Friday, March 30, 2018

Show Me Where

The State of California has had the temerity to SUE the federal government for reinstating the citizenship question in the 2020 Census. They say just asking that question is unconstitutional. Show me where the Constitution says that, Governor Moonbeam. It is NOT unconstitutional to ask that question, though who is going to answer it truthfully if they ARE illegal aliens? Liberals have almost succeeded in making illegal aliens LEGAL aliens in this country, with their "sanctuary cities" damned foolishness. They are breaking the law in the name of protecting illegal aliens, instead of American citizens.

FALLON'S A FOOL: Comedian Jimmy Fallon says that the students demonstrating against guns "speak with more guts, passion, and common sense than any adults." Obviously, he hasn't heard the common sense spoken by people who actually use INTELLIGENCE when they speak. The laws these ignorant children are promoting (with financing and other support from anti-gun fools) do NOTHING to stop gun violence, and more of them will not do anything, either. Repealing the Second Amendment would be a big mistake, and would lead to the MURDERS of many citizens by the government, who would remain armed, while citizens who obey laws would not. And that always leads to government murder. Even in this country, where the government has already murdered many of its citizens, even in a "heavily armed" country. What would they do to us if we weren't armed?

THEY HAVE NO ANSWER: Anti-gun fools have no cogent answer to the things said by those wishing to retain the constitutionally GUARANTEED right to bear arms for self defense, and so we can bring our own guns if summoned to defend this country. So they immediately start calling us names. They're now calling the NRA, which simply stands up for that right, a "terrorist organization," and "baby killers" (never mind Planned Parenthood kills many babies, every day). Their gun laws DO NOT WORK, and only make gun violence WORSE, by disarming the law-abiding, who aren't the problem, for the most part. People with INTELLIGENCE oppose them, and they call us whatever name they can think of to try and criminalize our defense of our RIGHTS.

EX JUSTICE STEVENS IS A FOOL: I guess it's a good thing he isn't on the court any more. He's obviously "lost it" at age 98. He's a "doddering old fool." And being 80, I figure I have a right to say that when he advocates those ignorant CHILDREN demonstrate for the ABOLISHMENT of the Second Amendment, the only thing that keeps the demagogues in our government from just "walking right over us." They are very careful when they come to kill us as they did in Ruby Ridge and Waco. We need to keep them nervous. The people in Russia and Nazi Germany didn't, and millions of them died at their government's hands.

MORE IGNORANT VOTERS: The liberals know their most fertile minds to be fooled by their rhetoric are the very young. They haven't been ALIVE long enough to know anything, therefore they fall for the liberal rhetoric more often than adults do. So now, well known liberal Michael Moore (fat boy) wants the voting age lowered to 16. 16! So they can get more immature, ignorant minds to fool into voting for liberals. Children at 16 are just not intelligent enough (yet) to know what's true, so they buy the liberal LIES. Why not lower the age to 8? Maybe 4?

"ARE YOU A CITIZEN?" California (the stupid state) is suing the feds for including a question in the 2020 Census, asking if the person is a citizen, They say asking that question is unconstitutional. Tell me, Governor Moonbeam, where in the Constitution does it say you can't verify citizenship when the whole purpose of the census is to determine the number of VOTERS there are? Non-citizens CANNOT vote, and that question is there to find out of those people ARE able to vote in our elections. Dumocrats want those people to vote so they will vote for Dumocrats.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Ia Bolton A "Hawk?"

Liberals are saying John Bolton is a "disaster" and a "war hawk" because he understands exactly who, uh, Putin is, and what we need to do to limit what he can accomplish in all his efforts to undermine this government. Which is absolutely the right thing for us to do. He wants us to operate from a position of STRENGTH, which is just the opposite of what Obama did, which weakened us in the eyes of the world. So doing emboldened those who wish to do us ill. What Trump did was let them know "there is a new sheriff in town" and they cannot "roll us" as they were used to doing for the last 8 years. Of course, this criticism is part and parcel of the "hate Trump" atmosphere in DC. ANYTHING he does, they criticize--even if it is something they, themselves wanted to do. If Trump does it, it has to be wrong.

SPRINGSTEEN SPEAKS OF HATE: At a recent concert, Trump hater Bruce Springsteen talks about the "hate" he's seen in the last year. A subtle shot at Trump--he thinks. But the hate I've seen ALL comes from the left, not from Trump. They spend all their time and energy hating on Trump, no matter what he does. Even if he does something they have been supporting, if Trump does it, they say nasty things about it. It's becoming so obvious, even the most obtuse can see it, unless they're dedicated to NOT seeing it, a situation that describes ALL Dumocrats, and many Republicans.

IT'S NOT "PRO LIFE!" It's anti abortion! I'm getting sick of liberals controlling our very words to describe their crimes with their "political correctness." Yes, CRIMES! Abortion is MURDER! It's infanticide! It is SLAUGHTERING babies before they even have a chance to take a breath. What the hell did they do to get a death sentence for the CONVENIENCE of people who don't even care enough to use birth control when they screw each other, and would rather commit MURDER than raise the result? In Nazi Germany, the government approved of the MURDER of Jews. That was their holocaust. This is ours. The people who approve of abortion, much less practice it, should be tried for murder and, upon conviction, be EXECUTED! I will call it "anti-abortion." Not that "sanitized description," pro life, that is designed to excuse murder.

IT'S A CLICHE´! "Guns don't kill people; people kill people!" That's what anti-gun fools always say whenever we point out this basic truth that they ignore with all their USELESS "gun laws" that do NOTHING to stop, or even slow down gun violence. But nobody seems interested in the reason WHY it is a cliche´. It is such because it is TRUE! One of the things that push kids to the EDGE in school is bullying. Years ago, you could just punch a bully in the nose and "cure him" of bullying YOU. I did it, on my dad's advice, and it worked, with ALL the bullies that had plagued me to that point. Word got around, and the school didn't make a criminal case out of it.

"SORRY" ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH: The IRS "weaponized" itself, stalling applications for tax-free status for right-wing organizations, or ones they PERCEIVED as being right-wing, and nobody went to prison. Lois Lerner lost her job and had to retire to a comfortable retirement on a lavish "pension" without real punishment. They got caught, and they said they're "sorry." And it was "forgotten." The boss at IRS got no punishment, whatever. He's still running it. Obama's "Fast & Furious" plan sold many guns to the Mexican drug cartels for no real reason except what they CLAIMED was their purpose (which didn't hold water) and they said, "sorry" when they got caught. Nobody was really punished. In Waco and Ruby Ridge, citizens were MURDERED by government agents, one woman with her child in her arms. Nobody punished. AG Reno "took responsibility." Did anything happen to her? Nada.

STUPID PEOPLE MAKING LAWS: It saddens me that we (not me) send so many stupid people to make laws for the rest of us to follow. Anti-gun fools call their USELESS laws, "common sense laws." But they are ANYTHING BUT "common sense." "Common sense" tells INTELLIGENT people that not a single one of the laws currently in effect have ANY EFFECT on "gun violence," except to make it worse, by disarming the law-abiding, who DO obey laws, making them "easy targets" for those who do NOT. Thus INCREASING the "gun violence" and getting even more people killed. MS-13 gang members killed 10 PEOPLE in the last year. And NONE of them carry LEGAL guns.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Nazi? Or Communist?

As I watched student protester David Hogg speak, I thought, "Nazi again!" Then he raised his fist in the known communist salute, and I cringed anew. So did Buzz Feed, and other news sources, since they cut the film of it before he made that silly salute. Did he realize what that salute meant? Nazis were bad, but communism has murdered MILLIONS of innocent people in their quest to bend everybody to their will. I don't think the boy is a communist, OR a Nazi. I think he's just IGNORANT, and "feeling his oats" in his short-lived fame. He has taken up a losing fight, and I feel sorry for him. His demonstrations won't save a single life, because he's championing laws that will do NOTHING to "stop gun violence" or end the specter of school shootings.

"KILL 'EM, TAKE GUNS": That's what one Dumocrat candidate for Sheriff in Buncombe County, North Carolina, thinks he has the right to do, in spite of the constitutional guarantee of the right of all Americans to be armed for self defense. Frankly, I think he might have bought a bullet for himself when he knocks on the door of a gun owner's house and tries to do that. The gun owner would be fully within his rights to just SHOOT this fool to keep him, or his men from killing HIM. It is fools like this who prove that there will always be dumbasses running for office, who think their wishes and desires give them the right to KILL others, to realize them. And they will usually be Dumocrats, because that's where the dumbasses congregate.

RUBIO ISN'T TOO BRIGHT: They thought he was when they elected him senator, but he just proved they were wrong. He said, ""Many other Americans do not support a gun ban. They too want to prevent mass shootings, but view banning guns as an infringement on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens that ultimately will not prevent these tragedies." I got a clue for ya, senator; they ARE an "infringement on Second Amendment rights." And it is true that they will NOT prevent such tragedies. He also thinks a ban on "bump stocks" will stop all school shootings. Never mind there hasn't been a single school shooting involving a bump stock.

WHO GIVES A DAMN? Stormy Daniels (a former porn star) is making big noise about a single sexual encounter she CLAIMS she had with President Trump a DECADE ago. Who gives a DAMN who Trump might have had sex with way back when? If that's all they've got, they're in big trouble. There is no PROOF of her claims, except her UNSUPPORTED word. She CLAIMS there is a "non-disclosure agreement" with Trump, but I'd bet Trump's signature is not on it. The lawyer CLAIMS he worked for Trump but, again, we have only his unsupported word for that. And even if there is such an agreement, she is already in violation. It's just another scurrilous scam by the Dumocrats.

DITCHING THE AMERICAN FLAG: The proof of the liberal influence at work on the "student march" for their lives is that Emma Gonzalez, a major supporter, made a speech wearing a "Cuban dictator-looking" military jacket bearing a CUBAN flag, instead of the usual American flag worn in America. That tells us she likes Cuba, a country where a new dictator began confiscating the guns of its citizens within two days of taking power, and has since murdered THOUSANDS, maybe more, of his people after disarming them. It is a common theme among dictators to disarm their people as soon as they can.

ZUCKERBERG IS IN TROUBLE: He let Trump do the same thing he allowed Obama to do, and got in trouble for it. Nobody gave him any flack for letting Obama dip into the private information on his millions of customers, so I guess he figured letting Trump do the same thing wouldn't be a problem, either. WRONG! If Trump lets a fart, the liberal media will go crazy and accuse him of global warming violations for expelling methane. Never mind people all over the world do it many times a day. If Trump does it, it's a crime!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

So Many Fools!

I'm completely amazed that there are so many ignorant people in this country. So ignorant, they just can't understand that to disarm yourself is NOT the way to self defense. That their anti-gun laws only apply to the law-abiding, who aren't the problem in gun violence That every law they have passed thus far, and inflicted on us, DEPENDS on LAWBREAKERS, who break laws for a living, to somehow OBEY their anti-gun laws, when they obey no others. I really feel sorry for the tens of thousands of students who have fallen for the scams promoted by the anti-gun fools, and go to those ubiquitous anti-gun rallies, hoping to promote a law that WILL stop gun violence, which is a forlorn hope, at best.

AMAZING TO ME: It really amazes me how the liberal media can turn ANYTHING into a criticism of President Trump. The former VP makes a crack about "beating the hell out of Trump." He replies, and they turn it into a story about how Trump is such a bully; seems to me the guy who wants to be a bully here is "Ol' Joe." Trump didn't threaten anything. Joe did. How is that TRUMP being a bully? I guess if you're bound to criticize a man, you can find something, in ANYTHING to use.

COMPENSATING TERRORISTS: The "Palestinian Authority" continues to compensate terrorists when they come to grief while killing Jews, and other people. As Muslims, they consider ANYBODY not a Muslim, "fair game." So if a Pakistani "soldier" gets wounded while "doing dirty work" against Jews of other non-Muslims, they get paid by the Palestinian Authority. If they get killed, the "Authority" gives their family money, educate their kids, and pay for training them to become killers, themselves.. And we still give them money. When are our politicians going to realize that if we SUPPORT our enemies, we will suffer in the long run? Trump is changing that, and predictably getting flack from liberals. But his action is only PARTLY what we should do. We should stop giving them money, altogether. Did we give money to the Nazis?

WHY SO STUPID? I can't understand why people who seem otherwise intelligent can be so STUPID on the "gun issue." Way too many top politicians are buying the anti-gun fool rhetoric, even though their laws DEMONSTRABLY are ineffective and useless in "stopping gun violence." Now even the POPE is joining the anti-gun fools in calling for even more anti-gun laws that only leave the law-abiding "easy targets" for criminals, who don't bother to obey their piddling gun laws. He's telling them, "Keep shouting, don't become anesthetized." What the hell FOR? No amount of shouting in support of laws that do no good will save any lives.

OBAMA GREATEST PRESIDENT? I'm getting tired of seeing that daily e-mail asking me to vote in a poll on whether or not Obama was the "greatest president in history." Nobody with any intelligence at all would ever vote in the affirmative, but they persist in this poll to get your e-mail address and sell you things. Obama was unarguably the WORST president, at least, in recent history. I don't know if the was the worst, period, because I don't know if anybody else was worse, even though that would be hard to do. He DECIMATED our military, ignored our enemies--even was on their side. He sent PALLETS of money to Iran, in return for NOTHING except scorn and threats. He did many other really STUPID things, but I don't have enough room here to list them all. Best president? Not a chance!

PROTECTING ANTI-GUN PEOPLE: If one looks critically at all those highly-touted "anti-gun demonstrations" featuring those ignorant, manipulated students in fear for their lives, they will notice one thing: They are "protected" by many guns. From handguns to AR 15s. They even brought out armored vehicles to aid in "protecting" demonstrators. And nobody seemed able to note the contradiction therein. Guns to protect anti-gun demonstrators? The cops realize something that the demonstrators do not. That disarming yourself is NOT the way to self defense. But the demonstrators do not realize that.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Question for the Left

You thought Bill Clinton's sex peccadilloes were "nothing to worry about," were "his business, and didn't change his ability to govern." Why then, are you so prudish about a POSSIBLE affair Trump might have had, 12 years ago? That is, of course, a definite double standard, but double standards have never bothered you in the past, so why should they bother you now? At least Trump didn't RAPE anybody, like Bill did. And if Bill wants to sue me for saying that, bring it on, Bill!

VOLUNTARY GUN BAN: In Washington (state) they made a law, and the governor signed it, to allow people to voluntarily sign over their gun rights and place their names on the "no-buy list." A typical anti-gun politician "solution" that will change nothing, of course. The Crips and the Bloods are lining up to give up their guns. Yeah. And so are other street gangs. So there will be no guns on the streets in the hands of gang members. Right. That will solve the problem. Yup. Now a little reality. A few gullible law-abiding people will do that, even though they are NOT the problem. And that will leave them completely defenseless against the ILLEGAL guns in the hands of those who want to use them for criminal acts.

DOUBLE STANDARD: Bakeries can't refuse to do business with gays who want them to bake cakes carrying a message that goes against their religious beliefs for fear of being sued out of business. Meanwhile, Dick's Sporting Goods, and other mass retailers CAN refuse to do business with people under 21 who want to buy a gun, for any reason. That's a definite double standard, that they can't deny--although they will. So far, people under 21 (who can be employed in a war setting, while CARRYING guns) cannot buy a legal product because of the decision made by a few bureaucrats.

BOLTON FRIGHTENS THEM: You can always tell when you've made a good choice for the president's staff. The liberals (Dumocrats) start in immediately to try and discredit him, not knowing that we are onto them. The more they scream and whine about him, the more that tells us he's the right choice. Nobody said much about John Bolton before he was appointed National Security Adviser, but from the moment he was named to that post, they cried and whined, and insulted him. Even if I didn't know him, that would be enough for me to approve of his appointment. I trust the Dumocrats to unwittingly tell us who will be the best man to oppose them.

DUMB AS A BOX OF ROCKS: And that's what a school superintendent in Pennsylvania thinks they can use to stop a shooter in school. Just throw a rock at him while he's singling you out to kill FIRST because he doesn't like rocks to be thrown at him. That's as dumb as elsewhere that they told students to bring canned goods to school to throw at a shooter. It really amazes me at the STUPIDITY of the anti-gun fool politicians out there. Instead of actually coming up with a real solution, they come up with these hair-brained schemes that show their ignorance clearly. Disarming yourself is NOT the way to self-defense, but they don't have the INTELLIGENCE to know that.

IMPEACHMENT FOR SIGNING A BILL? Isn't that what presidents have the right to DO? I've lost a lot of respect for Ann Coulter after hearing some of her recent insults to President Trump. They show a certain LACK of intelligence about him. Now she's saying that signing that "Omnibus Spending Bill" will cause him to be impeached. Right? Obama spent more money than all previous presidents put together, and nobody of any importance thought he should be impeached for spending as much of our money as he did. But Trump gets "rolled" by the Dumocrats and she suggests that's impeachable. If it is, that shows a LOT of ignorance on Capitol Hill.

Friday, March 23, 2018

March for Stupidity

Remember those students from the Broward County, Florida shooting? Well, they're "marching." They're holding a "March for Our Lives" event in what turns out to be 800 cities. How did they organize such a huge event, being that they're just some frightened students, afraid of being shot, themselves, in the next school shooting? George Soros is financing it, liberal anti-gun fools are organizing it, writing the scripts for them to mouth, and creating the publicity so they can be USED in their drive to violate the Second Amendment to the Constitution. I respect the motives of those kids, but they're campaigning for the wrong thing. The people who do school shootings don't obey gun laws. When they contemplate a much more serious crime, they just aren't concerned with breaking a piddling anti-gun law.

WHY SO MANY STUPID PEOPLE? I can't believe there are so many stupid people in this world. This country. Anybody with any degree if INTELLIGENCE knows that NONE of their useless, ineffective, gun laws do ANYTHING to keep guns out of the hands of people who want to use them for criminal acts. Yet people who seem to be otherwise intelligent persist in believing that taking the guns away from the law-abiding will stop those who obey no laws from getting them, But the anti-gun fools are gaining ground, since that damned fool shot up a school in Broward County, Florida, and those misguided, ill-informed students started making noise about gun control, guided, instructed, financed, organized, and scripted by the anti-gun fools.

ARROGANT BANKERS: Who the hell do they think they are? Citigroup, and other banks, are putting "restrictions" on gun makers and sellers, OUTSIDE the law. Lawmakers are trying desperately to make more useless, ineffective, "gun laws," but apparently the bankers can't wait. They're "punishing" gun makers and sellers because they sell a LEGAL product they don't like. As if they had that RIGHT. They don't, and those gun purveyors should just close their accounts and boycott those silly banks. The banks need them more than they need the banks, and it's time they found it out.

EASY TO TALK ABOUT: Some multimillionaires are pretending they understand about "income equality," and they're lecturing us about it. Warren, Sanders, and fat boy Michael Moore think they know it all about "income equality," but they know NOTHING about it. There is no "income inequality." There is TALENT inequality, and people with TALENT seem to become rich, while people WITHOUT talent do not. People like Moore become rich knocking rich people falsely. Then they pretend to lecture us on something they know NOTHING about. They use that to promote socialism.

CONTROLLING THE NARRATIVE: The liberal media is decidedly anti-gun, in spite of the fact that NONE of their anti-gun laws have ever stopped a single shooting. They allow, no, PROMOTE, the anti-gun speakers and writers, while denying the right to free speech to those who oppose their position. They recently did it to a student protester who was smart enough to know their laws don't work, while allowing the anti-gun fools to speak. So they kept his opinion from being heard. We might as well have government censorship, because we already have it, in actuality.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD HYPOCRISY: In a monstrous hypocritical move, baby killer Planned Parenthood has voiced their support for the "student foolishness" called "March for Our Lives." They MURDER many babies every day, but claim to support those students in their efforts to get rid of guns and stay alive. Their efforts are doomed to failure, but that doesn't matter to PP. These people need to be put out of business and their leaders and most of their employees imprisoned, with some of them being executed for murder. But that will never happen since our politicians are so damnably STUPID.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Trump Firing Mueller

The left (media) is sorely "concerned" that Trump will fire Mueller. That's all they're writing about today, it seems. But they're the only ones who think so. Trump couldn't care less about Mueller, except for the massive amount of money he's spent, and is spending in his witch hunt, which is going way far afield, after he was unable to find ANY proof of Trump's "collusion" with the Russians. They're ho ping against hope Trump falls for their scam so they can "pony up" an impeachment. Actually, Trump, like most intelligent people, is waiting for Mueller to come up with SOMETHING he thinks he can act on. Next he'll be searching for incriminating papers on Mars.

ONE GUN ENDS SHOOTING: There was yet another school shooting today, this one in Great Mills, Maryland. It didn't amount to much, and no one (except the shooter) was killed, because the school resource officer--the only person who was armed in that school--arrived, and, unlike the one in Florida, did not cower behind his car while the shooter killed students, immediately found, and engaged the shooter, killing him, and ENDING his shooting spree, along with himself, probably saving many lives--unless this was an "isolated shooting" that wasn't meant to be a "mass shooting." But the upshot of it is, just one gun in the hand of a non-lawbreaker, shut it down, without anybody except the shooter being killed.

WAY TOO MANY ACCIDENTS: Did you know we've lost more of our military men to accidents recently than to wars, themselves? And there's a good reason why. Obama, and his campaign to DE-FUND the military. He did everything he could to STRANGLE the military in every way he could. Cutting off their money, reducing manpower, and enforcing ABSURD "rules of engagement" for those soldiers to follow. One of the most DEADLY things he did was cutting off their money. They could not buy parts to use in repairing their equipment, and those they thought they COULD use failed because of faulty maintenance and failed parts that were used long after they were worn out because of no replacements.

I'M NOT A RACIST!" Saying that is now declared by the liberals to BE a "racist statement." I guess that's one way to eliminate any right to deny the LIE that you are racist, a label the liberals are using everywhere to blunt opposition to their fool policies. I know that they have my name on several "lists of known racists," because I tell about the illegal and unethical actions of blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims, as well as those of white people. I judge people as INDIVIDUALS, not by the color of their skins, their religion, or their sexual preferences, or any other pseudo difference. If they're bad, I say so, black, white, Hispanic, Muslim, or anything else. If they're not bad, I say that, too, if the question comes up.

LIBERALS HATE FREEDOM: Liberals don't think we're smart enough to be allowed to have the right to make our own decisions. They think that only THEY are smart enough to make our decisions FOR us. They have a very low opinion of our intelligence, which is an indication of their own LACK of intelligence. If you want to see an illustration of liberal LACK of intelligence, just look at ANY big city that is RUN by liberals. Chicago is one of those, and it has one of the highest "gun death" statistics anywhere, even while having some of the TIGHTEST anti-gun (liberal) laws and regulations anywhere. They are in "money trouble," as are most liberal-run cities. Liberals LOVE to spend OUR money to buy votes to keep themselves in office.

TRUMP "CRUSHES" JOE: Former VP Joe Biden was heard to say the other day, that he would "have beaten Trump up in high school for disrespecting women." Trump replied with a Tweet (surprise!) saying, he was "weak. mentally and physically" and fancied himself as "a tough guy." In reality, he'd have "gone down crying." And "don't threaten people, Joe." I've heard many fools who think they're so tough, when they aren't. They're only tough in their own minds, and that includes "Ol' Joe."