Wednesday, November 30, 2016

No Headscarves For Muslims

A CNN anchor has had the stupidity on air to suggest that American women start wearing head scarves "in solidarity" with Muslims. What the hell FOR? Why don't Muslims STOP wearing their headscarves "in solidarity with AMERICANS? Why do WE always have to change to please Muslims? Someone once said, "When in Rome do as the Romans do." That's such a profound statement, it has been taken up by many. But Muslims move here to "escape the privations" in their home countries, then try their best to CHANGE what WE do to be like them.

RECORD GUN SALES: "Back Friday accounted for more gun sales in one day than at ANY time in our history, to the wailing and gnashing of teeth of the anti-gun fools who want ALL legal guns gone from the world so the criminals, who don't OBEY gun laws can have their way with law-abiding people. They say "That's not what we want!" But that's what they GET!. Fewer guns in the hands of the law-abiding makes them "easy targets" for criminals, who don't OBEY gun laws.

OBAMA PRAISES ROLLING STONE: Rolling Stone, a magazine that lost a seven million dollar suit over a fake rape story they MADE up, saying "This is the kind of news organization we need in America, and others should emulate it." That must be a message to other news organizations that they need to make up news stories, but do a better job of it, so they don't get caught, as did Rolling Stone.

TRUMP DANGLES ROMNEY: The rumors are rife about Romney being chosen as Secretary of State. He has made many selections for other posts and made those publicly. But not for Sec. of State, while "dangling Romney" in front of everybody who is criticizing him for possibly choosing Romney. He even loudly had dinner with Romney the other night, making his supporters very nervous. I predict that Romney doesn't have a chance. His choice will probably be Rudy Giuliani. I really hope I'm right.

"POLITICAL UNITY": The Democrats are doing their usual thing after LOSING an election, BIG! They're talking about "political unity," and "working together" with Trump, on all things. Something they NEVER did when they were in control. But those of us in the know, realize that "cooperation," to Democrats means "knuckling under" to THEIR ideas and giving up your own. That's how they have blunted losses in the past, and most politicians fall for the scam. I predict than Trump will NOT.

REGULATING COW FARTS: We've covered this idea before, as a joke. But as with other really STUPID ideas liberals have, it is now LAW in one of the most liberal states in the union, California. I expect other liberal-run states to soon follow suit. It's yet another way to use that global warming swindle to pry more and more money out of Americans. Global warming has been PROVED to be a swindle many times, but liberals cling to it like barnacles because it's such a good moneymaker for both politicians and private individuals and organizations.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

"Guns Cause Gun Deaths"

That's what the damned fools making our current crop of "gun laws" say, confidently. They "know not what they do." They disarm honest, law-abiding people and make them "easy targets" for criminals who want what's theirs, and are willing to kill them to get it. Or Islamic terrorists who see a "target-rich environment" of people who will not "convert" to their silly "religion." It is said that Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the world, and why not? With people threatening other people with DEATH for not "converting." I'd bet that most, if not ALL of those who do "convert" are Muslim in name only, and do not feel it in their hearts. They only "convert" to stay alive.

TURNAROUND IS "FAIR PLAY?" Hillary, just a few weeks ago, when she was confident of winning a fixed election, told Trump confidently that "Only a fool would not accept the result of an election." Now she's not accepting the result of the election she LOST. She is joining Jill Stein's effort to get a recount. Which, in reality, is just a scam to get a lot of money. She has confidently said that, if her scam doesn't succeed, she gets to KEEP the money. But Hillary actually is stupid enough to think her scam can succeed without causing a revolution.

GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT: The rumor has arisen that Hillary is considering yet another run for president in 2020--AFTER Trump has had a chance to destroy much that remains of the Democrat Party in DC and elsewhere (What was left after Obama destroyed much of it.). She must be listening to the fools in her party who are promising to help her again--the same people who sabotaged her run this time. Maybe they're hoping the people will then have had enough of Trump, and finally be willing to elect her. What she doesn't know is that a MAJORITY of Americans are fed up with Democrats, and four years of anything will not change that.

NO MORE BRIBES: Word is, the "donations" (bribes made to the Clinton Foundation have CEASED, since she was soundly degeated in the election by Trump. She can no longer promist them preferential treatment when she's president--since she's no longer going to BE president. Maybe she'll play up he intended run (again) in 2020, which is a long shot, at best, and will not bring many more bribes (oops! "donations"),

MINIMUM WAGE DOESN'T WORK: You can' just MANDATE paying people more money than they're worth But then, liberals don't believe that. They think their ideas are perfect, and don't work only because people don't use them properly. Seattle tried it, and found it out. It caused mass layoffs, cutting worker's hours, and mass job losses. Having a higher wage means NOTHING when you don't have a job. It's typical of government meddling in something they don't understand. They create more problems than they fix. But you can't tell them that. They have a "tin ear" for criticism, They think they know it all, and we know nothing.

GUN LAWS DON'T WORK: Not the kind of gun laws we have now, anyway. and, unlike what anti-gun fools are saying, we don't say, "Why Bother?" We're saying, why not figure out some gun laws that DO work, and make them? Laws like the ones that add SIGNIFICANT time to the sentences of criminals who use guns to commit crimes, while PROHIBITING "waiving" gun charges to get convictions on other crimes, as is NOT being done, now. Which makes these laws USELESS to "stem gun crime."

Monday, November 28, 2016

Insane Reaction

I don't know where this happened, except it was in America. I actually watched a video of it happening! A woman took her pants off in public and crapped on a Trump sign. Then the wiped the result all over the sign with her hands, with everything she had showing to the crowd that surrounded her. I've seen and heard of some really STUPID reactions from liberals to Trump's election, but this "takes the cake." This woman needs to be put in a loony bin!

NOT A "JOURNALIST": Monisha Rajesh, the TRAIN columnist for the Telegraph (I don't know which one, as that's a popular name for newspapers) said, "Time for Trump to be assassinated." That sounds like a "terroristic threat" to me. This is NOT a "journalist." This is a FOOL pretending to be a journalist, and she should end up in prison for making that comment, IN PRINT. If the FBI is doing it's job, under Obama, which I doubt.

FIDEL CASTRO DEAD: Does anybody care? Only his victims and their families. They're celebrating. Then there are those "sympatico" in his communist takeover of a formerly prosperous island, that is now a "trash dump," due to his communism. These are the only people who have benefited from his communism--those working with, and for him. The rest of the Cuban people are in complete poverty. The average age of cars in Cuba is the fifties, because communism (and all other forms of collectivism) never create any new wealth. They just TAKE it from those who do. He will not be missed by human beings.

SLATE: "UNCHAINED BIGOTRY": A Slate writer writes that the Trump election released "spasms of unchained bigotry and racism." He's right, but it's all coming from the Democrat side. People are being shot and KILLED for supporting Trump. Violent riots paid for by Democrats are happening everywhere. People are getting beaten by Democrat-supporting gangs of fools! People are giving MILLIONS to a "ONE PERCENTER" to pay for a recount. Jill Stein has NO REASON" to be demanding a recount. She didn't get CLOSE to winning this election, and any recount will not affect her finish, in any way.

KAEPERNIK LOVES FIDEL CASTRO: And he likes Malcom X, as well. We're learning more and more about this fool and his twisted thought processes. He won't stand for the National Anthem, but he DID stand to "honor" Fidel Castro, who is one of his heroes. We need to send this fool to Cuba to actually have to LIVE under the "rule" Castro set up, and which is being run now by his brother Raul. Maybe a few years LIVING in Cuba will make this fool think again about where his loyalties lie. First he needs to be outed for behavior contrary to human beings. And that HAIR of his! I don't think they make a helmet big enough to cover it!

"NRA IS RACIST!" That's what liberals are saying, since they have nothing else.
Like liberals everywhere, they holler "racism" whenever they're opposed, on ANYTHING. They say Trump got elected on a "wave of white hate," which is patently damned foolishness. Almost ALL America hated what Obama and the rest of the liberals were doing, so they "got rid of them." Simple as that. Liberals just can't accept the fact that they are at fault for the Democrat mega-LOSS, so they blame it on their old 'whipping boy," racism."

CASTRO IS DEAD: Good riddance. Fidel Castro wasn't a politician, though he pretended to be one. He was just a thug and a thief who got lucky and took over a nation. After he did, he set out to LOOT everything he could from Cuba, and spent the next 50 or more years ripping it off. He declared ALL PROPERTY to be his, and all citizens his "employees" (slaves). If they objected, he shot them to death by the hundreds at a time, up against his "killing walls." At least, he didn't throw them live, off the roof of buildings like they do in Iran.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

"Chaotic Trump Transition?"

Democrats want an investigation of Trump's "chaotic" transition. WHAT "chaotic transition? And even if there were, what business is it of theirs? The only chaos in his transition is in their imagination. They just want to stick their noses into his transition activities, and make trouble for Trump. Damn! There's going to be 4 years of this crap, and I'm tired of it, already. These fools just can't admit they LOST, and go about their business. Of course, I guess, making trouble for the Republicans IS "their business." In a dictionary defining the words "sore loser" is a picture of the "Democrat ass."

HATE SPEECH: I'm very suspicious when anybody announces that they're "taking aim at hate speech." What IS "hate speech? To liberals it's any opinion you don't like. Twitter has announced that they are "taking aim at hate speech," and it is well known that Twitter is run by liberals. But here's the good part. We don't NEED Twitter. Twitter needs US! So I'm not worried. If the time comes they censor my messages, I'll just "mark them off" my list of things to occasionally do.

SHARPTON IS WORRIED: He's worried that Trump might "erase Obama's legacy, and he's right to worry--for his purposes. Trump has PROMISED to "erase Obama's legacy," and usually, what Trump says he's going to do, he does. Obama's "legacy" NEEDS to be erased, and Trump is just the man to do it. In spite of Obama "jumping up and down" in the background as HE has promised to do. And unlike his usual promises, I think he's telling the truth, this time, no matter how hard it is for him to tell the truth about anything.

3 MILLION ILLEGAL VOTES: And guess who they voted for? If you guessed Democrats, you'd be right. Those illegal votes were cast by ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, and they were able to do it because Democrats have blocked the logical requiring of "photo ID" in order to vote. With no such requirement, ANYBODY can vote, whether or not they can legally do so. And they can vote many times. They CLAIM Hillary "won the popular vote" by TWO MILLION votes, but they don't tell you it was because so many illegal aliens voted for her!

TRUMP SCARES THEM: I don't believe I've ever sen such a backlash from the LOSERS in an election. They're really frightened about what Trump might do to the systems they've set in place to "fleece Americans," and they're doing things that no SANE person would do to hurt Trump. From riots to beating up Trump voters to demanding a recount on specious grounds, to even meddling with the Electoral College (which can get them in prison) and calling all Trump voters racists.. They're more than "sore losers." They're INSANE!

ALL THE STOPS! Liberals (Democrats) are pulling out all the stops in their quest to derail Donald Trump's presidency. A columnist for the Telegraph, Monisha Rajesh (with a name like that, what do you bet she is a Muslim?), said, in answer to a reader, "Time for Trump to be assassinated." That sounds like a "terroristic threat," to me, and the FBI ought to act on it. But they won't, as long as they're under Obama as president. Maybe they will after Trump takes over his RIGHTFUL place in the Oval Office. I've seen some petty "sour grapes" in my time, buy I think this is the worst. They're scared to death of Trump!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sorry About Yesterday

I'm still a prisoner to Comcast foibles. We tried to make some changes in our Comcast account and they managed to screw everything up. I don't have TV and won't have until Monday (takes them that long to get a tech out here). My Internet was down yesterday. It went down right after I updated the Bull Cutter. But we did manage to get it back up, thankfully.

"IT'S RACIST!" "Unless we do it against Trump." That's what liberal writer Charles Kaiser thinks. At least, that's what he said as a guest on CNN. He whined about the imaginary "white supremacist rhetoric" bandied about by Trump supporters, no doubt referring to Jeff Sessions, who had the temerity to mention the "N word" while crushing the Klan in court once. Then he said using that word was okay if used against Trump, then used it on live TV, on CNN. What a DOOFUS!

"BREITBART IS A PESTILENCE": That's what the Washington Post says, anyway. In a recent article by Ruth Marcus, they unload all their "buzzwords" such as racist, sexist, and all-around offensive web site. I wish I could see the writer's face as she wrote this bilge. It's probably red as an old fire engine. They're mad because Breitbart reports the news they want to ignore, and tells the truth about them. Thus, incurring the "wrath of liberals," which. to them, is "the wrath of God." If it displeases them, it must be terrible. Breitbart must be doing something right.

CHANGING THE RULES: The Democrats lost the election, and lost BIG! So now they want to change the rules, as they do every time they lose. Remember, Obama lost the popular vote in 2008, with not a peep out of the Democrats. I've always thought it was pretty stupid to allow the politicians to change the rules, for the CURRENT candidates. They wanted to do that during the primaries, too. Only that time, it was the Republicans who wanted to do it, to take the nomination that Trump won easily away from him. We need to make a constitutional amendment to keep that from happening, ever. If they're successful in this instance, it'll cause a rebellion, and I'll be one of the LEADERS!

WHITE RAGE IS THE REASON: That's what one "professor (who happens to be black and female") thinks is responsible for Trump's victory (I don't mention that because of racism or sexism, it's because it has a bearing on her OWN racism). She's abominably STUPID if she thinks that. It's white/black/Hispanic/everybody rage that is responsible. People are tired of being screwed over by their government, and they made a "clean sweep" of those responsible (most of them, anyway). Hopefully, they'll get rid of the rest, soon. Chuckie Schumer is a good example.

THE FLAG IS OFFENSIVE? Hampshire College has removed the American flag from its campus, saying it is "offensive." To whom? To the Muslims going to school there mostly on our dime? Certainly not to a "real American." How can the flag of your country be "offensive?" This illustrates the abject STUPIDITY of some college bosses. Such people should be summarily REMOVED from any position of authority, anywhere, for their STUPIDITY. And these people pretend to be intelligent enough to teach our impressionable kids. NO wonder most of them have such IGNORANT views when they graduate!

IMPEACHMENT? The liberals are talking about impeaching Trump before he even gets inaugurated. For WHAT? Because they don't like him? There are specific causes given in the Constitution for impeachment, and the opposition not liking a president is NOT one of them. Somebody needs to teach these Democrats something about our Constitution, so they won't try such unconstitutional crap. Of course, Democrats commonly violate the Constitution, so why not here? Democrats are throwing everything they can think of up against the wall, hoping SOMETHING, anything, will stick, and they can reverse a LEGITIMATE election that went against them.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving, Folks!

We have a lot to be thankful for this day. We have been spared the hardship of a Hillary Clinton administration. We have elected a man who can return this country to its rightful prominence and respect in the world. Whether he does, or not, remains to be seen. But we have a chance. That is, if all Hillary's chicanery does not succeed. She acts like she's above it all, but I'd bet she's behind all the silly "demonstrations," using the same people that have been seen at other "demonstrations," all over the country, ostensibly beginning with the killing of that giant thug who tried to kill a policeman in Ferguson, MO. Today is a day of thanksgiving, and family. I have a family too, believe it or not, and I intend to spend it with them. But I'll be back tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

So What Law Was Broken?

The Denver Sheriff's Department is being "fined" (extorted) by the DOJ for refusing to hire non-citizens as deputies. If I were the sheriff, I'd SUE the feds for attempting to "enforce" a NON-EXISTENT LAW. Because I KNOW there can't be a law requiring such hires, and the feds don't have the power to enforce it, if there were. This is a typical example of the Obama administration disregarding the law in its operations, and should be IGNORED by the sheriff. This is just another money grab by Obama.

"RUDY'S NOT QUALIFIED!" I've heard this song somewhere before. Oh, right! It was in the general election where they kept repeating (with no evidence to back them, as usual) that TRUMP was "not qualified" to be president! Now they're using the "same old tune" to try and keep Trump from appointing Rudy Giuliani to be Secretary of State. They say he's "lost a step," being so old. Of course, that's something that can neither be proved nor DISproved, as usual. The fact is, they're AFRAID of Rudy as Sec. of State and want to prevent his appointment. There's gonna be a lot of that from liberals, as Trump completes his cabinet.

HOW'D HE GET ELECTED? Keith Ellison is a Muslim activist. Yet he still got elected to be a representative in Congress. Considering what Muslims are trying to do in the United States, it's a damned fool action to elect ANY Muslim to be in a law-making position in our government, or even in an ADVISORY position. Not because of their RELIGION, but because of what Muslims are trying to do, and they just don't understand our system of laws. Of course, Ellison will CLAIM it is because of "his faith." That's the main SCAM they use to blunt any criticism of Muslims, ever.

THEY'RE GONNA LOSE: "Sanctuary Cities" are on a "collision course" with Donald Trump when they pledge to violate federal law in HAVING a "sanctuary city." They're gonna LOSE, and lose, BIG! It's a clear violation of federal law, and the mayors of those cities could even end up in prison! They think no politician in his right mind would do anything about them, But they forget: Trump is NOT a politician, in his "right mind," or otherwise. And if he wants to do it, it WILL be done! Their LEAST problem is jail. They could lose MILLIONS, even BILLIONS in federal funds.

HOW THEY DO IT: Liberals want to label everything they can racist, even if it isn't. Now they're saying that the term, "drain the swamp" is racist, so they can use that to claim Trump is racist. They have nothing else they can point to, so they manufacture something by redefining something. Like they're trying with Jeff Sessions. He "broke the back" of the Klan in his state, but they take one word out of context that he uttered in doing it to label him as a racist. That's their regular scam.

EVERY ONE A LIBERAL: Obama awarded the "Medal of Freedom" to 21 people today, and, unless I miss my guess, every one of them is a KNOWN liberal who "toes the liberal line" in everything he/she does. Like with Obama and the Nobel Prize, this just proves that you don't have to do much to get that medal--just be a liberal and have a well-known name--and eventually, you'll get one. They proved that with the Nobel by giving Obama one "on the come" for things he MIGHT do as president, which he never did.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

"Not Going to Help"

Chuckie Schumer says, "We are not going to help Trump build his wall." Well, surprise, surprise! Nobody asked ya, Chuckie! You're part of the "swamp" Trump has pledged to drain. So why should he expect your help in ANYTHING? He doesn't NEED help from Democrats in doing ANYTHING. So you can jut stand back there and criticize his every move like you usually do, while he "drains your swamp." He doesn't care.

CLINTON FOUNDATION SUFFERING: Their "donations" are going down, down, down, now that she can no longer promise "special consideration" from the Oval Office. That's all she had to sell, and I'd bet the "speaking engagements" (bribe fests) have disappeared, too, for both of them. Without the "promise" of her being president, there's no longer any reason to give the Clintons money.

"NO CHARGES FOR HILLARY": Trump is now saying he will not pursue any charges for Hillary in her e-mail scandal, which is a complete departure from what he said while campaigning for the presidency. He says the Clintons "are good people." How he gets that is anybody's guess. I hope he didn't LIE to us tp get elected, only to "put it in reverse" and continue what's been going on for years, as a lot of politicians do. Maybe he WILL pursue charges in the investigation into the Clinton (Crime) Foundation, I don't know.

SCHOOL BUS DRIVER CHARGED: The school bus driver in that accident that killed SIX school children in Chattannoga has been charged. Some say six. Others say five. The driver was charged with five vehicular homicide charges and several other charges. I've seen a picture of him and his "wild-haired do." There will probably be more charges after they test him for drugs. No, a silly "do" isn't illegal. But it does tell intelligent people a lot about how he thinks, and what kind of a life style he has chosen. How he even got hired is beyond me.

"FAKE NEWS": The liberal media has announced a "campaign against fake news." They think it's in the "alternative (conservative) news sources, when it's in THEIR news sources. the alternative news was STARTED because of the fake news that was being put out BY the liberal media, which is erroneously referred to as "the mainstream media." Not only that, the GOVERNMENT is the SOURCE of much of that "fake news." They're making a "big noise" about this to cover their own guilt in the "fake news department."

CAT OUT OF BAG: Angela Davis, a KNOWN communist, has "let the cat out of the bag" with her advice to "progressives" to "increase your activism." Now why would she be interested in "progressives" continuing their activism? Because that activism leads to SOCIALISM, which is just a different form of collectivism from communism. She's not worried about ":coming out of the closet," because collectivists have had many years since she was "found out" to make collectivism more acceptable to foolish Americans. Even so, collectivism, under whatever name it uses to fool us, is EVIL, as it is BASED on THEFT from the producer of new wealth for the benefit of those who produce NOTHING.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Can He Repeal It?

Liberals say Trump CAN'T repeal Obamacare, with 20 million people "depending on it." They didn't seem to worry about that when they CANCELED the insurance most of these people had, in order to "enroll" them in Obamacare, AGAINST their will. That is proved by the fact that they found it necessary to FINE them if they DIDN'T sign up. These people don't "depend" on it, they were FORCED into it, and now want OUT. That's what Trump is promising, if he doesn't "waffle" now he's elected.

"CHERRY PICKING STATS": I wrote the other day about a faulty JAMA (Journal of American Medicine) "survey that "found" that laws restricting gun ownership DID result in lower homicide numbers. I called it into question because the medical profession had NO business "evaluating" gun stats, since they knew NOTHING about guns, Now it turns out they "cherry-picked" those stats to come up with the answers they wanted, which is what I've been saying all along about the "stats" put out by anti-gun fools, period.

SECRET SERVICE LOSES GUNS: Secret service loses guns: they lost HUNDREDS of guns over several years, lately. Random reports about SS agents losing guns don't BEGIN to tell the whole story, and they were VERY SLOW to answer a FOIA request about this problem. They also lost laptops, badges, and even CARS! If they're so "elite," how could they be so careless? The feds seem to be a BIG supplier of ILLEGAL guns to criminals. The HHS has lost a bunch of guns and other items, too.

OPENLY STEAL THE ELECTION: The anti-Trump jerks have "come out of the closet" and are putting pressure on "electors" to vote for Hillary, even though Trump won most of the elector's votes. They say the electors aren't REQUIRED to vote for the one who won their state ( That's a loophole for them to exploit). But they're WRONG in most states. But it's not a matter of LEGALITY, it's a matter of STEALING the election AFTER the results are in. They've revealed themselves for all to see. They don't care about the rules, only how they can twist them for their own purposes.

"WON'T DRESS FIRST LADY": Sophie Threallet (who?) a fashion designer who has designed dresses for Michelle Obama, says she will NOT "dress Melania." Does she think anybody CARES? Does she think MELANIA cares? She or her husband could buy or SELL this fool. Is she angling for more publicity, or what? There are plenty of dress designers in business, and I'm sure most of them are more intelligent than this one. It wouldn't take much intelligence to be more intelligent than this one. Damn! There are really some STUPID people out there!

LEFT DOESN'T LIKE 'EM: Surprise, surprise! The left doesn't like ANY of Trump's selections for his cabinet. That sounds like "sour grapes" to me. I'd be surprised if they liked ANY of them. Trump has promised to "drain the swamp" in DC, and he is starting with these appointments. The left IS "the swamp" in DC and they are the ones who are going to lose, and lose BIG as Trump goes on building his team. Look for more and more sour grapes, as Trump continues to appoint people the left hates.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

"Trump Is Wrong"

That's what admitted socialist Bernie Sanders says about Trump saying "Global warming is a hoax." He says, "Global warming is NOT a hoax!" Seems to me if you gotta say that, it IS a hoax. Especially if FACTS prove it IS! They've been pushing the idea that the "globe" has been warming at a dangerous rate, when it hasn't been warming at all for almost 20 years. And they had to change the NAME of their swindle so they could attribute ANY weather anomaly to it without being laughed at, and continue to "coin the dough." It has made AlGore billionaire!

"THIS PISSES ME OFF!" That's what The View" panelist and former comedienne Whoopi Goldberg says about Trump's selection of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Am I supposed to CARE? Is what "flaming liberal" Whoopi (the Fart) Goldberg says supposed to MEAN something to me? Like most liberals, she is mightily impressed with her own importance, and the importance of her own pronouncements. They do nothing for me. They're simply unimportant.

DNC CHOOSES REAL RACIST: The Democrat National Committee has chosen a MUSLIM, one of the most bigoted, racist "religions" going, to be their national chairman. And they criticize Trump for offering the AG slot to Jeff Sessions because Democrats CLAIMED he was a racist and refused to confirm him for the Supreme Court, at a time when they CONTROLLED the Senate?

PUT 'EM IN PRISON!" Speaker Ryan says they're going to DE-FUND Planned Parenthood, "for a while." What? They ought to be in prison, waiting execution for infanticide. PP has MURDERED millions of innocent, defenseless BABIES, before they even had a chance at life! They deserve to be terminally punished for it. Not just have their money cut off, "for a while!" And then allowed to go on murdering defenseless BABIES.

AMMO YES, VOTING, NO: In New Jersey, they want to require photo ID in order to buy bullets. Never mind they say that is UNFAIR to require the same for people who want to exercise their constitutional right to vote--ONCE--in an election, without a requirement they be IDENTIFIED to make sure they don't vote more than once. They claim it is UNFAIR to "minorities" when it comes to voting, but not when it involves buying bullets.

HAPPENS EVERY DAY: I could write about concealed carriers stopping crime every day, if I wanted to, because it HAPPENS every day, somewhere--putting the LIE to the anti-gun fools' assurances that concealed carriers CANNOT do anything about crime. This one is slightly different, in that it doesn't involve a gun in the hand of an attacker. In this one, a man came into a small convenience store in Sherman, TX, and tried to kill the clerk with a machete. He was routed by the clerk, who was a concealed carrier, and shot him. He was last seen by the clerk "running for the hills."

Saturday, November 19, 2016

"Mislims Are Terrified"

That's what admitted communist Van Jones tells us. Too bad. They OUGHT to be "terrified," but they're not. It is Americans who should be "terrified," because Muslim terrorists have PROMISED to kill us if we don't "convert" to their phony "religion." And they don't expect some backlash? Gimme a BREAK! Yes, there MAY be some "peaceful Muslims" in this country, and that doesn't bother me. But I'm still going to keep a close watch on any I see because the violent ones HIDE among them.

TRUMP FOLLOWERS VIOLENT? But Democrats aren't? Then how do they account for the Trump supporter recently gunned down for expressing his support of our new president? How about all the Trump supporters who have been attacked, and beaten up by gangs of Democrat supporters? It's the usual case of Democrats criticizing conservatives for things they, themselves are doing! I've seen some real "sour grapes" over an election, but I don't think I've ever seen it so bad. Maybe because much of it is PAID FOR by Democrats.

HE'S VERY CONFUSED: I mentioned the other day, a professor who said "all white people should be shot." I assumed he was black. That's the only logical conclusion. But I was wrong. I forgot that liberals are NEVER logical. They deny the very EXISTENCE of logic and common sense! Turns out this guy is WHITE. Maybe he'll offer himself up to be the first white man to be shot. The cops have taken him into custody and given him a psych evaluation. Remember: these are the people TEACHING our impressionable youngsters! At inflated tuition costs!

"INTERNALIZED MISOGYNY": That's what they call it when they attribute misogyny to people who have never shown ANY tendency toward it. It gives them an excuse to accuse these people without evidence. They do the same thing with their racism claims. They say the racist doesn't even realize he IS racist. But racism is supposed to be "internalized" in this society. That's how they justify their false accusations. Trump, for instance, has never shown ANY tendency toward EITHER misogyny OR racism, but they accuse him of it, daily.

CRITICIZING TRUMP'S APPOINTMENTS: Liberals are criticizing Trump's appointments, so far, saying they are "very right-wing." Which, to them, is a prime insult. Did they really think Trump was going to appoint a "flaming liberal" to his cabinet? Gimme a BREAK! Apparently, they aren't very smart. But then, I expect ignorance from liberals. They're liberals, after all! Just being liberals tells me a lot abut their intelligence--or lack of it.

CAIR DOESN'T LIKE IT: The "Council on American-Islamic Relations" (CAIR) doesn't like Trump's choice of Gen. Flynn to be National Security Adviser. So the hell WHAT? The ENEMY doesn't like Trump appointing a general who whipped their butts to be able to do it again from a higher office! Who CARES what CAIR likes or dislikes? I certainly don't, and I figure ANYBODY who is well informed doesn't care, either.

Friday, November 18, 2016

"In Case of Assassintion"

The media is all bent out of shape because Trump stiffed them on his dinner hour the other day. They think he isn't allowed to have a minute without them sniping at him from the "wings." Their main consideration is that, if somebody kills him, they won't have it on video as they did with Kennedy and almost with Reagan. Notice it's always those who displease the "left" who get assassinated. If the media had treated me the way they treated Trump, I'd have stiffed them for more than one dinner.

TRUMP JUST CAN'T WIN! Trump just announced that he'd save the government $400,000.00 by working for FREE. So the liberals are now saying that makes him more like Hitler. I don't know what their reasoning (if any) is on that. Maybe it's just their abysmal STUPIDITY. They're just a bunch of BABIES who can't stop crying because their "anointed one:" got her pants beat off her--TWICE, when both times she thought the election was just a formality before she was "coronated." And she'll be too old to run again.

"YOU'RE SAFE IN CHICAGO": That's what that liberal FOOL, Rahm Emanuel says. Unfortunately, the FACTS prove him a LIAR when he says that. You take your life in your hands when you enter the city limits of Chicago these days. Chicago is the murder capital of the country! You're more likely to get hit by a stray bullet there than in a "war zone." Chicago IS a "war zone!" But Emanuel refuses to see it, and thus gets more people KILLED by his stupidity!

"GOOD FOR US": Bad for you. The Clintons are hollering "nepotism" at Trump's wish to put some of his family in jobs in his government. Of course, that completely ignores the nepotism displayed by Bill Clinton by appointing Hillary to a well-paying job trying to come up with "ClintonCare" (a job which she flubbed) before Obama finally "steamrollered" it through with NOBODY in Congress ever getting to read it before voting it in, in his SECOND term. One of the classic stupidities was uttered by then House Leader Nancy Peelosi, who said, "We have to pass the bill to find out what's in it." This is common. The Democrats criticizing Republicans for doing the very same things THEY did in the past.

THE FINAL INSULT: Obama is dead set on doing as much damage to this country as he can in the short time he has left. The most recent insult is his plan to "pardon" 750,000 illegal aliens. He has already pardoned, or commuted the sentences of countless violent felons and Islamic terrorists, to gain Democrat votes. Former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe,, now Virginia governor, pardoned ANOTHER 60,000 violent felons in his own state. And I'm sure his pardons were contingent on them voting Democrat.

LABELED "FAKE NEWS": Several conservative web sites have been labeled by liberals as "fake news." That's funny! The KINGS of "fake news" pretend to be able to define what IS "fake news. Liberals (and the liberal media) put out "fake news" every day. And now they pretend to be able to define "fake news" on conservative sites? Thanks, liberals! I needed a good belly laugh! Liberal antics are good for a lot of laughs.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

"Dodging A Bullet"

Would you really like to have a female president who resorts to violence on her staff because she lost an election? The woman who threw an ash tray at her husband once, and had to be physically restrained to keep her from injuring staffers Robby Mook and John Podesta, and who thought Obama should have STOPPED Comey from doing his job? A woman who was heard to be crying inconsolably after election results were known? A woman with a temper like that with access to the "nuclear trigger?" I don't THINK so! We're well rid of her.

OBAMA LIES AGAIN: It just seems like Obama cannot tell the truth, about ANYTHING. after MONTHS of telling the world his "legacy" was "on the line" in this election, while the world KNEW a "president Hillary" would be an extension of his administration, now she has lost, he is telling us it "was NOT about him." Hillary lost it on her own "merits," and all his efforts were for naught. One of his biggest lies, and probably not the last he'll tell as president. He's still breathing, isn't he?

TWITTER'S HARD DECISION: Twitter is "on a tear" canceling as many "right wing hate speech accounts" as it can. Does it DARE to cancel an account belonging to the new president of the United States, who uses it regularly? Good way to find out just what a president can do. Anyway, who gets to define "hate speech?"

POOR BABIES! It's jist orful! The media is all bent out of shape because Trump didn't tell them about his having dinner with his FAMILY at "21" the other night. Yes, I know. It's TRADITIONAL for a president, OR a president-elect to tell them things like that, But maybe he just wanted a couple hours "out of the fishbowl," to which he is entitled. They've spent the last few months insulting him every day, so maybe he just got tired of it.

TALK ABOUT STUPIDITY! An anti-gun professor at Rutgers has been investigated by the cops for saying all white people should be SHOT! And liberals accuse US of racism! Now, if that isn't a MAJOR contradiction, I don't know what is! And these people pretend to be smart enough to teach our young, impressionable CHILDREN, who haven't been on this Earth long enough to know any better than to absorb the stupidities people like this professor teach them, and spout it to other people as if they were their own ideas

OBAMA FOOLS HIMSELF: He told an audience in Germany that "The American people think I did a pretty good job as president." That's why they were so anxious to get rid of him, and his "clone," Hillary, I guess. He continues to be "in denial" as he prepares to go quietly (or maybe not so quietly) into the mists of history. I wouldn't be surprised if they had to go in and haul him out, kicking and screaming. He did such a LOUSY job as president that it will take YEARS to set things back to rights.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sanctuary Cities Will Fight

The mayors of "sanctuary cities" say they will fight Trump on his threat to "call them" on their lawlessness. Good luck, folks! You're gonna need it, since your very POSITION is breaking the law. And the only reason you got away with it this long is because Obama is all FOR your lawbreaking. Trump will simply enforce the law, and you're gonna lose, and lose, BIG! The days of liberals running things in Washington are OVER! At least, until they can undermine all that conservatives do.

OBAMA TO BE A PROBLEM: Obama is telling his idiot supporters "not to worry." He's going to return to "community organizing," but now on a federal level. You know what "community organizers" do, make trouble for the people trying to run things, whether they're good, or bad at it. So he's going to "hang around" in DC and continually make trouble, unlike other "reasonable" former presidents. Most of them just keep their mouths shut, but not Obama. He just HAS TO "keep his oar in the water," even if he causes the boat to sink.

DELUDED GUN-GRABBERS: The "medical profession" has put out a "study" that they say "PROVES" that "gun control works, in spite of incontrovertible evidence it does NOT. They talk about the "fact" that, where there are tight gun laws, there are fewer murders, which IGNORES Chicago, the murder capital of America, with its very tight gun laws. They talk about Florida's "stand your ground" law as creating more homicides. What they don't tell you is they are JUSTIFIABLE homicides as honest people "kill off" the criminals.

CHICAGO AGAIN: Gun-grabbing liberals think their useless gun laws work. They've even got a silly "study" by the medical profession (the MEDICAL profession!) to "prove it." They talk about areas where gun laws are tight, murders go down. WHERE? Chicago is one of the best known places with tight gun laws. At the same time they are the "gun murder" capital of America. LA, NYC, and many other cities run by liberals have similar statistics, just not quite so bad as Chicago. Where do they get the IDEA that tight gun laws equal fewer murders? In their DREAMS?

CANADA IS A GOOD PLACE: Many "celebrities" have pledged to move to Canada if Trump is elected president. Trump was elected, in spite of their empty threats. Maybe nobody CARES if they do. But I notice none of them has made any move to do so. I'd like to recommend Canada as a good place for them. They are all socialists, even if they don't know it, and would not admit it, And Canada is much further along the road to a "socialist utopia" than we are. In fact, it is a socialist COUNTRY! They'd be happy there--as long as they stayed out of the way of the French Separatists, that is.

"RUIN THE CULTURE": The New York Times is worried. They're worried that Trump is going to "ruin the culture" of Washington, DC. I'm not surprised, since Trump PROMISED to "ruin the culture in DC." He promised to turn that town on its head, and that will "ruin its culture." The DC "culture" NEEDS to be "ruined, and Donald Trump is just the man to do it. What the NYT thinks of as the "culture" of DC is LIBERALISM, which needs to be REMOVED. And Trump will see to its demise.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Obama's Swagger

I didn't know a man could "swagger" while standing still, but Obama did it at his first press conference since meeting with President-Elect Trump. I only heard a little of his speech. I wanted to hear his side of the story, but listening to him extolling his own virtues and "accomplishments" (which don't exist) made me physically ill. So I took a Mecazine to keep from barfing and turned off the sound so I didn't have to listen to his braying. I'll be glad when he can no longer "take over" a big bloc of air time for his braying.

"RETHINKING ELECTORAL COLLEGE": That's what Bernie Sanders thinks we ought to do, because the Democrat candidate is RUMORED to have won the popular vote, but lost the election in the Electoral College. That the Electoral College is the way we've been electing presidents since the very beginning does not seem to matter to Democrats, when they lose. When they WIN, they think the Electoral College is "just peachy." If she DID get more popular votes, it is because of all the illegal aliens voting, as well as all the FELONS provided by Obama, and Terry McAuliffe, just in time for the election.

MORE COPS, MORE VIOLENCE: Chicago has "partnered with" several federal law enforcement organizations to help "stem the gun violence" in their city, without an appreciable reduction in the said "gun violence." They are concentrating on "hot zones" where the most gun violence occurs, which HAPPEN to be "black areas," where the people there are predominantly black So, of course, they will be accused of concentrating on black males. And the inevitable shootings between black criminals and cops will be painted as cops "targeting blacks." All those "gun laws," of course, do NOTHING.

GONNA DO IT ANYWAY! Red Skelton (for those of you too young to know that name, a popular comedian some years ago, who had a routine about a "mean wittle kid" who said, "If I do it I get a whippin'! I do it, anyway!" Trump says he doesn't want to hurt the Clintons, they're "good people." How he figures that, I don't know! But now he says he wants to appoint a "special prosecutor" for Hillary's crime investigation" with a view toward actually CHARGING her if the evidence demands it, unlike those "investigating" her before.

PILING SCORN ON COULTER: Ann Coulter was one of the early pundits who predicted a Trump win, while most of the others said confidently, that he COULDN'T win. They piled scorn on her from that moment on, but were forced to SHUT UP when Trump won by a big enough margin that all of Hilary's "dirty tricks" and election fraud could not overcome it. This will give you a good indication of how much you can depend on most of the pundits to be right (not at all!). And Coulter's stock went up meteorically.

MY SIMPLE REACTION: My reaction to all those fools who confidently predicted a Hillary victory, is simple: HAAAAAHAAAAAHAAA! That's the simplest comment I can make about a Trump victory. Trump is not perfect. But he is more perfect than Hillary ever THOUGHT to be. He may even make some mistakes. He may even do something to displease ME! But he is WORLDS better than Hillary would EVER be. He is NOT the racist, sexist, homophobe, Islamophobe the Democrats paint him to be. They never did show any PROOF of those accusations. What they put forth as proof was simply their OPINION, which was not only wrong, but STUPID!

Monday, November 14, 2016

In Trouble Again

They just won't leave George Zimmerman alone. They must have people following him around to "report" anything they can to make him look bad. Or they've got vindictive people who take everything he says, or does, out of context to hurt his image. Now we've got some people who say he was heard to make a racial slur at a bar. I don't know if it's true, or not. I suppose we'll never know, because there's no proof, either way. As usual, they again make a big thing about Trevon Martin (the black thug he killed in self defense) being an "unarmed black teenager," which ignores the fact he was beating Zimmerman's head against the concrete sidewalk in an effort to kill him when he was shot. No one mentions Martin was trained in unarmed combat and Zimmerman was NOT.

"WHY BE GRACIOUS? Alisyn Camerota, on Thursday's New Day, expressed wonder at "why Obama had to be "gracious" to Trump the other day. Which raises a question I have asked: "Why does TRUMP have to be gracious to Obama? Obama represents everything Trump is AGAINST. Yes, I know, it's "tradition." But it's not COMPULSORY. Trump being "gracious" to Obama goes against everything Trump IS. What's the purpose? Just get out of the White House on time, Barack!

OBAMA "HOPEFUL": He's hopeful Trump will see fit not to prosecute Hillary. Wow! that's admitting a lot! It's admitting that there is REASON to prosecute her and he hopes Trump will forego it. Again, Democrats don't want anything to happen to the woman who they tried to "anoint" as president--and failed. There was just too much against her for her to be elected. Not only her CRIMES, but her SOCIALISM, which Americans want no part of. But prosecution is necessary to find finally, her guilt or innocence. I think she's "guilty as sin." But it still needs to be proven, one way or the other.

"REALLY GREAT ACHIEVEMENTS": Trump said, after his visit with Obama in the White House, that he recognizes some of his (Obama's) "really great achievements." But I don't have any idea what he's talking about. I don't know of ANY "great achievements" that can be attributed to Obama. It must be just the usual "political BS" you hear after an election. As is his suggestion that he MIGHT just "amend" Obamacare, rather than repeal it, as promised. I don't really think he will go back on his biggest promise. I think the liberal media is ASSUMING he will, from one "conciliatory remark."

OOH, I'LL BET THAT SMARTS! A burglar was confronted by a homeowner and fled into the nearest woods, where he ran headfirst into a tree. He was found, unconscious, by the cops, and arrested. Talk about an inept burglar! Oh, well, burglars are not known for being the "sharpest knives in the drawer." They aren't too smart, or they'd get regular jobs (if Obama leaves them any) instead of trying to TAKE what they want and taking a chance on going to jail, or running their head into a tree.

GOOD FOR COMEY! Hillary blames FBI Director Comey for her loss in the election that was supposed to "anoint" her as president, after she "went through the motions" of campaigning when she KNEW the "fix was in." But it WASN'T in. Trump won by way too much of a margin for the chicanery of the Democrats to be successful. They didn't plan on that, so they had to find a scapegoat, I guess, and Comey was it. Of course, he's going to lose his job, but he would have lost it, anyway, when (IF) she became president. Or WILL he? Maybe Trump will attribute his victory to Comey, too, and retain him as FBI Director, or even PROMOTE him to be Attorney General.