Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Liberals Are Desperate

That’s why they are saying the most amazingly stupid things about the “Tea Parties.” All without a single bit of evidence or detail. The “Tea Party” people frighten them, so they try their best to discredit them, even if it is a lie. They think if they keep repeating this trash, somebody will believe it—and they’re right. People who do not pay attention to politics will believe their lies.

HE’S GOT HIM DOWN PAT: Mallard Fillmore has Obama “down pat” when he presents him as making a stupid statement like “you only have to IMAGINE things getting better and they will.” Then blaming the American people (ANYBODY but himself) when it turns out not to be true.

HELPING THE NAZIS: Did we ever give money to the Nazis to help them recover from their losses in fighting the Second world War against us? While the war was still going on? Then why are we even CONSIDERING giving a FIVE BILLION dollar grant to those wanting to build a mosque literally on TOP of the site of Islam’s greatest atrocity against America?

OBAMA SIGNS PACT GIVING ILLEGALS RIGHTS: Illegal aliens HAVE no rights in this country. They don’t, especially have the right to a job with a living wage. They don’t even have a right to A job. It is a crime to hire them. Obama is doing everything he can to disrupt this country, and this is one of them. I’m not saying LEGAL aliens don’t have any rights. They are American citizens with ALL the rights of Americans. ILLEGAL aliens, however, do not.

SPENDING MONEY WE DON’T HAVE: Doing things that are of NO importance. The feds have no money, so they’re spending money harassing a GUITAR MAKER over the kind of WOOD they use, and thus costing the guitar maker MILLIONS of dollars to defend themselves. At the same time they ignore another guitar maker who contributes to Obama who uses the same "protected' wood.

“THUMBING HIS NOSE AT THE LAW: Obama has issued an executive order saying he isn’t interested in enforcing the immigration laws on certain people. In other words, there are certain illegal aliens who are “special” to him. Just like his Attorney General would not prosecute Black Panthers who CLEARLY violated election laws by standing in front of a polling place in “military-style” uniforms carrying nightsticks because they were “his people.”

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Twilight Zone?"

MSNBC is planning to bring former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin on as a “hurricane preparedness expert.” What? Ray (“Schoolbus”) Nagin? The guy who didn’t bother to move hundreds of New Orleans school buses that could have been used to evacuate people while protecting them from the hurricane? That guy? The most UN-prepared for a hurricane mayor around? That guy? I knew MSNBC execs weren’t too smart, but this is “over the top.”

ARE WE STUPID? The Patriot Action Network asks the question: “Do liberals think we’re stupid, or are they stupid:? Or both?” The answer is BOTH. They’re very stupid if they think we “buy” most of their silly theories. If we did, we WOULD be stupid. I guess that’s why liberals, who run MSNBC are foisting Ray Nagin on us as a “hurricane preparedness expert.”

THANKS—I NEEDED A LAUGH: AFP (Whatever that is) reports that Obama is taking personal charge of hurricane preparedness on the East cost. Want a better guarantee nothing will be done right? Put Obama in control. I feel sorry for the residents of the East Coast with Obama in direct charge of their disaster preparedness.

THEY HATE THE RICH: But most of them are rich, themselves. Look at the late Teddy Kennedy; he said he “knows what the poor go through,” yet he has not had a day in his life where he didn’t know where his next dollar was going to come from. John F. Kerry is one of the richest people in the nation, but even HE pretended to “understand” the poor. How COULD he? Again, this man has never had a day in his life (so far) where he wondered where his next buck was coming from. What they want to do is “shut the door” on those not yet rich so they cannot GET rich. They hate people who EARN their riches, forgetting that somebody in their ancestry had to EARN the riches they now enjoy, through inheritance. The only work they MUST do is “clip coupons” on the stocks and bonds left to them by their ancestors.

THE FREE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM: Liberals want to destroy the free enterprise system; the system that is responsible for the rapid rise of this country to a point that is the envy of people the world over and has made this country the “destination of choice” for MILLIONS of people who want to better themselves. The system, that caused this country to become richer than civilizations that have been around for thousands of years in less than 300 years as a country.

DESTROYING THE “SAFETY NET”: Liberals want to support the “flights of fancy” they call “the safety net” (but which has become a “way of life” for millions) while destroying the people who can make enough money to SUPPORT it. It is typical of liberals to want to destroy the very things that SUPPORT their idiocies. Example: what industry is absolutely necessary to keep the energy industry running (without energy, or electricity, we’re back in the 1800s pulling our cars with horses and lighting our homes with candles)? The COAL industry, that’s what? What industry has Obama SWORN to “bankrupt?” The COAL industry! Is there anything on the horizon that CAN replace coal? No. But Obama doesn’t care.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Liberals Don't Make Sense!

The biggest thing they want to do is take money away from the rich and prevent them from making any more. This is INSANE! If the “rich” didn’t make money, there’d be no jobs for the rest of us to use to make money for ourselves. Make it impossible for them to make money and you destroy the INCENTIVE for them to make money, which dries up the money available. They’re “killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.”

STOP BEING WUSSES! It seems like everywhere you go, you “offend” somebody. We changed the name of the Dept. of War to the Defense Dept. so we wouldn’t sound so “war-like.” We changed the names of many other federal agencies for the same kind of reason: we don’t want to “offend” anybody. So what? There are people out there just WAITING to be “offended.” Why do we cater to them? We need to “man up” and tell these people where to put their being offended. It’s time we grew a backbone.

DECIDING WHICH LAWS TO ENFORCE: Obama has made it official. He will decide which laws he will enforce, no matter what the constitution says. He has announced he will enforce the immigration laws ONLY on those he “deems” it should be enforced upon. All others can ignore the law.

LIBS FRIGHTENED OF PERRY: They’re “pulling out all the stops” in their efforts to defame him, as they previously did with Sarah Palin. The reason? As with Palin, they know he doesn’t “follow the party line.” He makes his own decisions and implements them. So he frightens them. Both sides.

STUPID STATEMENT OF THE WEEK: “Unmistakably Texan, unabashedly conservative, Governor Rick Perry does not care about the overwhelming scientific evidence that global warming is largely produced by humans burning fossil fuels.” — ABC’s Jim Avila on Good Morning America Hey, Jim! There IS no such “overwhelming evidence” that global warming is produced by humans burning fossil fuel. It’s all OPINION of SOME people calling themselves scientists. None of it is based on REAL science.

WHO CREATES THE JOBS? Who is it that creates jobs for people in this country? How many people do the top 30 “rich” people employ? How about the rest of “the rich?” (Bill Gates and Microsoft alone employ THOUSANDS of people in well-paying jobs; they have not only employed thousands, they have created hundreds of RICH PEOPLE in the process. Has a poor person ever given you a job?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

If Not Capitalism, What?

It wasn’t socialism that made this the greatest country in the history of the world. It wasn’t communism that made this country the envy of the world and the destination of choice for people who want to better themselves. It wasn’t collectivism, of any kind, that caused this country, in less than 30 years, to bypass civilizations that have been around for thousands of years, and especially not Islam. So why do so many people vilify capitalism without saying why? It’s because they can’t say why. They have an unreasonable hatred of capitalism, instilled in them by liberals with no reason.

INCOMPETENCE IN GOVERNMENT: One of the best illustrations of political incompetence is the liberal idea that Americans don’t know how to spend their money properly; that we need the government (which has wasted $TRILLIONS of dollars on idiotic things) to tell us how to spend it. Our major problem today is that the vast majority of politicians down through history have been incompetent and have no idea how to govern.

“SPENDING OURSELVES RICH”: Another foolish and incompetent idea government has used to “spend us into bankruptcy” is the idea that we can SPEND our way out of a recession. That the way to more “revenue” is taxing us more. This in spite of the evidence before their eyes otherwise.

BUSH WAS NOT UNPOPULAR: The liberal media has a lot of people who don’t pay attention to politics convinced that Bush was one of the worst, and most unpopular presidents in memory. In spite of the fact that the economy boomed during his administration until the screwups DEMOCRATS put in effect destroyed it. I have my own problems with some of his policies, but overall, he was a decent president.

“SHALLOW EARTHQUAKE” IN DC: What other kind would there be? There’s nothing in Washington these days that is not “shallow.” Except for the “money pit” Obama is digging for us. I heard today we’re now $4 TRILLION more in debt than we were under Bush after EIGHT YEARS, most of it with a Democrat Congress. Bush spent $4 trillion in EIGHT YEARS and Obama has spent that much in little over TWO YEARS.

“OOPS! WE WERE WRONG!” Has anybody noticed how often the government (and business) changes what it does, and how it operates because they “discover” what they’re doing was wrong and was killing too many people? One day coffee is bad for you; next, it’s beneficial. One day eggs are bad; the next they’re good. Alcohol is bad, then it’s good. Sugar substitute is good for you, then it’s bad. I wouldn’t believe anything these people ever told me.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

MSNBC "Tone Deaf"

MSNBC has proven it is “tone deaf” to America buy even CONSIDERING Al Sharpton for his own show. Sharpton has NO credibility after the lies he has told so many times and the cons he has perpetrated upon the business world by threatening to accuse people of racism if they didn’t “contribute” to his “charitiies.” How does MSNBC think they’ll ever be believed as a news organization again with this fool hosting one of their “news” shows?

LIBS HATE THE TEA PARTY: Why? Because it can’t “single out” an individual to defame and lie about to get rid of it. Why is that? Because the Tea Party is a “state of mind, not an organization. ANYBODY who believes in small government, conservative values, lower taxes, a LOT less spending, more freedom, the free market, and getting rid of such as Obama and his henchmen is a “member of the Tea Party” whether or not they know it. They hate it that they can’t “get at” anybody and that the “Tea Parties” are going to “upset their applecart” in 2012.

HOW STUPID ARE SOME PEOPLE? This is a “Tweet” that was called to my attention this morning: “@kesgardner After the Bush era tax cuts are ended, the increased revenues would support 8.2 millions new jobs & reduce unemployment to 4.5%.” apparently this fool doesn’t know that sharply increased taxes have NEVER increased revenues. Only reduced tax rates (Bush’s) have.

WE’RE “PUBLIC ENEMY #1!”: That’s what one of our elected representatives says, anyway. Rep. Fredrica Wilson D-FL), member of the Congressional Black Caucus (What else?) [She’ll call that racist, but the CBC is a well known liberal bastion. -RT] says the “Tea Parties” and their ilk are the REAL terrorists. Never mind they’ve never killed anybody; or used ten-year-olds as bomb carriers and suicide bombers to kill lots of people. This is the kind of elected representative we need to dis-elect and send home to the unemployment line. She’s about as stupid as Maxine Waters.

WHAT’S WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? People like Maxine Waters (who said, “We’ll force Marxism down your throats!”), Fredrica Wilson (“The enemy is the Tea Party”) are elected officials in the United States. With views like that, how did these dolts ever get elected other than by hiding them until AFTER the election? It’s no wonder this formerly fine country is “going down the tubes” with people like this in Congress.

THE REAL RACISTS: The people (like Obama and his henchmen) who call ANYBODY who disagrees with him, or any other black politician “racist” are, themselves, racists. This is revealed by their very racist statements (They are black against white racists who harbor unreasonable hatred against whites). This is their way to win the argument without the bother of arguing on the merits of the subject under discussion. It’s a “cheap trick” and beneath a real politician.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Do They Like Gays?

How do presidential contenders feel about gay issues? That’s a question being seriously asked by the liberal media. Who cares? Why don’t they ask them about something important? Like the economy and how they would make it better? About our many wars, and would they actually try and WIN them? Gay issues are important ONLY to gays. They’re not important to me.

LOW BLOW: “Committee Against Sexual Hypocrisy” (CASH) is running an ad asking for anybody who has had sex with Rick Perry to come forward and they’ll help them publicize it. To what end? Do they want to counter the many Democrats who have been “caught with their pants down?” This is about the lowest kind of political skullduggery there is. Makes me SICK!

GOVERNMENT IS A “PROTECTION RACKET”: Many people wonder why “the rich,” yacht makers, and other people Obama and his ilk have promised to ruin still give him and his Democrat friends money for their campaigns. I know why. It came to me while I slept, and I had to write it down. Government is a “protection racket” and people give money to certain politicians, hoping they’ll leave them alone. It’s a forlorn hope, but they do it, anyway.

“JOBS PROGRAM”: Obama says he is “laser focused” on “creating or retaining jobs.” Actually, he is only “laser focused” on retaining his OWN job. He couldn’t care less about jobs for anybody else. He has NO IDEA how to "create jobs," except maybe for federal government jobs, paid for by tax money taken from Americans.

OBAMA “INVESTIGATING” STANDARD & POORS:” They’re saying they started this “investigation” well before S&P downgraded the United States’ rating. What a load of “brown bombs!” Obama is only interested in creating misery for S&P for downgrading him. Typical politician; deny what you can SEE is the truth, KNOWING you can see it, then continuing on as if you believed it.

WHY? “No one has been able to explain to me why young men and women who serve in the U.S. Military for 20 years, risking their lives protecting freedom, only get 50% of their pay at retirement. While Politicians, who hold their political positions in the safe confines of the capital, protected by these same men and women, receive full pay retirement after serving ONE term. It just does not make any sense. (Thanks to Sis Patti and Barry Cooper)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Following Obama's Lead

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vislack, following Obama’s lead, says “Food stamps improve the economy and create jobs” because they “stimulate commerce.” He says each one must employ a worker to issue it, and every item they pay for causes employment of workers to inventory, stock, and dispense them. He doesn’t mention that those people are GOVERNMENT employees, paid with TAXPAYER money; money TAKEN from taxpayers, which CAUSES unemployment on the other end. Gawd, we are being “led” by a bunch of FOOLS!

THANK OBAMA: He has “woken the sleeping giant.” Its name is the Tea Parties. I have said for a long time “It’s time for a new tea party.” Long before the Tea Parties rose in popularity. The mere fact that Obama and his henchmen hate the Tea Parties so much and lie about them so often tells me (if I didn’t already know) that they’re “sore afraid” of the Tea Parties and what they represent: “the sleeping giant” who will “smite them” in 2012.

“DON’T SPEND ALL THE MONEY”: Texas Governor Rick Perry tells Obama, “Don’t spend all the money.” Sorry, Rick; that horse is already gone. Obama has ALREADY “spent all the money,” and then some. And he’s getting ready to spend even more before we can get rid of him.

TALK, TALK, TALK: Whenever somebody criticizes Obama he calls them racist. Then he makes a speech. That’s it. He has made EIGHT “jobs speeches” recently, but he has done nothing that actually made it easier for employers to add any jobs and joblessness remains at almost ten percent.

TOO MANY VACATIONS: Trump says, “Obama takes more vacations than any human being I’ve ever seen!” Yes, I understand a president works hard. But Obama takes advantage of that to take vacation after vacation. Maybe not all paid for by taxpayers, but his security certainly is. Like that big black bus he spent $1.5 million on to emulate Palin. He didn’t need a bus. He’s got plenty of black limousines and Air Force One.

OBAMA LOVES TO LIE: At an Illinois “town hall” meeting he said “The economy is in better shape now than it was when I took office.” What? Did he really say that out loud? What a FOOL this guy is if he thinks ANYBODY believes this kind of blatant lie! Does he think if he says it often enough people will come to believe it, in spite of them being unemployed and starving?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

"I Hope He Fails"

Rush Limbaugh got a lot of flack from liberals and liberal dupes when he said that upon Obama's "immaculation" because they didn't understand, or PURPOSELY MIS-understood his meaning. He didn't mean he hoped Obama would fail in his effort to lead this country. He meant he hoped he would fail to lead us into socialism. It's too late; he has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. He has put us into impossible to pay debt while blaming the free market, and gullible people believe him. He may not be re-elected, but that wasn't part of his goal.

DEMOCRATS ARE THE PARTY OF SEGREGATION: Democrats would have FOUGHT desegregation in the military, tooth and nail. So he had to do it by executive order. The Democrats try and pin the “segregationist” label on Republicans, but in reality it was the Democrats who were the segregationists. Bull Connor was a Democrat. The Democrats of the past (and of the present, if truth be known) are racists and segregationists. It’s the reason there now IS a Republican Party.

GOP THE “PARTY OF NO”: That’s right. And they will continue to be “the party of no” as long as Obama or his like is in the White House or in the majority in either house of Congress. So what? When the GOP had both houses and the presidency, it was the DEMOCRATS who were “the party of no.” So what else is new?

LAW ONLY AS GOOD AS THOSE ENFORCING IT: Under our current Attorney General, who would not prosecute Black Panther members who brazenly stood in front of a polling place carrying nightsticks to harass people into voting for Obama because "they're my people," thus proving his own racism, other law enforcement agencies will not prosecute black people for attacking innocent whites, following his lead.

WHAT FOOLS THESE LIBS BE! Obama has spent the last more than two years spending money like water without a budget, and liberals are trying to lay the blame for it on the Tea Party. How STUPID do they think we are? As stupid as THEY are? Damn!

TYPICAL LIBERALS: Bring up unimportant things about which some people have strong opinions to get attention off your shortcomings. Which is why they’re making such a “big thing” about “Bert & Ernie” being gay at this time. How are PUPPETS gay or straight, except for what their MAKERS determine? How can they BE gay or straight, except for the writings of the scriptwriters? The people behind Sesame Street are unalterably liberal, which is the only reason I can see for Bert & Ernie to BE gay. It’s a “non-issue,” manufactured by the liberals running this show.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Private Insurance MUST Profit

Government does not have to. So the idea of government insurance competing with private insurance is ludicrous. Government insurance will ALWAYS win because it does not have to make a profit; and after they’ve driven private companies out of business, look for them to start taking things away and raising their prices.

INTRINSIC VALUE: Look it up if you don’t know what that means. It means gold has value in, and of itself. People will ALWAYS want gold, for itself. That’s why it continues to go up in value as the dollar goes down. It is a reliable indicator of value and will always be. Government cannot control it. They HATE that.

BIPARTISAN: The liberals talk a lot about “being bipartisan,” but what they mean by that is abandoning your own principles and agreeing with them. We will never do that, and they will always criticize us for it.

CALLING THEM LOOTERS: Britain is calling the rioters in London “looters,” and they’re right. Even if an individual involved does not directly steal during the riots, he/she IS a “looter” who wants to steal from those who EARN and benefit while NOT earning. Maybe “moocher” is a better term, reserving the term “looter” for the politicians who do the active looting by making laws and regulations that facilitate the “lawful looting” of EARNERS for the benefit of the “slothful” in society.

THEY MYTH OF “RIGHT WING HATE”: That right-wingers “hate” without reason is a common liberal (socialist) refrain, but nothing could be more WRONG. “Right-wingers only hate people who try actively to steal what is theirs, and with good reason. Liberals think ALL wealth belongs to THEM, and bend every effort to “get their share” of money and property EARNED by others, without working. That’s reason enough.

OBAMA RAISES DEFICIT MORE THAN 2 PRESIDENTS: And he did it in only four days. He raised it more than both Harry Truman AND Dwight D. Eisenhower did in TEN YEARS. How much more can he raise it in the time he has left, even if he is not re-elected? And he says he is “confident of re-election.” How STUPID must this jerk be?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Home Ownership Is A Right

That’s what liberals (socialists) say. WRONG! Home ownership is NOT a “right” because somebody ELSE must pay for it. A “right” is NOT something that must be taken from somebody else before it is given to another. Only an imbecile believes home ownership is a “right.”

HEALTH CARE IS A RIGHT: Same scam, different base. Health care must be paid for by SOMEBODY so it is NOT a “right. Those who think it is, are fools.

“CONSERVATIVE BIAS IN MEDIA?” Hardy her, har! Thanks; I needed a good laugh. Janine Garofolo thinks there is a conservative bias in media, but she is really stupid. Everything that comes out of her mouth is funny because it is so stupid. Nobody with even a GRAIN of intelligence (which she does not have) believes there is a CONSERVATIVE bias in media. All they have to do is look at what they “parrot” and what they ignore.

INFLATION: POLITICIAN’S BIGGEST MONEY-GRAB” It’s not only a “hidden tax” on ALL of us that doesn’t even need to pass the Congress, it is theft in its purest form.

REMEMBER SOTOMAYOR? When she was going around Washington campaigning for votes for her Supreme Court appointment, she made a statement about “wise latinos” being better judges than whites. That’s the DEFINITION of racism, and nobody noticed. At least, they never mentioned it. “Conservative bias?” Hardy har, har!

IT’S ALL ABOUT POWER: The only argument in politics is “who has the power.” It’s ALL about the power.” It’s all about the right of adults to make THEIR OWN decisions, rather that allowing the government to do it for them.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

So Tea Party Is Racist, Huh?

What about C. L. Bryant, black FORMER Democrat, minister, and Tea Party leader? And he’s not, as liberals would put it, a “house nig-r.” He’s a full-fledged LEADER in the Tea Party. As I’ve said before, the liberal picture of the Tea Parties as racist is a LIE. A TYPICAL Liberal lie. One of many they tell every day. Bryant is a black conservative. Something they don’t want to admit exists, so they ignore his existence.

RECALL IN WI FAILS: The Democrats tried to recall some Republicans in Wisconsin and failed. Now they’re claiming the Republicans cheated, something they are intimately familiar with, since they steal ANY close election they can. They think Obama and all Democrats are going to win easily in 2012. Boy, do they have a big surprise coming!

MOVIE—KILLING BIN LADEN: Hollywood liberals are working on a movie about the killing of Osama bin Laden, to be released just before the 2012 election in a transparent attempt to prop up a losing candidate. We know that Obama vacillated for many hours before giving the go-ahead on that raid, but will that fact be brought out in this movie? Doubtful.

SARAH WILL WIN, ANYWAY: Liberals and Republicans are saying “It’s getting a little late for Sarah to jump in the presidential race.” They wish. WhenEVER she “jumps in,” she’ll win. That is why both sides hate her. That, and the fact that she won’t “follow the elite line.”

BUDGET CONTROL ACT A SWINDLE: It involves that old swindle about allowing more spending and higher taxes NOW and spending cuts and lower taxes LATER (never happens). Many former presidents fell for it and now Congress and the American people have again fallen for it. They fall for it over and over, and Democrats use it over and over because it works on those gullible politicians.

TEENAGE UNEMPLOYMENT HIGHER THAN EVER: Mainly because desperate unemployed ADULTS are going after their “summer jobs.” There's nothing else available due to Obama's policies. He says he "focuses like a laser" on jobs, but nothing ever comes of it.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rachel Maddow Calls Rush A Racist (Again)

With no proof. Yes, she played a few clips out of context, one of which was about that “Magic Negro” thing a BLACK MAN came up with, and which Rush got the blame for because he used it. Every time I hear a liberal call ANY conservative a racist it tells me (again) they have nothing better. They can’t prove it, but they keep repeating it, hoping is sticks.

NO MENTION OF SPENDING: The media blames the “intransigence” of Republicans for the downgrading of our credit rating, but fails to mention the prolifigate spending and extravagance of Barack Obama. According to the liberal media, nothing is EVER Obama’s fault. It’s always the fault of those obstinate Republicans who insist on reason. Notice they never go into detail as to HOW it is their fault. That’s because there ARE no details they can cite.

WHY CHARLIE RANGEL?: Why does the likes of Fox News (the news channel Democrats say tells only lies) put Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY, tax dodger) to comment on economics? What earthly use could human beings make of the answers this tax-dodger gives? How does this man keep his seat in Congress? (Answer: he’s a Democrat!) Tax dodging and womanizing on our dime are resume enhancements for a Democrat.

WHY ASK KERRY ANYTHING? Fox News had former presidential candidate (loser) John Kerry on this Sunday, answering questions about our economy; right after Charlie Rangel, tax dodger. Why the hell do they only ask DEMOCRATS about things like that? It’s the DEMOCRATS who screwed the economy up so badly, in order to elect Democrats!

NO COMPROMISE? Obama gives Republicans hell for “not compromising,” but it is the Democrats who will not compromise. Democrats and Obama have come up with NO plans and NO budget. The Republicans have come up with several plans, one of which the Senate “tabled” immediately with NO discussion or debate, all of which they rejected. They didn’t even read them, but that’s not surprising since they usually don’t read the bills they pass into law, either. They “pass it so they can find out what’s in it.”

“STUCK IN A DITCH”: That’s how Obama described the economy during the last of the Bush administration. Now he describes the same, or worse as “a mere bump in the road.” Osama is an expert at changing the meaning of things. “Stuck in a ditch” under Bush becomes “A bump in the road” under himself. He talks about “change,” but so far, he has never told us what “change” MEANS under him. I’ll tell you what it means. “Change” under Obama means we go from a successful free market system to the always UNsuccessful socialist system.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

He Should Be A One-Term President

That’s OBAMA’S own opinion! When he was “immaculated” three years ago, he said that if he couldn’t start this economy growing again in three years, he SHOULD be a “ONE-TERM PRESIDENT.” He hasn’t; he has made it worse with his incompetent use of the discredited Keynesian theories and actions while spending our money like water. So there is one thing with which I agree with him.

LIBS RUN--CAN’T TAKE IT: In Oregon, a liberal gathering was approached by a number of Tea Party members who attempted to reason with them (peacefully). The liberals called it “an attack” and ran away to hold their event in a private home. The Tea Partiers followed and the libs called the cops, who wouldn’t even respond because the Tea Partiers were NOT violent. It was a simple counter protest and the liberals can’t handle that. The libs said (as usual, without proof) that the sheriff was a member of the Tea Parties.

OBAMA BLAMES . . .: I Googled these two words and got 271,000 results in 0.07 seconds. Which is proof Obama blames everybody BUT himself for whatever bad things happen. It’s so common for him to blame somebody else for his problems that nobody (but people like me who pay attention) even notices.

TIT FOR TAT: I hear we have found the terrorists that shot down the helicopter containing many Seal Team 6 members and killed them. I’ll bet they’ll “vow revenge” and will do something horrible in return. Then we’ll kill some more of them, and they’ll kill more of us in revenge, just as if we had no reason to kill their people. They’re “mad as hops” that we actually killed a few of their fifteenth century jerks and ignore the fact that they have been provoking us for many years.

ONLY LIBERALS: “Only in the UK could rioters in £100 trainers, organise things on their £300 smartphones & claim to be in poverty.” (montrose77 on Twitter) The irony of this is inevitably lost on liberals.

BLAMING EVERYBODY BUT HIMSELF: “President Obama hilariously blamed Bush, headwinds, earthquakes, the Arab Spring (wait, didn't Obama cheer those on?), conservatives, your grandma and just about everything else for the bad economy. If that wasn't lame enough, Obama made the awful decision to speak while the market was tanking (down about 400 points) - and after his horrible speech it tanked another 200 points. Genius! (Glenn Beck)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tea Party Members on Crack

That’s what liberal newspeople are now claiming. They really think they can make such pronouncements without ANY kind of proof, and we will believe their lies. They’re not only STUPID, they think WE are, too!

DEMANDING THE UNATTAINABLE: They say the Tea Party is insane for demanding the unattainable. Things like financial responsibility, smaller government, and the government actually OBEYING the Constitution. Yep. Those certainly ARE “unattainable” demands, all right. Especially as long as liberal Democrats are in charge.

NEVER ON FACTS: Liberals can’t win political arguments with facts; they have none. So they immediately start calling us names. Whenever they start calling you names, KNOW you’ve won the debate. They’ll never admit it, but you will still have won. Never quote them facts. Facts are lost on them. They have a “fact filter” and can’t hear you when you do.

ALL INDICATORS DOWN: National Debt now equals 100% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Experts (even liberal ones) agree no country whose national debt equals 100% of GDP has ever survived financially. How Obama expects us to be different is a mystery to me.

STIMULUS NOT WORKING: All last year Obama said, over and over, that his $800 BILLION dollar “stimulus” was working. It was NOT. Keynesian economics (government spending money they've taken from taxpayers) to improve the economy) is a long-discredited theory, yet people like Obama still insist on trying it.

80% SCHOOLS FAILED: They failed to meet the standards required by the “No Child Left Behind” program, designed to make teachers and schools responsible for children’s performance in school. School authorities are very “concerned” about this. So what are they going to do? Reduce the requirements, of course!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tea Partiers Insane?

The liberals have nothing REAL they can say about the Tea Party so they say they’re “insane.” (Typical name-calling) Insane for what? Wanting government to live within its means? For wanting them to obey the Constitution, which is the BASIS for ALL our laws? For demanding such things as congresscritters actually READING the bills they pass into law? Yeah, that’s really insane, isn’t it?

HE WISHES: John Kerry says “The Tea Parties are not real” and that media should not allow them to be heard (I guess he forgot the First Amendment, or just wants to ignore it, as usual). If they’re “not real,” what is he worried about? I guess he’s afraid they’re gaining too much power and will eventually topple him and his elite friends from their high perches; and he’s right. He has good reason to worry because they ARE “real.” He doesn’t want them to “upset his applecart.” He wants to go on stealing from Americans without opposition, and the Tea Parties are too much opposition for him.

OBAMA’S A LENINIST: Not a Marxist. People too often use terms without understanding what they really mean. “Lenin thought that a nation could only grow more prosperous when a nation is controlled by a vanguard and elite — a people who know better than you what to do with your property. The Leninist elite would lead people to a world free of pain and poverty. There would be no more haves and have-nots or private property. Just boundless prosperity. All a nation had to do was transfer its entire wealth to Lenin’s vanguard.” (Dave Blount/TYSK News) Unfortunately, the only people enjoying “boundless prosperity” would be “the elite.” Russia proved that.

NOT ENOUGH ”RICH”: Obama talks all the time about “taxing the rich more” to pay for his own extravagances. But what he doesn’t know (or thinks you don’t know) is that there aren’t enough rich to cover his extravagant spending. If you taxed “the rich” 100% it MIGHT finance Obama’s extravagances for ONE YEAR, if that. Then, having gotten to keep NOTHING the last year, “the rich” would not work and would not have any taxable income in the United States the next year, and so would pay NO taxes. What would Obama do then?

STUPID IDEAS: Obama has pledged to “bankrupt the coal industry.” When he does, what would the electric companies do for fuel to make electricity? If they can’t make electricity, society crumbles. Is that Obama’s goal? Society’s end? I can’t figure out what makes this fool tick, and I’d like to see his backside going through the “out” door of the White House (for the last time) as soon as possible.

OBAMA PARTIES WHILE AMERICA STARVES: He had a birthday party the other day in the White House at our expense. Wonder how much that cost us? Meanwhile, millions of Americans don’t know where their next meal is coming from and the vultures in the lending industry are “coming for” their homes because they can no longer pay the mortgages they couldn’t afford when they got them.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

We've Been Lied To

“We’ve been lied to every day during this ‘debt ceiling’ dog and pony show.” (Rush Limbaugh) They had their “agreement” made, all along, and the “fight” was merely to convince us they were “doing something.” The Republicans are just as much at fault as the Democrats. Nothing was accomplished, but they think they can convince us there was. People who don’t pay attention will “buy their lies.” People who DO, will not.

JUST RAISE PRICES: Since the FAA is not operating because Congress neglected to fund their pay while they were diverted by the “debt ceiling” Armageddon, they can’t collect travel taxes on their tickets. So the airlines simply raised their fares a similar amount to the usual taxes and people are paying it.

SEE A GUN, GO BANANAS: On campus at Virginia Tech, some children saw a man with something “that looked like a gun” and they went bananas, called to cops, and the cops searched the campus, putting out an alert. Anti-gun nuts, instead of seeing to it that there were people working there who could get a “carry permit” got one and brought their guns to work to counter such things as a “crazed gunman” shooting everybody, insist on even further LIMITS on guns on campus, which will make it easier for the next “crazed gunman.”

CHAVEZ AND ORTEGA WITH PANETTA’S DAUGHTER: Both these “men” are bloody dictators. Both hate the United States. So what’s going on when dictator Chavez is pictured with his arm around her? Is this photo real? Or is it “photoshopped?” I’d like to know which, and if it’s real, why? What is WRONG with Panetta to allow this? And what is wrong with Obama to appoint Panetta to run the CIA with such connections in his family? We’d better find out fast.

LOST OUR CREDIT RATING: They told us if we didn’t let them raise the debt ceiling we’d lose our AAA credit rating and disaster would ensue. So we let them, and now we’ve lost our AAA credit rating anyway, and now they’re telling us it won’t be all that bad, after all. They don’t realize they’re admitting they lied to us all during that “dog and pony show.” They just think we’re too stupid to realize it. Spinnity spin, spin.

NATIONAL DEBT AT 100%: Our national debt now EQUALS our GDP (Gross Domestic Product). “Experts agree that NO country whose national debt was 100% of GDP has ever survived, economically. Oh, well; “experts” are often wrong. And soon Obama will begin “spinning” it, saying it’s “not all that bad.” Oh; sorry. NYT is already doing that for him.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Obama All Mouth, No Action

He said radio/TV host Sean Hannity wouldn’t dare debate him because he’d “tear him up.” So Hannity invited him on his show and he chickened out. He’s all mouth and no action. Hannity’s invitation is still open and Obama is still “running for the hills.”

WHERE’S THE CIVILITY? The liberals (Democrats) whine all the time about “civility in politics” while people like Joe BitMe and Nancy Peelosi call conservatives and Tea Partiers “terrorists.” As usual, they don’t “practice what they preach.”

SOLD ANOTHER 150 VOLTS: We don’t know to whom they sold them, probably the government. But 150 Volts are not going to “save the environment.” If every car on the road were a Volt, we’d have to build a bunch more coal-fired power plants to make enough electricity to charge their batteries.

COMPROMISE: Who did the Republicans “compromise” with when the “agreement” was reached in the “debt ceiling increase” circus? What did the Democrats gain? What did they give up? No; any compromise that happened was ALL on the Republican side, “compromising” with themselves. Obama didn’t even put forth an idea, except to insist on “more taxes.” We’ve been scammed again!

OUR RATING MIGHT STILL BE REDUCED: Yes, we came up with an “agreement” to increase the debt ceiling, and right after, it was announced that our debt rating might STILL be reduced, as fears of a “new recession” loom. But we’re still IN a recession. We never left it. And we got no spending cuts and no commitments for any REAL spending cuts.

NEW ARMAGEDDON DAILY: That’s how politicians con us into doing their bidding. Create a crisis and talk about it every day while offering us a “solution” that gives the politicians what they want; usually higher taxes and more spending of our money. I call this “crisis government.”

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dems Make Fools of Themselves (As Usual)

They continue to get up and make speeches about “tax cuts for the rich” after the House passed the “raising the debt ceiling” bill (right out of the liberal bullsh-t book) while the Republicans talk about it containing “no new taxes,” just like they promised. Who do you think is lying and who is telling the truth. The Dems should just shut their lying mouths and sit down.

LIBERALS SAVAGE CONSERVATIVES: Especially Tea Party members; mostly because they have nothing else. They want the liberal view to triumph, and it is not. They can’t come up with a good reason (or reasons) why this should happen so they resort to the usual liberal method of “name-calling. They call them ignorant, irresponsible, and even terrorists. All without a shred of any kind of evidence of any truth in their charges. Like most liberals, they simply hurl invective without regard for truth.

LISTEN CAREFULLY: When congresscritters talk, you have to listen carefully and “parse” what they say. They’re talking about “cutting spending,” but under “baseline budgeting,” all they’re talking about is not INCREASING spending, which will be scored by the CBO as “cost cuts.” Totally false, but that’s the way it is in Washington.

E-MAILS, PHONE CALLS, FAXES: People are constantly exhorting you to send communications to your congresscritter, hoping to influence their actions on legislation. They don’t read the legislation they pass into law, and they ignore all your efforts to change their minds on anything. So why bother?

IT ONLY SLOWS US DOWN: The “agreement” on the increase of the budget ceiling (which we increase every time we turn around) does NOTHING to reduce the amount of spending. Because of the “baseline budgeting” scam, ANY change to stop INCREASES in spending is scored by the CBO as a CUT. Meanwhile, nothing changes in the amount of spending. It just doesn’t go UP for a little while until Congress decides to increase it again.

IT’S ALL A CON: Everything you think you know about what’s going on in Washington is false. Because of the “baseline budgeting scam” everything you’re being told is a lie. The “baseline budgeting scam” is very simple: a percentage of INCREASE is AUTOMATICALLY added to the budgets of ALL agencies every year. That is taken into consideration when the Congressional Budget Organization (CBO) “scores” whatever happens in Washington so that a simple non-increase becomes a CUT, and all the politicians in Washington agree.

CONGRESS WORSE THAN INCOMPETENT: They were so consumed with that “raise the debt ceiling” dog and pony show and scam that they completely forgot to fund the FAA so FAA employees don’t get paid for the month Congress is “on vacation.” Does anybody think they’ll come back to vote on that? Not a chance. They don’t care about FAA employees, only about themselves.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The "Washington Circus"

What’s going on in Washington now is a “circus.” A “dog and pony show” designed to make Americans THINK they’re actually DOING something. I think they already know what they’;re going to do (this was written before they made their "agreement"), and will “:unveil” it at the last minute and “avoid a disaster.” (So what did I say?) Democrats will take credit and Republicans will let them. Another con will have happened, and gullible Americans will not know it.

CUT COSTS NOW—NEW TAXES LATER: We’ve fallen for the Democrat “line” many times in the past, where they PROMISE to cut costs later, after we allow them to raise taxes NOW. But the promised cost reductions never come. We’ve fallen for this many times; so many times the Democrats don’t hesitate to use it. Reagan fell for it, Bush I fell for it, and Bush II fell for it. Now the Republicans in Congress have fallen for it. Consequently, all of them got blamed for increased spending the Democrats did.

CONSERVATIVES ARE THE MAINSTREAM: Democrats (liberals) try and paint conservatives as “the fringe,” but they’re not. This is a conservative country, but the liberals are so good at conning them it’s hard to tell. The Democrat Party is a party of con men and the best con man is now at the top. We need to stop “buying” their cons and get RID of them.

MALLEABLE CONSTITUTION: The liberals (Democrats) think the Constitution can be changed at their whim. They call it a “living document.” It is NOT. The method for changing the Constitution is written right IN the Constitution, and may not be changed by ANY other method, no matter WHAT the liberals say.

PRES CANNOT RAISE DEBT CEILING HIMSELF: Democrats think the 14th Amendment allows the president to raise the debt ceiling ON HIS OWN, without the concurrence of Congress. It does NOT. If he does it anyway and leaves it to the courts to decide, he should be impeached.

IMPEACHMENT SHOULD BE AN OPTION: Many presidents (often with the cooperation of Congress) have “bypassed” the Constitution in many of their actions, and many of them have not been questioned. There should be an option for automatic impeachment of a president, OR congressman who “bypasses” the Constitution, and HOPE somebody will enforce it.