Sunday, January 24, 2016

What's WRONG With People?

The Swedes have suffered greatly at the hands of Muslims. But they're covering up the statistics about Muslim atrocities in Sweden. What the hell is WRONG with them? Why would they try to “cover up” the atrocities committed by the “Muslim refugees” as soon as they get into Sweden? What kind of damned fools are running things in Sweden? Will they hide what Muslim”refugees” are doing in Sweden until they kill a bunch of their citizens? Raping and beheading as they go?

PHONY, BUT IT WORKED: The boycott of the Oscars because no black person gave a performance this year worthy of an Oscar has been successful for the black against white racists. It's a phony movement (like “Black Livers Matter”), but it has worked. The “Academy” is “taking steps” to make the Oscars “more diverse.” Meaning they are “dumbing down” their requirements. In addition to getting rid of the “lifetime members” of the voting board and instituting ten year terms with three “term limited governor seats” that presumably have more than the usual voting power. And, they're hunting for new members who they KNOW will be biased in FAVOR of blacks.

GOATS FOR MUSLIMS: It seems there is a shortage of goats in Muslim countries (which may account for the increase in rapes of human women, men, and children). So to ensure plenty of goats for them to use as sex slaves and save children and adults from being raped, they tried to increase the numbers of goats there. But it has failed, as so many programs instituted by incompetent American politicians do. The program cost six million dollars, and their “cover story” was it was to benefit the local cashmere industry. But, like the Muslims they trained to fight ISIS, the goats apparently surrendered to ISIS and were either eaten of hidden away to keep as sex slaves. Obama is really good at spending OUR tax money on stupid things.

BLAME IT ON CLIMATE CHANGE: Every once in a while, the North East has a major snow event. It's as predictable as the sun coming up every morning and going down in the evening. But the members of the “climate change religion” (name changed from “global warming” so they could attribute ANY climate excess to it), it is climate change that is responsible. In other words, “It's our own fault.” If we didn't drive big gas-guzzlers and fly all over in polluting jets (never mind they do, going to meetings all over the world to “discuss climate change and raise billions) the snow wouldn't have inundated the North East.

EARNING A TOE TAG: That's what more and more illegally armed criminals are doing when they try to victimize people who were previously unarmed, but now are armed and TRAINED in good gun handling while the criminals are usually drug-addled and UN-trained. In Albuquerque, the number of such criminals killed went from ZERO in 2011 to EIGHT in 2015. Bad news for violent criminals. As I predicted, gun deaths will rise for a while, as honest people kill criminals who think they're unarmed.

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