Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shirley sherrod Is Still A Racist

She ADMITTED being one in the past, just as did many other Democrats when it became a bad thing to be a racist. It is more convenient nowadays for them to CLAIM no longer to be racists, just as the communists who are STILL running Russia CLAIM no longer to be communists, but are SOCIALISTS (there are only cosmetic differences between communism and socialism). Remember, their very NAME was the “Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics.” To see if they're still racists, just watch what they DO, not what they SAY.

CRIMINAL ACTS BY CONGRESS: Any member of ANY lawmaking body who votes for or against a bill they cannot prove having read beforehand, should be first removed from their elective office and prosecuted for violation of the oath they took to defend the Constitution of the United States; Then they should be imprisoned for a term not to exceed the remainder of their elected time in office, but not less than five years. This should be at “hard labor,” not in one of the “country club prisons” to which other “white collar criminals” are sent.

$6 MILLION A YEAR WORTH OF ASSISTANTS: First Lady Michelle Obama has so many assistants to keep her “schedule” that she needs another personal assistant to keep track of them all—and this while we’re in a recession. I guess this is her way of helping the jobs picture, except this kind of job doesn’t help the economy because it only takes tax money and spreads it around among her friends. Hillary only had 3; Jackie Kennedy 1, and Laura Bush 1. Before that, none. She must really think she’s “something special” to rate that many “personal assistants” at taxpayer expense.

DISCREDITED? YURASS! Doonesbury recently described Andrew Breitbart as “discredited” on his web site, based on his running the “partial” video that Obama lyingly says got her fired because she was going to be on the Glenn Beck show on Fox News. Truth is, he didn’t even KNOW about it until AFTER she was fired. But truth has never meant anything to liberals. They continue their lies, even after they’ve been PROVEN to be lies. Actually, it’s Doonesbury who has been ”discredited,” many times. Especially since he once said, “I’m a cartoonist. I don’t HAVE to tell the truth.” And he certainly doesn’t, when he portrays Sarah Palin as wanting to “off the oppressor.”

JEFFERSON HAD IT RIGHT: Thomas Jefferson said, “We must not let our rulers saddle us with perpetual debt.” Does anybody know that’s exactly what Obama is doing to us right now? Right out in the open! Can anybody with any intelligence at all, miss it? Damn! I can’t believe how IGNORANT people in this country are! What does he have to DO to wake us up and make us get RID of him?

THINGS COULD BE WORSE! That’s the Democrat message to America. Harry Reid said as much at that recent liberal meeting in Las Vegas (the one everybody paid a lot of money to attend, mostly donated money). He said, “Without us, things would be a lot worse.” How the hell does he figure that? Everything the liberals have done since Obama was elected, and BEFORE, has made it worse. And as long as they are in control, it will CONTINUE to get worse.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Part of the "Ruling Class"

This is just another term to describe the elite liberals. They call themselves many things: professors, teachers, educators, journalists, pundits, columnists, liberal radio hosts, government employees, politicians, bureaucrats, etc. But the simple fact is, they’re all “members of the ruling class.” John McCain wanted desperately to be a member, but was denied. The liberal media CHOSE him to run against their hand-picked candidate because they knew he would lose.

FEC EXEMPT: The FEC has notified Fox Business that the new banking law has made the FEC EXCEMPT from the Freedom of Information Act. Which means they can just “slam the door in the face” of ANYBODY who questions them, or their methods. Just tell them to "go to hell." The criminals have made their crimes legal. I know I'm being "very graphic" these days, using terms like "stupid," "criminals," etc., but things are getting to the point where such language is necessary to describe those in Washington and other places of government.

SHUT DOWN FOX NEWS? Wait a minute! What happened to the “free press?” Oh. That term only applies to the media that follows the liberal line! It doesn’t apply to a media giant that has “risen above” the “pretend media” by telling us BOTH SIDES of ALL issues. They forget that if it can be done to Fox, it can be done to any one of them, as well. And will.

OBEDIENT SERVANTS OF THE LEFT: That’s what today’s “journalists” are. “Obedient servants” of the ruling class. Whatever Obama, or any other member of the “ruling class” says, they parrot.. They “feed the crocodile, hoping he eats them last.” They no longer know HOW to “report the news.” Today, they just repeat the “talking points of the ruling class.”

IT MEANS MY DEATH: I know what I say every day is going into a file that is being kept by members of the “ruling class” for use in the “case” they will bring against me and all other dissenters after they manage to pass laws that allow it. I know that Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Fox News, and others will go first, and I hope I’m already dead by then. That time WILL come; mark my words. It will come quicker than you might think.

WORKING FOR LOWER TAXES AND MORE FREEDOM: Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner (he of the tax evasion that was forgiven to allow him to BE Treasury Secretary) says the corporate interests want less taxes and more freedom to suck money from us. What they REALLY want is for the government to GET OUT OF THE WAY and let them do what they do best: make money for ALL of us, and create jobs—which is something the government CAN’T do. All the government CAN do is “suck money from us.” And that’s what they do best.

WHY CAN’T PEOPLE SEE? Everywhere I go I find people who still sport Obama bumper stickers on their cars, spout ill-informed opinions that make no sense, and say things like one woman I know said, “I like Obamna and I don’t want to hear anything against him.” I feel sorry for these people for they “know not what they do.” They purposely “pay no attention to politics” and are thus ill-informed. Yet they STILL vote for the one who will promise them the most “bread and circuses.” They have NO IDEA they’re putting themselves in his hands and he WILL take advantage of them.

IT'S OFFICIAL--COPS CAN'T CHECK CITIZENSHIP IN ARIZONA: The judge has decreed it. ONLY the feds can check citizenship, and they refuse to do so. This is a typical illustration of how the "black-robed dictators" rule the roost. The judge is a liberal (Clinton) appointment, and obviously is not above "making law from the bench." Arizona is going to appeal this decision to--guess what?--the 9th "Circus Court." How much success do they expect in this, the most liberal and most reversed court in the land? This case is GOING to go to the Supreme court, no matter who wins in the "Ninth Circus." We can only hope the top court is still sufficiently non-liberal by then.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Van Who?

The liberal media doesn’t even know who self-admitted communist Van Jones (who was forced to leave the White House, days after his appointment as one of Obama’s “czars” after Glenn Beck exposed him, even showing a tape of the speech where he made that admission). They may deny it how. But when asked about it before, they professed not to know about him because Obama told them not to—and they “tugged their forelocks” and did not know.

THE PRESS DOESN’T REPORT: They don’t report ANYTHING Obama doesn’t want them to report. There is much violence in Mexico and in other places Obama doesn’t want you to know about—and they wait to hear what Obama says about it BEFORE reporting ANYTHING. When he says, “don’t report it” by playing it down, they don’t.

TWISTING THE NEWS: To make sure Obama was elected. Their primary method was to IGNORE important stories and call a conservative critic (they didn’t care who) a “racist” when they couldn’t. That was confirmed on the "Journolist."

OBAMA ADMITS DEFEAT: His bill to extend unemployment benefits is just that; and he paraded three of his worst failures before his slavishly obeying press to support it. He hopes people will forget that if he was successful in increasing the number of available jobs, this bill would not be necessary.

VICIOUS AND BLOODTHIRSTY MEDIA: They HATE Rush Limbaugh with a passion. A well-known (liberal) media figure was quoted saying, “I would like to see Rush Limbaugh dead. If he were dying in front of me, I’d watch it. I wouldn’t try and save him. I would be glad he’s dead.” This is the kind of people who are now PRETENDING to be the media while IGNORING the looting of America that is happening before our eyes today in Washington.

USING THEIR OWN WORDS AGAINST THEM: Isn’t that awful; that the conservatives are using the liberals’ own words against them? Wait—isn’t that what the liberals are begging and pleading with their own people to do against the conservatives?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

"Cracker" Same As "Nigger"

I don't like even USING that word but it's necessary to this post. The Black Panthers who want to kill all whites AND their “cracker babies” use the word “cracker” in the same way rednecks used to use the word “nigger,” as an insulting reference to a white man. They used to use the word “whitey” the same way, but even THEY are subject to the PC police, I guess. I wouldn’t use either word, except to describe what THEY are saying.

NOTHING EVER HAPPENS: They’ve found 341 votes for Al Franken by FELONS that helped put him over the top in one of the the most contested elections in history, but don’t expect anything to be done about it because Franken is a Democrat. That’s how Democrats win elections. Steal all the votes you can and stonewall it when you’re found out, depending on your friends in the prosecution system to keep you from being prosecuted.

FOXES “FIXING” THE HENHOUSE: Obama has announced that the “economic disaster” that was CAUSED by the law Barney Frank and Chris Dodd forced through to FORCE lenders to loan money to people who could not, WILL not repay it will “soon be fixed.” Who is doing the “fixing?” Why, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, of course! Oh, by the way: they’re still enforcing that law today.

OBAMA LIES AGAIN: How do you tell when Obama is lying? His mouth is moving and sounds are coming out. He promised FAITHFULLY that his new health swindle bill would NOT fund abortions. Guess what. It passed. And it DOES fund abortions. Why is anybody surprised? He’s laughing now that anybody would believe him.

OBAMA ADMITS DEFEAT: Not in words, but actions. He's pushing for an extension of jobless benefits, which says he's failed to do anything to make the jobs picture better. He’s tried to make us think he can make jobs magically appear, but he can’t. Not without getting out of the way and removing the impediments to business improvement he has placed in the way.

BAD LOANS THE CAUSE? LOAN MORE: A law FORCING lenders to loan money to people who cannot repay them (pushed on us by Chris Dodd and Barney Frank) CAUSED the financial meltdown we’re now suffering, so now Barney is pushing ANOTHER LAW to force banks to make MORE bad loans--to “fix it.”

RACISM STRATEGY: I saw a sign at a Tea Party event: “It doesn’t matter what I say, liberals will call it racism.” I expect to see a sign like it at every gathering of people who are against Obama and his idiotic moves because that’s what liberals are doing as a STRATEGY. Calling dissenters racists.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Obama's Scheme to Socialize America

This is a "must read" for all intelligent Americans, particularly those who "pay no attention to politics. It will "bring them up to speed" on the Obama scam to socialize America. The scheme to overwhelm the system, causing systemic failure that he will blame on capitalism itself by burdening it with countless entitlements is well under way. Every day your money is worth less. The upshot will be the failure of the system, not because it is no good, but because Obama has overburdened it and MADE it fail. Click nthe above link to see the whole article.

CONGRESSMAN BRAD SHERMAN (DEMOCRAT) “NOT AWARE”: When asked about that stupid statement by that “New Black Panthers” group member—I don’t know—Shamir Shabazz—(ALL Panthers are named Something Shabazz) about killing ALL “white crackers and their babies” and he answered that he does not know about that. What kind of a cave has he been living in lately (he's been listening only to the liberal media)? And THIS is the kind of people we have “leading” our nation?

MARGINALIZING THE TEA PARTIES: The liberals can’t answer ANY of the arguments the Tea Parties make, so they vote in a resolution in the NAACP calling them racist. This is one of the most transparent cons I’ve ever seen. They think just because they SAY it, it becomes true. What a bunch of ignorant jerks! And I don’t mean the NAACP. I mean the LIBERALS in the NAACP. Of course, they’ll call me a racist for this, but I don’t care. They’ve tried to brand me as a racist before because I’m not afraid to criticize a black person when he/she is wrong. It doesn’t work, any more. They’ve tried it too often.

REID LIES AGAIN: This is not news. Harry Reid lies every day. That’s how he stays in power, like the rest of the liberals. In this case, he told someone who asked him about the “immigration problem,” on the border and he replied, “We don’t HAVE an ‘immigration problem’ on the border”. Does he really think we are stupid enough to BELIEVE this lie? Politicians regularly deny the obvious and hope we believe it. But this has “gone over the edge.”

HOW DID OBAMA GET ELECTED? It was his ability to tell voters to “go to hell” and have them looking forward to the trip. (Stolen from the Rush Limbaugh show) He may be a very poor president, but he’s a very good con-man.

OBAMA FINALLY WAKES UP: When the NAACP decided to call the Tea Parties “racist,” he told them to include al-Jazeera and al Qaida on that racist list. Mostly because the Islamic terrorists blew up a lot of black people in Uganda. But we know they're racist otherwise, too.

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION FOR AL QAIDA: The Obama White House is upset that al Qaida is killing black people, not because they kill white people who don’t believe exactly the same as they do (which they do every day). I don’t think I’ve ever seen a president as STUPID as this one. Or at least as stupid as he wants us to believe. Gotta make sure they only kill white people! Be PC, al Qaida.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's All A Con

We have a con man in the presidency. Everything he does is a con to increase his power, and thus his ability to take money away from us to use in getting his own way in all things. I guess it was just a matter of time before such a con man conned his way into the presidency, since liberals work on the assumption that people will elect them to important offices if they offer them more “bread and circuses” than do the Republicans, who sometimes tell the truth and rely on common sense.

“FLEETING ASSOCIATION” WITH THE KLAN: That’s Bill Clinton’s version of Senator Robert Byrd’s association with the Ku Klux Klan, and he’s really STUPID if he thinks we’ll buy that lie. You don’t become a “Grand Kleagle” or whatever he was by having a “fleeting association” with the Klan. You only attain that high a position after YEARS of membership and work in promoting their aims, which were the death of all blacks. He didn’t join the Klan to get elected (which is an evil thing to do, in any case), he joined it because he BELIEVED in what THEY believed in.

BYRD HATED BLACKS: He hated them until the day he died, and good riddance. He is best known for FILIBUSTERING the Civil Rights Act and doing everything he could to hurt black people. He has TRIED to pretend that he, in later years, “moderated” his views on racism, but he didn’t. He was a racist until the day he died. He was just better at hiding it.

THE BASIS OF LIBERALISM: In “Mallard Fillmore, the liberal dope says “I’m proud of you. You got a “shelter dog. Makes you sound liberal.” To which Mallard replies, “No; if I were a liberal I’d want a law forcing YOU to get a “shelter dog.” This is the very basis on which liberalism (as we know it today) sits.

PAINTING US AS RACISTS: Obama and his accomplices want to paint ALL disagreement with his scams and schemes as “racism,” and the NAACP has recently joined the whining, saying the “Tea Parties” have “occasionally had racist participants.” They can’t prove it, but they say it, anyway. This is a common liberal scam. Say somebody who disagrees with you is racist, even if you can’t prove it. Repeat it everywhere you can, over and over, similarly without proof, until it “becomes truth” and those who believe it will fight you if you try and set them straight.

OBAMA IS HALF WHITE: So why does he make so much about his “black side?” Because it’s convenient; and he can use it to “blacken” his detractors without having to bother answering their criticisms. Personally, I don’t care if he’s purple with pink polka-dots. He’s a SOCIALIST and I want no part of socialism. And if you don’t know what socialism is, and why it’s bad for us, you’d BETTER find out before he succeeds in imposing it on us!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's WRONG With Obama?

Private business IS the “foundation” on which our economy is based. Without the PROFITS they make, there ARE no taxes for the government to collect. No jobs for Americans. But Obama is doing everything in his power to hurt business. How STUPID is this man? He has pledged to BANKRUPT the coal industry, not even considering that without coal there is NO electricity. Without electricity, we “go down the tubes.” Is that what he and the radical environmentalists want? Sheesh!

NOT ALL “CHANGE” IS GOOD: Obama promised “change.” But, as usual, he didn’t go into detail about what KIND of “change” he meant. So far, every “change” he has caused moves us closer to collectivism (socialism, communism, fascism, progressivism). If everything Obama wants to do happens, we will enter another “dark ages,” business-wise. And we ALL will suffer.

GOVERNMENT SPENDING DOES NOTHING: Government spending is NOT the way to “prime the pump” and increase hiring. All it does is take money from a tax PAYER and give it to a tax TAKER. It does NOT “create new wealth,” which is absolutely necessary to economic health.

DIFFERENT RULES: The left doesn’t want to live by the same rules they set for “the little people,” which is what they call us. So when they MAKE those rules they’re always careful to EXEMPT themselves. Example: Obama’s health care swindle applies to “the little people,” but not to federal employees, primarily politicians and most bureaucrats. They have a much better plan.

GO TO ARIZONA: Obama wants to hurt Arizona because of the law they made to force the feds to ENFORCE their own immigration laws. So he promotes a “boycott Arizona” scam. To beat it, schedule your vacation in Arizona. I’m certainly going to go there every chance I get.

CREATING COMMISSIONS: Obama doesn’t like “commissions.” So he creates a commission to oversee all his commissions. One mayor once said, “If you want to stop something, just create a commission to study it. That’s the best way to stop anything.” Maybe it’s an exercise in job creation for government employees.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

We MUST Profile!

Obama sez we should not. He's wrong. every major problem we've had recently from the bombing of the Marine barracks to 9/11 has been perpetrated by Muslim extremists. Yet Obama refuses to recognize that Muslim extremists should be looked at more carefully than 80-year-old women and 6-year-old children. Profiling is a good tool and common sense.

SWINE FLU SWINDLE: They forced millions of people to take unnecessary “swine flu” shots, but no such “epidemic” happened. It was yet another government hoax designed to let them give away taxpayer money to favored people.

ASHAMED TO BE JEWISH: “Barney Frank said he was ashamed to be Jewish” because of Israel defending itself. For once I agree with Barney. I am ashamed he is Jewish as well. But for different reasons. That was found on the blog, “Tygerr Express.” I fully agree. And before stupid people say we think that because he’s gay, that has nothing to do with it. It’s because he’s stupid.

BUSH 1, OBAMA 0: It took Bush 4 days to waive the Jones Act after Katrina. It took Obama 70 DAYS to do the same after the Gulf oil spill. And they say Bush was slow? What a bunch of jerks!

KILLING AMERICAN TROOPS: The general asked for 60,000 troops and got 38,000. I wonder how many American troops died because of that? Today, Obama is bragging about “delaying his vacation” to make a speech on immigration overhaul. I feel for him. I just can’t seem to reach him.

LEGALIZING CRIME: "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that justifies it." (Frederic Bastiat) This is what the liberals have done. They have created a system where theft is legal and are working hard to make it permanent.

“NEGATIVE ADS”: Democrats accuse Republicans of running negative ads—in their “negative ads” against Republicans. Who the hell do they think they’re conning? They think we’re really stupid, and, for the most part, they’re right. Those who “pay no attention to politics” are.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Obama Hates Israel and England

His father (who was Islamic and a communist) TAUGHT him to hate Israel and all Jews. One of his grandmothers (also a communist) helped, and she also aided in his hatred of England by telling him stories of his great-grandfather being tortured by British soldiers (which is why he insulted Britain as one of his first acts as president by sending back the bust of Winston Churchill they sent Bush). If you don’t know what a communist is, and how that is dangerous, you’d BETTER learn—and NOW.

FAILING ECONOMY: The economy “in shambles.” That’s how Obama described it in February, 2008, when Bush was still president and unemployment was 4.8%. (4.8%!) How would he describe it now with unemployment hovering around 10%? Gads, what a jerk!

OBAMANOMICS HAS FAILED: There’s no way around it. Unemployment is hovering around 10% he’s spending money like water, counterfeiting cash to pay for it, and putting our great-great-grandchildren thousands of dollars in debt the day they’re born. Meanwhile, Obama SAYS “Reaganonics is “passé.” We need to GET RID OF this jerk as soon as possible!

BYRD STILL COSTING US MONEY: They spent a lot of money having him “lying in repose” in Washington, and for his fancy funeral, at which they extolled him. Something he did not deserve. Actually, they needed to dump him in the trash bin with the rest of the trash.

THE “SMALLEST MINORITY”: “The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." --Ayn Rand. This is exactly what the liberals do while claiming to be “champions of the minorities.”

DICTATING WHAT WE EAT: Where in the Constitution does it say Congress can BAN trans fats or ANYTHING we eat? I don’t think it’s there, so how can it be done lawfully? Unlawful doesn't stop Obama any time.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just Change It's Name

If a liberal plan is discredited, they just change its name to fool us further. Example: “Cap and Trade.” The American people have shown decisively that they want nothing to do with it. So now it’s a “Jobs Bill.” AlGore started finding it hard to sell his “Global Warming” swindle, since the world stopped “warming” about 2000. So now it is “climate change.” That way, ANY change in the climate can be attributed to it without the speaker being laughed out of the room.

STIMULUS HAS FAILED: It could not succeed because it creates NO new wealth. It just recycles EXISTING wealth. New wealth is created when PRIVATE ENTERPRISE invests its own money in projects that both creates new wealth AND new jobs. Long-lasting jobs, not the temporary ones created by government programs. When are liberal politicians going to learn this? Probably never.

McCHRYSTAL RESENTS AUTHORITY? What a LOAD of stinky brown stuff! That’s what Liz Trotta, a liberal on Fox, is trying to sell. McChrystal doesn’t “resent authority.” He resents IGNORANT authority that tries to sabotage his efforts to WIN the war in Afghanistan, as they did General McArthur in Korea, and other generals in Viet Nam. He did NOT “do something stupid” when he allowed a “Rolling Stones” reporter to kill his career. He saw what was coming and wanted out. That gave him an excuse to resign with dignity.

ALL I NEED TO KNOW: I get very angry at all the liberal bozos that get all “concerned” about how we “treat” Islamic prisoners who were caught on the field of battle trying to kill Americans for not believing in Islam—or THEIR VERSION of Islam. I learned everything I needed to know about them on Sept. 11, 2001. Islamic terrorists should be shot immediately when caught in the act of killing and maiming innocents; not sent to Cuba where they can be coddled by our liberals.

UNDER $250,000 A YEAR”: That number changes every week. People making less than that will see NO income tax increases, says Obama. They’ve ALREADY seen more income tax increases and losses from government counterfeiting of money (inflation from printing money) than they can afford. What a LIAR!

“PLANNERS” PROMISE UTOPIA: But so far, they have been unable to deliver. Mostly because a “planned economy” never works. But that does not stop the next bunch of “planners” from promising Utopia and not delivering. You’d think people would “get wise” to them. But they have short memories, and when the next bunch of “planners” comes along, promising Utopia, they’ll bite again and swallow it hook, line, and sinker.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

George Steinbrunner is Dead

The news media is busy obsessing over it, as they normally do on important and unimportant things until we're tired of hearing about them. This is all I will say about it. Unlike the media, I don't care how many times George went to the head in his last years, or some such. I have many more important things to think about. Obama's scam to take control of all our money, for example.

OBAMA’S FLAT-OUT LIE: “BP had to drill so far out, and so deep, because there’s nowhere else to drill.” What a LOAD! There’s nowhere else to drill because idiot liberal environmental regulations will not ALLOW drilling anywhere else! That’s the ONLY reason. ANWR, for instance, was originally “set aside” FOR oil drilling, with the “approval” of Congress. It is a desolate, unpopulated area in Alaska where even ALASKANS want to drill. Why does nobody talk about this?

LET HIM FINISH, DAMMIT! The Senate committee asks the CEO of BP a question and three or four words into his answer, Henry Waxman, or some other senator interrupts him, making a typical liberal pronouncement that has no basis in fact, but which is uttered as if it were fact, not allowing him to complete his thought. This needs to STOP. They need to allow these people to TESTIFY, as they were summoned there to do.

THEY JUST DON’T KNOW: The senators pretending to question the CEO of BP about the Gulf Oil spill just do not have the expertise to understand the answers given. They don’t have the expertise to even understand the QUESTIONS they are asking. They have read up on it enough to SOUND knowledgeable, rather than read the bills they are voting into law but they’re not. They have no business taking up the time of this man and others who should be spending their time PLUGGING that leak, not answering inane questions about it.

“FROM DAY ONE”: That has been Obama’s mantra about his response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and likewise the mantra of all his mouthpieces. There’s one problem: it isn’t true. It’s a typical Obama lie, told to cover the fact that it was more than FIFTY DAYS before he made a meaningful trip down there to see things first-hand. It’s yet another example of the liberal use of Goebbel’s (Hitler’s PR man) system: “Tell a lie. Make it a big one. Tell it often to as many people as will listen. Soon it will become truth, and those who believe it will fight you if you try and set them straight.”

SELF ESTEEM UP, PERFORMANCE DOWN: That’s what a recent study discovered, and they were surprised. I wonder why. Could it be the liberals’ effort to “raise self esteem” by keeping their own shortcomings from teens? Self esteem is their opinion of their talents and abilities, based on LACK of information. Self IMAGE is their opinion of their talents and abilities based on TRUTH about them. They have set out on a course to HIDE their shortcomings from teens so as not to REDUCE their self esteem. It doesn’t work. The “chickens are now coming home to roost.”

MAJORITY IN CONGRESS SUPPORT ISRAEL: Did you know that 87 out of 100 senators (almost 90%) wrote a letter to Obama CITING that support? This letter was also signed by 307 members of the House! Can Obama ignore that? Did you see ANYTHING about this in the liberal media? I thought not.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

America Rising

America is “rising up” and the first thing America will do is vote everybody who has supported Obama’s travesties of law out of office in November, 2010. then they will vote Obama himself out of office in November, 2012 (if they can't impeach him sooner), replacing him with (hopefully) Sarah Palin or Bobby Jindal, or both. The video this link leads to (today) details Obama’s crimes, except for one. His “minions” successfully got this video removed from YouTube, but it is still up on the “Power Line” blog (at least, as this is written, but I wouldn’t count on it being even there long since Obama’s censors are pretty resourceful). If you try to go there and find it gone, let me know. Thanks to Barry Cooper for sending me this.

Obama's "Leftward Lurch?"Somebody’s been kidding Dick Morris if he thinks it’s a “leftward lurch.” Left is what Obama IS, and so are his accomplices. Anybody with a modicum of intelligence can see that if they’re paying attention. He speaks of “redistribution of wealth” and that is PURE socialism, no matter how much they deny reality. He has many times expressed hatred of private enterprise, and THAT is pure socialism.

BOXER IS AN IDIOT: Barbara Boxer thinks the way to create jobs is to raise taxes and grow government. But then, we all know Boxer is an idiot while BEING an idiot is an advantage in the Democrat Party. How else would we get people like Obama, Barney Frank, and HIS ilk (I don’t mean gay, I mean stupid), and Bill Clinton, otherwise known as “zipper down!”?

OBAMA’S DITHERING: I’m getting very tired of Obama’s dithering about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. He’s only getting in the way of efforts to stop the spill while griping and placing ALL the blame on BP. Yes, BP is specifically at fault in this instance. But the government is GENERALLY at fault for forcing them to drill so far out, and so deep. I just don’t understand his giving oil companies a hard time as long as there is NO ALTERNATIVE to oil for the foreseeable future.

KEEPING COPS SAFE: There is a movement afoot to ban people from filming a policeman “doing his duty” in this country. That will keep the public from knowing about the excesses of some cops in stress situations. That way there will never be ANY video or photographic evidence when a cop oversteps his authority (except that on his own dash camera, which HE controls). That’s what they hope, anyway. This is CENSORSHIP and unconstitutional.

NON-SPECIFICS: That’s Obama. He promises to “change this country” but he never says HOW h plans to “change” it. So far, the “changes” he has enacted are NOT changes this country wants, and CERTAINLY not the ones I want. We need to “change” the so-called “leadership” in Washington so Obama’s radicals can’t make this into a socialist nation which will be the IMAGE of Soviet Russia.

WE WANT A DICTATOR! That’s what many people are screaming for. They want Obama to do what dictators do; such as “take over” BP and get that leak STOPPED! Only problem is, he has no idea how. If he actually DID ”take them over,” the responsibility would then be on HIS shoulders. He couldn’t “blame others” for his failure. He wants to have BEEN president, but doesn’t want the responsibility. But what frightens me is that SO MANY are demanding he “do dictatorial things.” Like Rosie O’Donnell said: “I don’t care if you become a dictator, just get it done!” Even George Bush signed a law banning incandescent bulbs. I intend to “stock up” on them so I can use them as long as I live.

UNNECESSARY “STUDIES”: A recent study shows that teenage boys eat a lot. What? We needed a STUDY to find that out? Just ask any mother of teenage boys. Or a father who has to come up with the money to buy all the groceries they eat. I wonder how much that “study” cost to conduct? Whatever it cost, it might have fed a teenage boy for a week. Or at least a day.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Making Our Own Decisions

That’s what the battle is all about. Obama wants the power to make all our decisions FOR us. He wants us to have to go to one of his “hand-picked bureaucrats,” hat in hand, to ask PERMISSION to do things we should have the right to do WITHOUT asking permission from someone who should have NO power over our lives. That’s basically ALL we want.

BLITHERING IDIOTS: Those are the words that best describe the Aruban “authorities.” Joran Van Der Sloot murdered a girl there, and they couldn’t get him for it. so he continued his meandering ways, traveling the world, gambling, whoring, drinking, etc., and whenever someone displeased him, he killed them. How many other people has he killed in the five years since his first “known” murder?

IT WASN’T A GAME: They tried to pass it off as a few teenagers jumping back and forth across the Mexican-American border when a Border Patrol Agent shot and killed an “innocent” 15-year-old boy. It wasn’t that simple. The boy is a well known smuggler who was wanted. He was engaged in a smuggling operation and they threw deadly missiles (rocks and bricks) at the Border Patrol Agents, which could have killed them. That made it a “deadly confrontation.” They were assaulting an armed federal officer to keep him from arresting one of their number. They made a big thing about showing a video of his family crying over his coffin and saying “he was such a GOOOOD boy!” This is typical of the liberal press.

THAT GIANT SUCKING SOUND: That’s coming from Canadian soccer games. The Canadian Youth Soccer League made a new rule: “Any game won by more than five points will cause the winner to lose by default. You read that right. The idiots have taken over soccer in Canada, and it sucks. That kind of thinking is gaining traction here, too. Soon we’ll have auto races with NO winner; baseball and football games likewise, and what will be the purpose of PLAYING them?

PROCLAIMING THEIR IGNORANCE: Every time I see a car with an Obama sticker on it, I think: “Is this guy STUPID? Does he STILL support the guy who is plundering us? If I had voted for that dolt of a president (I didn’t) I would want to hide it, not continue to proclaim my ignorance to the world.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Reuters Caught in the Act

They’ve been “doctoring photos” to make Israel look bad for a long time and have been caught before. This time we can show doctored and undoctored photos side-by-side. We don’t know yet what their excuse will be, but it’ll be a good one, I can assure you. They’ve long been known as supporters of the Palestinians.

LIBERALS HECKLE PEELOSI: Nancy Peelosi spoke before a bunch of LIBERALS, trying to sell Obama’s health care swindle and was heckled. It’s pretty bad when you’re heckled by your SUPPORTERS. She told them they had “made their point.” But will she be listening? I doubt it. Members of this administration have shown a positive TALENT for ignoring people who don’t agree with them.

“SHE DESERVES RESPECT”: Hugh Hewitt says Nancy “deserves respect.” He’s wrong. She only deserves respect when she actually does her job and does things the people who voted her into office wish. When she actually LISTENS to them, not just pretending to.

THE “BLAME GAME”: Obama criticizes Americans for practicing “the blame game,” but he is the biggest “blamer” of others besides himself, mostly Bush and “the last administration.” He can’t seem to open his mouth without blaming someone else for the things HE has done.

“THEY’VE LAWYERED UP”: Obama is giving BP a hard time because they’ve “lawyered up” after he threatened them with criminal charges because of the oil spill. What the hell does he EXPECT them to do? Jeeze, how STUPID he is! When threatened, you “circle the wagons.”

WHY AYN RAND WAS RIGHT: Today’s liberals keep saying Ayn Rand didn’t understand Russia and collectivism (communism). This woman LIVED under collectivism all her early life. And when she finally escaped and came to this country, she saw the beginnings of the same kind of thinking that PRODUCED the Soviet Union and wanted to try and “wake up” Americans to the danger she saw. How could she NOT “understand” Russia OR communism?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Helen Thomas: "Dinosaur"

Helen Thomas, the ancient old bag who dominated presidential press conferences, is WAY past her time. She is rumored to have actively raised money for the group running the “blockade runners” going to Gaza (but that’s not proven, though I’m not surprised). She told a group of Jews that they should “get out of Gaza and go back to the other countries from which they came.” The ONE THING the UN did right was to create the Israeli state. The Israelis aren’t going anywhere. Get used to it, Palestinians. Meanwhile, let Helen go home where she can make caustic comments to her “handlers.”

ONE SQUARE MILE: Israel has “given back” lots of territory in hopes that the Palestinians will shut up. Every time they do, the Palestinians want more. If they gave back all but ONE SQUARE MILE in downtown Jerusalem, the Palestinians would be shelling that one sq. mile, killing men, women, and CHILDREN and demanding they give that to them, too.

400,000 NEW JOBS: All but 45,000 of them in the construction industry are temporary GOVERNMENT jobs. Others are with the IRS, out to get more of your money. Yet Obama touts these as “proof” the recession is over and “good times are here again!” Who the hell does he think he is fooling?

“TWO WARS” Politicians keep talking about “two wars;” one in Iraq, one in Afghanistan. That is false: We are fighting ONE WAR with two theaters. It is the war against Islamic terrorism. Obama doesn’t even allow his subordinates to SAY the words “Islamic terrorists.” He won’t even admit we ARE “at war.” We need to GET RID OF this fool before he allows those Islamic extremists to come here and bomb our cities.

BUNGLING COPS KILL ANOTHER GIRL: Yoram Vandersloot kills again. He thought he could get away with it in Peru as he did before in Aruba. If the cops in Aruba had been just a little bit more competent, this girl would still be alive. He says he “went into a rage” when he found her “checking up on him.” That is not a “reason.” He just thinks he can kill at will, that the cops are too stupid to catch him. And in Aruba, he’s right. He made the mistake of trying the same thing where they WERE a bit more competent and now he will spend the rest of his miserable life (hopefully short) in prison, finding out what it's like to be raped and murdered.

HELEN THOMAS UGLY? Glenn Beck says “Helen Thomas got ugly.” He’s way behind times. She’s been ugly for a long time. Mostly because of what comes out of her mouth, and from her computer (or does she use a manual typewriter?)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Arizona's California Law

California has had an almost identical law to that recently passed in Arizona for a long time, and nobody has said a word. At the same time, nobody has done anything to enforce California’s law, either. Are California politicians in VIOLATION of this law? Meanwhile, California politicians are calling Arizona’s law unconstitutional, obviously never having read it. What a FIASCO!

SNUBBING ISRAEL: One of the first “state visits” Obama made as president was to an Islamic country. Since then, he has made MANY visits to Islamic countries. Has he EVER visited Israel? No once. That pretty much tells me how he feels about Israel, one of our staunchest allies. And about Islamic countries, most of whom HATE us for BEING us.

WHO WAS ADOLPH HITLER? Fully one-fourth of 17-year-olds don’t know who Adolph Hitler was, OR what he did to six million Jews. Will we be forced to repeat history because of this? Politicians in Washington “scream bloody murder” if you accuse them of using the same methods as Hitler used. But they are. Should we just ignore that and let them create the same kind of dictatorship in America that he did in Germany? Sheesh!

PUSHING JEWS INTO THE SEA: That’s what today’s Islamic extremists openly say they want to do. At least, they don’t have any “ovens” in which to murder them. They only want to drown them and replace Israel with a “hard-line” Islamic state. What’s the difference between what they want, and what Hitler DID?

WHY DID ISRAEL BLOCKADE GAZA? Because the Palestinians (who ARE Islamic extremists) are using it as a base from which to shoot rocket bombs into Israeli neighborhoods, indiscriminately killing innocent women and children. Israel has the INHERENT right to defend itself, whatever it takes. It follows Israel would want to stop them from bringing in munitions from outside Gaza.

WHY DOES OBAMA HATE ISRAEL? He denies it. But he has visited Islamic states many times, and Israel not once. I don’t know why he hates Israel. Maybe it’s his Islamic upbringing. But he does, and his every movement toward Israel shows it. Maybe he’s not “officially” a Muslim, but in his formative years he LIVED a “Muslim life,” You tell me what he “learned.”

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our Insane Government

This government is now being run by people who are INSANE! Israel boards a vessel run by Hamas, an Islamic terrorist organization, to INSPECT it. They TOLD them ANY vessel going to Gaza was subject to inspection. But the people on board attacked the boarders, causing nine (Palestinians) to be killed. So the United Nations condemned the Israeli action and we agreed. This is INSANE! Israel HAS the inherent right to defend itself from people who want to kill every Jew in existence. And the UN "condemns" them for it. So who cares what an organization MADE UP OF dictators and despots thinks?

NO OUTRAGE FROM MEDIA: When Saddam Hussein set Kuwait’s oil rigs on fire and opened the taps on their oil tankers and pipelines to reduce the world supply of oil and raise the world price on oil after we whipped him the first time, there was no outrage from the American media. The oil leak in the gulf of Mexico wouldn’t be a pimple on the butt of that disaster, but outrage is all the liberal media can talk about. The difference? BP is private enterprise and Obama has taught them to hate private enterprise.

NOT INVENTED HERE SYNDROME: Shell Oil has a system in use elsewhere in the world, notably in Saudi Arabia, to separate the oil and water, salvage the oil, and clean up the water. It has been offered to the Coast Guard (meaning the feds), but they can’t get an answer on whether it can be used here.

NOT THE BIGGEST OIL SPILL: We keep being told the Gulf oil spill is the biggest oil spill in the history of the world, but that’s a lie. There was a bigger oil spill in Mexico some years ago, and people are still there trying to manage it. The things our government wants us to believe! Sheesh!

GLOBAL WARMING “SCIENTISTS?” Obama wants global warming “scientists” to look at the Gulf oil spill. Why? They can’t even get it right concerning global warming! What does he expect of them in this? Jeeze, how stupid IS this man? I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it for myself!

OBAMA’S “TRANSPARENCY”: Obama promised us “transparency in government,” and he has given it to us. He is as “transparently corrupt” as any politician I have ever seen. His latest crime is offering jobs to Democrats running against his “pet” candidates to get them out of elections and minimize the damage his own excesses have done to the Democrat Party. He is the most “transparent” crook ever to hold the Oval Office in my lifetime. Bill Clinton is second, and Jimmy Carter third.