Thursday, January 31, 2019

Against Self Defense

As I go about my business researching for my bogs, I notice one very obvious similarity in every “anti-gun law” now on the books, or in the process of being passed. It is that they ALL make it impossible for the law-abiding to defend themselves against the millions of ILLEGAL guns out there. In New York, the abortion capital of the country because it condones infant murder, there is a law that forces anybody who simply wants to move a legally-owned gun from one place to another, put it in a lock-box, unloaded, before transporting it. In other words, make it USELESS for self defense. “Gun-free zones” make the law-abiding defenseless in them, while doing NOTHING to keep the law breakers from entering with their ILLEGAL guns and killing defenseless people.

HOW TO PAY FOR IT: That’s a question that’s been asked many times over the years, whenever a liberal/socialist/Dumocrat talks about all the “free things” they intend to give to those who want to live at someone else’s expense. But nobody has ever been able to give a coherent answer to that question, and now, with the ascendancy of socialism in this country, they no longer even pretend to give a damn. They figure that, with the government's ability to “print money” without having anything valuable behind it, it is never going to run out of the money it will take to actually give away that much. So when the question is asked today, they just scoff, and ignore it. But the time is going to come that it’s “time to pay the piper,” and there will be no money with which to pay him.

CHURCHES ARE NOW TARGETS: There was a time when nobody even considered allowing people to bring guns into a church, even if they were legally allowed to carry. That’s because they always considered a church a “place of peace and friendship,” and there was not only no reason to bring guns in, it was a violation of their “peace and friendship.” Not so today. After a number of fools have not only brought guns into churches, but have killed many people while they were worshiping their God. Now churches, themselves, are demanding “armed security” to protect their flocks.

THEY WONDER WHY: “Black Lives Matter” thugs decry the number of black men who are shot by cops in America. It’s as if those black men weren’t shooting AT the cops when they were shot. The fact is, in most cases where cops shot black men, they were shooting at the cops. Now the BLM fools will, of course, call me racist for saying that, but I couldn’t give less of a crap if they do. They call you racist if you fart brown. They’ve made that racist label meaningless by overuse. The same is true of the fools who decry the fact that the majority of prisoners in prison are black, but the same thing applies. They would not be there if they had not committed crimes.

FAKED “MAGA” BEATING: A television actor who recently “came out” as gay, showed up bearing evidence of a beating and blamed Trump supporters, racists, and gay-haters for it. He told police two men beat him up, even dumped bleach on him, making racist and gay slurs, and saying,”This is ‘MAGA’ country!” Unfortunately for him, his attempt was so thin, one of the first commenters on this story Tweeted, “Surely another hoax. Further proving that racism and 'homopobia' are so exceeding rare that they have to be faked in order to remain newsworthy...” Many others agreed with that and a few liberals blamed Trump’s “base.”

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Dumocrats want us to stop talking about Elizabeth Warren’s likability (or lack thereof), and comparing her to Hillary. That must really hurt. So let’s keep it up, folks… Schumer and Peelosi standing together “answering” Trump’s speech looks like the farmer and his wife in that famous painting. All Schumer needs is a pitchfork… University of Chicago student paper “reports” that the school president voted Republican. That’s jist orful! String him up!… Ocasio-Cortez says President Trump should explain why ICE should keep being funded. I think Congress should explain why this ignorant bi-- er, witch’s salary should continue to be funded, since every time she opens her blow hole she reinforces her ignorance and stupidity… They’re asking if anybody was really offended by Ocasio-Cortez’s dance video. That didn’t offend me, but Ocasio-Cortez DOES offend me, every time she opens her blow hole…

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Liberal Stuipdity On Display

That’s what happened when that “Indian” confronted those high school students at that “pro-life” gathering. He was NOT “surrounded” by those students. He walked boldly up to them, beating his toy drum in their faces, as if he expected them to react. When they didn’t, he was disappointed, and called THAT a “reaction. So what would he expect them to do? Slap the drum out of his hand and assault him? Then there are all the stupid liberals who “bought into” his crap, even after it was exposed to BE just a lot of crap. I think he chose those high school kids BECAUSE he figured they wouldn’t know how to handle him. Now this ex-con, former prison escapee (did they ever catch him?) is playing the victim.

HE DIDN’T EXPECT THAT: A gunman came into a convenience store and pointed a gun at the head of the 63-year-old femle clerk. He probably confidently thought he had an easy target in this little old lady—until she pulled out her own gun and shot him to death. He probably hadn’t considered that as a possibility. Now it’s too late. He’s dead. Again I say: this happens so often, I hesitate to report on all of them, lest it bore you. And I don’t want to bore you. But, contrary to what anti-gun fools tell you, having a gun made that little old lady the equal to that 48-year-old thug, to his dismay. And this woman protected not only herself, but also others I the store, all of whom would have been defenseless if she had not been armed, and willing to shoot.

KERRY: “TRUMP SHOULD QUIT”: He says Trump should resign because he “doesn’t take the presidency seriously.” No kidding! He has brought manufacturing back, when Obama said it would never return. And the millions of unemployed that Obama said would REMAIN unemployed are now EMPLOYED, and now there are many jobs going unfilled because they’ve hired all the available workers. The economy that Obama said would “never recover,” that was “the new normal,” is now at boom proportions, and is NOT a “bubble because it is based on something SOLID, not “paper promises.” All this after only TWO YEARS of Trump in office. I’d say he takes it VERY seriously, John, and you don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.

MUELLER HAS FAILED: And failed BIG. He was hired for one purpose. To find something, ANYTHING actionable on President trump, so the Dumocrats can reverse the results of the 2016 election. After two years of searching under every rock and crack, he has found NOTHING but a few “process crimes” by some people Trump once knew. In the process, he has ruined many people, financially and otherwise, and scammed a couple of people into “testifying” to a few things that have nothing to do with President Trump. The latest target is a billionaire who once “advised” Trump during his successful campaign.

HATES BEING FACT-CHECKED: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is mad. Mad because her statements have been “fact-checked.” There’s a good reason for that. Almost every word she utters reveals her abysmal IGNORANCE about the most BASIC of things. Things a Member of Congress should know, but she does NOT. She is a member of one of THREE equal parts of the government, but she doesn’t know that. She thinks there are only TWO. One of the most recent “fact-challenged” statements is the one in which she claimed that “a majority of Americans don’t make a living wage,” which isn’t supported by the raw numbers.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: You can always tell what is effective against a liberal. They’ll tell you themselves. It’s what they want you to stop… Former VP Biden thinks he’s got the best chance of defeating President Trump in the next election. Like with most Dumocrats, he’s got his blinders tightly on… Hey, remember that “racist killing” of a black child? I got a clue for ya, folks. The killer was black, and they’re STILL calling it a “racist killing”… Seth Myers (Who?), host of “Late Night” on NBC (Oh. Never heard of him.), thinks he can order the president of the United States around. He thinks President Trump “shouldn’t be allowed” to speak to the nation. Wow! What an enormous ego! You don’t “allow” the president to do anything, fool. He just does what he thinks is right… New York City’s ignorant liberal Mayor DiBlasio wants to give EVERYBODY free health care. Looks like NYC’s gonna go bankrupt, again. They already have money problems. Of course, he thinks he can steal enough money from those who EARN it to pay for it. I’d like to see his face when he finally finds out that’s not possible…

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Bloomberg Wants More Guns

For HIS protection, that is, not yours. He is demanding more ARMED guards for his appearance at Johns Hopkins University. He says, and I quote: “When you have a city that has the murder rate that Baltimore has, I think it’s ridiculous to think that they shouldn’t be armed.” So he’s worried about his own safety, as he should be. But he worries not about YOUR safety in the same places. Notwithstanding the danger, he still wants to DISARM you. It’s a typical “disconnect” between what he pushes on the rest of us, and reality. He wants protection for himself, while denying it to the rest of us. But he’s a billionaire. He can afford to hire his guns, while most of us cannot.

FIGHTING FOR YOUR FAITH: I don’t necessarily believe the same things as the management at Chic-Fil-A does. I have my own beliefs, and I don’t need to defend them against anybody. They are my beliefs, and nobody has the right to “take me to task” because of them. Chic-Fil-A famously closes their fast-food stores on Sunday, so their employees can rest, and, if they so choose, worship their God. That is their right, and I wouldn’t think of criticizing them for it, even if I may have different beliefs. The “sports writer” who tried to institute a boycott of Chic-Fil-A because of their “carry it on your sleeve Faith” is a fool if he thinks he has any chance, at all, of hurting Chic-Fil-A through his actions.

MAKING MURDER LEGAL: In a nutshell, that’s what New York Governor Cuomo has done when he signed into law a measure that “legalizes” the MURDER of helpless infants that have survived an abortion attempt. So doctors may go ahead and bash that infant’s head in on the table if it’s still breathing after their previous attempt to kill it in the womb. I never thought I’d ever see an otherwise intelligent (appearing) politician legalizing murder. Especially of a helpless infant. But Cuomo has shown he has no respect for human life. He should not only be impeached, he should spend the rest of his miserable life in prison, or get the death penalty. He’s a filthy mass murderer!

REVEALING THEIR SOCIALISM: Socialists reveal themselves in the things they promote. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for instance, reveals her socialism every time she opens her blow-hole. Her more recent revelation was her idea to “tax the rich” up to 70% of their earnings. Then Pocahontas, Elizabeth Warren, went her one further, and is asking for a “rich people tax” up to 95%. NYC Mayor DiBlasio thinks the wealth “is in the wrong hands.” People who EARNED it. That the Dumocrat Party is solidly socialist is beyond question. Everything they promote has its basis in socialism.

95,000 ILLEGAL VOTES: These were found in Texas. Will those votes be discounted? Will they change the results of any election? Not likely. I’ll be surprised if that happens. And what about all the illegal votes that are counted in other states? Will they be discounted? Will they change any other races? Probably not. We hear about this sort of thing often, but we never hear of it changing the results of any election. How can that be? Isn’t it the whole idea of finding illegal votes to make them not count? But they never seem to do so. Maybe that’s because most “election officials” are Dumocrats?

ONE MAN’S OPINION: So Pocahontas knows which end of the bottle the beer comes out of! Yaayyy! She’s a real human being (I think). Like most out of touch politicians, she wants us to think she’s “jes’ folks.” We’re not convinced… Still “hanging on.” Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is clinging hard to her seat on the Supreme Court, so as to keep President Trump from being able to appoint another “right-leaning” Justice (who will rule according to the CONSTITUTION and nothing else). Today (as this is written) she has missed several sessions while “recovering” from her surgery, which, I think, was a little more serious for an 85-year-old than previously noted. And nobody has seen her recently. I’m only 81, but my doctors “shy away” from any serious surgery because “it might kill me.” And she’s showing all the signs of a life endingLiberals don’t like truth. they’re now trying to get us to stop talking about Elizabeth Warren’s likability (or lack of it) and comparing her to Hillary. It was way too effective, and they don’t like that. Next, they’ll want to make criticism of her a crime, as they’re trying to do with climate change “deniers”

Monday, January 28, 2019

Low-Hanging Fruit

They can’t get to Trump, so they go after “low-hanging fruit.” That’s why they’re harassing Trump’s one-time lawyer and his one-time campaign manager for “process crimes.” That’s what their “lying to Congress” and “lying to Mueller” charges are, many of which are merely lapses in memory, since the questions asked are usually about things that happened years ago. Now they’ve arrested and indicted Roger Stone, a multi-millionaire who was peripherally associated with President Trump. Stone says he “will not lie to stay out of trouble, as some others have,” and obvious reference to Cohen.

STILL BEATING THE DRUM: A CNN reporter is now claiming that certain hand gestures made during the “showdown” between that phony Indian and those high school students were “racist gestures.” Boy, they’re really grasping at straws to make that phony confrontation into something real. I bet those “hand gestures” never were “racist gestures” until the very minute that CNN reporter made this claim. They’ve got to twist the facts to make this fiasco into something, if they have to say, “the sky is falling!” Further, they cannot even make a case that those gestures, real or imagined, were made by those Covington High School students.

TAXING THE WEALTHY: That old saw. “Tax the wealthy and solve all our problems.” One little problem. It won’t work. They taxed the wealthy up to 90% in the past, and it never brought in enough money to make stealing what they EARNED worthwhile. Truth is, there just are not ENOUGH “super-rich” to make that work, even if it were moral to take most of what they earned. Taxing the rich is an old, old, socialist scam, and, like socialism itself, doesn’t work. In New York City, the mayor says, “There’s plenty of money here. It’s just in the wrong hands.” WHAT “wrong hands?” The hands of the people who EARNED it?

CHILD PROTECTION: I’m one of the biggest enemies there is of the “Child Protectors” because they ruin people’s lives over PHONY “child protection charges” and pursue them in spite of the fact that there is no proof any exists. Meanwhile, they IGNORE obvious assaults on children such as the LGBT parents who are forcing their FIVE-YEAR-OLD into “becoming a girl.” At the age of 5, there is NO WAY this child has lived long enough to make such an important decision in his life. To force it upon him is child abuse, but don’t look for the “Child Protectors” to act on this soon. Yes, I said, “his.” Sue me.

JACK-BOOTED THUGS: We are now a “banana republic” where the government can “raid” anybody with guns drawn for essentially pissant “crimes.” That’s what they did to Roger Stone, simply because he was once a Trump adviser. They did it to put pressure on him to LIE about his association with Trump to keep himself out of trouble. Something he is very vocal about never, ever doing. President Trump ought to put out a prohibition against such “circus-type” raids for these pissant “crimes” for which they are being used. All they needed to do is knock on his door and ask him to come with them. Not stage a guns-drawn massive raid, the like of which they would use to apprehend a serial murderer, after "tipping" CNN. This was obviously done for the effect.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Socialists (Dumocrats) think taxing “the rich” more will cause them to pay a higher percentage of taxes. As usual, they’re wrong when they say the rich “don’t pay their fair share.” The top 25% pay 75% of income taxes paid, according to the IRS. The bottom 25% pay NO TAXES… Peelosi says Trump “is not getting his wall.” Yes he is, Nancy. He will get it, and he will take it out of your political butt… Pick anything abysmally stupid, and the Dumocrats will not only be for it, they will PROMOTE it. Like the idea that there are more than two sexes, a biological impossibility. Or that we can tax income up to 70% without killing incentive. Or allowing MEN into women’s restrooms if they “think” they’re a woman that day… Dumocrats say we shouldn’t “hold the country hostage to the president’s political wishes.” Really! It seems to me it is the Dumocrats who are holding the country up to their irrational Trump hatred…

Friday, January 25, 2019

Okay to Murder

In New York now, you can have your unwanted baby MURDERED, under the law. A new law recently passed says that, if a baby survives an abortion attempt, it’s okay to go ahead and murder it. Go ahead and bash it’s head in. It’s the LAW. I’ve always said that’s the real goal of the abortion industry that is miscalled, “Planned Parenthood.” Just killing unwanted babies, in all cases, even if it beats an abortion attempt. In a real world, the government wouldn’t condone infanticide. In this one, it does. It not only does, it vilifies those of us who REALIZE abortion is bloody murder.

OUR HOLOCAUST: Hitler murdered 6 million Jews, under the law. His law. The German people did not object in any meaningful way until after WWII. In America, the government has approved of, and made LAWS to approve of, the murder of 8 million defenseless little babies. That is OUR holocaust, and it can’t be denied by anybody with any degree of intelligence. But way too many stupid people, most of them parents who can’t be bothered to use a rubber when having sex and want the result to just “go away,” just want to murder the result. And stupid legislators go right along with that murder conspiracy.

TRIGGER” BULL DROPPINGS: A CNN commentator says, “A ‘MAGA’ hat is just as “triggering” to me as is a KKK hood.” Really? The symbol of a successful presidential campaign is equated to the symbol of a stupid, racist organization? That seems to be what liberals do. Pick out things they don’t like and call them stupid things like “triggers.” You know what “triggers” me? Whenever I see CNN on a television anywhere and I can’t turn it off. But CNN doesn’t care about what “triggers” me. Only what “triggers” them. I got a clue for this CNN “personality.” I give not a damn what “triggers” YOU!

IT’S A HARD JOB: The liberals (Dumocrats) work HARD to paint President Trump as “the worst president in history.” and it IS a “hard job,” since he has done all the things Barack Obama couldn’t do. Obama told us, “Hard times are here. They aren’t going to go away.” Because he had no idea at all about how to MAKE them go away. He told us that those millions of jobs that were lost under “his watch” were never coming back, so we’d better get used to being unemployed and dependent on the government.” Forgetting that, for the government to be ABLE to provide for them, they must STEAL the fruits of their ideas and labors from those capable and willing to earn for themselves, in order to have ANY “income to redistribute.”

LEGAL GUN KILLED MLK? On April 4, 1968, James L. Ray shot Martin Luther King to death, using a rifle he bought LEGALLY. Aren’t the laws supposed to stop that sort of thing? Ray was not only a convicted felon, he was an ESCAPED prisoner. Thus, he shouldn’t have been able to buy a gun. But he did, and he used it to murder an icon. Additionally, law enforcement at the time was so lax he was able to escape to Great Britain, hoping to continue on to Rhodesia. Unfortunately for him, the authorities, by this time, had identified him, so he was extradited, and faced murder charges in the case.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: On his deathbed, former member of Congress Harry Reid just couldn’t resist another jab at President Trump. He says, “Trump is the worst president we’ve ever had!” With all the GOOD THINGS Trump has done, I don’t know what Reid’s basic premise is, only that he’s stupid, as well as dying. Maybe his illness is affecting his thinking… Liberals (and Dumocrats) are uncouth slobs. They don’t ever just disagree with somebody, they cuss them out at every turn, and turn to violence at the drop of a hat. And often, they drop the hat… Many people think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t too bright. And then she opens her blowhole and confirms it beyond any doubt… Dumocrats think taxing “the rich” will get them to pay more in taxes. They’re very wrong, as usual. It causes them to pay LESS in taxes. They will always find a way to avoid them…

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Liberals Using Twitter

They’ve given up even the pretense of “doing a survey” to make the people think a lie. Now they just put out the word, “Twitter is exploding over (fill in the blank).” And who is Twitter, other than President Trump? Nobody. Not even a so-called “expert” quoted. Just “the unwashed masses.” When they do this, they can put any words they wish into the mouths of those unidentified people, and that’s what they do. On a regular basis. It’s an extension of their scheme to use “anonymous sources” for their “fake news” stories. What they say can be neither proved, nor disproved, and that’s how they want it. Meanwhile, they tout it as if it were Gospel. They say Trump is the worst. But at least, he puts his NAME on his Tweets.

BANNING SELF DEFENSE: If you live in Oregon, move out. That’s if you want to ever have ANY ability to defend yourself against a bad guy with his ILLEGAL gun. The law they want to pass virtually BANS guns in that state for the law-abiding. They want to give a nameless, faceless bureaucrat the power to “give you government permission” before you can even buy a gun. Never mind the Constitution recognizes buying and using guns for self defense as an “inalienable right,” not to be “infringed.” This law, if passed, IS an “infringement” on that constitutional right, and ought to be declared so, even before passage.

THEY DON’T HAVE A RIGHT!” Liberals are saying those high school kids attending a pro-life demonstration “didn’t have the right” to wear those “MAGA hats.” What the HELL gives them the power to decide those kids “had no right” to wear those hats because they “triggered” liberals. Since when has it become illegal to “trigger” liberals? Everything I write; everything I say every day is DESIGNED to “trigger” liberals. They don’t have any right to STOP me, much as they’d like it if they did. That’s what “PC Speech” is all about: silencing their opposition.” Just because liberals don’t agree with me, that does NOT give them the right to shut me up. To the credit of those kids, their complete lack of opposing action says a lot about them. They refused to rise up and assault this silly old man. I would have slapped his drum out of his hand, then handled any reaction to that he made. But then, I’m a MAN, not a high school student.

COHEN POSTPONES TESTIMONY: Trump’s one-time lawyer who is scheduled to LIE to make trump look bad, has decided to make him even look worse. He has postponed his testimony, citing “threats” from Trump and others. Yet one more unprovable claim. Cohen is full of unprovable claims, which liberals take, and “beat the drums about,” as if they were Gospel. Cohen seems to be on a “mission” these days to make Trump look as bad as he possibly can. But it isn’t going to work. Did Trump threaten him? Doubtful. He isn’t WORTH threatening, in the grand scheme of things. Obviously, he has purposefully misinterpreted something Trump's current attorney said.

TODAY'S GUN SAVE: Anti-gun fools say it never happens. They say concealed carriers are more likely to shoot themselves than anybody else. They say that the average person carrying a gun NEVER is able to stop violence from being committed. They're WRONG, as usual. And today's “gun save” proves it, yet again. I’ve been resisting reporting every instance of defensive use of a gun because there are so many, it’s actually boring. Readers don’t really want to read the same story over and over again, even if it proves their thesis that, contrary to the lies the anti-gun fools tell, somebody shoots a burglar or other kind of criminal, every day, somewhere. In this instance it is the same old story: a couple of goons decide to break into the home of a woman. Score? One dead burglar, and one blur heading for the hills.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: The Left is whining about the Border Control folks using tear gas on that “invading Army” at our Southern border. What did they expect us to do? Let them in without opposition? Get real, people!… Dumocrats who thought Peelosi wouldn’t be Speaker again say they “underestimated her.” Not true. They OVERestimated the INTELLIGENCE of Dumocrat voters. Dumocrats, you remember, are the people who try to convince us of a biological impossibility, that there are more than two sexesIn New York, the first baby has been born with the sex listed as “X.” It will get to decide for itself later, probably while still a child, what sex it is… A new movie, “Bird Box,” has inspired many people to walk around with blindfolds on. The scenes usually wind up with people falling or running into a wall. And these people vote. Usually Dumocrat… Schumer says, “Republicans know what they need to do to reopen the government: (Translation:) Surrender. Tug at your forelock and kiss my butt”…

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Stay Away From Hawaii

There may be a good reason for intelligent Americans to stay out of Hawaii soon. Hawaii State Representative Tom Brower (Dumocrat, of course) has sponsored a measure that would BAN anybody (including people legally in possession of a gun or ammunition) from bring them into hotel rooms. We need to stop doing business with anti-gun fools who get laws made to deny us our constitutional RIGHT to be armed for self defense. The way to self defense is NOT to disarm yourself and make yourself DEFENSELESS against all those who hold ILLEGAL guns out there. If those anti-gun fools are not intelligent enough to know that, we need to teach them.

WHERE’S SHE GET OFF? Where does Kathy Griffith get off wishing ill on those schoolboys who were harassed by that old Indian? She’s just a comedienne, fergawdsake! She has no right to demand that those kids be “doxxed” so they could be further harassed by more stupid liberals. Those kids did absolutely NOTHING wrong. They stood still as they were berated, and had a “war drum” continuously beat in their face. I would have slapped that drum out of his hand, and handled any reaction from him. Her only reason to even be IN this is her doing something stupid herself, by posing for a picture with a phony “bloody Trump head.” Somebody needs to straighten her out.

SHE WANTS TO DO IT: “Saturday Night Live” writer Sarah Beattie offered a “blow job” to anybody who would punch that teen who was harassed by that old Indian in the face. Now I wonder why that is. Does she just want to give somebody—anybody--a blow job, and that’s just the excuse? These would-be comediennes way too often are willing to do anything, say anything, to be noticed, and this is her way. There are way too may stupid people injecting themselves into this situation. Like Kathy, who wants to revive her failing career, she thinks this can help. Or I guess liberal women just like giving blow jobs.

STILL GETTING IT WRONG: The liberal news media is still getting the story wrong about that “Indian veteran” who, bringing his own cameraman, confronted a high school student wearing a “MAGA” hat at a “pro-life” demonstration, beating a “war drum” and shouting racist epithets like, “White people go back to Europe!” First of all, he is NOT a “veteran.” According to military records, they’ve never heard of him. Second, those kids did NOT “surround him.” He approached them while they were attending that pro-life demonstration, demonstrating AGAINST the “mass murder” that is abortion. They did nothing but stand there and take it while that crazy Indian beat his drum and slobbered his insults through his snaggle teeth. It has been discredited six ways to Sunday, but they STILL call him a ”veteran.”

IT’S DEMOCRATS’ FAULT: They try and try to blame President Trump for the now month long “partial government closure,” but in reality, it is the Dumocrats who are blocking reopening of the government. Trump announced his demands right off at the beginning, and he is holding to them. He made an offer that included something they have always wanted, an extension of “DACA” and a few other things they’ve always wanted, and they gave a one-word answer: “NO.” That very offer is a big departure for him, but they turned it down out of hand. So now it’s obvious the closure is on the Dumocrats.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Well, liberals say that teenager who just smiled in the face of that old Indian who was beating a drum in his face instead of punching him out, was racist. I think he should have just walked away from that old Indian fudd, forced him to follow and reveal his intentions, for all to see… University of Georgia teaching assistant says, “White people with guns are terrorists.” Thereby showing his complete IGNORANCE of just what terrorists ARE. What a way to destroy the meaning of the word “terrorist” and displaying his ignorance… Well, looks like another global warming fool predicts we will all die in 12 years. This time it’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But, of course, we already know she’s stupid, so we expect her to buy all the liberal stupidities… Dumocrats discredit themselves when they accuse President Trump, without any proof of anything, of being a racist, or a Grand Kleagel in the KKK, when some Dumocrats actually were just that. After that, nobody ever takes them seriously…

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Fake News Again!

They thought they had him. Buzz Feed came out with a story based on very suspicious circumstances such as the unsupported word of a man under a prison sentence who, in a last ditch effort to shorten it, LIED, saying “President Trump ‘ordered me’ to falsify some ‘polls’ to make him look good so he could run for president.” They ran with it, no proof notwithstanding, and the liberals “ate it up,” thinking they “had” Trump this time, and calling for an “investigation leading to impeachment.” Unfortunately, Robert Mueller himself, to his credit, put the “kibosh” on the story, coming out with a statement saying the report “was not accurate,” a euphemism for, “it’s LIE.”

GUN CONTROL IMBECILES: That’s what they are. It is the most obvious thing in the world to those with any intelligence, at all. The entire idea of gun control is based on a fallacy. That you can actually eliminate all guns from our society by simply making a law. The very idea that this will eliminate “gun violence” is similarly imbecilic. Also imbecilic is the idea that you CAN eliminate all guns. All you can do is eliminate most of the LEGAL guns from society because only honest people OBEY laws. Dishonest people do not. They routinely ignore every “gun control” law passed by ignorant legislators, and the numbers of the guns they hold are in the MILLIONS.

$15 AND DONE: Now that the minimum wage in liberal-run New York City is $15.00 an hour, minimum wage workers are losing their jobs in droves, as those offering minimum wage jobs cut hours and staff because they can’t afford to pay an inflated wage to people who, through lack of training and experience, are not worth $15.00 an hour. It is imbecilic to force people to pay TWICE what a worker is worth. It is economically infeasible. But that has never stopped liberals from insisting on it before, and will probably not, again. Most of the things liberals try to force upon us are imbecilic and unfeasible.

ANTI SELF DEFENSE: If one looks carefully at every anti-gun law now on the books in many states, and in the process of being passed into law in many others, one can only come to one conclusion: those laws are NOT “anti-gun” so much as they are “anti-self defense.” Each one of them is designed to make it harder, or impossible for a law-abiding person to get his/her gun in action fast enough to oppose an ILLEGALLY-armed criminal, who is not bothered to obey such laws.

LIBERAL TWISTING OF FACTS: You probably heard of that “confrontation” between “MAGA” wearing hats teens and an elderly “Indian” man. Emphasized was the teens supposedly disrespecting this Indian man (Sorry PC Police, I don’t use the term “native American.”). But the release of other videos of the incident showed that the students were “doing their thing” and were approached by that Indian, saying, “White people go back to Europe where you belong!” Is that racist, or what? The boys did not approach the Indian, he approached, and degraded them with his words and actions. And they did nothing except what normal, everyday children do. They began mocking this racist Indian. The fact that they were wearing “MAGA” hats was irrelevant. It was the Indian harassing THEM.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: A Muslim resident doctor admitted to wanting to purposely give some Jews the wrong medicine. She’s been fired. This just points out the fallacy of putting Muslims in important positions. They just don’t think the way we do. I know all Muslims don’t think that way, but too many of them do. What I don’t understand is her calling Jews Nazis. Nazis were as antisemitic as she is. Not that we should keep Muslims completely out of such positions, but that we should examine their motivations carefully before we do. This is not bigotry. It is common senseI opened my e-mail this morning and saw this: “Did Madonna Get Butt Implants?” Who the hell CARES? It came from Doug Giles of Clash Daily, who usually talks about important things. Maybe he’s still suffering from New Year’s Eve imbibing...The hypocrisy of Dumocrats is showing again. The now Justice Kavanaugh was painted with a “bad brush” by Dumocrats for drinking a beer when he was a student, but Dumocrats are extolling the “virtues” of “Pocahontas” drinking beer. Looks like her “sitting in a tank” moment, folks…

Monday, January 21, 2019

Don't Believe A Word

Michael Cohen, Trump’s one-time lawyer, is a known liar. So when his original tale of woe wasn’t enough to “get Trump,” he came up with an even more outrageous lie: that Trump “ordered” him to plant phony information in the media by way of false “surveys.” Something that can be neither proved, nor disproved, but is now “put into the language.” The lack of any kind of proof means nothing to the Dumocrats, they will “jump on” this with both feet. That’s how they operate: come up with a phony story, plant it in the liberal media, who “lap it up” like a puppy eating ice cream, and then pretend it is true, never letting go of it.

LIBERALS ARE OUTRAGED! So what? Liberals get outraged any time they are proven to be wrong about something—anything. This time it’s because a woman, who was a legal “concealed carrier” shot and killed a would-be robber at a bus stop in Chicago. He pulled an illegal gun on her and she shot him to death with a LEGAL gun. It took him a while to die though, and the cops found him on his mother’s doorstep, where he died. One liberal used the “time-honored old saw” that robbery should not be a death sentence. But it should, if the robber was threatening the would-be victim with death. THAT does call for a death sentence, if the victim has the means to carry it out.

SHUT UP, DOC! Liberals are putting pressure on doctors to ask their patients if they have a gun or guns as part of their “work-ups.” This, they have no right to do! The medical profession can try and make “gun crime” a “medical problem” all it wants, but it’s not. And asking their patients if they have guns is NOT part of their “medical history,” no matter how much the anti-gun fools want it to be. What I’m going to do if my doctor asks me such a question is tell him it’s none of his business. If he persists, I’ll find another doctor. I assume part of it is that the doctor will tell someone if he gets a positive answer. that’s an invasion of privacy and a violation of medical ethics.

ABORTION IS EVIL! If you have any intelligence at all, you can’t deny that murdering defenseless infants mostly (but not completely) in the womb is an evil thing, and those that practice it are evil, as well. Abortion is MURDER. It’s as simple as that, but many people deny it, and try to vilify those who condemn people who practice it. If ever we needed a “biblical flood” to get rid of those evil people, we need it now. Abortion mills are places where evil lives, and goodness dies. Yet many otherwise intelligent politicians maintain that killing their offspring is a constitutional right. Murder for your convenience is NOT any kind of a right. And that’s what abortion on demand is: murder for the convenience of the parents who could not be bothered to use “protection” or raise the product.

DEMOCRATS ARE OUTRAGED! President Trump’s one-time lawyer is now desperately trying to get his already tiny prison sentence reduced further by LYING about Trump. Horrors! He is claiming (without proof, as usual) that Trump “ORDERED” him to cause some polls to be skewed, making Trump look better than he is, and to lie about it to Congress. Isn’t that what the Dumocrats do on a regular basis? Do you really BELIEVE all those “polls” saying “all America hates Trump” when they elected him to do a job and he is doing it? When they turn out in multi-thousands whenever he has a rally?

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Some say the 2016 election proved that just about anybody could become president—an obvious jab at President Trump. But actually, it was the 2008 and 2012 elections that proved that. Obama is either incompetent, or just plain stupid. You decide… Hillary Clinton likes to accuse others of lying, even though she is a PROVEN liar, in at least one case I know of, if not others; she testified that she did no work for the principles in the Whitewater case, but the mysteriously reappearing Rose Law Firm billing records showed she did 60 billable hours for them. She has never been held responsible for that lie… BFD! Chicago cops say homicides in Chicago are down 100 dead people in 2018, though the number is still more than LA and New York in 2017, COMBINED… Elizabeth Warren should watch chugging that beer. You know how “firewater” affects “injuns” (Yeah I know political correctness doesn’t want us to call them that, but I care not about political correctness)…

Friday, January 18, 2019

A 51 Ft. Ladder

My son came up with an excellent analogy the other day when we were discussing (arguing) about the “battle over the wall” now raging in DC. He said that, “If Trump builds a 50 foot wall, that’ll just spark sales of 51-foot ladders.” He was right about that, except wrong to blame President Trump exclusively for the “standoff” that has kept the government (partly) shut down. Trump has told the world what he insisted upon many times, and the Dumocrats are adamantly opposed to it. It was their decision to BE opposed to it because Trump asked for it. Before, they all agreed that a wall was necessary.

NEXT IT’LL BE THE AIR: California’s new governor, recognizing that former liberal administrations have spent all the money, now wants to tax drinking water. And with all the liberal fools living in California, he may well get what he wishes. If he does, how long will it be before other states which are run by other “tax and spend” liberals, do likewise? Colorado, where I live, for instance, which has just inaugurated yet another liberal, “tax and spend” governor, and a long list of liberal lawmakers, will likely follow suit, taxing items we need for survival, that the government has no hand in providing. After that becomes “the norm,” how long will it be before they start taxing the air we breathe, threatening to cut off our supply if we don’t “pay up?”

STOP APPOINTING GUN-GRABBERS! The only way we’re ever going to be able to whip the anti-gun fools is to stop electing and appointing anti-gun fools to important offices. The more anti-gun fool senators and representatives we have, the more stupid anti-gun laws we will have to fight. Trump’s new Attorney General appointee has supported many anti-gun measures in the past, which indicates that he will support many more in the future. So who needs him? There is not a SINGLE anti-gun law now on the books that has done a SINGLE thing to stop, or even slow down “gun crime,” so what the hell GOOD are they?

WHAT DON’T THEY UNDERSTAND? What don’t lawmakers who enact anti-gun laws that are aimed at BANNING gun ownership altogether understand about the Second Amendment to the Constitution? The Founders knew that if the government COULD ban the ownership and use of guns for the law-abiding, they could “run roughshod over them” with impunity, and they didn’t want that. They knew, from bitter experience, that this is true, and they didn’t want their government to be able to do that. So they made the Second Amendment, which says, unequivocally, that “no law” shall be made to “abridge” an American citizen’s right to be armed for self defense.

DEMOCRATS ARE REALLY STUPID: I’m right now watching a “demonstration” by top Dumocrats in DC “demonstrating” to get Trump to “end the government shutdown” when the whole thing was CREATED by their stubborn REFUSAL to allow him to have ANY funding for the wall he was elected to erect. And the whole thing is hilarious as we watch their “dog and pony show” trying to convince the American people that Trump is to blame. As Trump has said, the impasse could be ended in a few minutes if they would back off their “Trump hatred” where they oppose ANYTHING President Trump wants to do. Their “tantrum” continues while they vacation in exotic spots and Trump remains in ice cold DC, just waiting for them to “wise up” and “get with the program.”

ONE MAN’S OPINION: CNN criticizes President Trump for “offending” witches with his “witch hunt” comments. So who cares if witches get offended? Besides, that’s twisted reasoning… I don’t know what’s up with former comedian Jim Carey, but he is actively destroying his career. Nobody with any intelligence will ever want to go to one of his movies or be there for his stand-up performance after his hate-filled activities… The liberal media is making a big thing out of two illegal alien children dying while in our custody. Ignoring the fact that the reason they died was what happened to them on their trip, since they died too soon after getting here for it to be our fault… Christians are being told not to say “Christ was the Son of God” because it “offends” Muslims. Who the hell cares what offends Muslims? I’m offended that they call their God “Allah” We don’t interfere with their “religion,” so why should we let them interfere with ours? Only fools do that…

Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Mueller Swindle

They call him a “special counsel,” but what he is, is a “hired gun” sent in to “get” President Trump. To somehow reverse the results of the 2016 election. He has spent, so far, about $20 million dollars of OUR money in his effort to topple the rightful president of the United States. They have to know he would simply be replaced by his vice president, but they probably think he will be easier to dispense with. Mueller’s first act was to assemble a team of known “Trump haters” that could be depended upon to look in every nook and cranny to find ANYTHING they could “tailor” into something that could bring Trump down. The United States government is PAYING for an instrument that has been known, from the begging, to be the instrument for a “coup” to overthrow a lawfully elected president.

SOCIALIST BULLCRAP: That’s all I’m hearing these days out of the Dumocrats. It has become obvious that the Dumocrat Party has been co-opted by socialists. Every time a Dumocrat opens his/her blowhole, socialism comes out. New York City Mayor DiBlasio says, out loud, that there is “plenty of money in New York, it’s just in the wrong hands.” That’s blatant socialism, if I’ve ever heard any. The money is mostly in the hands of those who have EARNED it, and DiBlasio wants to STEAL it. That is what socialism IS. The THEFT of money and other goods from those who EARN it, for the benefit of those who do NOT.

DON’T VOTE DEMOCRAT: Not unless you want to give all your money to the government, so they can give it to the “drones” of society who just want to live at the expense of others. Dumocrats all over are gearing up to tun against President Trump, and without exception, each one wants to raise our taxes to CRIMINAL levels. Every one. They are all vying to be the one to raise them the most. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for example, wants a 75% top tax rate so she can “battle” that imaginary bugaboo, global warming (Oh. Forgot. Since the globe isn’t warming, and hasn’t been for almost 20 years, they now call is “climate change,” so they can attribute ANY weather anomaly to it.). Others want to raise it as high as 90%. I’m waiting for one to suggest 100%. Which is stupid, but Dumocrats are stupid.

EASIER FOR CRIMINALS: I look at each and every anti-gun law passed by the anti-gun fools, and I see that every one of them simply makes it easier for an armed criminal (who usually is using an illegally-obtained gun) to victimize the law-abiding, who DO obey their laws, while the criminals do NOT. Think about it: “Background checks do nothing but help find a shooter IF he got his gun legally, and stood for one. Criminals, not so much. Making it harder for the law-abiding to get guns to use for self defense makes sure there will be fewer guns in the hands of the law-biding, making it easier for the law breakers to victimize them. “Safe storage” laws only make it more difficult for a potential victim to get his gun into action to defend against a criminal, whose gun is already in his hand, ready to shoot.

FACT-CHECKERS DON’T LIE? It’s a big thing to Dumocrats: the “fact-checkers.” They fact-checked President Trump’s recent speech and found him to be lying in several places. The only problem is, what they called “lies” were simple disagreements on policy and opinion. The only problem with “fact-checkers” is that some of them LIE. The very label “fact-checker” seems to impute integrity into what they do. It does NOT. Most fact-checkers ARE honest. But some are NOT. I’m very suspicious when the fact-checkers are Dumocrat, because the Dumocrats LIE. And fact-checkers are simply a tool they use to impute lying on the part of their enemies.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: I “identify” as a human being. What does that get me? Maybe I can play chess against a toddler, and win. I’m too old and “stove up” to take on a woman (In sports, folks! Get your mind out of the gutter)… They’re teaching how to condition our kids into believing the liberal claptrap at Westleyan University. They’ve started a new course on “Social Justice”… A historically black college is trying hard to raise enough funds to stay in business. Whassamatta, folks? Can’t sell a racist college? Maybe I’ll start a “white only” college. Maybe that’s not racist… Of course, liberals will jump up and down and call ME racist for that last item. They have no sense of humor, OR irony… Facebook has banned a post honoring a dead police officer because it said (truthfully) that the killer was an illegal alien, Good way to keep that from being known, Facebook…

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Gun Control's A Fantasy

A fantasy supported by the fallacy that all you have to do is make a law against something and criminals, who obey NO laws, will magically OBEY this one. And another fallacy that it is even POSSIBLE to eliminate guns from the world. You cannot. It’s like putting toothpaste back in the tube. It can’t be done. There are billions of guns in existence, both legal and ILLEGAL, and millions of them are ILLEGAL. There is NO WAY a person can defend him/herself against one of those millions of illegal guns in the hands of criminals and other miscreants, without having his OWN gun. But the anti-gun fools will not hear of that.

SURPRISE, SURPRISE! Criminals MOSTLY don’t get their guns legally, even if they have not yet committed a crime that prohibits that. Something I’ve been telling the anti-gun fools for years, even though they seem to be “tone deaf” to that. They think, in their abysmal ignorance, that all criminals get their guns legally, so all they have to do is make a law and, magically, the criminals will obey it. Well, The Department of Justice did a survey of criminals in prison, basically asking them how they got the guns they used in the crimes for which they are incarcerated. They had no reason to lie about it, and the results show that a massive MAJORITY of criminals got their guns ILLEGALLY.

BEATING A DEAD HORSE: They’ve been beating a dead horse for two years, now, with the whole idea (unproven) that President Trump “colluded” with the Russians to get elected. After two years of searching under every rock, they have found NOTHING. So what are they going to do? Open a NEW INVESTIGATION into whether or not he “colluded” with the Russians to get elected, this one started by many fired or otherwise discredited corrupt former FBI people. People who have been discredited in many ways. They talk confidently about “all the investigations” Trump has “hovering over his head,” never mentioning that those “investigations” are by Dumocrats, in an effort to reverse the election of 2016.

TYPICAL SOCIALIST CRAP: New York City Mayor DeBlasio says there’s plenty of wealth around, “but it’s in the wrong hands.” That’s typical socialist crap if I ever heard any. What the hell gives him the right to judge who is “the wrong people” to have money? The people to whom he refers are the people who EARNED it. And he WANTS it. So he plans to use the power of the government to TAKE it. That’s what socialists do. Find somebody able and willing to EARN, and then LOOT what they have earned, for the benefit of those who do not, or CAN not earn it for themselves. That’s what socialism is, and socialism depends on there being SOMEBODY there who CAN earn, so they can loot them.

UNDOCUMENTED, UNAFRAID”: There are illegal aliens running around sporting signs that say, “Undocumented, Unafraid.” Which is a slap in the face to our efforts to control who may enter our country and to define what is required of them to be able to enter. The only reason they are so emboldened is that a large segment of our politicians (Dumocrats) don’t want to enforce our laws and are doing everything in their feeble power to prevent it. It offends me that they can be so little impressed with our ability to hunt them down and deport them, and it is only possible because the Dumocrats make it as difficult as possible to enforce our laws.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Michelle Obama tops Hillary as America’s most admired woman.” That’s what liberals say. What they don’t say is their idea of “America” is Dumocrats. They only ask Dumocrats in their polls, and that’s what they come up with. If they included Republicans in their polls they’d get a very different result… One church took their cross off the wall to avoid “offending” Muslims. Maybe we should be offended by their being offended by our Christian images. We don’t try and mess with their images… How racist is that? “California Women’s March is canceled because participants are too white.” Now reverse that and see what we have: “California Women’s March is canceled because participants are too black.” Is it not racist to discriminate against whites, just as with blacks? I see no difference… The term, “White Privilege” is “code words” to discriminate against white people… Elizabeth Warren really thinks she has a chance at the presidency. The reality is, she won’t even win the Dumocrat nomination…