Friday, May 31, 2013

Targeting Enemies

Gibson Guitar was raided by military-looking guys with guns drawn because they used the wrong wood; a CIVIL problem, NOT A criminal ONE. But the company’s owner was a big Republican supporter. So Obama’s thugs rushed them. That raid was massive overkill. They could have straightened this out with a letter. Not a “raid,” and shutting them down for a month, costing them $MILLIONS in legal fees and lost business. All because they contributed to Republicans. This is becoming a PATTERN in the Obama administration and needs to be STOPPED. They’ll be raiding my house next.

PRESS DISAPPOINTS HOLDER: He invited them to an “off the record” meeting so he could “spin” his recent actions (in the IRS and Fast & Furious) while they could not report a word that was said nor anything that happened. Not surprisingly, all but two refused to come under those conditions. Fox and AP were the first to refuse. I don't know what the purpose of such a meeting would be if they couldn't report ANYTHING from it.

WHAT’S THE WORST SCANDAL TODAY? Benghazi NUMBER ONE; IRS number two and the press scandal number THREE. Many people put the IRS scandal first, but that’s WRONG. Nobody died in the IRS scandal. It was just about people’s money and Obama using the IRS to harass his “enemies.” I think, like columnist Charles Krauthammer, the basic scandal in Benghazi has yet to be discovered, and it’s going to be disastrous for Obama.

“COMPLETE CONFIDENCE IN HOLDER”: That’s what Obama says. But I’ve heard that song before, usually just before somebody like Holder is asked to resign (so he can keep his severance package). That’s what I expect to happen in this case, too, because Holder is becoming way too much of a liability to Obama—and Obama is not known for “standing behind his people” when it might hurt him; and Holder has way too much baggage.

“I NEVER INTENDED TO PROSECUTE ROSEN”: That’s what AG Holder says. And like most of what he says, that’s a LIE. If he had no intention to prosecute Rosen, why did he devote the time and money to get court authorization to confiscate his phone and e-mail records? (They just want to find out who his sources are) Damn, it amazes me how STUPID people like Holder think we are! I guess they think we’re as stupid as they are.

THE NAPOLEONIC CODE: The big problem about that woman who was arrested on a bogus drug charge in Mexico is that she COULD have been held INDEFINITELY without being charged. Under the Napoleonic Code, which rules in Mexico, you’re “guilty until proven innocent.” Meaning they don’t have to prove you guilty. Their word is enough. You have to prove your INNOCENCE. the good news is they finally succumbed to the pressure and released her today (at this writing).

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gibson Guitar Case Makes Sense Now

Gibson was an early victim of Obama’s war against Republican businesses, Go after them for using “illegal wood,” cost them a LOT of money not only to defend themselves, but also to throw away all their wood and buy new; then do it again after they think they’re “home free.” The IRS going directly after conservative organizations is just a continuation of that. They raided them with automatic weapons!

“ONLY GUILTY OF WORSHIPPING ALLAH”: That’s one of the signs displayed by a Muslim in a demonstration but it’s a lie. That particular Muslim might be telling the truth, but too many Muslims want to KILL people for NOT “worshipping Allah” the exact same way they do. Killing “Infidels” is right in the Koran. They’re good at ignoring facts that are against them and condemning people for doing what THEY do.

KILLING THE CANCER: Obama thinks we are winning the war on terror, because his “drone” policy has killed the “ringleaders” of the terrorists several times. But “cutting off the cancer” each time it grows doesn’t “kill the cancer.” It only prolongs it. They only replace those “leaders” and go right on killing us. We need to “kill off” the whole IDEA of killing “Infidels” who don’t believe the exact same way they do and make it untenable. Useless to them. Either that or make the whole idea something they can NOT accomplish so they’ll stop trying.

Glenn Beck collected trucksful (most of which he paid for) of needed materials and was there, in Oklahoma, almost before the tornado had disappeared in the distance. Then he and his listeners (you know, those conservatives “who don’t care about people”) raised a $MILLION AND A HALF dollars for Oklahoma in ONE DAY. Usually something like this would be at the TOP of the news. But not when Glenn Beck does it. When he does it the media gives a “collective yawn” and runs a story about a homeless man who send in $5.

KILL TERRORISTS BUT CAN’T FIRE IRS PEOPLE: They asked Lois Lerner, the “architect” of the plan to “target” any organization that SOUNDED like it was conservative, to resign. She refused. So they gave her a paid vacation and promoted her boss instead. Do you see anything wrong here? Obama can KILL people SUSPECTED of being terrorists but he can’t fire a government employee who is CLEARLY in violation of the law! Damn! What a screwed-up system we have!. Made worse by screwed up politicians.

DO WE HATE WOMEN? Notice that the two people who are under scrutiny at the IRS for “targeting” conservative groups for harassment are WOMEN. Next, liberals will be saying we’re only “going after” them BECAUSE they’re women, and Americans hate women. Of course, that ignores the fact that these women held high posts in the IRS, where they made more than $100.000.00 a year. If we “hate women,” how did THAT happen? Just like if we hate blacks, how did Obama get elected president; TWICE?

“TAKEOVER” OF EDUCATION: The basic idea presented to push “Common Core” sounds good. But the DETAILS of the law tell me it is a “TAKEOVER” of the schools while pushing parents OUT of the equation. To the point where they don't even have the right to see their children's text books! “Common Core” is “The camel’s nose under the tent” and soon we’ll be OUT of the tent and the camel will be inside.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Holder Personally Did It!

It has been found that AG Holder personally signed off on the request for a search warrant for Fox News’s James Rosen’s phone and e-mail records. Which means when he earlier said he didn’t, he LIED. Obama obviously wants to have a “chilling effect” on the news media AND whistleblowers. When asked how many requests for search warrants on reporters he has approved, he “couldn’t remember.” Surprise, surprise! This guy either has the worst memory of any top administration figure ever, or he’s LYING. I favor the latter, rather than the former.

OBAMA: WAR IS OVER: Obama has unilaterally declared the “war in Afghanistan is over.” Never mind Taliban splinter groups are still sniping at us and blowing people up all over Afghanistan. Yes, bin Laden is dead (the question remains with intelligent people over whether Obama’s forces did it or George Bush’s “bunker buster bombs” did it years ago), but his death does not mean the “war is over.” A war is NEVER over until the enemy stops shooting at you—and they haven’t. To say it is, shows Obama’s stupidity and cowardice (or incompetence). Again.

THAT DOESN’T MAKE IT RIGHT: A Senator backed by the “Tea Parties” (Sen. Mike Lee, UT) railed against “back-room deals” and Senator McCain, the (Republican?) former presidential candidate, attempted to “school” him, saying, “That’s how we’ve been doing it for a long time.” He intimated that Lee needed to learn how things got done on Washington. I don’t know if Lee “schooled” McCain about the need to CHANGE how things got done in Washington, but he should have.

“SILLY, LAUGHABLE JOKE!” That’s what Howard Dean, failed Democrat presidential candidate, said about the “Benghazi scandal.” Is this guy that big a FOOL? I guess it’s a good thing we were smart enough to reject him as president because he has several times proven he’s not too bright. It’s NOT a “silly, laughable joke” to the families of the four people KILLED by Obama’s incompetence and indifference. Maybe he needs to be the subject of just such a “silly, laughable joke.” Then he might take it seriously.

NO RESPECT DESERVED: I hate watching people accord Obama the “respect” usually due a sitting president, because he doesn’t rate it. Respect, in my mind, must be EARNED; and Obama hasn’t done ANYTHING to deserve ANY respect, at all. Some people say to “respect the office if not the man.” But I don’t agree. If the man in the office doesn’t deserve respect, I will give him NONE. That’s just the way I am.

BARRED FROM IT: We have complete freedom of the press without “reasonable restrictions” (as they claim about the Second Amendment and gun ownership). Thus, the government should NOT have the power to take records of newspeople’s activity legally. To confiscate their e-mail and phone records DEFIES their ability to protect their sources and leaves those sources liable to being discovered in the course of events. Government should be BARRED from such actions by law.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

IRS Abuses Rights Then Claims Them

The IRS is one of the worst abusers of human rights in America, but the witch in charge of the unit that “targeted” Tea Parties and other “right-leaning” groups refuses to answer questions from Congress by asserting her FIFTH AMENDMENT rights. She refused to resign, then was given a "paid vacation." How STUPID that is! Damn, the fools running this government are incompetent!

“STRONG INDICATION IT’S TERRORISM”: In Great Britain, the Prime Minister says the on-duty Army soldier who was stabbed to death on the street was probably terrorism. What was his first clue? That the stabbers were screaming “Allahu Akbar?” Or the killer "giving interviews" to passers-by saying so?

HICKENPOOPER CHICKENS OUT:  Nathan Dunlap, who MURDERED four people in a “Chucky Cheese” restaurant a LONG time ago, had his death sentence delayed by a governor with no backbone. No gonads. Governor Hickenlooper decided to delay it until he was out of office, leaving it to the next governor. What a way to “kick the can down the road.” Colorado murderers have now learned that they will most likely NOT get the death penalty when they kill people in Colorado. Or the governor will delay it for the next governor to decide.

NATIONAL DEBT ROSE 7 TIMES FASTER THAN EARNINGS: That means Obama spent our money SEVEN TIMES FASTER than we earned it. That means he is pushing us toward FINANCIAL DISASTER seven times faster than we can earn money. When is anybody with gonads going to notice and DO something about this? Damn! Are we going to let this fool BREAK us?

“DON’T KNOW IF IT WAS POLITICAL”: The new Director of the IRS says he STILL DOESN’T KNOW if the practice of “targeting” conservative groups was, or was not political! How STUPID is he? Does Obama PURPOSELY appoint ignorant people to high office? It sure LOOKS that way! If he STILL can’t see what an “average guy” like me can easily see, he has NO BUSINESS being “in charge” of the IRS! He should FIRE that witch, Lois Lerner NOW! She will obviously use whatever office she has to hassle conservatives any way she can. Obama could hire “Yosemite Sam” and do better.

APPLE PAID $60 MILLION IN TAXES! I’m getting tired of hearing LIES such as the one that Apple paid NO taxes. They paid almost 20% of ALL TAXES PAID! They LEGALLY avoided some, which we ALL do. Strop LYING about them, liberals! It's LEGAL to only pay taxes that are due.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Tired of the LIES!

Obama and the rest of his “gang of thieves” keep telling the LIE that “the rich do not pay their fair share” of taxes. That’s a BALD-FACED LIE! They pay 86% of ALL income taxes paid, along with all the other taxes they owe on all levels! Damn! What a FOOL we have in the White House! And in most of the other high government offices that are filled by liberals.

A “TISSUE OF LIES!” Today’s government is run by a veritable ARMY of liars. You can’t depend on what ANY of them say to be the truth. Obama first; he would rather lie when the truth would serve better. Lois Lerner lied before Congress, but because she didn’t go into specifics they can’t pin it on her. His press flack lies to reporters every day. Whenever a “government official” goes on the “weekend shows,” you can count on them to lie. It breaks my BS meter.

OBAMA STILL WANTS TO CLOSE GITMO: But there’s no other place to keep the murderers we capture on the field of battle. We can’t just let them go and close the doors, and we can’t bring them into the United States and give them the rights of Americans. We’ve already “lost” 2,000 of the ones who came in illegally. We’re playing right into the hands of Islamic terrorists. I know Obama doesn’t like me to use that term, but I don’t give a damn what Obama likes.

CHUTZPAH AWARD: Obama is unquestioningly entitled to the “chutzpah award” for NOT firing the woman in charge ot the IRS division that “targeted” conservative groups who applied for tax-free status by demanding the answers to a MULTITUDE of inane questions that could not even be answered, but PROMOTING her to head the new division he started to RUN his health care swindle law.

LERNER GETS PAID VACATION: Lois Lerner, the IRS (witch) who testified in her own defense before Congress, then cut off cross examination by citing the Fifth Amendment and refused to answer ANY questions, has had her entire summer vacation paid for by the government by being put on “paid administrative leave” (otherwise known as an extra long “paid vacation”). One can but entertain the forlorn hope that this just MIGHT lead to further disciplinary action.

OBAMA SURRENDERS TO ISLAM: In his latest speech (lasting well over an hour) he said we “need to reduce” our military presence in the Middle East. If that’s not a “surrender speech,” I don’t know what it is. He’s slowly letting the Muslim terrorists win while they murder more and more Americans. Wake UP, America!

MORE UNASKED CONCESSIONS: Unmanned drones, which are responsible for killing most of the (enemy) terrorist leadership, are being “cut back” by ‘presidential order'.” His lackeys are now saying the “terrorist war” is “winding down,” which it is NOT. With these developments, it will only increase.

CLOSING GITMO STUPID! Obama has once again raised the possibility of closing the terrorist prison at Guantanamo, Cuba. What he figures to replace it with, I don’t know. He has already sent many of its denizens back home to swell the ranks of terrorists on the ground, big time, on a “case-by-case” basis. He has allowed 2,000 illegally-entered terrorists to escape by giving them new names not on any “no-fly” or any other kind of list and has no idea where they went. What ELSE is he going to do to make the terrorists’ job easier?

Saturday, May 25, 2013

He "Dint Know!"

According to Obama, he “dint know” anything about ANY of the scandals now plaguing his administration. Do you believe that crap? I don’t. If his staff knew about them and didn’t inform him, they’re criminally incompetent and need to be fired, forthwith. If he knew and did nothing, HE needs to be fired (impeached).  He brags about “knowing more about things than his staff” but he doesn’t. He’s full of that stinky brown stuff. But then, we knew that, didn’t we?

SARAH ALWAYS SAYS IT RIGHT: You can always depend on Sarah Palin to come up with the right thing to say and the right way to say it. She recently commented on “global warming” while showing picture of record Alaska snow storms, saying, “Global warming, my gluteus maximus!” She never “minces words.” Unlike most politicians, she says what she THINKS. That’s one reason why I like her.

I guess so they can build some more swimming pools, workout centers and saunas so the terrorists can stay healthy and enjoy themselves. Maybe a few new big-screen television sets for each cell. Whatever it takes to make them as comfortable as possible. Yup. Maybe a few toasters with radios inside.

CRIMINALS ARE WINNING: Because we’re broke after spending all our money on “giveaway programs” for deadbeats. The criminals are now armed with AR-15s. In Longmont, Colorado, a cop shot it out with a man ARMED with an AR-15 and all he has was his handgun. The criminal had an AR-15 and the cop STILL put him down with nothing but a handgun. This is NOT an “anti-gun rant.” It’s an “anti-incompetence rant.” Our incompetent politicos spend all our money on giveaway programs and have nothing left to use in fighting crime! Damn!

BEAR KILLED IN COLORADO: The poor guy was just trying to find something to eat. He was found having breakfast on one woman’s lawn after breaking into her house and ”wildlife officials” killed him because “he posed a threat.” What about INDIVIDUALS who kill bears in self-defense and are PUNISHED by the same “wildlife officials?” Incomprehensible bureaucratic stupidity!

HE’LL DIE OF DUMB: A Longmont, Colorado cop pulled a man over because his headlights were not on. He got out and started shooting at the cop with an AR-15. The cop got out and shot him three times with his handgun. Which proves the number of bullets doesn’t matter; it’s where they land. The shooter is in the hospital, having been hit THREE times. The cop was unhit, having been missed by TWELVE bullets. If this guy dies, it will be from STUPID and incompetence.

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Lies Keep Coming

Obama’s press flack has been caught in so many lies lately that even his “mostly compliant” press now refuses to believe ANYTHING her says. He tells a different version of Obama’s actions on Benghazi and other scandals every day. So the media waits to see what “version” of the “facts” he is going to tell today. I feel sorry for the guy, being responsible for the chief LYING job in Washington. Nobody will ever believe him about ANYTHING again.

DO AS WE SAY, NOT AS WE DO: Congress gave the IRS a deadline to produce all the paperwork regarding its “crackdown on” (the targeting of) right-wing groups and they missed it. In fact, they didn’t do it, at all. If I missed a filing deadline they demanded, what would happen to me? IRS people think they're above the law, and mostly they ARE. But not this time.

JAMES ROSEN CASE IS A FARCE: Going after the e-mail and phone records of a top-rated and well-known Fox News reporter is not only STUPID, it’s a farce. They even said in their affidavit that for him to know he was “under investigation” might make him  “flight risk.” Flight from WHAT? It’s not illegal to ask questions of “government officials.” It’s his JOB. What kind of ignorant bureaucrat had the idea to do this to “chill out” reporters?

STEPS TO A DICTATORSHIP: “Cracking down” on the press is one step toward a dictatorship, and Obama is taking it. In preparation for changing this country from a free country into a dictatorship, he is now “cracking down” on the ONE main cable news source that refuses to cover up his lies and scams. Before that he did a planned foray into AP’s e-mails and phone records (which he doesn’t need) so he could SAY he’s doing it to both sides. I’m sure he told AP what he was doing and why so they wouldn’t REALLY get upset while “crying crocodile tears” over his “attack” on THEM.

RETALIATORY IRS AUDITS: They’re not only TARGETING “right-wing groups” for special scrutiny when they apply for tax exempt status, they’re making special RETALIATORY AUDITS of groups with “right-wing” indicators in their names that don’t even ASK for tax exempt status. They’re also doing it to people who donate large amounts to Republicans, hoping to “dry up” donations to Republicans in the future. It ain’t agonna work. That’ll only make Republicans mad and they’ll even donate more. I know I would.

ARMED FEDS "GUARD" TEA PARTY RALLY: The “Tea Party” must be such a violent organization that Obama needs to send armed thugs (DHS Agents) out to make sure they stay peaceful, which he does. The only problem is, they have NEVER demonstrated ANY violent tendencies, as the “Occupy” crowd HAVE. Where are the “armed thugs” at THEIR gatherings (Is it like AG Holder refusing to prosecute “his friends” when black thugs showed up at a polling place during an election?)? Their racism is so obvious only STUPID PEOPLE deny it.

IMPLAUSIBLE ANSWERS: The press asks all kinds of damning questions and the answers they get are as IMPLAUSIBLE as they could be; but they accept them without comment and go on. He gives answers like “It’s Rush Limbaugh’s fault” or “It’s George Bush’s fault, or “it’s the Republicans’ fault. They make no comment and go on to the next question. It SOUNDS like they’re doing a proper investigation, but they’re not. They’re just “going through the motions.”

Thursday, May 23, 2013

"Don't You DARE Say That!"

Obama wants you to believe that the three scandals plaguing his administration today (not to mention all the others that get less press) are “just politics.” Obama, DON’T YOU DARE minimize the deaths of those people and the effects of those other scandals by calling them “just politics!” You’re a DAMNED FOOL if you think ANYBODY with any intelligence is going to buy that crap. But then, you're a FOOL anyway.

THEY’RE NOT “CONSPIRACY THEORIES!” Obama’s proxies are trying to paint the main three scandals as “conspiracy theories.” But they’re NOT. They HAPPENED. And he needs to EXPLAIN himself. The longer he delays, the worse it’s going to get. It’s NOT going to “go away” until he does. If he thinks they will, he’s a FOOL.

“UNEXPLAINED STANDSTILL IN GLOBAL WARMING”: It’s not “unexplained” to people with INTELLIGENCE. Global warming has not been happening since 1998 and maybe before that. Global Warming is a HOAX. That’s the explanation. Now it’s not happening, they’re afraid of something ELSE. They’ve always got something to worry about, no matter what happens. I remember years ago when they were worried about “the coming ice age.” They think us “old timers” don’t remember that.

SWEAR TO TELL TRUTH, THEN LIE: The (former) head of the IRS testified before Congress the other day. He swore to tell the truth, then lied through his teeth, as top government officials ALWAYS do when “testifying” before Congress. If they told the truth, Obama would be so busy appointing new ones (if he was still around), he wouldn’t be able to steal as much from us. Obama did it, Hillary did it, Holder did it, and I can’t remember the names of all the others who did it. “I don’t remember” or “I don’t know” are favorite excuses.

AM I CYNICAL? By my definition of the word, I AM. My definition is this: “Having seen it before, I am therefore not in the least surprised to see it again.” Under that definition, I AM “cynical.” People like Obama and his “gang of thieves” use the same tactics over and over and they think we don’t remember. Some of us do; but apparently not enough to scotch their scams; yet.

IT’S GETTING CREEPY, FOLKS! They’re demanding e-mail and phone records of AP reporters AND of Fox News reporters trying to find their sources. If they’re doing it to big outfits like AP and Fox, when will they get to me? And what will they do when (not IF) I refuse to “knuckle under” to them? If I ever just “disappear” from view, you’ll know they got me.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Press Should Apologize to Rice

Bob Scheiffer asked the Obama staffer, Bob Pfeiffer, “Why am I talking to you? Why not to your boss? Is he/she afraid to come on these shows and answer pertinent questions about this administration’s incomprehensibly STUPID handling of Benghazi? Pfeiffer said the news media should APOLOGIZE to UN Ambassador Rice for the things they said about her. Why? Because they asked her pertinent questions after she LIED to them? He also tried to blame the Republicans for Benghazi. Do they purposely choose the most STUPID staffers to go on those talk shows? It must be hard to choose.

OBAMA “INVESTIGATING” FOX NEWS: They’re “investigating” the normal activity of reporters trying to learn information to do a story as possible “criminal activity.” Somebody ought to tell Obama not to “investigate” people who buy ink and paper by the ton. The media is one of Obama’s best friends. They let him get away with murder. He’d better not antagonize them.

WHY WON’T THEY ANSWER QUESTIONS? Why did they try and blame the “Benghazi incident” on a little-known video when they KNEW at the time it was a terrorist attack? Why did UN Ambassador Rice go on five (count ‘em) FIVE talk shows the next weekend and LIE to the American people? Why did they not question Hillary until AFTER she was no longer Secretary of State? And why did Congress let her get away with that really pathetically STUPID answer, “What does it matter?” There are MANY still unanswered questions today as they try to “sweep it under the rug. It’s really OBVIOUS it’s a cover-up, but nobody will admit it.

WHAT A BIG LOAD! The IRS says that the release of right-winger’s information to a Soros-financed liberal media outlet was “inadvertent” and “unintentional.” That’s the biggest bunch of bullsh-t they’ve ever tried to feed us, and that’s a really high standard to achieve! You don’t let that kind of stuff go “accidentally.” Do they really think we’ll BELIEVE this crap? Damn! They really think we’re STUPID! That makes THEM stupid.

MORE BILLSH-T: Obama is suggesting that Benghazi (where four people were murdered while he went to bed). The IRS scandal, and the “AP phone scandal” are “just politics.” If that’s so the Jody Arias murder case is “just politics.” Call it politics if you want to cheapen it, but ALL THREE SCANDALS are REAL and will have an effect on your administration, fool! Damn! These people really think we’re STUPID! (Didn’t I just SAY that?)

TIRED OF BEING “PLAYED”: I’m really getting tired of being “played for a fool” by the Obama administration. The American people are a lot smarter than Obama and his crowd think, if they’d just start PAYING ATTENTION to what he’s doing to them. It’s people not paying attention to what their “leaders: are doing to them that resulted in Hitler and the Nazis and Lenin and the communists. Wake up, people!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Don't Come After My E-mails!

Frankly, I’m tired of Obama assuming powers he doesn’t have. Subpoenaing e-mails and phone calls of reporters while “investigating” reporters trying to find a story IS illegal, no matter how many bureaucrats say it is “irrelevant.” That tells me it won’t be long before they come after people like me. That’s when I WILL become a criminal (by their definition) because I will NOT give it to them. First of all, I don’t keep e-mails and, if I did, I wouldn’t give them to them. If they want to put me in prison they’ll have to feed me. Meanwhile they can stick it up their tailpipe.

A METHOD TO HIS MADNESS: Obama knows when he attempts to intimidate people who donate significant amounts of money to his competition the word is going to get out. He wants it to. What better way to intimidate ALL potential donaters to other people’s campaigns and therefore reduce the amount of money his competitors can collect? The same goal is there in his new campaign against his friends in the media. Go after the reporters who try to find out info and soon they won’t work so hard, knowing they’re going to be “targeted” sooner or later.

INTIMIDATION: Now Obama’s government is bugging reporter’s e-mails and soon that will “dry up” tips given to reporters to “upset Obama’s applecart. When reporters no longer get such tips, they can hardly do their jobs. That’s one reason he is hitting Fox so hard, since they are the ONE major news source that actually tells the truth about him and his schemes. They’re making “everyday journalism” into a crime. This effectively scares other reporters into not doing likewise. The reason he went after AP is so he could claim he's going after both sides.

REMEMBER GIBSON GUITARS? Obama went after them for using the wrong wood and cost them a BUNDLE. Both in what it cost to defend themselves, AND in having to throw away thousands of dollars’ worth of wood and buy more. The owner of this company is a Republican (surprise, surprise!). Remember when a BUNCH of GM dealerships were ordered closed? They were owned by Republicans (surprise again!). And I’m sure these are just two instances of Obama’s “war on Republicans,” everywhere.

WILL OBAMA IGNORE OKLAHOMA? The governor said Obama “kept every one of his promises” to people in Connecticut after the disaster there. Then why are many people STILL without relief? Did he “get to” this governor? Why then, are his words denied by what is actually happening—or NOT happening? Is he going to promise help for Oklahoma victims, then go off on another “fund-raising (for himself) mission: somewhere else in the world, spending money that could have been used there? Why do we have a president for whom we must ask such questions?

OBAMA WELCOMES OKLAHOMA: He welcomes it because that means for a few days he won’t have to manufacture a panic or disaster to keep us “occupied” while he rapes us? He’s a great believer in Rahm Emmanuel’s theory that “You should never let a good disaster go to waste.” He’s even willing to start a scandal that, if it gets out of hand, could mean disaster for HIM, such as the IRS scandal. But he’s confident (arrogant) he can “handle it” while it becomes the “shiny thing” that occupies our attention and keeps it off Benghazi.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Five Months Before!

The White House staff knew there was an audit of the IRS in progress to determine if the IRS was targeting right-wing organizations for special harassment FIVE MONTHS BEFORE THE ELECTION! What a bunch of BOOBS we have in Washington! A good example of the STUPIDITY in Washington is senior staffer Dan Pheiffer, who flatly said, “The law is irrelevant.” Damn! I’ve run out of words to describe such STUPIDITY and INCOMPETENCE.  He later said the usual, “I was taken out of context,” which explains NOTHING. The law is NEVER irrelevant. Only to such FOOLS as Pheiffer does it seem so

WHAT DOES IT TAKE? What does it take to wake enough people up to the STUPIDITY and INCOMPETENCE in Washington to get RID of the STUPID PEOPLE now running this government? When a top staffer says, “The law is irrelevant,” he shows his complete STUPIDITY, ARROGANCE and INCOMPETENCE and NOBODY running things in Washington will either SAY anything about it, or DO anything about it, because they AGREE!

AWWW, POOR BABY! One school in Canada is now BANNING the celebration of Mother’s AND Father’s Day. Why? “Because some kids might be sad.” I guess we don’t want one or two kids to be sad, so we make THOUSANDS of other kids “sad.” So-called “school officials are a special breed of STUPID; and they prove it every day with things like this.

AUDITED FOR GIVING MONEY TO ROMNEY: The instance of “targeting” right-wingers is not an isolated instance. It’s Obama government policy, no matter how much he screams it isn’t The CEO of one company that gave Romney a lot of money was audited for the first time in his life. He owed NOTHING. But it cost him $80,000.00 to fight the audit. I’m expecting my audit any time. As soon as they get down to me; maybe my not having any money for them to steal is keeping them at bay.

NOT SO SLOW ANY MORE: The government has been slowly taking away our rights over the years. But since Obama has been “in power” it’s not so slow any more. The removal of our rights has sped up tremendously and I’m not even sure I (I’m 74) won’t live long enough to see the “takeover” complete. Damn stupid people who vote people in to “keep the goodies coming” while ignoring everything else.

WHEN ARE WE GOING TO DO SOMETHING? Benghazi happened “a long time ago” as Obama and his “gang of thieves” keep telling us. Then why hasn’t ANYTHING been done in response? The NEWS MEDIA found the guy who planned and executed the raid that killed four of our embassy people including the ambassador sipping a latte in a restaurant. But our intelligence people can’t seem to find him. And they don't even ASK the media to help. Instead they “go after” them.

COLD BEER ILLEGAL: Even Republicans do stupid things: In Indiana (my home state), which is mostly run by Republicans, they are banning the selling of cold beer in convenience stores. It’s supposed to promote sobriety. But the same stores can sell cold WINE, which has TWICE the alcohol content as does beer. If I were a beer drinker I’d be incensed. Since I’m not, I’m only irritated. This tends to cost jobs, but politicians (on both sides) don’t give a damn about that.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Are We A Racist Country?

Why then, do we have a black (his choice) president? And why do we have so many black congressmen and women, and senators? Why are there so many black (and female black) bureaucrats in the government, at all levels? If we’re so racist, why is this? Every time I look at the television while some “newsperson” is interviewing a high-ranking congressman, congresswoman, senator, or bureaucrat, he./she is black most of the time. How can this BE if we’re so racist? I think it’s just the result of Obama and his crowd calling everybody who disagrees with him a racist. We are NOT a racist country, but Obama and his crowd ARE racists and are using labeling us as racist to stifle opposition..

IS OBAMA A MUSLIM EXTREMIST? I know they’re going to call me a “conspiracy theorist” when I notice that Obama has worked HARD to make it easy for Islamic terrorists to get into this country by REFUSING to enforce the immigration laws, even to the extent of SUING state governments that insist he does. Meanwhile, he lets them go by the THOUSANDS, gives them new names without putting those names on ANY lists, and loses track of them. At the same time, THOUSANDS come in to be students and never show up at their schools while nobody notices. What would YOU think?

BEING A “CONSPIRACY THEORIST”: There’s a difference between a “conspiracy theorist” and someone who SEES things in somebody’s performance that others (who pay no attention) do not see. Such as Obama’s penchant for doing many things to help Islamic terrorists get into this country easier, while not being noticed. I don’t “see a conspiracy” in everything; only a FEW things while looking with my eyes open at the things Obama does that make it easier for Islamic terrorists to come here and “get lost” by the THOUSANDS so as to undermine us from within. What do YOU think?

“FAVORITE WORDS” IN WASHINGTON”: “I don’t know.” “I’m not aware of that.” “I don’t remember.” Nobody told me that,” or “What difference does it make?” and “That’s old news.” And many other words like them. Like George Stephanopolous’s “Lying to his own journal.” There’s nothing new in this. It has been happening ever since corruption in government began (a long time ago). As long as government workers are corrupt, they will try to cover it up and we’ll keep hearing excuses like this. And that’s not a “conspiracy,” it’s simple common sense when you pay attention.

“AN AUDIT, NOT AN INVESTIGATION”: Imagine my amazement when I heard a FOX NEWS reporter say, about the IRS audit that uncovered their “targeting” right-wing organizations for excess scrutiny and demanding the answers to questions they had no business asking before granting tax-free status they had no problem granting to similar LEFT-wing organizations (including one run by Obama’s half-brother whose status was made RETROACIVE to keep him from going to jail) was NOT an “investigation.” What IS an audit but an investigation? I think this reporter fell for the Washington scam of redefining words to suit themselves.

HOLDER LIES AGAIN: He says he “had no knowledge” of the “AP phone records confiscation.” That IS a lie. Such a thing as that REQUIRES the signature of the Attorney General for it to happen at all. For him to attempt to say he “knew not” what was happening is a blatant LIE and for him to think we’d buy it makes him a DAMN FOOL. It’s just one more example of how deep in the corruption he is.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fart in A Whirlwind

That’s how you can describe the “sequestration cuts” on the federal government. In fact, it’s worse than that; they aren’t “cuts” at all. They’re merely REDUCTIONS in the amount of INCREASES, and they are MINISCULE compared with what this government spends every day. It’s like taking a QUARTER away from someone who has $200,000.00! That’s what Obama doesn’t tell you as he ORDERS huge cuts in needed services; services that are VERY visible and are guaranteed to frighten people into being AGAINST any “cuts” in the future.

FIRED? DON’T MAKE ME PUKE! The woman in charge of the IRS’s division that “singled out” conservative groups to delay them from getting tax-free status, but not doing the same for liberal groups, and “fast-tracking” Obama’s half-brother for the same was FIRED. No, she wasn’t; she was removed from her position by being PROMOTED the division that will RUN Obama’s “Obamacare” system. Does anybody know ANY way to “rein in” this fool? This "Fool" being Obama.

WHAT DOES HE KNOW? Obama and his “gang of thieves” in Washington DON’T KNOW who gave the “stand down” order (they say) in the Benghazi killings; nobody knows the name of the person who gave the order to “harass” right-wing groups on their tax exempt status (they say). They “don’t know” anything about ANY of the current “scandals (they say).” What DO they know? NOTHING; they’re completely incompetent—all of them. So why not get rid of them?

WHEN IS SOMEBODY GOING TO DO SOMETHING? There are more “scandals” going on at one time than ever before in an administration, but nobody—NOBODY (of any consequence) is talking about getting RID of this FOOL in the White House (and his "gang of thieves"). Are they blind, deaf, and dumb in Washington? What’s it going to take to wake them up? I can’t even say they’ll wake up when somebody DIES. Four people have ALREADY died because of Obama’s incompetence and mishandling of the situation. Not to even MENTION his (and his accomplices) LYING about it afterwards. That shows his INDIFFERENCE to those deaths.

THE “IRS SCANDAL”: Obama’s people “leaked” the IRS scandal to take the world’s attention off his miserable performance in the Benghazi scandal, but I think he “screwed up,” big time, By doing it. People are even more enraged by the IRS “taking sides” than they are about the people MURDERED in Benghazi while trhe president slept blissfully unaware of what was going on. The IRS scandal is getting bigger by the day, and is in danger of getting “out of control.” It shows the “atmosphere” in Washington where “underlings” have no fear of retribution when they do such things. They’re pretty sure Obama will protect them. They’re wrong; Obama will “throw them under the bus” in a minute if it’s to his advantage to do so.

LESSON; DON’T PUT YOUR VICTIM IN THE CLOSET: He’s likely to come out of the closet shooting if that’s where he keeps his guns. That’s what happened one day in Texas when three guys invaded a man’s home and beat him up, then put him in the closet--which happened to be where he kept his guns. He shot one and the others may be still RUNNING. Why anyone would be so stupid as to do a home invasion in Texas, I don’t know. That’s almost as stupid as trying it in a gun store. The last guy who did looks like Swiss cheese now.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Is He Black, Or White?

Obama seems to be fixated on his “blackness” so he can call ANYBODY who merely DISAGREES with him racist. But he’s as much white as he is black. So why does he insist on being black? So he can USE that to label his opponents racist (He will call ME racist for this post). And in so doing has made race relations in this country much worse than they EVER were before he started "fanning the flames" of racism that HAD BEEN no longer as bad as it had been.

HIS HALF BROTHER GETS TAX EXEMPT STATUS RETROACTIVELY: Who? Obama, that’s who. And it was made retroactive because he had been ILLEGALLY collecting money for years and Obama wanted to “legalize” it so his half-brother would not go to jail. Forget retroactive laws are unconstitutional. They’ve ALL been ignoring that for longer than I can remember.

YOU GOT IT WRONG, GLENN: In “The Blaze,” they said, “What we need is not good government, but effective government.” That’s WRONG! Ineffective government is the only thing that has SAVED us from COMPLETE collapse. Thank God for incompetent government people. If they were more competent, we’d be completely lost. It's fortunate they're only good at getting elected.

HANDLING ONLINE DATING SCAMS: My advice—don’t.  There is a proliferation of online dating scams out there, and most of them look very good; as one reporter (female) found out when she investigated one that came her way, A supposed “handsome soldier” wanted to be her boyfriend and (surprise, surprise!) needed some money, soon! but it turned out that picture of a handsome soldier was a phony, stolen off the Internet, and the IP address from which it came was in Nigeria. She knew in advance it was a scam so she didn’t fall for it. But the key was the “need for money” early in a “romance.” If he “needs money,” forget it.

THE “NEED FOR ROMANCE”: That’s what online scammers take advantage of ubiquitously. They steal pictures of “beautiful people” off the Internet and try to suck you in, though they might, themselves, be a fat, 50-yrear-old guy and ugly as a fence post. I get such promotions by the dozens, every day in my e-mail. And I AM an old, fat, man no young, cute girl would want to have an affair with. Most are prostitution scams, but others will soon show themselves to be money scams. IGNORE them, as I do, and you’ll never be “taken to the cleaners.” Some are just “fisching” schemes to get your private information. NEVER give that out to people you don’t know, or to people to whom you didn’t initiate the contact.

THEY SOUND SO REAL! I get scam e-mails every day and some sound so real they make me want to do something (but I never do). Like the one that came in the other day telling me that if I didn’t “confirm” my personal information” immediately, I’d lose my e-mail (something I’ve had for many years). Frankly, if my e-mail provider didn’t already have my info, there’s something wrong. And they NEVER ask me to “confirm” my personal information randomly and NEVER by e-mail. But such solicitations look so REAL, they fool a lot of people. NEVER fall for them. If they tell you you’re going to lose something, “go around” them and inquire at the source. One such scam tells me I should “click on a link to reopen my e-mail client.” But the link doesn’t go to my e-mail provider; it just LOOKS that way. If I do, they then have everything, including my password. I usually go to my usual URL to re-open my e-mail. A URL I KNOW is real. NEVER go to a URL they specify.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Is He Black, or White?

Obama seems to be fixated on his “blackness” so he can call ANYBODY who merely DISAGREES with him racist. But he’s as much white as he is black. So why does he insist on being black? So he can USE that to label his opponents racist. And in so doing has made race relations in this country much worse than they EVER were before he started "fanning the flames" of racism that WAS no longer as bad as it had been.

HIS HALF BROTHER GETS TAX EXEMPT STATUS RETROACTIVELY: Who? Obama, that’s who. And it was made retroactive because he had been ILLEGALLY collecting money for years and Obama wanted to “legalize” it so his step brothere would not go to jail. Forget retroactive laws are unconstitutional. They’ve ALL been ignoring that for longer than I can remember.

YOU GOT IT WRONG, GLENN: In “The Blaze,” they said, “What we need is not good government, but effective government.” That’s WRONG! Ineffective government is the only thing that has SAVED us from COMPLETE collapse. Thank God for incompetent government people. If they were more competent, we’d be completely lost.

HANDLING ONLINE DATING SCAMS: My advice—don’t.  There is a proliferation of online dating scams out there, and most of them look very good; as one reporter (female) found out when she investigated one that came her way. A supposed “handsome soldier wanted to be her “boyfriend” and (surprise, surprise!) needed some money, soon! but it turned out that picture of a handsome soldier was a phony, stolen off the Internet, and the IP address from which it came was in Nigeria. She knew in advance it was a scam so she didn’t fall for it. But the key was the “need for money” early in a “romance.” If he “needs money,” forget it.

That’s what online scammers take advantage of ubiquitously. They steal pictures of “beautiful people” off the Internet and try to suck you in, though they might, themselves, be a fat, 50-yrear-old guy and ugly as a fence post. I get such promotions by the dozens, every day in my e-mail; and I AM an old, fat, man no young, cute girl would want to have an affair with. Most are prostitution scams, but others will soon show themselves to be money scams. IGNORE them, as I do, and you’ll never be “taken to the cleaners.” Some are just “fisching” schemes to get your private information. NEVER give that out to people you don’t know, or to people to whom you didn’t initiate the contact.

I get scam e-mails every day and some sound so real they make me want to do something (but I never do). Like the one that came in the other day telling me that if I didn’t “confirm” my personal information” immediately (by giving it to them), I’d lose my e-mail (something I’ve had for many years). Frankly, if my e-mail provider didn’t already have my info, there’s something wrong. And they NEVER ask me to “confirm” my personal information randomly, and NOT by e-mail). But such solicitations look so REAL, they fool a lot of people. NEVER fall for them. If they tell you you’re going to lose something, “go around” them and inquire at the source. One such scam tells me I should “click on a link to reopen my e-mail client. But the link doesn’t go to my e-mail provider; it just LOOKS that way. If I do, they then have everything, including my password. I usually go to my usual URL to re-open my e-mail. A URL I KNOW is real. NEVER go to a URL they specify.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

IRS Boss Is A Liar!

I know saying this will probably get me an audit, but I’m going to say it, anyway. He sat there, in a hearing before Congress, and told a BIG lie (under oath, but that’s nothing new) when he said he could assure them he didn’t know what was happening when his “underlings” (probably under his orders) singled out organizations with words in their names that indicated they were “right wing.” Three years later (while many left-leaning organizations have had their applications approved within four months) they’re still waiting. “Underlings” don’t do such blatantly political things without orders from “on high.” Like most of Obama’s “gang of thieves,” he’s looking them right in the eye and lying.

IT’S A “LOW-LEVEL EMPLOYEE”: It’s always a “low-level employee” whom they then fire (throw under the bus), thinking that solves their problem. That’s what the IRS said when asked who, in the IRS singled out “right-wing” organizations for  intimidation and delaying tactics, while asking them questions they should NEVER ask, such as, “Is anybody in your organization or in their families planning to run for office soon?” That’s NOT their business and they have no business asking such questions, EVER; from ANYBODY.

BOHNER: “WHO’S GOING TO JAIL?” The question is about those responsible for the IRS scandal. The answer is, “Nobody of importance.” One or two low-level employees” they call “rogue employees” will be thrown under the bus and they’ll go on, as if nothing happened, even though this has been going on for YEARS.

WE LEARN MORE AND MORE EACH DAY: The “IRS scandal is NOT just giving “right-wingers” a hard time. They asked probing questions and sent the information they got to a KNOWN left-wing organization, who used it to attack those right-wing organizations in the last (Obama’s) election. Who do you think gave them the idea?

PRETTY SOON THE SCANDALS WILL BE “TOO MUCH”: Obama’s thugs are going “hog-wild” and breaking the law right and left (so to speak), figuring Obama will protect them. And they’re wrong; if Obama sees himself in danger, he’ll “throw them under the bus” in a minute, without compunction.

THEY’RE ALL RACISTS: The people giving Obama a hard time over the multiple scandals he’s having to deal with right now are just racists who want to get rid of that “black man” we “mistakenly” elected president. He doesn’t answer the questions raised; he just calls the raisers racist. His system is so transparent it isn’t even working any more. But he and his accomplices are too stupid to realize that.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Liberals Don't Know Any Better

Does it tell you anything about voters that former Gov. Sanford (who was forced out of office in disgrace for his sexual liaison with a woman other than his wife) was elected to Congress? It’s their stupidity that resulted in Clinton being re-elected president in spite of his being UNABLE to keep it in his pants and their IGNORANCE of Obama’s determination to make this into a COLLECTIVIST (socialist) nation for him being re-elected president despite his COMPLICITY in the MURDERS of four embassy personnel  by Islamic terrorists in Libya.

WE’RE NEVER GOING TO SOLVE BENGHAZI: Not as long as our own government (in the persons of Barack Obama and his “gang of thieves”) block every effort to do so, threaten and demote survivors if they testify truthfully before the investigating committee, and LIE about it continually. Maybe 100 years in the future we may find out, after all the guilty people (Including Obama and his “gang of thieves”) are dead.

“TALK IT UP”: Obama is ordering his department heads to “talk up” his health care swindle law when they give their commencement speeches. I guess he thinks that’s a good way to con the kids into liking it He’s tried every other way, including changing the text books we use to “condition” our kids. It’s pretty bad when you have to sneak up” on people to con them into liking your plans.

IS RUSH STILL RELEVANT? That’s a question liberals are asking, trying valiantly to minimize his influence. But sorry folks; it ain’t agonna work. Rush will ALWAYS be relevant as long as socialists (Democrats) are trying to rip us off for everything we have. And they'll never stop.

WILL OBAMA SURVIVE BANGHAZI? Probably; because he controls both the media AND the machinery of his own prosecution. As long as he is alive and “in control,” don’t expect any SERIOUS efforts to punish him for letting four of his employees die while BEGGING for help that never came while his “accomplices” refused to send it though it WAS “close enough” to have made a difference. For not properly investigating it and LYING to us about it.

HOW MANY DOES IT TAKE? How many scandals does it take to unseat this president? He has allowed the IRS to TARGET any organization with “Tea Party”, “Patriot” or anything else that indicates it’s one of his enemies in its name. He allowed FOUR of his diplomats to DIE while crying valiantly for help that never came. He let the IRS “confiscate” thousands of Associated Press communications, which is yet ANOTHER violation of the Constitution. All at the same time. What the hell does it TAKE? Damn!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Hillary Wants Benghazi to Go Away

So does Obama, but for different reasons. Hillary wants it to “go away” because all the lies she told will hinder her effort to run for president in 2016. Obama wants it to go away because it could just end up causing him to be the SECOND Democrat president to be impeached in a row. This time it could mean he would be removed from office and all his plans to become our socialist dictator would be ruined while he is forced to return to Chicago in disgrace, to be “lorded over” by his former chief of staff who is now mayor there.

WE SHOULD “MOVE ON”: That’s a common wish for corrupt Democrat politicians who have been caught with their  “pants down.” They wish we would just “forget about” their crimes. Their problem is that with most of us, our memories aren’t as short as they wish they were. That’s why they keep saying Benghazi, where they callously allowed four of our embassy personnel to be MURDERED and lied about it for weeks after. Now they say “It happened a long time ago.” They hope we’ll forget it; but the families of those people who were MURDERED won’t let us.

BILL MAHER IS STUPID! He says he “still doesn’t know what the scandal is in Benghazi.” What? Is he THAT stupid? Does he not know that FOUR people were KILLED, due to Obama’s INCOMPETENCE and that Obama and his “accomplices” (Hillary and the rest) lied through their teeth about the cause, even to the extent of JAILING a man on trumped-up charges to support their lies? What does it take to wake up this simpleton?

Obama says, “You’re already benefiting from Obamacare, you just may not know it (you're that stupid).” Does he really think we’re that stupid? I notice he does not give us any DETAILS as to just HOW we’re “benefiting. That’s because he can’t, and he really thinks just SAYING that will suffice to convince us we are when we’re NOT. This is how he CONS us.

NEWTOWN: “TEAR DOWN SCHOOL”: Residents of Newtown, CT want to tear down the school where a man came in and murdered a bunch of children and some adults. As if tearing it down and building something new at tremendous cost will help them forget what happened there. It won’t, and spending that amount of money to tear down a perfectly good school is the act of fools.

IN TROUBLE FOR SPEAKING SPANISH: A player spoke Spanish during a tennis match and got in trouble. Why? Apparently that match was supposed to be “English only.” Where the hell do the organizers get off trying to tell ANYBODY what language they can speak? It would be just as bad for them to have the gall to specify SPANISH only. They need to stop trying to control what others do or say. I’d bet they’re liberals.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Calling It "Politics"

The Obama administration (his accomplices) is calling the investigation into the Benghazi murders “a political witch hunt” in order to minimize it so they won’t have to answer the tough questions the Republicans are asking about it. Why just Republicans if it is NOT “politics?” Because nobody else will; certainly not Democrats. They’d be punished if they did. Hillary tried to minimize it by asking, “What difference does it make now?” But that was about as STUPID as Nancy Peelosi saying, “We need to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” They’re CONNING us, folks! Wake up!

CHILD SUSPENDED FOR POINTING PENCIL, MAKING GUN NOISES: School “official” says, “A pencil becomes a weapon when pointed at somebody.” How stupid is this broad, anyway. When a pencil is pointed at another child by a child making gun noises, it’s TOY. Even if this stupid broad doesn’t realize it. And don’t take me to task for calling her a “broad.” The description fits and I don’t recognize “political correctness.”

IRS "TARGETS" TEA PARTIES: This was admitted by an IRS employee and the policy changed. She apologized, and her boss DENIED it five times on talk shows. He’ll probably trump up some reason to fire or demote her as soon as everybody forgets this. That’s how they operate in the IRS.

OBAMA GIVES WAIVERS TO HIS FRIENDS: Obama KNOWS his health care swindle law is onerous and completely unaffordable to business, so he’s giving out wholesale WAIVERS to his friends who ask for them. Doesn’t this tell you ANYTHING?

FLORIST REFUSES TO SERVICE SAME SEX COUPLE WEDDING: Is he/she right? Does that florist have the right to refuse their business? YES! Absolutely! That florist has the right to refuse to do business with ANYONE, for ANY reason, or NO reason. Yes, you might call it racism or intolerance. But he/she has that RIGHT. That gay couple also has rights; not to FORCE that florist to service them, but to GO ELSEWHERE and give their business to somebody ELSE. Of course, they’ll call me intolerant for this, but that’s how liberals operate to CONTROL what I do or say. But that’s nothing new. I’ve been called MANY names for disagreeing with fools.

CRIMINALS IN WASHINGTON: Obama and his “gang of thieves” are working HARD to cover up their COMPLICITY in the MURDERS of four innocent people by Islamic terrorists (that they refuse to admit exist) in Benghazi, Libya. They’re threatening the survivors if they testify before the committee set up to investigate this crime and demoting them if they do—and I don’t know what else. Those are the actions of CRIMINALS, not responsible people.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Govt Reading Your E-Mails?

They say no. But I don’t believe them, mostly because I don’t believe ANYTHING these liars say. They’re fools to think we believe their protestations that they aren’t breaking the law. Obama openly violates the law AND the Constitution daily. Why should I believe him OR his thugs on ANYTHING?

CUSTODIAN SUES SCHOOL FOR INJURY: This isn’t all of it. This custodian is Hispanic and cannot read or speak English. He’s suing because he was injured due to not being able to read English. He says himself that, “If I could speak English I wouldn’t have the troubles I have.” Then why doesn’t he LEARN to speak English? Sounds to me as if ALL his troubles, including what he’s suing for now are of HIS OWN MAKING. The school is NOT responsible and if the judge has any intelligence at all, he will throw this suit out. He’ll call me racist for this, but he’s stupid.

JUST DUMP HIM WITH THE REST OF THE TRASH: Liberals are whining about not being able to find a place to bury the Boston bomber. I don’t see the problem; we send our trash to South Carolina and they take anything we send. So send him there with the rest of the trash.

BENGHAZI TALKING POINTS “SCRUBBED”: They were scrubbed of every reference to Islamic terrorism, just like the rest of government papers. Obama wants to promote the LIE that he “beat” the Islamic terrorists, so government papers could not have ANY references to them. Obama works HARD to implement his LIES and protect them

OBAMA: ” GLOBAL WARMING DOUBTERS CRAZY “: This tells me a lot about Obama. If he really BELIEVES the bullsh-t about global warming, he’s stupid. If he doesn’t, and still promotes if, he’s dishonest. Either way, he has no business being president, whether he’s dishonest or STUPID. And calling :”non-believers” in this hoax “crazy” doesn’t change things. Global warming, whatever they call it now, is a hoax; a con. Invented by AlGore to make millions.

GUN CRIMES DOWN: So anti-gun crazies are now saying that “since gun crimes are down, you don’t ’need’ a gun.” There’s that word again “need.” What they don’t tell you is the reason gun crimes are down is because there are more guns in the hands of honest people.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Imam Wants to Die

Radical Egyptian cleric Qaradarawi says, “Our whole ambition is to die on the path to Allah.” If that’s true, I’d be happy to help him on his way. That’s as much of a lie as the rest of the bullsh-t they spout. They don’t want to die; they just want to kill everybody who doesn’t believe exactly the same way they do. The people they call Infidels. If he really wants to die, I’ll be happy to help him on his way.

CALLING OUT A COP: A 12-yuear-old kid “called out” a motorcycle cop in Vegas for parking on the sidewalk to get a bottle of pop. He asked for the cop’s badge number and the cop refused to give it (which is illegal) and just rode away. He asked the kid if he was a “junior lawyer,” which was a smart-assed remark. Vegas police say he is no longer with them so there will be no investigation of this event. If he’s no longer with them, why is he wearing that uniform and riding a police motorcycle? I’d think that alone would require an investigation. Not about his parking on the sidewalk, but why he was illegally wearing that uniform and riding a police motorcycle

COVERING UP BENGHAZI: No, I’m not talking about OBAMA covering up Benghazi, I’m talking about the liberal (used to be) news media covering it up. They heard the same words I did as the survivors testified, but did not report them. Instead they talked about them “politicizing” Benghazi. That way they could MINIMIZE it and reinforce Hillary’s opinion that it just DIDN’T MATTER that four people died.

IS THE FIGHT OVER? The anti-gun crazies who lost in their efforts to further limit our right to have and carry the means to self defense have pledged that the fight to DISARM all Americans is NOT over. They will bring it up again and again until they “wear us down” so that the only people who have guns will be the criminals who don’t OBEY laws. Is that a surprise?

FIRE CARNEY? I would say Obama should fire his press flack, except for one thing. He’s doing just what Obama wants him to do, and if, for some reason he DID fire Carney, he’d just hire another expert liar to replace him as he did when his previous press flack quit. His predecessor was also a good liar, but I think he just got tired of lying for Obama and quit.

DEMOTED FOR QUESTIONING RICE: Gregory Hicks, former deputy chief of mission (second only to the ambassador) in Benghazi, Libya, questioned UN Ambassador Susan Rice’s lie about the cause of the Benghazi killings and was immediately DEMOTED and told NOT to say any more about it. I’ll be watching to see what happens to him after his damning testimony.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

"It Happened A Long Time Ago"

That’s the excuse Obama and his crowd are putting forth now to avoid answering tough questions about Benghazi. As if that made a difference and absolved them of the responsibility for their actions; actions that resulted the DEATH of an ambassador and three other people after the administration REFUSED to send help. Meanwhile they are STILL blaming Bush for their own incompetent actions—and that was even LONGER ago. Do they really think we don’t notice things like that? How STUPID are they?

WITNESS BLOCKED FROM TESTIFYING: The fourth witness that was scheduled to testify before Congress the other day was blocked from doing so by having his (or her) clearance reduced. Meanwhile, the Obama administration is doing everything it can to DISCREDIT all the witnesses. Does that tell you anything? It tells me Obama is AFRAID of what these witnesses are saying and WILL say—in public. It couldn’t be clearer to anybody who is paying attention. But way too many AREN'T paying attention.

ADMIN. WITNESSES TALK A LOT, SAY NOTHING: I’m listening to witnesses from the administration making 50,000 word essays saying nothing. Each one is making a “presentation” that is meaningless and just wastes time. The witnesses who were there (in Benghazi) were very emotional and what they said, if there are any politicians with GUTS left in Washington, would cause impeachment procedures to be instituted against Obama and treason charges against Hillary Clinton.

He was taken to a hospital run by the very people who were running the attack on the embassy and embassy personnel didn’t know whether or not they were being drawn into a trap so they stayed away and were still subjected to a mortar attack.

SEQUESTER CUTS HIT SENIORS: What a bunch of horsesh-t! There ARE no “sequester cuts.” Any “cuts” because of the “sequester” are cuts SPECIFICALLY ORDERED by Obama and LABELED “sequester cuts” to make it LOOK like the “sequester” is at fault, and DESIGNED to make somebody SUFFER while BLAMING the “sequester” for it. This is one of the biggest CONS our there, and it is ENGINEERED by Barack Obama to make us AFRAID to cut ANY taxes in the future.

MEDIA’S COLLECTIVE YAWN: They heard the same words I heard when three embassy personnel who were THERE testified that Obama and Hillary REFUSED to send help that WAS close enough to help them and then LIED about it for weeks afterward. They ignored the words and posted inane headlines like “Benghazi hearing stirs up controversy” instead of reporting factually. It is becoming ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that the liberal media will NEVER tell the truth about any scandal in which Obama is involved.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Obama Lies Again! (Surprise, surprise!)

Of course, that’s not news; Obama lies every time he opens his mouth. He doesn’t know HOW to tell the truth. Now he says he “is not familiar” with anybody telling Benghazi survivors to “keep shut.” Knowing him, it’s news if he ever tells the truth; about ANYTHING. But he has been working so hard to confuse the issue and obfuscate things about the Benghazi killings that happened while he went to bed that night, that NOBODY is surprised his administration is telling the survivors to keep their mouths shut. What’s surprising is that they’re DOING it (Update: they aren't any longer.).

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (who is supposed to be a conservative) is still saying Obama “kept all his promises” to New Jersey people after Hurricane Sandy. Why then, are MANY people STILL without homes while others are LOSING what’s left of their homes to “eminent domain?” People who only want to profit from the misfortune of others are “condemning” (with the help of the government) entire TOWNS. This is the kind of “help” Obama is offering, and Gov. Christie is STILL saying he “kept all his promises.” Is Christie STUPID? Or is he as CROOKED as Obama?

HOW DOES HE DO IT? Knowing how “leaky” Washington is, it amazes me that NOBODY who was an actual WITNESS to what happened in Benghazi has opened his mouth in spite of “orders” from Obama to “keep shut.” Usually there are all kinds of leaks in such situations. But here, not a peep. Did he threaten them with death if they said anything? I don’t know. I just know hearing NOTHING from the Benghazi survivors goes completely against the grain of what usually happens in Washington.

KEEP YOUR PROMISES: Every parent (well, most of them, anyway) knows if you promise something to your children if they do something (good or bad) you need to KEEP that promise or your credibility goes out the window. The same thing is true for a president who promises to intervene if a country uses “chemical weapons” on his people and he doesn’t, immediately starting to “waffle” on his promise when they do, as Obama is doing with Assad’s use of them in his war against his citizens in Syria. Assad now knows he can do what he wants without opposition from Obama as long as he keeps his use of them “questionable.”

PETA IS OUTRAGED: A 17-year-old kid punched a soccer ref for giving him a “yellow card” during a game and the ref died. That kid must have  helluva punch. The kid is going to be tried in an adult court for the death. Meanwhile, Gov. Chris Christie killed a spider that crawled up on a table next to his hand and is in all kinds of “hot water” with PETA. Seems to me PETA doesn’t have enough to do if it’s all worried about the death of one spider. Maybe Christie should apologize to the spider’s family. But I suspect he’d mash any of them who got close to him. I know I would. Or the spider would bite him. The spider doesn't care about PETA. I say to PETA, “ptooo.”

OBAMA IS PROUD OF IT! He even BRAGGED about it to the Mexicans during the stupid speech he gave in Mexico. But he didn’t say, in so many words, that most of them were sold at the ORDERS of the U. S. government (meaning himself) so he could say that. What kind of a FOOL is this guy? Does he really think he can violate the law with impunity? I guess he does, since he does it every day. Damn, what a corrupt FOOL!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nobody Told That Judge to Intervene

We all wondered WHO gave the order for that judge to come to the hospital where the FBI was questioning the Boston Bomber “suspect” and “read him his rights.” She did it on her own. Moreover, she has Muslim connections of her own. Was that why she blocked the interrogation? Did her Muslim Brotherhood friends tell her to sabotage the questioning?

So anything they learn by it isn’t able to be used in court. Who cares? We have enough evidence already to convict this b-tthole 20 times over. But we DO need to know everything he knows to keep others from doing similar things. So why did they stop?

The MOTHER of the older son who did the Boston Marathon bombing, from all appearances, “RADICALIZED” her own son and was, herself, under “investigation” in Chechnya for radical statements. It isn’t known whether or not she ACTIVELY plotted with him (yet) and could, herself, face charges for her actions. If she did, she can be charged.

LIAR, THIEF: Liberals whine about conservatives calling Obama a liar and a thief, while he steals from us every day. They say it’s WRONG to call the president a liar and a thief, completely ignoring the fact that they called BUSH a liar and a thief every day of his two terms. The difference is that WE can provide evidence of specific lies and thievery, while they can’t provide proof of ANYTHING.

IT’S LIKE THE MAFIA RUNNING THE GOVERNMENT: Only it’s worse than that, because nobody realizes what they’re doing. People like me, who PAY ATTENTION to what they’re doing, know it, but the vast majority of current voters don’t. Meanwhile they rob and kill us and we don’t even realize it because they’re so good at hiding what they’re doing.

EVERY 90 SECONDS: Darla Dawald says “Every 90 seconds Planned Parenthood aborts a life.” I say, “Every 90 seconds Planned Parenthood MURDERS an innocent unborn (and sometimes just born) infant.” It’s all in the interpretation, though I’m sure she’ll agree with me that abortion for the parent’s convenience is MURDER.

WE DECIDE WHAT WE “NEED”: Liberals are now asking us if we “need” certain things, like a 30-round clip while minimizing the whole question by saying, “You don’t NEED a 30-round clip to go hunting.” First of all, it’s NOT ABOUT hunting. It’s about SELF-DEFENSE, which is something liberals just don’t understand. And they don’t get to DICTATE what we NEED.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Making My Point on Guns

Liberals are making a great point of emphasizing the fact that the guns the Boston bombers were using in shooting at cops were not legally obtained. Which is exactly the point I have been making for a long time that people like these have no trouble getting the guns they use to kill innocent people and do other crimes. Gun laws, the way liberals make them, DO NOT WORK to keep guns out of the hands of criminals; only honest people.

RICHARD FALK SHOULD BE REMOVED: He is “professor emeritus” at Princeton University and a member of the UN’s Human rights Council and is STUPID. He’s not smart enough to hold those positions and be well-paid for that when he says (among other stupid things) that Bostonians “got what was coming to them.” Because of America’s policies and actions. He has been rebuked by the UN before, but needs to be REMOVED. We should remove funding for anything in which he is involved.

BLAMING AMERICA: People like Professor (emeritus) Richard Falk, member of the UN’s Human Rights Council, say “America got what it earned” (paraphrased) because they killed innocent people with their drones. “Collateral damage” is INEVITABLE in any war, and we are at war with an enemy who lives among, and plans its atrocities among Muslim neighborhoods to GUARANTEE that if they are attacked, there WILL be collateral damage We do not kill innocents willingly; Islamic terrorists DO. They’re like those who strapped innocent children to the front of their tanks when attacking.

PARENTS SAY BOMBERS WERE “SET UP”: And I’m not surprised. They’re BOTH Muslim extremists. Maybe they haven’t yet DONE any extremist actions (the parents), but if you listen to what they SAY, you will know HOW their sons became “radicalized,.” We need to go into THEIR backgrounds and find out if they HAVE ever taken part in terrorist activities. The MOTHER, especially. Other questions: did they know about the attack their sons were planning? Did they HELP in that planning AND the execution?

BOSTON BOMBERS ON WELFARE: Why? They were certainly able-bodied. Why were they ABLE to get welfare? Why are able-bodied people able to come here and immediately go on welfare and live for TEN YEARS as welfare recipients (while having enough money to visit Russia for six months)? I can's fford to do that, and I'm not on Welfare.

WE NEED TO CHANGE OUR DEFINITION OF SECOND AMENDMENT: That’s what one government official has said. Murder is up all over the world. Should we “change our definition” of MURDER? Why the HELL should we “change our definition” of the Second Amendment, except to recognize it for what it IS, supporting the right for us to HAVE guns for SELF-DEFENSE?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Liberals Hate "Tea Parties"

 Mostly because the Tea Parties have ideas that will WORK, and are RIGHT, and they have no answers for them. So they ignore the DETAILS of their programs and just call them nasty names. That’s their “modus operandi.” Ignore the details their opponents put forward and just call them names for putting them forward.

SORRY ABOUT THAT: My computer went down last Thursday and the loaner they gave me didn’t have an operating system on it, which cost me  another day. Then I had trouble getting on my blog dashboards, which cost me yet another day. I finally got everything to work (somewhat) so I can post again.

THE TEN ROUND MYTH: On the laws they’re trying to pass limiting gun magazines to ten rounds, I have one things to say: “When CRIMINALS limit themselves to ten rounds, maybe we can talk about limiting MYSELF to ten rounds. The problem with the “gun laws” irresponsible politicians propose is that they don’t take into account the fact that CRIMINALS don’t obey laws.  They call it “hate” when we so much as DISAGREE with them and say so.

PUNISHED FOR SELF DEFENSE: A man shot and killed a bear that confronted him in his own back yard (in Massachusetts, of course, where damnfool  LIBERALS run things) and was arrested and charged with a crime for doing it. I guess he should have just let that bear KILL him and stay out of trouble. They charged him with every chickensh-t charge they could think of, from having an outdated gun license for his shotgun (on his own property) to having more than 50 pounds of birdseed and “bating” the bear.

IT DOESN’T TAKE A GUN: In Texas, 8 people were attacked with KNIVES (some say 14) and cops have made ONE arrest. In Texas, they have “easier” gun laws so more people can carry their guns to defend themselves. But this was in a SCHOOL, where federal law may BAN the carrying of guns on campus for everybody except cops. The same thing that led to the DEATHS of the parents one licensed to carry woman who couldn’t take her gun into a restaurant when an ILLEGALLY armed man came in and started shooting. Had she been allowed to take her gun in the restaurant, she could have "taken him out" before he could kill many people.

You can always tell when something relatively serious has happened when 4,000 police cars respond. That happened in Texas when up to 14 people were STABBED by yet another crazy. An aerial look at the school’s parking lot revealed that almost EVERY possible parking space was occupied by a police car and some were parked haphazardly (as usual) when they ran out of empty parking spaces. How many cops does it take to collar ONE suspect in a multi-stabbing? This is so common (for every cop in town to respond) that no one (but me) even thinks anything is wrong.

ONE GUN: In the hands of one student (who are all responsible adults) could have made the difference when ONE MAN started stabbing people randomly. But of course, ALL schools are “no gun zones,” which tells the would-be killer he won’t be opposed by anybody with a gun, which is an INVITATION to people who want to commit mass murder. One man who tried it in a gun store is now dead from stupidity.