Monday, January 25, 2016

Bernie Wants Trrump

He says he hopes Trump wins the Republican nomination because he plans to whup him” soundly in the general election, thus revealing his own DELUDED view of the world. Flushed by his success in outrunning the “sure winner” in the Democrat Party, who is facing criminal charges if the DOJ ever gets off it's butt, he thinks he can do the same to Trump. I think he's “whistling past the graveyard.” This socialist fool reminds me of a flea crawling up an elephant's leg with rape on it's mind.

SQUEEZE ALL THE CHANGE”: Obama recently told his closest supporters in a “private” meeting with them, “I've got 12 months to squeeze every ounce of change I can get while I'm still in office, and that's what I intend to do.” By “change,” does he mean “spare change,” or MONEY? Is he going to go after every PENNY he can get? He's already bankrupted the whole country—it just hasn't set in yet. But we, and out children, and our children's children owe more money than we can EVER repay, and he wants more.

HILLARY LEADS TRUMP”: Why? Simple: because Trump has MANY candidates in the Republican Party opposing him, and she has only TWO. Comparing the two (Hillary and Trump) is comparing “apples to oranges." It's easy to “lead in the polls” if you only have TWO opponents, vs. a man with MANY opponents. Nobody thinks about that, and they won't. That's how they get their figures, and ignoring such things allows them to TWIST things to suit themselves. People who “pay no attention to politics” until just before an election when the lies are flying never understand that, and accept what they're told in the liberal media.

DON'T CRITICIZE DEMOCRATS! “You'll make the Independents mad, and they'll go right over to the Democrats.” That's what Democrats are telling you. I don't know about you, but I don't take “advice” from Democrats about who I should support, or why. They have no wish for Republicans to win, and we should know that. Their “advice” insults our intelligence. This is a scam they usually use to reduce criticism of Democrat candidates. It's an obvious SWINDLE and we should realize it and ignore it.

OBAMA LIKES KILLING BABIES: He approves of “Roe V. Wade,” which was the decision that allowed abortionists to MURDER 58.586,256 innocent, helpless BABIES who never even got a CHANCE at life, and is now opposed by the woman it was all about, today. She is now an ANTI-abortion activist. I wonder how many potential geniuses they MURDERED? What if Steve Jobs had been aborted? Apple Computers would never have been. How about Bill Gates? IBM compatible computers would have never been. This is what the “baby-killers” never consider. They may be killing someone who would find a cure for cancer.

CHRISTIAN WOMEN: "RAPE SUBJECTS": That's what Muslims think. They think it's “open season” on Christian women. That Christian women are “only there for the pleasure of Muslim men.” That's what is ordained by their “god.” This is how even the “peaceful Muslims” think. Which is why the rape statistics are skyrocketing in areas that accept “Syrian refugees,” who are, almost to a MAN, Muslims. Who are going to soon be going around killing innocent people for not being their kind of Muslim. They're already raping as many women as they can, even men, and CHILDREN of all age and both sexes, mostly very young. Liberals work HARD to keep us from knowing that.

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