Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ruling AGAINST the Constitution

Sonjia Sotomayor ruled that the Constitution does NOT protect the right of Americans to be armed for self defense, when the Constitution clearly does no such thing. That decision is being appealed to the U. S. supreme Court, so she'll get a chance to rule on it again. Is this the kind of "intellectual" you want on the Supreme Court?

TERRORIST RECRUITMENT: Liberals keep saying everything we do to fight terrorism is “the top recruitment tool” for terrorists. So what should we do? Stop fighting them? Should we stop putting murderers in prison for the same reason? Gawd! How stupid people are!

DEATH RATES WILL GO UP SHARPLY: Obama and his henchmen want us to drive those tiny “put-putts” called cars he wants the automakers to make. Look for deaths from auto accidents to rise sharply in the future as more and more people are killed by big trucks and the numerous bigger cars that are still on the streets. Of course, Obama and his henchmen don’t care about that.

BANNING BIG CARS: When Obama starts getting criticized for forcing Americans to drive those tiny little cars that are “death traps” in accidents with the many bigger cars that will still be on the road for many years, he’ll probably BAN those bigger cars without making any arrangements for the people who will lose when he does, as he hasn’t done for the auto dealers who will lose BILLIONS because he forced them out of business with no compensation.

CALIFORNIA TELLS “AHNOLD” TO GO TO HELL: They voted against his six measures in such numbers that some of them didn’t even win ONE county.

OBAMA PUTTING SUCCESSFUL CAR DEALERS OUT OF BUSINESS: And I can’t figure out a single way the automakers can profit from telling their best customers (their successful dealers) to “go to hell.” You don’t make your business better by running business away. What stupidity!

IT AIN’T GONNA HELP: Several banks and other companies who got “TARP money” from Obama are raising money to pay it back to get out from under Obama’s “orders.” It ain’t gonna help. He’s got his “hooks” into them now, and he ain’t gonna let them go. He’s even talking about giving orders to companies who DIDN’T take the money. It’s all unconstitutional, but he doesn’t care.

UNCONSTITUTIONAL: Somebody tell me where in the Constitution, it says an American president OR Congress, can GIVE taxpayer money to business? I’m waiting.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Father Jenkins Doesn't Understand

He doesn’t understand what a “political statement is, and that he has MADE one in inviting Obama to speak, at Notre Dame and to give him an honorary sheepskin.” He thinks he should “invite a diversity” of opinions, but in actuality he, nor other liberal universities do. Earlier in the year, this university invited liberal Al Franken and transgender activist Debra Davis to speak. Last year, the University of St. Thomas, a catholic school, refused to allow Star Parker to speak because they “didn’t like what ANN COULTER said before. This is their brand of “diversity of opinion.”

WE’LL NEVER RELEASE A TERRORISTS IN THE U. S.: Senate majority leader has said it. So you can rely on the fact that it WILL happen. Anything a politician says (particularly a Democrat politician), the opposite it true because they don’t know HOW to tell the truth. These people are not imprisoned FOR crimes. They are being held to keep them from swelling the ranks of Islamic terrorists worldwide. If we release them, they will do so, as some we have released have already done.

“AHNOLD’S MEASURES SINK: All six of the measures, most of which would raise California’s taxes above its already too high level lost. Some didn’t win a single county. “Ahnold” was not even in the state. He was in Washington hobnobbing with Obama and other liberals. I think BOTH of them are going to be “kicked out” in the next election.

TAX CUTS ARE A “BIG DEAL: The liberals want you to think that “tax cuts are no longer a big deal,” even though every time it has been tried, it has caused the “tax take” to increase. When Reagan did it, the “tax take” almost DOUBLED. But the liberals (who are now “in charge) aren’t smart enough to learn from history. They want to CONTROL the money.

“HARD TIMES AHEAD”: One News Now says “hard times ahead for Israel with Obama in power.” But in reality, it’s “hard times ahead” for EVERYONE as long as Obama is in power.

LIBERAL-RUN STATES GOING BANKRUPT: If you want to know what it’s going to be like under a liberal president with a liberal-dominated Congress, just look at the liberal-run states like California and Massachusetts. They’re both bankrupt. Liberals run Washington, DC, and the only reason they aren’t bankrupt is the feds are “propping them up.” At least as long as the feds themselves don’t go bankrupt—which will be soon.

ONLY ONE PLACE TO GO: There is only one group who pays income taxes. The “producers.” Those who produce new wealth through their ideas and labor. Without the money they scam from them, the liberals would have nowhere to go to steal money so they can “prop up” all those able-bodied people on welfare, one way or another, be they just non-workers or big business, who “poor-mouth” the world. NEED should not be a “demand” on the earnings of people capable of earning, but it seems to be now, in this country and over most of the world. That’s called “socialism,” folks.

INSURANCE AGAINST FIRING: Why should federal (and other government employees) be “insured against losing their jobs” when everybody else is not? “ Civil Service does that. It’s almost impossible to fire a government employee, especially a federal employee. Why? Because they make the rules, and that’s how they want it.

TARGETING THE ACHIEVERS: The “achievers” of society are the people who have made this country great, and who produce ALL the “new wealth” that supports it. They tend to get rich, and are the very people Obama is targeting. When they stop being rich, or stop producing new wealth because they’re tired of it being stolen by the government, what are the liberals (looters) going to do? This defies all logic. But liberals say “there IS no such thing as logic (logically).” This is what they’re doing when they force automakers to get rid of successful dealers in order to get “TARP” money.

OBAMA RESENTS PROSPERITY: "Our nation was created in ways that allow human potential to prosper, and it created the greatest nation for people in the history of humanity. Now Obama is dismantling it, because he has no appreciation for our greatness. In fact, he resents it. He blames this country for whatever evils he sees around the world. That's what 39 miles a gallon, higher taxes, higher prices and an increased cost of living are all about. It's about chopping us down in size." (Rush Limbaugh)

THE USUAL SCAM: "When it's time to raise gasoline taxes to accommodate the shortage brought about by the usage of less gas, do you know how they'll do it? They'll threaten to cut police, the fire department, and health care. So you're not going to be saving any money by driving around in a putt-putt car you don't want, because the government is never going to do with less." (Rush Limbaugh) I’ve seen this happening many times, most notably when they passed Prop. 8 in California. I was there at the time and I read it in the newspapers.

“WE ALL KNOW…” That’s one of the common liberal scams; telling us what “we all know,” when we DON’T know it at all. They usually preface their bald-faced LIE with that, so we’ll think they’re telling the truth. A recent ad said, “We all know that the Fed Chairman’s policies” caused the “economic slowdown.” We don’t “know” that, at all! The DEMOCRATS caused it by FORCING lenders to loan money to people who could not repay it; a recipe for disaster.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why Ford Is NOT Failing

They’re making more cars people WANT, rather than cars the GOVERNMENT thinks they want. Why is this so mystifying to so many? The formula is the simplest thing going. Make something people DON’T want and you’ll go broke, as are Chrysler and GM.

“RETURNING MONEY TO ITS RIGHTFUL OWNERS?” That’s what Obama promises to do. But he doesn’t define “the rightful owners” the same way we do. We define it as “the people who EARNED it.” I’m not sure how HE defines it, but I think it’s “the people who DIDN’T earn it, but who are “:needy.” That makes “the needy” have a claim on the earnings of others. That’s SOCIALISM, any way you define it.

IS THIS IN THE CONSTITUTION? “According to documents obtained by Judicial Watch, former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson gave the chief executives of the country’s nine largest banks no choice but to accept TARP bailout funds.” How does he think he can accomplish this? Does he think he is a dictator? Nobody who9 has not accepted TARP money has ever signed an agreement to this effect, and without such an agreement, he cannot enforce it. Nor can he FORCE private companies to ACCEPT the TARP money.

“SAVING” THE AUTO INDUSTRY? What a LOAD! Everything Obama is forcing on GM and Chrysler GUARANTEES failure. They TRIED to make cars the government wanted them to make while nobody wanted them and now they’re going broke. Now Obama wants them to “keep it up.”

CLINTONS ARE LIKE ROACHES: Even a nuclear war won’t get rid of them. And I can’t think of anything else legal, either. The only thing that bothers them is “the light of day” on their lies. Like Obama, they would rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better. When you shine the light of truth on their lies, like all Democrats, they “go bananas” and scream to high heavens.

PELOSI SHOULD GET HER STORIES STRAIGHT: In her attempts to avoid responsibility for her approval of the “harsh questioning techniques” liberals call “torture,” but which, so far, are not, she has told so many different stories that nobody knows which lie to believe; not even her friends. Now she's trying to "change the subject," by saying she will "answer no further questions on the subject," as all liars try to do when questioned. It's a good way to stifle those who are demanding she PROVE her lie.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Killing The Controversy

Obama continues to refuse to show his birth certificate to prove he is actually a U. S. citizen and even spends a lot of taxpayer money to fight the effort to force him to do so. Why? Does he just want to be obstreperous? Or is it that he CANNOT? I’m not angry about this issue; I’m just mystified.

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? For a “Catholic university” to invite Barack Obama, a man who is solidly in the abortion camp (something that is patently an anathema to all REAL Catholics) to speak at their commencement ceremony is “not too bright. Are they surprised at the “controversy?” Do they “minimize” it by calling it a “controversy?” I don’t know. I’m not a Catholic. But abortion is MURDER, regardless of religious convictions. I just wonder what they were THINKING.

TEACHING KINDERGARTENERS ABOUT GAY SEX: In Alameda (city or county, I don’t know) California (only in California), they want to teach KINDERGARTENERS that “gay sex is okay.” I don’t know about you, but I think teaching children at that age about ANY kind of sex is inappropriate. Especially when they make it MANDATORY. I guess this can be expected with liberals “in charge” in Washington. Do you disagree? Tell me about it.

DRUG WAR A FAILURE: Like most government “wars,” such as the “war on poverty,” the “drug war” is a failure. Look at the figures: there are MORE PEOPLE abusing drugs today than there were when the “drug war” started. Similarly, the number of people “living below the phony poverty level” is much higher than when the “war on poverty” started. These phony “wars” are merely excuses for them to make laws they could not have made otherwise, and to tax you more “to fight the ‘war’ on (fill in the blank).” It’s just a politician’s scam.

THEY LOOK LIKE NAZIS: Has anybody noticed that the uniforms (particularly the helmets) worn by SWAT Teams look just like the ones worn by Nazi “Storm Troopers?” I guess since they got most of their “moves” from them, why not their uniforms, too?

WILL NETANYAHU “BEND OVER”? Will he “bend over and grab his ankles" to “appease” the Islamics and approve a separate Palestinian State, thus proving they are right, and they CAN win by killing innocent people? The Islamics are free to move from Israel and set up their own sovereign state. They don’t have to take valuable real estate from Israel, who WON that real estate legally in a war

Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Get Used To It!"

That’s the new “watchword” for the Obama administration. They KNOW Americans don’t want MOST of the things Obama and his henchmen are doing, but they just don’t care what America wants. They say, “just get used to it.” I don’t intend to “get used to” his idiocies. I intend to do everything I can do to sabotage him. Gawd, what a brainless idiot he is! And I say this with many good reasons, not “in general,” as liberals did with their “knee-jerk” hatred of George Bush.

SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST STUPID! In Nigeria, some preachers CLAIM to be able to “recognize” witches, for a price. They hold them for weeks in churches and beat them unmercifully (Call the “child protectors! Here’s a case of REAL child abuse!) Don’t they know that if these children were REAL witches, they would, and COULD kill such people for beating them and imprisoning them? How stupid ARE these people?

“THOUGHT CRIME”: They call it “hate crime”, but it is really “thought crime.” Police who pursue such crimes are “thought police” a la George Orwell’s “1984.” The Constitution allows people to think ANYTHING, no matter how repugnant, as long as it doesn’t lead to crimes. There is already punishment for those crimes in the law, but to add MORE punishment because the perpetrator may be thinking what we consider wrong thoughts is both stupid and unconstitutional. Nobody dislikes a racist or other “hater” any more than I do, but to punish his/her THOUGHTS? Now that’s stupid, and an excess. AND it’s unconstitutional.

THE NEW LIBERAL TAX RETURN: It is simplified. It has one question and one instruction: “How much do you make?” “Send it in.”

WILL MICHAEL VICK EVER PLAY FOOTBALL AGAIN? Not if I have anything to do with it. But of course. I have no say in it. If he’s a superlative football player, SOMEONE is going to hire him. Unless the football commissioner gives him a “lifetime ban,” which is possible. The Constitution’s ban on multiple punishment doesn’t stop the football commissioner from doing that.

CUT FUNDS, THEN DEMAND MORE: That’s the hallmark of the bureaucrat. They cut your funds, and in the same memo, demand more out of you. That this is not possible doesn’t seem to occur to them. But then, they’re stupid.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

False Argument

The idea that abortion is “about a woman’s right to control what happens to her own body” is a false argument. It is about her “right” to KILL her unborn baby at will. PROSTITUTION is about “a woman’s right to control her own body,” but it is ILLEGAL. What’s the difference? Prostitution does not KILL anybody.

ACTIVISTS GIVE YOU FALSE FIGURES: Pro-abortion activists tell you that a majority of Catholics are FOR abortion, since they voted for Barack Obama, who FAVORS it. This is WRONG. They are no more APPROVING abortion than they are approving our movement toward socialism by voting for him. They don’t consider EITHER when they vote for a figure that has been made popular by the liberal media.

PUTTING ASIDE OUR DIFFERENCES: That’s what Obama says. But what he MEANS is for US to “put aside our differences” and do what we’re told. When Obama goes on a “listening tour,” what he means is for people to listen to HIM and do what he says. Has he EVER changed his mind as a result of one of those “meetings?” Remember his “meeting with leading conservatives” where Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and other well-known conservative leaders were NOT invited? He only talked to people whom HE “defined” as “conservatives.”

WHAT IS A “MODERATE?” “Moderate” is a descriptive. You can be a “moderate Democrat” or a “moderate Republican, but NOT just a “moderate. The Democrats want you to think a “moderate” is a “middle-of-the-roader” who listens to all sides, then votes Democrat. What a “moderate really IS, is someone who can’t make up his/her mind until he/she finds out which way the MAJORITY is going. Then if he/she doesn’t even like the idea, he/she votes for it because the “majority WISHES IT.

TAKE ‘EM OUT! Iran says it has a missile capable of reaching Israel. I don’t believe ANY of their “saber-rattling.” But I think their nuclear AND missile capability should be “taken out” before they are ready because they WILL fire that missile as soon as they’re able.

AS CALIFORNIA GOES, SO GOES THE COUNTRY: California is “ruled” by liberals (Democrats AND Republicans) and they are broke, despite having some of the highest taxes in the land (which always happens where liberals get control). With Obama and his friends running things in Washington, the country won’t be far behind,

CONGRESS TO STOP FUNDING FOR GITMO CLOSING: Obama says they’re going to close Guantanamo by January, but Congress is voting on a measure to stop funding for the closure. Obama wants to RELEASE Gitmo prisoners IN the United States, helping them realize their fondest dream, to be free and in America, where they can do their “dirty work.” Nobody else wants them, and we don’t, either. But that will not stop Obama. He says, “get used to it.”

Monday, May 18, 2009

They Caused It, They Can'r Fix It

“B. O.” (Barack Obama) is pushing HARD for universal health care” because "prices are too high." But that’s only true because of government meddling in the health care business. The same is true in all other areas Obama wants to “take over,” including the auto business, banking, and lending. Do they really think we can’t SEE this?

DID BUSH “TORTURE” TERRORISTS? Who the hell cares? I certainly don’t! Considering what the terrorists do to the people THEY capture, they don’t DESERVE any consideration from us. They should be shot on sight if they’re caught in the act of killing innocent people or putting other innocent people in danger to support their lies that “America kills innocents.”

TOLERANCE? NOT THEM! At Eastern Michigan University, Julia Ward was kicked out because of her religion after she refused to go to a “remedial program” designed to show “the error of her ways” when she refused to “counsel” a troubled gay student. Who gets to decide if “her ways” are in error? Did she get the thousands of dollars she paid for her education back? They don’t say, but I doubt it.

NOBODY’S STOPPING THEM: Obama’s government, and those that came before it, are doing, and have done, many things that are not constitutional. How do they get away with it? Nobody’s STOPPING them. We need to start STOPPING them.

THE TENTH AMENDMENT: This government has been violating our Constitution since before the ink even dried on it. The Tenth Amendment says, “Those powers not delegated to the government by this Constitution are DENIED it.” That’s simple. But it is IGNORED every day by the congress AND the Executive, while the judiciary support them.

STUPID STRATEGIES: Telling Your CUSTOMERS (and that’s what their dealers are) to “go to hell” is not the best strategy for failing automakers to use. Some of those thousands of dealers to whom they’re “saying goodbye” are multi-generational success stories that will now start selling foreign nameplate cars to Americans. I don’t know; did Obama get campaign donations from foreign automakers?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Irrational Laws?

Sens. “Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ), Jack Reed (D-RI) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) have joined Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and victims and family members of the Virginia Tech tragedy, to introduce legislation to eliminate the private transfers of firearms and close the nation's "gun show loophole." (CCRKBA) They say any opposition to their stupid law is “irrational.” But it is they who are irrational if they think ANY law will stop people with evil intentions from getting their guns out of someone’s car trunk somewhere. Experience has shown that where gun laws are tightest, it’s easier to buy illegal guns—which is already against the law.

WHERE IN THE CONSTITUTION? Where in the Constitution does it say the government can “give away” TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to “bail out” businesses, then “take them over?” Or extend the “takeover” to companies that didn’t take “bailout” funds? Or FORCE other companies to TAKE bailout funds so they can get their tentacles into them?

LIBS PUTTING THEMSELVES OUT OF BUSINESS: They hate “big business,” which is the “backbone” of our economy. They want to “tax them out of business” and have actually PROMISED to “bankrupt the coal industry,” one of our most important sources of energy. Where are they going to find money to steal after “big business” is gone? And it WILL be gone if they have their way.

ONLY REPUBLICANS: Congress says they need to have a “record” of what people say and do, and learn in private meetings so later they can be “held accountable” later. At the time they included Democrats in this. But after being summoned to Nancy Pelosi’s office, these congresspeople “reversed themselves” and said it was only important to know what REPUBLICANS say, do, and learn at these meetings.

LOBBYISTS INCLUDED IN GOVERNMENT CONFERENCE CALL: When Calif. Gov. Arnold Swartzenegger talked to federal people in a conference call to decide whether or not California will get $6 billion in “bailout” money if they don’t pass certain laws, the call included LOBBYISTS among the listeners and speakers. What the hell is going on here?

VIOLATING CONTRACTS: Obama’s government has forced the VIOLATION of the contracts automakers made with others, at will. No wonder nobody (except Obama’s government) will loan them money.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

"The Reagan Era Is Over"

So sayeth the liberals (Democrats). They HOPE that is true, but it cannot be. The “Reagan Era” was the “Era of Truth.” The “era of Truth” can NEVER be “over.” They hope if they tell this lie often enough, enough people will believe it.

MEXICO OVERESTIMATES PANDEMIC: They’ve overestimated the number of confirmed cases by HALF. The actual number of cases is HALF that of their estimate. Think, PANIC? The world at large is following suit, overestimating the numbers and doing things like killing ALL the pigs in Egypt, causing many demonstrations. Now they’re saying, “Oops, never mind. The news media says, “We’re only reporting the numbers they give us.” This is common.

PIRATES CAUGHT (AGAIN): The same bunch of pirates they caught, then released the other day were caught again trying to hijack ANOTHER ship. So what did they do? They released them again!

JACK KEMP DEAD: As with Ronald Reagan, they’re never be another like him. He was the “father of Reagan’s “across-the-board” tax cuts. You know, the ones that ALMOST DOUBLED the “tax take” while creating the biggest, longest-lasting economic boom in history? THAT Jack Kemp. The one who, along with Jack Kennedy and George Bush, KNOW that REDUCING taxes “across the board” will PROMOTE more business and INCREASE the profits made by “the rich,” and therefore increasing the amount of taxable income, thereby increasing not only the “tax take, ” but the employment figures, as well.

NOBODY LIKES A DEFECTOR: Even if he is defecting to THEM. Arlen Spector, who previously defected to the Republicans but still voted with then democrats, has now defected BACK to the Democrats, where he should have been, all along. But Congress (dominated by Democrats) has voted to strip him of his seniority in all his committees as punishment. Good riddance.

MADE A DEAL WITH THE TALIBAN: They broke it. So what else is new? And they expected the Taliban to stick with their agreement? They should join the real world! The only way the Taliban will keep a deal is if it allows them to kill at will, anybody who doesn’t believe the same way they do. C’mawn, people! How stupid is that?

Friday, May 15, 2009

"Flying Pig Flu"

“Millions will die!” That’s the mantra of “big pharma” as they go about getting the government to make getting a flu shot MANDATORY with just a FEW deaths and a few verified “reports” of “swine flu.” One military doctor, refused to be vaccinated during the first “swine flu epidemic” in 1976 and almost got court-martialed. The final result was NOT a “big epidemic (in fact, only in the imagination of politicians). IT was the deaths of 25 people who DID get vaccinated from Gillian-Barre Syndrome, which were directly related to the vaccinations.

SPECTER’S PATTERN: When Senator Arlen Specter thinks he’s going to lose as a Republican, he becomes a Democrat. Just as he did years ago when he was in danger of losing as a Democrat so he became a Republican (in name only) without changing one iota of his liberal bent. This, of course, has “driven the Republicans crazy” as he voted for Democrat measure after Democrat measure. I think it’s “good riddance” to the Republican Party. He was only a “stone around their necks” as long as he was a member.

IT PUTS THEM “ON THE RIGHT”: CNN says she (Ayn Rand, author of ““Atlas Shrugged”) has “earned many followers, mostly on the right.” In reality, to “follow her philosophy” PUTS one “on the right (whatever THAT means) because they could NEVER be “on the left; the stupid side.

KEYNES WAS AN IDIOT: John Maynard Keynes is the DUMBEST economist in the history of the world. He’s the guy who says you can “spend your way out of a recession or depression.” His theories have been discredited for many years, but our government is still using them. Our whole “stimulus” system is based on the idea that you can spend your way out of a recession, even though you can’t. Other economists say Keynes should have been “hanged in the public square.” What Obama has done, and what Bush did before him in giving money to failures and punishing success has not, and WILL not work.

RAISING TAXES REDUCES REVENUE: This is a truth that liberals will nbot even entertain, although one of the LESSONS that taught it to us was done BY a liberal: John Kennedy. When he lowered the tax rate, he increased the “tax take.” When Ronald Reagan did it, he almost DOUBLED the “tax take.” When George Bush did it, he brought us out of the “economic downturn” created by the 9/11 attack. Now Obama wants to RAISE taxes “on the rich,” the very people whose investments CREATE the new wealth Obama NEEDS so he can loot it.

Obama had a press conference and the most “hard-hitting question” asked was when a reporter for the New York Times asked him what “enchanted him the most” in his first 100 days. Even Obama had to laugh.