Friday, March 16, 2018

I Just Don't Understand

And I understand most things. But I don't understand where the anti-gun fools are coming from. They have to know that NONE of their highly-touted anti-gun laws don't work worth a damn in keeping guns out of the hands of people who should not have them, but they keep making more and more of them, anyway. Or at least, they TRY. Fortunately, the NRA "keeps them honest" in most cases, effectively opposing most of them. In any case, every time there is a mass killing (in a school, or elsewhere), they "jump on their high horse" and insist on making more of their USELESS laws, whether or not a gun was used.

SCHOOLS COOPERATE: You've probably heard about all the "school walkouts" all over the country supporting gun control, haven't you? And you haven't heard much about any OPPOSITION to those "walkouts," have you? That's because the schools (and the liberal media) are suppressing word of ANY opposition, In one place, some students went to the shooting range and posted pictures from their trip. The school suspended them for that. In other places, students are on "spring break," and are thus not in school. The school says THEY are part of the anti-gun walkout.

WAS SCALIA MURDERED? The US Marshal's Service, which is charged with protecting Supreme Court Justices, seemed to be singularly disinterested when notified of his death on that isolated Texas ranch. Whoever answered the phone was dumb enough to think it was "somebody in his entourage" who was dead, and it took them a long time to respond. That left many hours for people to cover up any mistakes in his death. Like the fact there was pillow over his face when found. Another factor is that his "host" was a Dumocrat supporter, while Scalia's vote was very often a "thorn in Obama's side" in many things, and, his death left a vacancy on the Court that Obama figured he could fill with yet another liberal.

"I'M NOT RACIST!" Now liberals want to take away a simple reply to those stupid enough to accuse people with different opinions than theirs of being racist. They're now saying that "SAYING 'I'm not racist' IS racist." They want to control every word out of our mouths with their insane stupidity. That's what "political correctness" is for. When anybody says something with which they disagree, they attack them as if they were CRIMINALS. Denying global warming, for instance: they want to make that a CRIME, punishable by a big fine, or IMPRISONMENT. This, in spite of the First Amendment that allows ALL Americans to freely speak their minds without worrying about governmental action against them.

"WHAT IS A BOY?" That' the question being promoted by liberals everywhere, as they work hard to blur the difference between boys and girls. They try and try to make people think that there are more than two sexes, when there is NOT. The definition of a boy is a young person with a penis. It's that simple, and that complicated. Anything else is a "social construct" meant to confuse as many people as possible and make boys wonder if they might be girls. But if he has a penis, he's a boy. That cannot be intelligently denied, but they deny it, anyway. If she has a vagina, she's a girl. Same thing. But liberals don't recognize reality if it disagrees with their "flight of fancy" if the week that they try to impose on all of us.

"BEATING THE DRUMS": The liberals are daily beating the drums that Trump is hated by a MAJORITY of Americans, when nothing could be further from the truth. They don't tell you how he got elected, in spite of the fact that the Dumocrats thought they had the election "fixed" for their pet socialist. Hillary Clinton. They really believe that BS, and they're getting more and more shrill in their efforts to make us believe this LIE. Next, we'll see a "news anchor" CRYING on the air because America doesn't believe this LIE.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: I really like it when fools speak their minds. It tells me who they are. Like Chris Rock saying he wants an equal number of WHITE students shot. Is that RACIST? I thought black people couldn't be racist....Rosie O'Donnell likes to call people who disagree with her politics "whores." But the biggest whore in this plot is Rosie.... Another shooting in a gun-free zone. The guy who killed three women at that massive veteran's home brought his gun(s) into a gun-free zone. I thought gun-free zones stopped such things, Guess not. Whodathunkit!.... Double standard of the week: Bernie Sanders attended an anti-gun fool meeting, surrounded by ARMED guards, while working to take the right of self defense away from everybody else.... Typical liberal fake news: you've no doubt seen the mother "being pulled away from her kids" by ICE. And if you only watch the liberal media you don't know she was actively engaged in human trafficking....

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Adam Schiff Stupid, Too

The congressional committee duplicating (they suppose) the work of Mueller's "independent counsel" to "get" Trump has "shut it down," saying there is NO EVIDENCE that Trump collaborated with the Russians to get elected. Adam Schiff, ranking Dumocrat on the committee, says, "We actually DO have some evidence, and we (Dumocrats) will continue to work to bring it out." That's a LIE, of course. If they HAD any evidence, they would be "shouting it to the skies." He's just "beating that dead horse," trying to get it to move.

AS USUAL, HILLARY BLAMES OTHERS: She went overseas, and she thought it was safe to lie to them, making them think Trump won the election wrongly. She forgot that, in this day of instant information, her words would be shown here, just as if she had said them in DC. She blames "backward, ignorant" Americans who know nothing for telling their women to vote for Trump, and they were too stupid to do otherwise. You know, her being such a "stand-up guy" for women, and all. Even Dumocrats want her to "go away" now, but she keeps "popping up" like the monster in a horror movie.

TEENS DON'T FEEL SAFE: That's the "word" put out by liberals, and "picked up" by the liberal media *(a duplication, there). But if teens really would like to feel safe, they'd quit texting while driving. Many people do, but teens are the largest group known to text while doing everything. The instance of teens dying in accidents while texting is large. As is the number of teens who walk into light posts and walls while texting. The "Zombie Apocalypse" is here, folks! It is teens texting while walking and driving.

VIOLATING A GAG ORDER: Stormy Daniels, the whore who CLAIMS to have had a sexual relationship with Donald Trump long before he was ever a presidential hopeful, says she was paid for a "non-disclosure" contract NOT to talk about it. If that's even true, she has VIOLATED it by her very effort to "get released" from it, and telling, all over, that she DID have a relationship with him. Of course, even if she did, it's IRRELEVANT. Just as Bill Clinton's sexual actions were, according to liberals. She's been violating it, all over, ever since the Dumocrats found her and paid her to yap.

TRUMP CAN'T SHUT HER UP: As regards Stormy Daniels, a judge has said that, "Trump can't legally enjoin the airing of an interview." Do you know what that means? That NOBODY can "enjoin" what ANYBODY says." If that is upheld, there are numerous "swamp" members who can be FORCED to tell what they know. That could cause a REAL "draining of the "swamp!" DC would become a literal disaster area. Dumocrats would become residents of many federal and local prisons.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Dumocrat Adam Schiff says the "Trump Dossier" contains nothing of interest. ""No there, there." So why is he making so much noise about keeping it from being released? What's he afraid of?.... IL (Dem) Rep Louis Gutierrez walked out of the POTUS speech when attendees started chanting, "USA! USA!" He later called Trump's speech "racist," a word that has officially lost all meaning, through too much false repetition.... A Muslim cleric says, "Free speech does not extend to those who insult the Prophet of Islam." Maybe not in your country, buddy. But it sure does in America!....Peelosi says we're "getting crumbs." But a thousand bucks is only crumbs to the "super rich," like her....

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Fake News Again

Liberals don't want you to know that Dick's Sporting Goods is NOT suffering from reduced sales as a result of the boycott called for because they refuse to sell guns to those under 21, even before a law is made to enforce it. All you've been hearing in the liberal news lately is that that slump is "just a rumor," and sales are not down. Unfortunately, it is NOT true. The sales slump for Dick's, and other stores with similar policies is REAL, AND IS confirmed by none other than Dick's. Sorry, anti-gun fools, it didn't work.

SCHOOL SHOOTING DATABASE: Mother Jones Magazine, a known liberal rag, has a new database of "school shootings." It includes all shootings with 3 or more victims. And, true to the anti-gun fool form, I'd bet they include shootings that happen only NEAR schools, or suicides within a few blocks of a school. Their definition of a school shooting is tighter than that used by the FBI and other recognized authorities, which is guaranteed to result in greater numbers for them to cite. Many of the "school shootings" will, of course, be GANG SHOOTINGS in or NEAR a school, but NOT a real school shooting.

OLDER MEN SHOULD CARRY: There's a story about a 61-year-old man who tried to stop a fight between several girls, and was beaten, almost to death, by a large group of teenagers. His medical bills amounted to $400,000.00, and he has permanent brain damage. Ask yourself this question: "Would he have suffered that if he had been armed?" It's doubtful if he would have to shoot anybody. Just the sight of a gun would have caused most of them to "run like hell" for "parts unknown." Oldsters are known to be considered "easy targets," and often get beat up for a few bucks--or NOTHING. A gun can make all the difference.

OBAMA'S NEW NETFLIX SHOW: The Obamas are dickering for a new show on Netflix, and it looks like they might get it. The idea is very popular among liberals, and we know that the number of liberals in "show biz" is very high. They are even asking, "What should they call the show?" I'll give them a good title; it's "Lies I Have Told." Or "My Failed Socialist Try." Either would fit perfectly, since he and his "stuck up" wife have told many lies in their drive to make this into a socialist country.

IS IT RACIST? Maxine Waters is again calling Trump racist. This time, for calling her "dumb." But calling that ignorant b=tch dumb is merely an observation of reality. She IS dumb, and she shows it every time she opens her maw and threatens to get him impeached, without cause. Frankly, I see more in HER actions that would merit impeachment--if that's how you get rid of obstreperous Member of Congress when they show absolute stupidity every day, as she has done, on numerous occasions. The only reason she keeps getting re-elected is that there are way too many liberal fools in her district.. She'd be a fool, whatever her skin color.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Anti-Gun Coffee Shop

In Oakland, California (where else?) there is a coffee shop that has asked the cops to "stay away," and that they would take care of their own business if some thugs came in with guns to rob and kill people there. They would "rely on their neighbors to protect them" if that happens. Then, when the inevitable does happen (as it will), the cops should stay at least 500 feet away from their coffee shop while the thugs and the coffee shop "neighbors" have their gun fight. After it's over, the cops should then ask a CIVILIAN "clean-up crew" to come in, remove the bodies, clean up the blood as best they can, and then go away, with no investigation, pursuant to the wishes of the owners.

WHY CALL TRUMP RACIST? Even the Dumocrats don't believe Trump is a racist, any more.. But they have no answers to his successes as president, and they know nothing else except to accuse him of racism, with no backing in fact. They've done it for years, accusing everybody who disagrees with their disastrous policies of being racist. It increased with the election of Barack Obama, a man who almost destroyed this country as a free nation, who told us electing him would "END racism forever." Instead, with his help, it REVIVED racism. Only this time it was black against WHITE racism.

"NO DEMOCRAT SCANDALS": Obama loves to go on TV and tell us there "are no Dumocrat scandals," and never were any during his administration. And many Americans believe him because they've never read about any in the liberal media. There's a good reason for that; the liberal media refuses to report on the MANY scandals that occurred, not only during his administration, but before--if they involved Dumocrats, not Republicans. If a Republican got into trouble, or was just ACCUSED of it, they played that up vastly, giving that story "wall-to-wall" coverage.

MAXINE WATERS' LOW IQ: Liberals are incensed at President Trump calling Maxine Waters "low IQ" as she continues to threaten him, at every turn, with impeachment, notwithstanding the fact she can't come up with an impeachable charge to lodge against him. He says she's "dumb as a box of rocks," but I think that's an insult to a box of rocks. She isn't that smart. Now she thinks Mueller, or Stormy Daniels can "finish the job" of getting rid of Trump. That disregards the fact that Mueller has been trying very hard, and spending millions of taxpayer dollars, for more than a year, and has come up with NOTHING. That Stormy has made some UNSUPPORTED accusations of something that is NOT illegal, nor is it a "crime or misdemeanor." Maxine reveals her abysmal ignorance every time she opens her considerable mouth.

GUN CONTROL: CIVIL RIGHTS? That's what "The Oprah" thinks, anyway. She is equating the push for anti-gun laws with the civil rights march. She forgets that there was no constitutional guarantee of equal rights for blacks back then. In fact, for many years, blacks suffered under the "Dred Scott Decision," which marked blacks as "only partly a human being." In this case there IS a constitutionally guaranteed RIGHT anti-gun fools (like her) want to violate, or remove, altogether. That their anti-gun laws don't work worth a damn is obvious to everybody, and, instead, make it easier for those with ILLEGAL guns to victimize the law-abiding, who DO obey those silly laws, seems to escape them. Are they just STUPID?

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Nancy Peelosi says, “Trump wants to make America WHITE again.” More evidence of the Dumocrat effort to PROMOTE black against white racism. And they don’t think we notice.... When Trump threatens to cut off the aid we’re sending to Palestinians, Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian president, says, “Keep your money!” So we should. Why are we supporting the Palstinian terrorist killers, anyway? That seems kinda stupid.... Remember when Obama said, “Libya is a sh-t show”? Some conservatives do, but liberals? No. Obama can do (or say) no wrong. Apologies to Mallard Fillmore… It's a real giggle the way Dumocrats keep trying so hard to convince their gullible followers that Obama's policies are responsible for Trump's economy....

Monday, March 12, 2018

"Just Shoot "Em Dead!"

That's the advice one anti-gun fool professor is telling the other anti-gun fools. James Pearce, an adjunct professor at Southern State Community College, says, "A bunch of anti-gun types (fools) should arm themselves (with the guns they hate) and attack the NRA headquarters, and leave no survivors." Meaning, kill them all. Just "arm yourself" and use that which you are against to kill the opposition so they can't make logical arguments you can't answer. That's the kind of thinking you can expect from anti-gun fools, who aren't too bright. This guy is a professor, but he isn't too bright, and is now under investigation after he said this on Facebook.

GUN-FREE ZONES: The guy who shot and killed three women in that large vet's rest home was no doubt aware that it was a "gun-free zone." But that didn't deter him in his wish to kill some people. The only thing that confined the killings to only three was the arrival of people with guns, the cops, who confined him to one room, where he took those three women hostage, and subsequently killed them all, and himself. I thought gun free zones were supposed to stop things like this. Apparently, they don't. Surprise, surprise!

IT'S A PUZZLE TO ME: Why the anti-gun fools continue to make laws and regulations they must KNOW do not work, unless they're really stupid.. If they just want to disarm everybody in America for their own purposes, they must also know they will never accomplish that goal. Every time they make a new law to keep law-abiding citizens from owning or buying a gun, or to make the guns they do have useless--like making ammunition almost impossible to get, it creates a "black market" in exactly the thing they ban, and sales of that item increase.

GUN RALLY DRAWS 20: It's not likely that the Brady Campaign thought they'd only get 20 "demonstrators" to come to Sparta, New Jersey the other day, to demand stricter gun laws, but that seems to be all the attendees they could raise. Most Americans just aren't interested in their wish to violate a basic constitutional guarantee, and they said so, by staying away from their foolishness. They tell legislators they want them to enact "common sense" laws, when there ARE no "common sense" laws in what they wish to enact. None of them work, and the REAL solutions, such as arming teachers, will not even be considered by these fools.

GUN CONFISCATION BEGINS: They're using the panic over the fools who go into schools and kill children to panic lawmakers into doing the unthinkable--confiscating our guns, for no other reason than they are guns--an inanimate object that does NOTHING until a PERSON picks it up and guns someone down. Should we ban PEOPLE? Now, in the late, formerly great State of Illinois, they're taking guns away from less than 21 year-old owners, without any kind of legal basis. No crime committed, and no law to support it. What is it about a 19-year-old that bans him from owning and using a gun, even though many join the military and are REQUIRED to be armed? Unless, of course, they're on a domestic military base.

MUELLER'S "INVESTIGATION" ENDLESS: He's spending millions of our tax dollars and his "investigation" is in turmoil because he can't find ANY evidence to prove Trump's "collusion" with the Russians to get elected. He's going far afield, and has apparently given up on finding ANY evidence of collusion with the Russians. He's flailing about to find ANYTHING he can use to weaken Trump as much as possible, even if he can't prove collusion. He's now looking into Trump's business practices going back fifteen or more years, long before he had any presidential aspirations.

Friday, March 9, 2018

White House Turnover

Liberals are making hay about the "turnover" at the White House, saying the WH is "in turmoil." Ignored is the fact that EVERY White House has different people leaving, from time to time. If Trump's WH is having a higher level of resignations, it's probably because they're getting tired of all the insults and other abuse the liberals (Dumocrats) are heaping on them, just because they are on Trump's team, and, for some, it just isn't worth it. Mueller is going after them, one by one, and ruining them financially. So why stay and go down because of a Mueller technicality?

ONE VICTORY DESTROYS NRA? The anti-gun fools have just proven (again) that they are stupid. They think ONE VICTORY has DESTROYED the NRA. They wish! They'll use ANYTHING to make themselves, and the world, think they've won completely, when all they've done is trade on panicked lawmakers who want to be seen as "doing something," even if it is futile, and wrong. It's ONE VICTORY, and it has NOT "Destroyed the NRA. The NRA is still there, and will continue to be an impediment to those who would make laws that violate the Constitution, the BASIS for ALL our laws.

"TIME FOR GUN CONFISCATION": At least that's what the Tampa Bay Times thinks, anyway. In spite of the fact that the Constitution, the BASIS for ALL our laws, forbids it. Whatever makes these ignorant anti-gun fools think taking guns away from LEGAL owners will stop those who buy their guns ILLEGALLY, or just STEAL them, is beyond me. But it has to be the workings of an irrational, ignorant mind. They really expect that to affect the ability of CRIMINALS to get a gun, and that's irrational. Of course, it's the same with ALL their anti-gun laws.

INTERNET PURGE OF DISSENTING VOICES: Facebook and Twitter, and possibly other "social networking" sources think they can silence the voices of dissension from liberal thinking by deleting certain posts, and even closing the accounts of certain conservatives. They can't. They might "purge" it from their sites, but there are too many other ways to get conservative opinion to the Internet. For my part, I've never used such as Facebook or Twitter as my primary conduit. I have several blogs, and I update several of them five days a week. They can't stop me. And if my blogging platform does, I can simply move to another platform, or do it without them, as I did for several years, when I started.

LEAVE IT TO LIBERALS: To make something bad out of something that could end up being good. So "Morning Joe" (Joe Scarborough) says Trump is using the "turnaround" by Kim Jong Stupid to distract us from the whore complaint (Stormy Daniels') UNPROVEN claims she had a "relationship" with him long before he ever thought about getting elected president. Distract us? What the hell FROM? The Stormy story is a completely made up story bought and paid for by the liberals (Dumocrats) to distract us from the many investigations into Dumocrat corruption that are ongoing.

OBAMA GETTING HIS OWN SHOW: He's negotiating right now with Netflix. They say, "the format is not yet set." But you can bet it will be a long list of his imagined "accomplishments" and a "showcase" to promote socialism and Trump-hate. I don't know what the draw is with this failed ex president, but I'm sure there is a large enough bunch of ignorant liberals out there to make it pay--at least, a little bit. Obama is like the monster in a horror movie. Just as you think he's gone, he pops up again to hassle you some more.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Guns and Racism

Like any good (good?) liberal, Shannon Watts makes a racial slur in her rebuke to a Jewish woman threatened by some Neo-Nazis, thus introducing race into her "argument." the woman got a gun for self protection after a bunch of Neo-Nazis published her home address on their web site, thus painting a "target' on her back. Shannon, a "top anti-gun fool" financed, through cutouts, by Geroge Soros, told her in a Tweet that her wishing to be protected was because she was "white." The situation, of course, has nothing to do with race, but not to liberals, including Watts. They always inject racism. The cops think driving by her house once in a while will protect her, but that kind of "protection" is so easily avoided by "bad guys," it's silly.

OOPS! Gabby Giffords publishes a list of states and their gun laws, rating them. Her A+ rating goes to the states that have enacted the most of the anti-gun fool laws. And her A+ states listed have had an INCREASE of 278% REAL gun deaths, not the ones "cherry picked" by Giffords. Of course, DC would be an A+ "state" if she had included it. But she "curiously" did not. Maybe because of their very high REAL gun death figures? This list is typical of the "smoke and mirrors" used by all anti-gun fools, who try and improve their position with miscalculated figures and LIES. It is yet another illustration of why you can't depend on them to publish REAL figures.

"JUST SHUT 'EM UP!" If you can't win the argument; if you have no true facts to support your position, and have run out of lies, just call your opposition names to shut them up. That's the direction the anti-gun fools are taking, and have always taken. That's why they say the NRA is racist, and are terrorists, and "have blood on their hands." Racist is their favorite epithet since Obama revived its popularity among liberals as a means of not having to argue on the facts, in any debate. They think if they can make their opponents look bad enough, they can win the argument in spite of having no facts on their side. Liberals have always used that ploy when they just can't come up with a cogent argument to blunt criticism (which is usually every time).

IMPRISONED WHORE KNOCKS TRUMP: No, it's not Hillary, much as we wish it could be. It is a known whore and former (?) XXX film "performer" known as "Stormy Daniels," who SAYS she had an affair with Donald Trump, WAY before he became a presidential candidate. Now she's suing him. For what? For screwing a "porn star?" Wait--isn't his sex life his own business, like it was when Bill Clinton was found to be getting oral sex in the Oval Office? The double standard here is so obvious it sickens me. And I don't believe her for a minute. Money can buy many such lies from such a person. Even if Trump WAS a "sexual person," he doesn't need to lower himself to having sex with a "sex worker." And, as usual, her accusations are backed by NOTHING but her unsupported word. No other evidence. She CLAIMS a "non-disclosure agreement" she SAYS was signed with a Trump attorney wasn't signed by Trump, so it doesn't apply. The reason Trump didn't sign it is, he wasn't involved.

NY TIMES "FAKE NEWS": The NYT published a phony Trump "hit piece," featuring an IMAGINARY family with a "made-up" tax return supposedly showing this family had a $3,896 higher tax bill under the new tax law. Only problem is, they did such a lousy job with the numbers that it just didn't add up. So they had to run an embarrassing retraction. They left out all kinds of deductions (some of them new, in the new tax bill) to come up with their figures. Hey, NYT! If you're gonna LIE, get some competent people to make it convincing! In any case, they didn't even bother to use a REAL family, so they could "tailor" the figures to suit themselves--and they did a lousy job, at that, until the Wall St. Journal "ratted them out."

IT'S ALWAYS RACISM! Embattled Oakland, CA Mayor Libby Schaff is now calling AG Sessions a "racist" for attempting to enforce the law, since she's the lawbreaker. She says Sessions equated ALL ILLEGAL aliens to lawbreakers. Funny. I thought illegal was illegal, and MADE them lawbreakers. Furthermore, the biggest majority of those who WERE arrested in a recent sweep WERE thugs, robbers, rapists, and even some murderers. She can't truthfully deny that, but she will make the attempt. Where she gets that "racist" tag, I don't know, except from Obama, who used it to blunt ALL criticism, after promising that electing him would END racism, forever.