Friday, December 29, 2017

They Just Don't Get It!

In Chicago, they're finally "tumbling" to the fact that their "gun problem" is a gang problem. But, as usual, they go off in the wrong direction in planning ways to combat their problem. They want to BAN all guns. How they think that will solve their problem, I don't know, since it is mostly caused by UNDERAGE gang members who can't buy a gun legally, anyway, and so get them ILLEGALLY from other gang members, who got them ILLEGALLY, either buying them in a back alley somewhere, or STEALING them. They just don't understand that their problem is with ILLEGAL guns in the hands of people too young to buy a gun legally,

WHEN WILL THEY LEARN? Anti-gun fools say, "Easy access to dangerous firearms is opening Americans to attacks from violent extremists." This statement reflects a level of STUPIDITY that should not be prevalent among people who are supposed to be smart enough to run things for the rest of us. Tell me: when have you ever seen an extremist who cares a whit about obeying the law? No; they get their guns anywhere they can, and if they can't get it legally, they get it ILLEGALLY. What are these people smoking that keeps them from seeing something so obvious to intelligent people? Whatever it is, it seems to affect all the anti-gun fools.

DOESN'T MAKE THE MEDIA: There's a reason why you may think the anti-gun fools are right, that defensive use of LEGALLY-carried guns doesn't happen. That's because they just don't cover it when it happens. They just ignore it because to cover it goes against their preferred narrative. In the first story in the article I saw, that store clerk probably got fired because he brought his legal gun to work with him, and used it on that robber (the same might be true of the phone store clerk). But what happened to the other clerk in that story who did NOT have a gun (he was murdered after giving up the money) is instructive. Better to lose your job than to lose your life.

SOCIAL SECURITY NOT SUSTAINABLE: They're going to run out of money soon. Ever since the Congress STOLE the money in the "Social Security Fund," as soon as it was identified, they've been paying Social Security out of the General Fund. And the General Fund is running short. Now they're talking about added taxes, cutting benefits, or finding other sources for the money to pay the ever-rising number of people on Social Security. all this to "make up for" the THEFT of the Social Security money by the government. It must be nice to be able to steal from people and then make them cough up the difference later when the bill comes due.

WHY DO LIBS HATE TRUMP? I've seen some bitter elections where the "underdog" won, but the other side usually swallows its disappointment and waits for the next election, hopefully to win. Not so with Trump. They hate him with a passion unknown since Reagan. Why? Because he's doing just what he promised to do: tearing down their little houses of cards. He's "draining the swamp," for real. and they can see themselves being run over by his steamroller soon, and that frightens them. they really think all their spewed hate will end his administration before he gets to them, but it ain't agonna happen. He's gonna shut them down, and that's why they hate him so much.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: The Dumocrats are howling about Trump increasing the national debt when he's not. And not a peep out of them as Obama raised it several trillion dollars.... Columbia, SC wants to become the first city in America to ban bump stocks. As if that will keep people determined to shoot people faster from getting them illegally.... Hell is freezing over. The liberal media can't help itself. It is beginning to recognize the fact Trump is "winning, big.".... Media bias against trump's tax bill misleads the public. And this is NEWS?....The liberal media doesn't like it when Trump "personally attacks" liberals. So maybe they should stop calling his wife a whore, or other putrid names. Stop personally attacking him and his family (including his 10-year-old son) and maybe he'll stop "firing back"....

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Gun Control Fails Again

In California, there have been at least TEN "random shootings" of late. Which makes one wonder: Where did that shooter get his gun (or guns) in a state with such tight "gun laws?" I thought making laws against the "wrong people" having guns would keep guns out of the hands of such people. You mean they don't OBEY the law? That's jist ORFUL! Bad guys should be forced to obey that law, even when they don't obey any others.

WaPo EXPOSES PELOSI'S LIES: Peelosi likes to spout the bullcrap that the reciprocity bill will let violent criminals, domestic abusers, and convicted stalkers carry concealed in all states. Which is an out-and-out DAMNED LIE! Those three categories of people are permanently PROHIBITED from owning or using a gun ANYWHERE in the United States. that law will NOT "invite them to carry concealed!" What WILL allow them to carry concealed, anywhere they wish, is the "black market' in ILLEGAL guns, everywhere.

WATCHING HIS BACK: There is a former FBI informant ready to testify against Hillary Clinton on the uranium deal. Victoria Toensing is his attorney, and she won't reveal his name. This article, too, goes out of its way to avoid naming him. This is a good thing if he is ever expected to really testify against her. People in that position have a way of DYING, before they can testify. And the ways they die are sometimes IMPOSSIBLE. Like the one set to testify against Bill who "committed suicide" by shooting himself in the head, TWICE. How he did that is a real mystery

WHY DEFEND THE SECOND? NBC recently asked their readers who support the Second Amendment. "Why?" They seem to be unable to figure it out for themselves. More than 50% said, "for self defense." Surprise, surprise! Another significant percent said, defense against an out-of-control government. But 60% were concerned about Islamic terrorism. Now why did I say ISLAMIC terrorism when the article didn't? Because that's the only kind of terrorism that actually threatens US. After Obama admitted hundreds of thousands of young male, fighting age MEN (with few women or children) DISGUISED as "refugees, many of whom are already raping our women and shooting people.

BALTIMORE BREAKS RECORD: Baltimore, like Chicago, has very tight "gun laws." And, like Chicago, that is accompanied by high gun death rates and gun violence rates not resulting in death. I don't know what keeps the blinders on in both cities, but I suspect it's liberal thinking. Every one of these record setting deaths smacks of gang violence, but gang violence is only mentioned once in the Baltimore Sun article, and no conclusions are drawn. Their "record" is a "per capita" record and probably doesn't surpass Chicago in total deaths from gunshots. But the very fact that they have such tight gun laws, which are being roundly ignored, is instructive to intelligent people.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: America's UN Ambassador Nikki Haley told the UN: "Nobody tells us where to put our embassies!" Which eloquently puts things in order.... Obama added $9 trillion dollars to our deficit, while ALL previous presidents COMBINED only added $6.3 trillion.... Liberals HATE the new tax bill. that's all I need to know to LOVE it. If liberals don't like it, it must be good for us.... America used its veto to block the UN's attempt to "nullify" Trump's moving our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. As if they had that right.... As part of his tax reform package, just passed by the Congress, he "gutted" Obamacare by repealing the Obama mandate. NO longer are people required by law to buy his overpriced insurance....

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

One Problem; It's True!

I recently heard a left-leaning Fox News "contributor" say that, the only reason so many of Trump's people believe the media is biased against president Trump is because he says so. There's only one problem with that. What he says is TRUE. The liberal media IS biased against him, and has been since the day he came down that escalator and announced he was running. They flatly REFUSE to run any story that is complimentary to him, and continually run false stories AGAINST him.

ONE PROBLEM; NOT TRUE: The FactTank isn't very factual. It says pro-gun people are quicker to contact their representatives than are anti-gun people. There's one little problem; it's NOT true. The main problem with the anti-gun people is that they re a very small bunch of people, but they are very LOUD. They make up for their small numbers with the sheer VOLUME of their protests. And wimpy politicians respond, thinking (falsely) that a majority of Americans WANT gun control. Other politicians are anti-gun fools themselves, and keep on making their USELESS "gun laws" that don't control ANYTHING.

THE WORST FAKE NEWS: That's when the liberal media publishes "stories" that attempt to say that anti-gun laws WORK. One little problem: they DON'T. They cite false figures put out by the anti-gun fools, hoping to prove that their anti-gun laws actually work, when they don't. They think "no-gun zones" keep guns out of certain places. they do NOT. Potential mass shooters and other criminals SEEK OUT "gun-free zones" in which to do their "dirty work." ALL their laws depend on LAWBREAKERS obeying their laws, when they obey no others. That's the basic flaw in their thinking, and it's undeniable. But they'll deny it, anyway.

"GUNS FOR FUN": Anti-gun fools tell us confidently that "Men shoot guns for fun, only women keep them for self defense." That's another MYTH fostered by the anti-gun fools to make pro-gun people look silly. The real FACT is that men have guns for self defense as much as women do. And BOTH tend to go out and shoot guns for fun and accuracy training when they have them. Anti-gun fools like to think things like that, because it belittles the whole idea of people wanting to have guns for self defense.

THEY SHOULD ALL AGREE? That seems to be what hard-headed Gabby Giffords seems to think. She's suing to find out if the NRA had a strong hold on Trump while he appointed "pro-gun" judges. It doesn't occur to her that it might just be the other way around. That the NRA supported Trump because he thought the same way they did, rather than them "affecting" his thought. They just refuse to understand that SOME intelligent people realize that Americans are GUARANTEED the right to be armed in self defense by the Constitution and that all attempts thus far to LIMIT that right are unconstitutional.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: The heights of arrogance! The illegal alien who was deported multiple times and came back to kill Kate Steinle in San Francisco was found innocent of murder but convicted on a gun charge. A soft "pat on the wrist" for which he has already served his time. In his arrogance, he now wants that gun charge to go away.... Dumocrats are screaming, "expanding national debt" after GOP passed the tax cut. Never mind a tax cut has NEVER expanded the national debt. But they're too stupid to know.... Dumocrats are consistent negativists. As shown in a recent Lisa Benson political cartoon, if the GOP cuts down a beautiful Christmas tree, Democrats stand on the sidelines and cry, "It's gonna catch on fire and burn down the house!"....

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Banning Religion

In DC, they can no longer run ads on a city bus if they have anything to do with religion. The DC Diocese lost in court when their specifically religious ads were rejected by the Transportation Board because they could not show where particularly secular ads were rejected. That's because they sued on the wrong grounds. They were not rejected because they were religious, rather than secular. They should have sued on grounds that to reject them on religious grounds was unconstitutional, The prohibition keeping religion completely OUT of anything run by the government is a misreading of the Constitution, It does NOT prohibit religion on government property. It prevents the making of ANY LAW that prohibits, or specifies a certain religion or inhibits the practice thereof.

NO CREDIT AT ALL: President trump has had his best year possible, but not a peep out of the liberal media to give him credit. Previously, Harry Truman had the record for the most legislative achievements during his tenure, but now that record is held by President Trump, in just his first year. There's no telling what's going to happen as time goes on. He has eliminated many, many of Obama's oppressive "regulations." Regulations he imposed by Executive Order, so it was easy to get rid of them the same way. He has brought the unemployment figures down to their lowest level in years, and has seen 100.000 new jobs, just this month.

TEXAS WOULDN'T HAPPEN": Anti-gun fools say that if Texas had tighter gun laws, that church shooting that killed 26 and wounded 20 others wouldn't have happened. How STUPID are these people? They can't see what's in front of their faces? No tight gun laws would have stopped that fool from coming in and shooting the place up. But they would have stopped that law-abiding gun owner who stopped the carnage from bringing his gun to church, and the fool shooter would have been able to kill many more people, while waiting for the cops to come with their guns, than he did. They insist on preaching against logic and common sense in their zeal to disarm ALL Americans.

COPS CARRY GUNS: WHY? That's a good question. The answer is simple. For self defense against all those ILLEGAL guns that are out there, in the hands of criminals. Cops "in the trenches" think more law-abiding people should be allowed to carry guns for self defense, as well as to come to the aid of a cop if he needs it. Police politicians in the upper ranks (often never were "in the trenches") may disagree. They think the cops can take care of it, but they're WRONG. The best the cops can do in the long run is document the crime scene, clean up the blood and bodies, and--maybe--if they're lucky, arrest the killer, later.

OBAMA: THE SABOTEUR: Barack Hussein Obama was the worst thing that ever happened to the United States of America. He did everything he could to UNDERMINE us, in as many ways as he could. He spent $7 TRILLION dollars in just 8 years. More than ALL previous presidents, combined. He allowed the Islamic terrorists to smuggle drugs into the United States so as to not "interfere" with his disastrous "peace agreement" with Iran. He flatly refused to recognize the threat that Islamic terrorism was to us, and allowed them to proliferate, all over the world, through his inaction in stopping them. He fostered unlimited Muslim immigration--all young men of fighting age--DISGUISED as "refugees." He "gutted" the military budget, so the military could not do what they are supposed to do. He was a DISASTER!

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Stories get stranger and stranger. Now Hillary's giving instructions on how to win an election. This from a woman who has LOST most of the elections that were not FIXED in her favor, and not even all of those. Next, she'll be telling women how to get your hubby to keep it in his pants.... Dumocrats insist on "due process" for Al Franken, but deny it to Roy Moore and Donald Trump. double standard, anybody?.... Dumocrats say Franken should submit himself to the Ethics Commission, however long it will take. You know, 20 years to forever.... Corporations are people, no matter what the liberals (Dumocrats) say. People with homes and families, mortgages and bills, just like other people If not for those people there would be no corporations, so they deserve consideration, too....

Monday, December 25, 2017


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Friday, December 22, 2017

Democrats Are Freaked!

They're going out of their minds! The Senate passed Trump's tax bill and they HATE it! They hate ANYTHING that is good for America because whatever is good for America is bad for them. They rely on things being bad because they can claim to "fix it." But they never do. Whatever they do always makes it WORSE. The Dumocrats are good at stealing elections because they have been doing it for so long. But they're miserable failures at governing. The proof is in every city that is run by Dumocrats.

RECIPROCITY'S UNCONSTITUTIONAL? That's what the liberals (and anti-gun fools) are telling us. It's amazing that they really seem to believe this blather. They should show me where in the Constitution it says that concealed carry reciprocity IS unconstitutional. It is NOT. But they put things like that out there and those who "pay no attention to politics" believe it--and when elections come about, they vote. That's the one big weakness in our system. Fools are allowed to vote their IGNORANCE, and Dumocrats take full advantage of that. This is how they manage to get their STUPIDITIES passed into law.

EMPTY SHELVES: That's what socialism means to a country. The Free Market, which collectivists (socialists, communists, progressivists, Fascists, etc.) call capitalism, as an insult, means not only full shelves of goods available, but the need for even more shelves to hold the overage. Collectivism means children starving, and that has become obvious in Venezuela, where the socialist society is crumbling before our eyes because it produces NOTHING. There are riots in the streets over the lack of such staples as toilet paper in stores, let alone food. And luxuries? Only the top "government officials" still get them, as is usual in a socialist society. Socialism means failure. That has been proven in many places.

"TRUTH IS HATE SPEECH": That's what the anti-gun fools want people to think, anyway. They are now saying that anybody who says criminals don't obey laws is spouting hate speech. There's one little problem with that: It's a LIE. They're trying to remove one of the truest statements in the "gun controversy." The FACT that criminals DON'T obey laws--ANY laws, doesn't seem to crack their stone-like skulls. Next, they'll come out with a statement that "no-gun zones" don't work is hate speech, too. Again, the problem is, it's a LIE.

UN PROVES USELESS: Again, the United Nations proves itself useless. They took a vote to condemn Trump's recognizing reality, that Jerusalem was Israel's capital and determined to move our embassy there. It was a big thing to the UN's many dictators, but nothing at all to the United States, and Nikky Haley, our ambassador, told them so in no uncertain terms. She told them their "exalted resolution" meant nothing at all, and that we, as a sovereign nation, would put our embassies where the hell we wanted, and they could "go to hell" with their "resolution." They are an expensive, toothless nothing, and our funding of them is on very shaky ground if they don't "shape up."

POLLS ARE PHONY: Most of the polls talked about by the liberal media are phony. they are designed in such a way as to make the fake news they wish to make. One of the most recent polls released, attempted to tell us that only 25% of the American people supported Donald Trump. How then, do they explain his overwhelming triumph in an election that was supposed to be "fixed" for Hillary to win? They purport to tell us that large corporations hate the American people generally, and their employees specifically. So what are all those bonuses and raises about?

Thursday, December 21, 2017

No, You're NOT!

California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom tells the NRA: "We're coming for your guns." Our answer: "No, you're not." Whether you like it or not, there is still a constitutional PROHIBITION on banning guns, ANYWHERE in the United States. That includes California, where every one of your anti-gun laws are UNCONSTITUTIONAL because each one is an INFRINGEMENT on the right of Americans to be armed for self defense, and will eventually be overturned. It's really too bad the Founders flubbed in not providing PUNISHMENT for politicians like you who knowingly make unconstitutional laws.

TODAY'S GUN SAVE: Anti-gun fools say it never happens. They say concealed carriers are more likely to shoot themselves than anybody else. They say that the average person carrying a gun NEVER is able to stop violence from being committed. They're WRONG. And today's “gun save” proves it, again: An Idaho woman saw a thug trying to break into her house and threatened him with a gun. He fled, and was captured trying to break into yet another house. Obviously didn't learn his lesson. He is now in jail. Proving yet again that the anti-gun fools have no idea what they're talking about, and that they get people killed with their ignorance.

TWO MAJOR DEMOCRAT LIES": The first one is that Trump's tax reduction will increase the national debt. It will NOT. There has never been a time when a tax reduction increased the national debt. Another is that a tax reduction reduces the amount of the "tax take." It does NOT. There has never been a (non-targeted) tax reduction that has reduced the tax "take." when Reagan did it, the "tax tke" almost DOUBLED. When both Clinton and Bush did it, the "tax take " INCREASED because the tax reduction spurred economic activity and created more income, therefore increased "tax take."

"TAX BREAK FOR RICH: Another Dumocrat LIE is that every tax cut for EVERYBODY (INCLUDING the rich) is always painted by Dumocrats as ONLY a "tax break for the rich." Yes, it is. But it is also a tax break for EVERYBODY. And the rich are entitled to a tax break commensurate with what they BRING to the economy. They bring more to the economy by their very efforts to make more money, so they are ENTITLED to a higher return, They also blandly tell us that "the rich don't pay their fair share," when the rich pay MOST of the income taxes paid. By the government's own figures, the top 1% pay 39% of taxes paid, according to the IRS. The IRS has no reason to lie about that, so you have to believe it.

TRUMP'S PERSONAL INSULTS: There are some people, even some of his supporters, who don't like it when Trump personally insults someone on Twitter. This is wrong. Liberals were also very insulting to George Bush, but he never answered. And they managed to make him a very low rated president. Something he did not deserve. Trump has decided that he will NOT accept their insults without a response, will not allow them to ruin his reputation without opposition, and he's right to do so. If the liberals are allowed to lie about him on a regular basis, he should be allowed to respond, in kind.

DEMOCRATS ARE FREAKED! Trump isn't failing! In fact, he's succeeding beyond our wildest dreams, in SPITE of all the impediments the Dumocrats have put in his way. We have had a string of record high closings in the stock market since January (when he was inaugurated), the unemployment numbers are also new records down, some of them the lowest numbers in the history of the United States. The number of new jobs are in the hundreds of thousands, in some places in the TWO hundred thousands. Manufacturers who have moved overseas are coming back, and some who have said they were moving overseas now say they are NOT.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: The Dumocrats are nothing but obstructionists. They do everything they can to obstruct things that are good for Americans. You'd think more Dumocrat dupes would start to see through them after a while and stop voting for them , but that seems to be too much to expect.... Another one goes down. Julian Assange's lawyer, who promised to reveal a "career ending fact" about Hillary Clinton was killed by a commuter train. It was quickly ruled suicide, But did anybody ask if he had REASON to take his life? There are way too many people dying just before revealing something damaging about a Clinton. Both of them.... They really think they can do it. The UN is taking a vote to "rescind" Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. Like they have the right to say ANYTHING
about it....

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

It's An Obvious Scam

Just before the Alabama election that sent the first Dumocrat to the Senate in years, somebody (unnamed, of course) sent word of a sexual misconduct allegation against Dumocrat Chuckie Schumer. Then, almost before the ink was dry in the newspapers, the accuser comes forward, saying it wasn't true. That the whole thing was phony. Good of her. I wish other so-called "accusers" would do likewise, particularly on the Republican side. I'm sure they're there. This is not to say that ALL the accusations are not true. It IS to say there are way too many of them for all of them to be true. And the level of proof is way too low.

CONSTITUTIONAL ENFORCEMENT: We need to establish an organization charged with enforcing the Constitution. This will not apply to the citizens. It will apply to the POLITICIANS who knowingly pass unconstitutional laws and enforce them until DECLARED unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, or even a lesser court. The problem now is that the Founders screwed up. They thought just the fact that unconstitutional laws could be nullified by the courts, that that was enough. It is NOT. And the damage to reputations, businesses, and LIVES done by those unconstitutional laws remains long after they are declared unconstitutional because unconstitutional laws can be enforced for YEARS until the courts move--and the courts are notoriously slow in doing their job.

HE "LIKELY" DID IT: The liberal media sprinkles many words in its "fake news" reports. words such as "likely" that they think absolve them of blame when their "reports" are proven false. But those words are designed to be ignored by the reader. such as the word, "likely" in the report about a mass shooting, where the killer is described as "likely" to have gotten his guns through "private sales," at a gun show, one of their "bugaboos." They SAY that would absolve him of the necessity of submitting to a background check, which would have revealed a previous felony conviction, and disallowed the sale of his guns. But that's a typical anti-gun fool LIE. Gun sales at gun shows DO require background checks.

THEY'RE SCARED TO DEATH" Have you been wondering why there is so MUCH opposition to Donald Trump as president? Most of it comes from the liberals, who CREATED the problems that would, if allowed to continue, destroy this nation, physically and financially. The rest comes from their dupes, some of whom are in the GOP. Trump promised to "drain the swamp" in DC, and he is proceeding to do just that. and that scares the "swamp dwellers" to death. They're sorely afraid he is going to destroy their little swindles and schemes--and he will, given time. He has already made a significant amount of progress, and many swamp dwellers no longer dwell there.

ANTI-GUN FOOL CRACKS: All the time they come out with their statements that tell us just how IGNORANT they are. One of the latest is this one: "Republicans only want reciprocity because they want more people to die." That's almost as ignorant a crack as Rep. Peelosi's crack that,"We must pass the (Obamacare) bill to find out what's in it." I can't believe such ignorant people are in charge of making laws for the rest of us. They fervently believe that CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws, will somehow OBEY the laws they make. And they're surprised when they do not.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Question: have the Dumocrats EVER passed a tax cut? Not one of those "targeted" tax cuts they use to control what we do. A no holds barred, no "conditions" tax cut for EVERYBODY?.... Ignorant Chicago politicians want the UN to "occupy" their city and "fight gun violence." They actually think that would work. It would be funny if it weren't so stupid. What would work is putting all gang members in jail for life.... It's ignorant, and hideous. But it's something dictators do. Kim Jong Un made his people go out in the cold to "mourn" the death of his daddy, who was a dictator in N. Korea before him. I'm sure only fools would mourn such a man, but he insists. Or they're dead. It's really sickening to see bunches of people screaming at the sky, much like our "snowflakes." But ours do it willingly. His only do it on orders....