Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hillary Is A Hypocrite

For calling Trump a sexist for calling attention to her husband's “zipper down” policies. She , herself, has committed many sexist offenses in her ongoing defenses of her rapist husband when the women came forward and told what they knew. I think it's unconscionable for the courts to be charging Bill Cosby for doing what Bill Clinton has done throughout his career, mostly with impunity.

SHOOT 'EM DOWN! Iran has, several times, shot uncontrollable rockets to within close distance to our vessels. We have been uncharacteristically stoic about it, merely sending “strongly worded protests” that really mean nothing, to Iran. This has happened several times, so it's no mistake on their part. They're trying to provoke an incident. We should make it a REAL incident and shoot one of those rockets down, maybe even 'take out” the installation from which it was fired. Maybe they'd get the idea that isn't a good idea to send even a “feint” attack. They stupidly think they can take us on, and win. They need to learn otherwise. It won't happen as long as we have that wimp in the White House.

FOX NUMBER ONE NEWS CABLE: It's number two overall, but was only exceeded by ESPN, which is a SPORTS network. They were not exceeded by ANY news network. CNN didn't even make the top 20! They were 22nd in the rankings, and MSNBC ranked 26th. Al-Jazeera barely moved the needle, ranking in the 99th position. As it should be. Liberals knock Fox, saying they “tailor” the news and lie a lot. Maybe they should look in the mirror, because that's what CNN and MSNBC do. Fox is not afraid to tell the TRUTH.

DOES TRUMP HATE WOMEN? It's easy for Hillary to evade criticism from her opponents by using the “hate women card.” every time Trump (her best opponent) or anyone else criticizes her, she says, “he hates women.” And the wimp liberals "lap it up" like puppies do ice cream. Funny. Nobody ever says she “hates MEN” when she attacks him. Obama's got his “ace” to stifle criticism with “racism,” which he has spent most of his presidency “whipping up,” and she's got hers.

GETTING TIRED OF IT: It seems like we're in a PERMANENT election cycle. I can't remember when we weren't listening to one candidate for some office or another carping about the other. Now, members of the same party carp about others in the PRESIDENTIAL race—which nobody has even had a chance to vote on, yet. And when Trump brings up TRUTHFUL abuses by the husband of the current Democrat candidate (the "anointed" one), the media is surprised. I wish they'd just shut up and vote!

WHY'S EVERYBODY SURPRISED? Trump brings up Bill Clinton's “zipper down” policy when Hillary calls him a sexist. Surprise, surprise! Bill screwed everything he could before, while, and AFTER he was president (still does), and she expects it NOT to come up when she runs and uses him in her campaign? Can she really BE that stupid? Of COURSE she can. She said Muslims had nothing to do with the Islamic terrorists, didn't she? Of course when she did, she was just parroting Obama, and we KNOW he is that stupid. What amazes me is when one politician whines when the other criticizes him/her. Isn't that what a campaign is all about?

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