Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Obama Supports Demonstrators

Surprise, surprise! Obama has sent out a statement that the liberal media will crow over, saying he "supports the anti-Trump demonstrators!" Who the hell do you think is BEHIND the Demonstrators? The Democrat Party, funded by George Soros, who constantly does everything he can to disrupt things in this country while making millions, maybe BILLIONS doing it. He can't last much longer, but he's already taken care of that, naming people to carry on his "work."

FIRING THE AG: It's about time a president fired an "entrenched bureaucrat" for not doing their job. The acting Attorney General announced that they would not be enforcing Trump's executive order, thus telling the world she will not do her job. Under Obama, she could get away with that. But Trump is something new, that bureaucrats just don't understand, but they soon will, after more of them lose their jobs for refusing to obey orders. Bureaucrats have made rules that make it almost impossible to fire them....almost. But they don't consider a president like Trump.

MAKING TRUMP LOOK BAD: It's an industry. There are many groups willing to PRETEND they're Trump partisans, doing things like running military-looking trucks through a place like Louisville, KY, with a large Trump flag flying from it. But that does not, in any way, mean Trump, or real Trump partisans had anything to do with it. It was done specifically so anti-Trump activists could make a Nazi reference. Doing things like this is but one popular way to make Trump look bad.

ENDING CHICAGO GUN CRIME: Rahm Emanuel doesn't know how to do it, but I do. Let the cops know they can "stop and frisk" bad guys without having liberals look over their shoulders looking to "jam them up," and ENFORCE the current laws giving criminals longer sentences for using a gun to commit a crime, and stop waiving those charges to get convictions in other crimes--which is just lazy police work. That'll do it.

GUN GRABBERS HORRIFIED! They hate the very thought of school teachers being allowed to bring their guns to school. As if that has been a problem in the past. They favor, instead, allowing only uniformed, armed security guards being allowed to carry guns, instead. This is foolish, because, as has been proven time and again, potential shooters can "take him out" from ambush, before the serious shooting begins, because he is easily identified and isolated.

BSA BUCKLES: The Boy Scouts of America has buckled under the pressure from liberal fools who want them to admit "transgendered" girls" who think they're boys to the Scouts. They can look for increased instances of sex between scouts as a result of this. Kids who think this way will more than likely be amenable to sex, even at that age. Especially at that age. I look for girl scouts to do the same, also leading to child sex.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Making It About Religion

Liberals are twisting the Trump 7-nation "pause" on immigration as being a "religious ban." It is NOT. It is a TERRORIST ban! What makes it SEEM like a "religious ban" is that ALL the terrorists these days ARE Muslims. But we are NOT banning MUSLIMS. We are banning TERRORISTS, who HAPPEN to be Muslims, and the liberals are making the most of it in confusing people who pay no attention to politics and read mostly only the headlines. That this is dishonest goes without saying.

PLEDGING THE TRUTH: A reporter in the press room had the temerity to demand that the new press secretary, Sean Spicer, "pledge never to lie to us." That's an INSULTING thing to say. It's a question that doesn't deserve an answer. A better question would be to ask that reporter if HE would "pledge to tell the truth!" Of course, we note than nobody ever asked OBAMA'S press secretary anything similar, and he lied to the press every day. But then, they were (and are) "in the bag" for Democrats.

HILLARY'S NEW TV SHOW: Hillary isn't "going away quietly into the night." Word is she plans on creating her own liberally-oriented TV show that she figures will get very high ratings and keep her in the headlines so she can run for president again in 2020. She's due for a rough comeuppance. She couldn't even draw a small crowd in her appearances during the campaign after spending millions on ads. In some places NOBODY showed up, while Trump regularly drew 10 and 20,000. But I guess she's used to failure, so she'll probably find a way of making money out of it, even through its failure.

CRYBABY ALERT: I'm getting very tired of watching that clip of Chuckie Schumer "clouding up to rain" while talking about Trump's "immigration hold that they keep running, over and over. There's nothing in it to bring up so much emotion in this fool, and I'm sure he's just "crying on cue" to make a point. This guy bugs me anyway, with his glasses always way down on his nose, and the crappy things he says. If he doesn't need them to see, why does he wear them, at all, except for effect? Maybe he thinks they make him look smarter. What a phony!

STARBUCKS TO HIRE "REFUGEES": That's INSTEAD of Americans. I can think of no better reason for Americans to STAY AWAY from Starbucks! They're placing the welfare of "refugees" above that of American citizens, and that's unAmerican. With MILLIONS of Americans out of work because of Obama's policies, it's an OUTRAGE for them to hire "refugees" in front of Americans, pure and simple. And it's not racist OR religious discrimination to say that, it's common sense.

IGNORANT LEGAL ACTION: In Austria--which has no First Amendment--a pro-gun activist was JAILED for five months. Why? He said "Islam is at war with the West." While not precisely correct, such a statement should not earned him a jail sentence. What is not correct is that not ALL Islam is "at war with the West." Just the RADICALIZED Muslims. But this points up the difference between us and other countries. Here, you can say what you feel, even if the government doesn't agree.

TRUMP HAS THE PEN, NOW: Obama (in)famously bragged that he "had a pen and a phone, and didn't need the Congress." Now Trump has the pen and is busily undoing all the outrages Obama created with those instruments. Obama even tried to PERMANENTLY fund "Murder, Inc.," Planned Parenthood, but Trump will soon unravel that, too. Obama tried his best to undermine Trump during his "lame duck" period, but not much he did cannot be erased with a stroke of Trump's pen. And Trump WILL use it; count on it.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

De Facto Gun Ban

Kate Brown, Democrat (of course) governor of Oregon, is working HARD to make laws that can be used as "loopholes" to deny gun rights. One example is the requirement that applications must be okayed by the State Police. If the State Police fail to approve it quickly, or there is a breakdown between the issuing agency and the State Police in transferring the paperwork, the application can be delayed FOREVER, and the applicant may have been KILLED by someone with an ILLEGAL gun in the meantime.

BLAMING THE VICTIM: Washington State (which is right next door to Oregon) wants to make a law punishing gun owners who fail to store their guns "safely" if they are subsequently used by a child (or an adult) carelessly to injure, or kill someone. The NRA teaches courses in that, but anti-gun fools HATE everything the NRA does, so they ignore that, and will duplicate their efforts by starting their own. This effectively blames the victim for someone else's actions.

WE'RE TOO DUMB: That's what the New York Times thinks, anyway. They say the reason why we don't buy the horse manure of global warming is that we're "just too dumb to understand the numbers." Actually, we're too INTELLIGENT than to accept the PHONY numbers put out to support it. Global warming, and it's successor, "climate change," has been debunked so many times, in so many ways, intelligent people will NEVER believe in it. In any case, even if everything it claims were true, a ONE DEGREE rise in temperature over 100 years isn't something that frightens me, in any way.

IRAN BANS AMERICANS: Iran has started banning US citizens from entering their country in retaliation for Trump's ban. Big whoop! Who wants to go to Iran, anyway? If you go there, you're taking a chance on being taken hostage (by the government, for cryin' out loud!), held for ransom, and being kept prisoner for years, maybe being killed. Iran thinks what they're doing is a big deal. But who the hell CARES? Get OVER yourself, Iran.

PURPOSELY OVERDOING IT: I'm sure Trump didn't mean to include people who already live here, that were VISITING those 7 countries, and are well established here in his order about stopping immigration from there. Especially not those who worked FOR us in those countries. That is NOT "immigration," and even those being sent here from Islamic terrorist strongholds because they helped us. I think this whole problem is being CREATED by "holdover Obama bureaucrats" to make trouble for Trump, and they should be immediately fired, or transferred to garbage collection, or to the morgue in charge of identifying dismembered corpses.

SOCIAL SECURITY GUN GRAB: Under Obama, "rules" were changed to allow the government to deny Second Amendment rights to Social Security recipients who decided to allow somebody other than themselves to handle their finances, for ANY reason, claiming doing so showed them unfit to have guns. Congress, under Republican control now, has decided to reverse that, and it will not longer be a factor. But I wonder if those who have ALREADY been disallowed guns under that "rule" will be given their guns back?.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

What About Domestic Abortion?

Trump has signed an executive order to cut off funding outside of the US. But what abut abortion funding INSIDE the US? We need to stop ALL funding for abortion; inside, and outside this country. But, unlike with Obama, I can be sure Trump has plans to fix that little problem, and END the brutal MURDERS of helpless infants, inside, and outside the womb.

IT'S NOT ABOUT RELIGION! I've said this before, and I'll say it again, as many times as it takes to get through the thick skulls of the lefties (if that's possible). Trump is NOT holding up approvals of emigration for "refugees" because of their religion. He is doing it because most of them are coming here for the expressed purpose of killing as many "unbelievers" as they can. They just HAPPEN to be Muslims, because they are the only ones doing it, and there's NO WAY they can yet be properly vetted. Until that can happen, we're FOOLS if we let them in, especially in large numbers.

THERE'LL BE NO TORTURE: President Trump approves of SOME forms of torture for Islamic terrorists, but will defer to his Secretary of Defense, who is against it. Personally, I don't care if they revive the guillotine for use on the Islamic terrorists. Or find as many sharp swords as they need to pay them back for sawing off people's heads with their rusty, dull knives. Those fools do not deserve to LIVE, much less know they will not be subjected to any kind of "enhanced interrogation." They can still laugh at our feeble attempts to "interrogate" them.

THERE'S A DIFFERENCE: Liberals have been criticizing Trump for issuing a flurry of executive orders after criticizing Obama for HIS executive orders. What they don't mention is that there is a small difference between them. Obama used them to get around the law, while Trump is using them to fuel a RETURN to obeying the law. When going through the Congress is appropriate, that's what he will do. Unlike Obama, who thought his will was supreme, and he could get laws made by a swipe of his pen.

SAVING MONEY: Trump could save us a lot of money of he did away with the practice of having an "entourage" everywhere he goes, and many men waiting for him when he gets there. Those people who follow him around would be much better used to get some work done instead of following him around. The same for those who always seem to be standing around waiting for him to arrive. I know some of them are his security people, but not all. Those NOT of his security should be sent back to their offices to do some work.

WHY'S AMERICA SO RICH? Would you believe someone actually wrote an article on that subject? And somebody advanced the idea that it was because of the government! The only way the government had anything to do with it is to stay out of the way! What's responsible is the FREE MARKET! It is the reason people from all over the world FIGHT to get here to better themselves. This is where they KNOW they can better themselves. It's why we've done better in less than 300 years than countries that have been around for THOUSANDS of years.

Friday, January 27, 2017

"Trump Orders Are Racist!"

At least that's what CAIR thinks (CAIR is the Council on American Islamic Relations, a known group with Islamic terrorist ties). That's hilarious! The representative of some of the most racist people on Earth think Trump's executive orders are racist! I may fall off my chair laughing! Who the hell do they think they ARE? Some people really have GALL. And CAIR has it, most of all. They have the temerity to call Trump's orders racist, when they represent the most racist people on the planet! What FOOLS they be!

BRINGING BACK WATERBOARDING: That's what Trump's talking about. But he means more than that. Waterboarding is the LEAST possible "advanced interrogation techniques" to use on the terrorists. Islamic terrorists laugh at it. They lop off people's heads as an example to other captives to get THEM to talk, and it usually works. They do many more things to torture them, knowing we won't reply in kind. Well, it's time we did. Trump has sent them a signal with his approval of returning to the use of waterboarding and other forms of interrogation. That leaves it open for a lot of things and they can't be sure what we'll use. It has to be disconcerting for them. And that's what we want.

COP POLITICIANS SPEAK: The "rank and file" cops think more guns in the hands of honest citizens can make a real difference in reducing "gun crime." Sometimes just by killing the criminals and taking them out or the equation. Fewer criminals, equals less crime. The police politicians think otherwise, from their "ivory towers." They say a more powerful ATF and more gun control is the answer. More of the same, in other words, and more of that. Are they really that stupid? Apparently. Their kind of gun control hasn't worked, and more of it isn't going to work, either. But that's what they want.

ENFORCE THE CURRENT LAW: Every time there is a mass shooting, or even a simple gun crime the ignorant politicians scream for "more gun laws," even though none of the ones out there work. Even those that might do some good, such as the ones mandating stiffer sentences for criminal who use a gun in the commission of a crime. Those charges are routinely waived to get convictions in other crimes. I call that lazy law enforcement.

THE BIG MAC ATM: That's the inevitable result of an unrealistically high minimum wage, as is being insisted upon by many fools. MACHINES dispensing "Big Macs," instead of people, because people have become too costly to employ. In addition, businesses, who just can't afford to hire people, will FIRE them, and then, no matter how high their minimum wage is, they will have no jobs. We keep saying that, but politicians keep ignoring us.

THEY CHICKENED OUT: The City of Miami, Florida has "chickened out" on their "sanctuary city status." I guess they don't want to lose those millions of dollars Trump has promised to stop giving them. I predict that, in the coming days, weeks, months, and years, more and more "sanctuary cities" will follow suit. Losing millions of dollars is a serious consequence for those who violate the law. Frankly, I think the mayors of such cities should be punished for violating federal law--but they won't be.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Lowest of the Low

Talk about "yellow journalism! A German newspaper says somebody ought to MURDER Donald Trump to get him out of office. That's about as low as whale dung, and that's on the bottom of the ocean! There are even people here saying the same thing. Has-been former rock star Madonna even told a crowd she "dreamed of blowing up the White House." I'm not sure what's fueling these damned fool excesses, but they're only showing what FOOLS they are.

NEEDS DEPORTATION: He's an illegal alien. He's afraid Trump is going to deport him. So he bit off his room mate's ear and threatened to go on a shooting spree and "kill a lot of people." This is the kind of illegal alien that NEEDS to be deported before he can carry out his threat. That's after serving a prison sentence for "terrorist threats." The item I read did not reveal his name, though it did name his room mate. But they should. And this is the type of man Trump should TARGET for deportation.

"IT ISN'T THAT MUCH": Marie Harf, one of Obama's chief mouthpieces, said the other day, about Obama giving $221 million to Islamic terrorists, "Don't worry. It isn't that much." Well, Marie, it might not be to you, but it is to US! You arrogant bi,,,,er. witch! Like most liberals, they throw around our money with abandon, then tell us it "isn't all that much." In one way she's right. He could have given them $500 million like he did the UN. People like her get used to throwing around a lot of your money. So it takes billions of dollars to represent "a lot of money" in their minds.

IT'S BECOMING A CRIME: Today, "hurting someone's feelings" has become a crime. Not by statute, but by "shunning." And soon, if liberal "snowflakes" have their way, it will BECOME a crime by statute, as will disagreeing about global warming and talking about it. The "snowflakes" will decide what CONSTITUTES "hurting one's feelings. It will be a SUBJECTIVE LAW, that can be DEFINED by the accuser OR the enforcer, at their whim.

IT'S A RAPE CULTURE: We don't want to keep ALL Muslims out, just the ones who have promised to kill all of us who won't "convert" to their "religion." And Islam condones not only the rape of adult women, but of CHILDREN, boys and girls. Old Muslim men "marry" little girls as young as SIX! Wherever Muslim "refugees" are accepted, rape figures skyrocket. They "patrol" the streets, looking for potential rape victims, male, female, adults or CHILDREN.

PEELOSI'S BIGGEST LIE: Peelosi has lied so much it's hard to judge what is her BIGGEST lie. But this one is right up there! She says Obamacare was "bipartisan legislation." The truth of the matter is, not a SINGLE Republican voted for Obamacare. How can that POSSIBLY be called "bipartisan legislation?" Only if you're demented. Remember, she's the one who infamously said of the Obamacare legislation, "We have to pass the law to find out what's in it." Since when do we have to pass things into law to find out what's in them? To do that is MADNESS! By the time it's PASSED, it's way too late!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Selective Outrage

Some time ago a bunch of black thugs beat the hell out of a white disabled man and filmed it. They then posted the beating on Facebook. Did it make a "splash" in the liberal media? It was hard to tell over the sound of their yawning. I'm wondering what the response would be in the liberal media if the thugs were white and the victim black? Actually, I don't have to wonder. I know. It would be "outrage city." Liberals would "lose their minds" over it. This is the kind of thing that has convinced people who pay little attention to politics that white against black racism is rampant in this country, when black against WHITE racism is building, fueled by the remains of Obama's fools in government, and media,

IT'S NOT ABOUT RELIGION! Liberals like to scream that Trump wants to stop Muslims from entering the United States--period. That's a typical liberal twisting of everything he says, or does. It's not about religion, it's about a large group of Muslims threatening to kill Americans who won't "convert" to their phony "religion," and who are coming here by the thousands, claiming to be "refugees," but who are not. These "refugees" are mostly young, fighting age MEN, with very few women, children or old people. That's NOT using RELIGION as a ban. That's banning people who threaten us from infiltrating us and setting out to kill us.

THE WALL IS SYMBOLIC: Trump has long talked about building a WALL at our southern border. But a wall, by itself, will not keep illegal aliens from sneaking into this country. To work, that wall must be seriously patrolled, and those attempting to climb over it or tunnel under it must be ARRESTED, and imprisoned. Not just "sent back home." IMPRISONED, and THEN sent back home. And if they return, even once, given an even LONGER prison term before sending them home, again. That's what Mexico does, yet they will whine mightily if we do something similar. And those who commit crimes here should be dealt with severely.

KEEPING HIS PROMISES: Trump set to work on his first day to keep his promises. And the second day. And the third. He has signed myriad executive orders to reverse some of the Obama outrages. And he's not finished, yet. He will continue to sign executive orders reversing those signed by Obama, and soon will start making LAWS in Congress to do the same. The liberals are "jumping up and down," as expected. They rail and scream and cry, and stomp their feet, but all their antics don't accomplish a thing except to show them for the fools they are. And the media "laps it up" and do their biased reports.

STOCK MARKET REACTS: For the first time in history, the Dow Jones rises over 20,000! Not because of Obama, because of TRUMP! There's a good reason why it did not hit that zenith while Obama was in the Oval Office. They had NO CONFIDENCE in Obama EVER being able--or willing--to make things good again. they HAVE such confidence in Trump. And they're showing it. Everything Obama did made things worse. And Trump is busily reversing them, as quickly as he can. Even so, the stock market goes up and down, but always trends UPWARD. Anybody who immediately sells when it goes down for a while is a fool that is making somebody else rich. Keep your stocks, and it WILL eventually go upwards.

NOT ABOUT CROWDS: The Democrats like to misunderstand what Trump says and criticize him, based on that misunderstanding. One of the latest examples of that is their insistence that Trump is "all upset" over "crowd size," and the liberal media's misreporting of it. That's not it, at all. It's about the media's demonstrable twisting of the news. It's about MEDIA HONESTY! But they'll never admit it. They'll go right on misrepresenting his words and using every trick in the book to make him look bad, while he makes them look like the fools they are.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Cops Support Gun Rights

At least, the urban cops do. They didn't ask cops in smaller cities how they felt, so we don't know. The "rank and file," who live in the community, what they thought, and they mostly agreed that, since they could not be everywhere at once, law-abiding citizens should be equipped, and ready to defend themselves until they can get there. Police politicians, who live in their "ivory towers" sometimes disagree, and these are the ones anti-gun "researchers" usually cite. Not this time.

THEY HAVE A PLAN: The Democrats like to say the Republicans want to get rid of Obamacare, but they don't have anything to replace it with. Frankly, I don't think they NEED to replace it. Just make a few changes in how the medical profession is run, as well as how health insurance companies are allowed to operate, and that will take care of it. But the GOP does have a "replacement." It is the "Patient freedom Act." Whether or not this act will do what is needed is not known, but we'll see. But the idea that they have no plan is bogus--as usual.

READY! FIRE! ER, AIM! Talk about officiousness! A Pennsylvania judge used a NON-EXISTENT LAW to confiscate the gun used in a "road rage" incident. He only displayed it to discourage the guy behind from tailgating him. But the judge used the "civil forfeiture act" to keep his gun. That act is English common law," and doesn't apply here. Therefore, it doesn't exist. This is how liberal, anti-gun judges twist the law. This guy would be out his gun if he hadn't had a good lawyer. I wonder how many other cases this judge has decided on the basis of non-existent laws?

TRUMP'S MANDATE: One of the dangerous things Obama did in his eight years as president was to "gut" the military. The military is just "a shadow of its former self" after he got through. And Trump has a MANDATE to bring it back up to strength, and more. One of his executive orders on his first day EXCLUDED the military from the edict to freeze government hiring. Talk about "hitting the ground running!" Trump is doing every bit of that, and the liberals (Democrats) are predictably whining about his every move. Screw 'em!

DEMOCRATS GO RACIST: Or better I should say, they go BACK to racism--if they ever left it. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) were their "shock troops" to keep blacks down. Jim Crow was a Democrat. Martin Luther King was demonstrating against DEMOCRATS! The Democrats filibustered the "Equal Rights Act," while the GOP supported it. Yet they try to paint the GOP as being "the racist party." Now one of the potential Democrat Party chairs says she feels her job will be to "keep whites DOWN! How's THAT for racism, personified?

NO WONDER WE'RE BROKE! Obama likes to throw around our money like it was his. In his last days in office, he sent the UN $500 million, even though they're known to be our enemies! Then he sent $221 million to the Palestinians! Knowing the Palestinians are an Islamic terrorist organization that wants to END Israel, one of our staunchest supporters in that area. He has thrown our money around wildly during his entire administration. It's like he wants to leave Trump with "empty coffers" as he goes off to his full-time golfing trip, partly subsidized by the Secret Service, who must still keep him alive, even though they might not give a damn, any more.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Democrat "Tantrum"

The Democrats are "throwing a tantrum" by holding up as many of Trump's appointments as they can, as long as they can. That's the only power they have left, having lost The House, The Senate, the presidency, and thousands of governorships and other elective offices all over the country. It reminds me of a toddler laying on the floor screaming and kicking his feet, while making sure his parents notice. Mitch McConnell says they "should grow up."

TRUMP'S "WAR ON MEDIA": Trump's new press secretary held his first press conference, at which he spent the entire time giving the media hell about the way they have covered the inauguration, as well as the election, itself. By so doing, he has "declared war" on the media in Trump's name. Many liberals say that's "unseemly," but I think it is long overdue. The media fawned over Obama for eight long years, and are now doing their best to hurt Trump. They've got it coming.

"OUT OF CONTEXT": Madonna (the has-been former rock star) is "shooting back" at her critics for "taking her wildly out of context." How do you take somebody out of context when you simply play a recording of her words, in their entirety? I can't say how many times I've heard a POLITICIAN trying to weasel out of something by saying he was "taken out of context." I suspect the Secret Service won't be so easy to deflect. They take these things seriously and have opened an investigation into her comments to see if they constituted sedition.

ARE THESE PEOPLE DEMENTED? Gabby Giffords is still insisting on "gun free zones" as "protection." What kind of "protection" is a rule nobody ever obeys? It's INSANITY to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result, and that's just what they're doing. They do the same thing with all their other laws that don't work. They insist on them being made, and gullible politicians "tug their forelocks" and obey.

DEMONSTRATING THEIR BIAS: In a move that demonstrates their bias, a known left-wing "watchdog group" has filed suit against Trump for "violating the Constitution" by not yet completing his divestment of interest in a company that does business with foreign sources. What is simply a delay in business then becomes something to waste the time of a court and several lawyers, after they IGNORED Obama's REPEATED violations of the Constitution.

A SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID: I don't believe I've EVER seen the kind of stupid that has been displayed by some of the has-been former rock stars who told us they "dreamed of blowing up the White House (Madonna)," or that she thought Trump lusted after his DAUGHTER (Ashley Judd)! How abysmally STUPID is this kind of thing? And it's about as LOW as it's possible to get. As low as whale dung, and that's on the bottom of the ocean! And they have no idea what FOOLS they're making of themselves, and how they're helping to destroy the Democrat Party.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

NY Times Lies Again

The NY Times reported that the Martin Luther King bust had been removed from the Oval Office, which was absolutely untrue. When called on the lie, NYT said "a Secret Service agent must have been standing in front of it." Which reveals just how deep their fact-checking goes before reporting something like that. They knew that would make Trump look bad, and that's what they want to do, so they ran with it until found out. Then they made a lame excuse. Of course, that allowed them to ignore the fact that the Churchill bust (which Obama had removed) had been RETURNED to the Oval Office.

PROTESTING BANNING MURDER: One of the things the "Women's March" is "demonstrating" against is the reversal of Roe v. Wade, which made "legal" the MURDER of defenseless infants IN THE WOMB, before that infant even had a CHANCE at life, and only for the CONVENIENCE or its parents, who don't want to take the responsibility of raising the result of their unprotected sex. They'd rather KILL their child than be responsible.

MILLIONS WATCH OBAMA LEAVE: Millions of people crowded DC on inauguration day. The government thought they were there to see Trump, but that was not all of it. Most of them just wanted to see Obama leave DC. They wanted to be sure he's gone. I couldn't go to DC to watch him go, but, not like usual, I was glued to my TV so I could at least get a glimpse of him "flying off onto history," never to screw with America in any meaningful way.

"SELF-AGGRANDIZEMENT": The former CIA Director told us he was "tired of Trump's constant self-aggrandizement." And he's right. Trump does like to talk a lot about what he is going to do, and HAS done. But where was that "sickening" when Obama did it? When Obama told us how great he was (all false), the media and all the liberals "ate it up." The difference with Trump is, it's all true! Is it really bragging when it's true? It's really funny when they give Trump grief for the very same things THEY are guilty of.

GUN SALES TO GO UP: I'm not talking about LEGAL gun sales, which are fueled by a fear of possible coming increases in already tight anti-gun laws. I'm talking about the ILLEGAL gun sales and THEFTS fueled by Obama's releasing of hundreds and hundreds of criminals and Islamic terrorists, so they can victimize more and more people. Obama recognizes "kindred spirits" in prison, which is why this crook and con man who conned his way into the White House released them, while he still could, and to make it harder in Trump, who will be dutifully blamed when crime goes up on "his watch."

"TOO MANY BILLIONAIRES": Liberals are complaining about Trump appointing so many billionaires to his Cabinet, as if that's something only Trump did. Forgotten are the many millionaires and billionaires on previous liberal Cabinets. Of course, that's something liberals ignore when a Republican gets in office. so, as usual, they criticize Trump for doing the very things THEY do. Democrats are so transparent, it's funny. But those who don't "pay attention to politics" never notice--and they vote. Which, outside of their election fraud, is why Democrats win so many elections.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Crafty If Not Wise

I have to say that "MOMS Against Guns" (or some such) are a crafty bunch. They think of all kinds of things to get noticed. That's necessary, when you have no real message, which they don't. They want one thing: to violate the Constitution of the United States of America, which states categorically that "the right of Americans to be armed shall not be abridged." And everything they try is an ABRIDGMENT of those rights. They have ONE GOAL in mind to destroy the Second Amendment to the Constitution. It's that simple. And illegal.

WE NEED MORE OF THIS: A robber jumped out of his pickup to rob a 78-year-old man, who pulled out his own gun and blew him away. He was dead when he jumped back in his pickup and ran away, but his body didn't know it yet. The cops found him dead later, and recovered the old man's wallet. We need many more such instances, which will reduce crime in two ways: by making potential criminals leery of robbing people because they might be armed, and by reducing the number of LIVE criminals out there.

TRUMP GETTING BUSY: No, not THAT! He signed an executive order commanding bureaucrats to NOT do any of the outlandish and expensive things Obama told them to do to "prop up" Obamacare, which will help Obamacare along on its way to oblivion. He doesn't really need to REPEAL Obamacare, just stop all attempts to "prop it up" and it will "shrivel and die." Good riddance. THEN he can repeal it.

HALF DIDN'T PAY: The Department of Education has revealed that fully HALF of students have defaulted on their student loans, and there's really no good way to make them "pay up." That's really not such a surprise, since those loans place such a burden on them--a burden that is not really needed, unless they want to be doctors, or lawyers, which REQUIRE degrees. Government actions have pushed tuition so high it's ridiculous.

FOR WOMEN'S RIGHTS: I just saw a clip on Fox of some women who are planning a "rally for women's rights" and right behind the wide-mouthed speaker was a woman wearing a burka. Talk about a contradiction! A burka represents one of the most repressive regimes on women there is. Maybe they should go after the MUSLIMS on women's rights. Women have more rights in America than anywhere else on Earth. And fewer rights in Muslim countries.

DEMOCRATS WHINING: They accuse Trump and the conservatives of all kinds of crap. Naziism, racism. sexism, and as many other stupid names as they can think of, all with NOTHING to back it up. But then we look at what THEY are doing and we see them doing ALL the things they accuse us of doing, and more. They riot and destroy property not theirs. They hurt people. I heard about shots being fired at one "demonstration" and a limousine being set on fire at another. Then there was that police car set on fire. All done by PAID "demonstrators" who are paid by the Democrat Party to disrupt as much as they can and they don't care who they hurt or whose property they damage.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Trump Can Do No Right

Donald Trump decided to stay at his own hotel in DC while he got inaugurated as the 45th president (if he makes it to the bible with so many liberals promising to assassinate him before he can be sworn in. That move saved the government even more money, as who would charge money for the use of his OWN property? But that isn't how the liberals saw it. They saw it as a conflict of interest, and "free advertising" for his hotel. Apparently, Trump can do no right, according to them.

GIVING THEM IDEAS: CNN ran a story recently that says "If Trump gets assassinated before he can take the oath, Obama can remain in power." Of course, this ignores the law, set up by the Constitution, that lays out a very distinct line of succession. They think if it happens BEFORE he gets inaugurated, that changes things. It doesn't. Trump is still the ELECTED 45th president, and only the proper line of succession can be considered, For CNN to run such a story on the eve of his inauguration is "journalistic malpractice" and should BAR them from even being CONSIDERED as a proper news source. It also gives the Islamic terrorists ideas.

"DELEGITIMIZING JOURNALISM": The president of the CNN organization says Trump wants to "delegitimize journalism." If he does, he's too late. CNN has already done it with their rampant bias in their "news reporting." How they can accuse Trump of that with a straight face is hard to believe, except I know none of them have a sense of humor and can't see the humor in such crap. CNN has done more to delegitimize journalism than ANYBODY. And they have the GALL to say that about Trump? What a bunch of FOOLS they are!

200 EXECUTIVE ORDERS: It is said that Trump will sign as many as 200 executive orders right away to reverse some of the damage Obama has done with HIS executive orders. But it doesn't need to be that complicated. All he needs is ONE executive order. One that says ALL Obama's executive orders are null and void. That should do it. I can't think of a SINGLE executive order Obama signed that we should keep.

IS TRUMP DIVISIVE? That's what Democrats say he is. I guess he caused them to go stupid when he won BIG (as he said he would) when all the "dirty tricks" they could think of fizzled. I guess him winning in an electoral college landslide was just too much for them, causing them to hire a bunch of goons to foment riots and do a lot of damage. I guess Trump violated protocol that says Democrats MUST rule, and he's totally responsible for all their angry retaliation on him for winning the presidency. Yeah, I guess he IS "divisive," at that (sic).

NEVER WATCHED AN INAUGURATION: This is the very first inauguration I've ever watched. For many years I purposely ignored them as unnecessary pomp and ceremony. A "dog and pony show" to make the peasants think something important is happening. And in many cases, I was right. Nothing ever seemed to change, no matter who was inaugurated, no matter what party was in the majority. But today is different. It has canceled the movement toward socialism and signaled a movement back toward the free market that made us the "destination of choice" for people who wanted to better themselves.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Free With Our Money

Obama is pretty free with taxpayer money, especially in his last days in office, where nobody can "touch him" for what he does. He has sent another $500 million dollars to the UN Climate Fund to "fight global warming," in spite of the fact that global warming (now called climate change) is only in his imagination and that of the global warming religion acolytes, and of AlGore, who has used that CON to become a BILLIONAIRE.

SHOWING THEIR COLORS: Democrats don't just oppose Trump. They're threatening violence and tumult at his inauguration. They have a scheme to bring TRAINS to stop, and to block traffic in such a way that nobody can get to the inauguration. They have threatened physical VIOLENCE! Some have even threatened the use of ACID! This is not "loyal opposition," it's pure SEDITION, and those involved should be punished as such for it.

TALK ABOUT ARROGANCE: The liberal media, sometimes erroneously called, "the mainstream media," just released an ultimatum for Trump, saying, "WE will set the rules for our coverage, not you." Talk about putting their heads in the wringer! That's a direct challenge to the president of the United States, who has PROVEN that he does not NEED them, and I can't wait to hear his response. They're going to learn that a direct challenge is NOT the way to deal with Trump, when they head home with their heads up their rear ends.

IT'S A MIRACLE: That we've been able to accomplish a "peaceful transfer of power" from one president to the next 43 times--and are about to do so again--if the liberals can be kept from assassinating Donald Trump to keep him from entering the Oval Office. That's because in no other country has it ever happened. Nobody who ever held power in other countries has ever willingly given up that power--except in the United States. That's the miracle of our type of government, which was designed by our Founders, all of whom the liberals (we called them "Tories" then) hate with a passion, and try to "tear down" every time they get a chance.

"DANGEROUS AND SILLY": That's what the anti-gun fools call the very idea of allowing concealed carriers to bring their guns onto campus. They think citizens using their legal guns to stop a user of an ILLEGAL gun from killing people on campus is silly because citizens doing that is so rare--which is a LIE they propagate to support their phony narrative. They ignore the fact that there are ALREADY many guns on campus, in the hands of people who have them ILLEGALLY, and that hasn't led to a "wild west atmosphere." What FOOLS they are!

TYKE DOES RIGHT THING: An 8-year-old girl was walking along a road with her parents and found a gun that turned out to be loaded. Instead of picking it up and maybe shooting herself or someone else, like uninstructed children sometimes do, she went immediately to her mom and told her about it, like the NRA teaches children to do when they find a gun. The cops were called, found the gun to be loaded, and heaped praise on her for "doing the right thing." Did the anti-gun fools do likewise? Surely you jest!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Chicago Not the Worst

Trace, a known anti-gun fool web site. is now saying Chicago is NOT the worst place to live if you want to not be shot and killed. They base it on population figures, not total deaths. So Chicago has less killings per 100,000 population than some other, smaller cities. This is true. But it doesn't mean their gun laws WORK. It is just a different way of reading the numbers. Chicago still had 762 murders last year, with most of them accomplished by a gun, and all their draconian laws haven't stopped it.

REVEALING HIMSELF A TRAITOR: Obama has revealed himself as a traitor president, by commuting the 20 year sentence of the fool who now calls himself "Chelsea' Manning, the guy who started all the Wikileaks leaks of many of our secrets. Secrets that got many people killed. I look for that fool deserter to be the next one to be "forgiven." Or the "Sheikh" who masterminded 9/11. There can be no explanation for WHO he releases except that he IS a TRAITOR and wants to do as much damage to this country as he can, before he is forced to leave office.

INCREDIBLE STUPIDITY: Cops are REQUIRED to be armed while on duty. Michael Zuby, a cop in Pennsylvania who was also employed by Wal-Mart for security, entered the store while on duty as a cop to buy something. HIs boss at the store told him he had to "get rid of the gun" wile in the store, to which he replied that he was required by law to be armed while he was on duty, and he was on duty, and refused. So they FIRED him and even asked his police chief not to send HIM to the store if they called for police assistance. That request was also refused. So he is suing Wal-Mart because of their incredible stupidity.

GUN GRABBERS LIE AGAIN: The "Violence Policy Center," a well-known anti-gun outfit KNOWN for putting out LYING numbers, has done it again. They just put out a report slandering all concealed carriers. It says "firearm permit holders have killed 921 people (not in self defense or in defense of others) since 2007." which is an absolute LIE. First, only THREE permit holders killed anybody in TEN YEARS. Further, fully ONE-THIRD of the "murders" they cite were SUICIDES. They omit the fact that MOSTLY people who have ILLEGAL guns, WITHOUT permits, commit MOST of those murders. That is the main fallacy in ALL their law-making regarding guns.

"DELEGITIMIZING JOURNALISM: The boss at CNN is accusing Trump of "wanting to delegitimize journalism." Rush is right. They ARE "funny when out of power." CNN has, ITSELF "delegitimized journalism." It's really funny how liberals accuse conservatives of doing what they're doing, themselves, and expect intelligent people to buy it. Liberals coined the term "fake news" so they could apply it to conservatives. But the conservatives successfully applied it to the liberals, who are the WORST purveyors of fake news, so now they've BANNED the use of the words.

WORRIED ABOUT THE DEBT" Democrat Senator Michael Bennett got very exercized when questioning a candidate for appointment to Trump's staff, waving his arms all about and yelling at the nominee. He was "all worried about" Republicans increasing the national debt, when they got rid of Obamacare. As if Obama didn't DOUBLE the national debt in his short eight years as president. Again, now they're out of power, they're worried about the very things THEY did when IN power. As usual.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lewis Is A Liar

Rep. John Lewis, who famously ("INfamously) called Trump "an illegitimate president," said this is the first inauguration he will miss. That's either a very faulty memory, or it's a LIE. By saying that, he destroyed any thought of being taken seriously. He'll just have to continue "riding high" on his fifty year old experiences. He certainly hasn't done much recently, of note. Maybe he's trying for Al Sharpie....er, uh, Shatpton's spot.

LOSING HICKENLOOPER: John Hickenlooper (what a name!) is a two-term governor of Colorado who is term limited. He is a staunch anti-gun fool and a high tax supporter, who supported, and got passed, one of the biggest tax hikes in Colorado history. Colorado, which is a Republican dominated state (except in Denver). may just join the Republican revolution and elect somebody who is a little more intelligent, and a Republican, of course.

WATTS THROWS A TANTRUM: It must be very irritating to be an anti-gun fool these days, especially the "mouthpiece" for a billionaire anti-gun fool (former NYC Mayor Bloomberg). Recently Shannon Watts (boss of MOMS Against Guns, or something like that) tried to tout her "achievements" in taking away our gun rights, but couldn't--there AREN'T any. So recently she "threw an Internet tantrum," criticizing NRA TV host Grant Stinchfield, then refusing to come on his show to defend her LIES. She's afraid to.

"DEPENDING ON" OBAMACARE: The Democrats like to talk about the millions of people who "depend on Obamacare" to keep Trump from getting rid of that abortion. But they don't "depend" on it, they were FORCED to "depend on it," or get fined. Nobody with any brains wants to keep it. They want REAL health insurance, which Obamacare, with its excessive cost and excessive deductibles, does NOT provide.

TRUMP PANIC: The Democrats are in "panic mode." They never expected Trump to win the presidency. They thought "the fix was in" and Hillary was to be "crowned" the next president, and all their scams would remain intact, even though Trump PROMISED to get rid of them. They SAY Trump is one of the most unpopular people ever to become president, not explaining just how, if he was so unpopular, he got enough votes to get the MOST electoral votes in recent history in spite of all their efforts to "short-circuit" him.

PRINCE'S BIG MISTAKE: He had a lot of money when he died, but, due to his big mistake in not having a will, the biggest beneficiary of his estate will be the government. They will get HALF of it, and his relatives can divide up the rest. They'll get a lot less than they would have, due to his inaction. And the government will get a big "boon." They've got it set up that way. If people don't "pay attention," THEY profit.