Monday, January 4, 2016

Louie Hates Trump

(Calypso Louie) Farrakhan hates Trump. That, in itself, would be enough for me to vote for Trump, if I didn't already have many good reasons, including the fact that members of his own party are AFRAID of him, plus the fact he isn't afraid to “go against the grain” and SAY so. Unlike politicians. The Founders WANTED this government to be “of the people and BY the people,” and so do I. It was DESIGNED to be a “citizen government,” but career politicians have made a shambles of the whole idea.

BERNIE SHOWS HIS IGNORANCE: One more reason NOT to vote for Bernie Sanders, aside from him being an ADMITTED socialist. He just doesn't understand how laws work. He recently sent out a Tweet saying, “How is it that a kid who smokes pot gets a police record, but the CEO of a company that ruins people's lives has no criminal record?” Hey, Bernie: that CEO has done nothing to rate a criminal record, and that kid HAS. Anybody with so LITTLE understanding of how laws work has no business being president. That CEO is only guilty of a crime in your “fevered” liberal (socialist) brow.”

TELLING US WHAT TO SAY: That's what Bernie is trying now. He says it's “not Kosher” to talk about Bill Clinton's “zipper down” policy. Why the hell NOT? It's VERY appropriate, since Hillary was instrumental in DESTROYING the women who claimed he raped them, which shows her complete LACK of common sense. It really pains me what they're doing to Bill Cosby. Guilty or not, it is the basically same things Bill is guilty of. And he is being punished, while Bill is still “loved,” and is still making half million dollar speeches. Hey, Bernie! You don't get to tell us what we can talk about!

KILLED HIS DAD, THEN BLEW HIM UP: ISIS murdered this 4-year-old's father because he might have participated in an earlier raid that killed a couple of their “soldiers.” That might be understandable in a war zone. But what they did next shows what they are. Barbarians with no souls. They placed some explosives into his body in such a way as to destroy his bodily organs (You can guess which orifice they used), and blew him into small pieces. They probably screwed him first. A four-year-old,” who had done them no harm! These people need to DIE, in the most painful way possible!

CALLING THEM “EXTREMISTS”: Planned Parenthood just “sh-t in their hat” by calling those against their murdering of helpless, innocent babies while still in the womb (sometimes), “extremists.” what the HELL is “extreme about being against the MURDER of infants and the selling of the body parts that they ripped off their dead bodies? What the Islamic terrorists do occasionally is horrible (see above), but what Planned Parenthood does (in THIS country) is CRIMINAL, and those who oppose it are using COMMON SENSE, and are NOT “extremists.”

RYAN: “YOU'RE AN IDIOT”: Because you're all “out of shape” because he let Obama get away with everything he wanted when he allowed the “Omnibus finance bill” to pass into law without any kind of a fight, funding ALL Obama's “wet dreams.” Ryan is a COWARD, who is deathly afraid of being called, “the politician who shut down the government.” Her fell for that OBVIOUS Democrat CON, and proved that he has no business being Speaker of the House. It didn't take him long to prove his incompetence.

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