Thursday, January 14, 2016

"We Have to Fix Our Politics"

Obama says, “The future we (I) want will only happen if we fix our politics.” Translation: We must get rid of the Republicans, so I can “run roughshod” over you without interference. That's what he means when he constantly criticizes “partisanship” and wishes for “BI-partisanship. Which, translated, means the same as “fixing our politics.” Bi-partisanship means “giving in” to his pipe dreams. That's what bi-partisanship has always meant, to him. Complete surrender by the Republican Party.

SHOULD WORK ON HIS GOLF”: That's what The co-founder of Home Depot says: “Obama's economy is not working. He should just go work on his golf game. I have to agree. I have been known to criticize his playing golf so often. But now I realize that, while he's playing golf, he can't do things to ruin this country. If the game keeps him away from his "pen," that's not a bad thing.

WHAT SUCCESS? Hillary says she “plans to build on the successes of the Obama administration." WHAT successes? The economy is in the toilet, the foreign policy is a mess, the health profession is in chaos because of Obamacare, there is no border security, race relations have been put back 100 years by his claiming ANY opposition to his "pipe dreams" is racism, and Obama is well on his way to destroying the coal industry and causing energy prices to skyrocket. WHAT successes?

CAYMAN ISLAND TAX SCHEMES: Hillary has sworn to “go after” “Cayman Island Tax Schemes”--except for all hers and Bill's, of course. Those she will leave alone, and do all she can to cover them up, like a cat covering up doo-doo in a litter box. It really amazes me how she pledges to “go after” schemes in which she is deeply involved, and she thinks we don't know that. Next, she'll go after all the government employees who have private e-mail servers.

90% CONSERVATIVES? How do these imbeciles GET their jobs teaching our young, impressionable kids LIES? Professor Ross Avila, teaching at the University of California, Merced, teaches that “90% of terrorists are white, Christian conservatives.” Where do these FOOLS GET these lies? Do they make it up? There needs to be some means of making fools like this PROVE the truth of what they teach! Or stop teaching it.

COMPLETE FABRICATION: A LIE! You've no doubt heard the claim that the father of the Koch Brothers built a Nazi major oil refinery before the war that was personally approved by Adolph Hitler. The intimation, in an article written by a known Koch-hater, in the New York Times, intimated that he “helped build up the Nazi war machine.” But he did NOT. There was no “Nazi war machine when his company built it, and it didn't come into being for years after. Hitler was not yet known for the monster he was.

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