Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fire the Damned Fools!

Muslims come to work for you and DEMAND extra “prayer time." So you accommodate them. Then, flushed with success, they make MORE demands, and when you refuse, they walk off the job. What should you do? FIRE the fools. They aren't any better than any of your other employees, who aren't DEMANDING special treatment. Frankly, I'm furious,”  sick and tired of hearing about situations where Muslims think they're somehow “special” and their wishes should be held BEFORE those of Americans. That we should be “bent over” for them because they're Muslims. Kick the fools OUT. Get RID of them. Let them go back to their Muslim-ruled country.

TIT FOR TAT: Muslims are demanding the cross be removed from the Swiss flag because it “offends” them. Who the hell CARES what offends Muslims? They're GUESTS in that country and have NO SAY in what is on their flag. This is what I mean about Muslims. They move in on people and soon are demanding THEIR WAY. To which they are NOT entitled. If they come there, they should SHUT UP and become part of the society there, instead of making waves to change things. They can “blow it out their flue” for all of me. If they don't like it there, MOVE. But don't move HERE and bring their crap with them!

PALIN UPSTAGES TRUMP: I'm listening right now (as this is written) to Sarah Palin's speech in support of Donald Trump, and Trump is standing right at her side with an “ear-to-ear grin.” Her speech is a little long on somebody else's podium, but after her speech, Trump won't need to say a word except to ask her to be his VP. That may have been the longest period in years that Trump has stood at his podium with his mouth shut—and for good reason.

SO THE HELL WHAT? Brian Fallon (a Clinton crony) is accusing the Intel Inspector General of “conspiring” with the Republicans, just as if the Republicans were an ENEMY. I know the Democrats LOOK upon the Republicans AS the “enemy,” but the Democrats are the REAL enemy. Democrats want socialism, almost to a man (or woman). And that's “enemy action,” to me). Republicans are the REAL Americans in the plot, something the Democrats deny. The next election presents a simple choice to all but those who want others to support them: socialism and slavery, or the free market and freedom. and it is the free market that has made us the “destination of choice” for all who want to better themselves, and the world's richest country.

OBAMA'S JUDGE RULES AGAINST HIM: He thought she'd “knuckle under” and let him keep his “Fast & Furious secrets secret. But apparently she's more honest than most liberals he has appointed to judge-ships and ruled on the CONSTITUTIONALITY of his “executive privilege” claim. Obama isn't gonna like that, and I don't think she will stay a judge for long, if he can manage top get rid of her. Or maybe he'll just sic the IRS on her. That's how he usually handles opposition, so I suppose she can expect an audit, soon.

THEY CAN'T CONTROL HIM: That's why Republican “leaders” oppose Donald Trump. He has his own money. He doesn't need theirs, thus, they can't control him by threatening to withhold campaign money. That scares them to death. So much so that they have threatened to support HILLARY! The OPPOSITION! Which is about the STUPIDEST thing they can do, and which PROVES their complete INCOMPETENCE to hold their current jobs. We need to add them to the unemployment numbers.

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