Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Obama Shows His Ignorance Again

He makes a speech repeating his “economic programs” for the 19th time and, in it, he calls all the “scandals” swirling around him “phony,” and he really expects us to believe this lie. What a FOOL he is to think we believe a single word that comes out of his mouth. The people whose family members have DIED because of his “scandals” would disagree. One woman who was told she “didn’t have a need to know” how her son died in Benghazi because “she’s not directly involved” wants to know how having her SON killed is NOT being :”directly involved.” How STUPID is this fool? Damn, I get tired of repeating this!

NOT WILLING TO NEGOTIATE: Obama keeps repeating the lie that the Republicans will not “negotiate” with him. That’s one of his damned lies. They’re more than willing to “negotiate,” but they’re not willing to violate their core principles in doing so. But when it comes to “not negotiating,” it is OBAMA who refuses to “negotiate” with Republicans. He will not even invite them to his meetings and refuses to even TALK to them.

MUSLIMS KILLING EACH OTHER IN EGYPT: They can’t even agree amongst themselves on a leader in some of their countries, Syria and Egypt being two of them. The government in Syria is using nerve gas on its people and Egyptian cops in civilian clothes are shooting and KILLING demonstrators. This may be the only reason why they can’t possibly win in the end because they can’t even stop killing each other!

SPAIN IS TAXING SUNLIGHT: I guess they figure to cash in on the fools who think “sun power” is the way to go and they want it NOW! We’ll never make any progress on unscrewing things up as long as fools like this are in power and making laws. They’ll be taxing FARTS next. In America, they’re already taxing cow farts. That’s right; COW FARTS! You can’t make this stuff up, folks! They’re DOING it! And they’re watching Spain, too. Soon, they’ll be taxing sunlight here.

CUMULUS MAY DROP LIMBAUGH: They may also drop Hannity. What kind of FOOLS are they to drop two of their biggest draws? People think this will hurt Limbaugh and Hannity. Truth is, they are both bigger than Cumulus ever was, and Cumulus (Second biggest broadcast syndicator in the U. S.) will be the one to suffer, especially if Limbaugh and Hannity set up their own syndication company. They don’t need Cumulus. Cumulus needs THEM.

FACT: HE CAN’T PROVE IT: Obama likes to ridicule those who demand he prove his American citizenship. But the unalterable fact is, he can’t prove it, or he would. The Federal Marshals should remove him from the white House and keep him from signing ANYTHING until he does. Not impeachment: that’s reserved for REAL presidents. He should be removed from his office in irons and FORCED to prove it. Not just ridicule those who don’t believe him while refusing to do so.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Creating "Jack-Booted Thugs"

The federal government is giving free military equipment to local police and making them into a bunch of “jack-booted thugs” who burst into private homes without warrants and KILL those who oppose them, something those homeowners are legally allowed to do. What is this country coming to if those militarized cops don’t get PERSONALLY punished when they do this? Not sued; the taxpayers pay when that happens. They should face CRIMINAL charges themselves and have their careers and lives ruined.

“YOU ONLY NEED SO MUCH MONEY”: That’s what Obama thinks. And if you have more than that arbitrary amount (set by him) in your retirement account, he plans to take everything above that amount. What the hell makes him think he has the right to tell you how much you NEED? And what the hell makes him think he has the right to STEAL anything over that amount? Damn, this fool really likes to exceed his authority in all things. He should be arrested and IMPRISONED for many of the things he does.

OBAMA “CRACKS DOWN” ON CRIMINALS: Except himself. He doesn’t like competition. All the money criminals steal leaves that much less for HIM to steal. And frankly, he’s already stolen more money than there IS, and his counterfeiting operation (The Fed) is merrily printing more and more (billions every day). But if you do it, you’re going to prison. Bet on it.

VIOLATING “ESPIONAGE ACT”: The army private who leaked info to Wikileaks is charged with “violating the espionage act” and “aiding the enemy” by leaking that info. But what about Obama giving BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to the enemy? Shouldn’t he be facing the same charges? But NO! He’s the PRESIDENT. He can break ANY law with impunity. Damn!

YOU DON’T “NEED” IT!: Obama has some funny ideas about what we “need.” He says we only “need” so much money in our retirement account and he’s going to steal everything above that amount. He says we don’t “need” a gun for self defense, while the cops readily admit they “can’t be everywhere at once” and therefore can only “clean up after” the crime has been committed if you call them.

UNIONS CREATING UNEMPLOYMENT: They’re doing it again, folks! Unions are trying to get the minimum wage raised from $7.25 to $15 and hour. Which is more than McDonald’s, Burger King and others who offer “entry-level” employment, mostly to kids who still live at home, can afford to pay, considering their slim profit margin. That will make for fewer jobs and fewer employed people. The unions successfully ran Hostess Cakes out of business, thus creating thousands of unemployed people. Now they’re trying to do it with national companies.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Food Stamps DOUBLED Since Obama

We’re spending TWICE as much money on Food Stamps as we were when Obama took office. He doesn’t like it when we point that out. MY answer to that is, “Obama, stick it where you sit and shut up!” I’m sure welfare in general has done likewise. And they’re ADVERTISING for new Food Stamp participants! What damn fools we’ve (not me) elected!

OBAMA: “SHUT UP” That’s what Obama is telling Benghazi survivors. He doesn’t want hem telling their stories about how they BEGGED for help from Washington that never came while they were dying. David Uben did many acts of heroism that night and is STILL in the hospital because of it. But Obama won’t let him talk about it for fear he’ll reveal Obama’s incompetence and wimpish response.

IT’S ABOUT TIME: We’ve heard many bad things about football players lately; from doping to murder. But rookie Jonathan Willard saved the lives of an entire family when he saw their car on fire on the highway and pulled them out, just before their car exploded. We need to hear more stories like this instead of like the football player (who I will not name) who was arrested for murder and others suspended for using dope to enhance their performance.

HER OWN SCANDAL: Anthony Weiner’s wife (he of the “weenie wagging” scandal) now has her own scandal (Who doesn’t, in Washington?) She supposedly took a huge salary as a top aide to Hillary Clinton while collecting money as “special government employee.” (Who granted that status? We’ll never know.) This is how people swindle the public in Washington. It even has a name: “double-dipping.” Come to Washington broke, and leave a millionaire. There are many ways to scam Americans, and they know all of them in Washington. Is there an honest person in Washington? Doubtful.

MOM: “YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW”: The mother of one of the heroes that were killed in the Behgazi attack where Obama REFUSED to send help wants to know what happened and why her son is DEAD. They told her at the funeral they’d “get back to her.” So far, they never have. She DID receive ONE letter telling her she “didn’t need to know because she wasn’t directly involved.” Her SON is dead! How much more “directly involved” can you get? What GALL these people have! They keep on insulting our intelligence. When are we going to do something about that?

REPUBLICANS ARE DAMNED FOOLS: They think they have to become more like Democrats in order to win elections. That’s the “advice” the Democrats gave them—and they bought it. They’re now out PROMOTING Obama’s health care swindle law, saying, “It’s the law of he land, what can we do?” Slavery was once the law of the land, too. Slavery was wrong, too. If Republicans keep taking “advice” from Democrats, we’re doomed. And people wonder why I refuse to call myself a Republican, preferring to call myself a “rational individualist.” I make MY OWN DECISIONS, based on my own research and intelligence. Never on what others tell me.

ANOTHER CASE TO USE: Liberals have got another case to use in hogging all the news time to keep us from thinking about Obama’s crimes. A guy pulled up beside a car full of teens that had their radio turned up as high as it would go. He asked them to turn it down. An argument ensued, wherein the teens talked about “killing this fool.” They started to get out with something the guy says he thought was a shotgun in hand, and he pulled out his licensed gun and shot at the car, killing one. They were back. He was white. What do you think is going to happen when the liberal media gets on the job?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

"Real Heroes" On Rolling Stones

One month the Boston Bomber, the next, “weenie-wagger” Anthony Weiner (who is well-named). I don’t know what Rolling Stones is after, but they have shown a tendency toward lousy judgment. Maybe they’re doing so badly they need to do SOMETHING to make the liberal media notice them and give them some free publicity. They’ve certainly accomplished that. It really amazes me at what people like the fools running Rolling Stone think is news.

WHAT HAPPENED YESTERDAY? You're probably wondering what happened yesterday. Well--I gave my computer keyboard a "milk bath" and was afraid to do ANYTHING on it until I was pretty sure what I didn't get had dried up. Apparently it worked, because the computer was still working this morning.

EVEN WEINER IS GETTING TIRED OF IT: I’ve seen him walking out of many doors and flatly IGNORING newspeople that ask him about his “weenie-wagging.” Another politician asked him about it, and instead of answering, he told her he “understood her concern” and walked away, basically “blowing her off.” New York voters are finally waking up. He is no longer a “front-runner” in the mayoral race and he might not get elected so he can wag his weenie before a larger audience.

LEAVE IT TO CONGRESS: Congress is going to help Obama destroy this country. He has proposed sending weapons to the TERRORISTS in Syria and Congress has agreed. What’s WRONG with these FOOLS? You can push anything you want down their throats and they won’t even gag. They’re getting good at “taking the big one.” Read into that anything you like. I’m sure Anthony Weiner, “weenie-wagger in chief” knows.

SAN DIEGO MAYOR WON’T RESIGN: Politicians who have sex issues are really stupid. They just go right on. A “behavioral therapist” thinks because he wants to work with a woman on a project after “feeling her up” indicates she thinks it’s okay to “feel up” the woman as long as he’s willing to work with them. Will other stupid women think the same and vote for him?

WHY THEY SEARCH CHILDREN: Many people think it’s horrible to search children before they get on airplanes. I don’t. Same for the elderly. Drug gangs use BOTH as unknowing drug mules. Especially old people who are suffering from memory issues. But I think they’re STUPID for giving Muslims “a pass” on searches because there’s no telling what they try to smuggle in to use in killing us.

They asked a Muslim to pray for us at a funeral for Seal Team 6 members whose chopper was shot down by Muslim terrorists and he agreed. But instead of praying for us, he CURSED us in his own language. The fools who asked him to pray have no idea what he said. Did we ever ask a Nazi to pray for soldiers killed fighting Nazis in Germany? NO; we were a little more intelligent then. When are we going to learn that Muslims are our ENEMIES? They PRETEND to be a religion but they’re not. They fool many of their own people into thinking they are, too; and teach THEM to hate non-Muslims, too. They think we don’t know that.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Scandals Are All Phony

That’s what Obama says about all the scandals “swirling around” his administration. He actually thinks human beings will believe that crap! And people who still believe in this FOOL will. They proved their ignorance by voting for him—TWICE! Are there still as many fools out there voting to give Democrats total control of the three houses? Damn, I hope not! The family of those murdered while he watched (or slept) don't think they're phony. Neither do the conservatives whose application for tax-free status whose applications were held up for YEARS while IRS asked them stupid questions. Then there's the NSA spying.

THINGS I CAN’T UNDERSTAND: First, I can’t understand why Anthony Weiner, a confirmed “weenie wagger,” would go after anybody else with a wife that looks like his. To me, his actions border on insanity. But I also can’t understand his wife staying with him, and standing beside him the SECOND time his “weenie wagging” got him in trouble unless she’s just USING him to enhance her own political career. And I’ll never understand the New York voters if they put him back in ANY office! They’re the bigger FOOLS. And frankly, his weenie isn’t worth wagging. I saw it the first time.

IS IT REALLY RACISM? The Obama administration (which was supposed to end racial discrimination completely if he was elected) talks constantly about racial discrimination that doesn’t exist anywhere nearly as much as he says it does. And constantly talking about it CREATES racism—in blacks (Sorry PC Police, I don’t use the terms you dictate. African American is a phony, made-up term and I refuse to use it—ever. So take it and stick it).

WHY POLAR BEARS? Lear Capital is currently promoting a new silver coin with the likeness of a polar bear on the back. Why a polar bear? It’s an obvious (to people who pay attention) an effort to promote AlGore’s global warming (now climate control since global warming didn’t work) swindle and the phony story about polar bears dwindling (while they’re really growing). It’s a simple effort to revive the scam that made Gore billions of dollars.

THINK IT’LL WORK? They presented a scroll in Washington 60 foot long with signatures adorning all 60 feet. Do they think it will do any good? There have been many petitions presented in Washington to get an “investigation” into Benghazi started with NO results. Do they really think it will be any different this time? No law says Obama has to DO anything about a petition. It only says we have the right to PETITION the government. Not that they have to DO anything. That’s why I usually don’t sign petitions. That’s too much like going, “hat in hand” to a politician and BEGGING him not to be a crook.

I REALLY GET TIRED: I really get tired of fools like Nancy Peelosi insulting my intelligence with cracks like her “:We must pass the law to find out what’s in it” stupidity. Then she says “We must uphold the Constitution by passing gun control laws,” which VIOLATE the Constitution. We need to send this fool home to San Francisco with her tail between her legs. Unfortunately there are many more like her in Washington; which is what’s wrong with this government. We need to find a way to make sure voters are intelligent enough to spot such fools and NOT elect them to office.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Not Rain, Sleet, Snow"

Or dead of night. None of this will stop mail delivery, according to the Postal Service, but lack of money might. They’re now proposing ending home delivery of mail because they’re so far behind in money. They can’t understand that e-mail has cut into their first class mail delivery tremendously, which is one place they make a LOT of money. They just don’t understand that they are the “buggy whip manufacturer” of this generation. With better ways of communicating, plus many alternative ways of delivering packages, who needs them any more?

COULD TRAYVON HAVE USED “STAND YOUR GROUND?” Yes, according to the figures I’ve seen. In about a third of cases, blacks have claimed the “stand your ground” defense against a white attacker in Florida and have WON in 57% of those cases—which is more than white people have won, according to the “Daily Caller.” Obama says racial profiling is a major problem in black deaths, but figures prove that blacks are killed in 93% of the cases by OTHER BLACKS and that most gun killings happen where guns are PROHIBITED or severely restricted.

This woman is a complete imbecile and should be removed from her position for stupidity. She makes more stupid statements (and opinions) than anyone else in Washington. Like her crack about “passing the health care bill to find out what’s in it, she now says we “must pass gun control to defend our Constitution.” How do you defend the Constitution by taking away constitutionally guaranteed rights?

“COMPUTER ERROR”: That’s such a common excuse  used by the government to explain things like accessing Christine O’Donnell’s (a conservative) tax records the very day she filed to run for office, and filing a phony lien on a property she didn’t even own any longer. It’s all a tragic mistake made by a “renegade computer” which can’t be punished because it wouldn’t understand it even WAS being punished, You know, just like some government employees.

“MOVE ALONG, NOTHING TO SEE HERE”: That’s what politicians keep telling people who ask about their corrupt acts. That and, “That’s old news” after stalling and stalling for a long time, refusing to answer questions. They want us to just “move along” without them ever having to take any responsibility for their fool acts. Obama is saying that right now about HIS corruption on Benghazi, the tax “targeting” of conservatives and the spying on us by the government.

MUSLIM INVADERS CLAIM RAPE AT DETENTION CAMP: This by other Muslims, ferGawd’ssake! Boy, they’re good at “being victims,” aren’t they? Raped by Muslims! I really FEEL for them, but I can’t seem to reach them. Of course, they blame their captors for getting raped. Maybe we should have just shot them. Then they wouldn’t have to worry about being raped. Poor babies! We should shoot them on sight when we catch them "in the act" of murdering innocent people, Americans or otherwise. We'd run out of bullets quick, though.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weiner's Waving His Weiner Again

Somebody needs to tell disgraced former congressman, now mayoral candidate in New York that nobody’s interested in seeing pictures of his aging weenie. He has the gall to run for MAYOR after the original incident, and he might win, considering the intelligence of New York voters. The problem is not that he sent pictures of his little weenie to people who don’t want to see it (which included just about everybody), but that he actually thinks that’s an intelligent practice. That reveals a certain LACK of intelligence on his part that should send him running homeward, never to be heard from in politics again.

WHO NEEDS COLLEGE? Liberals (Democrats) make a big thing about getting a college education, but who needs it? If you want to be a doctor, lawyer, or several other professions that allow you to charge phenomenal rates for your time, yes. But for the “average” human being, no. I couldn’t afford to go to college and didn’t want to be in debt for that much as soon as I “hit the ground running.” I’m not rich, but I’ve done pretty well. I’ve made pretty good money all my life as a sign painter WITHOUT a college education. So who needs it? It’s overpriced and unnecessary.

POOR MUSLIMS: They cry about all the things they have to put up with in America after Muslim extremists knocked down TWO buildings containing almost 3,000 people who died, plus the deaths of all those helpless souls in those airplanes they used to do it. They wonder why many people see an obvious Muslim and shun them. It’s not that all Muslims do these things; it’s what this has revealed about the activities of most Muslims, such as child sex, women’s genital mutilation, treating their women as slaves, jailing women for “sex outside of marriage” after being raped, and many other things their BIBLE (The Koran) tells them to do. I have no sympathy for them. They're good at being "victims."

NSA’S INCOMPETENCE: In response to a Freedom of Information Act request (it should be called a demand) they replied that, with the antiquated system they were using, they could not even read THEIR OWN e-mails, let alone ours. If this is true, I wouldn’t worry overmuch about them reading our e-mails. Unfortunately, this is probably just a scam to get out of complying with FOIA Requests.

UN TRIES TO CONTROL OUR WORDS: They don’t want us to use the words, “illegal immigrants,” but instead use, “irregular immigrants.” Okay, I won’t; but not because I’m told not to by an insignificant organization that has no power over me, but because I already call these people “illegal ALIENS.” For the information of the UN, I don’t allow ANYBODY to tell me what words I can use. They’re fools for trying. Those who comply are fools, too. We worry WAY too much about what the UN wants us to do.

GIVING WELFARE TO ILLEGALS: Our laws allow us to extend welfare immediately to illegal aliens (Sorry PC Police, go suck an egg). That’s a damn fool thing to do in the first place, and should be ended. It provides a “gold-plated invitation” to illegals to come here illegally. AMERICANS can’t get welfare, or any other kind of assistance without a lot of hassle, so why should it be easier for people who violate the law just by coming here?

IT WAS A GAY THING! Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend, who tells us she was on the phone with him just before the fight with Zimmerman started, now tells us she thought it was a GAY MAN stalking him. Apparently she thought stalking and beating up on a gay man was okay and killing him in return wasn’t. Apparently she thought this mixed martial arts trained kid wasn’t up to stopping a gay man without banging his head on the sidewalk. This shows her complete lack of intelligence.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Obama Lied From the Beginning

It was apparent from the first moments of the attack in Benghazi that it was a terrorist ATTACK, not some “demonstration” that got out of hand. Obama must think we’re very STUPID to buy such a feeble pretense to maintain his FICTION (lie) that he had “single-handedly” whipped Islamic terrorists. Now the truth is coming out, and still nobody is doing anything about it. We even know who did it. So let’s go in and get them. Libya isn’t going to do it. I don’t think Obama has the guts to do something, either.

“FOX NEWS ALERT”: Everything on Fox News is an “alert.” The “Sky Is Falling” nature of that is losing its allure to viewers. They no longer pay attention when those words appear. What is it with people “in charge” that makes them think such things work? I like Fox News; they tell the WHOLE story, even if the truth hurts. But, like all the rest of the media, they go “wall-to-wall” with things like the Zimmerman trial, focusing for DAYS on the trial, running it live, as the expense of other news.

THE ZIMMERMAN LYNCHING: They’re still trying to lynch Zimmerman, who was only trying to defend himself against a bigger, taller, mixed martial-arts trained bully who just happened to be only 17 because Obama wanted an “example” to use in “whipping up” more racism—and he succeeded, as shown by this picture of a black man holding a sign saying, “Zimmerman—For Target Practice.” If some black man (or woman) kills Zimmerman, the blood will be on OBAMA’S hands—and on that of the media.

I’M GLAD I HAVE NO SAVINGS: I never thought I’d be happy not to have any “life’s savings,” but now I do; because Obama is going to STEAL everybody’s life savings. He has already stolen the life savings of many people by declaring their savings accounts “government property” over a certain amount, to be arbitrarily determined by him. And he will do that in many more cases in addition to creating inflation that will soon make ALL our money—in the bank, or even under our mattresses—worthless by printing “funny money as fast as he can. Have you heard of “Quantitative Easing?” That’s what it is, and every dollar he prints with nothing behind it and puts in distribution makes YOUR dollars worth less. It’s like pouring water into a glass of cola. Dilutes it. It’s time we (not me) realized this and STOPPED it.

FOOLS IN SEATTLE: The government wants to run ads against Islamic terrorism in Seattle and it has been BANNED.  Being a person whose life is run by LOGIC, I can’t understand why. But it becomes obvious when I learn the pressure to ban these ads comes from the ACLU and Muslim sources, and Democrats. They object to the fact that most of the terrorists pictured are Muslim. Never mind that most terrorists ARE Muslim. That fact doesn’t matter to them. And we (not me) allow it. It’s like banning ads against Nazis in WWII. Damn, are we (not me) FOOLS!

LOOKING FOR A DISTRACTION: George Zimmerman played right into the mob’s (headed by Obama) plans when he killed Trayvon Martin. Obama and his goons were casting about, looking for something, ANYTHING that would take the public’s mind off the many crimes he has, and is, committing daily. And Zimmerman did it. Even if Zimmerman wasn’t convicted, so much the better. It would last longer. He’s going to dither about for MONTHS trying to decide whether or not to file federal “civil rights” charges against him, while Zimmerman “twists in the wind,” waiting to see what Obama’s “pleasure” is. Meanwhile, the media concentrates on Zimmerman to the exclusion of anything else.

Monday, July 22, 2013

200 Camera Crews

That’s outside Buckingham Palace, awaiting the birth of the next heir to the British Throne. Speaking liberal, I ask, “How many hungry mouths could the money they spend for that spend?” Aside from the obvious question: “Of what importance is this to anybody outside of England?” But Obama LOVES the attention being directed AWAY from his CRIMES. As long as we’re only paying attention to the birth of a new royal heir, we don’t have time to wonder why he breaks the law on a regular basis.

FIGHTING TO MURDER BABIES: In Texas, they passed a stiff law against abortions after a certain length of time and they’re “fighting like cats and dogs” to keep their right to KILL THEIR BABIES right up to the time of birth, and maybe AFTER birth. Abortion promoters think it’s right, and should be legal to KILL the result of sex without birth control even if it does involve stopping a beating heart or having to cut a newborn infant’s spinal chord. It’s our own HOLOCAUST, but instead of being limited to only six million deaths, it’s a lot more, and the number is mounting every day.

Will the feds bail out Detroit? Probably. The theme in ALL the problems now faced by governments, all over the world, is “giving things to people who have not EARNED them, and bailing out Detroit, “which is too big to fail,” gives Obama yet another excuse to give money to more people who did not earn it. Detroit is an example of the “Domino effect” of the failure of the auto industry to operate competently for years. The auto industry failed to think of the ramifications of the lavish retirement pension agreements they made with the unions and, when the auto industry failed to live up to those promises, the City of Detroit failed, along with it.

WE’RE A REAL RACIST COUNTRY: So Detroit goes broke; and who do we appoint to find a solution to their problems? A black man, of course! What do racists do, except to find a willing black man to take on an IMPOSSIBLE job? That’s what racists do, right? We’ve elected a lot of black people to go to Washington, too. Why? Because “bailing out Washington” is an impossible job, so, of course, we give that job to lots of black people, right? (In case you're wondering, this is ridiculle, not seriousness.)

OBAMACARE FAILING: And Obama is “whistling while walking past the graveyard.” He has, many time lately, made speeches in which he says, “Obamacare is working!” It is NOT unless you consider it is working--for him in his quest to make this into a socialist country). It has already raised the cost of health insurance--as he planned. He has found it necessary to suspend enforcement of large portions of it, first to his friends, and now to others who will be drastically effected by it. Now even the UNIONS, which helped him pass it, are crying about how badly it’s going to hurt its own people. Already business has found it necessary to reduce the number of hours in a work week so they will not have to pay the RUINOUS cost of it while Obama keeps lowering the “official” work week to keep them “in the fold.” This man is a FOOL who refuses to realize it’s a “train wreck.” And back off.

“FRAUD CAN’T BE THE ARGUMENT”: Democrats use this flimsy argument every time somebody comes up with that argument against a government program because there’s so much of it. What? Just because there’s so many murders, do we ignore murder in the law? Just because hanging Islamic terrorists causes (in their twisted minds) better recruitment of crazy terrorists, should we stop punishing Islamic terrorists because they use that punishment to promote recruiting?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

"Voter Fraud Not A Problem"

That’s what the Democrats say because they can’t seem to find any. The reason they can’t seem to find any is because they work tirelessly to keep ANY kind of system that would FIND any out of the system; such as the simple measure to demand a picture ID in order to vote. They SAY that’s a way of keeping low income people from voting; that irritates my BS Meter. I have to show picture ID to get a Handicapped Sticker for my car, but I don’t have to prove who I am to VOTE. Is that stupid, or what? One woman went to prison for FIVE YEARS for voter fraud, but was only caught because she BRAGGED about it. she was a Democrat election official.

BRITAIN’S “BABY WATCH”: The whole world (including the United States) is breathlessly awaiting the birth of the new heir to the British throne and paying no attention to the world going to hell because of the incompetence of politicians all over the world. Greece being broke is but one example of the effect of incompetent politicians running the country into the ground. America and Obama are another. The richest country in the world is now BROKE because its president has spent more money than there IS and is printing new “funny money” as fast as he can.

MORE INCOMPETENT POLITICIANS: Detroit is yet another example of the “fallout” from the actions of incompetent politicians spending more money than they have on welfare programs and even ADVERTISING for people to apply for those programs. TAKING from those who can, and will EARN and GIVING to those who can’t, or WON’T earn is the main problem, but you’ll never convince them of that. They’re too stupid and incompetent, and are so arrogant they can’t see it.

HANGING ZIMMERMAN: George Zimmerman was found not guilty (Which infuriated the liberals). The liberals and black racists don’t like that. So now they’re clamoring for the feds to use the ONE way to use “double jeopardy” on him and charge him with “civil rights violations” which was originally started to stop local authorities from refusing to prosecute whites for harming blacks. But this doesn’t fit that. This man was legally found not guilty. He’ll be fighting one thing or another pushed by liberals who want to LYNCH him for the rest of his life. And, failing that, blacks will try to kill him. They have already promised to do that.

NOT FOR THE GANDER: The left is lecturing us on “civility” while publishing books and making movies approving of the assassination of George Bush. This is the kind of foolishness you can DEPEND on from the Left. Criticizing us for doing the very things THEY are doing themselves. Meanwhile, responsible people on the right don’t see it and ignore it. Apparently, “sauce for the goose is not good for the gander.”

LIBERALS JUST WON’T SEE IT: I’ve been asking the same question for liberal gun-haters for years, and NOBODY has been able to answer it. The question is, “What makes you think that CRIMINALS, who don’t obey laws, will obey one that says they can’t be armed?” They just “blow me off” by calling me names (like “gun-lover” or “right-wing extremist”), and walk away. They CAN’T answer it, so they avoid it. The same is true of another question I ask about Obama’s health care swindle: “What part of ‘can’t afford it’ don’t you understand?”

PUSHING RACISM: Obama comes out in a “surprise” appearance upstaging his “liar-in-chief,” Jay Carney and says things like, “Trayvon could have been me 35 years ago” to solidify the fantasy that this killing was racially motivated and he thinks we don’t notice things like that. Why doesn’t he make similar statements about the hundreds of black-on-white killings in Chicago? They don’t advance his agenda, that’s why. He wants to “spotlight” as many “white-on-black” killings as possible to whip up more racism. That’s to his advantage.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

"Trayvon Could Have Been Me"

That’s what Obanana says. I wish! If somebody had shot him when he was a young thug, and before he got to the “big time” where he could steal BILLIONS of dollars, maybe we’d have been spared the misery he has caused, and continues to cause, every day. Now he’s an older thug and is using the power of the presidency to steal BILLIONS of dollars—money our great-grandchildren will have to repay—if there is ANY America left after he finishes his depredations.

BLACK ON BLACK VIOLENCE: And black on white violence is rampant in our nation, but the liberal media ignores it. It doesn’t fit their narrative. Same with stories about people with licensed guns killing and injuring criminals when they try and victimize them. They SAY that having a gun makes a person more liable to shoot themselves than a criminal. They think you’re all fumbling fools that don’t know how to handle a gun. They’re looking at themselves as an example.

TIRED OF TRAYVON: Even though Zimmerman has been found not guilty, liberals are still clamoring for his scalp. When they don’t get their way, they “jump up and down” and “scream to high heavens.” They figure ONLY what they want is right, and we should ALL submit to their “superior knowledge.” They’re STUPID, and, as with ALL stupid people, they have no idea they’re stupid. Even Fox is still running shows all about this young thug who got himself killed trying to beat up a guy for “watching him.” You've heard that old line, "Whatchu lookin'at?"

TOUGH GUN LAWS, MORE GUN VIOLENCE: That’s a fact; but one today’s incompetent politicians will NEVER understand. In Chicago and Washington, DC, where gun laws are the tightest, gun violence is at its highest. In ONE recent weekend in Chicago, 74 people were victims of gun violence. Were any of those guns legally owned? None. But somehow people who want to do violence get guns, no matter how tight the laws are. Mostly BECAUSE they’re tight.

SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER: They’re a racist outfit themselves, but they pretend to be able to call other people racist. I’m sure they have my name on their “hate list” because I’m not afraid to criticize black (or white) people when they do or say something wrong. That includes them, and they hate that. They even think that because they SAY somebody is a racist, that theirs is the ”last word” on it. They lost their credibility a long time ago and only fools who pay no attention believe them.

LAUGHING AT JAY: In an example of how much Jay Carney, Obama’s “mouthpiece” has lost his credibility after YEARS of spreading Obama’s lies far and wide, he made a statement on the “immigration solution” and the press corps LAUGHED at him. They don’t call him on his lies, they just giggle to themselves whenever he tells a lie. Buy this time it was too much, and they got a big “belly-Laugh” out of it. Obama needs to get rid of this fool so his new “mouthpiece” can enjoy a LITTLE bit of credibility for a while—until they realize he’s lying through his teeth, too.

Friday, July 19, 2013

"They Old: We New School"

That’s Rachael Jeantel’s excuse for the jury not seeing things the way she does. “They old. We new school.” Therefore they’re too stupid to see things as they are. They just can’t understand reality. That’s her opinion. Frankly, I think she has led an insulated life that does not allow her to recognize reality; and she only sees things the way she’s been taught by the black racists around her. They teach her that she’s too smart by half. She’s a fool, and, as usual, she ha no idea she is a fool. So are those who taught her; people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpie--er, Sharpton.

THE “ROYAL BABY WATCH”: The media (including Fox) is still breathlessly awaiting the birth of a new heir to the British throne, while the world is “going to hell” around them. They spend real time wondering when this child will be born when it isn’t really all that important. But it apparently is, to them. Why, I can’t figure out. To divert our attention from Obama’s crimes? Probably. While we’re worrying about this birth, we don’t demand to know the truth about Obama’s crimes. That makes him happy.

SOMEONE SHOT A LAW-ABIDING CITIZEN! Quick! Make some more laws to further DISARM law-abiding citizens! Make them even more defenseless so criminals can kill more of them! That’s the “clarion call” for all liberals who want to disarm Americans and make them defenseless before the assaults of illegally armed criminals, who never seem to have any trouble getting their hands on illegal guns.

GOVT SYSTEMATICALLY LYING TO US: An example of that is “baseline budgeting,” where every department gets a ten percent INCREASE every year and if we reduce that by, say, 3%, they call that a “draconian cut” and make the most visible and unnecessary cuts (never to their "giveaway programs") so they can blame it on those “cuts.” As Obama is doing with the sequester reductions (not cuts).

MOST POPULAR SCAM: It’s commonly used by liberals and Republicans always seem to fall for it. They used it on George Bush (the elder) when they made a deal with him so he would break his campaign promise not to raise taxes, expecting them to cut spending in the future as promised. No cuts ever came; he lost the next election. They use this scam on Republicans all the time and you never know it unless you pay attention to what’s going on.

FINDING A REASON FOR LIVING: That’s what they say about Republicans. They tell them they have to stop holding onto their principles and vote for the things Democrats propose so they can win elections in the future. As if ONLY what the Democrats want are the same things America wants—which is a fool notion. Another fool notion is that Democrats have ANY interest in helping Republicans do ANYTHING, especially winning elections. Republicans who take their “advice” are ignorant, and SHOULD be replaced.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Big News! Obama Praises Bush!

The elder, not the younger for doing things that please all liberals, “feeding the children.” If I were Bush, I’d punch this fool in the nose for blaming everything bad on his son. I sure wouldn’t stand there and heap praise on Obama. Bush is like me; barely able to stand or walk now, and he needs to “husband” his standing time. The thing Bush (I) is most remembered for is being conned by liberals into breaking his promise not to raise any taxes. So why he would go along with anything the liberals do makes me wonder.

ZIMMERMAN OBSESION: It has been more than a week now since George Zimmerman was found not guilty of murder or anything else in the death of Trayvon Martin and I’m listening to Fox, which is STILL obsessing over it. And when it is not obsessing over Zimmerman/Martin, they’re obsessing over Twinkies and the Royal impending birth. And this from the BEST in the media. I can’t even imagine what the liberal media are doing because I don’t watch people I know are lying to me. If even Fox is spending as much time on non-essential news, we’re really going down.

MEDIA CONSUMED WITH NONEXISTENT RACISM: The FBI has investigated and found NOTHING racist in the Zimmerman/Martin case. Even Trayvon’s girlfriend, who CLAIMED to be on the phone with him just before he was killed, said there was “nothing racist” in using the term “Nig-a” for blacks, at least. But the media will not let it alone. They keep “whipping this dead horse” day after day, they hope until racism BECOMES a factor. Now somebody will raise hell with me for USING the word “Nig-a,” ignoring the context, as usual.

UNIONS CRYING ABOUT OBAMACARE: The very unions that worked so hard to help Obama pass his health care swindle law have now read it, and are horrified! You remember Nancy said we have to “read it to find out what’s in it.” Well, the unions have now read it and it has been “found wanting.” They say it will RUIN them. It will also ruin most businesses, too. But predictably they’re only concerned with it ruining THEM. With his most powerful allies now against his con, what will become of it?

CREATES MORE VIOLENCE: AG Eric Holder says “stand your ground laws” such as Florida’s “create more violence than they stop.” Unusually, he’s right. But they create the violence against criminals, not against innocent people. This is a GOOD THING, not a bad thing. But then, Eric doesn’t care about that, as long as he gets more and more restrictive anti-gun laws passed that make all of us (except people like him, who HIRE gun-toting guards to protect them), defenseless against (illegally) armed criminals.

STEVIE WONDER IS A FOOL: Like most “Hollywood types,” he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but gives his unwanted opinion anyway. He’s now “boycotting Florida because of “stand your ground.” I guess he thinks Zimmerman should have let Trayvon beat him to death, as he was threatening to do and was far along in its accomplishment. I really get tired of fools like him who were not there making statements like that, from LACK of information and large sized mouths.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Obsessing About Royal Babies

Who the hell cares? While the world is going to hell in a handbasket, thr media is obsessing on the birth of the next heir to the throne of England, and the return of Twinkies to store shelves. They spend hours of reporting time on such things, completely ignoring the fact that Obama is doing the same thing to this country that Lenin did to Russia, and that Hitler did to Germany. Are we (not me) STUPID? Are we (not me) going to remain asleep while Obama RAPES us as those two did to their countries?

WHAT KIND OF STUPID PEOPLE DOES IT TAKE? How much stupidity does it take to play football? Is this guy (Roddy White) brain damaged? Not all football players are stupid, but it seems enough of them are to give football a bad name. From fighting dogs to murder, to big mouths who don’t know what they’re saying, but say it anyway, you’ll find it all in football. Then you get a stupid statement like “All them jurors should go home tonight and kill themselves for letting a grown man get away with killing a kid.” Yeah, right! A “kid” who was beating the hell out of this overweight, out of shape older man. A kid who, instead of just going home when he saw a man watching him, attacked that man and was sitting on his stomach beating that man’s head on the concrete sidewalk when he got shot.

HOLDER INVESTIGATES HIMSELF: And for some reason, he can’t find himself guilty of anything. Not even “gun-running” to the Mexican drug cartels or unlawfully refusing to enforce SOME laws that he doesn’t agree with, especially against “his people.” Why we allow criminals to “investigate” themselves, I don’t know. Except that those who should be investigating the criminals in our government are criminals themselves and don’t want to “upset the applecart.”

NO COMPARISON: Trayvon Martin’s attorney says, “Trayvon Martin’s name will go down in history right along with Medgar Evers as symbols for equal justice for all.” WRONG! Medgar Evers was killed in a unmistakable racist act by DEMOCRATS. Martin was NOT. He was killed while he was trying to kill somebody for the awful crime of “watching” him. There was nothing racist in this, no matter how hard the media tries to “whip it up” with the help of the “race whores.” including Obama.

LOOKING LIKE THE ARMY: Black Panther Party people try their best to look like some kind of army people, going around wearing black uniforms, some with high-ranking officer’s insignia on their collars—ranks they have conferred upon themselves. They don’t know how people laugh at their pretentiousness. Yes, they Are a threat to good order, but any attempt to put that threatening look to work is ILLEGAL and they WILL be brought to justice—unless Holder decrees otherwise.

PRO ABORTION PROTESTERS LIE: They carry signs saying, “Pro-Choice is the majority.” It is NOT. The majority doesn’t condone murdering unborn, innocent babies as a replacement for a rubber when having sex. If you don’t want a baby, use a rubber or don’t have sex. But don’t kill the result if you “get caught.” That’s MURDER, no matter what the Supreme Court says. At one time the Supreme Court approved slavery, too—until wiser heads prevailed.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More Zimmerman

At the risk of continuing the obsession over George Zimmerman, I must make one more comment. This case should never have made it to trial. Only Obama putting unbelievable pressure on Florida officials caused it to come to trial. The police chief was FIRED for refusing to file this unbelievably weak case and not wanting to waste money trying a fruitless case against an innocent man. It was ALL political, from “day one.” They tried HARD to make it about race, when it wasn’t. when that became obvious, all was lost for those who wanted Zimmerman to be convicted of just about ANYTHING, if only of  “bleeding on the sidewalk.”

There’s another commercial that hits my stupid alarm HARD; it’s the one where a “board” discusses for hours what advertising pens to buy. They say they buy too many different kinds, and somebody says not to buy certain kinds because do so is too “controversial.” Is it true we get too worried about details like that and lose the “big picture?” Absolutely.

GERALDO: “I HOLD THEM IN HIGH REGARD!” That tells me a lot about Geraldo Rivera. If he is stupid enough to hold Sharpton and Jackson in “high regard,” he’s too stupid to be in an important position with Fox News. And he’s not even regarded as a LIBERAL member! Ever since his abysmal failure with his “signature story” on “Al Capone’s vault,” which contained NOTHING, I’ve wondered about him. I no longer wonder. He’s stupid. He just proved it.

ENOUGH, ALREADY! I’m into my second news show on Fox the day after they found George Zimmerman not guilty and they’re STILL obsessing on it. After an entire show devoted to the “aftermath” of the Zimmerman case, it was the LEAD STORY on the next show. Are these people stupid? Don’t they know they’re “ beating a dead horse?” They’re STILL rehashing the events and will be doing so for a long time, yet. Next phase, federal charges claiming “civil rights violations” in the killing; spend another million dollars of taxpayer money for nothing. Then Martin’s family suing Zimmerman for “wrongful death,” etc., etc. Damn! I’m getting sick of hearing his name...

SURPRISING RESULTS: Republican-dominated states, where abortion is an anathema, are out-populating states where liberals are murdering the results of unprotected sex. The only GOOD news to come out of this is that there will soon be a lot fewer liberals voting such stupid people as Obama into important offices where they can screw everything up. Liberals are surprised at this, as they’re ALWAYS surprised at the “unintended consequences” of their actions.

THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING: Like Vice-President Joe Biden's mouth, the “Fast & Furious” scandal keeps “rearing its ugly head” as more and more people are murdered, using Obama’s “gun running to the Mexican drug cartels scam continues to plague Obama’s administration. They try HARD to ignore the ramifications, but it’s getting more and more difficult to put off any real “investigation” of the case. Obama and his flunkies keep on trying, but it’s getting harder and harder as the bodies pile up

Monday, July 15, 2013

Media Wanted Zimmerman Dead

They wanted him to be found guilty of first-degree murder and put to death. The fact that the facts did not support this agenda meant nothing to them. They (with the help of Obama and his thugs) kept on beating it to death and even sponsored (with financial backing from Obama) anti-Zimmerman demonstrations during the trial. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better demonstration of a “legal lynching” attempt. If they could have done it, they’d have dragged him out of his cell and put a rope around his neck.

They’re still trying hard to inject racism into the Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman case. Racism is the only reason to try the federal “civil rights violation” method of lynching Zimmerman. But it has already been shown that racism had NO part in it, and it would be a monstrous stretch to charge him with that crime. (I hope this is my last post on that case, but maybe not, with the media still trying to lynch Zimmerman).

RUSSIA SAYS NO ASYLUM: But they’re allowing him to stay in the Moscow airport without “collaring” him. That’s a kind of “asylum,” isn’t it? Russia (in the person of its perennial president) loves to “tweak the nose” of America whether they say so or not. Update: Russia is now saying that "Since he is now saying he'd be willing to stop leaking, we may give it to him."

BLACK HERO: Whenever a black kid does something terrible, it usually makes the news. Sometimes in a big way. But when a black boy does something heroic, people tend to ignore it, be they black or white. I judge people as individuals, and I judge Temar Boggs and his friend as heroes. It’s too bad his friend wasn’t named in the report I read, but they’re both heroes. They chased a car with a little girl in it for 15 minutes until it stopped and she was let out, then took her home. It’s good the car thief wasn’t violent, as he could have been. They’re heroes nonetheless. The cops are still looking for the driver.

DOJ TO WASTE MORE MONEY: They’re “reviewing” the George Zimmerman case to see if they want to file federal civil rights charges against him. To do so they must prove the attack was both racially motivated and uncalled for. Seems to me it was both; but not on Zimmerman’s side. If politicians haven’t wasted enough taxpayer money (which we don’t have) this will put a cap on it. I feel sorry for Zimmerman, whose life will never be the same. Politicians and race whores like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will see to that.

A WORLD WITHOUT TWINKIES: With all the horrors that are going on in this world, I fail to see why the news media is making so much of “the return of Twinkies” to the market. One TV station in Denver assigned a reporter ALL DAY to report on it. Meanwhile, Islamic terrorists are murdering people all over the world (even some Muslims with whose version of Islam they don’t agree), gas prices are going up, and Obama is promising to “bankrupt the coal industry,” therefore destroying the energy industry, too. But the liberal media ignores that while he moves us ever closer to socialism.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Give It A Rest, FerGawd'sSake!

Zimmerman was found guilty after sixteen hours of deliberation, in a case that never should have been. And the news media (including Fox) are still beating us over the head with it. Now they’re asking everybody they can think of what their “reaction” to the not guilty finding is. It gets very racist and stupid. One man was asked where he was and what he was doing when he heard the verdict. He was on his couch, trying to get the case out of his mind. Score ONE, Obama. We’re not thinking about your crimes!

NOW THEY’LL SUE: Zimmerman has been found not guilty after sixteen hours of deliberation. Is it over for Zimmerman? No—it’s just beginning. Next step is “double jeopardy.” They’ll try to charge him with “civil rights violations” in the killing, and the Martin family will sue him for “wrongful death,” even though the court found the death was NOT “wrongful. He’s going to be in one courtroom or another for a LONG, long time, and paying lawyers millions of dollars (which will have to come from somewhere). This is a bonanza for lawyers.

“RESPONSIBLE” USE: The Florida Attorney General who FILED the Zimmerman case and wasted hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars (much of which will go into the pockets of lawyers), says the Florida gun laws are proper, but emphasized that they wanted RESPONSIBLE use of guns, intimating that Zimmerman did NOT use them “responsibly.” They tried their best to make this all about race, and failed.

OBAMA’S MAD! He had a lot invested in Zimmerman being found guilty, and he lost again. I guess I’m just as guilty as the media about going “wall-to-wall” on the Zimmerman case. But I have an excuse. I comment on the stupidity of this case even BEING as big as it has been for weeks and weeks. And there's no end of examples of that stupidity. Now they’ve found a well-known TV star dead in his hotel room and that will probably be the next thing the media obsesses about until we’re SICK of it.

STUPID TV COMMERCIALS: Damn! Something besides Zimmerman to talk about! Some of the television commercials today are hideous. Like the Progressive Insurance commercial showing a motorcycle “going to the big motorcycle in the sky” and the white-wearing Flo in an alley trying to con a man into buying Progressive insurance; or the old couple finding new ways of cleaning their home (which seems to be all they think about, though he says, “I don’t clean.” And asks “How much dirt can one couple make,” to which she answers, “a LOT.” I could tell you about more, but there are so many I can’t even remember them all.

EVASIVE WORDING: You’ll hear it all the time; a politician will tell the truth and get in trouble for it. They’ll call it a “misstatement,” and, for that politician, it is. It seems it’s a big mistake to tell people the truth. It’s a sorry time when telling the TRUTH will get a politician in trouble with the liberal media. That’s because the Democrats (mostly all liberals) hate it when they hear the truth, and can’t stand it. So they call it a “misstatement.” I would like to have lived at a time when telling the truth was not a “misstatement” and telling a lie was news. But it’s too late for that. I’ll never live long enough for the truth to become a GOOD thing in politics.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Coup, No Bucks

There was a military coup in Egypt. Not once, but TWICE. Obama was all for both, even when a known terrorist group’s rep, Morisi, won (the first one). Even after the army finally took Morisi down. He still wanted to send more billions of dollars to Egypt. But he can’t, if he follows the Law. The law says federal aid MUST be cut off to any country where a democratically elected leader (Morisi) is removed from office in a coup. Of course Obama, who obeys no laws, is going to send the money anyway. He figures to make it legal by refusing to call it a coup.

DEMS WANT TO HELP GOP WIN ELECTIONS? How STUPID do they think Republicans are? Yeah, pretty stupid. They told them not to criticize Obama in the last election, and they didn’t, because Democrats told them if they did, it would anger the independents. So predictably, they lost. What stupid fools in the Republican Party think the Democrats want to HELP Republicans win ANY election? Democrats will do anything they can to CRUSH Republicans, including “advising” them to do things that will GUARANTEE their loss.

“RULES OF ENGAGEMENT”: Obama’s “rules of engagement,” forced on our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, not only make it impossible to properly repulse any enemy, they also cost many lives. Giving them orders never to shoot unless the enemy shoots first basically gives the terrorists the “first shot.” Only the terrorists being lousy shots have saved a few of our soldier’s lives when they do. This only shows how STUPID it is to let a CIVILIAN who has never been in combat make such rules.

OBAMA’S FAVORITE CON: His favorite thing to do is promise you whatever you want, but not tell you WHEN he will do it; then put it off forever, telling you to “just be patient.” This is how he can lie so often, to so many people, and get away with it. Another con is to promise you anything at election time, then pretend he never made a promise. If you call him on it, he calls you a racist and goes right on as if you never spoke.

DEMOCRAT DISASTER: Obama had two years in which he controlled both houses of Congress AND the Executive. He could have passed just about anything he wanted into law and there’s nothing the Republicans could do about it. But he didn't, and the things he did do during that two years were so outrageous that the electorate sent 64 Democrat members of Congress home and gave the control of the House back to the Republicans. It was a disaster for the Democrats. I’m waiting to see what disaster awaits the Democrats in 2014.

DEMOCRATS LECTURE US ABOUT “CIVILITY”: While Democrats gleefully write books about how to assassinate George Bush while calling anybody who is “right of center” all kinds of foul names. They call us all kinds of names while chiding us about civility. That’s a well-known Democrat con. They said if we elected a black president, we'd forever destroy racism in this country. So we did (at last half a black president) and he has made it his business to whip up as much racism as he can, calling us racists for so much as disagreeing with him and saying so. this guy is one of the best con men I've ever seen.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Obama Creates (Only) Part-Time Jobs

His health care swindle law has caused employers to remove many full-time jobs in order to avoid having to provide more expensive health insurance to their workers, since his plan eliminates part-time workers from the requirement. So now employers have reduced their hours, and Obama followed by reducing the hours required for part-time work, after which employers, “tit-for-tat,” again reduced their employee’s hours. Obama needs to quit playing with people’s incomes. Lower incomes mean lower taxes. Or is he too stupid to realize that?

WHO WOULD USE THAT TOILET? I just saw an item on The Blaze about a fool who got himself down into a public toilet septic tank so he could see woman’s (and maybe man’s, too) sex organs while they “did their business.” Aside from the foolishness of his act, which forced the cops to “hose him down” before putting him in a squad car, from the looks of the toilet, I wonder why any intelligent person would USE that toilet, as dirty and crappy as it is. I sure would NOT.

IRS POSTS SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS: They “accidentally” posted them to the INTERNET, and it took 24 hours for them to remove them when one of their more competent people told them about it. This is an example of the abject incompetence that reigns supreme in the IRS, as well as most other federal offices.

UNNECESSARY CUTS: Obama is ORDERING many “unnecessary cuts” and blaming them on the sequester, hoping that will keep Americans from demanding more cuts in unnecessary government spending in the future. The cuts he makes are the silliest I have ever seen; like getting rid of “hazardous duty pay” for soldiers serving in particularly dangerous places and such things as White House tours, that the government doesn’t even pay for. Meanwhile he’s sending BILLIONS of dollars in “foreign aid” to a country that has most recently been run by a known Islamic terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood.

WHY DOES FOX DO THIS? Why do they “give us” wall-to-wall coverage of the Zimmerman/Martin case when there are THOUSANDS of such cases in courts across the land? Why THIS one? Why did they do the same in that previous case where a woman was on trial for the murder of her child? Why? Why are we forced to listen to every repetitive word after repetitive word the lawyers say? We can hear the RESULTS in a simple news report. This trial, like sausage, is not something any SANE person would want to watch in detail. Give us the RESULTS, not the gory DETAILS.

THAT WORKS BOTH WAYS:  Muslims are giving Obama a message: “Barack Obama wished all Muslims a happy Ramadan, I told her [his mother-RT] that maybe he should stop killing us too,” Well, I’ll tell ya, guy: we’d stop killing Muslims when Muslims stop killing us.” I love the way they criticize us without mentioning (ignoring) the fact that the reason we kill them is to stop them from killing US. Damn, how STUPID they are!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Hope And Change"

This was what was promised by Fidel Castro and it took many people in, including the father of Ted Cruz (Rafael) who originally supported him and, when he “saw the light,” was imprisoned and tortured by the Castro regime for his actions. In a recent speech, he (Raphael) told the audience he saw a complete similarity to what Castro did in Cuba in what Obama is even now doing to the United States. People criticize me for making comparisons to what Hitler did in Germany and what Vladmir Lenin did in Russia, but I’m far from being alone in that assessment. Wake up, people! They’ve done it before and are doing it again!

ADVERTISING FOOD STAMPS: The United States government is ADVERTISING Food Stamps IN MEXICO for people planning in moving to the United States (legally or illegally, I guess), letting them know we are willing to support them when they get here. Couple that with their advertising Food Stamps in America, itself, and you can see that they WANT an increase in people DEPENDENT on this government (and are therefore willing to vote Democrat to keep the “goodies” coming).

JUST CHANGE THE NAME: That’s one of Obama’s many ways of “getting around the law” that he uses on many occasions. Currently he’s using this scam to avoid the law making it ILLEGAL to keep sending billions of our dollars to Egypt after the duly elected president was removed by the army in a “bloodless (at that point) coup.” He refuses to call it a coup so he can keep sending our hard-earned money to the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt. It’s like refusing to call murder murder to keep from putting murderers in prison.

CONSTITUTIONAL OVERSIGHT: There should be in place some kind of “congressional oversight” to MAKE SURE politicians and even Supreme Court Justices OBEY the Constitution. Way too often the president ignores the Constitution in his policies (Obama more than most) and actions and the Supreme Court sometimes misinterprets the Constitution in its decisions. A good example is ”Roe vs. Wade,” the decision allowing the MURDER of millions of unborn, innocent babies.

MENTALLY BENT: And they VOTE! Some people in this country are really bent, mentally, yet they’re still allowed to vote—which is one reason why we have such stupid and incompetent politicians in office. Such as the guy who is SO “bent” he actually climbed painfully into the septic tank of an outdoor toilet, covering himself with excrement (they had to hose him down before arresting him because he was covered with excrement) so he could get a look at people’s sex organs as they “did their business.”

DEMS “ADVISING” REPUBLICANS: What makes Democrats think Republicans will “take their advice” so they can “win elections” in the future? What makes Republicans think Democrats are INTERESTED in helping them win elections? That would take breathtaking stupidity on the part of Republicans, wouldn’t it? You’d think Republicans wouldn’t fall for such stupidity, wouldn’t you? Yet they do. Now they’re telling them not to criticize Obama because the “independents” won’t like it. And Republicans buy it. Damn. The stupidity abounds!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Talk About A "Police State!"

In Henderson, NV, cops wanted to use a man’s home to spy on his neighbor. He refused. So the cops arrested him and “confiscated” (stole) his home and used it, anyway. The cops “smashed open his door,” shot him and his dog with “pepper weapons,” and arrested him, in clear violation of the Third Amendment of the Constitution. They assaulted the man, his wife, and his terrified little dog, removing them from their home and taking it over for their own purposes. This should be punished MORE than losing a suit and paying them some money. These people should be FIRED, arrested, and imprisoned themselves, and be prevented from ever engaging in police activities for the rest of their lives.
Henderson, NV,  

VOTER ID LAWS OKAY: According to Obama, voter ID laws work fine—in Kenya. But any attempt to implement them in the United States meets Obama’s disapproval, and that of ALL Democrats because that would severely limit their ability to steal elections. Why is it okay in Kenya but not here? Because Obama is not running for office there. Nor are his henchmen. Obama thinks we don’t notice these things, which illustrates his being a FOOL.

JUST CHANGE IT’S NAME: How do you get around the law? By law we MUST stop giving money to Egypt because of the military “coup.” Obummer doesn’t want to, so he just refuses to CALL it a “coup,” therefore avoiding the law. Then he keeps sending billions of our hard-earned bucks to Egypt’s Islamic terrorists in the Muslim Brotherhood.

MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE: The major who shot and killed 13 people did it FOUR YEARS AGO and the trial STILL has not started. He has been paid $278,000.00 in salary while he has been in prison for these crimes while arguing about growing a beard and having to wear a uniform at trial. For my part, I agree with those who say he should not have to wear a uniform. I don’t think he has a RIGHT to wear that uniform, which he has dishonored. That INSULTS the uniform and the service it represents. I think he should be given a special uniform for traitors, and be forced to wear it.

"TWISTING RUSH’S WORDS”: Obama himself has said, “The only opposition I have left in the media is Fox News and Rush Limbaugh.” So when Rush recently complained that Fox wouldn’t let him talk about what he wanted to talk about in an interview, the liberal media told us, “Rush says, don’t watch Fox.” Nothing could be further from the truth (as usual). What they’re trying to do is “drive a wedge” between Rush and Fox. It didn’t work. He’s going to be on Fox again soon, and guess what WILL be on the agenda?

INCREASINGLY DISTURBED: I’ve become increasingly disturbed at the abject STUPIDITY of many of the American people. Especially the recent signatures that were obtained on a petition to “repeal the Bill of Rights” a man got when he visited a beach recently. Then there was the effort by one city to BAN the displaying of the American flag; and the message I recently received from a member of my FAMILY, fergawd’ssake, saying he thought Obama was doing a good job! A GOOD JOB! How ignorant is that? But he’s right, if you favor this country becoming the next “Soviet Union.”

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"It's Not About Politics!"

That’s what Obama says about “postponing” the implementation of his health care swindle UNTIL AFTER THE 2014 ELECTION. What a load of crap! My BS meter is jumping up and down. Whenever Obama (or any other politician) says, “it’s not about politics,” you can BET it IS about politics. They say these stupid things and expect us to believe it just because they said it. When are we going to start electing competent politicians?

IN SUPPORT OF MURDER: Many politicians are working HARD to keep the law on the side of baby murderers who use the murder of unborn INFANTS as a substitute for using a rubber when having sex. When are Americans going to “wise up” to the ongoing “holocaust” in our own country? Killing millions of babies is NOT a “good thing.” Yes, making abortion illegal does force women who don’t use rubbers either have the illicit babies they then produce or KILL them in a “back alley” somewhere. But a “back alley” is where ALL baby MURDERS should be done so the KILLERS won’t go to prison for MURDER.

ABORTION SUPPORTERS SING “HAIL SATAN!” As the Texas legislature goes into yet another “special session” they demonstrated, some for and some against abortion. The abortion supporters sang “hail Satan” and that’s as it should be. By doing so they have revealed themselves as “Satan worshipers.” Abortion antagonists sang “Amazing Grace,” one of the best-known Christian hymns while the Pro-Abortion fools sang “Hail Satan” trying to drown them out. Do they really think this helps their cause to MURDER defenseless babies? This shows their thinking (if you could call it that).

CONVICT ZIMMERMAN OF SOMETHING: The media is BEGGING FOR Zimmerman to be convicted of SOMETHING as hopes for a conviction for second degree murder fade. They’ve got so much invested in “criminalizing” Zimmerman that they’ll take ANYTHING. Maybe even for “spitting on the sidewalk.” So they’re now actually CAMPAIGNING for ANY kind of a conviction. Race is now not an issue, since Zimmerman is not white, so they’ve lost their strongest point. But they want him found guilty of ANYTHING, and they don’t care what.

WHO CARES? Obama’s spending all our money while moving to take away all our rights and Fox News is spending a lot of air time covering a HOT DOG EATING CONTEST, just as if it were important. Damn, it bugs me that they do that. Caring more about who breaks up with whom in Hollywood and what the Kardashians are doing, while Obama “takes us to the cleaners.” Fox DOES spend more time on Obama’s depredations than other media outlets, though.

WHAT’S WITH THE GREEN LIGHTS? Every time they put up a picture of the Egyptian crowds at night, I see all these flashing green lights throughout the crowd. What is that? What is it supposed to mean? Somebody’s using one of those “pointer pens” airline pilots don’t like. But what does it MEAN?

Monday, July 8, 2013

Obama Using Librarians

Non not libertarians  He’s sending money to the National Library Association for distribution to librarians who agree to do what the NFL refused to do: promote his health care swindle (Obamacare) to school children who come into the library. And they’re “all in.” The NFL is a powerful organization. They can say, “no.” But librarians are all individuals without a lot of political power—they think. So they go along with it, just as school administrations teach Obama’s “socialism is great” lie to their students.

HILLARY TO GET ”LIBERTY MEDAL”: And a Republican is going to give it to her! This woman, who was instrumental in getting four people (including an ambassador) killed to cover up Obama’s gun-running operation in Libya is going to be given “The Liberty Medal” by Jeb Bush, one of the people she hates most. What a screwed-up world we live in! Another liberal to be rewarded for getting people killed!

KERRY KNOWS NOT: He has no idea what he’s doing as Secretary of State, and neither does Obama as president. Obama is incompetent and he appoints incompetent people to assist him in being incompetent. He is the “shining example” of the corollary to the “Peter Principle (“In a hierarchy each person rises until he/she reaches his/her level of incompetence”) that, once the “Peter Principle” has been in effect long enough, “incompetence becomes a prerequisite for employment.”

CONVENIENT SCHEDULING: Obama has postponed the requirement, in his health care swindle law that “all employers with a certain minimum of employees must provide them with health insurance (thus costing THEM, and not the feds) until AFTER THE 2014 ELECTION. How convenient! Obamacare will not go into effect for then until AFTER they have voted Obama’s proxy into office! How “transparent” of a con is this? Obama thinks we don’t realize what he’s doing, but he’s wrong. His incompetence is showing again.

“DON’T CELEBRATE FOURTH”: That’s what a rumor published by The Liberty Paper said was Obama’s order to his staff. I don’t know if this is true or not, but it sounds like the kind of “in-your-face” action Obama loves to do (by proxy). He lets his staff tell the story while he stays away from it himself. Somebody says he thinks a “revolution wasn’t necessary” to extricate us from the “clutches” of the King of England. Whether or not he thinks that, I’m sure some liberals do, and they’re FOOLS to think that. But they tend to speak as if they knew what they were talking about while they don’t.

LERNER WILL TESTIFY IN RETURN FOR IMMUNITY: She’s trying to make sure she won’t be prosecuted for her wrongdoing, but she still CLAIMS she is not GUILTY of wrongdoing. Methinks she doth protest too much.  If she was guilty of nothing, why is she so insistent on immunity and the “protection of the Fifth Amendment?” I think she’s as guilty as hell and is trying HARD to escape her punishment. Meanwhile, she is still “doing business” while on her “paid vacation” since her computer and phone privileges “somehow” didn’t get removed.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Stupidity and Ignorance

Some people think I “throw those words around a lot.” I do; but only because I can’t find better words to describe the actions of our incompetent bureaucrats these days. Their actions not only are STUPID, they endanger us. Obama, for instance, refuses to even acknowledge that Islamic terrorism EXISTS while Islamic terrorists kill more and more innocent people every day in their quest to eliminate EVERY person in the world who does not believe exactly the same way THEY do. In addition, he allows top terrorists to come into the White House (and even hold top jobs on his staff) and even LISTENS to their foolish words. What a damn fool he is!

INCOMPETENT BUREAUCRATS: That’s another term I throw around a lot because there are so many of them. We haven’t had a competent president since Ronald Reagan. The nearest we’ve come to a competent president is George Bush (the younger), who actually LOWERED the tax base rate and by so doing continued the longest-lasting and best economic surge ever, which was STARTED by Ronald Reagan’s doing it and almost DOUBLING the “tax take” in the coming years. The existence of incompetence is evident in the many countries and, cities, and states that are bankrupt, or are NEAR bankruptcy.

AFRICA’S “COMPLIANT MEDIA”: Obama complimented the president of South Africa the other day on its “compliant media” while admonishing ours to “behave.” I don’t quite know what that means, but I don’t think he has the power to demand “compliance” from the American media even though he may THINK he does. This is the stuff of DICTATORS and he hasn’t quite gotten there—yet. Though that’s what he’s trying for, a la Adolph Hitler.

FACE BOOK BANS CONSERVATIVE PUNDIT: Todd Starnes (Fox News) made some posts in support of religion, the NRA, Chic-Fil-A  and Jesus and Facebook claims the posts “violated their “rules and standards.” But they can’t answer the question as to just HOW posts about Jesus and the NRA did that. Apparently their “rules and standards” are very subjective (amphorous). But after much loud yelling from Todd Starnes fans, they reversed themselves and apologized, saying it was an accident. Do you believe that? This is not the first time they have censored someone, but it is probably the first time they’ve censored someone with clout.

OBAMA USES SCHOOL CHILDREN: They’re giving school districts a lot of money to BRAINWASH school children that his health care swindle law (Obamacare) is the “best thing since sliced bread,” then they ENCOURAGE them to go home and tell their parents how good it is. Talk about an UNDERHANDED TRICK. But that’s the kind or underhanded trick Obama is well known for. They’re doing this to counter the fact that this law is one of the LEAST popular there ever has been, in memory. They're doing it in libraries, too.

NFL SAYS, “NO!” The Obama administration was going to give the NFL a LOT of money so they could run ads extolling the “goodness” of his health care swindle law (Obamacare). But the NFL isn’t buying. They told him, “No, no, a thousand times no! We’re not going to get involved in your politics!” Which will probably earn them multiple visits from the IRS and as many other “alphabet soup” agencies he can find.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Why Do We Bother?

Muslims are the most BIGOTED people in the world. It’s in their BIBLE (the Koran). Maybe not with blacks, but with Jews especially, and ANYBODY who is not their kind of Muslim. Muslim extremists (predictably) take this to an extreme and want to KILL anybody who does not fit THEIR personal description of what a Muslim should be. We whine a lot about racism, especially since Obama has been “whipping up” racism where there is none, but we’re nowhere NEAR as racist as a nation as “racism whores” like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Barack Obama want people to think we are. So why do we (not me) bother to worry about “not offending” Muslims?

MUSLIMS FIGHTING AMONGST THEMSELVES: Muslim extremists will fight ANYBODY, including other Muslims who believe a slightly different way that do they. Now that the Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt has been removed after his disastrous year of “rule,” they’re fighting hard between themselves. That’s good. Maybe they’ll have less time and willingness to kill innocent people outside of Egypt.

SHIITE AND SUNNI MUSLIMS: These two Muslim factions hate each other almost as much as they ALL hate non-Muslims they call “Infidels.” They will kill each other at the drop of a hat—and they’ll drop the hat. I’ve never seen a group of people who SUPPOSEDLY “worship the same God” who hated each other more than these fools. Basic Muslim is the same for both, but they fight and KILL over peripheral details.

COPS KILL MAN’S DOG: They did so after the dog moved toward them as they arrested the man for “obstruction of justice.” Tell me, how do you “obstruct justice” by photographing cops “at work” unless they’re doing something illegal? And they had no call to shoot that dog, as he was NOT making threatening moves toward them. I saw the video and he did move toward them, but stopped to sniff something on the way. In NO WAY was he threatening them. There are way too many cops shooting innocent pooches in this country today. Something needs to be done about that.

TREYVON’S MOM TESTIFIES: And, surprise, surprise! She says, “That’s my son screaming for help.” Imagine that; his MOTHER saying it’s his voice. Mothers are nice things to have around, but they will lie in the blink of an eye to make things better for their child. I figure if you put Zimmerman’s mom on the stand, she will (predictably) say, “That’s MY son’s voice calling for help. This testimony means less than NOTHING and why they wasted the court’s time with it is beyond me except they hope it will bolster the very weak case they are trying to present. I’ve listened to some of the testimony in this trial and I can’t believe the unnecessary detail they’re asking for.

There’s a Manatee they keep putting in captivity and helping out, who keeps on getting himself in trouble, requiring them to “bail him out” yet again (sounds like what happens to humans). One day he’ll die because they didn’t keep “helping him out” in time. They can’t figure out why he keeps getting himself in trouble. Could it be that he was RAISED in captivity, then “released to the wild,” for which he was NOT mentally prepared, being used to having humans to do for him?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Lerner Waived Her Rights

She made several statements of fact as soon as she sat down, then cut off any cross examination by asserting her Fifth Amendment rights, then getting up and walking out. But by making those “statements of fact” (maybe fact) she “waived her Fifth Amendment rights.” That’s the position of at least one member of the committee to whom she was SUPPOSED to be testifying. She thinks she shut down ANY investigation into her actions, but she’s dead wrong. Making “statements of fact” negates her Fifth Amendment rights. What she actually did was to create a bonanza for lawyers.

TALKING ON THE PHONE WHILE FIGHTING: Rachel, the soft-spoken “witness” who is trying to FRY Zimmerman, says she was “talking on the phone to Trayvon Martin just before he was shot and killed. WHAT? Who talks on the phone while getting the hell beat out of them? Seems like Trayvon was getting the best of it, and actually “took a break” to talk to this girl on the phone. Apparently he wasn’t planning on dying this day.

RACE BAITERS LEAVE TRAYVON-ZIMMERMAN: Zimmerman is Hispanic; Martin is black. There’s nothing there for the race-baiters to exploit, so they’ve :”opted out” of the trial of Zimmerman and are now nowhere to be found because both men are not white. Sorry it didn’t work out, folks. Maybe next time.

I DON’T KNOW WHY I EVEN BOTHER! I slave over this computer day after day, trying to bring some truth and common sense to people’s lives. And then I hear that a city in New Jersey is considering the BANNING of the flying of the American flag! What kind of abysmal STUPIDITY is this on the part of their politicians? And will their citizens let them get away with it? Will they let them stay in office? Will they re-elect them, as we (not me) did with that fool, Obama? Damn!

WAR ON GOD: If you think this government is not waging a “war on God, hear this: A “Young Marines Program” lost $30,000.00 in funding because of one word in a “prayer.” That word is, “God.” This is how Obama’s government is QUIETLY waging war on the Christian religion. Obama’s doing everything he can to “get rid of God.” Notice there has been no similar prohibition on the word, “Allah.” Our PRESIDENT is “serving Allah,” not God, and should be done away with (legally). I put that in so the feds reading this won’t charge me with trying to get people to “off” him. They're damn fools enough.

FOOLS ABOUND: A college professor, no less, thinks Wayne LaPierre should be beheaded and his head should be mounted on a stick. It amazes me how these people, who SHOULD be intelligent, constantly show their abysmal ignorance and worse, their stupidity. Eric Loomis, a professor at the University of Rhode Island, calls the NRA “a terrorist organization,” and says he’d like to see Wayne LaPierre’s head mounted on a stick. And these people are teaching our impressionable children (and they call US terrorists!)! This guy ought to be fired for STUPIDITY. He has just demonstrated it. It’s really amazing how such fools think people should be BEHEADED for disagreeing with them.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth!

Well, we’ve reached another Fourth of July. But how much longer will we be “allowed” to celebrate this important date in our history with such as Obama in power? He has already stated his opinion that “we didn’t need a revolution” to get free of England. What kind of STUPID PILLS has he been taking? Anyway, let’s celebrate it as long as we can. I’m taking the day off. You’ve probably noticed that I’m now posting 7 days a week and in FOUR blogs instead of three. That’s because I’m no longer able to do the job I was paid to do and had to quit. Now ALL my work is FREE. You can find my books on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. I may even write another one.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lerner Waived Her Fifth Amendment Rights

She made several statements of "fact" as soon as she sat down, then cut off any cross examination by asserting her Fifth Amendment rights, then getting up and walking out. But by making those “statements of fact” (maybe fact) she “waived her Fifth Amendment rights.” That’s the position of at least one member of the committee to whom she was SUPPOSED to be testifying. She thinks she shut down ANY investigation into her actions, but she’s dead wrong. Making “statements of fact” negates her Fifth Amendment rights. What she actually did was to create a bonanza for lawyers.

TALKING ON THE PHONE WHILE FIGHTING: Rachel, the soft-spoken “witness” who is trying to FRY Zimmerman, says she was “talking on the phone to Trayvon Martin just before he was shot and killed. WHAT? Who talks on the phone while getting the hell beat out of them? Seems like Trayvon was getting the best of it, and actually “took a break” to talk to this girl on the phone. Apparently he wasn’t planning on dying that day.

RACE BAITERS LEAVE TRAYVON-ZIMMERMAN: Zimmerman is Hispanic; Martin is black. There’s nothing there for the race-baiters to exploit, so they’ve :”opted out” of the trial of Zimmerman and are now nowhere to be found because both men are not white. Sorry it didn’t work out, folks. Maybe next time.

I DON’T KNOW WHY I EVEN BOTHER! I slave over this computer day after day, trying to bring some truth and common sense to people’s lives. And then I hear that a city in New Jersey is considering the BANNING of the flying of the American flag! What kind of abysmal STUPIDITY is this on the part of their politicians? And will their citizens let them get away with it? Will they let them stay in office? Will they re-elect them, as we (not me) did with that fool, Obama? Damn!

ALREADY FIGHTING: In South Africa, Nelson Mandela lies close to death—and his family is fighting over where he should be buried. What is it that makes people fight over things like that? Mandela’s not even dead yet and they’re fighting over his body! In my own family, when my mother died, members of my family were fighting over money. Damn!

OBAMA’S GETTING AWAY WITH IT: With all the scandals and criminality, NOBODY has the gonads to DO anything about them. “Fast & Furious” hasn’t even been MENTIONED in a long time; the IRS scandal is waning while Obama gives IRS workers $70 million in bonuses (an "in-your face" act if I ever saw one). Nobody has even MENTIONED Benghazi in a long time while those four people remain dead and no one even KNOWS who the survivors are because they’ve been told to “keep shut” and nobody asks why. I’m ASHAMED of this government, and those people who are allowing Obama to get away with all kinds of criminality.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What FOOLS They Think We Are!

The Taliban says it’s willing to release ONE American if we release FIVE terrorists. Do they think we’re FOOLS? Do they think five terrorists are worth the release of even ONE American so they can go back home and keep killing innocents? I wonder how many more American dead we will be able to put on their list if we fall for this? The better question is, “What kind of FOOLS are THEY?

HOMELAND SECURITY POLICE: They’ve been “monitoring” Tea Party events all over the country as if the Tea Parties were “subversive.” Notice there were only a few locals “monitoring” the recent LIBERAL demonstrations (the “Occupiers”). Only FOOLS think the Tea Parties represent a threat. They only want the REST of us to think so. If you went up to one of those “police” and asked them where they get their “authority, they’ll phony-up something to arrest you for, just for asking. Bet on it. They’ll probably come after me for this item.

IS SNOWDEN A CHINESE SPY? That’s the only reason why he would flee to a Chinese protectorate in my opinion, knowing they are mostly our enemies and are, themselves, spying on us. Frankly, he is a “treasure trove” or American secrets for them. Why would they extradite him until after they’ve gotten all the secrets he has out of him? He’s either a Chinese spy or a fool. One or the other; or both.

IRS GETS $70 MILLION BONUSES: If a governmental agency gets itself in trouble, as the IRS has, what do you do? Give them $70 million in bonuses for their fine work. That’s the kind of “in your face” governing Obama does. He gave the woman in charge of the unit that was harassing Tea Party and other conservative organizations a PROMOTION and the other got a “paid vacation” WITHOUT taking her computer rights away, too. Holder will probably get a medal for "Fast & Furious."

AMERICANS TO FIGHT FOR THE TERRORISTS: Obama is sending troops to Egypt to “assist” the Muslim Brotherhood in putting down anti-Muslim riots. In other words, help protect the Muslim Brotherhood (Islamic terrorist) “government” of Egypt stay in power. If ever there was an “in your face” act, this is it. Can’t he understand they are the ENEMY? I still think they are NOT, to him. He does way too many things to HELP them to suit me.

MORE BLUE STATES? I don’t know why they started calling states where Republicans get more votes than Democrats, “blue states,” but it is well established, so I guess I’ll have to go with it. But somebody on Fox said there are more blue states than red. Where did he get that? Not only are red states more numerous than blue states, they make more money. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because liberals think you don’t need to make a profit to survive in business (unless your business is government).

Monday, July 1, 2013

Congress Voting Without Reading Bill

The Immigration Bill they brought up or a vote in Congress, NOBODY has read. If the members of Congress are honest, they would either REFUSE to vote, or vote AGAINST it until they’re given time to READ this 1,000 page bill. Otherwise they’ve abdicating their only duty, which is to KNOW what they’re voting for. If they have NOT read a bill, they have NO BUSINESS voting for it.

I GUESS I’M A TERRORIST: A shocking 24% of liberals, and many GOVERNMENT employees think Tea Party members and other right-wingers are TERRORISTS. Which shows their abysmal IGNORANCE and INCOMPETENCE. If wishing for smaller government and less government noses in our business; Obama spending a LOT less money and to stop moving us closer to socialism is terrorist, then I guess I’m a terrorist. What a STUPID damned thing to think! I’m really sorry our government has descended to this level. Damn, I hate that they’re so STUPID and I can’t seem to do much about it because of all those incredibly stupid people who want a “free ride” keeping them in office.

NANCY STILL THINKS PEOPLE LISTEN: Nancy Peelosi still really thinks people believe her bullsh-t after her crack that “We must pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” With that statement she illustrated her complete stupidity. Not ignorance: that can be cured by an infusion of knowledge. Stupidity cannot. Stupidity is KNOWING the truth and still insisting otherwise. I wouldn’t be able to believe this ignorant dunce could keep her job if I didn’t know the people who keep voting her back into office are just as stupid.

GOOD FOR PAULA DEEN! Liberals have tried their best to destroy her over an innocent comment she made years ago when such comments were not against the PC Police’s dictates (Apparently there’s no “statute of limitations” on PC Police dictates). Many of her sponsors who have no spines have left her. But she now has TWO—count’ em, TWO best-sellers on Amazon’s list. So she’s still making money. Yesterday one of them was 118th, and now it is number ONE. The other, older one, is number TWO. Way to whip ‘em, Paula!

REPORT WON’T MAKE OBAMA HAPPY: The “report” coming from his Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council, (though I don’t see what MEDICINE has to do with this) isn’t going to entirely support his position on gun control. First,  it shows that instances of gun violence are getting BETTER, not worse—mostly because of better laws in 39 states); mass shootings are NOT the problem, and guns are used for self defense often, and effectively (something the anti-gun freaks say never happens). this proves THAT'S a lie.

100,000 MUSLIMS KILLED IN SYRIA: Too bad. I guess that’s 100,000 Muslims who won’t be able to kill innocent people for not believing the exact same way they do. Which is about the only GOOD thing to come out of this stupid war pitting one kind of. Muslim against another. I’m not bothered by that. Just as I am not a bit disturbed that some of the Muslims held at GITMO are in the process of starving themselves to death. They’re too stupid to take into consideration whether or not people CARED if they did. They're murderers and fools. They can die for all of me.