Sunday, January 31, 2016

Obama: "No Diversity"

Obama's talking about a “:lack of diversity” again. That must mean nobody's agreeing with him on that subject. He whines about a “lack of bipartisanship,” too. What THAT means is nobody's “knuckling under”” to him on ANYTHING. To him, “bipartisanship” is everybody agreeing with him on EVERYTHING. He doesn't think ANYBODY should disagree with him on ANYTHING. To do so MUST be “racism.” He doesn't think there is any other reason to disagree with him. He's a damned fool.

FOUR MORE HOURS: Obama has “chopped off” yet another four hours from the government's definition of a “full-time job.” Which is going to require workers to hold two, maybe THREE JOBS in order to get a full week's pay and avoid losing their health insurance coverage (by law) and being forced to buy his OVERPRICED health insurance (by LAW). If it's so damned good, why did he need to make a law FORCING us to buy it? Meanwhile, no jobs are available.

OBVIOUS POLITICAL MOVE: To protect Hillary's candidacy for president, the state Department says it won't release more thousands of her e-mails they “forgot” to release before, until after the New Hampshire Primary, blaming the recent massive snowstorm. How OBVIOUS can you be? Of course, they insist politics had nothing to do with it. Like Obama insists, against all evidence, that the economy is “doing great.” This, of course, proves (again) that you can't depend on ANYTHING this government says to be the truth.

TYPICAL IRANIAN LIE: Iran claims to have “sent away” the American warship, The Monterrey. They claimed to have “shooed them away” from the Strait of Hormuz as part of Navy exercises there. Only one little problem. The Monterrey was 7,000 miles away in it's home port of Norfolk at the time. The chief liar about such things used to be the USSR. But after the collapse of communism in Russia, Iran has apparently taken on that role.

TOO MANY LEVELS: According to somebody who should know, there are SIX levels of permission required before we can “shoot back” in our “war zones.” This is the kind of thing that can, and HAS gotten people KILLED, and it's all Obama's fault There should be NO such levels of permission required in a “war zone,” because the enemy has no such prohibitions. They can snipe at you without warning, and keep shooting, while you're desperately screaming for permission to shoot back.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD INDICTS ACCUSER: The Grand Jury was convened to look into the Planned Parenthood practice of murdering babies and selling their body parts, Only one problem. The Grand Jury had a Planned Parenthood board member on the Jury, AND in the prosecutor's office, and they changed the direction of the Jury so as to indict the ACCUSERS of PP for using phony driver licenses. Apparently, phony driver licenses are a worse crime than is murdering infants and selling their body parts. Cops can get away with that, but apparently reporters can't. We know a corrupt prosecutor can get a Grand Jury to indict a ham sandwich, and the people who revealed these murders are now facing 20 years in prison as a result of that corruption, here. Somebody needs to do something about it.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Incompetent Democrats

The whole country (except Democrats) is waiting impatiently to get rid of Obama and send him back to Chicago to help Rahm Emanuel destroy that city. But democrats are desperate to keep him in a position where he can continue to screw things up, royally. To do that, there is a movement to have the next president (If he/she is a Democrat, of course. Hopefully, no Republican is THAT stupid.) appoint him to the Supreme Court. Which, of course, is the STUPIDEST thing they could do. If they do, count on this country being near it's END as a free nation. I hope I'm dead by then.

THAT'S A GOOD IDEA: Which is why the Justice Minister of France resigned in protest when France tried to pass a law stripping convicted terrorists of their citizenship. I think we should do that, too. As should every country in the world. Terrorists are a danger to ALL of them (including some Muslim-run countries) and should be officially “ostracized” in every country in the world. They should be “men without a country” forever. But, of course, that won't happen in most Muslim countries, because terrorism and rape is their “way of life.”

THE “REPUBLICAN RECESSION”: That's what Hillary calls it, even though Democrats have been “in power” for the last eight years, and 16 of the last 26 years. It must really be twisted thinking to allow her to reason that the recession experienced during DEMOCRAT administrations was caused by the then MINORITY Republicans. It's a typical example of Democrats blaming THEIR problems on somebody else, specifically Republicans. Further, it is evidence of her abysmal IGNORANCE about economics.

ABSURD POLITICS: Word is, Chelsea Clinton is “gearing up” to run for president. Nothing could be more ABSURD. This girl has NOTHING to recommend her to become president. Democrats think being a Clinton is all that's required. All she has ever done is be a president's daughter and worked PART TIME at a huge salary for some TV networks, jobs given her to court approval by Hillary, whom they think will become president, and can do them some good. Nothing else. And she isn't NEAR old enough. Not to mention not SMART enough.

BECK ENDORSES SANDERS: I used to think Glenn Beck had it “goin' on.” But lately he has shown me he is going berserk. He's supposed to be a conservative, but with Trump looking more and more like he's going to be the Republican nominee, Beck has “gone off the deep end” and “endorsed” socialist Bernie Sanders. That's a STUPID MOVE, even as a JOKE! ANYBODY who likes Bernie as a candidate needs his head examined. And coming from where Beck started it's UNBELIEVABLE!

IRAN DRONE OVER CARRIER: Iran itself “advertised a drone that flew over a U. S. carrier and snapped pictures of it, then BRAGGED about it. It was a “PR coup” for Iran. It shouldn't have been. We should have shot it down and shown Iran we wouldn't put up with such damned foolishness. That may have been considered, by Iran, an “act of war,” but the mere act of flying ANYTHING (not American and authorized) over that ship where it was, IS “an act of war,” and should have been repulsed. Had that been an Iranian warplane, it WOULD have been shot down, and tightly so.

Friday, January 29, 2016

She Wants More

This fast-food worker thinks she rates more money than para-medics. Working in fast food requires NO TALENT. What they do is done “by rote.” They can't even count change out of a cash drawer without a computer telling them how much! I can, and that's not even part of my training. Being a para-medic requires considerable talent and ability. I know. I WAS a para-medic for eighteen years, after considerable schooling and experience. This FOOL thinks she's worth more than a para-medic? That just showcases her abysmal IGNORANCE! This is not to say that ALL fast-food workers are stupid, only those cocky enough to think they're worth more than REAL trained people.

CRITICISM IS SEXIST”: That's what Hillary says about all the criticism she's getting because of her crimes. Like Obama (who uses racism), she USES her sex to blunt ALL criticism. But, unlike Obama, who is only HALF BLACK, she is “all woman” (I think. She's probably not like “Caitland” Jenner).Obama uses racism to blunt criticism, she uses sexism, attributing it where it is NOT, to shut people up. That line is getting thin on both counts, as is Obama's use of racism, as people realize what she's doing.

PUNISHING ACHIEVEMENT: A high school basketball team that won all three games in a 3 on 3 tournament, to qualify for a championship game was THROWN OUT of their league for “being too good.” The league was afraid they would win “all the marbles” so they kicked them out of the league. This is the culmination of the thinking of people who give ALL PARTICIPANTS a trophy, just for “showing up.” What the hell's the POINT of having a competition of you exclude a participant for “being too good,” while giving trophies top EVERYBODY, just for “showing up?” Liberals are damned STUPID!

STACY DASH IS RIGHT: She says if blacks can have the right to gripe about the “all white year” at the Oscars, the world should get rid of “Black History Month,” “black only schools,” and other “black only” things. It's the old double standard where one side can HAVE exclusionary institutions and the other can't. Liberals say she's wrong, but THEY are the ones that are wrong. They say celebrities shouldn't use their celebrity to wish their opinions on others. But it seems to be okay when LIBERAL celebrities do it.

FRENCH TO IRAN—GO TO HELL: Iran did their usual thing; demanded their own way, and France shut the door in their face. Iran's “strong man” was scheduled to have lunch with France's president, and demanded that wine be BANNED from the event, and France canceled the lunch, as it should have. Muslims are “incensed,” as they usually are when they are rebuffed. They'll probably send a “hit man” to take the French president out. That's what they usually do when rebuffed, too.

SURE HE DID! Yes, Trump used to be a Democrat, and worked for Democrat politicians—until he got smart and became a Republican. I guess Democrats don't think anybody should be allowed to change their minds (except for Democrats, anyway) when they “wise up.” Ronald Reagan was a Democrat early in his life, but he got smart, too. And he was an exemplary president (contrary to the thinking of liberals and some “wishy-washy Republicans”), which is a GOOD thing). A GOOD politician will always be hated by usual politicians.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Beck for Bernie

He's so “off the deep end” against Trump, he might as well be for Bernie, socialism and all. Rumor is, he IS! I used to think Beck knew pretty much what he was talking about. Now I don't know. For my part, if MICKEY MOUSE ran on ANY ticket BUT the Democrat Party, I would vote for him. Or even the Grinch. Or a bedbug, whatever is running besides Bernie. Bernie wants to steal everything you and I EARN and give it to people who don't, or WON'T earn it for themselves. That ELIMINATES him from my consideration, if not Beck's.

MOVING TO CANADA: Bob Gates, former Secretary of Defense to eight presidents, says he will move to Canada if Trump becomes the Republican nominee. This is an example of the abject STUPIDITY in the Republican Party today after they SURRENDERED to Obama in voting to fund ALL his “pipe dreams.” I doubt he'll do it, they never do. Several people have said they'll move somewhere else if a certain candidate gets elected, and never have. It's all horse manure. But in case he actually does it, I say, “good riddance.” The Republicans are really AFRAID of Trump!

LOSING CONROL? In response to Donald Trump's “skipping” the Fox debate and Cruz challenging him to a one-on-one debate with him, the Democrats have made a “rule” saying ANY candidate who participates in an “unsanctioned debate” will be barred from future sanctioned debates. As if their “rule” meant anything to Republicans. They really hate losing CONTROL over the candidates, don't they? It's all about CONTROL, isn't it?

WHOOPI: “I WON ONE!”: Whoopi Goldberg, outspoken (and usually wrong) co-host of “The View,” is right, for once. I guess even a broken clock will be right, twice a day. She says, “The Oscars are NOT racist. I won one!” As usual, people's memories only start when they start paying attention. Not before. So the protesters have no idea that MANY black people have gotten Oscars. All they can think about is THIS year, when no black actor (male or female) gave a performance WORTHY of an Oscar.

CATHOLIC CAPITULATION: The Pope met with the current “president” (religious leader) of Iran, and they covered up all the statues of naked women (I wonder if they covered the naked MEN, too) so as not to “offend” him. This is a good example of how Christians “kowtow” to those FOOLS. We “bend over forward" and let them do their worst, to avoid “offending” them. How STUPID are we (not me)? If the Pope ever goes to Iran, will they make their women take off their “tents” to avoid “offending” the Pope? Not a chance. They don't give a damn what a Christian thinks.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

They'll Call You A Bigot

That's the “knee-jerk reaction” to ANY criticism of Islamic terrorist actions. And that extends to their “rape culture.” Never mind they say that “Christian women have only one purpose. To be raped by Muslim men." If you criticize that, you're a bigot. That's how they deflect ANY criticism, by calling it “bigotry.” But in reality, they have lost ANY right to label people who criticize them by such statements, and by ACTING on them. They not only rape Christian women, they rape their OWN women, as well. And MEN; and CHILDREN, male and female. They'll screw anything they can, including goats and other animals.And they think they can stifle criticism by calling us “bigots” for revealing it.

DREAM ON, BERNIE: Bernie Sanders says he'll "beat Trump, and beat him badly." Flushed with success after beating Hillary in the polls for a while, he thinks he can not only BEAT Trump, but beat him badly. He's going to be sadly disappointed if he actually wins the Democrat nomination and goes up against Trump's powerhouse without nine other Republicans diluting Trump's support. Bernie is a cocky SOB, I'll give him that. But he's DOOMED to failure. The Puritans tried socialism right after Plymouth Rock, and many of them starved until they invented the free market. Bernie's an ADMITTED socialist, and has NO CHANCE if winning.

WHY TAKE BERNIE SERIOUSLY? For that matter, why take HILLARY seriously. They both promise many new socialist give-away programs we're all going to have to pay for. Bernie PROMISES to raise our taxes significantly. His supporters don't think that's going to affect them—only US. Boy, are they gonna be surprised! Surprised when he institutes socialist “flights of fancy” all over the place while solidifying his power—IF he ever gets a chance. There may be a bunch of FOOLS out there who buy his horse manure, but I think there are enough INTELLIGENT people out there to send him packing, never to be heard from again, outside of confirmed SOCIALIST North East.

HILLARY'S SUCCESSES: She likes to tout her “successes” as Secretary of State, but what she counts as “success,” intelligent people count as OUTRAGES. Just like with Obama, her “successes” will have to be reversed when an INTELLIGENT administration finally takes over—IF it isn't too late by then. Successes to a liberal Democrat is abomination to an INTELLIGENT person. But she doesn't know any better. She says Benghazi is only still an issue because Republicans want it to STAY an issue. I think the relatives of the people she abandoned to be MURDERED by Islamic terrorists might have something to say about that, too.

DENYING US SELF DEFENSE: Every law they make is DESIGNED to make it harder for honest people to defend themselves against ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. Frankly, I think that's their PURPOSE in making all those laws and regulations that force us to make our guns harder to get into action when faced by an illegal gun-toting criminal, crazy, or Islamic terrorist, who Obama is importing by the hundreds of thousands, using OUR tax money to pay their way. It's becoming more and more obvious that Obama and his crowd (including gun-grabbers) WANT us to remain helpless, and are working tirelessly to make it happen.

FREE BABY KILLING: Obama wants to offer free baby murder for “poor women” who thought nothing about screwing around without protection and now have to deal with the consequences. But instead of having the baby and raising it as a human being, she decided to kill it, and swindle the rest of us (with Hillary's help) into paying for the killing. The baby murders are free for those women, but guess who is going to have to pay for it. You and I, of course, whether we want to, or not, if she becomes president and is able to use taxpayer money to hire the “hit men (women)” to murder those babies..

Monday, January 25, 2016

Bernie Wants Trrump

He says he hopes Trump wins the Republican nomination because he plans to whup him” soundly in the general election, thus revealing his own DELUDED view of the world. Flushed by his success in outrunning the “sure winner” in the Democrat Party, who is facing criminal charges if the DOJ ever gets off it's butt, he thinks he can do the same to Trump. I think he's “whistling past the graveyard.” This socialist fool reminds me of a flea crawling up an elephant's leg with rape on it's mind.

SQUEEZE ALL THE CHANGE”: Obama recently told his closest supporters in a “private” meeting with them, “I've got 12 months to squeeze every ounce of change I can get while I'm still in office, and that's what I intend to do.” By “change,” does he mean “spare change,” or MONEY? Is he going to go after every PENNY he can get? He's already bankrupted the whole country—it just hasn't set in yet. But we, and out children, and our children's children owe more money than we can EVER repay, and he wants more.

HILLARY LEADS TRUMP”: Why? Simple: because Trump has MANY candidates in the Republican Party opposing him, and she has only TWO. Comparing the two (Hillary and Trump) is comparing “apples to oranges." It's easy to “lead in the polls” if you only have TWO opponents, vs. a man with MANY opponents. Nobody thinks about that, and they won't. That's how they get their figures, and ignoring such things allows them to TWIST things to suit themselves. People who “pay no attention to politics” until just before an election when the lies are flying never understand that, and accept what they're told in the liberal media.

DON'T CRITICIZE DEMOCRATS! “You'll make the Independents mad, and they'll go right over to the Democrats.” That's what Democrats are telling you. I don't know about you, but I don't take “advice” from Democrats about who I should support, or why. They have no wish for Republicans to win, and we should know that. Their “advice” insults our intelligence. This is a scam they usually use to reduce criticism of Democrat candidates. It's an obvious SWINDLE and we should realize it and ignore it.

OBAMA LIKES KILLING BABIES: He approves of “Roe V. Wade,” which was the decision that allowed abortionists to MURDER 58.586,256 innocent, helpless BABIES who never even got a CHANCE at life, and is now opposed by the woman it was all about, today. She is now an ANTI-abortion activist. I wonder how many potential geniuses they MURDERED? What if Steve Jobs had been aborted? Apple Computers would never have been. How about Bill Gates? IBM compatible computers would have never been. This is what the “baby-killers” never consider. They may be killing someone who would find a cure for cancer.

CHRISTIAN WOMEN: "RAPE SUBJECTS": That's what Muslims think. They think it's “open season” on Christian women. That Christian women are “only there for the pleasure of Muslim men.” That's what is ordained by their “god.” This is how even the “peaceful Muslims” think. Which is why the rape statistics are skyrocketing in areas that accept “Syrian refugees,” who are, almost to a MAN, Muslims. Who are going to soon be going around killing innocent people for not being their kind of Muslim. They're already raping as many women as they can, even men, and CHILDREN of all age and both sexes, mostly very young. Liberals work HARD to keep us from knowing that.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

What's WRONG With People?

The Swedes have suffered greatly at the hands of Muslims. But they're covering up the statistics about Muslim atrocities in Sweden. What the hell is WRONG with them? Why would they try to “cover up” the atrocities committed by the “Muslim refugees” as soon as they get into Sweden? What kind of damned fools are running things in Sweden? Will they hide what Muslim”refugees” are doing in Sweden until they kill a bunch of their citizens? Raping and beheading as they go?

PHONY, BUT IT WORKED: The boycott of the Oscars because no black person gave a performance this year worthy of an Oscar has been successful for the black against white racists. It's a phony movement (like “Black Livers Matter”), but it has worked. The “Academy” is “taking steps” to make the Oscars “more diverse.” Meaning they are “dumbing down” their requirements. In addition to getting rid of the “lifetime members” of the voting board and instituting ten year terms with three “term limited governor seats” that presumably have more than the usual voting power. And, they're hunting for new members who they KNOW will be biased in FAVOR of blacks.

GOATS FOR MUSLIMS: It seems there is a shortage of goats in Muslim countries (which may account for the increase in rapes of human women, men, and children). So to ensure plenty of goats for them to use as sex slaves and save children and adults from being raped, they tried to increase the numbers of goats there. But it has failed, as so many programs instituted by incompetent American politicians do. The program cost six million dollars, and their “cover story” was it was to benefit the local cashmere industry. But, like the Muslims they trained to fight ISIS, the goats apparently surrendered to ISIS and were either eaten of hidden away to keep as sex slaves. Obama is really good at spending OUR tax money on stupid things.

BLAME IT ON CLIMATE CHANGE: Every once in a while, the North East has a major snow event. It's as predictable as the sun coming up every morning and going down in the evening. But the members of the “climate change religion” (name changed from “global warming” so they could attribute ANY climate excess to it), it is climate change that is responsible. In other words, “It's our own fault.” If we didn't drive big gas-guzzlers and fly all over in polluting jets (never mind they do, going to meetings all over the world to “discuss climate change and raise billions) the snow wouldn't have inundated the North East.

EARNING A TOE TAG: That's what more and more illegally armed criminals are doing when they try to victimize people who were previously unarmed, but now are armed and TRAINED in good gun handling while the criminals are usually drug-addled and UN-trained. In Albuquerque, the number of such criminals killed went from ZERO in 2011 to EIGHT in 2015. Bad news for violent criminals. As I predicted, gun deaths will rise for a while, as honest people kill criminals who think they're unarmed.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Ban National Anthem!

That's what Muslims want us to do. They call it “part of an oppressive campaign.” Next, they'll go after the Marine Hymn, because it specifically mentions one of our outstanding victories over Muslim killers, “The shores of Tripoli.” Of course, this is all part of THEIR campaign to get US to destroy our most cherished shrines. If they could, they would go out and destroy places of Christian worship, as they did in Iraq recently, when they destroyed a Christian monastery that had been there for thousands of years. My advice? Tell them to “stick it up their flue!” If they don't like it here, get the hell OUT!

NEVER HAPPENS ELSEWHERE: Obama says “mass shootings” never happens in other countries. As with most of his LIES, this has proven not to be true, the most recent (that we know of) happening in a school in Canada. Obama tries to blame the mass shootings on legally-armed, law-abiding people, but THAT has proven to be a lie, too. Again illustrating the fact that, whatever Obama says, is a LIE. And of course, since all of Canada is a “no-gun zone” (except for cops and government agents, of course), it's further proof that “no-gun zones” do NOT work like they say they do. They're “engraved invitations” to mass shooters to “come in and kill people.”

BERNIE ORDERING SUPREMES: Looks like he failed civics class when he was in school—or he just forgot what he learned—IF they even Taught it to him, He says “when” he becomes president (doubtful), one of his first actions will be to tell the Supreme Court to “overturn” Citizens United. Does he really think a president can “order the Supreme Court around?” He must have been out sick the day they taught that the Supreme Court is a “co-equal branch of government,” and not subject to “orders” from the president. The president is NOT “all-powerful” in this country.

THEY NEVER LEARN: Do they? Legislators have dusted off a couple of “old saws” and want to make them laws (again). Never mind that “forced gun locks” and “assault weapons bans” don't work to do anything except make us more defenseless when a “bad guy” comes to victimize us with his ILLEGAL gun, which is already ready for use. He has no such restrictions, because he doesn't OBEY laws. One of these days a politician is going to learn. But I'm not holding my breath. Turning blue doesn't appeal to me.

NY GOV. A FOOL: He says conservatives with “extreme views” like being against killing babies before they're born, letting gays destroy the meaning of the WORD “marriage,” and such (my words, not his) are “extremists” and have no place in New York State. In reality, ALL the views he mentioned are “extremist views” and the only reason he can think they're “mainstream” is that MOST New Yorkers are liberals, and believe the same stupid way he does.

BLOOMBERG FOR PRESIDENT? He's looking for yet another way to waste a billion dollars, and he's hit on it. He wants to run for president in THIS election. Never mind it is way too late to make a SERIOUS run, even if it is as an Independent, hoping Hillary will have to drop out after she gets indicted on criminal charges. He has spent many billions of dollars on gun control, and has LOST at every turn because the opposition is just too stiff. And that's not even mentioning the fact that banning guns is unconstitutional. He already ran for more terms as mayor than the law allows, and won—for the same reason Obama gets away with ignoring the constitution. Nobody called him on it.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Repealing Bill of Rights

Hillary sent out a bunch of people with a petition to repeal the Bill of Rights, and most of her supporters revealed their abject STUPIDITY by happily signing it. If she thinks there's ANY chance of that ever happening, she needs her head examined. If it is tried, it will spark the new American revolution, and old or not, I'll be right in the front lines. She'll probably make hay abut the number of her people who signed it, but her entire constituency is so small as to be unnoticed, even if every one of them signed it..

THAT SOROS IMBECILE! George Soros, whose main claim to fame is “scooping up”: BILLIONS of other people's dollars by “breaking the Bank of England,” is now echoing the liberal line that Donald Trump is “doing the work of ISIS” because he is CRITICIZING them,. It's the usual line of ignorant liberals and other ISIS supporters like Obama, who probably think we should not hunt down ANY criminals, because it would “make them mad,” and they'll do more criminal acts. He also said that Hillary would win the election in a landslide, which clearly shows the effects of his senility on his intrlligence. Hillary will be lucky to win a clean cell.

NO REASONING WITH OBAMA: Like the Islamic terrorists, who want only one thing, COMPLETE CAPITULATION to their demands, and nothing less will satisfy them, Obama insists on complete capitulation with HIS ideas of “gun control,” which do nothing but disarm law-abiding people, leaving only the CRIMINALS,who don't obey laws, armed. They talk about the uselessness of “negotiating” with Islamic terrorists for that reason, but the same is true in “negotiating with OBAMA on gun control. He wants to get HIS WAY, and nothing less will make him happy.

BANNING RELOADING: How long will it be before the government BANS reloading of ammunition by individuals, and bans the manufacture and sale of equipment to do it? They can't just ban guns, they're constitutionally protected. So they ban everything required to make them work. They also make laws about “gun locks” and “gun safes” to make your guns impossible to get into action fast enough to repulse an armed criminal, who already has his gun ready to use.

HE AIN'T CONSERVATIVE”: One of the main objections the Republican “elitists” have against Trump is that “He ain't a conservative.” But what the hell difference does that make? I'm not a conservative, either. I'm a “rational individualist,” and I suspect Trump is the same, if he'd examine his views honestly. My views are much the same as conservatives, but there are places where I diverge from them. But I'm still for smaller government, lower taxes, and keeping the government out of my business. They're just afraid they can't control him.

THEY DON'T DESERVE IT: Islamic terrorists talk incessantly about “religious tolerance” whenever ANYTHING goes against them. While at the same time, they rape, behead men, women and children, and otherwise kill them for not believing the way they think they ought to believe. They are the WORST “religiously intolerant” people on the planet. Even the so-called, “peaceful Muslims” hate Christians or members of ANY other religion. They're instructed to do so by the Koran. They have forever thrown away any right to claim “religious intolerance” for themselves.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Will "Ol' Joe" Run?

Rumor is that if Hillary is indicted for her many crimes, “Ol' Joe” Biden will take her place. The pressure to indict her is mounting and may become irresistible, and they don't want Bernie any more than we do. Whosis either. They both were just “pretend candidates,” anyway. Just to make us think somebody actually was able to give her any competition within the Democrat Party. If it does happen, the Democrats are DOOMED, for sure. They may be, anyway, because of Obama's excesses.

THEY STILL THINK IT'S “CONTAINED”: One of Obama's most dangerous delusions is his belief, against all evidence, that ISIS is “contained.” He maintains that IGNORANT belief in spite of a preponderance of evidence to the contrary. Now he says that, “Since they're 'contained,' we can now turn our attention to the real war against gender-specific titles,” as if that were something important. Is it really important for men and boys to be able to pee in the same room with girls and women?

SCARBOROUGH IS A FOOL: Joe Scarborough says Sarah Palin should “go back to Alaska.” Many people who are much more intelligent than that fool think her support of Trump is a really GOOD thing. The reason many Republicans think she is a dunce is that McCain, after her first speech at the convention, kept her from being able to say what she really thought, which is probably why he was so soundly crushed. Scarborough and people who think like he does ought to SHUT UP so as not to reveal their IGNORANCE.

AND MEDIA YAWNS: After they found a “Fast *& Furious” .50 cal. Rifle in the home of that (formerly) escaped drug kingpin in Mexico, you'd expect the media to be interested, wouldn't you? Well, they're not. Finding that gun in his armory, considering it's origin, is a complete “yawner” to the liberal media because it would make Obama look bad—and they can't have that. “The fix is in.” They will not print ANY story that might make the “king” look bad. We thought press censoring was bad in communist Russia, but that was “top down” control by the government. This is VOLUNTARY self-censorship by the liberal media, itself!

DON'T VOTE FOR BERNIE: Even if you're a Democrat. Aside from the fact that he's an ADMITTED “died-in-the-wool SOCIALIST,' he wants to institute give-away programs that total $196 TRILLION in NEW tax hikes. If you think only Republicans will be paying for this, think again. EVERYBODY will be paying for it. Socialism is AGAINST everything America believes in. It is based on THEFT from the producer of new wealth, to give to the DRONES of society. Don't let it gain a foothold here, under any circumstances.

DEBBIE'S INCREDIBLE LIE: Debbie Wasserman Schultz tells a lot of lies, and this one is one of the biggest. She must really think we're all STUPID if we'll believe her when she says the Democrat debate schedule was “designed to maximize exposure.” Really? They go out of their way to HIDE them so as few people as possible will hear their socialistic policy pipe-dreams. And she thinks we can't SEE that? She's the one who is STUPID. It begins to look like even her FRIENDS want to get rid of her. It couldn't happen too soon.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fire the Damned Fools!

Muslims come to work for you and DEMAND extra “prayer time." So you accommodate them. Then, flushed with success, they make MORE demands, and when you refuse, they walk off the job. What should you do? FIRE the fools. They aren't any better than any of your other employees, who aren't DEMANDING special treatment. Frankly, I'm furious,”  sick and tired of hearing about situations where Muslims think they're somehow “special” and their wishes should be held BEFORE those of Americans. That we should be “bent over” for them because they're Muslims. Kick the fools OUT. Get RID of them. Let them go back to their Muslim-ruled country.

TIT FOR TAT: Muslims are demanding the cross be removed from the Swiss flag because it “offends” them. Who the hell CARES what offends Muslims? They're GUESTS in that country and have NO SAY in what is on their flag. This is what I mean about Muslims. They move in on people and soon are demanding THEIR WAY. To which they are NOT entitled. If they come there, they should SHUT UP and become part of the society there, instead of making waves to change things. They can “blow it out their flue” for all of me. If they don't like it there, MOVE. But don't move HERE and bring their crap with them!

PALIN UPSTAGES TRUMP: I'm listening right now (as this is written) to Sarah Palin's speech in support of Donald Trump, and Trump is standing right at her side with an “ear-to-ear grin.” Her speech is a little long on somebody else's podium, but after her speech, Trump won't need to say a word except to ask her to be his VP. That may have been the longest period in years that Trump has stood at his podium with his mouth shut—and for good reason.

SO THE HELL WHAT? Brian Fallon (a Clinton crony) is accusing the Intel Inspector General of “conspiring” with the Republicans, just as if the Republicans were an ENEMY. I know the Democrats LOOK upon the Republicans AS the “enemy,” but the Democrats are the REAL enemy. Democrats want socialism, almost to a man (or woman). And that's “enemy action,” to me). Republicans are the REAL Americans in the plot, something the Democrats deny. The next election presents a simple choice to all but those who want others to support them: socialism and slavery, or the free market and freedom. and it is the free market that has made us the “destination of choice” for all who want to better themselves, and the world's richest country.

OBAMA'S JUDGE RULES AGAINST HIM: He thought she'd “knuckle under” and let him keep his “Fast & Furious secrets secret. But apparently she's more honest than most liberals he has appointed to judge-ships and ruled on the CONSTITUTIONALITY of his “executive privilege” claim. Obama isn't gonna like that, and I don't think she will stay a judge for long, if he can manage top get rid of her. Or maybe he'll just sic the IRS on her. That's how he usually handles opposition, so I suppose she can expect an audit, soon.

THEY CAN'T CONTROL HIM: That's why Republican “leaders” oppose Donald Trump. He has his own money. He doesn't need theirs, thus, they can't control him by threatening to withhold campaign money. That scares them to death. So much so that they have threatened to support HILLARY! The OPPOSITION! Which is about the STUPIDEST thing they can do, and which PROVES their complete INCOMPETENCE to hold their current jobs. We need to add them to the unemployment numbers.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Call A He A He and Vice-Versa

People have been sued and had six figure judgments laid against them for calling a he a he or a she a she, no matter what kind of clothes they're wearing, or how they “envision” themselves. But the fact remains, if he's got a penis, he's a MALE, even if he “SEES” himself as a female, and he has no business in a woman's restroom. That's an abomination I wouldn't want a woman masquerading as a man in MY restroom, either. And if somebody wants to sue me for that, bring it on! I'm suit proof. I have nothing they can levy on. If they want to waste their money, that's okay with me. I calls 'em as I sees 'em.

OBAMA'S GREATEST LIES: It's hard to choose.  He says the economy is in good shape while the stock market reels from the biggest “correction” in years. While Wal-Mart closes 269 stores. And he expects us to believe his crap, just because he says it. When actually, if he says it, it will BE a lie. That's a foregone conclusion. He sees to it employers have to pay inflated wages to people who aren't worth it, and INCREASES unemployment by so doing. But this clueless liberal fool keeps on doing things like that while the economy suffers. And then he “reassures us” that what's happening is NOT happening. Sheesh!

CRITICIZED FOR THE TRUTH: Ted Cruz is getting a lot of flack these days. Mostly from New Yorkers for actually SAYING that most New Yorkers are LIBERAL. I guess they want to BE liberal with nobody calling attention to it. It's a STUPID world when people can be criticized, and that criticism taken seriously for telling the TRUTH. It's a good illustration of the IGNORANCE of much of the American people. Much of what they criticize TRUMP for is speaking the truth nobody else wants to say.

THEY REALLY BELIEVE IT: Now they're comparing illegal aliens to drunks. They say that, “You wouldn't call them “illegal drinkers,” so why call illegal aliens “illegal aliens.” Which is NOT a real comparison. “Alien” alone doesn't do it. Being an “alien” is NOT “illegal,” so the word “”illegal” must be used to describe them. Being drunk IS illegal, so to use that word to describe them would be redundant (for you liberals reading this, redundant means, “repetitive.”). People really come up with some STUPID ideas!

MUSLIMS FURIOUS: One company refused to change its prayer policy to suit them. I got a clue for them. If you didn't like the policies prevalent in this country, why did you move here? Moving here to live among “Infidels” is against your “religion,”so why do you move to a country FILLED with “unbelievers? So you can sue them for imagined ills and make a lot of money while making life hard for the people you hate? Everything we do seems to “offend” Muslims, but everything THEY do “offends” us!

ALMOST ALL MUSLIMS: Since the Paris attack, 482 Muslim “Syrian refugees” and ONE Christian have been admitted. When are the world's INCOMPETENT politicians going to see “the handwriting on the wall” that we are admitting Muslim extremists to kill more and more of us? It really pains me that a simple old man like me can see what our illustrious elected and appointed politicians CAN'T see! These people are supposed to be intelligent, but, almost to a man (or woman) they're NOT. They have their own opinions on what's happening, and when it is proven not to be true, they maintain their ignorance. You can beat them over the head with facts, and not make a dent.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Did Congress Mandate Sanctions?

Obama is going to sign an executive order to lift the sanctions on Iran. But does he have the power to do that? Didn't Congress mandate that in the first place? Can he reverse a congressional act by merely signing a document? If he can, he's really BECOME a dictator who can make laws simply by signing an executive order. I don't think he can. But that doesn't matter to Obama. He has violated the Constitution so many times without any consequences, he doesn't even give “lip service” to it, any more. He can get away with enforcing those ILLEGAL orders, since he has more guns—so far.

HATE GOVERNMENT? Liberals say people like me “hate government.” We don't. We hate what government has BECOME under liberal incompetent “management.” We don't think gays should be able to “marry” each other, though we DO believe they should be able to make a contract between themselves SIMILAR to marriage, but should not be able to change the DEFINITION of marriage, which they seem bound to do.. We don't believe a minimum wage of $15.00 an hour WON'T cause more unemployment. We don't think Obama's announced “unemployment numbers” represent the REAL number of unemployed, since he's no longer counting those who have GIVEN UP on ever again finding a job and are no longer in the job market.

IT'S A NO-BRAINER!” That's what Bernie Sanders says about his idea for people to call the cops on LEGAL gun owners for the “crime” of legally carrying a gun. It's “a no-brainer” because it was put forward by a man with NO BRAIN. That's all we need: for fools like him to be calling the cops to report LEGAL gun owners. Does his exhortation include calling the cops on COPS because they go around armed? Bernie shows his ignorance every time he opens his mouth. But liberal Democrats LOVE him, proving their own ignorance. And this FOOL wants to be president?

OBAMA'S ANSWER: Islamic terrorists murdered 14 people, so what does Obama do in response? He takes away our right to own and carry the means to our own defense from such FOOLS. He is deluded enough to think taking away our means of self defense is a way to INSURE self defense. Maybe we should take away HIS armed security so he will be like us. But NO! He NEEDS to be protected. He's SPECIAL! Like most politicians who think we “don't need guns,” but they do.

WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? NBC “spiked” a story about a Bill Clinton rape accuser “because she didn't have anything NEW to say.” What new CAN she say? If Bill raped her, her story isn't going to change, or NBC would highlight THAT. They just don't want to run a story about Bill raping anybody (which they think might hurt Hillary) and that's their story and they're sticking to it. The liberal media doesn't even try to hide their bias any more. They just deny it and expect us to believe it. But we know better, now.

A TARGET ON THEIR BACKS”: Obama has just “put a target on the backs” of American diplomats and non-governmental people living in places like Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other places where Islamic terrorism is rife. Why people insist on living in those places is beyond me. He has just told them that if you want to get some terrorists released, just KIDNAP and hold hostage, one or more of our citizens who live in your country and offer to trade. Obama will oblige. And you'll usually get more terrorists released than hostages you're holding, because Obama is such a MISERABLE negotiator. We ALWAYS release more than you have to. Example: Beau Bergdahl, a traitor and deserter, for FIVE terrorists.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Revolution Brewing

The last time a government tried to take away the guns owned by Americans, it started a revolution, which the British LOST, to a “rag-tag force” they though would be “easy pickins'. Obama is courting the same result. I wish, like Bishop Tutu, I could say I'm “afraid” it will happen. But I can't. If I were younger, I'd be right in the front ranks. If that's what it takes to get rid of Obama and his crowd, I'm all for it.

YOU KNEW I WAS A SNAKE”: Remember the story about the woman who rescued a snake from drowning and he bit her before they reached the shore? She asked him why he bit her when she was rescuing him. To which he replied, “You knew I was a snake when you rescued me.” That recent story about a Muslim who killed a woman who SUPPORTED him reminds me of that. She did know he was a “snake” when she decided to support him. The victim was a liberal who promoted “diversity” and “multiculturalism. Now she is “diverted” to death by the very people she supported. Go figure.

NY VALUES ARE LIBERAL. Trump gave Cruz a hard time because of his “NY Values” comment. But Cruz was right. Yes, when 3,000 New Yorkers and visitors were killed in ONE DAY in one of the WORST Islamic terrorist outrages of the new century, they DID respond beautifully. But that doesn't mitigate their extremely high taxes and liberal policies, most of which are stupid. That entire area, the “North East, not just New York, promote general STUPIDITY in their actions, and they can't deny that, but they do. I like Trump, but his comments were NOT insulting. They were TRUE.

RELEASING THE HOSTAGES: Obama “took a victory lap just before this was written because Iran released five HOSTAGES the same day the sanctions were lifted and they got their hundred billion back, intimating that it was, was part of the deal. It wasn't. It was in return for 7 CONVICTED SPIES we released. The people we released were NOT “hostages.” they were rightfully CONVICTED spies. The ones they released were POLITICAL PRISONERS, not rightfully convicted for any but a POLITICAL CRIME. Why we always release MORE than they do tells me a lot about the negotiating skills on Obama's part. Add the TEN terrorist murderers we released just a few days before that to the mix, which I'm sure made Iraq happy, since they can help with more terrorism, which Iran sponsors..

ISLAM: “RAPE CULTURE”: What's the best known crime committed by Islamic terrorists (and “peaceful Muslims”)? Beheading people (including CHILDREN) who don't believe the way they'd like them to? No. Murder generally? No. It's RAPE. Europe let hundreds of thousands of them in as “refugees” and immediately the rape statistics skyrocketed. That is NOT a coincidence. Right after they were allowed in, gangs of Muslims went out and RAPED hundreds of women. Thousands more went out and hassled truckers on the highways, but weren't able to get into any trucks. If they had, and there were any women in them, guess what? And liberal feminists ignore it.

WALMART CANCELS TWO STORES: They were going to open two stores in DC because of minimum wage concerns. And DC politicians are OUTRAGED, because they had PROMISED to open those stores in low-income areas, which would have helped immensely in the unemployment figures. But they MADE that promise BEFORE the “minimum wage” dispute. They are entitled to cancel their plans because those same politicians made it impossible for those stores to even break even. They did NOT “break their promise.” they just responded to the new “on-the-ground situation.”

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Treat 'Em Like Sex Offenders

That's what Tricia Bishop, editor of the Baltimore Sun wants to do to gun owners. We keep a list of sex offenders, and she wants to keep a similar list of legal gun owners. Never mind they aren't the ones who usually cause “gun violence” and they haven't committed any crimes. That is caused by ILLEGAL gun owners, whose names will NOT appear on any such list. That's because they don't buy their guns legally, and therefore there's no way their names will ever appear on such a list. Which means that list will only work when Obama, or somebody else wants to come and steal your guns. Only honest people will lose their guns.

HO, HUM! ANOTHER INVESTIGATION: Congress has launched yet ANOTHER “dog and pony show” (investigation) intro Hillary's e-mail practices. That's outside of the FBI's CRIMINAL investigation. They already have enough to put her UNDER the jail for the next 100 years. But NOBODY has seen fit to bring any CHARGES against her, and probably won't until after the election, so as not to mess up her chances of becoming president. If she wins, forget it. If she loses, I STILL doubt they will bring charges. She's “royalty,” after all.

WATCH THEM CLOSELY: Muslims pretend to wonder why we keep them under such close scrutiny as they move here by the hundreds of thousands, against the orders of the Koran not to “associate with Infidels.” They whine about “religious intolerance” and “racism.” The only way to predict SOME of their attacks is to KEEP them under close scrutiny. Many liberals take up their chant, but we know liberals are stupid, so why listen to them? When they stop killing innocent people for IMAGINED ills, maybe we will stop “keeping an eye” on them. But that ain't gonna happen in my lifetime, and probably not after I'm dead.

MICHELLE TO RUN: Rumors abound about Michelle Obama's plans to run for president in the event Hillary is charged with crimes. Obama says, “Don't worry. She ain't gonna run.” Which means, if he says she won't, SHE WILL. Like one governor in the south whose wife ran for his office so he could run again later, while he told her what to do while in office. That's one way Obama can “twist the law” to get a third term, since the Constitution only says he can't SUCCEED HIMSELF more than once. And we all know he LIES about everything.

PROPAGANDA COUP FOR IRAN: They broke International Law by parading American servicemen (AND A WOMAN) before cameras as their prisoners and “crowing” about “capturing” them. It's something that happened while we were NOT at a DECLARED war with Iran, and the sailors acted properly They were constrained from defending themselves or they'd have blown those puny Iranian ships out of the water. The one who said Iran treated them well after THEY made a mistake knew NOBODY in America would believe him, knowing he spoke at the point of a gun. Better to be tried by the U. S. than killed by Iran.

NOT SO SURPRISING: A recent news item tried to entice us into reading their item by saying the recent mass influx of Muslim “immigrants” into Europe had “sparked the purchase of a 'surprising item.” But the item is not so surprising. They're buying guns in record numbers, just like they are in this country, and it's mostly women. I'd advise Muslim men with rape on their minds to wear a bullet-proof vest and a bullet-proof cup when they try it. Of course, that probably won't help, as the women will try for a “head shot,” just in case.

Friday, January 15, 2016

"Just Call 'Em Liars!"

That's the way Democrats handle the people who were THERE who say there WAS a “stand down order” from the Sec. of State to potential rescuers who WERE there and could have saved those four victims in Benghazi, including an AMBASSADOR. Seems funny to me that people who HEARD the order are called “liars” when they tell the world that the politicians in DC ORDERED them NOT to rescue those people. And one of those politicians is now running to become president, in her own right. Sending that 'stand down” order in itself should disqualify her forever from running for ANY elective OR appointive office, even if the FBI doesn't have the GUTS to charge her with crimes in the “e-mail fiasco.”

WHAT'S HE SMOKIN'?” Whatever he's smokin', I want some! That is, I would, if I was dumb enough to smoke that crap Obama puts out.. He must be using something powerful if he's stupid enough to think the economy is good, or that we'll BELIEVE it is, just because he says it is. If it were, why are MILLIONS of Americans out of work, and have been so for long enough that they've GIVEN UP on ever finding another job in their lifetime? He must think we're as stupid as HE is, if he thinks we'll believe this WHOPPER!

OBAMA RELEASES MURDERER: He has released TEN more Islamic terrorists from GITMO. On what basis except that he wants to close GITMO, and to do so he has to empty it out, first, so he can claim it's “too expensive. Meanwhile, ten more killers go back home to resume their murderous ways. Every dead body these ten create, will be on Obama's conscience—IF he even has one.

MURDERER SUES: Planned Parenthood is now SUING their accuser for exposing their killings and sale of their body parts to pay for their high-priced cars and other high-priced items. They just filed a federal lawsuit against the Center for Medical Progress for exposing their gloating over murdering millions of defenseless babies. And in today's liberal-run courts, they'll probably win, even though they aren't entitled to win. Have you ever seen a killer sue the cop who arrested him and win? This is a screwed-up world we live in, today.

THE STUPID COUNTRY: Trump stands by his wish to stop allowing Islamic terrorists in our country disguised as “Syrian refugees” to kill us here, rather than in their own screwed up countries, until the feds come up with a REAL way to separate the real ones from the terrorists  Actually, Germany has so far proven to be the “stupid country,” as their “refugees” had a rape and murder spree within DAYS of being allowed in. And they're still allowing more to come in.

RAISE WAGES, CUT HOURS: Wal-Mart responded to the exhortations of liberals and raised the beginning wages of new employees, and had to close 154 stores in the U. S. to do it. The other wages were already higher than in other “big-box” stores. But then a corresponding reduction in working hours mandated by Obama's new “rules” wiped those increases out. Liberals can only shake their heads at that contradiction. But liberals have never BEEN logical. They don't even know the meaning of the word! Many liberals even deny the EXISTENCE of logic and common sense, much less practice it.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

"We Have to Fix Our Politics"

Obama says, “The future we (I) want will only happen if we fix our politics.” Translation: We must get rid of the Republicans, so I can “run roughshod” over you without interference. That's what he means when he constantly criticizes “partisanship” and wishes for “BI-partisanship. Which, translated, means the same as “fixing our politics.” Bi-partisanship means “giving in” to his pipe dreams. That's what bi-partisanship has always meant, to him. Complete surrender by the Republican Party.

SHOULD WORK ON HIS GOLF”: That's what The co-founder of Home Depot says: “Obama's economy is not working. He should just go work on his golf game. I have to agree. I have been known to criticize his playing golf so often. But now I realize that, while he's playing golf, he can't do things to ruin this country. If the game keeps him away from his "pen," that's not a bad thing.

WHAT SUCCESS? Hillary says she “plans to build on the successes of the Obama administration." WHAT successes? The economy is in the toilet, the foreign policy is a mess, the health profession is in chaos because of Obamacare, there is no border security, race relations have been put back 100 years by his claiming ANY opposition to his "pipe dreams" is racism, and Obama is well on his way to destroying the coal industry and causing energy prices to skyrocket. WHAT successes?

CAYMAN ISLAND TAX SCHEMES: Hillary has sworn to “go after” “Cayman Island Tax Schemes”--except for all hers and Bill's, of course. Those she will leave alone, and do all she can to cover them up, like a cat covering up doo-doo in a litter box. It really amazes me how she pledges to “go after” schemes in which she is deeply involved, and she thinks we don't know that. Next, she'll go after all the government employees who have private e-mail servers.

90% CONSERVATIVES? How do these imbeciles GET their jobs teaching our young, impressionable kids LIES? Professor Ross Avila, teaching at the University of California, Merced, teaches that “90% of terrorists are white, Christian conservatives.” Where do these FOOLS GET these lies? Do they make it up? There needs to be some means of making fools like this PROVE the truth of what they teach! Or stop teaching it.

COMPLETE FABRICATION: A LIE! You've no doubt heard the claim that the father of the Koch Brothers built a Nazi major oil refinery before the war that was personally approved by Adolph Hitler. The intimation, in an article written by a known Koch-hater, in the New York Times, intimated that he “helped build up the Nazi war machine.” But he did NOT. There was no “Nazi war machine when his company built it, and it didn't come into being for years after. Hitler was not yet known for the monster he was.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Another No-Account Clinton

Hillary's pulling out all the stops. She really needed SOMETHING other than her “zipper down” husband. So—enter Chelsea, who has done nothing in her life except go to work for a few TV networks doing little or nothing for a huge salary so her mother will help them stay solvent while others are failing. Oh, yeah—she had a kid. That must have been really hard , since so few women do it, ya know.

WHAT'S WRONG WITH PARTISANSHIP? Obama and all the other Democrats criticize all the “partisanship” in DC. But what's wrong with that? Partisanship was BUILT INTO the process when they created a “three equal branch” government. They WANTED partisanship, to “rein in” people like Obama, who wishes he was a dictator and acts like he is. Partisanship is the whole reason for the “two-party system.” To keep a president or one party from “running roughshod” over everybody. Obama and the Democrats (liberals) just don't want any opposition.

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IS CENSORSHIP: Pure and simple. It is the liberal attempt to CONTROL the message. The gyrations they go to in order to keep you from using certain words is hilarious—or would be, if it were not so serious. I really have to laugh out loud when they ban the use of the word, “Jesus” in CHURCH! And some of the “substitute words” they suggest are really funny. Of course, they can't make it “official,” so they use pressure.. If you use any of their “forbidden words,” liberals everywhere criticize you. But that doesn'twork on me. I couldn't give less of a damn what liberals think or say.

COMPARING CARS AND GUNS: The New York Times is comparing cars and guns. They say that since cars kill more people than guns and are a universally recognized “privilege,” and are “regulated,” we should similarly regulate guns. That might be okay if their “regulation” did ANYTHING to reduce gun deaths. In any case, owning and using cars is not a RIGHT guaranteed by the Constitution, as are guns. Therefore, the reasoning is a lot different between them.

PEDDLING FICTION”: That's what Obama says about people who say America's economy is  “in decline.” I know he'd like that to be true, but tell that to all the people who will have to pay higher taxes to pay off the TRILLION DOLLARS he added to the national debt. Or the MILLIONS of good people who are unemployed, with no hope of ever having a job again. Or the people who have GIVEN UP looking for work that he is no longer counting in the unemployment numbers, so as to keep the numbers lower than they really are. How about all the people who have lost their jobs or businesses because of his “$15.00 minimum wage” pipe dream.

WILL HILLARY BE NOMINATED? It's beginning to look like Hillary will be in prison before she can con the Democrat Party into nominating her for president because “it's her turn.” with the DOJ finding THOUSANDS of classified e-mails sent by her and her staff (under orders from her) that, while they may not have been MARKED “classified” (often because she ordered her flunkies not to MARK them as such) and all the millions people who would benefit by her actions as Secretary of State gave to the Clinton Foundation, including from foreign sources. If the FBI ever gets off their butts and CHARGE her with the crimes they've found, she may end up in prison, rather than the Oval Office.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hillary: "End Hyde Amendment!'

The Hyde Amendment is a common sense amendment to prohibit the funding of abortions by the government. In other words, to stop the government from paying for BABY KILLING. Hillary wants the government to be COMPLICIT in the mass murders of innocent, defenseless BABIES. NOBODY who thinks killing babies is okay has any business holding any elected (or appointed) office in government. And wanting the government to PAY for it is even worse. Instead of running for president, she should be imprisoned for complicity in mass MURDER.

CAN ANYBODY BEAT HILLARY? Liberals are constantly asking that question. Then they answer their own question with a resounding, “NO!” Hoping that if they repeat that lie often enough, people will believe it. They've even got conservatives asking the same question. But the answer is, ANYBODY could beat Hillary. I could beat Hillary. MICKEY MOUSE could beat Hillary. Anybody but Bernie Sanders or whosis, the other Democrat candidate. They thought she was unbeatable in 2008, until a previously unknown Chicago “community organizer” crawled out from under his rock and whipped her butt, to our misery.

LIBERALS ARE FRIGHTENED: Trump scares them to death. They know he's going to “kill their golden goose” if he gets elected president—and they know there's a very good chance he will be elected, and their schemes will be OVER. That's why they're coming at him from all sides. I saw an interview on Fox with a Hoover Institute “fellow” who said that, even though he is driving right over all his opponents, including Hillary, he can't get elected. What he bases that on, I don't know. Because “he isn't a Republican?” That's only a problem for Republican liberals. I'm not a Republican, although they are close to what I am. I'm a “rational individualist” and only want my country back—as do most Republicans (although they believe in some things I don't).

BERNIE SUPPORTERS IGNORANT: They don't have any idea what's up in this country. They really think this “wild-haired fool” is going to be good for this country with his admitted socialism. Socialism is only good for those who want a “free ride” at the expense of others. Socialism is STEALING from the producers of new wealth for the benefit of the lazy. People who would rather live at someone else's expense without the bother of working. And that's what Bernie stands for. So does Hillary, but she isn't honest enough to admit it.

TEACHING KORAN IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS: You can't even BREATHE the name “Jesus” in a public school because of a purposeful misreading of the Constitution. But Obama is “encouraging” public schools to teach the Koran and FAILING students if they refuse to study it. At least, that's what one retired Marine found out when they did it to his daughter when she refused to study the Koran, and no other course was offered as a substitute. Whatever the hell Obama thinks this will accomplish, I don't know. But I think, as a “closet Muslim,” he's doing everything he can to force the Muslim “religion” on us. Trying, in his own way, to increase the number of Muslims in this country, while blocking the teaching of Christianity everywhere he can. Obama is a Muslim saboteur and we need to get rid of him and all his friends.

CONGRESS DID TAKE ACTION: Obama likes to call Congress a “do nothing congress” because they won't pass all of his pipe dreams into law. Especially not his pipe dreams about “gun control (deciphered, gun bans!). But they are NOT “doing nothing.” They're saying, “NO!” He just does not like that, so he accuses them of being lazy. But what they're doing is VOTING on his measures, and saying, “Hell no!” He says he doesn't want your guns, but he has dedicated his last year in office to taking away your guns!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Only Hillary

Democrats are running an ad now that says, “Only democrats can stop those dangerous Republicans!” It's one of their “pipe dreams.” What do the Republicans want that is so dangerous? Democrats out of office, that's what! That's what they're SUPPOSED to want, and that's only dangerous to liberal Democrats and their aspirations to make this into a socialist country. That's the only thing that represents danger, and then only to Democrats and their political careers. Never mind Democrats screw up everything they touch, and should be sent back home with their tails between their legs, if they aren't “tarred and feathered” first, for all the damage they do.

TALK ABOUT INCOMPETENCE! I've been talking about the incompetence of those running things in DC for a long time. Most of their incompetence is not apparent to us, and they mostly do a competent job of hiding them from us. But it's hard to hide a MISSILE being “mistakenly” shipped to Cuba, a communist country right on our doorstep. They've been trying to get it back for a long time, and the pantywaists in DC are afraid to just “go in and take it.” Add to that, stories about $500.00 toilet seats and screwdrivers that cost the same, and you have good evidence of a pattern of incompetence in DC.

CONSPIRACY THEORIST”: Obama says that's what you are if you think he wants to come for your guns. Never mind he has worked tirelessly to do just that. And he is frustrated that Congress hasn't allowed him to do it. And he's leaving an “empty seat” next to his wife at the State of the Union speech to point it out. If believing the evidence of my own eyes is being a “conspiracy theorist,” I'm guilty. But he won't get my guns. Not without a fight.

SHOWING HIS STUPIDITY: The mayor of Philadelphia, even though the shooter of that cop insisted hi did it “For Allah,” insisted that it was NOT a Muslim terrorist thing. He said, “No one in this room believes it was,” forgetting that his police commissioner had just before said otherwise, and most of the other cops in the \room agreed with the commissioner. The mayor (a Democrat, of course), has previously demonstrated his stupidity and incompetence in many ways, but this is the most convincing evidence that he should be removed from ANY position of authority.

OH, WAIT, IT ALREADY IS: “I'm sure you all know, by now, that the shooting (of a cop in Philly) was committed with a stolen POLICE weapon. What gun control law do you suppose would have prevented this? Maybe we should make it illegal to steal guns....Oh, wait.... ”This ought to put “paid” to all the theories of the liberals who hate guns in the hands of anybody else but themselves. But does anybody think it will? No. They don't care about truth, they just want to disarm Americans while THEY remain armed. (Found on One Political Plaza)

A BASIC TRUTH: “Cheney was the second executive from the White House to shoot someone in the face, Clinton was the first.” With a different kind of gun. No wonder liberals want to take our guns away. That way they don't get crap all over their faces. If that were the only thing they'd get on their faces, maybe they wouldn't hate guns. (Also found on One Political Plaza) These were too good to pass up.