Monday, January 31, 2011

They Don't Know What They're Doing

Our leaders are “flailing around” trying to figure out what to do. Hilary Clinton, our erstwhile secretary of state, says “Egypt is stable” just before all hell broke loose there. VP Joe Biden (Biteme) says “Mubarak is not a dictator” just before he is proven to BE one. Whenever one of our “leaders” says something you can bet it’s not true. Not necessarily because he (she) is lying, but because he (she) doesn’t know and doesn't care.

“SOUNDS LIKE MORE SPENING”: Why are the “Newsniks” surprised when Obama talks about “investments.” Anybody with a modicum of intelligence knows Obama just can’t help himself. It’s why a dog licks himself. It’s because he CAN. If he doesn’t spend more and more money and tax us more and more to pay for it, he doesn’t feel like he’s doing his job.

IT’S JUST BACKWARD: Obama blames high oil prices for inflation. What a load of stinky brown stuff! It’s just the opposite! Inflation is CAUSING high oil prices! Inflation has ONE CAUSE. Printing money. Printing money with nothing valuable behind it makes all money in circulation worth less. Thus, to get the same value, they have to raise their prices. Only the feds can print money, so THEY are responsible for inflation. Nobody else. I’m getting tired of saying this.

“TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE ECONOMY”: I get so tired of hearing the very guy who helped DESTROY our economy saying “we need to take responsibility for the economy” meaning, of course WE (you and I) need to repair the damage HE has done.

UNCONSTITUTIONAL? WHO CARES? That’s what Howard Dean, former presidential candidate and leader of the Democrat Party thinks. I wonder how many other politicians, on both sides, think this way? No wonder we’re “going downhill so quickly.”

TOO MANY POLITICIANS: Way too many think the same way Howard Dean does. I respect Dean for being “up front” about it, anyway. Nobody else is, though I’d bet most of those now in power feel the same way. What they do, and how they do it tells me this. Seems to me every one of them takes a pledge to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States when sworn in. To not do so in any way should be grounds for removal.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Killing the Goose

Liberals do everything the can to “kill the goose that lays the golden eggs” when they demonstrate against the opening of a new Wal-Mart store. We NEED more jobs. Whenever a new Wal-Mart store opens that means hundreds of new jobs and LOTS of savings on the products they sell. They’ve done more to improve the economy than any other single entity. Liberals constantly do such things. One of our most important industries is the coal industry, but they hate it. Obama has PLEDGED to “bankrupt the coal industry.” Without the coal industry, we will HAVE no energy because most electric generation is COAL powered. These people are incompetent idiots!

OLBERMANN’S RATINGS RISE: Too bad it was when he quit his job with MSNBC. Maybe he should have done it sooner. It’s possible he saw “the scribbling on the bulkhead” when Comcast took over NBC and didn’t want a firing on is resume. I wonder where he’ll go next. NPR, maybe? They’ve got an opening after firing Juan Williams.

WAIT, WHAT? Obama is making a “big deal” about the deficit and what we must do to reduce it. What? Isn’t he the guy who spent more money than there IS? The guy who spent more money than all the presidents before him? Where the hell does HE “get off” criticizing OTHERS for the “big deficit” and demanding THEY do something to reduce it? Gawd, how stupid IS this guy? And how stupid does he think WE are?

THEY KNEW IT! Barney Frank and Chris Dodd KNEW when they created the “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976” that it would create the biggest financial disaster this country has ever seen. But they didn’t CARE about that. They wanted the POWER it would bring them, no matter what it cost us.

WHY REPLACE IT? Republicans say that after repealing Obama’s health care swindle law, they need to find something to “replace it.” Why? Why should we want “something to replace” a bad law? What IS it with these people? Can’t they figure out for themselves that national health care, in itself, is BAD?

“SPUTNIK MOMENT?” Obama further shows just how out of touch with reality he is with his “Sputnik moment” comment in the “State of the Union” address. Doesn’t he know it’s only old farts” like me who even KNOW what Sputnik was? And we’re too smart by half to vote for him (again), especially after he has shown us just what he IS. How does HE even know it? (P. S.: I NEVER voted for him)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

No More "Investments"

When we need to stop spending so much when we have NO money to spend, Obama wants to spend further billions on a “bullet train” a la Japan. We need to STOP SPENDING. We cannot “spend our way out of this recession. That is a FUNDAMENTAL misconception common to liberals (Democrats). That is one of the bases of their incompetence to lead us. We need to get rid of the next guy who says the word “invest” or the next one who says “spread the wealth.” Those words display a BASIC ignorance of economics in general and the way the world works specifically.

OUT OF BUSINESS: I’ve been “out of business since last Friday, first because of computer problems. My computer went down and we fixed it. But when I got it back my problem with the built-in mouse getting in my way worsened and I took it back so they could disable it. They did it, okay, and disabled the whole keyboard along with it. Now I’m back to using a borrowed computer again while they get me a new keyboard. Then on Monday I tripped over my own damned feet (or over somebody else’s) and went down, giving myself a major problem. At first, I thought my left leg was broken but x-rays showed no broken bones. I had no idea a bruised bone was so painful. I’m slowly getting over it but it still “takes it out of me” just to move around.

WE DON’T “SPEND” ANY MORE: We “invest.” I guess I’m too stupid to understand what Obama is saying. He speaks on a much higher plane than I can understand. And he hasn’t yet found a way to get beyond my ignorance. I’ve always thought “investing” WAS “spending.” Whenever I “invested” in something it always took money out of my pocket. Hmmmm.

BIDEN SAYS “MUBARAK IS NOT A DICTATOR”: Does he think we’re STUPID? Wait. He does. All the idiots in Washington think we are, mostly because we voted them into office. We didn’t know any better. But it’s not that we’re stupid, it’s that most of us are just IGNORANT. They don’t “pay attention to politics,” and thus have no idea they’re electing incompetent idiots who only want the power.

WHERE THE HELL DO THEY GET OFF? The Democrats are criticizing US for our “lack of civility” in our political comments. This after EIGHT YEARS of the most vitriolic comments you’ve ever heard coming from THEIR mouths about Bush? Who the hell do they think they are? Can they “lack civility” and think we’ll forget it after they lost an election and no longer have “the power?”

“INVESTMENTS?” Whenever the word “investments” comes out of a Democrat’s mouth, there are GOING to be new taxes. Bet on it. Run for the hills. They use such words to hide their intentions to rip us off for even more, even after they’ve stolen more than ALL previous presidents, combined.

HATEFUL RHETORIC: Why aren’t the unions being reviled for the “hateful rhetoric” they’ve been putting out against Wal-Mart, one of our best friends, even to the point of giving out the name and address of a Wal-Mart executive and telling them to “show up on his doorstep.” Then we have a shooting in a Wal-Mart store entrance, and no one connects these things? Sheesh!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Job Destroying vs. Job Killing

This is what the Democrats would like us to use, and it’s silly, as are the usual Democrat wishes. They hate words like “blood libel,” used by Sarah Palin because it so well described what they were doing. What they want is to simply shut us up and stop the debate. They insist that “hard words” incite stupid actions by crazy people. They don’t. Being CRAZY does, no matter what anybody says. They use the Tucson killings as an excuse, even though the killer NEVER listened to talk radio and was NON-political.

WHY NOT USE MILITARY TRIBUNALS? There’s a big controversy about whether to use military tribunals or the usual court systems to try Islamic terrorists. There actually should BE no controversy about this. Would they have prosecuted Japanese prisoners of war in civil courts? No. The only reason these bloody murderers are not prisoners of war is that they wear no uniforms and represent no known government. They’re not criminals, they’re foreign combatants and need to be treated as such.

STATE SOVEREIGNTY: The Feds normally run right over the sovereignty of the states, as defined in the Constitution. They only recognize it when It suits their needs. As witness the feds SUING Arizona over their perfectly legal law DEMANDING the feds enforce their own laws. State sovereignty was cited in not allowing states to go bankrupt, which is proper. But forcing citizens of sovereign states to buy health insurance is not.

“BACK FROM THE BRINK”: Obama keeps talking about his administration “bringing us back from the brink.” What “brink?” How did they do it, and when? (How about a little specificity and proof of his words) It’s a typical Obama LIE to make people THINK he has done something good when he has not.

“ISLAMIC TERRORISTS”: This is yet another word Obama does not want us to use because it is so properly descriptive of the “band of brigands” who blow innocent people up, behead them, and kill them in many other ways, because they don’t believe the exact same way they do. That even includes other Muslims whose beliefs are slightly different from theirs.

“NO BIG DEAL”: People who belittle those who think Obama should show PROOF he was born in the United States say it’s “no big deal” But it IS a “big deal.” The Constitution clearly states that someone who was not born in the United States cannot be elected president. If he was not, that means he is NOT president, but is a “pretender,” and every law or Executive Order he has signed, and every regulation promulgated under his administration is NULL AND VOID. That’s IMPORTANT. It’s NOT “no big deal.”

Saturday, January 22, 2011

They Always Want More

There’s an argument raging now about the many (700 plus) “Martin Luther King, Jr.-named streets being in “blighted areas.” They aren’t satisfied with King being the ONLY person who was never in government being so honored. Give them an inch, and they’ll want to take a mile. Let them cut off your hand or let your grandma die, and they’ll want a foot, too. Oh, and yes; they’ll want to kill grandpa, too.

SPONSORING A HOLOCAUST: Liberals talk about conservative talk contributing to a “new holocaust,” but they (liberals) are creating an even bigger holocaust in their efforts to continue murdering unborn babies while still in the womb. They have been responsible for the murder of MILLIONS of unborn babies, who had NO CHANCE at life (that's a "holocaust"). This is the kind of people who are accusing conservatives of “promoting holocaust.” Sheesh!

IT’S ALL ABOUT POWER: People ask me why the liberals are constantly promoting ideas they KNOW do not work. Ideas such as socialism, national health care, and other things ANYBODY with even a small amount of intelligence know do not work. What do they have to gain? The answer is POWER. Power to tell us what we can, and cannot do. Make no mistake. It’s all about power. If they gain TOTAL POWER, they will have what they’re after.

NOT CIVIL: The Democrats call for “more civility” in debating. Unfortunately, they don’t follow their own dictates. As witness what Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen (TN) said, on the floor of the Congress, that people who disagree with Democrat positions are using Nazi methods (actually early PROGRESSIVE [otherwise known as LIBERAL] methods). Their attempt to “moderate” the language used in debates is nothing more nor less that an attempt at CENSORSHIP.

OBAMA’S “MOVE TO THE CENTER”: It’s simply a con to make the voters THINK he’s moving to the center. This guy will NEVER “move to the center. He is a dedicated socialist and that guides his every move. He doesn’t care that socialism has never worked, anywhere it has been tried. He doesn’t care that we want NO PART of socialism. He’s GOING to impose it on us if it’s the last thing he does. I want his EFFORT to be the last thing he does, politically.

THEY JUST DON’T KNOW: The people who support abortion largely don’t have any idea of what abortion means, in the womb. One abortion supporter finally saw an abortion being performed for the first time and it changed her whole view of abortion. She is now AGAINST abortion and is very loud in her opposition. Just because she actually SAW the violent death of an infant while he (she) fought for his (her) life and lost.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Putrid Sludge

That’s probably the best description of everything that comes out of Obama’s mouth. It’s also a good description of everything that comes out of the mouths of most Democrat politicians and bureaucrats. It’s malodorous, and it requires cleaning up. It’s more than political lies. It’s stinking sludge and they need to have their mouths washed out with foul-tasting soap.

VIOLENT WORDS: The liberals (and Democrats) are lecturing us about the “violent words” that are used by the “right wing.” But I will NOT be lectured about “violent words” by those who are the worst offenders in that category. When the president talks about “if they bring a knife, you bring a gun” and tells you to “get in their face,” and to “target your enemies” when referring to people who disagree with him, and you, I don’t listen much to HIS words.

VIOLENT WORDS AGAIN: Liberals say “violent words” used by the “right” (but also by the left) “send a message” to people with a “screw loose” out there, who go out and shoot somebody. Should we ban such words from ALL use, even in advertising and common conversation? Should we monitor what people are saying to one another and charge them with a crime if they use a “banned word?” I hear the same words time after time, every day, in advertisements. Should we just ignore the First Amendment and ban all words SOMEBODY “finds offensive?”

CHINA USES CAPITALISM: There is only one way communist China could get in a position where it could have enough money to actually LOAN money to us. That’s by using CAPITALISM in its dealings with other countries, while denying that luxury to its people. In fact, it’s doing that very thing in its dealings with US. It’s buying airplanes and other commodities FROM us, allowing us to PROFIT, while SELLING us other things at a PROFIT to them. That’s CAPITALISM, not communism, which they declare is the ONLY way to “rule.”

PEOPLE ARE STUPID! No matter how many people “Baby Doc” DuValier murdered, no matter how much money he stole, no matter how many people’s rights he stepped on, he still has many “supporters.” Some people are just STUPID and don’t learn from experience. It's the same reason many people still cheer when Bill Clinton enters a room, and organizations pay more than $100,000.00 to hear him speak.

I’M A “BIRTHER”: I wasn’t always a “birther.” At one time I couldn’t give less of a damn about whether or not Obama was born in the USA or elsewhere. But his consistent REFUSAL to release his birth certificate has convinced me there is something there he doesn’t want America to know. And if he is ILLEGALLY sitting as president, every law he has signed, and every regulation that has been imposed upon us while he sat as president can be deleted.

SCREWING WITH US: I wouldn’t be concerned with the liberals if they didn’t spend so much time screwing with our rights and telling us what to do. Now they want to ban all smoking in private cars with children in them. They want to stop smoking in our PRIVATE HOMES if ANYBODY close by can smell the smoke! They always want to go too far.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An Example of Civility?

Is Sheriff Stupnik blaming the Arizona shooting on talk radio with NO proof at all an example of Obama’s “new civility?” I don’t THINK so! I think it is an example of what Obama deplores, but which he regularly engages in. He talks about “civility,” but he means “CONSERVATIVE civility while ignoring the Uncivility of liberals, and even himself.

Sorry. My computer is down. So coverage will be spotty for the next few days. This is a testament to the worthlessness of anti-virus programs, which are usually out of date before they can get them on the market.

THE “ANTI-MUSLIM MOVEMENT”: Katie Couric talks about the “anti-Muslim movement” in this country and can’t seem to find a reason for it. Could it be that identifiable MUSLIMS have started a WAR against EVERYBODY who doesn’t believe exactly the same WAY they DO? And that to back it up they’re killing “Infidels” (their name for “unbelievers”) willy-nilly? This woman is not to be believed! All Muslims are not terrorists, but all terrorists, with few exceptions lately, are Muslims. That doesn’t mean kill all Muslims you see, but it DOES mean pay extra attention to Muslims.

“I DID IT!” That’s what Obama wants you to think. He visited Gabby Giffords in the hospital and after he left, she opened her eye (the other one is covered). And he “crowed” about it in his next speech as if it was his visit that caused it. Unbeknownst to him, it was not the first time she opened an eye. Opening her eye is further evidence of her recovery, Not of her response to his visit.

A NINE-YEAR-OLD WHORE: That’s what the church group (whose name I will not mention) who make a practice of picketing at the funerals of dead soldiers say about the nine-year-old girl who was killed in Tucson. How they got that, except out of their filthy minds, I don’t know. I listened to one minute of a diatribe by the daughter of the “reverend” of this church and wanted to vomit at the putrid bilge that came out of her mouth. It was all brown and stinky. Maybe I should have offered her some toilet paper to wipe her mouth with.

NO GUNS WITHIN 1000 FEET: That’s what they want; a law that bans guns within 1000 feet of a federal employee. Of course that excludes the guns in the pockets of their security. But don’t forget sharpshoooters can hit a small target from a lot further away. And then there is the person who just doesn‘t give a damn about laws.

NOSE IN THE AIR: Have you noticed that when Obama speaks, he does so with his nose in the air? He’s “looking down his nose at us” all the time. This unconsciously illustrates his opinion of everybody else but himself.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Watch their Own Mouths

Liberals talk loudly about the “hate speech” spouted by conservatives on talk radio and other places. But they can’t give any believable evidence of such “hate speech” while LIBERAL sources engage in “hate speech” regularly, and it's provable. Wasn’t it a liberal who suggested Justice Thomas’ wife should feed him a lot of bacon and sausage so he’d have a heart attack? Wasn’t it a liberal who said Sarah Palin should be assassinated? Maybe they ought to wash their own mouths out with soap before they make such allegations against conservatives.

TRYING HARD TO POLITICIZE IT: A crazy idiot killed six people including a nine-year-old child and a federal judge, while wounding many others, including a U. S. congresswoman in Tucson, Arizona. Politicians are doing their best to “politicize” it for their own agendas. But it was not about politics. It was just ONE CRAZY who was "apolitical and didn’t care who he killed. He just wanted to kill. This is what politics has descended to in this country.

IS IT ABOUT JOBS? Politicians everywhere talk about “jobs” first, last, and always. But there is only ONE way they can” create” jobs. That’s to GET OUT OF THE WAY and let the free market work. It is THEIR “meddling” that has caused this recession and it is them STOPPING the meddling that will end it. But you’ll never convince them of this. They’re just not smart enough.

HE’S DEAD, DAMMIT! The terrorists are still working very hard to convince us that bin Laden is not only still alive, but is actively running the terrorist organizations all over the world. But the fact is, we have not heard from him except on an OLD video or audiotape of him referring to something years old. Even the ones purporting to refer to something new could be Photoshopped. We made a “crispy critter” of him early on in the “terrorist wars” when we bombed one of his caves with him in it. And they’ve been hiding that fact ever since.

ELECTING IDIOTS: Why do we keep electing these idiots like Obama, Joe Biden, Barney Franks, Chris Dodd, and other incompetent politicians who “meddle” in things about which they know nothing and thus “mess up” our entire economy, while blaming it on others? Maybe if more people paid attention to politics all the time instead of just a couple of months before an election when the lies are flowing like water; maybe if they’d RESEARCH a candidate so they’d know something about him instead of voting him into office the same way members of Congress vote things into law, we'd start electing somebody with some intelligence.

TIME FOR ANOTHER TEA PARTY: Years ago I said, “Time for another tea party.” Little did I know that when America finally woke up, they’d adopt that name for their movement. NO, I’m not claiming to have named it. I’m just happy they did it. Maybe what we need to “throw in the bay” this time instead of tea is all the laws Congress has passed without ANYBODY having read them.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sheriff Screws Up, Deflects Attention

Sheriff Dupnik completely ignored several reports of insane behavior previous to the shooting of a member of Congress and the killing of six others, including a federal judge and a nine-year-old child, about the Arizona shooter’s mental stability, and now he is making WILD statements about Rush Limbaugh and others on the radio (with NO proof of anything he says), and really SAYING nothing specific because he HAS nothing specific to say. He just wants to deflect attention from his own screwup.

DUPNIK (STUPNIK) ATTACKS GOVERNMENT: He refused to enforce the law Arizona passed to improve border control by DEMANDING the feds enforce their OWN law. Now he is stupidly criticizing Rush Limbaugh and others for criticizing the government. I guess it’s okay for Stupnik to criticize the government, but not for Limbaugh to do the same. We don’t object to GOVERNMENT, sheriff. We object to the incompetent POLICIES of THIS government. Which you, apparently, support. You’re an EMBARASSMENT to law enforcement officials, everywhere.

SCREECHING HER DEFIANCE: Some time ago liberal Hillary Clinton screeched her defiance to people who equated disagreeing with the government with treason. That was when conservatives (Bush) were being criticized by liberals like her. Now it’s LIBERALS who are being criticized and they are not calling it “treason.” They’re calling it RACISM. I guess it’s all just WHO is in office, isn’t it?

COMING: WORD BANS: Some legislators want to ban certain words and “symbols” that COULD be thought to be “offensive” to SOME individuals. That means those laws will be SUBJECTIVE, and subject to the JUDGMENT of those enforcing them. That means the “crime” will be what the cop SAYS is a crime. That’s WRONG, any way you look at it. It’s also unconstitutional. But they don’t care. Most of the people wanting to do this are liberals, who view the Constitution as only an “impediment” to what they want to accomplish. And they have the ARROGANCE to ignore the Constitution until TOLD not to, after somebody has spent a LOT of money to get a court judgment.

ARE THE “TEA PARTIES” ANTI-GOVERNMENT? Not a BIT of it; they’re anti THIS government. They want to create a government that is more responsive to OUR wishes. They have NEVER been “anti-government.” They just want to create a BETTER government in the wake of an arrogant bunch of bastards who think they know it all, and will impose their will upon us every chance they get.

NO EVIDENCE: The liberals like to “pontificate” on things without any kind of evidence there’s anything wrong. Such is their screeching about guns; and high-capacity magazines and the “need” for tighter gun laws, none of which will do ANYTHING to limit the access to guns, high-capacity magazines, or anything else to people like the Arizona shooter. If they want it, SOMEBODY will sell it to them. Quicker in areas where gun laws are “tight” than anywhere else.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"It's My Opinion, Period!"

That’s the answer the press got from the Arizona Sheriff who attributed the shooting in Tucson to “unstable” people who were “inspired” by the “vitriol” heard in the last election (2008). Most of it came from Democrats, but he ignores that. This is the (Democrat) sheriff, remember, who refused to enforce the Arizona law that made Obama so mad. The law that DEMANDED the feds enforce their own immigration laws and caused the president to SUE Arizona (based on what law, I can’t figure out).

THE LIBERALS ARE IN CHARGE: Which is no doubt why politics is so silly and petty today, with the PRESIDENT suing the State of Arizona because they had the temerity to make a law DEMANDING the feds actually ENFORCE their own laws to control our borders, and Congress passing a law allowing gays to openly serve in the military, and other silly things. Gays don’t NEED a LAW if they want to openly serve. They just need the understanding of their fellow soldiers.

KNEW HE HAD A “SCREW LOOSE”: Many different people who knew the Arizona shooter knew he had a “screw loose,” maybe because of a case of alcohol poisoning he suffered some years ago. He was asked to leave his college and lost most all of his friends. One student actually kept a RECORD of the silly things he did. Another made sure she sat next to the door so she could escape quickly if her ever came in and started shooting. So why didn’t he get help?

LOOK WHO’S TALKING! Democrats are decrying the “vitriol” in the political process today, but who is it that is the most vitriolic in what they say”? Nancy Peelosi is the one who called people who oppose her “Nazis” and “Astroturf.” One liberal blog said Sarah Palin should be assassinated. Damned if I don’t think Democrats should “wash their own mouths out” before they complain about what someone ELSE says.

TRYING TO DISCREDIT THE RIGHT: Liberals are working hard to discredit Sarah Palin and anybody on the right who scares the hell out of them. They stretch facts way out of shape to advance their agenda, and LIE. They will use any event to promote their aims. They’re trying even now to blame the Tea Parties for the shooting in Arizona (by a guy whose favorite books are Mein Kamph and the Communist Manifesto) that killed a federal judge and a nine-year-old child while wounding a United States Representative. This without a SHRED of any kind of evidence, using innuendo.

EVIDENCE LACKING: Sheriff Dupnik (Stupnik) says a lot of nasty things about Rush Limbaugh and others on the radio talking without any kind of proof, completely ignoring the fact that HE (Stupnik) has no proof of anything HE is saying. This is typical of the left. If something against their opponents doesn’t exist, they just make it up. Be unspecific, and just “pontificate” without saying ANYTHING specific that can be specifically disputed.

Monday, January 10, 2011

"Beating A Dead Horse"

As usual, the news media (including Fox) are “beating a dead horse” about the killing of a (Republican) judge, 6 other people (including a nine-year-old girl) and wounding a congresswoman and a bunch of others (20 in all) is obsessing about it without bringing us much in the way of new information about it.. ALL that has been on the news today (Jan 9) is about that, and that alone. It’s as if there isn’t any other news, anywhere in the world, today. Little by little, we learn new things, one thing at a time, like pulling teeth, while they repeat, over and over, what they’ve already said and play the same clips over and over.

HE’S GOT THE RIGHT LAWYER: Jared Laughner, the shooter in Arizona, now has a lawyer. The same public defender who defended Ted Kazinski, the Oklahoma bomber, and at least one Islamic terrorist will represent him in court. She lost all the cases and got two put in prison for a long time. The Oklahoma bomber was executed. I hope she does as good a job for this guy.

GOING AFTER THE GUNS, OF COURSE: The gun didn’t kill a (Republican) federal judge in Arizona. The man who pulled the trigger killed the judge. Making laws to limit access to guns just DOES NOT WORK. Those who want to indiscriminately kill people will do it, with or without a gun. In Korea some time ago, a man went into a school and killed several students with KNIFE. The tighter the gun laws are in a given area, the easier it is to get a gun illegally because more people are selling them. I keep saying this, and nobody says I’m wrong. But nobody recognizes that I’m right, either. I talk and talk and talk, and nobody listens. And people die.

“THE VITRIOL” IS RESPONSIBLE: Democrats in Arizona, and elsewhere, now say “the vitriol” in the last election is responsible for the killing of a federal judge and 6 others, and wounding a congresswoman. But they fail to mention the “vitriol” coming from DEMOCRATS in the same election. Somewhere I heard a liberal blog called for the ASSASSINATION of Sarah Palin. Is this not “Vitriol?” Maybe they ought to contain their OWN “vitriol” before they criticize others.

“GETTING BACK TO NORMAL”: People are constantly asking, “When are we going to get back to normal?” The answer is simple: “As soon as we get rid of Obama and his cronies so they can no longer ‘fiddle’ with the economy.” They keep asking how to make things better and we keep answering, “Get out of the way and let the free market fix the economy.” But they don’t listen. They keep fiddling with it and making it worse.

DISAPPOINTMENT PALPABLE: The disappointment on the left that the Arizona shooter is a left-wing zealot and a pot-head instead of the “Tea Partier” they wish he was is almost palpable. The hints they threw out within MINUTES of the shooting that the shooter HATED her vote FOR the Obama health care swindle were not at all unexpected, since they like to think ANY violence can be attributed to the right. But it cannot. So far, just about every violent outburst has come from the left.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Aiming In the Wrong Direction

The “anti-gun nuts” are already trying to blame the shooting in Tucson, Arizona that killed a federal judge and critically wounded a U. S. Representative on the “lack of gun laws” in what was known as “the wild, wild west.” They’re also making a “big thing” of the “horrible things” the Tea Partiers said about her during the election. What about the "horrible things" that were said about the Tea Party by Democrats? Frankly, as a Tea Party supporter, I say that’s a bunch of bull. The Tea Party was NOT involved. This guy was insane and his "politics" were all over the place. What he did had nothing to do with the Tea Parties.

SHOULD WE GET RID OF FREE SPEECH? The sheriff in charge of the investigation into the shooting of Arizona Representative Gifford decries the effect of “free speech” on people who are “around the bend” anyway. So what should we do? Get rid of free speech? He criticizes the “awful things” that were said about Gifford during the recent election by “Tea Parties.” But what about the “awful things” Democrats said about Tea Party members? Did THAT result in a shooting or killing? He was quick to say she was the “target,” but cited nothing to support that opinion. The target could easily have been the judge, who has received death threats in the past. Looks like he won’t be looking in any other direction.

ANYBODY THERE WAS A “TARGET:” The guy who killed 6 people, including a nine-year-old child and a federal judge, and wounded a congresswoman, among 19 others, was insane. Anybody at that meeting could have been his “target,” or nobody in particular. He went there because it was a political meeting, and he hated politicians. Gifford just happened to be the closest to him, since she was the one hosting it. So she got shot first. This kind of “crazy” is likely to pop up anywhere, and authorities need to look closely into his motivations, rather than ASSUME he “targeted” Gifford and had been "listening to the Tea Parties."

GUN LAWS AREN’T GOING TO HELP: People are already talking about “tighter gun laws” as a “solution” to the “problem” revealed by the shooting that killed a federal judge (and 5 other people) and injured a congresswoman. But “tighter gun laws” will not help. Crazy people who do such things are not going to be deterred by a law that says they can’t be armed. And the tighter the gun laws in any given area, the easier it is to get guns illegally if you don’t care about illegality. Which such people don’t.

THE UNANSWERABLE QUESTION: I’ve asked this question many times, of many people, mostly anti-gun politicians, and so far have not received a satisfactory answer. The question: “What makes you think a CRIMINAL, whose entire life is breaking the law, will OBEY a law that says he can’t be armed?” That’s because there IS no answer that doesn’t betray their ignorance of human nature and hurt their cause. They usually just "brush me off" by saying "that doesn't matter," or some other bullcrap.

ALL OVER THE MAP: The guy who shot the judge and congresswoman (and 5 others) in Arizona had views that were “all over the map,” according to those who have investigated him. But still they are trying to pin this insane shooting on “the right.” All without any proof of anything. They’re also trying to pin it on “Free speech, trying to advance their agenda to eliminate free speech.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Get To Something Important!

John Elway was announced as the number three man in the Denver Bronco’s organization on Thursday and the radio station that broadcasts Rush Limbaugh in Denver interrupted his show and ran the press conference in its entirety, INCLUDING all the inane questions usually asked by sports reporters (an hour's worth) while nobody heard what went on in Rush’s show while all this was going on. What’s more important? Who runs the Broncos? Or the important information Rush brings us?

“EVERYBODY KNOWS”: That’s what all liberals say just before they say something stupid. Joy Behar (Blow3hard) did it just before she said Sarah Palin could never get elected president. She HOPES, anyway. Sarah has a lot better chance than does Joy! At least she’s smart enough to recognize reality, which Joy apparently is not. Fact is, everybody does NOT know.

HIDING IT: That’s what the man who authored that ill-fated regulation requiring doctors to “discuss” those “end of life issues” (death panels) with their patients if they wanted to collect the pittance Medicare pays them wanted. He thought that “the longer Americans don’t notice this, the better our chances of keeping it.” Sorry; that horse has already gone and your regulation along with it. I know you’re going to try it again, and I hope enough people are paying attention to scotch these continuing efforts.

IT’S NOT ABOUT MONEY, NANCY! Nancy Peelosi is “all bent out of shape” about the Republicans insisting the Constitution be read to Congress. She says it’s going to cost a LOT of money. This may be the only time members of Congress get to hear the details of the Constitution, so what has it cost us NOT to read it? A good illustration of Nancy’s lack of intelligence is when she said “repealing the health care law will cost us money.” I’d like to see her detail just how that will happen.

CONFIRMED: DALEY CHIEF OF STAFF: The Chicago mob has taken over in Washington. Obama’s original chief of staff has resigned to attempt to succeed the current Chicago mayor while the youngest son of Daley Dynasty patriarch goes to Washington to take over his job. Who knows: maybe they’ll just move Chicago to Washington.

“RELATIVELY MODEST PAY”: That’s what Obama’s “press flack” calls the $175,000.00 a year he makes to repeat Obama’s lies to the world. Other liberals say $250,000 a year is RICH. That nobody NEEDS to make that much (What gives them the right to dictate how much a person “NEEDS” to make?). Most government employees make more than $150,000 a year, which is probably why Gibbs thinks his pay is “relatively modest.” I’d like to have made anywhere NEAR that much, at any time I was working.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Beginning of the End

Democrats are saying that raising the debt ceiling will be “the beginning of the end” for Republicans. Sheesh! How many times did DEMOCRATS raise the debt ceiling? Losing an election sure changes things, doesn’t it?

RATS LEAVING SINKING SHIP: Rahm Emanuel quit to run for Chicago mayor. Robert Gibbs, his “mouthpiece,” is leaving “to do something else.” He doesn’t say what. Robert Gibbs is one of the LEAST respected, least BELIEVED press secretaries in recent memory. Maybe he has come to realize this and want to do something where his incompetence is not so well recognized. Many others are leaving, too. They probably don’t want to be with Obama when he “goes down.”

STAGEHANDS MAKE $240,000 A YEAR! At Carnegie Hall, the stagehands make more money than most of the people who ATTEND the Carnegie Hall events. Obama says anybody making over $150,000 a year is RICH. Maybe somebody ought to bring this to his attention so his statements will reflect REALITY. That is, IF knowledge will change what he says.

LIES, LIES, LIES! Liberals like to sling around the “lies” accusation, but usually when they do, THEY are lying. They never offer any examples of lies when they accuse us because they can’t. There aren’t any. They constantly accuse Glenn Beck of lying, but he offers video proof of almost everything he claims. I’d love for them to offer some examples of his “lies” so we can show THEIR lies.

HICK APPOINTS UNION ACTIVIST: To head the LABOR Department in Colorado. New Governor Hickenlooper promised a government that would reflect BOTH SIDES. How appointing a UNION ACTIVIST as head of the Department of Labor does this, I don’t know.

SARAH PALIN IS STUPID! That’s what the liberals say about her, to a man (or woman). Funny, this stupid woman has “had their number” every time. One example is the “death panels.” She absolutely called it on that one. Obama and his crown “cried foul” when she called it, but then later they tried it. They were “called on it” again, and had to “run away from it.” I predict they’ll try again and again and will rebuffed every time because Sarah first named it. She frightens them, which is why they try so hard to discredit her. But she discredits THEM.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tea Parties--Extremist?

The media—including Fox, strangely enough, are trying very hard to paint the Tea Parties as extremists. But what’s extremist about insisting the Congress make laws according to the Constitution? That they READ the laws they vote on? That they don’t make collectivist laws that are against the very BASICS on which this country is based? That this country return to the concepts of the free market that made it great? This is not extremism. It is common sense! They’re not

WHO REGULATES THE REGULATORS? Politicians constantly tell us those involved in free market activities are “ripping us off.” Really? Who regulates those politicians and bureaucrats who tell us this without ANY kind of proof? Who thinks those “regulators” are any more honest than anybody else? They’re not! Each one of them have their “friends,” just like everybody else. The question is, “Do they make it easier for their friends while making it harder on their enemies?

JOINING THE CHORUS: “Cutting spending seems to be the buzz words in Washington today, since the Republicans “took over.” Obama is one of the biggest screamers of the phrase, though he is the worst offender on that score, having spent more money than ALL the presidents before him, in just two years. Maybe he should have thought of that before he spent more money than there IS.

WAS HE A DIABETIC? Former Bush official John P. Wheeler was found murdered and thrown in a trash dump after being seen wandering around in a dazed and confused condition not long before. Nobody bothered to help him and that may have led to his murder. He may have been having a diabetic event (those symptoms are very telling) or may have been assaulted, which might have produced similar symptoms. In any case, if he was wandering around in a confused state from a diabetes incident, he might have been seen as an “easy target” by a mugger, who ended up killing him.

IT’S TOO EASY: When I first started doing what I do I worried about being able to find enough information. That has NEVER been a problem. All the information I need simply “falls into my hands” without much effort on my part. So why don’t other people pick up on it? Why are so many people ignorant of what’s going on? The answer is simple; they just don’t pay attention. I do. Actually, I come across more information than I can physically use, all the time. More people need to PAY ATTENTION, so that their own government cannot swindle them so easily.

HE WANTED A FREE RIDE HOME: An illegal alien decided he wanted to go back home, but didn’t have enough money to buy a ticket. So he went up to a policeman and told him he was an illegal alien so he’d get deported and the government would pay for his ticket. He was refused. So he went out and stole a police car to joyride. He was arrested and deported. He got his “free ride.”

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Get The Hell Out of the Way!

Obama keeps acting like he doesn’t know how to improve the economy. He appoints committee after committee, all of which come up with nothing that works when the answer is as plain as the ears that dwarf his face: get the hell out of the way and let the free market do its work! The free market CREATED the economy of this country, which WAS an economy that was the envy of the world until Democrats and other liberals started playing with it.

CITIZEN’S REINVESTMENT ACT OF 1976: It didn’t start with this law, but this law made what we’re experiencing today inevitable. It FORCED lenders to loan money to people they KNEW were deadbeats, a “recipe for disaster.” It was a scheme to “take over the country” in a bloodless coup. And it worked. But they didn’t count on America waking up and getting rid of them. They thought this country were a bunch of wusses and would do nothing as they took our rights and money away in big numbers.

“OBAMA’S STASH”: You ask the average multi-generational welfare recipient where the money Obama is giving them comes from, and they don’t know; nor care. They say it comes from “Obama’s stash.” Apparently they neither know, nor care, that “Obama’s stash” comes from the taxpayer’s (your) pocket. He HAS no “stash” other than that.

WHO PAYS THE TAXES? The top 10% of income earners pays 70% of the income taxes paid. That's according to the IRS itself. This is a figure liberals would rather you not know. If you cite this figure to them, they “poo-poo” it; they can’t show you any figures to PROVE it is wrong (while we CAN show them to prove it right) but they INSIST you’re wrong.

COLMES RIDICULES THOSE WHO CAN’T READ A 2,000 PAGE DOCUMENT: Alan Colmes, the liberal half of the now defunct Hannity-Colmes show on Fox (you know, the network the liberals say only tells one side, but which is the only one that tells BOTH sides) ridiculed the people who talked bout “reading that 2,000 page document” that was Obama’s health care swindle. As if Nancy Peelosi actually gave them time to do so. Somebody ought to slap Colmes in the puss when he makes cracks like that.

IT’S NOT BROKEN; DON’T FIX IT!! The Internet is being run fine by the ISPs who are running it right now. They (with the possible exception of AOL, which attempts to censor conservative thought on occasion) do a good job. To solve that little problem, conservatives just don’t use AOL. Soon AOL will go out of business, and viola! Problem solved, all without the involvement of a liberal government. The government has no power to regulate the Internet, except that they illegally give themselves. I will not allow them to “regulate” me, in any way. It’s a typical liberal power grab and will not be allowed.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ignoring the Constitution

Many of our very LAWMAKERS ignore the Constitution as a matter of course. Once a reporter asked Nancy Peelosi where in the Constitution does it say this government can force people to buy something. Her answer? “Are you serious?” I've heard other congresspeople ridicule people for suggesting they follow the Constitution or even READ the bills they vote into law.

“A NATION OF SHEEP”: Judge Napolitano of Fox News called us “a nation of sheep” when he observed a TSA agent fingering a woman’s breasts while “feeling her up” as a condition to letting her on an airplane while she just stood there and took it. He’s right. If we continue to allow this, we ARE “a nation of sheep.” I would not stand for it. I wouldn’t mind if the TSA agent was a pretty blond, but if a man “touched my junk” I’d slap him silly right there. I wouldn’t just “threaten him with arrest.”

“HIS MIRANDA RIGHTS”: Obama wants soldiers in the field to read terrorists their “Miranda Rights” when they’re captured on the field of battle. Only problem is, they DON’T HAVE Miranda Rights. They’re not American citizens. They’re foreign combatants. Reading them their “Miranda Rights” is not only STUPID, it shows mass INCOMPETENCE on the part of those running things in Washington.

STUPID STATEMENTS: At the top of the list of STUPID STATEMENTS made by politicians and ignored by the press and everybody else is Nancy Peelosi’s “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it” crack while stumping for Obama’s health care swindle bill. Apparently she doesn’t know that’s not the way we do things in this country. We’re not a dictatorship where the only way to find out what’s in a new law is to PASS it. We need to GET RID OF this kind of dumb-ass.

ARROGANCE: Speaking of arrogance, how arrogant must Nancy Peelosi BE to make such a stupid statement as the one above and not expect to be taken to task over it? She knows most of the people in power in Washington (now) either agree with her, or just don’t care. In any case, such arrogance needs to be REMOVED from Washington and a process put in place to see that it never happens again.

A “BANDAID”: Every “stimulus program” we’ve seen is nothing but a “bandaid” on a “seeping wound” in our economy. It adds NOTHING to the economy. It just “spreads the wealth” around, something Karl Marx advised in his Communist Manifesto. It takes tax money and gives it to the failures of society, thus rewarding failure. Yet Obama keeps trying it, over and over, though he KNOWS it will never work. It DOES, however, allow him to reward his friends in a quasi-legal manner.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Unions At Work

Mayor Bloomberg got the blame, but the cause of the lack of street clearing in New York was a “work slowdown” sponsored by the city’s unions to protest the city’s lowering of wages and laying off of union members. A 70-year-old woman and a newborn child DIED (and how many others we don’t know about) because of it. But the union didn’t care. They made their point.

REGULATORY ROADBLOCK: There is no shortage of innovation in this country, but the innovators can’t get over the regulatory roadblocks placed upon them by this government. Politicians decry “foreign manufacture” of products sold in the United States, but they promote regulatory roadblocks that make it impossible for innovators to do anything with their innovative ideas in this country and find it necessary to go to manufacturers in other countries, most often communist China, whose prices are lower than anyone else’s because they use slave labor in their factories and pay them little if anything.

TAKEOVER BY IMMIGRATION: If the Islamic terrorists can’t “take over” this country by killing us, they will one day do so by simply outnumbering us. The Muslim population in European countries is rising propitiously (a whole lot, for those in Rio Linda). In some countries, Muslims are in the majority—and I’m not talking about countries that are traditionally Muslim. I'm talking about France. And you can bet when Muslims are in the majority in this country they will make laws Americans don’t like. But since they will be in the majority then, there will be nothing we can do about it. Before that, we will be “ruled” by a Hispanic majority. Hispanics in the Southwest in this country are ALREADY in the majority and the number of Hispanic names you see on the ballot in various elections is rising, again propitiously. Something to think about.

“LIVING CONSTITUTION”: What does that mean? To a liberal (who coined that definition) it means the Constitution is just what the Supreme Court says it is, regardless of what’s written in it. One Supreme Court Justice can change it, simply by saying so. That’s wrong. The Constitution itself gives specific instructions on how it can be changed. NO other method can be legally used. All a Supreme Court Justice can do is tell us whether a law is, or is not constitutional, using the words therein, only. Not foreign law, not his personal opinion, ONLY the words IN the Constitution. And that Justice should be removed and imprisoned if he departs from that.

INALIENABLE RIGHTS: Congress cannot bestow “rights” upon us. Our Creator did that. Certain rights are ours by right of BIRTH, no matter what form “our Creator” takes. The Constitution merely RECOGNIZES those rights and Congress cannot change that. The most important right is that of self defense, and to own and use the means to that defense. Next is the right to our own opinion and the right to express that opinion without fear of imprisonment or execution. We do NOT have a “right” to a job paying as much as WE think it should pay. A “right” is something that we have WITHOUT being TAKEN from somebody else.

“TRUMP THE CONSTITUTION?” Some people say International Law “trumps the Constitution” in the United States. Not so! NOTHING “trumps the Constitution” in the United States. There are SOME parts of International Law that we may RECOGNIZE, but not if it goes against the Constitution of the United States, which is the BEDROCK upon which ALL our laws are based, and whose tenets EVERY law made in this country MUST abide.