Thursday, January 28, 2016

Beck for Bernie

He's so “off the deep end” against Trump, he might as well be for Bernie, socialism and all. Rumor is, he IS! I used to think Beck knew pretty much what he was talking about. Now I don't know. For my part, if MICKEY MOUSE ran on ANY ticket BUT the Democrat Party, I would vote for him. Or even the Grinch. Or a bedbug, whatever is running besides Bernie. Bernie wants to steal everything you and I EARN and give it to people who don't, or WON'T earn it for themselves. That ELIMINATES him from my consideration, if not Beck's.

MOVING TO CANADA: Bob Gates, former Secretary of Defense to eight presidents, says he will move to Canada if Trump becomes the Republican nominee. This is an example of the abject STUPIDITY in the Republican Party today after they SURRENDERED to Obama in voting to fund ALL his “pipe dreams.” I doubt he'll do it, they never do. Several people have said they'll move somewhere else if a certain candidate gets elected, and never have. It's all horse manure. But in case he actually does it, I say, “good riddance.” The Republicans are really AFRAID of Trump!

LOSING CONROL? In response to Donald Trump's “skipping” the Fox debate and Cruz challenging him to a one-on-one debate with him, the Democrats have made a “rule” saying ANY candidate who participates in an “unsanctioned debate” will be barred from future sanctioned debates. As if their “rule” meant anything to Republicans. They really hate losing CONTROL over the candidates, don't they? It's all about CONTROL, isn't it?

WHOOPI: “I WON ONE!”: Whoopi Goldberg, outspoken (and usually wrong) co-host of “The View,” is right, for once. I guess even a broken clock will be right, twice a day. She says, “The Oscars are NOT racist. I won one!” As usual, people's memories only start when they start paying attention. Not before. So the protesters have no idea that MANY black people have gotten Oscars. All they can think about is THIS year, when no black actor (male or female) gave a performance WORTHY of an Oscar.

CATHOLIC CAPITULATION: The Pope met with the current “president” (religious leader) of Iran, and they covered up all the statues of naked women (I wonder if they covered the naked MEN, too) so as not to “offend” him. This is a good example of how Christians “kowtow” to those FOOLS. We “bend over forward" and let them do their worst, to avoid “offending” them. How STUPID are we (not me)? If the Pope ever goes to Iran, will they make their women take off their “tents” to avoid “offending” the Pope? Not a chance. They don't give a damn what a Christian thinks.

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