Saturday, April 30, 2011

Are the Feds STUPID?

No, not really. They just think WE are. And that we don’t have the power to stop them from imposing their “flights of fancy” upon us. Well, I’m here to tell them we ARE strong enough to stop them when enough people wake up and pay attention to their thievery, then vote them out.

OBAMA LOSING THE IRAQ WAR: AND the war in Afghanistan. We were well on the way winning both wars (had ALREADY won both wars) when Obama took over as president. the policies he instituted have cost us the lives of many soldiers and caused us to lose a lot of ground in both wars. Just as liberals lost the war in Viet Nam by making bad policy, so Obama is doing the same.

“REDISTRIBUTE WEALTH”: That’s a “code word” for socialism and communism. It means the THEFT of money EARNED by people willing and able to work and EARN it, and GIVING it to those who are not. Reality is, nobody has the RIGHT to take that earned by one man and give it to another. It's theft. That’s what socialism and communism IS. And Obama is promoting that. Wake UP, America!

That is the motto that should be adopted by the Tea Parties and all others opposing Obama’s drive to make this into “Soviet America. The liberals keep accusing us of wanting to take things from people, but it is the LIBERALS who want to do this.

KHADDAFI’S SON KILLED? I hope it’s true, not because I have anything against him, except the accident of his birth as Khaddafi’s son. I hope Khaddafi is miserable tonight, with the war that started to rid this country of him has killed his son and several of his grandchildren,

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS--OUR ENEMY: Political correctness is just a way to shut people like me up by stopping me from using certain words. I don’t buy it. I will decide which words to use, not some nameless, faceless liberal who only wants to shut up critics.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Am I A Racist?

Liberals equate disagreeing with Obama on ANYTHING with being a racist. I disagree with him on almost EVERYTHING. Does that make me a racist? Not a chance. I judge EVERYBODY as INDIVIDUALS. That cannot BE racism. The liberals use this dodge to avoid arguing the issues on their merits.

$125 BILLION INCOMPETENCE: The current government has LOST $125 BILLION DOLLARS, which is only a 16% INCREASE over last year. The people running this government cannot competently handle money, and they’re proving it, every day. Why do we keep allowing them to take it from us?

THE “GREEDY BANKERS”: Obama talks a lot about the “greedy bankers,” except two: Fannie and Freddie; the “greediest bankers” out there. Why? Because both are government owned and operated, and they use them as “safety valves” to buy up all those bad mortgages created by the “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976” that FORCED lenders to loan money to people they KNEW could not repay the money—a recipe for economic disaster if I ever saw one, and they CREATED the economic disaster we are now suffering to get Democrats elected and take over the government in a “bloodless coup.”

NO ISLAMIC TERRORISTS: Obama (the smartest man ever to be president, Democrats say) either doesn’t have the intelligence to figure out there are Islamic terrorists who want to KILL us because we don’t believe the same exact way they do, or he is working in concert with them to advance his scheme to make this into a socialist country.

“EDITED” NEWS: Democrat William Jefferson got 18 years in prison for corruption and taking bribes. Did you see anything about it in the liberal news media? Not a peep. But if a REPUBLICAN had gotten a prison term it would be the lead story for weeks.

WHAT’D WE HIRE THEM FOR? One congressman scoffed at the idea that he should READ a 2,000 page document before voting it into law. What the hell does he think we ELECTED him to do? Sit on his butt in his office and collect his money?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama Releases Birth Record

Well, FINALLY! Why did he wait 2-1/2 years and spend millions of dollars in taxpayer funds to fight it? Is there something on it he doesn’t want us to see and it took him this long to get it changed? He released it because the polls showed he was losing ground on the issue. Except for eligibility factors, it doesn’t make a difference if he is a citizen or not. He was born to communist parents, and he is a KNOWN socialist who is trying to make this a socialist country. For that, alone, I want to see him GONE.

OBAMA’S BIRTH CERTIFICATE FALSE: His father’s “race” is given ad “African.” There is no such race. Africa is a continent, not a race. This “Document” is obviously “ponied up” trying to fool us further. They obviously think we are imbeciles. the very use of the term "African" for his father's race tells me it was written TODAY, not in the sixties when that term was not in use to describe a black man.

ENFORCING SHARIA LAW IN THE US: The Imam who wants to build a mosque almost on TOP of the site of Muslims killing 3,000 Americans now wants to have someone appointed to sit “beside” judges to enforce Sharia Law on Americans. This will NOT be. I will fight this to my dying breath, even if Muslims are responsible for my death

GET RID OF THE LAW: Obama and his cronies talk a lot about “ways to solve the economy problem,” but the solution is simple: get rid of the law (The Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976) that caused it all in the first place. Democrats were able to “take over” the government in a “bloodless coup” when they shut down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which bought up all the “toxic mortgages: created by that law that FORCED lenders to loan money to people who could not repay them. They’re back in business now, with unlimited money as long as Democrats are in power.

REMEMBER THE GULF OIL CRISIS? That oil rig that blew up and caused it was given a “clean bill of health” by Obama’s inspectors just a few months before it blew up. Did money change hands? Were any “favors” given? I know that didn’t EXPECT the rig to blow up.

HEALTH INSURANCE IS A PROBLEM: It is a problem because people cannot afford it. Making having health insurance MANDATORY doesn’t change the fact that people cannot afford it. If people can’t afford it, they can’t afford it; threatening them with fines and even jail terms won’t change that. It’s typical liberal thinking.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NOT an Inflation Cause!

This Democrat administration would have you believe that the “wage-price spiral” CAUSES inflation. WRONG! Inflation has a SINGLE CAUSE; it is the government printing money with nothing valuable behind it and putting that money into circulation. They also want you to believe that high oil prices are a major cause of inflation. WRONG AGAIN! High oil prices are, like the wage and price spiral, a SYMPTOM of inflation—NOT the cause! They really think we’re STUPID.

“KNOW’M SAYIN’?” I was sitting in a restaurant eating breakfast when a man started talking on a cell phone right behind me. Ordinarily that wouldn’t be a problem for me, but this guy used the term, “Know’m Sayin?” fourteen times in fifteen seconds during that phone call. Just hearing him say that wouldn’t be a problem either, except that many times is irritating. To the person to whom he’s talking, it is an insult, as if that person were too stupid to understand what he’s saying. If you do that, STOP IT! You’re grating on many people’s nerves and you probably don’t even realize you’re doing it. Know’M Sayin’?

TAKE AWAY THE KEYS: Somebody needs to take the keys to the Treasury's printing presses away from Fed Chairman Brenanke and Barack Obama, and put some intelligent people in charge there if they keep it open at all (which I don’t recommend). All the “stimulus” programs have done is give Obama a “slush fund” he can use to reward his friends. The Fed “buying up” our debt hasn’t done anything but make the stock market rise a little, but which hasn’t done a thing to reduce joblessness and other symptoms of recession. C’mawn, people! DO something to stop these thieves!

OBAMA “INVESTIGATING” HIMSELF: Of course, he won’t admit that as he mounts his “investigation” to see what the cause of the high oil prices is. It’s HIM and the rest of the politicians in Washington! It is the policies of this government for most of the last fifty years NOT to allow oil drilling in our own territory, while at the same time making it very difficult to build a new oil refinery, PLUS printing money by the BILLIONS of dollars with nothing valuable behind it. This is CRIMINAL action and should be punished. Will it ever be? Doubtful.

WHERE’S OUR CHURCHILL? Churchill was, like Glenn Beck, called “crazy” when he tried to warn us against Hitler and the Nazis. Beck will be proved right, as Churchill was, as time goes on. I just hope it is in time. I don’t want to live under a socialist or communist government, and I don’t want my descendants to, either.

IDIOT CHARGE: Liberals keep saying we have “stolen from the poor.” What the hell does the “poor” have that we COULD steal? Like most of what liberals think, this is silly, and wrong. You cannot steal from those who do not HAVE anything.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Teachers MUST Promote Marxism"

"TEACHERS MUST PROMOTE MARXISM:" What are teachers THINKING when they talk about "the need to PROMOTE Marxism?" Some of them are talking about ways to EXCEL in the world, and they think they have to PROMOTE Marxism to do that. Are they STUPID, or what? These are the people who are teaching ("conditioning") our kids. And they're teaching (promoting) Marxism. Do YOU know what Marxism IS? How about socialism? Progressivism? Naziism? collectivism? If you don't, you'd better learn, or soon your CHILDREN will be teaching YOU. All those words mean the same thing: collectivism; with only cosmetic differences. Look it up.

RIGHT OUT IN THE OPEN: Communism and socialism used to be things you only practiced in secret, for fear people would find out. That’s because both those words represent the THEFT of money that is EARNED by one person, to give to someone who did NOT earn it. It was rightly considered bad, and a crime. Today, out own PRESIDENT has APPOINTED known communists to high office in his administration, yet nobody seems bothered by that. If they don’t get together and DO something about it, one day the government will own all, and you will not be able to make a move without a “permit.”

IS BIDEN OUT? There’s a rumor going around that Joe Biden will be replaced next year. That’s not too smart on Obama’s part, since Biden is the last remaining strong insurance against assassination. As long as Biden is right in line to become president if Obama died, those who hate him enough to want to kill him won’t have a good reason NOT to do so. (To the feds reading this: I’m NOT suggesting assassination of Obama would be a good thing, so you can stay home and out of my hair. Unless you just want topurposely misunderstand it so you can hassle me on general principles.)

“RICH DON’T PAY THEIR “FAIR SHARE”: I hear this often, and I’m really getting tired of hearing this obvious liberal LIE. The top 25% earners pay a whopping 86% of taxes. That sayeth the IRS, not some “right wing” outfit. Every time I hear Obama or one of his henchmen talk about “taxing the rich,” I shudder, thinking about how much they’re taxed already.

NANCY TO BE SPEAKER AGAIN? Obama thinks Nancy Peelosi will be speaker again after the next election. How out of touch is THAT? I predict that Obama will be “put out to pasture” after the next election. If not, you might as well kiss your butt goodby, because it will belong to him, along with everything else you used to own.

NO—WHAT? Obama says the welfare state “made America great.” Yes! He actually said that; in public. How STUPID is this man? What made this country great is FREE ENTERPRISE! How he can translate giving money to people who won’t work as “making America great,” I don’t know. His reasoning is very twisted. All that does is give people INCENTIVE not to work, which reduces the output of this nation, and does NOT make it great. Jeeze!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Free Health Exam

If you can’t afford a complete physical, go to the airport; there, you’ll get a free x-ray and breast exam, and if you mention al-Qaida, you’ll get a free colonoscopy. Right there in front of God and everybody.

NBC’S ANDREA MITCHELL LOVES AL-JAZEERA: Newsbabe Andrea Mitchell gushes over Al-Jazeera. She says they have become indispensable. Should we have regarded “Tokyo Rose” as “indispensable” during WWII? Al-Jazeera says one thing in English and quite another in Arabic. And THIS is “real news?” Hillary needs to be charged with insurrection for being the first politician touting Al-Jazeera. These are the STUPID people we have elected to office! Gimme a break! (Source: Freedom’s Phoenix)

“HOPE AND CHANGE”: This is one of the most meaningless things Obama has said, and he has said a lot of meaningless things. People “bought” his bulllsh-t and elected him president on the basis of this meaningless motto. Nobody ever asked him what he meant by “hope and change.” They used their own definitions of those words. But Obama’s definition of those words is a lot different. For him it means a country under socialism, with HIM in charge.

REDISTRIBUTING WEALTH IS THEFT! I don’t care if you think it’s “the right thing to do,” it’s STEALING! Taking from those who EARNED it and giving it to those who DID NOT earn it. That’s STEALING, even if it’s the government doing it. If you define it differently, YOU’RE a thief. If I EARN a dollar, I’m entitled to KEEP that dollar, and not be forced to give YOU part of it if you didn’t earn it. Redistribution of wealth is what Obama and his henchmen are promoting, and that makes HIM a thief.

REPUBLICANS ARE THE RADICALS? Gimme a break! That’s what Obama the thief told a group at a Facebook meeting the other day while he PROMOTES “redistribution of wealth,” one of the most radical things I know of. He lies every day he opens his mouth, and most people (who don’t pay attention to politics) believe him and even vote the way he wants them to vote.

$5 A GALLON IS A “BIG THING!” People in our government are now saying $5 a gallon is not a “big thing” and may even be GOOD for us. Though I can’t see HOW. They SAY high gas prices cause people to drive less, which makes fewer people die in auto accidents. Boy, how stupid is THAT thinking! Meanwhile, gas prices continue to go up, and we refuse to drill for oil where WE control things while FINANCING the oil drilling of other countries, then BUY that oil from them at high prices. How incompetent ARE those now “in charge” in Washington? The liberal media doesn’t even COVER the rise in oil costs anymore as they did every day when Bush was in office.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Calif. Okays Gun Permits for Legislators

California, which has some of the tightest laws to keep US from having and carrying the means to our own defense, now have the “right” to carry guns for their own defense. As usual, they don’t want to follow the laws they make for US to follow.

RICH PAY MOST TAXES: That’s not according to “right-wing” sources. That’s according to the IRS itself. According to their latest figures, 86% of ALL taxes are paid by the top 25% of taxpayers. So how does that square with the liberal notion that “the rich” are not paying their “fair share” of taxes? Not at all. Just like with most of what the liberals say, it’s a LIE.

TRYING TO CREATE A RECESSION: The liberal media spent most of the Bush years (which were incredible boom years because of his lowering of the tax base rate) saying we were “on the verge of a recession.” Then the effect of the “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976” kicked in and they shut down Fannie and Freddie for a while, resulting in a “takeover” of the government by Democrats and we WERE in a recession, Democrat-caused. Of course, they blamed it on Bush and the Republicans and are now talking about a “recovery” that is not happening.

WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT? Apple has installed an application in iPhone to keep track of everywhere the owner goes and keep it in a file they CAN’T DELETE. Why would they do that? If I want this to happen, it’s MY decision. To make it undeletable is a crime! What if you were gay and in the closet and went regularly to a gay bath house. You would certainly not want that to be known. Why would they make this undeletable? We don’t need “Big Brother” in our lives. It’s bad enough they put Global Positioning in our cell phones but we can at least defeat that by turning it off. This is unconscionable. Now they say you CAN turn it off. But it will still be keeping track, and it CAN be accessed by those who know how.

OBAMA KEEPS WARNING US AGAINST HIMSELF: He keeps talking about spending more than we take in while he spends more than we take in, squared. Does he think he’s fooling ANYBODY by this? It really bugs me to hear him criticize US for the things HE is doing.

GLENN BECK IS CRAZY: He’s just doing it for the money! He only wants you to buy gold so he can sell ads to Gold companies. He told you to buy gold when it was at $600; now it’s at $1,500! Is he really crazy? Glenn has made a lot of predictions and been called crazy for it while they came true. Did anybody apologize? Did anybody NOTICE? I did.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Same Number

It seems that the same number of people who pay NO taxes at all think “the rich” need to be taxed at higher rates. Funny; seems like they should have no say in it, since they pay NO taxes at all. But even though they pay NO taxes they think "the rich" should pay more.

THERE’S A LEAK IN YOUR POCKET: But you can’t see it or sew it up. That leak is called, “inflation.” The more money the government prints without anything valuable backing it, the less your money is worth. It’s the ONLY reason why prices and wages keep going up. When prices go up, wages MUST follow. The government itself will tell you this when taking about counterfeiters, but not when they talk about themselves. I get tired of saying this with nobody doing anything about it.

LIBERALISM DOES NOT MAKE SENSE: Everything they push is contrary to common sense. Like that liberal female actor who suggested you use ONE square of toilet paper per trip to the john. How STUPID is that? They think the way to economic success is to “tax the rich,” meaning EVERYBODY who EARNS over $250,000.00 (except themselves).They also DENY that lowering tax rates will create MORE taxable income and thus increase the amount of taxes collected—as it did when Reagan did id, and when Bush (2) did it. Proof means nothing to them if it disagrees with their “flights of fancy.”

TOP 30% OF RICH: How many do they employ? How much money do they provide to the national treasury every day? They ALREADY pay the most taxes of anybody while almost 50% of households pay NO taxes at all. They are “net tax RECIPIENTS” who are on welfare in one way or another.

ADMIRING A DICTATOR: Obama “admires” the government of communist China. He says they “get things done” there that we can’t get done here because there, nobody "second-guesses" them. Maybe that’s because people don’t DARE criticize the communist China government. It is a DICTATORSHIP. Does anybody realize what this MEANS? Obama wants to be a DICTATOR! Somebody needs to slow this jerk down.

GOING TO JAIL FOR KILLING AN INFANT: Two women in Colorado Springs, Colorado went to jail for trying to drown an infant in the toilet. Their crime, I guess, is not killing him soon enough. If they had killed him in the womb, they’d have been okay.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why Now?

We’ve been hearing about a lot of cases where airport flight controllers have been found asleep. and now even a case that endangered Obama's wife. FAA is now wanting to increase the number of controllers on duty on the midnight shift. Congress has wanted to cut the budget of the FAA. Can you say “give them a reason not to?” I’ve been wondering why this has come up just now. I believe I now know.

TRILLIONS IN CUTS? Obama has promised to cut the budget by trillions of dollars in the next 12 years (yeah, I believe it). Is that a slip of the tongue? Did he assume he’d be still in office in 12 years? What does he know that we don’t know? If we go by the law (which is rare), he will have been out of office for a long time when 12 years has gone by. Is he planning something?

CUT IMPORTANT SERVICES: Colorado is going to cut another $200 million from its education budget. I’m anxious to see just WHICH services they cut. Will it be firing the longest-serving teachers because they may get paid a little more than neophytes just out of college? Will they cut down on the number of janitors because they CAN? How many other important things will they cut, while completely ignoring some things they don’t actually NEED, but still want to keep? To make sure parents squeal loudly about the cuts they DO make?

COPS NOT IMPORTANT: A New Jersey city, run entirely by liberals, are going to balance their budget not by buying fewer paper clips or less of that stupid looking art they seem to buy; but by laying off 25% of their police department. Their criminals will be happy to hear that.

NOBODY UNDERSTANDS IT: Nobody . . .NOBODY; not even the people who enforce it or wrote the tax code, understands it. Not even the “tax preparers,” who PRETEND to understand it. And they’re busy making it even more complicated all the time.

OBAMA’S THE BEST MAN: He says he’s the best man to finish the job he started, which is why he wants a second term. But the “job he started” is to destroy our economy and make us into a socialist nation; a job I, for one, do not want to see him complete. So let’s send him back to Chicago where he can bedevil those liberals running that city.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

USPS Going Broke

Why is that? Maybe it’s because you can send a message to ANYBODY for—NOTHING-- by e-mail versus almost half a dollar to send a message by “snail mail; PLUS, that e-mail message gets there almost instantaneously while a letter takes maybe three days. If it gets there at all. Now they’re raising prices (again) on their “backbone.” Business mail like publishers sending you magazines. Only the incompetents in government will do something that stupid.

THOMAS JEFFERSON ON WELFARE: "To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it." (Thomas Jefferson) In other words, taking from EARNERS and giving to NONEARNERS is wrong.

VIET NAM A “MISADVENTURE”: That’s what Bill Ayres (an American home-grown terrorist now a retired professor) says. He emphasizes that we “lost” that war, which is the truth. But it was the liberals in our government who lost that war, and are fast losing the war in Iraq. We had the war won when funding was cut off for the war by liberals.

OUTLAW BOMBS: Using the thinking of anti-gun freaks in the U. S., they need to outlaw bombs in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places where terrorists regularly use them. Will that stop them from blowing up innocent people? Not a chance; no more than laws against carrying guns will stop criminals, who break the law for a living, will cause criminals to obey a law says they cannot be armed. Like the terrorists, they will just go right on breaking the law.

AIRPORT CONTROLLERS SLEEPING ON THE JOB: This has become the “cause celebre” today, as we hear about more and more flight controllers sleeping on the job. Why are we suddenly hearing about this? Apparently it has been going on a long time, and the government knew it. But nobody talked about it until now. They even want to ALLOW controllers to sleep on the job (during breaks) up to 2-1/2 hours on the night shift if there is someone there to cover. Apparently somebody wanted a “shakeup” in the FAA, and they got it. Boy, I wish I had gotten a 2-1/2 hour break!

CAN’T TELL US WHAT SHE HATES: Wisconsin Democrat state senator Lena Taylor really hates those “tax breaks for the rich” (a common Democrat “talking point”) but, when asked to detail the ones she didn’t like, she couldn’t do it. This is common for liberals when asked to provide details. They just start calling the questioner names and attempt to “move on.”

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Egyptian Blogger Imprisoned

For criticizing the government. With all its flaws, America is a lot better than Egypt or any number of other countries that can “shut you down” at will and/or put you in prison on a charge of “criticizing the government.” They can’t yet do that in this country. Here they must find something else to charge a critic with so they can PRETEND his criticism of the government isn’t the reason they’re “shutting him down.”

OBAMA’S FRESH NEW IDEA: Soak the rich. Seems to me Democrats (liberals, socialists) have been doing that for as long as I can remember—and that’s a long time. There’s nothing new about it, and liberals know it. But pretend it’s a new idea they will. And they’ll place new taxes on the very people whose activities CREATE the wealth they want to steal. I get really tired of them talking about “tax cuts for the rich” when tax cuts are for EVERYBODY unless they’re specifically aimed at “the rich,” which they usually aren’t.

“EARTH TO GET VOTING RIGHTS? Some liberals want to give the right to vote to—wait for it—the EARTH. As if the Earth were a living, breathing sentient person. Of course, that means they get to “appoint” the person who will CAST that vote, which is what they’re after.

CONGRESSWOMAN MOCKS CONSTITUTION: Rep Loretta Sanchez says “Every time I talk to Tea Party people they talk about laws being unconstitutional.” She says this as if it were funny. It’s not. It’s especially not when it is a United States congresswoman doing it; a person who SHOULD realize how important it is for a law to BE constitutional. For her to think that’s funny should be grounds for removal. But it isn’t, and that’s a flaw in the system. Naturally she’s a Democrat, and from California, one of the most Democrat and liberal states in the union.

MEXICO BLAMES US: Blaming the victim. The president of Mexico says the drug problem wouldn’t be there if there were not such a big market in America. So? What’s his point? There would not be a MARKET if the drug cartels and their dealers didn’t push so hard to SELL their drugs here. Is it OUR fault? Or theirs? If we legalized drugs, the market would shrink. The “drug war” certainly isn’t working now. More people are abusing drugs today than before it started.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Take Back Your Party!"

That’s what Nancy Peelosi says to Republicans. So “Elections won’t mean so much.” What? Why the HELL should “elections not matter so much?” The whole idea of elections IS to “matter a lot,” electing people who will do what is BEST for this country, not just what people like Nancy Peelosi thinks is best for this country. She says we must do that because we have “shared values.” But Nancy and I (and most of the rest of the country) don’t HAVE “shared values.” Her “values,” if she has any at all, are NOT mine.

A TEASPOON IN THE SEA: $38 billion dollars sounds like a lot of money; and it is, for us. But for the Washington thinkers it isn’t much. The Democrats screamed and hollered when Republicans forced a cut of this much. But in reality, it’s so small a number it doesn’t even equal the money we have to spend in a day to pay the INTEREST on the national debt. That means every day, we’re getting further behind. Now it seems the cuts aren't that much, after all, due to "creative accounting."

OBAMA IS A SMALL MAN: His recent speech proved that. Most of it was taken up with telling us how he was going to “get back” at those who opposed him in the past. He just can’t stand opposition. It infuriates him, and he WILL retaliate against his opposition. That’s the way he is. The artist who puts out Mallard Fillmore, a comic strip usually critical of him, has been audited by the IRS THREE TIMES since he became president.

THEY DOTH PROTEST TOO MUCH: Democrats compare what conservatives do to KILLING seniors and babies (while they’re actually DOING it) they say what we do is tantamount to KILLING Granny (while their own medical care rationing will do it). Then count how many unborn INFANTS they've killed. And they criticize US about “vitriolic language.”

STOP WITH THE DAMNED BIRTH CERTIFICATE CRAP! That’s what Glenn Beck says. As with Rush, I don’t agree with Glenn’s every OPINION. I didn’t get into the birth certificate debate until Obama refused to release it and even spent millions of taxpayer dollars to avoid releasing it. Now I want to SEE it, not some “ponied up” false “certificate of live birth” that proves nothing.

IMAMS TEACHING ABOUT ISLAM? That’s what the German education minister wants. Maybe the then German education minister wanted Nazis to teach about Nazism before WWII. An Imam WILL teach their kids about “the wonders of Islam” and “Jihad,” one way or the other. This is yet another illustration of a politician “bending over” to Islam, and she can expect to get screwed.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dems Proud to Keep Spending Up

In the recent fight in Congress over spending cuts, the Democrats fought to kept the cuts to a minimum. Is that something to be proud of? Stopping the Republicans from stopping their “drunken sailor spending” too much? Wipe your brow, America! They’ll still be able to spend your money.

“WE NEED TO LIVE WITHIN OUR MEANS”: That’s what Obama, the guy who has spent more money than there IS; more than ALL: presidents before him put together, says. What a load of stinky brown stuff coming from him! I’d laugh uproariously if it were not so serious.

OBAMA TAKES THE CREDIT: He says he is responsible for the biggest tax cut in history. Even though he fought it, “tooth and nail,” right down to the last minute. Even though he was dragged, kicking and screaming, to the table to sign it into law. Who does he think he’s fooling? This is a repeat of Bill Clinton taking credit for the law that was forced upon him that changed welfare, as we know it. He vetoed it several times before he was FORCED to sign it.

KHADDAFI LIKES HIM: Which should tell us a lot about Barak Hussein Obama, who keeps his presidency by calling everybody who questions his right to the office as “birthers,” while steadfastly refusing to release the one document that will (if it shows he WAS born in the USA) end the controversy. How he gets away with that is that he CONTROLS the system that can force him to show it. He also calls ALL those who oppose his policies "racist." What a LOAD!

OBAMA TO LIE AGAIN: He’s scheduled to make a speech about how he is going to “reduce the budget” after single-handedly spending more money than there IS. He will lie to you over and over again, as usual. He thinks you’re STUPID; but that just proves how stupid HE is. By the time this comes out, he may have finished his lies and a lot of people (who ARE stupid) will believe him.

UNCHECKED LIBERALISM: If you want to see what “unchecked liberalism” will do, look at any major city on the East coast, such as Washington, DC or New York City to see the result. Washington is the murder capital of the nation. They have the most stringent anti-gun laws in the country, rivaled only NY New York City, but they lead the nation in gun murders (closely followed by New York City). They’re broke, and since they can’t print money like the feds can, they’re going to have to do some massive spending cuts. This is “unchecked liberalism.”

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Beck's Craziest statements

They actually published an article detailing the ten craziest Glenn Beck statements. Every one of them that hasn’t come true is a joke he told on his zany radio show. I’ve heard him say some crazy things as a spoof of liberals. But liberals, as usual having NO sense of humor, take them seriously or just make them up out of whole cloth.

EGYPTIANS WORSE OFF NOW: So they got rid of Mubarak. Now what? Now they’re being “ruled” by Egypt’s military, which has issued a new Constitution for them. If the military EVER “steps back” and lets a civilian take over in the future, you can bet it’ll be somebody who will do their bidding. They’re saying now that they’re worse off than before they deposed Mubarak. Why am I not surprised?

EIGHT TIMES AS MUCH: The federal government spent EIGHT TIMES AS MUCH AS CAME IN, in March, 2011. when are these people going to learn that we’re BANKRUPT and stop spending money we don’t have? At least you’d think they would spend just a little less, wouldn’t you? Buy NOOOO! They don’t “rein in” their spending one dollar. Meanwhile, we give our descendants a lot more debt.

THOUSANDS MORE VOTES THAN VOTERS: That’s what they found in Wisconsin in the 2004 election. When Al Franken(stein) won his senate seat, the same thing happened. They kept on finding votes that had not been cast until he won the election. But there weren’t that many voters! And has anything been done about that? Not a chance! Because the elections are being run by Democrats. That’s how they remain in power; b y stealing elections.

“MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY”: That’s what Obama is saying about the Republicans in today’s debates over the budget that is two years late because of the Democrats. But I’ve got to ask the same question Rush Limbaugh asked: “When was the last time Obama compromised on ANYTHING?”

WAIVERS: If Obama’s health care swindle is going to save so many people so much money, why is it that they are finding it necessary to grant hundreds of waivers to various companies, beginning with McDonald’s, so they can afford to continue offering health care programs to their employees?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mexican Poet Wants to "Make A Deal"

He lost his son in the wars between drug cartels in Mexico and is now mounting a campaign to get the government (the cops) to “make a deal” with the cartels to stop the violence. He doesn’t specify what such a “Deal” will entail. He just wants one. Obviously, the loss of his son has unhinged him.

WHY NOT OTHERS? People talk about Glenn Beck as if he was a “crazy man” because NOBODY ELSE is talking about the same things he is talking about? Nor is anybody “putting things together” like he does. But my question is this: “Why IS nobody else looking into the same things about which he talks?” Why are they not trying to And FIND OUT if he is crazy or just telling truths they don’t want to believe, or have YOU believe?

RICH AND POOR: One of the favorite sayings of the liberals is, “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” There’s a reason for that: the rich are more ABLE and the poor are more UNABLE to do things to GET rich. Sorry about that. You don’t just give things to people who cannot or WILL not earn for themselves. Most “poor” are poor because they made bad decisions during the time they were supposed to be going to school and gaining skills that could MAKE them rich. Now they should get used to being poor, or go out and gain some skills.

ADVANTAGE TO THE RICH: The liberals say the system advantages the rich, but ignores how those people BECAME rich through making good decisions and actually WORKING at it. That’s how liberals ALWAYS make their point; by ignoring the “inconvenient details.”

DUMP TRASH ON HIS LAWN: This is the level of discourse pursued by liberals who criticize US for “threatening words” in our speech. Meanwhile, they go right on with their foul-mouthed and overreaching violent screaming. One lady in CONGRESS likened cutting the budget to “killing women.” Another likens a government shutdown to “bombing innocent civilians.” Methinks they doth protest too much.” They know all about “violent rhetoric” because they do it more then anybody.

“CENTER” VS. RIGHT: The liberal media always refers to the “center vs. right” controversy. WHAT center? For the most part, you either believe in freedom to make your own decisions or you don’t. There’s no middle ground. To intimate that there is, is to lie. I’M not “in the center.” I believe completely in having the right to make ALL my own decisions without some nameless, faceless bureaucrat somewhere telling me what to do. That puts me solidly on “the right.” Anybody who doesn’t believe that way is solidly on the LEFT.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Tax the Rich!"

Somebody did a monograph about “taxing the rich,” and after a lot of playing with the numbers came up with a “bottom line” that, after taking ALL the money the rich made for the entire year, they just managed to equal the cost of running the government for one year, while keeping “the rich” from earning ANY taxable income for the next year, making them able to collect ZERO taxes from them the next year. It was hilarious.

“HOPE LIES ETERNAL:” That’s what Harry Reid said in describing the “dog and pony show” now going on in Washington where they are trying to come up with a budget that is acceptable to the spenders (Democrats) and the non-spenders (Republicans). They talk about cutting ESSENTIAL services, but never talk about cutting such things as research to find out how often a bee farts in Alaska. The actual quote is “Hope springs eternal,” but he doesn’t know that. His choice of words is interesting, since he’s the second or third worst LIAR in Washington.

BECK NOT LEAVING FOX: He’s shutting down his show, but he will be doing other things for Fox, the same as other people such as John Stossel does. Soros will claim a victory, but he’s not “getting rid of Beck.” Beck is like a tick. Once he gets locked onto someone like Soros, he won’t let go—and Soros hates that because Beck tells the truth about what he is doing. Glenn says, “Truth has no agenda.” It is truth, and that’s it. Truth hurts people like Soros because it reveals their basest doings.

OBAMA? PUMPING GAS? He says he is “not out of touch.” He remembers what it was like pumping gas. Don’t make me laugh; when did he EVER pump gas? Maybe for a photo op. I don’t believe this idiot can even figure out HOW to pump gas without detailed instructions. Maybe not even then.

THOSE “INNOCENT PALESTINIANS”: They just sent a rocket into Israel and, wonder of wonders, actually hit a target. The target was a school bus, and two children were injured. This is what those “innocent Palestinians” do. And when Israel rightly retaliates, the world condemns them.

TWO YEARS WITHOUT A BUDGET: The Democrats have been in charge for two years and have not provided us with a budget. Now they’re criticizing the REPUBLICANS because they cannot come to an agreement on one now. The “dog and pony show” continues.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Get Used to High Gas Prices"

That’s what Obama says, and for a change, I believe him. He intends to make sure they STAY that way so he can blame it on the free market and it will advance his efforts to make this into a socialist country. I believe he will do everything in his power to keep them high.

BEAR FARTS TO BE FUNDED: If the government shuts down, Obama will make sure to cut funding for the most essential services while still funding research into how many times bears fart in the wilderness and how the methane thus released affects the rest of the world. All his give-away programs will also continue to be funded. IRS agents will continue to be paid, and you'd BETTER get your taxes in on time.

THE DOG AND PONY SHOW CONTINUES: Obama and his henchmen still PRETEND to be trying to avoid a government shutdown while planning on who to still pay while it IS “shut down.” Of course, the IRS people will still be paid. Suffer the fools who think they won’t. They have to continue to be paid so they can continue to beat money out of taxpayers.

OBAMA ANNOUNCES HIS RE-ELECTION BID: As if he has a snowball’s chance in hell of being re-elected. Obama is so far out of it he still thinks the only reason 80% of the country is against him is because of good merchandising, and he can do a better job of merchandising himself. He did it in the last election, didn’t he?

“BUY A NEW CAR”: A man told Obama about his truck, which gets 8 miles per gallon. So Obama says he ought to trade it in on something smaller. In other words, it’s HIS fault. Forget the fact that he NEEDS such a vehicle for his work. He should get a smaller vehicle anyway. This guy just DOESN’T CARE about what happens to people because of his policies.

IF OBAMA SAID “DRILL”: Gasoline prices would plummet. So you can depend on him not to do so any time soon. If that happened, he wouldn’t have anything he can blame on Republicans and he wouldn’t be able to move us toward socialism as fast as he wishes.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Burning Koran Is Worse

They say that because the Koran is SUPPOSED to be the DIRECT “word of God.” It’s not. No more than the Bible is. In the Bible they acknowledge that the human writers were DIRECTED by God as to what to write. Muslims say Allah DIRECTED Mohammed as to what to write. What’s the difference? Mohammed is a human being just like the writers of the Christian Bible were. The problem with burning either is in the INSULT to followers of that religion. I wouldn’t burn the Koran any more than I would the Bible, no matter WHO wrote it.

“HAMBURGER-FLIPPING JOBS:” That’s what liberals called it when Bush’s jobs numbers improved. Now that McDonald’s has announced it wants to hire 50,000 people, where is that “hamburger-flipping” insult? It apparently doesn’t apply when Obama is president.

TWISTING NEWS: Liberals, even Catholics, twist the news and condemn Israel for RETALIATING against the “Palestinians” and their incessant rocket attacks on Israeli territory. Fortunately, they’re lousy aimers and usually don’t hit anything, while Israel’s retaliation does. That’s what makes liberals and Jew-haters mad.

ONE EXAMPLE: Liberals are constantly saying Fox News tells lies as news, but they can’t come up with any examples. I’d like to see ONE TRUE EXAMPLE of the “lies” liberals say they tell. What they DO is tell the TRUTH on both sides. That’s what liberals hate.

DEAN LIES LIKE A RUG: Howard (The Screamer) Dean says “the right” is “blowing up buildings” and doing other violent things. Funny; the liberal press must be covering it up, since I’ve seen NO evidence of it. Again, Howard, I’d like for you to cite ONE TRUE EXAMPLE!

BECK CREATES JOBS: Glenn Beck has created hundreds of jobs. A lot more than Obama and all his henchmen have created. Some he hired to aid him in telling the truth to the nation and the rest (86) hired by George Soros to spend full time trying (so far unsuccessfully) to discredit Beck.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Graffiti Is NOT "Art"

I’ll say it again. Art is something that requires TALENT, and it should be done ONLY on your own property. Yes, I’ve seen some graffiti that shows some talent. But doing it on somebody else’s property is against the law. I was “taken to task” recently for saying “graffiti is not art,” with the writer comparing it to Time Magazine. Time Magazine does not print on someone else’s property and it is done with some degree of talent. Neither do they give it to you for nothing. There’s no comparison. To make such a comparison is idiocy.

PEPPER SPRAY AN 8-YEAR-OLD? In Lakewood, Colorado, a cop pepper sprayed an obstreperous 8-year-old because he had something sharp in his hand and was “making a scene.” Why wasn’t a big, strapping, cop able top handle an 8-year-old, even if he had a knife, without pepper spraying him?

“BIRTHER” ISSUE TO STAY AROUND:” Donald “The Hair” Trump is now working for Fox News, and, even though Obama tried to make those who insist on seeing his REAL birth certificate seem like idiots, the “birther” issue is unlikely to go away; nor should it. If Obama is not an American citizen, he has no business being president. He should have been required to produce proof of his American birth before he was even allowed to file to run for president.

EPA TO RAISE RADIATION LEVELS: That’s their answer to the increased radiation levels all over the world, caused by the Japanese nuclear disaster. That’s how the government works. If radiation levels get to high levels, just raise the level at which they are considered “dangerous.” That way they can still announce that “radiation levels are not at dangerous levels” when they may be. You just can’t depend on what the government tells you. (Thanks to my sister Patti for this)

TURNING NATURALISTS INTO FELONS: The pharmaceutical industry doesn’t like competition. So they push and push for legislation anywhere they can to abolish it. In North Carolina they’re trying to get legislation passed to make ALL naturalists and purveyors of “health foods” and other forms of “non-medicine” cures into felons. Never mind many of their own “fixes” for illness involve leaves, plants, and even horse urine, and sometimes don't work. But they don’t want you to know that. (Again thanks to my sister Patti)

NYC BANS FRIED FOOD: Not for everybody, but “That's the new edict for employees of the same city Health Department that brought you calorie-counting menus and snuffed out smoking on beaches and in parks.” Frankly, I’d tell them to “stuff it.” I eat what I want, not what some jerk bureaucrat says I can.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

We're Extremists!

That’s what the Democrats are telling their people to call us at every turn. They hope if they hear it often enough, we’ll come to believe it. Charlie Schumer let the cat out of the bag in a phone call he thought included only Democrat operatives, but actually included newspeople, and it was taped. I’ve heard the tape, where he candidly admitted he’d been TOLD by the Democrat Caucus to blame everything on the Republicans, and call everything we do “extremist. Usually what comes out of the mouth of a Democrat is a lie. But in this case, I believe him because he thought he was talking only to fellow Democrats.

THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL: Some say that MONEY is the “root of all evil.” It’s not. The LOVE of money IS the “root of all evil.” This is the way liberals “take us in. they make erroneous pronouncements without any kind of proof, and we’re expected to believe it.

PRO CHOICE IS OUR HOLOCAUST: No, we didn’t murder millions of people in our holocaust, it was BILLIONS of babies. Babies who had no way to defend themselves against parents who would rather KILL the result of unprotected sex than wear a rubber.

SOME LIBYAN REBELS ARE TERRORISTS: After all we’ve done to help them in their rebellion, now we find out that al Qaida terrorists are among the rebels. Are these idiots EVERYWHERE? Seems like there is no war, of any kind, that they don’t take a hand in, and when it’s all over, they’re usually in charge. Not by force of arms, but by being better con men.

DOES AMERICA HATE ISLAMICS? Islamic terrorists want people to think we are. Why then, have we fought FOR and DEFENDED Islamics in wars (whatever the politicians choose to call them) all over the globe? It’s just a scam, designed to use religion to “throw us off” and make us stop watching Islamics closely, since it’s mostly Islamics who are killing us all over the world. One of the most phony words I’ve ever heard is “Islamaphobic.” People aren’t suspicious of Islamics for no good reason. They have a GOOD reason: Islamic terrorists are killing us for not believing the same way they do.

“CHARITABLE” POLITICAL ACTION: George Soros has several group0s that are 501 (c) 3 CHARITIES. It is AGAINST THE LAW for such organizations to involve themselves in political action, which ALL of Soros’ groups do on a regular basis. How is it he is not in prison? Or at least shut down?