Saturday, January 23, 2016

Ban National Anthem!

That's what Muslims want us to do. They call it “part of an oppressive campaign.” Next, they'll go after the Marine Hymn, because it specifically mentions one of our outstanding victories over Muslim killers, “The shores of Tripoli.” Of course, this is all part of THEIR campaign to get US to destroy our most cherished shrines. If they could, they would go out and destroy places of Christian worship, as they did in Iraq recently, when they destroyed a Christian monastery that had been there for thousands of years. My advice? Tell them to “stick it up their flue!” If they don't like it here, get the hell OUT!

NEVER HAPPENS ELSEWHERE: Obama says “mass shootings” never happens in other countries. As with most of his LIES, this has proven not to be true, the most recent (that we know of) happening in a school in Canada. Obama tries to blame the mass shootings on legally-armed, law-abiding people, but THAT has proven to be a lie, too. Again illustrating the fact that, whatever Obama says, is a LIE. And of course, since all of Canada is a “no-gun zone” (except for cops and government agents, of course), it's further proof that “no-gun zones” do NOT work like they say they do. They're “engraved invitations” to mass shooters to “come in and kill people.”

BERNIE ORDERING SUPREMES: Looks like he failed civics class when he was in school—or he just forgot what he learned—IF they even Taught it to him, He says “when” he becomes president (doubtful), one of his first actions will be to tell the Supreme Court to “overturn” Citizens United. Does he really think a president can “order the Supreme Court around?” He must have been out sick the day they taught that the Supreme Court is a “co-equal branch of government,” and not subject to “orders” from the president. The president is NOT “all-powerful” in this country.

THEY NEVER LEARN: Do they? Legislators have dusted off a couple of “old saws” and want to make them laws (again). Never mind that “forced gun locks” and “assault weapons bans” don't work to do anything except make us more defenseless when a “bad guy” comes to victimize us with his ILLEGAL gun, which is already ready for use. He has no such restrictions, because he doesn't OBEY laws. One of these days a politician is going to learn. But I'm not holding my breath. Turning blue doesn't appeal to me.

NY GOV. A FOOL: He says conservatives with “extreme views” like being against killing babies before they're born, letting gays destroy the meaning of the WORD “marriage,” and such (my words, not his) are “extremists” and have no place in New York State. In reality, ALL the views he mentioned are “extremist views” and the only reason he can think they're “mainstream” is that MOST New Yorkers are liberals, and believe the same stupid way he does.

BLOOMBERG FOR PRESIDENT? He's looking for yet another way to waste a billion dollars, and he's hit on it. He wants to run for president in THIS election. Never mind it is way too late to make a SERIOUS run, even if it is as an Independent, hoping Hillary will have to drop out after she gets indicted on criminal charges. He has spent many billions of dollars on gun control, and has LOST at every turn because the opposition is just too stiff. And that's not even mentioning the fact that banning guns is unconstitutional. He already ran for more terms as mayor than the law allows, and won—for the same reason Obama gets away with ignoring the constitution. Nobody called him on it.

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