Thursday, June 30, 2016

Gowdy Did It!

He “got the goods” on Hillary. But the "powers that be” are trying mightily to deny it, claiming there is “nothing new” in his report. If they'll just READ the report (which they won't), they'd find all the damning revelations it contains. But the only people who would read such a report are the lawyers—if they had a reason to do so. And since the Democrats want to suppress the report, they never will, so they can continue to LIE, and claim “there's nothing new here.” Move along, people!

WHAT CRASH? British Markets have recouped just about all the Pre-Brexit losses, and U. S. Markets soon will, as predicted here the other day. The people who deal in money are smarter than they appeared after Britain left the EU. A simple look at the overall chart of the market levels, you'll see that, even though there are way too many people “in the market” who have no idea of that. They think of the market as “volatile” and react to daily events without examining the market as a whole. To their detriment, and the advantage of those who do, and buy the valuable stocks they sell in their panic.

BANNING DISSENSION: Global Warming fools don't like it when people oppose their swindle with facts. No more than Islamic terrorists like it when people “say mean (true) things” about them. Since neither group can answer the criticism, they want to PUNISH the critics. Both groups are trying (with the help of the Democrats) to STIFLE dissent by making it illegal, sometimes punishable by PRISON. This, in spite of the fact that such dissension is protected by the Constitution. They don't care about that. They think if somebody disagrees with their fool notions, they ought to be PUNISHED, sometimes severely.

ISIS IS NOT WINNING! Obama and other fools are saying ISIS is winning the war they started because they attacked that Turkish airport. They're NOT. They were just thrown out of Falluja, their “showcase victory city” in Iraq. That doesn't mean they've LOST, either. But the only reason they only SEEM to be winning is that we aren't fighting them effectively under Obama's stupid “rules of engagement" and his refusal to even NAME the enemy, or admit they ARE the enemy.

CLINTON VISITS WITH LYNCH: Bill Clinton was reported to be in Phoenix playing golf (a 70-year-old man with a serious heart history, playing golf in 108 degree weather), and met with Loretta Lynch, the current AG in a private plane on the tarmac of the airport. And she says they didn't talk about Hillary's problems with the Justice Dept. Do you believe that all they talked about was family matters, grandchildren, and such? Do you really think they didn't discuss the elephant in the room, Hillary's problems with the Justice Dept.? A Democrat might believe that, but human beings don't. They're too intelligent. If you think they weren't talking about “the fix being in” for Hillary, you ain't too smart. But if you're reading this, you're “smarter than the average bear.” so you aren't going to believe that fairy tale.

FASCIST PARTY PLANK: Prosecuting people who don't agree with the official party swindle called global warming (or climate change, it's new name) is now an official party plank of the Democrat Party. Never mind that's against the Constitution, which is the BASIS of all our laws. NO law can be made that is prohibited by the Constitution. But Democrats do it, all the time. And they ENFORCE them until an enlightened Court declares them unconstitutional. Then they make a new version of the law and enforce it again until IT, too, is declared unconstitutional. They can't answer our questions, so they are going out of their way to shut us up without having to answer.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

They Aren't Right-Wingers!

The liberal media keeps referring to the skinheads who got in a fight with anti-baby-killing advocates as “right-wingers” because of their Nazi sentiments. That completely ignores the fact that the Nazis were LEFT-wingers. There is NO WAY socialists or Fascists can be considered “right-wing!” Nazi is short for “National SOCIALISTS!” Never was, never will be on the right! But that's the liberal way to confuse people who don't pay attention to politics. Call black white, and white black. “Truth is lie, and lie is truth!”

HOW DOES IT HAPPEN? How is it a woman who had the power to help, allowed four brave heroes to die in Benghazi? What makes her think she is in any way, entitled to run for president? As Secretary of State, she could have helped them stay alive. There WERE “assets” nearby who could have gone in and at least TRIED to help them survive that dastardly attack by Islamic terrorists on our embassy building. But instead, she sent out a “stand down” order, condemning them to death. She isn't FIT to be president. She is not fit to breathe the same air as human beings!

ANTI-GUN SENATOR ARRESTED: She was demonstrating against gun ownership. She was sloppy drunk. She was armed (a 9mm with extra clips). She is a Muslim, and a hypocrite. Or am I repeating myself? Where's her Hijab? She's just one more example of a hypocritical lawmaker who tries to make laws against us peasants being able to defend ourselves, while she makes sure that SHE can. She was still “beating that dead horse” about the lawful killing of Michael Brown, years later.

HILLARY IN DENVER: Well, that fat-butted, witch, Hillary, is in Denver, pushing her doomed run for the presidency, while a felony indictment still hovers over her head like a hanging sword (while her husband has a "private audience" with the AG on her airplane). Something she refuses to take seriously, depending on Obama to keep “the fix in” until after the election, where she hopes to be elected, making it harder to “bring her to justice.” Actually, all she's doing is screwing up traffic flow with her unnecessary motorcade. She's acting like she's already president.

TURKEY BANNED GUNS: How then, did three Islamic terrorists get the guns they used to attack that airport in Turkey? Yeah, I know. They blew themselves (and others) up, but not until AFTER they sprayed bullets indiscriminately into the crowds. Seems to me, people who are going to blow themselves up, anyway, aren't going to be worried overmuch about violating an insignificant law that says they can't have a gun. I've been saying that, right along, but the anti-gun fools aren't listening. At least one of them was stopped by a security man with a gun by being shot. What if that had been a CIVILIAN with a legal gun?

REQUIRING SMART GUNS: In New Jersey, the State assembly has passed a bill REQUIRING gun stores to carry “Smart Guns.” If I was a gun store owner, I'd tell them to go to hell. They don't have the power to DICTATE my inventory. Anti-gun fools are always trying to usurp our constitutional rights, because that's the only way they can keep us from having the means to self defense, thus making us “easy targets” for the owners of ILLEGAL guns. We're the only country in the world where that right is GUARANTEED by the document that underpins ALL the laws allowed to be made.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Trump Should Apologize

TRUMP SHOULD APOLOGIZE: He called Hillary's cohort “Pocahontas.” No, he does not owe HER an apology. He owes Pocahontas an apology for using that name to apply to an obvious corrupt politician who supports another corrupt politician. Elizabeth Warren isn't even as skilled a corrupt politician as Hillary is. She has never given a ten minute speech and gotten a half million dollar BRIBE for it, using the speech as cover. But still, calling her Pocahontas is a supreme insult to Pocahontas, and Indians everywhere.

THAT'S NOTHING NEW: A witness “mysteriously” dies just before testifying against Hillary Clinton. So what's new about that? MANY witnesses against BOTH Clintons have “mysteriously” died before they could testify against one of the Clintons. The list I have in my files of those who died just before they would have testified against a Clinton is long. One in particular I remember is one that was ruled a suicide, with TWO bullets in his body. How does somebody shoot himself TWICE to commit suicide?

IT'S NOT XENOPHOBIA! The liberal media is now “labeling” the supporters of “Brexit” in Britain as xenophobes. Who the hell do they think they are? It's not xenophobia to want the FREEDOM to be able to make your own decisions about important things, as Britons apparently do. That ability was behind our own rebellion to leave the “tender mercies” of Great Britain, too. And I'm sure some British “labeled” US as xenophobes, then. But, like the British today, all we wanted was FREEDOM, and the tight to run our own affairs. Liberals in all countries are quick with the “labels,” and always have been. They're stupid that way.

SETTLED BY A GUN”: Anti-gun fools say, “In America, everything gets settled by a gun.” As if we're the only country in the world where that's true. Most countries in this world have very tight gun laws. Laws that keep law-abiding people DISARMED. But people still shoot each other regularly. So where do people GET their guns? On the black market, of course! Where guns are the hardest to obtain by law, people get them ILLEGALLY. Having tight gun laws just creates a market for illegal products, in this case, guns. They do NOT stop people, usually people who want to victimize others, from getting guns. We don't need gun control, we need PEOPLE control!

CRIMINALS GAIN CONTROL: If you had asked me early in my life if killing babies would become not only a LAWFUL activity, but that some large organizations would do hundreds, even THOUSANDS of such MURDERS every day, PROTECTED by the government and “political correctness,” I'd have called you a liar. But that fantasy has come to pass. The CRIMINALS are now in charge of this government, and have made mass MURDER legal, and are well on their way to making other crimes “legal!” That's what liberals DO. That's what happens when CRIMINALS run the government.

VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION: Freedom of speech is one of the most cherished rights guaranteed by our Constitution. Why then, do liberal politicians think they can just make a LAW against it, and get away with it? They've already made killing babies legal, so now they're working on eliminating ALL opposition to their vile actions. They're now working on a law to make CRIMINALS out of people who don't agree with their global warming swindle. They want to make it ILLEGAL to speak against it, since they now know they can't truthfully answer their critics' questions.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Did I Get It Right?

Let me see if I got this right. There are hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists coming here who have promised to kill us all if we don't “convert” to their phony religion. Obama's response is to disarm the American people, and import more Islamic terrorists. This guy is either a damned fool, or a traitor. I don't think he's a fool, so he must be a traitor. Everything he does regarding the Islamic terrorists is in their favor. I don't, in any way, think he is a fool, so he MUST be a traitor. Somebody has to do something about him!

WE'RE MORE EQUAL”: Anti-gun politician Charlie Rangel thinks he's “special.” He inadvertently admitted it when he was asked about that childish “sit-in” in Congress by anti-gun fools that failed, because the “sit-iners” didn't want to miss out on their vacations. Those fools were protected by layer upon layer of ARMED security while they demonstrated to keep the same protection from the average Americans. His reply was priceless: “That's a little different. I think we deserve—I think we need to be protected down here.” Which says emphatically that he thinks they are “special,” in that they “need” protection, and we don't.

BALTIMORE LEADS THE NATION: In the increase in number of murders since Freddy Grey's death an d the “criminalization” of six innocent cops, who were just doing their duty showed that the Baltimore state's attorney “had it in for the cops by charging them with crimes, including murder with evidence so thin it hasn't a chance to hold up in court. Criminals have gotten the message, and have reacted with great alacrity, killing wantonly, ever since. So far, every cop so charged has either gotten a hung jury or been cleared, altogether.

GUN SALES UP, GUN CRIME DOWN: A chart I saw today shows graphically that, while gun sales are up dramatically, gun murders are in a downward spiral, as are the general homicide rate, the violent crime rate, and the gun suicide rate. These are figures the anti-gun fools IGNORE in their quest to make us all DEFENSELESS while Obama imports as many Islamic terrorists as he can, as fast as possible. And the “elitists” in Congress ignore those figures, too, as they make law after law that make us “easy prey” for ILLEGALLY-armed criminals.

ATTACK ON THE CONSTITUTION: They couch it in good-sounding terms, but the “gun-control issue” is but ONE of the liberal attacks on the Constitution. They regard it as only an IMPEDIMENT to their wishes, and want it gone. Another is the effort (in California, so far) to make criticism of global warming a CRIME. That's an attack on the FIRST Amendment. If they manage to make that work, they know they have destroyed the basic bulwark of our freedom.

ANOTHER ATTACK: Above, I wrote about the myriad attempts from the left to destroy the Constitution by “chewing it up,” little by little. I mentioned gun control and the effort to CRIMINALIZE anti-global warming speech. At the same time, Obama is trying to get a law made to criminalize anti-Muslim terrorism speech or writing. That's a clear attack on the First amendment. And if the law passes, it will be a patent VIOLATION of the BASIS for ALL our laws, and illegal as hell. But Obama doesn't care. He thinks he can get away with it, since there is no PUNISHMENT prescribed in the Constitution for violating it. They thought nobody would DARE. They didn't count on such as Obama.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

"Obama, Shove It!"

That's what the Brits told Obama when they voted to leave the EU. When he was there some time ago, he told them that if they left the EU, they would “go to the back of the line” on any trade agreements with America. This was supposed to frighten them into staying within that overbearing socialist bureaucracy. It didn't. They told him to “stick it where the sun doesn't shine—sideways.” Seems like most of the things Obama supports these days fail. Politicians he endorses have lost. Take warning, Hillary! Everything he touches any more fails. If he's paying attention, that should tell him something. But his ego is too big for that.

THE FAILURE OF SOCIALISM: Socialism does not work. That has been proven over and over, as socialist government after socialist government collapses when it runs out of “other people's money (OPM). It happened in Russia after they spent all the OPM they had in trying to keep up with America in the “arms race.” It is soon to happen in Cuba, as the health of the one real “strong man” runs out, their socialist friends (like Russia and other failing socialist friends who still had OPM left). It's happening in socialist Venezuela, where food shipments are guarded by armed men so they will make it to the store without being stolen by hungry citizens who haven't eaten in days, maybe weeks. Meanwhile, the daughter of the now dead former dictator is the richest person in the country.

IT'S NOT “CIVIL RIGHTS!” The Democrats are comparing their recent childish “sit-in” in congress with the “civil rights sit-ins” of old. But, as usual, their comparison is phony. They have NO “civil right” to hold a “sit-in” on the floor of Congress. There are RULES on proper decorum and process in congress, and they violated them. Had they succeeded in ANYTHING, they would be lawbreakers, too. They say they “just want a vote on gun measures. But the bills they “sat-in” for had already been voted DOWN in both Houses.

HILLARY LEADS TRUMP: That's what the polls say, anyway. How that is possible its a mystery (not really) Hillary is about to be indicted for a bunch of felonies, forcing her to drop out, while Trump is a successful businessman, not a politician, who can cause a REAL change. Not the change to socialism Obama is running, and which Hillary will continue, if elected. Polls can be made to say anything you want them to say, depending on the questions you ask, and where you ask them. I think these polls were taken in heavily DEMOCRAT areas where Democrats can be expected to be favored.

BREXIT AND TRUMP: The action of Great Britain in leaving socialist European Union and the surprising rise of Donald Trump in the race to become president here are two sides of the same coin. Both are evidence of the people's effort to “throw the bums out.” They're tired of the oppressive actions of both Obama and other liberals here, and of the EU itself, in England, and they're getting rid of them. They're tired of the socialist principles preached by both the EU there and the Democrat candidates here—both of them.

FALLUJA “FULLY LIBERATED”: They've been “set free” from the so-called “caliphate” declared by ISIS when they “took over” in 2014. This is no thanks to Barack Hussein Obama, who only wants to “contain” the Islamic terrorists without naming them or destroying them. Had he been asked about the push to liberate” Falluja, he would have no doubt told them not to do it. I figure you're going to soon see some reductions in arms supplies to Iraq, since they “disobeyed” His edicts. And that's the only way he can force them to comply.

OVERTURNING THE VOTE: Politicians in Great Britain are trying to overturn the vote of the people to exit the European Union. I don't know if they can legally do that, but even if they can, it's the wrong thing to do. They will have defied the will of the very people they represent, and who put them in office. That will result in many of them being “sent home” with “their tails between their legs,” if the Brits are as smart as they seemed to be when they voted to leave the EU. It's a classic fight between politicians and the people. Guess who'll win?

Saturday, June 25, 2016

It's A Trend!

The “BREXIT decision in Britain mirrors the success of Donald Trump in the presidential race. Both support the idea of smaller political divisions and self reliance in running your own shop. Plus a complete rejection of socialism. Smaller government is one thing Trump is promising, along with more empowerment for individuals in the United States, and liberals, like the “Tories” of old, are fighting it, tooth and nail. They recognize that a Trump victory means the END for them, politically. Even one liberal-minded Republican delegate pledged to Trump is SUING to get out of the requirement that he vote for Trump on the first ballot.

LOOKING THE WRONG WAY: As usual, the politicos are looking in the wrong direction. No, this isn't about gun control. It's about ignoring a deadly enemy and concentrating on only a POLITICAL enemy who only threatens political jobs. The Islamic terrorists threaten our very LIVES, while Obama and his boys condemn the “right wing” and concentrate on them. The right wing has never beheaded a CHILD. They have never kidnapped and murdered a reporter. They've never murdered anybody for not believing the right way. But Obama and his thugs think they're the most dangerous threat. How STUPID, and how INCOMPETENT!

GUNS FOR FEDS: Obama's government wants desperately to disarm Americans while building his “federal armory” at an alarming pace. More and more bureaucrats are arming themselves because they know they're nearing the END of the patience of the American people to their efforts to STEAL our property. There are more armed feds today than ever before in our history. Even the Fish & Game bureaucracy is armed! Do they want to shoot the FISH in self defense? No, they want to shoot US when we object to their thievery.

BLOW TO ONE-WORLDERS: Many politicians talk about a “borderless world” and “The New World Order,” which mean simply, a world government, and no borders between countries like Mexico and the United States. They pointed proudly to the European Union as a “showcase political entity” that would one day accomplish that. But England's recent “BREXIT” vote began the crumbling of that entity. I predict that numerous other countries will also leave the EU in the coming years, and it will, like our old “League of Nations,” become only a memory.

BAN PRESSURE COOKERS!” Every time some fool uses a gun to kill a bunch of people in a mass shooting, anti-gun fools “gear up” to demand more of the same ol' same ol' gun laws that never did anything to “stem gun violence,” anyway, and only served to INCREASE it, and get more people killed. The Boston bombing didn't even USE guns. They used pressure cookers! Should we ban pressure cookers because they could be used to hurt people? The reasoning of the anti-gun fools is quite questionable. The guns are no more at fault than are the pressure cookers. Both can be used for good or bad. But they're too stupid to “tumble” to that, and the fact that it is the PEOPLE who are responsible..

NO EVIDENCE”: The “authorities” say there is “no evidence” that the killer in Orlando was gay. which requires them to IGNORE testimony from people who SAW him trying, in his many visits to that gay night club, to “pick up” men. That, plus the testimony of a man who says he was his “gay lover.” Maybe he's lying to gain notoriety, I don't know. Maybe ALL of those who SAW him “doing gay things” over a three year period are lying. But EVERYBODY? All this IS “evidence,” if they will just recognize it. Of course, gay or not, he WAS a Muslim, who declared allegiance to ISIS. That's “evidence,” too.

Friday, June 24, 2016

They're All the Same

The Islamic terrorists use many different names, but they're all the same bunch: murderous, evil killers PRETENDING to be doing something to support their phony religion. al-Qaida, ISIS, ISIL, Boko Haram, Palestinians, Taliban, etc. I don't care what you call them. They're evil murderers who go about murdering innocents for not believing in their phony “religion.” I say that because their “religion” was created by a child raper who had a 9-year-old “wife,” and wanted to legitimize his sexual preferences. He was a mass killer in his own right, who liked to screw young children.

COMMON SENSE GUN LAWS: They call the “gun laws” they pass, “common sense laws.” But they're anything BUT “common sense.” None of them work to accomplish their stated goals. They only DISARM honest, law-abiding people, making them DEFENSELESS to oppose ILLEGALLY-armed criminals, crazies, and now the Islamic terrorists that Obama is importing by the thousands. Disarming yourself is NOT the way to self defense, but they aren't intelligent enough to know that. None of these laws have ever done ANYTHING to stop, or even slow down “gun violence.” In fact, they've made it WORSE.

THEY GOT A SURPRISE! These Muslim women who tried to victimize this restaurant, got a big surprise when they sued the restaurant for religious discrimination. They claimed, after staying after the posted 45 minute limit on occupying a booth in busy times that, if they had not been obvious Muslims, they would not have been bothered. So the restaurant counter sued, and they found out that one of the owners was Muslim. So there's no way it could have been bias against Muslims. It was a fraud that didn't work.

BRITISH LEAVE EU: And the markets go crazy. But I predict that is only temporary. If people have the “intestinal fortitude” to stay in those markets, they will rise again, and probably to higher numbers than before as they see that the decision was a good one. Kudos to the British for leaving that failing socialist European Union. Now, if they'd just abandon their own socialist notions, they might have a chance to continue on, and make something of themselves. Now, if they'll just quit being stupid enough to elect a Muslim politician in London....

WISDOM BY DEFAULT: The Supreme Court recently made an intelligent decision when they blocked Obama's attempt to stop illegal aliens from being able to stay and work in this country without the bother of becoming citizens, after breaking the law just by coming here the way they did. Since there is now no clear conservative majority on the court after Scalia's death, they couldn't reach a decision in that case, which had the EFFECT of blocking Obama. Obama predictably laid down on the floor, kicking and screaming in frustration at their not “legalizing” his law breaking.

HALF CONTINUE THEIR KILLING: Nearly HALF the Islamic terrorists Obama has released return to their old tricks, killing people and making as much trouble as they can for those who don't believe the way they think they should. Every death of an innocent they cause can be laid right at Obama's doorstep. Thus, Obama is the “bloodiest” president we've ever had, based on the stupidity of his actions. Everything he does kills a bunch of innocent people.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Demonstrating For Lawlessness

Democrats in the Congress are having a “sit-in” on the floor of Congress because of “inaction” on gun control. There hasn't BEEN “inaction” on gun control. But the action there was didn't meet the approval of the Democrats, so they called it “inaction” and did something stupid and childish. I hope they enjoy sitting on that cold floor, because they're going to be there for a long time. What they propose is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and they can't force ILLEGAL action by sitting on their butts.

THAT'S A LOAD OF BS: A Democrat shouted on the House Floor, “The Second Amendment needs some changing because Americans don't agree with it.” I wonder what kind of twisted crystal ball he saw THAT in! The reason why most of the anti-gun fools' bills fail to become law is because the American people DO agree with it, and will not allow a bunch of ignorant politicians to take away their right to self defense, and to own and use the means to that, a gun. That's a typical Democrat pronouncement that has NO FACTS behind it, said only to convince people who don't pay attention of something false.

WILLFULLY PREVENTING”: Obama says the Republicans are “willfully preventing the Supreme Court from being at full strength,” which is another “pipe dream.” They are “willfully preventing Obama from stacking the Court with liberals so Democrats can do more damage to our freedoms.” And they will stop blocking an appointment just as soon as a conservative gets into the president's office. As usual, he LIES about the reasons for the blockage, to suit himself. He's really getting frustrated, especially because of their recent ruling putting a stop to his LEGALLY protecting illegal aliens from deportation. So he has now announced his intention to do it ILLEGALLY.

RESPOND WITH LOVE”: AG Loretta Lynch says we should “respond to Islamic terrorism (she didn't say “Islamic”) with compassion, unity, and love.” How STUPID is that? When an Islamic terrorist comes at you with a gun, meaning to kill you, how is “love” going to stop him? We need to respond by KILLING him before he can kill us! Any time we catch one “in the act,” we need to kill him right there, so he can't use our system to get his way and create a PR disaster, and be released later by a stupid president for political reasons. Let them know terrorism is DEATH. This is a typical liberal response to violence, and shows graphically why she has no business being AG.

CLINTON BANGED MONICA: Right there on the desk in the Oval Office. Big F---ing deal! He probably screwed her everywhere he could, and she was certainly a willing partner. As witness what she did with that cigar. So what's the big deal about it. We know he screws everything with skirts (we hope always in skirts) as a matter of routine. I don't think there's anything gay about him, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was. I guess Trump could get some mileage out of that, knowing it was a big part of both Bill and Hillary. Bill by doing it, and Hillary by covering it up. It certainly shows she doesn't have the temperament to BE president.

ANOTHER COP CLEARED: When the Baltimore State's Attorney decided to victimize six good cops by trying to get them convicted of a crime, she thought the courts would help. But they're obviously more intelligent than she is, and so far, almost all have been completely acquitted (one got a mistrial, which signals he will be acquitted soon), leading us to wonder if she should even keep trying. The result looks pretty certain that she has no evidence to convict any of them. Her basic premise of a “rough ride” fell through right away and the judge “slapped her down.” Now she needs to be slapped down completely, and required to resign or be fired.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"Truth Is Lie"

“And lies are truth.” That's the message we get from Obama when he tells us that increasing immigration (specifically MUSLIM immigration) is “strengthening our security.” What logic he uses for that amazing statement, I have no idea. Probably no logic at all, since liberals deny the very EXISTENCE of logic. It's like in Orwell's “1984,” where lies are said to be truth because the government said it was. Obama KNOWS we know he's lying most of the time, and he doesn't care. He thinks he and his accomplices have a tight enough hold on the government that it doesn't matter. I hope we make him learn better.

THEY HAVE NO CREDIBILITY: A recent report on Fox News says, “The feds have seriously hurt their own credibility by “editing” the report about the Orlando killings to exclude all mention of Islamic radicalism and it's effect on the killer's thinking. What are they TALKING about? This administration HAS no credibility to compromise. Obama (and his cronies) lie every time they open their mouths. That's a known fact. Who do they think they're kidding?

HILLARY IN DENIAL: She just doesn't understand that there are not enough “died-in-the-wool Democrats” left to put her in the office her husbands once held, while screwing every female he could, while at the same time screwing the American public. She thinks her experience being his wife qualifies her to be president, in her own right. It does not. Neither does her time screwing up things and costing American lives while Secretary of State. She's going to be very surprised on the morning of November 8th, 2016 when her next required duty is to write a concession speech.

THE “PRESIDENTIAL” TRUMP: He made a speech today in which he DETAILED all the reasons Hillary Clinton should NEVER be president. Not just the generalisms that are usually talked about in an election campaign. From being a “facilitator” for her husband's sexual antics to her deadly mistakes made (many) while Secretary of State, he DETAILED her screwups. If she ever became president, she would not only continue to make such mistakes, but would make more and more DEADLY mistakes in her four year term. I shudder to think of her finger on the nuclear button with her temper. Hopefully, if that happens, MAYBE the electorate will “wise up” enough so that she won't get a second term, a la Jimmy Carter. If she doesn't blow us all to Kingdom come.

NEAT TURN OF PHRASE: Hillary came up with a neat turn of phrase when she said that Trump has “written several books on the economy, but all have ended at 'Chapter 11'.“ But what she doesn't mention is her abject failure when she tried to set up a national health insurance scam, and how she screwed it up every time she tried to do ANYTHING concerning finances. This is how it's done with Democrats. They accuse their opponents of the very things of which they are guilty.

ANOTHER STUPID “OBAMAISM”: He now says, “Rising seas could swallow the Statue of Liberty.” That vies with his other STUPID pronouncements to be the stupidest. There is NO evidence—real EVIDENCE--that the seas will EVER rise more than a couple of inches, even if global warming (whatever they call their swindle now) is true. It's about ONE DEGREE increase in temperature in 100 YEARS! There is NO WAY that could cause such a massive rise in sea levels. He's INSANE if he really thinks this. And he doesn't. He just wants us to believe it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

He Loves Killing Babies

What kind of person kills babies for a living? This guy was asked why he did it, and he replied, “I LOVE killing babies! I want to keep ripping their bodies apart!” Why this guy has stayed alive is beyond me. And he's a damned fool for saying this publicly. A guy with this kind of mindset has no right to breathe the same air as human beings. I'm not suggesting that somebody kill him, but I'm wondering why somebody hasn't. Abortion is MURDER, and he is a murderer. A serial killer who should be in prison, and maybe sentenced to die for his crimes. His name is Dr. Robert Santella, and he works at the Family Planning Clinic in San Diego. Anybody with this kind of mindset should be banned from the medical profession.

CLUELESS TO CONSERVATIVE: That's Stacy Dash, an actress who is also a contributor to Fox News. She tells the story of how and why she went from a predictable liberal in Hollywood to a conservative after having “run off” an ex-boyfriend she knew wanted to kill her, with her gun. He liked to beat on her and always found her wherever she went. She shot at him after he kicked her door in. He fled and hasn't been seen nor heard from since. She re-examined her other liberal views, and now is a proud conservative, even if it has hurt her chances in liberal HOLLYWOOD.

OBAMA “FANATICAL”: Charles Krauthamer, columnist and Fox contributor, says, “Obama is fanatical about covering up the Islamic connection to terrorism. And he's right, except he's using the wrong word. It's not “fanaticism,” it's just “doing what comes naturally” to a dedicated Muslim (even if he denies it) who WANTS Muslims to establish a caliphate—in DC—with him as the caliph. That is what I believe, after looking at all he does to HELP the Islamic terrorists in America.

NOT A “RECOVERY”: Hillary just made an incompetent speech about the economy, in which she condemned Trump (surprise, surprise!) for economic illiteracy while revealing her own. She talks about she and Obama “growing the economy,” when they have done just the opposite. There IS no “recovery.” 96 million people are out of work and have given up on ever finding another job, which allows Obama to CLAIM low unemployment figures after not counting them. This fool needs to be sent home to Arkansas. She is a clear and present danger to this country if she ever gets to the White House.

THOMAS TO RETIRE? Supreme court Justice Thomas is contemplating retirement, after the 2016 election. If Hillary wins, that means she will get to appoint TWO new justices, giving liberals a majority on the court. If Trump wins, his two appointments, if Thomas retires, will cause a conservative majority for some time. Which makes this THE most important election in years—maybe even DECADES. If Hillary wins, we're COOKED, as a free nation, because the Court will uphold all her liberal and socialist actions. And with a majority in the Court, she will be able to get away with murder.

DON'T MESS WITH MOM! This Colorado mother heard her five-year-old son scream and rushed to help. She found him being attacked by a mountain lion. Did she run away? Not a chance! She grabbed the lion's mouth and released her son's head, which was IN the lion's mouth, grabbed him, and ran, after suffering some scratches, herself. Which proves you don't want to mess with a mother when her child''s life is at stake. That boy will never love his mom more than he will after this. The mountain lion has since been found and killed.

Monday, June 20, 2016

They Know

The anti-gun fools in Congress KNOW what they propose doesn't work, but they continue to push them, anyway. ABC's Jon Karl gets Sen. Murphy to admit his gun control ideas will not work. But he still pushes them. It's probably a good thing that TWICE, gun control laws they tried to make in response to two mass shootings failed in Congress, and hopefully, the next ones will fail, too. One day, they'll; “tumble” to the fact that the American people, for the most part, won't let them disarm us, since we, unlike they, know disarming ourselves is NOT the way to self defense.

TERRORISTS WANT TO KILL US: And the Congress' response is to DISARM Americans and push “anti-terrorism” measures that will NOT “offend” Muslims. They still think DISARMING is a way toward self defense, just as they did with their “disarmament” proposals during the “cold war.” But it was the “mutual assured destruction” promised by our maintaining the most arms that caused them to fail. But Congress still hasn't learned. And they won't.

CONTROLLING THEM” WON'T WORK: Obama doesn't want to DESTROY the Islamic terrorists. He just wants to “control” them, which is a STUPID way to approach the war that Islamic terrorists have declared on us. But Obama WANTS them to win, and establish their “caliphate” in Washington, DC, and he probably hopes he will be the caliph. Some people will say I am an extremist for saying this, but if they look at what he DOES, they can see that he DOES want them to win, and is working HARD to make it happen.

IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IT: If you don't believe that Obama is doing everything he can to HELP the Islamic terrorists succeed, look at this: Obama has directed that all references to Islamic terrorism be REMOVED from reports about the Orlando killings. Now why would he do that, if he didn't want to HELP them succeed? Meanwhile, Obama's DHS bans the appearance of “Jihad” and “Sharia” from government documents, on his orders. People better wake up to the fact that Obama is a saboteur, bent on doing as much damage as he can before his term is up. He is the “Manchurian candidate.”

HAVING A “FART-IN”: Bernie supporters are having a “bean supper” just before a Hillary event in Philly, so they can go to Hillary's event next day and “replace her rhetorical flatulence” with the real thing. The hope is that they can stink up the place so bad people will leave. I don't know how they figure that, with her stinking up the place as a matter of routine, the “farters” will have no effect. You can't overpower Hillary's stink with real farts.

A “LANDSLIDE VICTORY?” They're still predicting Hillary will score a “landslide victory” over Trump. Thanks for that, Hillary supporters. I needed a good belly-laugh. Hillary isn't going to get even CLOSE to a victory over Trump, landslide OR “squeeker.” They're only repeating this lie over and over, hoping it will become truth. It won't. People have been wrong about Trump all along, and they continue to be wrong.

PHILLY'S BEHAVIOR TAX: We started a revolution and divorced ourselves from one government because of a “behavior tax (the “tea tax"), and now we've got another “behavior tax.” Liberals don't like us drinking soda pop, so they made a tax on each bottle sold. It's an example of what you'll get when the liberals are in TOTAL control (and they're not even in TOTAL control, yet). They'll have “behavior taxes” all over the place. I guess we don't have the gonads to revolt nowadays. Those colonists were a tough bunch!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Obama's Insane Methods

Think about it. What if the FBI was told to investigate the Russian mob, but never go into Russian territory and don't call them Russians or “a mob.” And after you finish your investigation, scrub everything you found from your database and leave them alone. “We don't want to 'offend' the Russians.” Now substitute Muslims and Islamic terrorists for Russians, and you have a good illustration of how abysmally STUPID Obama's methodology is. Or is that his PLAN? Do stupid things while CLAIMING to be “fighting terrorism?” So you won't do them any real harm?

WHY LIKE TRUMP? People are asking why so many people like Trump, in spite of the fact that he is boorish, loudmouthed, insulting, and not too smart, Politically? The answer is right in front of our noses. He can get the job done, of reversing the things Obama and his crew have done to destroy this nation as a free market nation. All that doesn't matter if he can do the job, and he can. We don't care if he has “bad hair,” or even if he smalls bad (which he doesn't). If he can get the job done, we want him. We'll suffer the rest.

LIKE FACTS DIDN'T EXIST”: During a debate on whether or not the media is focusing on the guns, rather than on Islamic extremism after the killings in Orlando, where CNN's Don Lemon screeched, “The media is NOT making it about guns! It is NOT! It is NOT! And being told otherwise by a Trump supporter, another panelist said, “You tell Trump supporters facts and they ignore them as if they don't exist.” But the fact is, it is the LIBERALS in media who ignore facts as if they don't exist, as Lemon is doing.

BECAUSE OF THEIR FAITH? The question is being asked, pushed, no doubt, by liberals, “Are we going to discriminate against Muslims because of their faith?” The proper answer is this: “We're going to pay special attention to Muslims because of their wish to KILL all “Infidels” (unbelievers in Islam). It's not about their faith, it's about their KILLING ways. If they stop wantonly killing innocent people “because of their faith," we'll leave them alone. Muslims have brought their problems on themselves, by killing innocent people for not believing the way they think they ought to believe, And don't give me that crap about a “majority” of Muslims not beig murderous fools!

A WELL-REGULATED MILITIA”: “If you're a gun owner, are you a member of a well-regulated militia?” Some dufus asked that question on “One Political Plaza.” Here's the answer: “YES!”. As the founders meant it, every able-bodied American is a member of a well-regulated militia, and could be called up if needed. They meant that every American citizen could be called to serve in case of emergency that's more than the military can handle, and they wanted to make sure they had their own guns. It remains so today, in theory, if not in practice.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: ....Gun control really works! Chicago, with it's tight gun laws has had 862 gun victims this year (so far)....They proved it again. In Venezuela, they banned gun ownership for their citizens, altogether. And the homicide rate, which was already going up, took a decidedly higher rate of growth....I wonder if he knows. Harriet Tubman, who will be on the $20 bill if Obama has his way (and he will), is a conservative Second amendment supporter.....Cruz says, “Grown men should not be allowed in a bathroom alone with young girls. And he's absolutely right. But his statement will be “controversial” --with liberals, of course....

Friday, June 17, 2016

Discriminate Over Faith?

Muslims say we discriminate against them because of their faith. That's a bogus accusation, and a lie. We “discriminate against them” because they want to KILL everybody who won't convert to Islam, and they spend their time being “offended” by what are, for us, everyday actions. We don't try to change their really perverted actions like screwing little boys or making their women wear "tents," so why should they think they can change what we are? It's not about faith, it's about actions.

SELECTIVE CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTION: In a letter to the California Attorney General signed by 19 DEMOCRAT legislators, the idea that the first amendment doesn't cover “climate change deniers” is put forth. They talk about “misleading information” put out by Exxon without acknowledging their own misleading information. My question is, if they are taken seriously, who gets to decide what information is misleading? And what makes them think they can “shut up” their critics? A Constitution that allows them to lie about climate change, and decide what is, or is NOT “misleading information is a contradiction.

NO FLY LISTS: Trump now thinks we should ban ownership of guns for people whose names are on a “no fly list” or a “terrorist watch list.” That's wrong. Yes those lists could be used to keep track of guns being bought by those on those lists, but should not allow them to be banned outright from gun ownership. The Orlando shooter should have been on a “watch list” after being “investigated” for 11 months so that his buying several guns at the same time would ALERT the FBI and trigger an investigation that might have uncovered his plot before he could have killed 49 people and wounded another 50. But the criteria for being put on those lists needs to be tightened up considerably so it takes more than one person's opinion to get your name on it.

SECRETLY” REPEALING SECOND? The New York Times thinks there should be a “secret court” that can “secretly” repeal the Second Amendment. Which goes totally against how the Constitution was set up by the founders. There is NO WAY such a court could get rid of the Second Amendment. There are specific ways mentioned IN THE CONSTITUTION on how it can be changed, and a secret court is not one of them. Especially to remove one of our most BASIC rights “secretly.” That's a damned fool idea by New York liberals.

CLINTON: TRUMP A WAR-MONGER: Hillary Clinton says “Trump could lead us into war.” No kidding? So could she. And she is more likely to do so than Trump ever was, because she would be a continuation of the ignorant foreign policy that marked the Obama administration. And it is that policy that got us into more wars under Obama than under any other president, in memory. As usual, she's accusing Republicans of what Democrats are doing, and have done.

BLAMING THE GUN: As usual. The Boston Globe is running a full-front page picture of an AR-15, with the label, “Make It Stop!” Meanwhile, Obama visits the Orlando shooting victim's families and the survivors and says, “If we don't act, we'll see more of these shootings.” Meaning we should take away all guns from honest, law-abiding people, leaving them defenseless against such shootings. He just can't get it through his thick skull that the shooter OBEYED all applicable gun laws in BUYING his guns, then BROKE them when he started killing those people.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

He Wasn't NRA

The Orlando killer WAS a registered Democrat. But Harry Reid still blames the NRA for the Orlando shootings. What kind of twisted reasoning he used to think this, I don't know. But most likely he isn't using “reason” or “logic,” at all. Democrats, and all other liberals deny the very existence of reason or logic. But they want to demonize the NRA at all costs. So they LIE about it. Somebody needs to slap this fool in the face—again.

THIS IS NEWS? Harry Reid blatantly LIED on the floor of the Senate. How is this news? He does that every day. The other day he said you could go to any gun show and come away with a fully automatic assault rifle without a background check. Really, Harry? Could you tell me where the nearest show where you could do that IS? That's just like your “imaginary friend” who told you Mitt Romney hadn't paid taxes in ten years. Which also proved to be a lie. If you're studying under Obama to learn how to lie, you're not a very good student. He's a much better liar than you are.

AS PREDICTED: I didn't predict it, others did. But I could have, if I took much personal interest in British politics. The new Muslim mayor of London said he wouldn't change anything after he got elected. But he is now instituting a BAN on ads featuring scantily-clad women in London. That's “not changing anything?” What a LOAD of horse manure that is! It's a typical example of Muslims changing things to suit their ideas, and against what is “normal” for us. Next, he'll demand women start wearing those Muslim “tents” when they go out.

WE'RE SAFER THAN BEFORE”: WH spokesman (mouthpiece) Josh Ernest says, “We are safer than we were before Obama came to power.” Better adjust your blinders, Josh! We're not only NOT SAFER, we're in more danger than ever before, because of Obama's damned fool policies. With him trying to disarm honest people while importing thousands of Islamic terrorists (with OUR money), many more of us are going to DIE in the next few years.

DELETING TERRORIST RECORDS: Obama has ordered keepers of government databases to DELETE the records they have on KNOWN Islamic terrorists, here, and abroad. If that is not prima facie evidence he wants to do everything he can to HELP the terrorists win, I don't know what would be. Obama is actively ASSISTING Islamic terrorism, worldwide, while PRETENDING to be fighting it. He talks about “containing” terrorism (while not identifying it as Islamic) instead of ERADICATING it, which we ought to be doing. We ought to be EXECUTING proven Islamic terrorists, instead of holding them for a while, then releasing them to go back and kill some more.

OBAMA IS FURIOUS: “Judge Janine, on Fox, called him a terrorist on live TV. Yes, he's mad, because he's being "outed” by more and more people who have reason to know what he is. He's afraid some people will take these accusations seriously, and will go out and PROVE her assertions. I've been saying that for a long time, but nobody seems to notice. Maybe if more people like “Judge Janine” say it, more people who can do something about him will take note.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Obama's Really Stupid

Does he really believe that crap he laid on us in a recent speech about how “not naming the enemy” (my words, not his) will not make a difference? I don't care what he calls them, or doesn't call them. but refusing to name the enemy tells me he isn't taking the threat from them seriously, while people, all over the world, are DYING because of his jerkwater response. I said he's stupid, but I meant that he is stupid if he thinks we will buy his horse manure.

TRUMP IS UNFIT”: Hillary says Trump is “unfit to be president” because he thinks Obama is IN FAVOR of Islamic terrorism. But what she actually did was to show HERSELF “unfit” to be president because she THINKS Trump is stupid for suggesting that Obama is complicit in Islamic terrorism when his every act CONFIRMS it. Anybody who cannot see this has no business even THINKING abut becoming president. We keep telling them this, and they keep ignoring us. I hope SOMEBODY recognizes his treachery before it destroys us.

NOBEL PRIZE USELESS: It used to be quite an honor to get a Nobel Prize. NO more. Not since Obama got one “on the come” without doing ANYTHING to deserve it, based on the :"possibility” that he “might” do something great. He hasn't. Everything he has done has increased the misery of the American people. We should revive the “misery index” we had during Jimmy Carter's “reign.” They should take it away from him, to regain respect.

TRUMP: 70% NEGATIVES: If that's true, why does Trump get tens of thousands of people at his rallies, consistently? Ten times what any Democrat has gotten at their rallies! I think we need to look more closely at the methodology of the the “polls.” I think they only questioned liberals (Democrats). I think they took their “surveys” in the lobby of the Democrat Headquarters. I think it's horse manure, put out by the “establishment,” designed to make their fantasies come true.

WAL-MART IS SAFE, RIGHT? Wrong! Criminals with guns care not about their “rules” telling their customers not to bring their guns into their stores. That fact was illustrated recently (again) by the shooting in an Amarillo, TX Wal-Mart. How many times must they be proven wrong before they “tumble” to reality? Target Stores have a similar “no-gun” pol;icy, and gun crime in their stores or on their property has measurably INCREASED. But do they re-examine their silly policy? Not a chance! These policies only point out the INCOMPETENCE of the managers of these stores.

LEGISLATOR STUPIDITY: Florida legislator Alan Grayson says, “Automatic weapons can fire 700 rounds per minute.” Wow! I didn't know there were such STUPID people in existence. Let alone in a position to make laws we have to follow! There is NO GUN that can fire 700 rounds per minute! Period! Is this just ignorance on his part, or willful stupidity? Does he know he's lying, or is he just blissfully ignorant? The problem is, people who “:pay no attention to politics” don't know any better, and will believe this horse manure. And they vote.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It Shall Not Be Named!

Obama came out today and condemned the “terrorist” massacre in Orlando, Florida. He was very eloquent in his condemnation. But never did the words “Islamic terrorism” pass his lips. Even though the shooter dialed 9/11 DURING THE KILLINGS and swore allegiance to ISIS. If we don't start taking Islamic terrorism seriously soon, we're going to lose. And we will have beaten ourselves. Obama is either on the side of the Muslim terrorists, or he's a complete FOOL. And I don't think he's stupid. Just evil.

IT'S ALL ABOUT GUNS: Hillary wasted no time coming out against guns after hearing about the massacre in Orlando, Florida. Never once did she say a word of condemnation for the shooter, or Islamic terrorism, which it plainly was. The anti-gun fools will be “making hay” with this, as usual. I know they're already working their press release system overtime, pleading for more money to support their damned foolishness.

IT'S NOT ABOUT GUNS! Incompetent politicians insist on talking about gun control every time there's a mass shooting. This ignores Islamic terrorism, which is the cause of MOST of the mass shootings in this country today. But the incompetent politicians in charge (beginning with Obama) will not admit that Islamic terrorism IS a problem, nor will they effectively fight it. Obama won't even NAME it for what it is! I'll be damned glad when he's gone. If that ever happens.

EASY TO GET WEAPONS”: Obama translates everything into “the ease in getting weapons.” People talk about him bringing in thousands of Islamic terrorists, and he dismisses that as irrelevant. He talks, instead, ab9ut “how easy it is for them to get weapons.” You can't stop them from getting weapons! If they can't get them legally, they'll get them ILLEGALLY, or STEAL them! And all his stupid anti-gun laws aren't going to stop them. Most of them won't have records here, since they just got here, as it was with that Orlando shooter. And you can't stop people with no records from buying guns. You COULD put “suspicious people” on a list to be watched, which would help a lot.

MISSING THE POINT: Obama misses the point, entirely when he says his not mentioning the word, “Islamic” when he talks about Islamic terrorists, is unimportant, because, “What does it matter” if he calls them by one name or another. But that's not the point. His failure to use the words, “Islamic terrorists” speaks to his UNWILLINGNESS to effectively FIGHT the “war against Islamic terrorists” THEY are waging against US. It's his FAILURE to effectively fight them that is responsible for them making serious gains, all over the world. When you fight a war against somebody who does not fight back, you win. And I believe that's what Obama WANTS.

TOO DISRESPECTFUL”: The Department of Homeland Security has banned the use of the words, “jihad” and “Sharia” as “too disrespectful. What their reasoning here is, is unclear, if any. But banning use of those words is an example of the INCOMPETENCE in DHS. To ban the words to describe what are our most dangerous problems is to ignore that guy with a knife as he carves us up. I can understand Obama not being able to bring himself to use the words, “Islamic terrorism,” because I know he is ON THEIR SIDE. But for DHS to do something this stupid shows a SYSTEMIC stupidity.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Court Needs Supervision

The Ninth Circuit (Circus) Court of Appeals should not be allowed to rule AGAINST what the Constitution says, and get away with it, as they did in their recent decision that was a complete contravention of the Second Amendment. We need an “overview board” made up of BOTH liberals and conservatives to correct them when they make absolutely WRONG decisions. Their entire PURPOSE is to uphold the Constitution, not make it moot by their rulings. There need to be constitutional scholars able to correct them when they rule in OPPOSITION to the Constitution.

PRAY IN SILENCE? It is part of the Catholic practice of their religion to “say the Rosary” when praying. This means speaking their prayers ALOUD. Muslims, claiming “religious intolerance” by Catholics doing so, have demanded they “pray in silence” in their own churches to avoid “offending” the Muslim immigrants (terrorists) who have been allowed in by the thousands. Maybe we should demand they pray without their butts in the air, because seeing so many butts pointing to the Heavens offends US, and see how far we get under current administrations.

NO GUNS, NO FENCES”: Democrats claim to hate fences. And guns. But what do they resort to in order to defend their participants at the Democrat National Convention? First of all, there's a “no scale fence” around the stadium where the convention will be held. Second, there will be a bunch of “men with guns” (cops) ready to repulse ANY attackers of the convention. They hate both fences and guns, but when it comes to defending Democrats, they don't hesitate to use them both, while keeping the rest of us from using them. The hypocrisy is evident, but they don't notice it, and won't admit it.

FROM BAD TO WORSE: As if he hasn't crapped on enough people by foisting Obamacare on American citizens, now he wants to inflict it on illegal aliens, too. Oh. I forgot. I'm not supposed to use those words to describe the criminals who came her ILLEGALLY. But you know what? I just don't give a damn about what is politically correct. I say what needs saying, in all cases. And I don't allow others to DICTATE what words I can use.

100 A DAY: Obama is “dumping” 100 “Muslim refugees” a DAY on us, without vetting them to see if any of them have any connection to radical Islam, which he denies exists, anyway. You can look for an increase in “gun crime” in the near future, as many of them go about their purpose to “convert” us to Islam or KILL us. He CLAIMS to be trying to stop “gun crime,” but everything he does will GUARANTEE an increase in it, in the near future, so he can use that to make more restrictive laws against gun ownership by honest people.

'BREAK THE LAW!” That's Obama's ORDERS to school districts all over the land. His “order” doesn't carry the same weight as a law, and he CANNOT overrule local and state laws to keep men out of women's bathrooms and changing rooms. But maybe he thinks, since he is PRESIDENT, he can. He's wrong. And people who allow men in women's restrooms and changing rooms, and the men who attempt to go in there will suffer as local law enforces the law.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

"Widows and Orphans"

Obama taunted Republicans when he said “they're afraid of widows and orphans.” Then I was reminded of the young woman who came here to live with her boyfriend, apparently to be married. But that was interrupted when she and her boyfriend shot and killed 14 people by shooting into a large group of people, and themselves were killed. Then there's the picture I saw of a bunch of “refugee” CHILDREN, one of whom was holding a severed human head by the hair. Yes, I'm “worried about widows, orphans, and CHILDREN” if that's what they're up to.

DECLARING RACIST WORDS: I guess that's the liberal way to inhibit criticism of their damned fool actions. Just declare that any use of the words to describe an illegal activity is racist. That's what they're doing now with the words, “illegal aliens.” It's simple description of those who come into this country ILLEGALLY, but they've now declared the WORDS to be “racist.. I've seen a lot of that lately. Liberals declaring common words to describe lawbreakers as “racist.” sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. I guess that has to do with the intelligence of those affected.

THIS IS HOW THEY DO IT: Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta, who heads up Obama's “Civil rights Division,” says, “Legislation that keeps men out of women's restrooms is directly contrary to American values.” Where does Obama find such ignorant FOOLS? It is NOT “against American values,” and no amount of declaring it so will make it so. If they think we can be made to believe that crap, they're fooling themselves. Where the hell doe= they get off declaring what is “American values?” I'll be glad when this bunch of ignoramuses are gone—if it ever happens.

PEACEFUL MUSLIMS?” A bunch of Muslim “refugees” got mad because they weren't woken up in time for “Ramadan Breakfast.” So they burned down the place they were allowed to live in, rent-free. This happened in Dusseldorf, Germany where the “oh, so tolerant Germans” let them stay, for free. Some people get a little cranky when things don't go their way, but this takes “cranky” to a whole new level. If these are the “peaceful Muslims,” I'd hate to see the violent ones! Frankly, I don't think there ARE any “peaceful Muslims.” They ALL react violently when opposed on anything.

ANTI-GUN VIOLENT RHETORIC:The anti-gun fools just can't understand how stupid they sound when they oppose gun ownership by suggesting gun owners be SHOT. I guess they just aren't smart enough to understand the contradiction there. Then there are people like Washington Post columnist Carl Rowan, who thought EVERYBODY found with a gun not a cop should go to jail. Then he SHOT a naked teen who was “skinny-dipping” in his pool. Damn! These people really frost me. They ran out of arguments long ago, so they just insult and threaten us.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Like That's News

The headline is: “Trump tells Fox News that the U. S. is close to financial ruin." Like that's news to anybody who uses his brain to THINK. I'm just an old man with a computer and I know that, as does anybody who THINKS. It's all part of Obama's plan to make this into a socialist country like communist Russia was, until their socialist system collapsed, as will ALL socialist governments, eventually. It takes them a while to go through the “other' people's money” required to make their flawed system work—for a while.

WHISTLING PAST THE GRAVEYARD: Hillary just said, categorically, that there will NOT be an indictment against her. Does she know something we don't know? Does she know the “fix is in?” Or is she just “whistling past the graveyard,” hoping she's right? I think it's the latter. Unless the fix IS in, there's no way of KNOWING there will be no indictment. Unless the FBI told her that, which is doubtful. They'd just announce it, publicly. This is just another of her Obamaesque whoppers.

LAST TEN PRESIDENTS: People are asking why the last TEN presidents have done nothing to stop illegal aliens. But they HAVE. At least, they didn't tell the Border Patrol to DO NOTHING while these fools sneaked into the country illegally, or even drove them (at taxpayer expense) elsewhere in the country. Obama has not only done NOTHING to “stem the tide,” he has done everything he can to INCREASE it!

MAJOR BIRMINGHAM GUN PROBLEM: England has some of the toughest gun laws in the world. Why then, does Birmingham have such a major problem with gun crime? Could it be that criminals and gang members are IGNORING those gun laws? How is that possible? Don't criminals and gang members obey laws? Thinking they do is one of the basic flaws in most current gun laws.

THREE IMPORTANT ENDORSEMENTS: Hillary just got endorsement from three important politicians: Obama, Biden, and Warren. Surprise, surprise! Three political hacks endorsing another political hack, hoping she will continue the ripoff they have started! That they “endorsed” her is no surprise, at all. They're all Democrats, and they're working to keep the Democrat stranglehold on this government, that is crumbling before their eyes with both Houses being controlled by Republicans (for all the good it does us human beings).

HILLARY'S FOR MURDER: She's all for abortion, which KILLS a living human being. She has declared her support of abortion and Planned Parenthood, which murders thousands of innocent babies, before they even have a chance at life. This, for me, is the final straw for her. If I didn't want to vote for her before (I didn't), this makes it even more solid in my mind. Any politician who supports murder has no business ever being elected to ANY political office, much less that of president!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Ban Rocks!

Turns out that all the shots fired at the Dallas Love Field fracas were fired by cops. The “bad guy” was only armed with big rocks, one of which, I assume, at this time, was used to break the rear window on a woman's car outside the terminal. This is all preliminary, and based on preliminary news reports. Apparently she was trying to leave, and he didn't want that, so he attacked her, and the cops responded. What amazed me is that, when shots rang out, at least two civilians walked TOWARD the gunshots! Only in Texas!

HILLARY GOT THE NOMINATION: Big whoop! Was anybody ever doubtful that would be the outcome? The “fix” has been in from the beginning. Just like it was when Obama came out of the woodwork to “elbow Hillary aside” in the 2008 election. The Party fixed it so the one THEY wanted to win, was the winner. Yes, it was a “hard road.” But they're up to it. If they're good at anything, it's fixing elections, from the primaries out. Bernie was a “political dead man walking,” from the day he entered the race. Believe it. Maybe he's therevisiting Obama to “get the skinny” from Obama, so he'll stop being a pest. It didn't work.

NINTH CIRCUS RULES: The liberal “Ninth Circus” Court has ruled. The most reversed court in the land has ruled according to their bias again. They ruled in favor of California's requirement that applicants show “good and proper reason” to need to carry a gun in order to get a “carry permit.” And in so doing, said that Americans have NO right to carry a gun for self protection, or for anything else. This is a good example of what we'll get if Hillary gets elected and is able to appoint the next Supreme Court Justice. “Rulings” that are patently AGAINST the Constitution, when their only job is to UPHOLD the Constitution.

OBAMA ENDORSES HILLARY: Surprise, surprise! He wants somebody who will continue his destructive to America policies for four, maybe eight years into the future, if there are enough fools out there to get her elected TWICE, as they did Obama. He knows if Trump gets elected, his “policies” are DOOMED, and he doesn't want that. He has come far in his quest to DESTROY this nation as a free nation, and he doesn't want that to be undone. The Republicans won't do it (maybe), but Trump WILL. That's why Republicans hate him with such a passion.

BERNIE WILL FIGHT ON: Everybody thought Bernie's meeting with “the boss” would result in him ending his fight to unseat Hillary as the Democrat nominee and stop being a pest. But, no! He has vowed to “fight on,” and even try to get the “Super Delegates” to change their minds and nominate this ADMITTED socialist. I guess he can do that, since he has so much money left. He can be a “thorn in her side” until after the election, when he will “fade into the mists of history” with so many former unsuccessful candidates whose names nobody remembers.

HILLARY WANTS TO BE OBAMA: Obama is famous for telling the most outrageous lies. Lies that EVERYBODY knows are lies, and DEFYING us not to believe him. You know, lies like the whopper he told when he said the economy is in good shape, while 96 million people are not only out of work, but have been so for so long they've given up on EVER finding a job. The one she told is this: “Not a single American lost his life in Libya.” And she expects us to BELIEVE that outright lie and STILL elect her president! And there are a lot of people out there gullible enough to believe her.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

It'd Take 75 Years!

That's the latest excuse by the State Department for not releasing Hillary's e-mails. Because there's so many of them, it'd take until 2091 to release them all. Never mind that all they needed to do was hire some more government workers, which has never been a problem for them, spending OUR money, and release only the ones most damaging to Hillary. But they'll never do that because they're just protecting Hillary until she can get elected president and order this “investigation” stopped.

A “BORDERLESS WORLD”: That's what Kerry told a bunch of seniors at a recent commencement address. What? WHAT “borderless world?” I was never called upon to vote yes or no on eliminating all the borders in this world. Who is going to do it, and under what authority? Who has the authority to dictate the removal of ALL BORDERS in the world? Sounds like more socialist (collectivist) “one world” bull derm, to me. If it ever happens, it will be ILLEGAL and unconstitutional. I'm sure Kerry is speaking for Obama, and he doesn't care about legality.

LAUGHABLE ELECTION: I can't believe how STUPID we've become (not me)! We've boiled down this election to be one billionaire businessman used to dealing in billions of dollar deals vs. two socialists, one ADMITTED and one who still denies it while she spouts socialist giveaways all over the place. A housewife who spent a long time protecting her husband from the results of his philandering, and FACILITATING it. A woman who was GIVEN a Senatorship to keep her qiuet and later, the job of Secretary of State by the Democrats, so she had something to do while Obama screwed up this country royally., both jobs which she botched badly.

NO POLITICAL CONSIDERATIONS”: Obama says: “I guarantee you there are no political considerations in Hillary's e-mail problems.” Which means, of course, that there ARE political considerations. If Obama finds it necessary to reassure us there aren't, there ARE. This is one of his OBVIOUS LIES, told us to mislead us. He KNOWS we don't believe a word he says, but he's determined to say it, anyway. I think Obama ENJOYS lying to us and DARING us to disbelieve him.

STAND DOWN” IN SAN JOSE”: In San Jose, CA, the cops were told to “stand down”  (he now denies it) while anti-Trump demonstrators physically attacked pro-Trump people. I guess it's okay to beat pro-Trump people up, without penalty. I wonder if there'll be a similar order put out when Hillary visits San Jose. Probably not. He doesn't want to hurt those pathetic liberals

BERNIE AND OBAMA: They're meeting today. Big whoop! Now they're waiting, HOPING Bernie will tell them what he and Obama talked about. as if anybody of any substance CARED. This “dog and pony show” of an election is really getting ridiculous. Something needs to be done about the BORING “dog and pony show” that are elections. It seems like we are in a PERMANENT election cycle, and I'm sick of it. But maybe that's the plan. If they bore us to tears, then nobody'll be paying attention while they pick our pockets.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

They Want More Work

The VA can't seem to get to the veterans they're sworn to serve. Many vets are DYING because they can't get a damned appointment to see a doctor without waiting MONTHS, some even YEARS. You'd think they'd be trying to “streamline” their system to get to these heroes who served their country, many of whom are disabled by that service. So now they want to perform “gender reassignment surgery,” which will get them many more applicants for appointments. Will they put these guys who want to be girls on a “special list” to bypass regular vets?

BERNIE SHOULD GIVE UP”: Hillary folks say, “Bernie should give up, now.” Never mind he has won most of the primaries, hands down. Hillary still walked off with the most delegates, somehow. I know how. The “deck was stacked” so she'd win, even if she LOST, which she did, often. Bernie was supposed to be there only as a “place-holder” to make it LOOK like she had competition, while they “fixed” things so she would win the nomination in any case. But Bernie isn't “toeing the line.” He's showing signs of really becoming a “problem” by threatening a “contested convention.”

NOT ENOUGH DEAD VOTERS: I guess Democrats couldn't find enough dead people to vote them back into office, or in for the first time. So they are working HARD to give the right to vote back to convicted felons, who will presumably vote Democrat, in appreciation of their action. I just hope they don't create enough new voters to elect another Democrat. If they do, we're LOST. And I feel very sorry for my descendants. They will have to live through the disasters the Democrats create.

NO WHITE FOLKS, PLEASE”: That's what a representative of the mayor in Chicago told all the white people who came to “turn in their guns” at a recent Chicago gun buyback. Apparently, they're not interested in getting white people's guns off the streets. They only wanted guns from black people. Is this racism, or just the realization that black people use their guns more often than white people to commit crimes? Democrats are historically the most racist political organization there is, though they vehemently deny it, while fighting laws that benefit black people.

GORILLA BETTER THAN BABIES? People are getting very bent out of shape about the killing of a gorilla who was about to seriously injure a 3-year-old boy who fell into his enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo. But the same people yawn when they hear about the thousands of defenseless INFANTS murdered each year by abortionists. What kind of “topsy-turvy” thinking is this? I feel sorry for the gorilla, who was just being a gorilla. But he could not have been allowed to hurt this child. Nor can the abortionists. But they're being allowed to hurt MANY children.

DAMNED FOOL NOTION: The United Church of Christ says categorically, that “White people are racist, period.” What a STUPID thing for a supposedly responsible religious organization to say! White people are NOT monolithic, nor are black people. And they are NOT all racist, on either side. I'm a while person, and I judge each person as an INDIVIDUAL. That is NOT racism. Racism is stupidity. Too many black people today are buying into the “ONLY Black Lives Matter” crap. But again, that's not ALL black people. I condemn those who do, but not those who don't.

CRIMINALIZING DISSENT: We're becoming a “banana republic,” one state at a time. California is leading the way with an attempt to CRIMINALIZE those who don't swallow that global warming crap. I guess that's one way to shut your “reasoned opposition” up when you can't answer their honest questions. Just make criminals out of them.. There is no logical reason to believe in the idea that “climate change” is man-caused, but they don't like it when we point this out. So, against the Constitution, they want to CRIMINALIZE that opposition.