Monday, December 31, 2018

A Year In Review

There have been many things happening in the last year; the last TWO years, actually. Ever since the Dumocrats lost the 2016 election so badly, they have been having a “temper tantrum” exhibiting their hate for President Trump. They still think that election should have been theirs, as much time and effort and our taxpayer money they put into stealing as many votes as they could (I would have said as “humanly possible” except I don’t they are human). They bad-mouth Trump every chance they get. Nothing he does ever gets a speck of appreciation from the Dumocrats, even (especially) when he does things their “perfect specimen of a president, Barack Obama, never could do.

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS OFFENDS ME: These days it seems that Muslim extremists and others, mostly liberals, are just LOOKING for things about which to be offended. Well, their being offended at every turn, about things we take for granted, offends ME. Unfortunately, there is no law (and never should be) against “being offended.” If you are offended by anything, you are free to gripe about it in this (so far) mostly free society—which liberals and Muslim extremists take free advantage of.

SHOOTING FISH IN A BARREL”: Making the anti-gun fools out to be the fools they are is so easy it’s like “shooting fish in a barrel.” They constantly confidently assure us that legal defensive use of a gun never happens. Then it happens so many times it’s hard to keep up with them. For instance, in one place just today there are stories about THREE different cases of just that happening: in Altoona, PA, a retired Marine stopped a mass shooting in a bar; in Ft. worth, TX, a homeowner shoots an intruder; and in Wayne County, W VA, a woman put a stop to an attempted home invasion with her legally-owned gun.

TAKE THEIR GUNS: There seem to be politicians everywhere who think they have the right to take guns away from their constituents. They even campaign on passing “tougher gun laws.” Never mind their anti-gun laws never work, and even PROMOTE “gun crime by DISARMING the law-abiding. Meanwhile these selfsame politicians hide behind a cordon of ARMED “security.” Some of them even carry their own guns, as Sen. Diane Feinstein did, in addition to her “security” troops. They think they are somehow supremely entitled to such “protection” while working hard to DENY the rest of us the same rights. So what we need to do is deny THEM the right to self defense if they take a single vote against OUR right to be armed for self defense.

KIDS KILLED AT NIGHT CLUB!” That’s how the headline reads. But there are some glaring inconsistencies in this story. First of all, it was NOT a “night club.” It was a restaurant that had a limited alcohol sales license. It was a “dance party” and they were NOT serving liquor to underage people. It was NOT a case of a “mass shooter” who came in and started killing people. It was a GANG MEMBER who started shooting at other gang members, while gang members in the event shot back. What? Sounds to me like many of the attendees were armed gang members, too. It was a gang fight. And calling most of these people KIDS is a falsity, since they call them “kids” up to 19! A 19 year old is NOT a “kid.”

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Three Clinton foundation whistleblowers who “know where the bodies are buried” are to testify against the Clintons. Will they make it alive to their testimony? And if they do, will anything happen to the Clintons? Doubtful… Stormy Daniels is finding out it doesn’t pay to “tug on Supeman’s cape.” She’s now in almost $300,000.00 debt, by court order. She now has to PAY Trump’s legal fees… Morning Joe’s girl friend Mika says “Pompeo is Trump’s butt boy.” Maybe she knows something about being a “butt boy,” since she’s Morning Joe’s “butt girl”… That silly excuse for a member of Congress Ocasio-Cortez had the damned fool temerity to call a four star general a “coward.” She isn’t even smart enough to be able to identify the three branches of government, and she pretends to call a general a coward? Every time she opens her “blow hole” she cements her position as the “Joker of Congress”…

Friday, December 28, 2018

"Bring In the Popcorn!"

The Dumocrat Party primaries are going to be a real circus this time. They were pretty dull last time, since the only “serious” candidate they had was Hillary, and she lost. Back then, it was the Republicans who put on a circus with something like 17 candidates, all of whom lost to now President Trump. This time it is going to be the Dumocrats who field so many candidates they need a bigger stage for all the debates to hold them all. You can tell when a political party is “out of it” when so many candidates emerge. If the party had their stuff together there would only be one serious candidate on their side.

LIBERAL STUPIDITIES: Women’s College in Massachusetts rejects women’s symbol as being “offensive”; American University Yoga Group disbands over complaints of cultural appropriation; University of Iowa exempts race-based clubs from discrimination rules to provide safe space; Clemson University prof thinks human extinction will save the planet; free speech advocacy files suit against University of Texas; Duke University student leaves Facebook after complaints of “offensive posts”; Washington State stocks MEN’S bathrooms with free menstrual products. These, and many more, but no room to list them all.

YES, THEY DID IT: The question was, will Dumocrats close the government to deny President Trump his wall? Even though they have many times in the past stated their SUPPORT of a wall on our Southern border? The answer is, YES! They are more interested in blocking anything President Trump wants, if they can manage it. And since specific funding for his wall requires nine Dumocrat votes, they did manage it. What stops President Trump from just using the “discretionary funds” to finance his wall, I don’t know. there’s a lot of money there, in that fund, and it can be used, at his “discretion.” There are many things a president can do “at his discretion,” and I don’t think building a wall is out of the question.

THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the very definition of insanity. So why do the anti-gun fools do it? There is not a single law, now on the books, that has ever stopped, or even slowed down “gun crime.” So why do they insist on continuing to make them? Are they INSANE? Or just STUPID? Example: “gun-free zones.” Criminals SEEK OUT “gun-free zones” in which to do their “dirty work” because they can be pretty sure the law-a biding (their intended victims) will not be armed, and thus will be DEFENSELESS against their ILLEGAL guns. Background checks allow for catching the shooter AFTER he commits a crime. Other laws are just as ineffective. So why do they keep making them?

TODAY'S GUN SAVE: In Wayne County, W. VA, some people claiming to have presents tried to enter Jerrica Little’s home. She knew something was wrong when the woman who told her she has qualified for some free presents couldn’t tell her from whom they came, and a scruffy man in bib coveralls got out of their van looking menacing. Jerrica shut her door and told the woman she had a gun and was calling 9/11. They got back in their van and left. Just the fear that she actually had a gun frightened them off, from what could have been a “home invasion” attack. These things happen millions of times a year, but the anti-gun fools still deny it.Which just shows (again) how important it is that law-abiding citizens be armed.

IT’S ALWAYS TRUMP’S FAULT: Yes, President Trump did create the safety commission after the killings at Marjory Stoneman High School. But when Trump’s Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, was asked if guns would be a subject, she rightly replied, “Not necessarily.”For that, the Washington Post is criticizing her. Never mind the unalterable fact that no amount of gun control has EVER stopped a single mass shooter from killing his victims. Those “black children” to which they refer are mostly teens up to 19 and are gang members, who are ALL illegally armed because they’re too young to buy a gun legally, anyway.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: What is it these days that politicians go out of their way to “not offend Muslims?” Now Canadians want to make CHRISTMAS (a Christian holiday) “less Christian” to avoid “offending Muslims?” Why the hell SHOULD we worry about offending Muslims, who are the most “offended group” ever seen? I don’t think we should worry at all about what Muslims think about what WE do… Peelosi and Schumer wanted to exclude the media from that fateful Oval Office meeting because they didn’t really want the “transparency” they claim to revere… During Obama’s “reign,” it was figured that we would always be dependent on foreign oil. That we could never again become an “exporter” of oil. But after less than two years under Trump, we have BECOME an exporter of oil… Prosecuting a whistleblower: David Daledien tried to expose the arrogant murders under Planned Parenthood, and he is being prosecuted for it. I never thought I’d ever see the government prosecuting somebody for trying to expose a murderous crime…

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Why No Trump Wall?

The Dumocrats are going way out of their way to oppose letting President Trump spend a paltry $5 billion dollars (I never thought I’d ever see me writing something like that, but it's a tiny part of the total national budget) on the wall he PROMISED in his campaign for president. They talk as if it were an unreasonable request, but it is NOT. Then you consider the $150 billion dollars Obama sent to Iran, one of our implacable enemies. Where did HE get that money so he could send a PALLET of cash to Iran? Did he get approval from Congress? Was there ever actually a VOTE to allow him to do it, or did he just divert money from other budgets? Even if he did, it was a stupid expenditure, and convinced our enemies that we were wussies they could “wind around their little fingers.”

LIBERALS ARE DAMNED FOOLS: They are now in the process of CREATING racism against white people. They are even teaching it in college. “The University of Virginia held a one-credit hour course during the fall 2018 semester that was aimed at describing why ‘liberal whites’ use microaggressions as a way to vent their frustrations over racial, cultural, and sexual equality.” That is pure racism against white people. At the same time, a Clemson University prof thinks human extinction will save the planet. If he really thinks that, let him go first. That's IF he really believes his fool statement.

THE SEEDS OF OUR DESTRUCTION: Liberals in our government are causing us to “cast the seeds of our own destruction.” “The Nation of Islam, led by rabid anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan, is a hate group. Farrakhan constantly spits out hate towards whites and Jews. The man referred to Jews as termites and hailed Hitler as a great man. He authored the book The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews where he accused Jews of spreading the slavery trade and controlling the global economy. Farrakhan has even said he thinks the Jews masterminded 9/11.” They’re giving this hater free access to many malcontents in prison. That can only be to our detriment.

BACKGROUND CHECKS DON’T WORK:Last year, thousands of people trying to buy guns from dealers made false statements about their past on the required federal form, then went on to fail the background check due to a serious criminal record or other disqualifiers. Lying to a licensed gun dealer is a felony punishable by a fine or up to 10 years in prison. But an ATF study showed that, in 12,710 cases of background check denials where the applicants LIED—which is a felony—only 12 were prosecuted for lying on their application. If there is no prosecution for lying, what is there to keep applicants FROM lying? In 2016, an internal ATF briefing paper showed that those who lie on their applications are far more likely to commit a gun crime than those who are honest.

TYPICAL LIBERAL LIE: All liberals are not anti-gun fools, although MOST of them are. And liberals routinely lie, in one way or another, to get their way. One way they lie in the “gun control controversy” is to include ADULTS up to 19 years of age in their “CHILDREN” statistics when they talk about “children being shot.” Those figures then include GANG MEMBERS, all of whom are illegally armed, since they’re too young to even be able to buy a gun legally. Then they go out and kill each other, and many innocent passers-by who happen to get in the way of their badly-aimed bullets. Such “twisting the numbers” should be a prison offense. They KNOW they are lying, but they do it, on purpose, to get their way, since they have nothing REAL to offer.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Mueller has spent the better part of two years searching for some kind of proof that Trump “colluded” with the Russians to get elected without finding one single shred of such evidence. You’d think he’d finally give up and go home. But not as long as he gets unlimited taxpayer funds to continue his fruitless “investigation” which gives him money that can be “skimmed”… What is it with Dumocrats that they support MUSLIM freedom of religion, but not CHRISTIAN freedom of religion? Looks very suspicious to me… That silly Hogg kid says, “Bible verses don’t protect kids from bullets.” No kidding. Neither do any of your silly anti-gun laws. Proving yet again his complete ignoranceFormer FBI Director Comey implores Dumocrats to “use every breath we take” to defeat President Trump. Boy, are they getting desperate! They’re going to have a hard time just staying in business…

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Blogger Dies In Prison

Be glad you live in America, where the Constitution rules all laws made. It isn’t the same in Iran, where they can put you in prison for “criticizing Islam” or “criticizing the government.” That happened to an Iranian blogger recently, who was sentenced to eight years for just that. And he died in that prison, so it turned out to be a death sentence. The Constitution still rules in this country for the most part, but the liberals keep “chipping away” at it. One way they have is the RICO laws, frankly passed to deny rich criminals the money they used to defeat prosecution. They don’t even have to convict you of a crime to take away all your money on the “suspicion” that you got it illegally.

ACTING “BOLDLY AND DECISIVELY”: The Dumocrats, basking in their newfound power in the House, promise to “act boldly and decisively on new gun laws.” Never mind they don’t work worth a damn to reduce gun crime. They want to pass even more USELESS gun laws that only make it easier for the bad guys to victimize the good guys by DISARMING the good guys. That this causes many deaths of innocent people doesn’t seem to bother them. They just want to keep on making these laws, in spite of the fact that they are not only INEFFECTIVE, they PROMOTE gun crime by disarming the law-abiding. I don’t know what drives these imbeciles to do that. Are they just STUPID? Or do they have an ulterior motive?

RAISING INTEREST RATES: The Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the fifth time lately, in hopes of slowing down the economy that President Trump has caused to improve drastically. They claim it is to “slow down an out-of-control economy,” which is a lie. The economy is NOT "out of control." It is to destroy all the improvements Trump has made in the economy so liberals can claim he is hurting the economy. The “swamp” hates the fact that he has made liars of all of them who claimed this was “the worst economy in 50 years.” It has never been that, but they hope just saying it will make America believe it.

IT IS OFFENSIVE!” That’s how the liberals hope to be able to do away with ANYTHING with which they do not agree. If they don’t agree with it, it’s “offensive,” and should be done away with. But that’s not their only scam. If they don’t like something, they just call it “racist.” And many gullible people “shy away” from whatever it is, so they won’t be labeled racist. And if you say ANYTHING Muslims don’t like, they call it “homophobia,” a “made-up word” to impute “mental disability” or bigotry onto ANY criticism of Muslims. I don’t know why they do that, since many Muslims are out to destroy America and make it into a “caliphate” which they run, under “Sharia Law,” something that is in total opposition to our Constitution and gives all power to the Mullahs.

ANTI-GUN FOOL PLANS: “Crazy Nancy” Peelosi is promising their major push in congress after they become the majority party in the House will be gun control. Their focus groups have decided that the Republicans only lost enough seats in the House to give control back to Dumocrats because of their stance against gun control. I don’t see how they figure that, since it is a proven fact that a MAJORITY of Americans believe the right to be armed for self defense to be sacrosanct. This is another case of them repeating a lie over and over so it will become accepted as “true.” Meanwhile, not a single one of their highly touted anti-gun laws have done a single thing to “reduce gun violence, and nobody has been able to come up with a single law that will.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Ocasio-Cortez’s most recent stupidity; she alleges that the age restriction on running for president applies only to men. Actually, sex is not even mentioned in that constitutional provision. So she proved, once again, her total ignorance… Ocasio-Cortez “threatens” to run for president, even though she’s way too young. Maybe she should try anyway. She needs to be “slapped down” some, and that will do it (maybe)… Michelle Obama says she’ll “never forgive Trump” because of his rhetoric. Who the hell cares? I couldn’t care less who she “forgives”… It’s a funny thing. Dumocrats want to make something of Trump possibly paying a couple of whores for sex with his own money while many Dumocrats have done it with taxpayer money from a slush fund they set up for that purpose totaling about $17 million dollars… Liberals are really wussies. They attacked a black speaker at Christian College for “making students of color feel unsafe.” That speaker is the PRODUCT of a rape. Meanwhile liberals just can’t stand to hear a “dissenting word.” Poor babies…

Monday, December 24, 2018

No Posts Tomorrow

Since it’s Christmas day, I’ll be spending time on family doings. I hope you have a good Christmas, too.

"Threat to Education?"

The Network of Concerned Academics thinks the right wing is a “threat to education.” Right! Since education hasn’t taught anything but left-wing damned foolishness for a long time, that might be true, considering what education is, and has been for a longtime. Education, at all levels, has been “taken over” by “the left,” and they have been using it to contaminate the minds of our youth, turning out a plethora of “mind-numbed robots” who only speak the left-wing blabber, which is basically socialism, today. Yes, the “right wing” IS a “threat to education” as we know it, today, and somebody needs to be.

REVEALING THEMSELVES: Those ubiquitous illegal aliens, who think they can “beat down our doors” and enter our country by sheer force of numbers, are now telling us they will go home if we give them $50,000.00 EACH. Thus revealing what their onslaught is really all about, the money. I don’t know if they really think we’re stupid enough to pay them off to go home, but the very demand, to me, is STUPID. They wouldn’t have even made it to our border without the support of fools from their home, and from Mexico. All we have to do is make sure they wait, and obey the law, and most of them will go home, on their own, through attrition. It’s already happening.

LIBERALS ARE STUPID: If they really think we will buy their stupidities. Now, amid their drive to convince the world of an impossibility, that there are more than two sexes, some are stocking men’s rooms with free menstrual supplies, which will go unused, if they’re really intended to be used by men ”on a period” that is biologically impossible, just like their idea that there are more than 2 sexes. It must be awful to be a liberal, and to actually believe such bullcrap. Their minds must have really been twisted by our liberal-run educational system, today.

OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE: The liberals want to make us think President Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice, while they, themselves, are busy wiping their cell phones of all suspicious e-mails and text messages before “turning them over” to the investigators. Which is exactly what was done, BY THE DOJ, so Strzok and his girlfriend, Lisa Page, could not be incriminated by their content. But they incriminated themselves by so doing, so that the Mueller team could not find ANY text messages, nor e-mails on those phones, making it evident what they did. In today’s world, except for “old fuds” like me who only use their phones to send and receive phone calls and don’t even know HOW to send a text or an e-mail on our phones, the complete absence of them are themselves evidence of obstruction of justice by DOJ! A DOJ employee did it, which, to me, is evidence of “official misconduct” on the part of the DOJ. They CLAIM it was a “routine action” so they could be issued to other DOJ employees. If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’ll let you have, cheap.

TEACHING FANTASY: In order to promote their fantasy that men can have periods (physically impossible, since they don’t have vaginas), some schools are going so far as to teach CHILDREN that men (and other imaginary sexes) can have periods. I’m still waiting to see PROOF that a man has ever had a period. It should be a criminal offense to teach children such folderol as fact. Liberals stretch the truth way out of proportion to support such bullcrap, and they insult people who rightly oppose them. They have no real answer, so they immediately start calling their critics names, which means nothing, so they can win the argument without citing facts, of which they have none.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: They’re now saying that “It’s becoming harder to take Ocasio-Cortez seriously.” Which makes me wonder why anybody ever did. She’s in total ignorance about everything and reveals that ignorance every time she opens her mouth, which is often… Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a joke. A cartoon politician who thinks she knows everything, but who knows nothing. A member of Congress who can’t even name the three branches of government correctly. A socialist who has no idea what socialism is. A perfect example of what a Dumocrat isDumocrats want to increase the number of justices on the Supreme Court, so they can pack the Court with Dumocrats… Oops! Jerome Corsi is suing Mueller for $350 million dollars for insisting he LIE in his testimony. It’s about time one of Mueller’s victims fought back. All his victims should sue him before they run out of money

Friday, December 21, 2018

It's Not Their Fault

Liberals are making a big thing of the 7-year-old who died, while in the Border Control’s custody, ASSUMING it was their fault. But it was NOT their fault. That child was as good as dead when she crossed the order and was taken into custody. It was her own FATHER who kept her in a starvation condition while he dragged her to the border to support his attempt to “bulldoze” his way into this country. That little girl died of dehydration and shock almost as soon as she was placed in custody. She could NOT have died as a result of neglect of border control authorities, in that amount of time. She had to have been deprived, all the way from her home country, to the border.

DECLARATION OF WAR”: In Venezuela, they regret their six-year-old anti-gun law, and describe it as “a declaration of war on an unarmed population.” “Guns would have served as a vital pillar to remaining a free people, or at least able to put up a fight,” Javier Vanegas, 28, a Venezuelan teacher of English now exiled in Ecuador, told Fox News. “The government security forces, at the beginning of this debacle, knew they had no real opposition to their force. Once things were this bad, it was a clear declaration of war against an unarmed population.” And that is true wherever guns are prohibited to the law-abiding population.

AN EXPECTED RESULT: The Weekly Standard is shutting down, and that’s not an unexpected thing, since the magazine has never really been a “conservative magazine.” It pretended to be, but it tended to reject things conservatives hold dear. Conservatives have long been suspicious of the direction they have always taken, and they “shot their last bolt” when they became a prolific critic of President Trump. That put them firmly in the liberal camp, as far as many conservatives were concerned. Trump, as president, is the best thing that has happened to America, in my memory—and my memory goes back to the days of FDR, which is a long time back.

KILLING OBAMACARE: I’ve been critical of many federal judges, who seem bent on blocking everything President Trump does. But now comes one that has ruled that Obamacare is unconstitutional because, when Trump eliminated the REQUIREMENT to buy the highly expensive insurance it put forward, coupled with thousand dollar deductibles, it stopped being a tax, and was thus unconstitutional. that’s not just an opinion, it is FACT. Without the phony tax description, it cannot be constitutional, and Obamacare is dead. He may be reversed, since Justice Roberts was the one making that erroneous opinion in the beginning. He MIGHT allow Obamacare to remain, even if he has to make another phony assumption to do it. But I don’t really believe he is that shallow.

PECKER GOES DOWN: Not really. An executive of the National Enquirer, David Pecker, has told “authorities” he “bought and buried” stories about Trump’s “hush money payments” to various women to “protect” Donald Trump. Of course, there is nothing to prove it actually happened that way, or that the whole thing was a figment of his imagination. But then it seems that, today, real proof is not needed in order to tarnish someone’s reputation. Example: Justice Kavanaugh. Yes, he did manage to get on the Supreme Court, but there will always be an asterisk next to his name, while some people insist that he is a rapist, and the “ringleader” of a “doping and raping ring.”

ONE MAN’S OPINION: I could have predicted it, and I did. Dick’s Sporting Goods is losing the “Field and Stream” stores after their disastrous anti-gun policies caused them to lose millions, maybe billions of dollars. Yet they maintain that policy. Stupid. Now they've announced the closing of their main stores… Rosie O’Donnell thinks Trump should “rot in jail” over the national debt. What about Obama, who increased it more than ALL previous presidents, put together? She doesn’t recognize that. She just “cherry picks” things that, taken by themselves, make Trump look badLiberals are trying to get rid of Mike Pence as VP so he won’t be able to run in 2024, become president in his own right, and continue President Trump’s policies. A total of 16 years of Trump’s policies and successes is just too much for them to contemplate… One thing you can depend on, every time you see a picture of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, both her mouth and her eyes will be wide open and she’ll be griping about something…

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Ignoring the Good Things

The left is always on President Trump’s case. Everything he does, they criticize. Whenever he does something good, they ignore it because everything good he does hurts their cause, which is to gain, or regain power so they can better fleece the nation. Trump was responsible for the amazing turnaround in the economy. A turnaround that Obama told us we could never expect because he didn't know how to bring it back. The unemployment numbers are the lowest in many years, just since Trump became president. The millions of jobs lost under Obama that he told us would never come back, have come back. So have the manufacturing jobs Obama told us would never come back. Under Obama the gross national product never even approached 3%. Under Trump, it is now over 4%.

TRUMP KILLED OBAMACARE: Maybe he realized it, maybe he didn’t. But a federal judge knew, and found Obamacare to be unconstitutional. How did he do it? He removed the MANDATE to buy it, or pay a fine. Which removes it entirely from being a TAX. And since being a tax was Justice Roberts’ “excuse” for approving it, that makes it unconstitutional Whether or not that will cause Trump to actually KNOW it has become unconstitutional, or not, nobody knows. But know that it gives HIM an “excuse” to eliminate Obamacare, altogether. But the way things work in DC, I wonder if ANYTHING can get done. But I have faith in President Trump, because he tends to get things done.

PROF LEAVES FACEBOOK: He left it because too many “snowflakes” complained that he had made “an offensive post.” Poor babies! It must have been really hard on them to be forced to read something with which they did not agree. Maybe THEY should leave Facebook, and go to one of their “safe rooms” so they can cry without offending anybody. Just between you, and me, and the fencepost, who gives a DAMN if that professor posted something that offended some snowflakes? I write things that are GUARANTEED to offend liberal snowflakes, every day. And I don’t give a “tinker’s damn” if it offends them. They can’t hurt me. And if the truth hurts them, too bad.

WE’RE NOT RESPONSIBLE! For years, we (the taxpayers) have been “paying off” women who accuse Members of Congress of sexual perversions (mostly Dumocrats). The “Office of Compliance for Congress has paid $17 MILLION (so far) to women who have complained about the sexual misconduct of congresspeople out of a “slush fund” Congress set up, many years ago, for that purpose. To get them to “keep their mouths shut” about those charges. They have paid off women in 264 cases, mostly sexual violations. Yet many of those SAME POLITICIANS are “weeping and gnashing their teeth” over President Trump paying off a couple of women out of his own pocket (if it actually happened) before he became president. Double standard, anybody?

AIN’T NO SUCH THING!" Dumocrats tell you there is no such thing as voter fraud, amid all the evidence there IS voter fraud, and it is widespread, mostly in favor of Dumocrats. Recently, voter fraud in favor of a Republican was found, and they did a 180. Though they said it only happened with Republicans. But it DOES happen, and more often for Dumocrats. That’s a given, which gives rise to the fact that any election that is close, WILL go to the Dumocrat involved. They have a positive TALENT for “finding” votes in such cases. And the election monitors, who are mostly Dumocrats, allow it.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: A shocking number of Americans hate their country, according to reports. It’s not surprising, since the liberals in their schools and colleges have been steadily teaching them LIES about their country since forever… Apple’s CEO preaches about “conservative hate,” but can’t give us any examples of it, while all the “hate” has come from the liberal side, and plenty of examples abound… This is how they sell socialism. You Tube is now censoring all items critical of socialism so all people get to hear are the lies told to promote it by socialists… People keep thinking they can “beat this recession” by spending money. That ignores the unalterable fact that recessions are CREATED by the government printing money with nothing valuable behind it. That reduces (dilutes) the value of ALL money in circulation, CREATING the “wage/price spiral.” The wage/price spiral, often BLAMED for inflation, is only a SYMPTOM of inflation… Liberals will try and paint the story about a FedEx driver who killed a liberal harasser with one punch as “conservative violence,” completely ignoring the fact that the victim was the aggressor, and that punch was in retaliation for his attack…

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

They're Against Effective Measures

That’s the “gun control lobby.” They propose many things they CALL “common sense” gun laws that are not common sense at all, since they don’t work worth a damn to keep ILLEGAL gun owners from their crimes. Not one single anti-gun law has EVER stopped a single shooter from killing people, whether or not he has his gun or guns legally. Meanwhile, they oppose proven methods to reduce gun crime, out of hand, because they don’t agree with them. ALLOWING (not requiring) teachers an other school staff who are LICENSED to carry their guns, to bring them to school with them, so they will not be defenseless when some loony bin comes in to kill a bunch of students is an EFFECTIVE deterrent, but they won’t even entertain the idea.

WHAT ARE THEY THINKING? I lust don’t understand the thinking of the anti-gun fools when they insist on making laws and regulations they KNOW don’t work worth a damn to “keep guns our of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them.” Their very first law, the “background check,” only affects the law-abiding when they buy guns, and do NOTHING about the millions of guns held by CRIMINALS, who don’t obey ANY laws, let alone one that says they can’t be armed when they commit their other crimes. Same is true with their “gun-free zones” that only keep the law-abiding from bringing their legally-carried guns there, making them “easy targets” for criminals, who don’t obey any laws.

ARKANSAS TEACHERS ARMED: In Arkansas, they apparently realize the reality that the best defense against a mass shooter is an armed school staff member that shooter can’t identify (not a uniformed “resource officer”), and they have ALLOWED teachers and other school staff to qualify to bring their legally-carried guns to school. The number so far is small, but it is growing, of school staff members who have undergone special training and mental evaluation so as to be ALLOWED to be armed, so as to protect their students. And lo, none of them have shot a student, or anybody else over a trifle.

SHE SHOT HER HUSBAND: Advice for angry husbands: When you set out to strangle your wife to death, make sure she doesn’t have a gun. The husband in this story didn’t do that, and now he’s dead, instead of her. Ian Mastin thought he had the right to beat and choke his wife, and had done it many times. Although she had not complained before, she had ample evidence of his brutality, and she definitely feared he would finally kill her this time. So she probably won’t be charged in his death, since in Louisiana, you are entitled to kill in self defense if you fear your life is at risk.

ACTING “BOLDLY AND DECISIVELY”: The Dumocrats, basking their newfound power in the House, promise to “act boldly and decisively on new gun laws.” Never mind they don’t work worth a damn to reduce gun crime. They want to pass even more USELESS gun laws that only make it easier for the bad guys to victimize the good guys by DISARMING the good guys. That this causes many deaths of innocent people doesn’t seem to bother them. They just want to keep on making these laws, in spite of the fact that they are not only INEFFECTIVE, they PROMOTE gun crime.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Former FBI Director Comey actually had the temerity to say openly that he probably “wouldn’t have gotten away with it” when he “sent a couple of guys” to interview Gen. Michael Flynn without letting him know it was an “official interrogation,” so as to trick him into incriminating himself without an attorney present in a “more organized administration.” It happened FOUR DAYS into the Trump administration. Before there was any chance at getting organizedComey should be punished for having his men advise Flynn he “didn’t need a lawyer present” for that fateful interrogation, which is an OBVIOUS violation of Flynn’s rights. When they did that, they went on to destroy Flynn’s life in all ways possible… Nothing ever happens quickly in DC. General Flynn, who was to be sentenced to whatever the other day, now will not e sentenced for another three months “to give him time to further cooperate with Mueller.” So it is “drawn out,” again… 

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Bottomless Bank Account

Michael Cohen has said he lied in his testimony to the Mueller committee, and that now he is “finished lying.” Only now he’s telling lies designed to get a shorter sentence in prison, offered to him by that fool whose only goal is the destruction of President Trump. Mueller has a bottomless bank account, paid by the taxpayers, to do that, and as such, he isn’t going to “turn off the tap” of money as long as he can keep it going. Trump should shut it off and force him to “wrap up” his “witch hunt,” which has spent almost two years, and millions of dollars in the Dumocrat effort to destroy an innocent man, while finding not a scintilla of evidence against Trump, and ruining several of Trump’s former employees for things that have nothing to do with President Trump. Taxpayers are paying the criminals to “get” the honest people.

IT AIN’T AGONNA WORK! The anti-gun fools have embarked upon a fruitless journey. They deny it, but their final goal is the complete elimination of the very concept of self defense. And eliminating guns from the picture is just the first step. But an impossible one. Getting rid of all guns in the hands of people not working for the government in one way or another, is an impossible job. If criminals and other “bad guys” can’t get their guns legally, they just get them ILLEGALLY. They are criminals, after all, and criminals, by definition, do not obey laws. That’s why they’re called criminals.

IT AIN’T ILLEGAL! Disgraced lawyer Michael Cohen says he paid off a couple of women for Donald Trump, and that represents an “in kind contribution” to Trump’s campaign. I know he’s a lawyer, but he’s a bad lawyer. A candidate is ALLOWED to contribute an unlimited amount of money to his own campaign, and if that’s what did happen, it is NOT ILLEGAL. The big problem is that Cohen is a proven liar. I don’t believe anything he says, and you shouldn’t either. He says he’s “finished lying.” But the lies he is telling now are very self-serving, and Mueller’s system of applying immense pressure on weak links like Cohen to get admissions to “crimes” that aren’t crimes disqualifies the result.

WILL TRUMP “CAUSE” A REVOLT? “Mad Max(ine) Waters says the Dumocrats won’t talk about impeaching President Trump because he says he will “cause a revolt” if they do. Of course, that’s not what he has said, at all. That’s only the Dumocrat’s DEFINITION of what he said. They love to TWIST what he says to blame him in all things. What actually he said is that the PEOPLE will revolt if he gets impeached for nothing, which is what Waters is promising. He has done NOTHING to be impeached FOR. And the people would revolt because an impeachment would stop what they elected him FOR, to “drain the swamp” in DC. And he’s doing just that, which frightens Dumocrats because THEY are “the swamp.”

DEMOCRATS WANT BORDER WALL! Until Trump got into office on the promise to build one. Immediately, they came out against it. They have proposed building a wall many times, calling it “a barrier” or anything else NOT a wall. Now that President Trump is insistent on his wall being financed ($5 billion, not the $150 billion Obama gave Iran), they don’t want it. The Dumocrats really think the American people don’t notice whenever they like one thing one day, than don’t want it the next. They like, or dislike things, only as that like or dislike helps the Dumocrats stay in, or gain power. They were all for it, until Trump wanted it.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: I think they pressed every black SUV there was in DC into service for George H. W. Bush’s funeral, and ran out, having to use a few gray ones… Is there anything left that the liberals haven’t called racist? Now they’re calling their staunchest ally, CNN, racist for firing Lamont Hill. Damn, they are so stupid… University of Montana Western speech code prohibits “mean and nasty” speech. Guess who gets to DEFINE somebody’s words as “mean and nasty?” The university bosses, of course. This, in a country that’s supposed to have freedom of speech… Bernie Sanders is the “Champ of Climate Change (once called global warming),” but he is also a champion of USING “climate change negative” travel, having paid $297,685.00 to only ONE airline he used. Almost as much as global warming/climate change king AlGore spends similarly every year… One thing environmental politicians don’t apparently even think of is that ANY method of transportation (except sailing, maybe) will involve the use of fossil fuels. And will until they come up with something else that is economically feasibleThey’re very worried about the 500 point dip the market took when the Dumocrats won back the House. They forget it ROSE 800 points before that, so there’s a net gain of 300 points, and the overall trend has always been UPWARD…

Monday, December 17, 2018

Impossible Demands

Liberals love to demand we make impossible choices, such as the elimination of not only ICE, but of POLICE, as well. The elimination of either would be a disaster of monstrous proportions. If we get rid of ICE, we leave the millions of illegal aliens already in this country illegally in place, with nobody to catch them, and enforce the law. If we get rid of the cops, only those with the most ILLEGAL guns will be able to enforce their will on the rest of us, with impunity from the law. The only good thing that might come out of that is that the law-abiding, who obey laws, will have guns too, in the absence of the cops. So they can kill the “bad guys” who try and victimize them. But WAR will ensue, with he bad guys on one side and the good guys on the other. And many ill die.

SOUR GRAPES”: Former FBI Director Comey implores us to “use every breath in our bodies” to defeat Donald Trump in the next election. What a major case of “sour grapes” that is! He screwed up and got himself fired as FBI Director and now he wants to get President Trump removed from office. What a triumph that would be for him if it happened! But it ain’t gonna happen. The American people are way too smart for that. They may have been slow to do what is necessary to get rid of a lot of the corruption in our government, but they finally “woke up” and elected Trump to do it—and he’s doing it, which the liberals hate.

WRONG AGAIN! The Anti-gun fools confidently tell us that crime will increase in areas where “concealed carry” is widespread. There are several areas in this country now where it has happened, and a new study of data from all 50 states, shows that, not only does crime NOT increase in those areas, it GOES DOWN. This is based on “hard data.” Statistics from all over the country that shows that letting law-abiding people have the means for self defense actually has the effect of REDUCING crime in those areas where it has happened. Anti-gun fools tell us many things, and they always prove to be wrong, when reality sets in.

HE DID WHAT WE DID!” And he ought to be put in prison for it. “What? Should we, and especially Hillary and Bill, who provably DID ‘sell access’ to her proposed administration, be punished for it? No! We’re Democrats! We can do those things without being punished, in any way. But any Republican who does the same thing must be punished for it! For Democrats to be punished for such crimes would be wrong, while punishing Republicans for the same things is always right!” That’s the way things work in DC, anyway. That’s the double standard that is in place, and has been for many years. They hope for it to be in force forever. So Dumocrats can do no wrong, and Republicans can do no RIGHT.

UNAUTHORIZED MONEY? The Dumocrats are refusing to give President Trump the $5 billion he wants to get the wall building started. But if the past is any indicator, the president doesn’t need to have specific authorization to spend a bunch of money on a whim. Obama sent $150 billion dollars to Iran without any kind of action by the Congress, and got away with it. That created a precedent Trump can use to take money from other budgets to get the wall started, and there’s nothing the Dumocrats can do about it. The very image of a pallet of money sent to our implacable enemies chills me. I wonder how many innocent people they used that money to kill. And nobody even SAID anything about it. Let alone DID anything.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez called Sarah Sanders a liar. Strange, coming from one of the biggest liars out there as well as being one of the stupidest… Joy Behar just threatened to quit “The View” (again). Maybe this time she will keep her word. Good riddance… Awww, poor baby! Ocasio-Cortez says her princely salary of $174,000.000 a year as a member of Congress is “barely a living wage.” What? Somebody ought to have told the people who pay ME that. And she really believes that crap! Every time she opens her trap she proves (again) she’s a fool… Ol’ Joe Biden thinks he’s the best qualified to be president. Maybe he ought to discuss that with Obama, who has always thought HE was the best qualified. In truth, neither of them are… Joy Behar screams “Somebody get this bi-ch under control!” because Megan McCain disagreed with her. Frankly the bi-ch who needs to be gotten under control is Joy Behar, who brooks NO disagreement with her silly ideas…

Friday, December 14, 2018

Why Is It allowed?

The Dumocrats are actively, and openly engaged in an overt attempt to overthrow a legally-elected president of the United States, and they’re using taxpayer money to do it. $17 million dollars, so far, and more spending to come. Mueller puts enormous pressure on anybody he can to force to plead guilty to things of which they are NOT guilty, to avoid his threats of more punishment, and “make it stop.” Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen, for instance. He is now saying things that seem to implicate Trump in various crimes, based only on his unsupported word, and so got his potential 75 year sentence reduced to 3 years. Can’t the “powers that be” see what’s happening, and take action to put a stop to it? What’s happening in DC is CRIMINAL, and is being done right put in the open with nobody doing anything about it.

BIG SURPRISE! “People are saying that,”The stigma of being a conservative is worse than of being gay.” What? I thought criticizing being gay was a “no-no.” In reality, there can BE no “stigma” attached to being conservative, as that is simply how the opposition to the liberals is described, and the only people who think there is, are the liberals, themselves. I think the only “queer” people in this are the liberals. And that does not refer to their sexual preference. They think if they wish it, the entire country is “with them,” and that is not the case. They are in the minority, but they have the biggest, and loudest mouths.

THEY JUST DON’T KNOW: They don’t know ANYTHING. They’re just “following orders” like sheep. Some college students were asked why they want the new Justice Thomas building to be renamed, and they didn’t know. They were obviously blindly following the liberal line. It is this way with many people who think of themselves as liberals. They have no ideas of their own. They just listen to the liberal elites, and do what they’re told, think what they’re told to think, and make things LOOK like liberals are in the majority, when they are clearly in the minority. And many people think they are in the majority because they have the biggest mouths out there. Too bad almost everything that comes out of those loud mouths is wrong.

THEY DON’T WANT TRANSPARENCY: That recent “meeting” (brawl) in the white House with President Trump on one side, vs. Nancy Peelosi and Chuckie Schumer on the other, illustrated plainly that the Dumocrats, contrary to their usual insistence that they want “transparency in government,” don’t want that at all. They only want it for the Republicans, and not for Dumocrats. It was shown plainly when they objected to the TV cameras being in the room while they had their tantrums they CALLED a “Trump tantrum.” They know that they can’t make the country believe it is a “Trump tantrum” if the country can watch them whine and cry because they don’t get their way.

THE SECRET DEMOCRAT PLOT: Their secret plot is to make potential Trump appointees refuse to be appointed to fill important government positions because they will know that, eventually, the Dumocrats will put them through the “anal examination” that has been given to former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, Justice Kavanaugh, and many others who used to work in the Trump government. They know they can’t “get” them on something important, so they just ruin them financially and, if possible, make “jailbirds” out of them, if their jail sentences only last two weeks.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Do you want respect and admiration from the liberal media if you’re not a liberal? The way to get it is to DIE, I guess. They’ve spent most of the recent couple of days extolling the virtues they refused to acknowledge when George H. W. Bush was in office… Creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti just announced that he WON’T be running for president in 2020. Who the hell cares? I won’t be running either, but I won’t be announcing it to the world, either, because nobody cares… Well, it’s been almost 2 years, and not a single shred of evidence of Trump colluding with the Russians has even been hinted at, while Mueller has ruined several good men over nothing. When are they going to learn, and quit spending millions of taxpayer dollars on a futile errand? Because that’s what it is… Pencil Neck Adam Schiff says, “Trump is compromised by Russian ties, puts country at risk.” Only one problem. After 2 years searching, no evidence had been found to back that up. Maybe he ought to shut the hell up until, or unless some evidence shows up…

Thursday, December 13, 2018

The "Oval Office Brawl"

There was a “brawl” in the Oval Office the other day, between President Trump vs. Nancy Peelosi and Chuckie Schumer. Nancy and Chuckie came in thinking “this is gonna be easy,” that they held all the cards. But then they ran into the “brick wall” with the orange hair. “This is not going the way it’s supposed to go!” they thought. The president is supposed to “crumble” under the “onslaught of the Democrat Party!” But he didn’t. Not only did he NOT “crumble,” he “took them to school,” and “laid down the law” as to how things are going to be. In their frustration, they came out of the meeting and accused Trump of “having a tantrum.” And Trump is gonna get his wall, if he has to have the military build it. And we give Mexico enough money he can cancel to make them pay for it, in the long run.

TRUMP’S DAYS ARE NUMBERED”: That’s what the Dumocrats want you to think, anyway. They think they “have the goods on him,” and it’s going to be an “easy thing” to get rid of him. They come out every day and tell us it’s only a matter of time until Mueller releases his results, and “Trump will be finished.” They've told us that over and over. But it ain’t gonna happen. If Mueller actually had anything on Trump, it would have been leaked, a long time ago. They started this whole witch hunt because they thought Trump collaborated with the Russians to get elected. After almost TWO YEARS of searching under every rock, they haven’t been able to even find anything they can TWIST into something they can use against Trump.

TWISTING THE LAW: Mueller and his goods are trying hard to twist the law to “get rid of President Trump.” They’re CLAIMING that the money paid to two women with whom he was SUPPOSED to have had sexual relations with was a “campaign donation in kind” to keep their mouths shut. Trump maintains that, even if he did pay them, it was a “private transaction” done way BEFORE there even WAS a campaign, and was NOT illegal. And he’s right. People are entitled to enter into whatever kinds of contracts they wish, and that’s what these were—if they ever actually happened. I still haven’t actually SEEN the contracts.

WHAT ABOUT OBAMA? They’re trying very hard to convince America, and the courts, that those fabled payments to two women to keep their mouths shut about a sexual assignation was a “political contribution in kind,” even though if they happened at all, it was BEFORE there even WAS a campaign. But Obama was FINED $375,000.00 for his campaign violations, and nothing was said in then liberal media about it. The world didn’t even know it happened, because they didn’t cover it the way they cover every fart Trump blows, claiming he’s “polluting the atmosphere.”

HIS UNSUPPORTED WORD: The liberals are making a big thing about Michael Cohen’s “testimony” before the Mueller gang, and that is “implicated” President Trump in wrongdoing. What we must remember is that Cohen is a certified liar. Are we then to believe his unsupported claims about Trump? That’s all Mueller has. Cohen’s UNSUPPORTED word that Trump “ordered” him to do certain things. If he lied before, is he lying now? They couldn’t prove he “collaborated with the Russians” after almost 2 years digging under every rock, so now they’re trying to manufacture a crime to tie him to.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Sheryl Sandberg, once a liberal “heroine,” has faced calls for her resignation after saying George Soros should be investigated. I guess she stepped on the “third rail” of politics by suggesting Soros wasn’t “pure and generous.” and above being investigated… “Melania gets bashed for—fill in the blanks.” This time it’s her choice of Christmas decorations… Liberals keep telling Melania how ugly she is. They need to get their glasses checked. She’s one of the best-looking First Ladies we’ve ever hadBrenda Snipes refuses now to resign after the governor suspended her, and vows to fight her suspension. Does she really think she can win, with her record? The governor should have her escorted from her office while the locks are being changed… What a surprise! Dumocrats find ONE “uncounted ballot” to tip a tied election on Alaska in their favor. Seems like Dumocrats often “find” just enough votes to swing elections in their favor. It’s uncanny… Special Counsel Mueller is known for keeping exculpatory information from the court, as he has done in the case of Trump’s one-time attorney, Michael Cohen, who tried to contact, uh, Putin, but failed. What Mueller regards as lying is a simple memory failure about a date many years ago…