they refuse to follow orders of the prison management, put them in solitary on bread and water. KEEP them there until they start obeying. They don't have the same right to disobey human beings on the outside enjoy.

IS IT A CULT? Two of today's most vocal anti-gun fools think those wishing to retain their RIGHT to self defense, and to own and use the means to that, a gun, are “a cult.” It's a good example of the lows they will sink to, to discredit a “grass-roots movement.” They've tried everything else and it hasn't worked. What makes them think they can just IGNORE what is CLEARLY a constitutional right is beyond me. But, being a rational human being, I just can't understand their thinking processes.

USED ALL THE CODEWORDS: Hillary used all the code words the other day in trying to “cut down” Trump, calling half of his supporters “deplorables. “racist,” sexist,” “bigots,”” Xenophobics, “homophobics,” “Islamophobics,” etc. Meaning, really, NOTHING. She really thinks ALL his supporters are what she describes. But she “offended” so many people, she had to apologize. A candidate should ALWAYS have to apologize for statements that are clearly FALSE. I think her mental problems were such that she had no idea what she was saying, and was just “mouthing words.” Basically, she thinks they're all “rubes.”

GOVT. HAS LET THEM DOWN: Hillary says the other half just thinks the government has “let them down,” and want, guess what? “Change!” CHANGE! The ever present Democrat bull dung. They talk about “change,” but they never tell us the “change” they promise is not the “change” we want. Or that the people who MADE the world we want “change” from is the one Democrats CREATED. Who has been for the most part “in charge” for the last fifty or more years? Democrats can do no more than bring us the “same ol' same ol'.” And they don't WANT them to.

NFL PLAYERS WON'T STAND: They've shown their ignorance by joining Colin Kaepernick in refusing to stand because of IMAGINED slights by the USA nation. They don't know those accusations are wholly false. They believe the BS put out by the “Black Lives Matter" fools, which are WRONG. And you can't convince them otherwise. They believe in the spoutings of the liberals, completely, and won't hear anything else. Each player should be suspended for several games the first time, and if they persist, be released (fired).

SELECTIVE OUTRAGE: The NFL says they have no control over what their players do with regard to politics. So they do nothing about the refusal to stand for the National Anthem. Then they immediately tell another player he can't wear CLEATS honoring 9/11 victims. Which is it? Can they NOT tell their players what to do concerning politics, or CAN they, if it's something they don't agree with? I think they AGREE with players refusing to honor their country, but not with players honoring 9/11 victims. Which puts me off football, entirely. You'll never see me at ANY football game.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

We're Moving Thursday

And until then, we'll be packing. And then unpacking. Which leaves no time for research or posting. So I'll be off line until Saturday or Sunday, hopefully. Or maybe even Monday. I'll still be checking my e-mail, so if you need to say anything to me, you can do it that way. E-mail will remain the same.

Monday, September 12, 2016

They Hate It!

Liberals hate the idea that ONE of the presidential debates will not be run by a liberal so arcane and “gotcha” questions can be asked of conservative candidates. Media Matters founder David Brock has complained about one of them being “moderated” by Chris Wallace, an anchor at Fox News. He says Wallace would have a “conflict of interest,” since he worked for the network formerly run by Roger Ailes, who now “Advises” Donald Trump. Completely ignoring the MASSIVE conflict of interest involved in ALL moderators being liberals.

PLAYING THE RACE CARD: Sen. Chris Murphy “played the race card” the other day, saying that the only reason right-wingers opposed Obama is because he's black. Funny; he was black when he got elected to the highest office in the land. We have a black Supreme Court Justice, if they don't murder him like they did Justice Scalia. Or all the black mayors (many in southern towns), senators, and representatives? Not to mention all the black bureaucrats in the government. His argument just doesn't pass the “smell test.”

TEAM SHOULDA DROPPED HIM: The Broncos player who “took a knee” while the National anthem played was dropped by a major sponsor. Which is okay, That's a lot of money he won't get. But he should have been dropped by the team, too. And the guy on the 49ers, too. One or two of those, and we can nip this “trend” in the bud. This is NOT a “First amendment Issue” with them. They won't be being prosecuted by the government. Their employers are free to FIRE them for malfeasance.

HILLARY “REGRETS” HER INSULTS: Hillary now says she “regrets” calling half of Trump's followers “deplorables.” But actually, all she “regrets” is the reaction from human beings to her slur. She thinks a majority of Americans agree with her that anybody who is against her is “deplorable.” Actually, the real “deplorables” are HER followers. The ones who would still be with her, even if she killed somebody in public.

AMERICA'S LOSING: Fifteen years after 9/11, and America is losing the wear against Islamic terrorism. Actually, we're not LOSING it, we're THROWING it. Our president will not even admit we ARE at war with Islamic terrorism. He won't even say the WORDS “Islamic terrorism! He thinks that war is against Islam, itself. Or he PRETENDS to believe that so he can make excuses for never doing anything that will fatally hurt the Jihadists, so they can eventually win. He is a TRAITOR who WANTS them to win, because, no matter how often he denies it, he IS a Muslim who hates America. He shows that in everything he does. If you don't like me saying you're a traitor, Obama, come and get me!

SINGING SONGS IGNORING DISASTER: While Islamic terrorists rape and murder all over the world, Americans sing songs and repeat the names of thousands of their victims, instead of effectively fighting them to the end. Rape seems to be part of the dastardly things they do, and the Jihadists enjoy that, immensely. Along with murder and beheading. Adults; men, women, and children. Meanwhile, our commander in chief will NOT even admit they are at war with us. Nor that they are a major danger to us. And he will NOT fight them effectively. I'll be glad if we're soon rid of this fool (IF he doesn't come up with a scam to stay in office after the election). I expect him to try.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Want Some Free Money?

The descendants of slaves sold by Georgetown University before ANY of us were born want a billion dollar “slave reparation” payment, even though none of them personally suffered any loss from it. If we let that happen we will have started something that will make a LOT of us broke from being forced to make similar payments. I don't THINK so! They just see an opportunity to get some free money from liberal fools. It's a shakedown!

TRUMP'S RIGHT: Putrid—er, uh, Putin, IS a much stronger leader than Obama, but that's not a compliment. EVERYBODY is a stronger leader than Obama. Obama backs down—everywhere. Putin doesn't. That is not necessarily a GOOD thing, but it IS a fact. Obama has GUTTED our military, both in manpower, and equipment. He has made America a very dangerous place to be by IGNORING the threat of Islamic terrorism and refusing to even NAME it for what it is, and by importing Islamic terrorists by the hundreds of thousands. I could name so many more areas in which he is NOT a “leader,” but I don't have enough room. I could write a BOOK about it, and still wouldn't have enough room.

CLINTON FORGOT HIS LIE: Bill Clinton is criticizing Trump for using the phrase, “make America great again.” He says if you're a “southern white man,” you know what that means,” intimating the use of that phrase is somehow racist. Completely forgetting the many times HE used that phrase, himself. A certain black “minister” on Bill O'Reilly's show ON FOX said, it's “not the words, but who speaks them” that makes it racist. Boy, what a “cop out” THAT IS! What a LOAD of stinky brown stuff!

WILLFUL VIOLATION: It's too bad the founders didn't prescribe PUNISHMENT for politicians who WILLFULLY violate it. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Ct) has PLEDGED to do so if Hillary is elected president because he knows if Trump is elected, he won't be able to do it. He should know better. But with no punishment prescribed, he knows he's safe in passing unconstitutional laws and will only suffer the embarrassment of the Supreme Court declaring his laws unconstitutional (IF Trump gets to appoint the next Justice). That oversight needs to be changed—NOW!

LIBERALS ARE PANSIES: They're so afraid of hearing ANYTHING with which they don't agree, they want to create “safe spaces” where conservatives, or ANY non-liberals are not allowed to enter, so they won't have to be “injured” by hearing their views. In In Europe, they complain about EDCs (Every Day Carries) that sometimes include guns. That TERRIFIES them. What a bunch of WIMPS! And we can't seem to win against these “pussy willows” because they won't even HEAR the truth.

APPARENTLY SHE FORGOT ALREADY: And I'm talking about several days after 9/11, not today. Professor Margot Lovett, who chairs the History Dept. at Saddleback College in Southern California went from poster to poster put up by Young Americans for Freedom to commemorate 9/11, saying they “didn't get permission” from college bigwigs to put them up, and tore them down. What a thin excuse that is! This is the same professor who, just 2 days after that atrocity, sent an e-mail to college faculty saying that American “imperialism” had a hand in the tragedy. A liberal position that is, and was, wholly WRONG. The Islamic terrorists have said,trime and time again, that their ONLY reason for their wanton killing is that the rest of the world will not ”convert” to their phony “religion.”

Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Korean Clapper

Seems like every time we see N. Korea's fat little squid “leader,” he's applauding himself. Maybe that's because he may be the only one in the crowd clapping because he WANTS to. He won't admit it, but the only reason the others are clapping is because it is DEATH not to. I understand he had one of his top generals executed the other day because he dozed off during one of Kim's boring speeches.

CREATING A LIE: “Black Lives Matter “ fools are only the latest outfit to push the false narrative that cops “seek out” black males to kill, in large numbers, and it doesn't matter if they're armed, or not. They “cherry pick” cases where a “bad apple” cop DOES kill an unarmed black man and repeat the story over and over, while people who pay no attention to politics until just before an election, buy their narrative. That's how they create a lie.

ACTIVE SHOOTER” TRAINING: In Ohio, they not only ALLOW teachers to carry their licensed guns in their schools, they teach them how to “take out an active shooter” should one appear in their school. Anti-gun fools are appalled. They're buying new underwear at an alarming rate, and leaving barf all over the floor. They think there are going to be gun fights in the halls of those schools over lost books. That's the kind of exaggerations they push in their efforts to make us think that's the wrong thing to do. But if ONE TEACHER had had a gun at Columbine, and the training in how to use it, the result could have been very different.

FIVE TIMES HIGHER: The number of gun crimes in Mexico is FIVE TIMES HIGHER than in the USA, in spite of very tight anti-gun laws there. If that doesn't prove that anti-gun laws aimed at the GUN, instead of the PERSON, don't work, I don't know what will. But, of course, anti-gun fools IGNORE such facts in their zeal to DISARM all America. They just want us to be unarmed, so the government agents who come to “confiscate” (steal) what's ours, will not get shot, themselves.

OBVIOUS DOUBLE STANDARD: The liberal media is “going to town” on NBC's Matt Lauer for “interrupting Hillary” and asking her REAL questions, instead of the usual “softball” questions" the liberal media approves being asked of liberal candidates. Then they IGNORE the 13 TIMES he interrupted Donald Trump while asking “gotcha” questions. He obviously “forgot his manners.” He'll probably get fired.

SEGREGATION NOW OKAY: But not the kind of segregation we used to see rampant in this nation. It's not with white people favored. Today it is favoring BLACK people. Several universities are now “setting aside” housing for BLACK ONLY students who don't want to live side-by-side with white students. Hey! Isn't that the DESCRIPTION of racism? But they're justifying it by trying to make you think the white against black racism that USED TO BE in this country is still predominant, when it isn't.

Friday, September 9, 2016

"Most Honest Politician"

Communist Van Jones says, “Hillary is the most honest politician I know.” Apparently he doesn't know any at all, because she is, if not THE least honest politician going, she's very near the top of the list. This guy is either stupid, or is trying hard to con us into believing a lie. The most honest politician I ever knew is Ronald Reagan. But fools like Jones hate him for his honesty because they're not honest, and hate those who are. I guess he just hopes to influence this election, but he can't, except in a negative way. If he supports Hillary, nobody in their right mind would dream of doing the same.

THEY FOUND A WAY: Goldman Sachs doesn't want their people to contribute to Donald Trump's campaign, so they “found a way.” they have prohibited them from contributing to “local candidates,” and Trump, being from New York City, IS a “local candidate," while Hillary, not being from NYC, is NOT. So they can freely contribute to her campaign, but not to Trump (Imagine that!). People say there's nothing Goldman Sachs employees can do about that, but I disagree. They can tell them to “stuff it” and quit. That's what I'd do if an employer tried to stifle my rights. I'd be gone before their mouths closed on that order. They don't get to tell me who to contribute to, OR to whom to vote.

LIBERTARIAN FLUB: When asked about what he'd do about the “Aleppo situation,” Gary Johnson, Libertarian presidential candidate, said, “What is Aleppo?” I didn't know what Aleppo was, either, and I'm immersed in politics every day of my life. But if I need to know what Aleppo is, I'll find out, as will he. There is trouble in so many obscure places in the world, it's hard to know them all off the top of your head. I don't think not knowing about Aleppo at this stage is a disqualifier. He can learn what he needs to know, as do all new presidents.

HILLARY FIGHTS BACK: Hillary forces say they're not a bit worried about her health, but their actions put the lie to that. They're now “warning” the media to “tread lightly” when reporting on her “health issue.” Which is “code” to mean legal problems could result. If they're not worried, why are they fighting back so hard? Do they figure to keep pushing her candidacy until she collapses and doesn't get up, and then call the reports about it “the fringe?”

LAUR GETS IT FROM EVERYBODY! Why? because he had the temerity to actually ask Hillary a REAL question. One she had trouble answering! In the liberal media, you just don't DO that! He's probably gonna get fired! I don'[t know what posessed him to do it, knowing how dangerous it would be to his job. But I guess he just got fed up with asking “softball” questions and wanted, just one tome, to ask a liberal a REAL question. He finally did something right. too bad that will ruin his career.

ISN'T THAT A GIGGLE! Hillary is worried that Trump might have “let out” some classified information after his briefing” the other day. That's a real giggle when you consider what SHE has been accused of (and is probably guilty of) in her misuse of her own private e-mail server for government business when she was Secretary of State. That's just a good example of the liberal propensity to accuse their opponents of what they are doing, themselves.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Dog and Pony Show

Congress is setting up to spend a few more millions (maybe billions) to “investigate” (again) Hillary's e-mail practices. Ho, hum, what else its new? Even if they find solid evidence of her crimes, nothing will happen until AFTER the election. If she wins, it will “go away.” If Trump wins, she will go to prison immediately, on the evidence already uncovered. So she HAS to win, if she is to stay free. I never thought we'd elect a KNOWN criminal to the presidency, but we've come down to that.

HHS CONDONES BABY MURDER: I never thought I'd see it. A government agency OPENLY supporting a mass murderer in their murders. That's what the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is doing when they suggest a rule preventing states from blocking funding for Planned Parenthood. I didn't know ANY government agency could PREVENT a state from making ANY law. But apparently they think they can. Maybe next they'll make a rule to prevent states from prosecuting other kinds of murderers.

BEATING TERORISM: There's a big hooraw over how to beat Islamic terrorism. Everybody thinks they have a plan, but none of them would work. Not most of the ones talked about. But here's a clue. The way to beat Islamic terrorism is to first, NAME it. Stop giving them preference in everything because they're a “religion.” And actually FIGHT them. Kill them wherever they can be found. They use their “religion” like a “protective cloak,” beyond which nobody dares go. Obama says, “We're not fighting Islam.” But that's twisting it in their favor. We ARE fighting ISLAMIC terrorism, not Islam itself.

THE DOUBLE STANDARD: One of “The five” hosts on Fox, Juan Williams (the liberal in the cast), spoke about the seeming “double standard” being applied to Hillary and Trump regarding their legal problems. But there's a difference: Trump accepted the decisions, and took his punishment. Hillary, on the other hand, has obfuscated the issue in ALL of her scandal;s, and took no punishment, at all. Nor does she ever intend to, if she can help it. In making this point, he included Trump's bankruptcies. Bankruptcy is NOT a “criminal act.” It is a LEGAL procedure Trump took advantage of.

WE'RE ALL TERRORISTS: That's what Hillary thinks, anyway. That's all we can take from her answer at a recent forum about what to do about Islamic terrorism (they didn't say “Islamic, as most liberals won't). She thinks, as usual, that the way to self-defense is to DISARM America. Boy, that'll teach 'em! When they come to shoot us, we won't be shooting back at them! It is this kind of wacko thinking that's going to get us all killed when the Islamic terrorists Obama is importing by the hundreds of thousands get here and buy their illegal guns.

AFTER MANY EXONERATIONS”: A liberal commentator , as a guest on MSNBC (Michelle Goldberg, formerly of the communist New Republic) complained about Hillary's poll numbers continuing to fall because of many “false” accusations after being “exonerated” many times.” What? I can't think of a SINGLE exoneration of Hillary Clinton in her many felonies! Yes, Comey said he will not recommend charging her in the e-mail scandal because “she didn't mean it.” But that's NOT an exoneration. That's merely a cop-out by someone who doesn't want to upset the Democrat applecart with an indictment.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Coming for Your Guns

The Democrats have been trying to disarm the American people since before I can remember. And they're closer to being successful than ever before. They had their chief opposition in then Supreme Court so they'd have a “free hand” in appointing another Justice who would rule in their favor and get rid of the Second Amendment. The Supreme Court is the only body that can do that, and the Republicans know that, which why they refuse to allow an up or down vote on Obama's pick while he is still in office. But if Hillary wins, we're LOST.

CHICAGO—SHOWCASE CITY: They keep saying they're a “showcase city” for gun laws. But they're not. They're a “showcase city” for gun violence, in SPITE of their tough gun laws. So tough, in fact, that some of them have been DECLARED unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Just last weekend, 65 people were injured by gunfire, and 13 of them died. They don't know how to stop that, so they keep making USELESS laws that never work. The way to end that is to allow HONEST people to have and use their own guns for self defense. Then the violence will rise for a while as they “kill off” all the ILLEGALLY armed criminals. Then it will go down.

MILITARY LOVES TRUMP: And that scares the hell out of the Democrats. They've been afraid of a “military coup” for a long time, now. They know they've been vastly overreaching themselves and trampling on our rights for as long as they have been running most of the government. They know we're fed up with that, and so is the military. So they fear them. Now they find that the military is solidly in Trump's corner, and it makes them dirty their drawers.

WHAT'LL IT TAKE? It seems like almost every day more solid EVIDENCE of Hillary's crimes surfaces. Yet nothing ever happens. The FBI Director, after detailing a litany of her crimes, says he will not recommend charges be filed against her because “she didn't mean it.” And Obama's per Attorney General goes right along with it, since she's the Democrats' “chosen one,” and they don't want to risk letting a Republican get into the Oval Office. Since then, much more EVIDENCE has surfaced, and STILL nothing happens. What's it going to take for them to ACT on the evidence?

RAMBLING SPEECH”: That's what one liberal said, on FOX, fergawdsakes! This after listening to Trump's excellent speech the other night. I heard it, and there wasn't a single thing in it I considered “rambling.” It was “to the point,” and told me his administration would be a DISASTER for liberals (Democrats). That's why this liberal thought it was “rambling and unconnected.” He's too ignorant to see otherwise. Or he's afraid it's going to happen. And it may well happen. The elites don't want him, but the PEOPLE do. They're TIRED of the scams of the Democrats and they know Trump is going to ruin their lives.

RACIAL BIAS? Comedian Bill Cosby has been accused of rape, and they're taking it seriously, even though most of the “evidence” is a series of unsupported claims without ANY real evidence. I'm not saying he's guilty or not guilty. That has yet to be decided in a court of law. But what about another accused serial rapist, Bill Clinton? As with Cosby, many women have come "out of the woodwork after the original accusations, ALSO without any “evidence” except their unsupported word. Yet it caused him to be impeached and disbarred. Not for the rapes, but for LYING about it. And his wife (now a presidential contender) was right there with him, coining the term, "bimbo eruptions.".

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Impossible Quest

Obama has MANDATED that EVERY gun confiscated at a crime scene be “traced” back to it's original purchaser. But he failed to provide ample funding to get it done, making a hard job harder. Considering that at just ONE “trace center” there were 5,000 cases in ONE DAY that needed attention, and there would be another 1,000 come in the next day. The fact that tracing ownership lines does little to combat gun crime doesn't seem to make much difference to Obama. It LOOKS like he's “doing something” to stem gun violence,” and that's all he wants.

WARN 'EM, THEN KILL 'EM: There have been way too many cases lately of Iranian ships harassing American ships in International waters. In a recent encounter, the Iranian ship STOPPED right in front of the American ship, risking a collision, for which they would claim we're at fault. I say tell them the next time that happens, we'll SINK that ship to AVOID a collision, rather than take evasive maneuvers. Then DO IT if they try it again. Maybe we'll start a war, but that's what Iran wants. What they don't want is the likely result. Their annihilation. They're too damned dumb to know that's likely. They're like a mouse crawling up an elephant's leg with rape on it's mind.

NO GUNS UNDER 30: That's what the Harvard crimson says. They think their under 30 students have brains not sufficiently developed to be able to have and use guns. But who do we rely on when we “go to war?” The “under 30 crowd,” of course! It seems like the kids we send overseas to fight for us after handing them a gun are deemed well able to handle guns. But, according to the Crimson, not at home. Their “logic” in this case escapes me. But the “logic” of ALL liberals escapes me, mostly because they don't have any. They even deny it's existence.

ANOTHER CLOWN SIGHTING: As if we didn't have enough REAL problems to worry about, the media (ALL of it) are going nuts about “clown sightings” in national parks. It's just one more thing to divert our attention from what's really going on. Like Obama spending more money than there IS, and printing more with nothing valuable behind it to replace it. Or him INCREASING the unemployment numbers, ON PURPOSE. Especially in the coal industry and the fracking industry.

HILLARY'S COUGHING FITS: They rush to tell us Hillary is okay. But her frequent coughing fits and head-jerking fits deny it. Right wingers can only hope that will forever keep her from being president in the long run, even if she wins the election (doubtful). The only problem with that is that we're left with Bernie. And that's almost as bad. The best case scenario is for Trump to win. She keeps saying he's an idiot, but in reality, it is SHE who is the idiot. Especially if she thinks socialism is the way to go, which seems to be the case.

HILLARY CAVES: Trump has spent a lot of the last couple of weeks giving Hillary hell for not holding a press conference for a long time. So what did she do? She finally held a press conference on her new airplane (paid for, no doubt, with “other people's money.” she doesn't spend money, she only collects it. She'll spend it later, when nobody's watching. Maybe the fact that Trump is beginning to beat her at the polls had something to do with it. Maybe she thinks a press conference will fix that. It won't.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Who Counts the Votes?

Josef Stalin (Russian dictator) once said he doesn't care who votes, and for whom. What he cares about is who COUNTS the votes, and how. The Democrats listened carefully to him, which is why Democrats RUN the voting process. They make damned sure they are in charge of the voting process, in every way and place they can. Voter fraud is how they win so many elections, in spite of their supreme incompetence when it come to governing. Though they're good at getting elected.

WHY NOT DO SOMETHING! The FBI has found ample evidence Hillary broke the law in her handling of her e-mails on her illegal and unethical private server. But so far, they have done NOTHING about it except release thousands of her e-mails. What the hell are they WAITING for? FBI Director Comey says “she didn't mean it,” which is a feeble excuse for non-action. But much evidence has been found since. So much it could NOT be simply IGNORANCE on her part. She says she “didn't know what that little “c” on the e-mails meant. And she was Secretary of State! She's supposed to be SMART, not stupid!

HOW TO STOP TERRORISTS? Liberal “logic” says, “ban guns.” What kind of “logic” that is, I can't understand. But that's their opinion—unless they're threatened themselves, that is. Then they pull out their own guns. Like the now dead liberal columnist who wrote many columns against guns, then pulled a gun on a kid swimming in his pool without permission. Or Sen. Feinstein, who is one of the most vocal members of Congress against us “peons” being able to carry guns for self defense, but who has her own “carry permit” and carries her own gun, in ADDITION to the armed security with which she goes around surrounded.

SEX TOYS OR GUNS? One college has some really stupid students. Wrong: ALL colleges have some really stupid students. But this one is REALLY stupid, they want to replace guns with sex toys. Think about it: when a thug breaks into your home, which would you rather point at him? A phony penis, or your own gun? I damned sure want my own gun so I can shoot him before he can shoot me.

DROPPING VALEDICTORIAN TITLE: They say it's to give more students the opportunity for recognition. But what it actually is, is REDUCING the level it takes to ATTAIN the honor. That's the liberal way. Don't stand for excellence, make sure more LESS able people get the honor by taking it away from the REAL honorees and giving it to them, unearned. Never mind the real world doesn't work that\ way. In the halls of education it does. When they get to the real world, they'll learn that, the hard way.

ISLAM IS A RAPE CULTURE: A lot of people wonder why so many Muslims rape women so casually, saying, “They're all whores, anyway.” Which begs the question, “Who gave them t\he right to call them “whores” because their dress style doesn't meet their stupid standards? They HIDE their own women because they fear somebody will rape them if they so much as see a bare ankle. They're so sex starved they look at ANY woman who doesn't wear that “tent” as a “whore” and fair game. That includes children, male and female.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

"I Don't Recall"

Yeah, right! That's an excuse nobody can disprove. Hillary said “I can't recall” many times during a recent interview about her criminal activities. She blames it on her fall. But many of the situations she denies remembering came before and AFTER her fall. Which tells me she isn't healthy enough to become the president. She'll probably die in office if she gets elected, at all. And her decisions will never be based on experience, because she has gone on record that she HAS no experience to fall back on, because she “:just can't remember.”

HATES PRO-GUN LAWS: Until he thinks they can help him. A former Montana politician who voted AGAINST a law that ALLOWED him to point a gun at somebody he thinks might be a danger to him is using that very law in his own defense after he was charged for pointing a gun at one of his tenants who was moving out (I assume without paying). How he figured a woman was a danger to him is a mystery, but he thought so. It's a typical example of anti-gun fools, who hate guns until they need one.

DON'T TAKE POLLS SERIOUSLY: People LIE to pollsters. For years, pollsters have gone among us and asked if we have guns. They're told “NO” by many people who DO own guns, but don't really want all the anti-gun fools out there to know it, lest they be targets for confiscation when that time comes—and it will come, as long as liberals (Democrats) permeate the government, at all levels). There have been gun confiscations in many countries in the past, and many people simply BURIED their guns where the “confiscators” (government thieves) couldn't find them.

DEMOCRATS ARE THE RACISTS: Democrats try very hard to paint the GOP as a “racist party,” even though THEY have been historically the “racist party.” They CREATED the Ku Klux Klan to be their “military arm” in their quest to “put down” blacks (And NO, I won't call them “African Americans” because that is a Democrat construct, which they go along with since it DICTATES what name people MUST use to refer to them). The KKK killed a lot of blacks in their “night riding.” Famous Democrats, such as Al gore, Sr. were KNOWN racists,

MAKING GUNS USELESS: Most anti-gun laws “skate around” the fact that laws BANNING guns cannot be made, by no less than constitutional order. They can't BAN guns, so they make laws to make them USELESS while such laws do NOTHING to stop criminals and other “bad guys” from coming in your homes with their unencumbered (illegal) guns to kill you. They use flimsy excuses to get people all excited about making it hard for children and other ignorant people to kill themselves and others without telling them the NRA TRAINS people in the proper handling of guns. Of course, that only happens when people KNOW NOTHING about guns, a situation they work HARD to maintain.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

"Just A Coincidence"

Over and over, Hillary made decisions favoring contributors (bribers) to her “foundation (PAC), over and over.” And she claims they were ALL “just a coincidence.” Yes, I favored “contributors” to my “foundation,” but there was NO “quid pro quo.” “It was just a coincidence that a decision regarding these people came up right after they gave me money.” And she really expects us to BELIEVE that crap. She must really believe the American people are STUPID! I think that speaks more to HER stupidity than ours.

JUST A COINCIDENCE” AGAIN: Obama has made, so far, a total “contribution” to Muslim Jihad and the implementation of Sharia Law on the rest of the world. Quietly, with amounts ONE PENNY under the billion dollar mark to keep a “lid on it.” Obama sure loves to spend OUR money in big bunches on the slightest excuse. He SAYS these payments are to satisfy “judgments” already rendered, and had nothing to do with the hostages Iran held. As with Hillary, this only proves HIS stupidity if he thinks we're stupid enough to buy his horse manure.

IT'S OKAY, DONALD”: “Ol'Joe” Biden thinks it's okay sometimes to not have any idea what you're talking about. Of course, he said that in conjunction with his saying Trump had no idea what he was talking about, ever. Of course, “Ol' Joe” is the “poster boy” for not knowing what the hell he's talking about. Think back: it was him that suggested people fire “warning shots” with a shotgun to deter home invaders. And when they did, the cops promptly arrested them for “endangering the neighbors.”

JUST CHANGE THE NAME: Politicians “get around” the law simply by calling what they do something OTHER than what they're doing. They do it all the time. Obama is doing it right now by saying he can sign (without congressional approval) what is plainly a TREATY (which requires approval by Congress) because, even though it LOOKS like a treaty, it isn't. It's just an “executive agreement.” I say, if it LOOKS like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a duck! No matter if Obama calls it a tiger.

LOST EVERY STATE: Obama lost every state that required a photo ID in order to vote. That ought to tell intelligent people a lot of things about how he got elected, in the first place. Requiring a photo ID prevents MOST election fraud, so where it's in use, liberals LOSE. The very fact that Obama lost EVERY state that required photo ID is very instructive. And it's also instructive on why liberals (Democrats) fight photo ID as hard as they do. Election fraud is how they win elections. Of course, they RUN most elections, so we need to work harder to keep Democrats from being elected or appointed “election monitors.”

IGNORANCE OF THE LAW.... Is no excuse. That's the mantra recited by the enforcers when a lawbreaker claims he/she “didn't know” he/she was breaking the law. So why doesn't that apply to Hillary? FBI Director Comey made it plain she WAS a lawbreaker in his litany of her crimes. Then he went on to say he didn't recommend charges be filed against her because “she didn't know” she was breaking the law. If “ignorance of the law” is no excuse, why then, is Hillary exempted? I guess it's because she is the Democrat “anointed one,” and the law really DOESN'T apply to her highness.

Friday, September 2, 2016

"There's No Evidence!"

That's what liberals holler every time a liberal is accused of something. As if that made him/her “innocent.” It does NOT! All it does is illustrate that they're pretty good at covering up their crimes, and making sure the evidence never comes out. Of course, the way liberals control everything in the Justice department and the judiciary, they probably wouldn't be charged or convicted of anything, anyway. Hillary is a good example of that, with the FBI Director detailing her crimes and then saying he will not recommend charging her because “she didn't mean it.” And the Attorney General going right along with it and refusing to CHARGE her with anything.

WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS? Mexican Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Messieu is telling America we need to “get rid of the Second Amendment.” What the hell business it it of hers? She's nothing but a corrupt Mexican politician. Somebody needs to “slap her down” and tell her to shut her pie hole. Nobody's interested in hearing anything she has to day. I don't know what it is about foreign politicians. What makes them think they have a right to interfere with our business? Mexico needs to clean up their own mess before they even ATTEMPT to tell us ours.

HE'S MIXED UP: Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand for the National Anthem because (he says) America “oppresses” black people. Yet he wears a t-shirt in support of Fidel Castro, one of the best known oppressors in the world. This guy is screwed up in the head. He knows he's “handing himself his own head,” but he is too stupid to give a damn. He supports communist causes, too. He's a CLASSIC ignorant liberal!

THEY'RE GETTING DESPERATE: Time's running out on the left's attempt to “stack” the Supreme Court in favor of left-leaning measures, regardless of what the Constitution says. They had Justice Scalia murdered so they'd get to appoint another left-leaning justice, but Congress is not cooperating with them by voting on it on their timetable. The Constitution says Congress must approve or disapprove the president's choice for a new justice. It does NOT say they must vote on it on the president's timetable. Soon, they won't be able to. Obama says they're “not doing their job,” but I say they ARE, by NOT voting until we get a new president. Now they're SUING to get an immediate vote. Whether or not they win depends on how liberal the judge is.

LYING ABOUT GUNS: It really gets to me how ignorant writers in liberal rags, who know NOTHING about guns LIE and misrepresent the facts in the many articles they write. For instance, a recent one in Huffington Post where they repeated the same old lies, such as the one where the Second amendment meant only MUSKETS, which were the “guns in general use at the time.” Completely ignoring the fact that they didn't NAME muskets, leading to the fact that they could also mean automatic and semi-automatic weapons that are in “general use” today. This is how they twist things to suit themselves.

REALLY ORGANIZED CRIME: Hillary and Obama have a benefit the Mafia never had. They have the support of the Justice Department, which will not prosecute ANY of them for the crimes they commit. So they go gaily along, ignoring the Constitution, knowing the Founders only provided for the reversal of unconstitutional laws after they have long been enforced, and the damage done. They did not provide for PUNISHMENT for the politicians who violated it, and that was their big mistake. So corrupt politicians go right on making unconstitutional laws, and enforcing them until somebody comes up with enough money to fight it in the Supreme Court.