Thursday, September 29, 2011

Should We "Settle?"

ANY of the current Republican candidates would be better than Obama. But far above ALL of them is Sarah Palin and she isn’t even running (yet). We should not “settle” for somebody just because he/she has an (R) next to his/her name as a rule. But that doesn’t mean we should EVER vote for a Democrat because almost ALL of them will inevitably push the socialist line. Democrats, as a party, ARE socialists, even some Marxists.

A “MEMBER OF THE TEA PARTY”: There is no such thing! The “Tea Party” is an IDEA, not a political party. So anybody who says his opponent is “a member of the Tea Party” is lying, or is misinformed. The “Tea Party” is what is used to describe people who want their country back, and for this government to move back toward small government, lower taxes, and AWAY from socialism. Something that will never happen under a Democrat.

CARTER IS SENILE: I have no other choice but to declare former president Jimmy Carter senile. Only somebody who IS senile would support the Palestinian terrorists, as he is. I’ve been watching him for a long time and I’ve seen the signs for a while. Some of the decisions he has made recently defy reality. So I have to declare that he no longer sees things in a “real world,” but nobody wants to say it.

FLED “SHARIA LAW”: Many Muslims fled Muslim countries to get away from Sharia Law and don’t want it enforced upon them in America. But the Muslim “spokesmen” don’t listen to them. After all—they’re Infidels who have “turned their backs on the faith.” These are the Muslims a lot of people don’t think exist because many are afraid to speak up for fear of being killed by supporters of the “religion of peace.” The “peace” of which they speak is the “peace” of death.

NOT BAIL—RANSOM: Ahmadinijerk calls it “bail” for the release of the hikers they kidnapped while they were hiking on the Iran border and called “spies.” It’s not “bail,” it’s a million dollar RANSOM. Don’t doubt it. This is the same “modus operandi” that used to be used by the Soviet Union and their “henchmen.” Grab somebody that strays into your territory and “ransom” them with a lot of fanfare.

REPLACING HIM WON’T HELP: Democrats are twittering about replacing Obama and “The Gawker” is saying he is “tired” and maybe even “depressed.” But replacing Obama with more of the same is not going to help their fortunes. He has gone too far toward destroying this nation’s economy and Americans know that another Democrat is going to only do more of the same. Yes, I’d like very much to “replace” Obama; but not with another Democrat approved by the “elite.”

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Arizona's "California Law"

California has had an almost identical law to that recently passed in Arizona for a long time, and nobody has said a word. At the same time, nobody has done anything to enforce California’s law. Are California politicians in VIOLATION of this law? Meanwhile, California politicians are calling Arizona’s law unconstitutional, obviously never having read it, and not knowing about their own law. What a FIASCO!

SNUBBING ISRAEL: One of the first “state visits” Obama made as president was to an Islamic country. Since then, he has made MANY visits to Islamic countries. Has he EVER visited Israel? No once. That pretty much tells me how he feels about Israel, one of our staunchest allies. And about Islamic countries, most of whom HATE us for BEING us.

WHO WAS ADOLPH HITLER? Fully one-fourth of 17-year-olds don’t know who Adolph Hitler was, OR what he did to six million Jews (or deny it happened). Will we be forced to repeat history because of this? Politicians in Washington “scream bloody murder” if you accuse them of using the same methods as Hitler used. But they are. Should we just ignore that and let them create the same kind of dictatorship in America that he did in Germany? Sheesh!

PUSHING JEWS INTO THE SEA: That’s what today’s Islamic extremists openly say they want to do. At least, they don’t have any “ovens” in which to murder them. They only want to drown them or shoot them, and replace Israel with a “hard-line” Islamic state. What’s the difference between what they want, and what Hitler DID?

WHY DID ISRAEL BLOCKADE GAZA? Because the Palestinians (who ARE Islamic extremists) are using it as a base from which to shoot rocket bombs into Israeli neighborhoods, indiscriminately killing innocent women and children. Israel has the INHERENT right to defend itself, whatever it takes. It follows Israel would want to stop them from bringing in munitions from outside Gaza.

WHY DOES OBAMA HATE ISRAEL? He denies it. But he has visited Islamic states many times, and Israel not once. I don’t know why he hates Israel. Maybe it’s his Islamic upbringing. But he does, and his every movement toward Israel shows it. Maybe he’s not “officially” a Muslim, but in his formative years he LIVED a “Muslim life,” You tell me what he “learned.”

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our Insane Government

This government is now being run by people who are INSANE! Israel boards a vessel run by Hamas, an Islamic terrorist organization, to INSPECT it. They TOLD them up front that ANY vessel going to Gaza was subject to inspection. But the people on board attacked the boarders, causing nine to be killed. So the United Nations condemned the Israeli action and we did not veto it. This is INSANE! Israel HAS the inherent right to defend itself from people who want to kill every Jew in existence. And the UN "condemns them" for it. So who cares what an organization MADE UP OF dictators and despots thinks?

NO OUTRAGE FROM MEDIA: When Saddam Hussein set Kuwait’s oil rigs on fire and opened the taps on their oil tankers and pipelines to reduce the world supply of oil and raise the world price on oil after we whipped him the first time, and there was no outrage from the American media. The oil leak in the gulf of Mexico wouldn’t be a pimple on the butt of that disaster, but outrage is all the liberal media can talk about. The difference? BP is private enterprise and Obama has taught them to hate private enterprise.

NOT INVENTED HERE SYNDROME: Shell Oil has a system in use elsewhere in the world, notably in Saudi Arabia, to separate the oil and water, salvage the oil, and clean up the water. It works. It has been offered to the Coast Guard (meaning the feds), but they can’t get an answer on whether it can be used here because it wasn't invented here.

NOT THE BIGGEST OIL SPILL: We keep being told the Gulf oil spill is the biggest oil spill in the history of the world, but that’s a lie. There was a bigger oil spill in Mexico, and people are still there trying to manage it. The things our government wants us to believe! Sheesh!

GLOBAL WARMING “SCIENTISTS?” Obama wants global warming “scientists” to look at the Gulf oil spill. Why? They can’t even get it right concerning global warming! What does he expect of them in this? Jeeze, how stupid IS this man? I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it for myself!

OBAMA’S “TRANSPARENCY”: Obama promised us “transparency in government,” and he has given it to us. He is as “transparently corrupt” as any politician I have ever seen. His latest crime is offering jobs to Democrats running against his “pet” candidates if they'll pull out of the election to get them out of elections and minimize the damage his own excesses have done to the Democrat Party. He is the most “transparent” crook ever to hold the Oval Office in my lifetime. Bill Clinton is second, and Jimmy Carter third.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Apples and Oranges

When Warren Buffet says his secretary pays taxes at a higher rate than he does, he is LYING. Lying by comparing two different kinds of taxes: Income taxes and capital gains taxes, which have a lower rate FOR EVERYBODY. If his “secretary” sells her house she will pay taxes on it at the SAME RATE as he does. Buffet makes very little on which he pays INCOME taxes, and if he does, he and his secretary pay the same as EVERYBODY.

CASS SUNSTEIN’S POWER: The “Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs” (what a “Soviet-style title!). With it, he can screw over people like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and even me. When he was told about it, his eyes got very big and he groaned as if he was having an orgasm because he knows how much power that gives him. Power is an aphrodisiac to liberals and his reaction proves it. I may be committing literary (maybe literal) suicide by writing this item.

OBAMA SEES DEAD PEOPLE: At a recent ceremony to honor America’s “fallen,” Obama said he “saw some of them here today. How is that possible unless he can see dead people? Does this guy ever READ what’s going to be on his teleprompter before he gives yet another speech? What JOKE this idiot is!

FIGHTING CONSERVATIVE MISINFORMATION: That’s right at the top of the “Media Matters” home page on their web site. My question here is, who fights MEDIA MATTERS’ (liberal) misinformation, which involves just about everything they publish? To hear them tell it, the only place there IS “misinformation” is from conservatives. From what I can see, ALL the misinformation is coming from LIBERAL sources, Media Matters included. In the forefront, in fact.

NO PROVOCATIONS AT ALL: The “Arab World says Israel “attacked a Palestinian ship with “no provocation whatsoever.” Who do they think they’re fooling? On ANY given day, at ANY given time, Israel has a “provocation” to kill Palestinians after all the unprovoked attacks the Palestinians have made on Israel. Do they really think the rest of the world are fools?

EXAMPLE OF THE TWIST: Rush Limbaugh famously said, “I want Obama to fail.” The liberals twisted that to have him saying, “I want the country to fail.” This is how they twist what we say and then criticize us for saying it. What Limbaugh actually wants is for OBAMA to fail in his quest to socialize this country and take over permanent leadership of it. Such failure will cause the COUNTRY to succeed. To want OBAMA to fail is a GOOD thing, since everything he wants to do is BAD for this country.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Romney Is A Fool!

He not only denies what’s before his eyes when he criticizes Perry for saying Social Security is a Ponzi (pyramid) scheme when it obviously IS and always has BEEN. Being MANDATORY doesn’t change that It WORKS like a pyramid scheme. Then he compounded his stupidity by saying SS is “not a failure.” It IS a failure and has only a few years yet before it is entirely BROKE and it will never recover. This IS failure. I certainly hope I won’t be around to see it.

“CLOSE TO THE TEA PARTY”: Being “close to the Tea Party” as Democrats say about some candidates, is NOT a “bad thing.’ The Tea Party is NONE of the things they SAY they are, and the nasty things they say about them is ample evidence to me they’re sorely FRIGHTENED of them. The Tea Party is NOT an organization (even though some organizations have taken that name). It is an IDEA. The idea that “we want our country back” and are going to GET RID OF the Democrats and other liberals who are trying to steal it from us.

JUST BREAK OFF THE ANTENNAE: Glenn Beck recently told the world that “On Star” is keeping track of all of us. Those of us who have On Star on their cars, of course. They say we can’t “turn it off.” But we can. You know that little antennae on top of those cars with that service? Just remove it. Without that antennae On Star doesn’t work.

SUSPENDED FOR HIS OPINION: An “honors student” in Ft. Worth, TX was suspended after he told a fellow student he thought homosexuality was wrong. I guess having an opinion contrary to the liberal position is something to be punished for in Ft. worth. What happened to the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America? I have no opinion about homosexuality, but I think he is ENTITLED to his own opinion.

NO SURPRISE THERE: Putin is running for president again. Will he win? Does a bear crap in the woods? In Russia, ALL “elections” are a setup to fool the masses into thinking they have some input. I don’t think they’re fooled any longer. Russia may not be “communist” any more (yeah, right!) but they’re still socialist. Semantics. He could win by 100% of the vote, but Russians are smarter than people like Saddam, who actually thought people would believe it.

AMAZING STUPIDITY: I just saw our political parties described as a “center-right party” and a “far-right party.” How STUPID is THAT? There is nothing “right” about the Democrat Party, and “not so much” right about the Republicans. When a REAL “right-wing bunch” comes along (The Tea Party) BOTH parties attack them and lie about them.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Making Our Own Decisions

That’s what the battle is all about. Obama wants the power to make all our decisions FOR us. He wants us to have to go to one of his “hand-picked bureaucrats,” hat in hand, to ask PERMISSION to do things we should have the right to do WITHOUT asking permission from someone who should have NO power over our lives. That’s basically ALL we want.

BLITHERING IDIOTS: Those are the words that best describe the Aruban “authorities.” Joran Van Der Sloot murdered a girl there, and they couldn’t get him for it. so he continued his meandering ways, traveling the world, gambling, whoring, drinking, etc., and whenever someone displeased him, he killed them. How many other people has he killed in the five years since his first “known” murder?

THAT GIANT SUCKING SOUND: That’s coming from Canadian soccer games. The Canadian Youth Soccer League made a new rule: “Any game won by more than five points will cause the winner to lose by default.” You read that right. The idiots have taken over soccer in Canada, and it sucks. That kind of thinking is gaining traction here, too. Soon we’ll have auto races with NO winner; baseball and football games likewise; and what will be the purpose of PLAYING them?

PROCLAIMING THEIR IGNORANCE: Every time I see a car with an Obama sticker on it, I think: “Is this guy STUPID?” Does he STILL support the guy who is plundering us? If I had voted for that dolt of a president (I didn’t) I would want to hide it, not continue to proclaim my ignorance to the world.

AHMADINIJERK A HERO? That’s the way they’re playing it; making the Iran chief thug into a hero for letting those innocent hikers who have been in his prison for two years go just as he appeared at the UN in support of a statehood petition for a bunch of terrorists. But he’s not. He’s a criminal for robbing these people of two years of their lives for political reasons.

SPEAKING TO AN EMPTY ROOM: Ahmadinijerk spoke to a mostly empty room when he gave what I’m sure was an inflammatory speech filled with lies, misinformation and idiocy. I don’t know; I shut off the sound on my television when Fox said next up was Ahmadinijerk’s speech. I don’t want to waste a MINUTE of my life listening to the ravings of this imbecile, just as I don’t waste my time listening to that other imbecile, Obama.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Jew-Free Zone"

That’s what the Palestinians promise if the UN approves their application for a “Palestinian State.” How does ANYBODY justify THAT? Do they really expect the UN to allow them a “Palestinian State” with such a promise? Yes, they do; because the UN is filled with dictators and socialists and communists who think the same way they do. And they can't imagine anybody thinking differently.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Muslims interrupt an Israeli speaker and call it “free speech.” It is not “free speech” to interrupt a scheduled speaker and keep HIM from speaking. Like Reagan said when they tried it on him: “I paid for this microphone!” They need to learn just what “free speech” IS. They’re free to stand outside and say what they wish; or hold their own meeting likewise. Or they could print a flyer or a newspaper, or write a blog and no one can bother them (yet). What they did is NOT “free speech. The guy who paid for the microphone has a right to free speech also.

BUFFET IS A FOOL: And he’s lying. When he gets paid WAGES, he pays exactly she same percentage as does his secretary. But that normally doesn’t happen. He eschews wages in favor of “capital gains,” which it taxes at 15%, for EVERYBODY. Obama knows this, but he still uses Buffet’s statement to back himself.

“RESPECT”: People don’t LIKE Obama, and most of us don’t RESPECT him. I have no USE for the kind of person he is, and that has nothing to do with his race. I don’t care about that. I have backed black candidates in the past and will in the future if I agree with their plans. He’s a con man and a serial liar. He tells whopper lies at the drop of a hat, and sometimes he even “drops the hat.” If you want to know what’s happening, LISTEN to what he says, then DISCOUNT it, believing just the opposite is true. I have NO “respect for the office” as long as he’s in it.

“IT’S NOT CLASS WARFARE!” That’s what Obama shouts loudly in one of his latest speeches, and it’s a LIE! What Obama proposes IS “class warfare” and he knows we realize it. But he doesn’t care. He thinks the power of his shouting that it isn’t is powerful enough to “rise above” our knowledge of the truth. He doesn’t care that we know it. He figures if he shouts it enough we’ll doubt our own knowledge.

TEA PARTY “EXTREMISTS?” Liberals say any number of derogatory things about the “Tea Parties,” including that they are racist, extremists, and such. What I want any liberals seeing this to do is give me ONE (provable) example of racism on the part of the “Tea Parties,” or a single (true and provable) example of their “extremism.”

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our Insane Government

This government is being run by people who are INSANE! Israel boards a vessel run by Hamas, an Islamic terrorist organization, to INSPECT it. They TOLD them ANY vessel going to Gaza was subject to inspection. But the people on board attacked the boarders, causing nine to be killed. So the United Nations condemned the Israeli action and we did not veto it. This is INSANE! Israel HAS the inherent right to defend itself from people who want to kill every Jew in existence. And the UN “condemns them for it. So who cares what an organization MADE UP OF dictators and despots thinks?

NO OUTRAGE FROM MEDIA: When Saddam Hussein set Kuwait’s oil rigs on fire and opened the taps on their oil tankers and pipelines to reduce the world supply of oil and raise the world price on oil after we whipped him the first time, there was no outrage from the American media. The oil leak in the gulf of Mexico wouldn’t be a pimple on the butt of that disaster, but outrage was all the liberal media could talk about. The difference? BP is private enterprise and Obama has taught them to hate private enterprise.

NO PROVOCATIONS AT ALL: The “Arab World says Israel “attacked a Palestinian ship with “no provocation whatsoever.” Who do they think they’re fooling? On ANY given day, at ANY given time, Israel has a “provocation” to kill Palestinians after all the unprovoked attacks the Palestinians have made on Israel. Do they really think the rest of the world are fools?

EXAMPLE OF THE TWIST: Rush Limbaugh famously said, “I want Obama to fail.” The liberals twisted that to have him saying, “I want the country to fail.” This is how they twist what we say and then criticize us for saying it. What Limbaugh actually wants is for OBAMA to fail in his quest to socialize this country and take over permanent leadership of it, which will cause the COUNTRY to succeed. To want OBAMA to fail is a GOOD thing, since everything he wants to do is BAD for this country.

GOLLY! IT WAS AN AID SHIP! Really? Then why were the soldiers on it armed, and why did they fight when the Israelis (who were entitled, after all the Palestinian atrocities they’ve suffered) wanted to inspect the ship to make sure they were not allowing an army into Gaza. If they had not attacked the Israelis, maybe they’d have just been inspected and allowed to go on their way. Or maybe not. We’ll never know, now. Now they’re sending yet ANOTHER ship to “run the Israeli blockade on Gaza.” Looks to me like they’re simply PROVOKING Israel, which they do routinely.

UN CONDEMNS ISRAEL: And they want us to do likewise, because of their response to the Turkish “setup” in which 9 people died after ATTACKING people who only came aboard to INSPECT their ship, as they TOLD them they would, to make sure it WAS a “help” mission, not an act of war. If we DO, that will put the cap on Obama’s losses in 2010 and 2012.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Obama Innocent!

He had nothing to do with the attempt to bribe Sestak to keep him from running against Arlen Specter in 2008. Or so sayeth liberals, who still think Nixon was the first through the door himself on the Democrat Party office break-in that destroyed his presidency. What a load of stinky brown stuff! The things these liberals expect us to believe! The bad thing is, people who “pay no attention to politics” WILL believe them. (Thanks to the Florida Cracker on Twitter for the suggestion)

NO DETAILS: Sestak claims the White House made him a job offer to keep him from running against Arlen Specter (Something I wouldn’t put past this White House) but, just like with most politicians, usually liberals, he gives no details. The details will have to be screwed out of him with a huge wine bottle opener.

SHE DIDN’T CROSS HER LEGS! They’re crying about the fact that Elena Kagan didn’t cross her legs while being interviewed. If that’s all the liberals had against Elena Kagan, she’d be confirmed in five minutes (Maybe that’s why they’re doing it; to divert our attention.). There were way too many IMPORTANT things for which to criticize her, making this silly. I never thought I’d be defending Kagan, but I think this is stupid! And it IS sexist. Especially after the liberal press made so much of the airbrushed “package” displayed by AlGore (and another by Bill Clinton) in a magazine. How stupid ARE these people”?

LIMITING POLITICAL ADS: Democrats are working hard to do this because if their opponents cannot advertise, it makes it a lot easier for them to keep their jobs. McCain-Feingold, a law I call “The Incumbent Protection Act,” was a mistake, and it was John McCain’s mistake. As a Republican, he should be retired for that, alone.

THE “USUAL SUSPECTS”: I get really tired of hearing about the “usual suspects” being mentioned as possible presidential candidates in 2012. In a recent issue of News Max there was a a letter to the editor asking “Can Mitt Romney Save the Country?” The answer is a resounding NO! If he could, he would have already done it. The best prospect, in my mind, is Sarah Palin, who stayed with John McCain (as she promised to do) even though she was very critical of his policies after the election. Any politician who keeps her promises that well, I want to get elected.

AG HOLDER “EASY” ON KILLERS: Eris Arguera, Alcides Umana, and Adolfo Amaya Portillo are proud members of the vicious street gang, Mara Salvatrucha. They’re also bloody murderers. They were trying a “protection racket” on a pimp, and killed him when he fought back. AG Holder refused to ask for the death penalty. Why? If there ever WAS a “death penalty case,” this is it. Why does he refuse to ask for it? Probably the same reason he cancelled the case against the two black men who stood in front of a polling place, intimidating voters with nightsticks. They’ve got “pull.” And they're "his people" (His words, not mine).

Saturday, September 17, 2011

"It's A Message"

The Taliban says the recent Afghan attacks are a “message to the U. S. to stop harassing people who wear turbans.” But, as usual, that’s a lie. It’s a reminder of their accidental major victory on Sept. 11, 2001. We aren’t “harassing” anybody who doesn’t NEED harassing.

NFL FAN USES STUN GUN: So, of course, the NFL increases their harassment of fans by extending their searches from head to toe. It was previously only from head to waist. Apparently it’s no longer legal to defend yourself with whatever method necessary against several attackers. They’re putting that on the same page with Islamic terrorists.

“FIGHT TO THE DEATH”: Glenn Beck says the Republican elite and the Tea Party are in a “fight to the death.” The Republicans know the Tea Party concept can take them ALL down, and they don’t want that, even if it means we Are saddled with the “Obama problem” for another four years.

TYPICAL LIBERAL LIES:” Michael Moore says the Tea Parties are Full of “hate, rage, and racism.” But he’s wrong. It is his own liberals who are “filled with hate rage, and racism.” He keeps saying this with NO PROOF of anything like that, only his unsupported word, which isn’t very dependable because he lies a lot.

NON-SPECIFICS: That’s Obama. He promises to “change this country” but he never says HOW he plans to “change” it. So far, the “changes” he has enacted are NOT changes this country wants, and CERTAINLY not the ones I want. We need to “change” the so-called “leadership” in Washington so Obama’s radicals can’t make this into a socialist nation which will be the IMAGE of Soviet Russia.

UNNECESSARY “STUDIES”: A recent study shows that teenage boys eat a lot. What? We needed a STUDY to find that out? Just ask any mother of teenage boys. Or a father who has to come up with the money to buy all the groceries they eat. I wonder how much that “study” cost to conduct? Whatever it cost, it might have fed a teenage boy for a week. Or at least a day.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Glenn's A "Fear Monger"

That’s what liberals said about Glenn Beck some years ago when he predicted that if Europe continued on their socialist ways there’d be “fighting in the streets.” Do you watch the news? There's fighting in the streets. What’s happening in Greece? How about France? Looks like his predictions are coming true—unless you want to ignore reality as the liberals do.

COMPUTER FAILURE (AGAIN): My new computer went down last Saturday and I haven't been able to get it fixed until now. And I'm not sure it's fixed yet, even though it required a new hard drive. It's still doing some strange things occasionally. I'm hurrying to get this in before it locks up again.

WATCHING PORN INSTEAD: Liberals are wondering how it is possible to blunder so badly in “controlling” the oil industry as to allow an oil spill such as we suffered in the Gulf of Mexico. The problem is we are NOT “controlling” this industry. The people who are supposed to be doing this job may just be spending their time watching porn on government computers instead of doing their jobs.

“SLIGHTLY MORE INFORMED”: Obama’s mouthpiece says Sarah Palin “needs to get slightly more informed.” How stupid does he think we are? It is Obama and his “fellow travelers” who need to get more informed; a LOT more informed. They’re going to be “out of power” and Obama is going to be ALONE in Washington for the last two years of the only administration in which he will be in the white House. I hesitate to say “serve.” He is not “serving.” He is looting and pillaging.

MUSLIMS BEATING THEIR WIVES: They are so convinced that beating their wives and children is right that they have television shows telling men how it should be done. I’ve seen them. Then they say when we talk about it, we are engaging in “anti-Muslim propaganda.” Since when is telling the truth about people “propaganda?” Gawd, these people are really stupid!

LIMBAUGH WINS! The Democrats are making a “big thing” about a few Democrats winning elections in what are strong Democrat districts. One of the best known is a Democrat sounding more like Rush Limbaugh that any Democrat has a right to sound, winning. We all know he won’t ACT as Limbaugh would act, although he fooled enough Democrats to be elected.

NOBODY CAN FAIL: Former president Clinton said, in a recent speech, that “we must find a way to make sure NOBODY can fail.” What a dreamer! This is typical liberal thought. It’s “pie-in-the-sky” thinking that is typical of liberals. That there is NO WAY we will EVER be able to make sure NOBODY ever fails doesn’t matter to liberals. They say it, hoping gullible people will believe it. What a load of stinky brown stuff THAT is!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Still A Hole in the Ground

Due to incompetent bureaucrats in our government, the World Trade Center is still a hole in the ground, TEN YEARS after Islamic terrorists destroyed it. The empire state Building was built in eighteen months, in the middle of a depression. What has changed since? Liberals have taken over the government, both in Washington and in New York. They can’t get ANYTHING useful done. But we will NEVER forget the almost 3,000 people Islamic terrorists murdered there.

THAT’S A LIE! Mayor Bloomjerk says the “separation of church and state” is in the Constitution. It is NOT! It was mentioned in a LETTER from Thomas Jefferson to another of the “Founders.’ This is a myth that will not go away and I’m getting tired of liberals trying to convince us it IS in there, and that it means they need to do away with ALL VESTIGES of religion. That’s a STUPID way to think of it, but I expect stupidity from liberals. Saying it is, is either stupidity or a willful lie. The Mayor of New York City ought to know better.

SMART PEOPLE BEING STUPID: Cheney tells Hillary she should run against Obama. I’ll go for that; a good way to split the vote. He says she’s the most competent person in his Cabinet. That’s “faint praise” because there isn’t anybody in his Cabinet who is competent, including Obama. I lost my confidence in Newt’s competence when he made that ad with Peelosi pushing global warming. That showed complete lack of good judgment.

HALF NOT PAYING TAXES: Fully HALF the able-bodied people in America pay NO income taxes at all. Instead, they GET a government check each month; money called “welfare.” How most of these people stay on the welfare rolls, I don’t know. Many do it by becoming “baby factories,” since the government will pay a mother more welfare, the more children she has (in or out of wedlock). No wonder the “child protectors” are out of control. So less than half are “pulling the wagon” while more than half are just “riding in it.” And they wonder why the money is gone.

“FUELING THE RECOVERY”: All we have to do to cause this country to recover financially is to remove all those onerous “regulations” that are limiting how private enterprise can operate. Especially in the energy industry. You wouldn’t BELIEVE how many “regulations” energy companies must obey, just to stay in business. Then there is the BAN on drilling for oil in our own country, forcing us to depend on people who HATE us for the oil that is so necessary to our survival. If they ever decide to cut us off, then we’re REALLY in trouble.

PAKISTANIS MAD AT US: A recent study showed that a MAJORITY of Pakistanis are mad at us because of the raid that (supposedly) killed Osama bin Laden. Who cares? Bush told them it didn’t matter if he was “protected,” that we would “get him.” And we did. And we should care if Pakistanis don’t like it?

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Obama has so destroyed the Democrats that all they have left is to cry and stamp their feet and call us names, They have no logical answers to our questions about their conduct so they just call us “terrorists” and “SOBs” and tell us to “go to hell.” They’ve “declared war” on the Tea Parties. Okay. So let’s go to war and “take them out” in the 2012 elections.

DOCUMENT DUMP: Pam Geller, of the “Atlas Shrugs” blog, made a “Freedom of Information” (FOI) request for a somewhat narrow subject and guess what? They say there is 14,000 pages and they want a lot of money to print it out and send it to her. How’s that for stopping such requests? And even if she can pay for it, will she find anything in the “blacked-out” pages after going through them all?

NEVADA SHOOTING: Just wait for it: the anti-gun freaks will, as usual, use the shooting in a Nevada restaurant as an excuse to call for more “gun control.” Forgetting entirely that people who do such shootings don’t obey laws. Nor do criminals, who break laws for a living. Further, if all guns did not exist, they’d find SOMETHING with which to kill people.

DEFINED AS INSANITY: I hate to say the same thing over and over, but nobody responded when I have said it before. So I’ll keep saying it until somebody notices. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the classic definition of insanity. Obama is ready to do his THIRD “bailout,” in spite of the fact that the first two were miserable failures and did nothing but get us deep in debt.

“WE GET NO RESPECT”: Nancy Peelosi whines that the Republicans don’t give Obama “enough respect” because they decided not to “answer” his upcoming campaign speech he’s going to make to a joint session of Congress under the guise of a “statement on jobs because it IS a “campaign speech.” Frankly, Obama deserves NO respect, since he has destroyed his party and mostly his country by taxing us too much and spending more money than we have. So shut up, Nancy, and go back to your hidey-hole.

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? News is that three gays have been murdered by the Iran “government.” How is this possible since Ahmadinijerk said “there are no gays in Iran.”? Maybe it’s because they kill them as quick as they find them.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"If BHO Loses, We're Doomed!"

That's what AFL-CIO says. Isn’t it lovely to see the left terrified? They know Obama has screwed up royally and it will be an amazing thing if he wins re-election. So they’re telling their members they’d better “get out there and get the vote out” for him, or “we’re doomed.” I LOVE it! They still try to vilify the “Tea Parties,” though how do you vilify an idea? Which is what the “Tea Parties” are. An idea created by Obama’s overreaching policies.

“DEATH IN THE FAMILY’: Last Saturday my computer locked up and refused to do anything. I took it to the “computer hospital” and they declared it dead. So now I have an IBM Think Pad again and I’m slowly getting it set up to do what I need. Thanks for your patience. (Ray Thomas)

OBAMA PROMOTES MADAGASKAR LABOR: Remember the completely unnecessary raid on Gibson guitars because they allegedly used “illegal wood” that was the moral equivalent of “blood diamonds?” Now word is that the government has told them in a legal pleading that most of the problems would go away if they outsourced their labor to Madagascar. Talk about blatant attempts to make the employment picture worse!

DESTROYING “BIG BUSINESS”: They want to destroy the businesses that keep this world running; Obama has PLEDGED to “bankrupt the coal industry.” How STUPID is this? The coal industry is ESSENTIAL to CREATING electricity, which is essential to keep this world running. Without coal, we would have NO electricity, which has become absolutely essential to our lives. Without it, we would have chaos. Yes, we DID live for many years without electricity, but life was a lot harder, and we have become accustomed to the ease of life that electricity has given us.

“SHARE”: They teach our children to “share,” but they don’t teach them how to gain things TO “share.” They tell them that “sharing” is the most important thing they can do without mentioning that many people only want to be on the RECEIVING END of “sharing” and never do anything to have something THEY can “share.” They want US to share, but they don’t want to share what THEY have.

BIG 3 IGNORES CARSON’S SMEAR: Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN), SMEARED the Tea Parties by saying they would like to see people like him “hanging.” Did the “Big 3” cover it? No. But if a Republican ever said such a thing, it would be screamed to the skies and be the top story for three weeks. A good example of the “double standard.

“HELL NO, WE WON’T GO!” Obama wants to honor 5-time NASCAR champ Jimmy Johnson and invited all NASCAR drivers to attend. A large number of them refused, saying they have other commitments. Now what other commitments could they have that couldn’t be canceled or postponed if they really wanted to meet the president? Maybe they just don’t want to meet THIS president. I know I would certainly reject such an invitation from this con man who conned his way into the presidency. Being president doesn’t make him less of a con man.

RACISTS SEE RACISM EVERYWHERE: People who see racism everywhere, even where it doesn’t exist are racists themselves. Most normal people don’t even THINK about racism most of the time. Democrats and other Obama promoters have made what race problems we do have left in this country worse by claiming racism every time somebody disagrees with Obama.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Martin Luther King Sent It

According to liberal Detroit Free Press columnist Rochelle Riley, he SENT the hurricane to New York to disrupt the dedication of the statue dedicated to him because he didn’t like the fact that he had to stand while Lincoln sat, and the statue of him was WHITE. This is the kind of thing Democrats are stooping to in order to win an election in which they know they’re doomed.

410 MILLIONAIRES DISAPPEARED: That’s right. There are 410 FEWER millionaires left in the world today as a result of Obama’s “war on millionaires.” Along with them go the jobs (and taxes those jobs would have created) they would have created with their profit-making (and increased tax “take”) projects. Nobody seems to realize that millionaires are absolutely NECESSARY for socialism to succeed because THEY are the ones who earn the profits for Obama to tax to fund his “flights of fancy.” Without them, socialism (and Obama) is dead.

DID “THE POOR” BENEFIT? So 410 millionaires disappeared. Did “the poor” benefit? Has a “poor person” ever gotten richer as a result? Has a “poor person” ever given you a job? These are some of the “holes” in the liberal contention that “the rich” have somehow “stolen” what the "poor" didn’t have, from the “poor.” How do you “steal” from people who have nothing?

OBAMA’S THUGGERY: The Obama administration is “investigating” Standard and Poors after they reduced our credit rating. Can you say “retaliation?” They SAY this “investigation” has been “in the works” for a long time and has nothing to do with the downgrading. Yeah, RIGHT. Sounds like politics as usual: denying the obvious while proceeding as if it were true and we believed it.

HOW STUPID DO THEY THINK WE ARE? They claim the “investigation” of Standard and Poors that came right after S&P “downgraded” out credit rating has “been in the works a long time and the downgrading has nothing to do with it. They insult our intelligence.

“GREEN ENERGY” FAILING: Solyndra, an Obama touted energy company that got $535 million from the government and another $177 million from private investors, has failed after losing more than $500 million in the last five years. They are just one of FOUR such “energy companies” that have failed recently, but Obama is “doubling down” on “investment” in “energy companies.” They’re too stupid to realize we’re smart enough to realize how stupid they are.