Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Japanese Corner Gunman

A “man with a gun” is “holed up” in an apartment in Japan, wanted for a gun crime he should never have been able to commit, due to the tight gun laws they have there that make most violent crime “knife crime” or “bare-handed crime.” the Yakusa is known to be very violent and deadly, and rarely use guns. But the violent crime goes right on. I guess this is just more proof that all their “gun laws” are USELESS. But the politicians, all over the world, aren't listening.

FELON SINGER ARRESTED: This guy, whose name I shall not mention (but you'd recognize) because I don't want to get sued, or worse, SHOT, is (again) accused of threatening one of his women with a gun. Since he has a habit of this, he is a felon from past encounters, where he got only a “slap on the wrist.” So he shouldn't have been able to get a gun. But people with a lot of money like this guy have no problem finding a “straw purchaser” to buy one legally, or illegally. Which means all of California's gun laws mean nothing.

BACKGROUND CHECKS DON'T WORK: Mark Kelly, the former astronaut who, it seems, left his common sense in outer space after marrying former congresslady, shooting victim, and anti-gun advocate Gabby Giffords, now says, “Background checks work. And anybody who says otherwise is wrong.” Maybe somebody should ask him how so many mass shooters PASSED background checks when buying the guns they used to kill a bunch of people. People like Kelly and his wife just aren't capable of common sense, it seems.

RUINING HIS OWN CAREER: Colin Kaepernick, a “bench-warming” quarterback whose position with the 49ers is not very solid at best, has just ruined his own career by refusing to stand when the National anthem is played and the flag displayed, before a game. Seems to me a guy in his position would “keep his head down” and just play football, hoping to demonstrate his talents (if any), But, NO! This guy has got to offend a lot of people nationally with his erroneous and stupid political stance. His ignorance, apparently, knows no bounds. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets cut, soon. And for good reason.

WHITE LIVES MATTER”: As predicted here, a new organization called, “White Lives Matter” has now been called “racist organization” by liberals. Never mind that “Black Lives Matter” is not similarly labeled. What the difference is, is a mystery. That is, it would be if you didn't understand the liberal mind (if any). “Black Lives Matter” advances their efforts to start a race war. “White Lives Matter” does too, but only if they designate it as racist. That's how they twist things so the ignorant don't really understand, while they still vote.

ANOTHER NUMBER TWO? ISIS tells us yet another NUMBER TWO man has been killed. Why do we keep killing “number two men” in the Islamic terrorist organizations? Aren't we good enough to find, and kill the number ONE man in their organizations? I'm sure we are. We just haven't done it. Every once in a while we kill somebody who is CALLED the number two while their killing goes right on, unabated. I think we're being “played.” Not by them, by Obama. He's killing nobodies and CALLING them top men so we'll think he's “doing something” to fight Islamic terrorism.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The "Hillary Bubble"

Like the economic bubble, Hillary is “riding high” on a “bubble of popularity” among Democrats. It remains to be seen if that is enough to carry her to the presidency. I don't think it will. I think the excesses of Obama has caused a real BUNCH or Republicans who didn't bother to vote before to come to the polls and put Donald Trump over the top. If they don't, I don't want to live in the world this bi....witch will create.

DISGUSTED BY—TRUMP? The liberal media is disgusted, not by Anthony Wiener's silly antics on the Internet, but by Trump's having the temerity to mention it. What a bunch of boobs they are! A man first sends out a picture of his PENIS on the Internet and that gets him into so much trouble he loses his seat in the Congress. Then he learns nothing, and does it again—losing his bid to become mayor of New York City. Even then he doesn't learn his lesson, and sends a sext message to a female Trump supporter. And Trump mentions it. Who do they vilify? TRUMP, of course!

STOP COVERING TERRORISM! That's what our esteemed Secretary of State is telling the media. As if that's making any difference in the fight against Islamic terrorism! He thinks they only kill people to get publicity, and if that stops, they will stop. Even though they have told us many times they're killing people who won't convert to Islam. I wonder how many times you have to tell him ANYTHING before it penetrates his thick skull? We'd do a lot better if we'd just kill 'em where we find 'em. Wipe this cancer off the face of the Earth!

IT'S NONEA THEIR BUSINESS! The EPA is going to begin collecting data on sexual preferences, gender identity, and such. How are they going to do that? Force employers to answer questions about it when they apply for a job? HR people can't even note their RACE! So how can they force answers to personal questions like that? If I were gay I certainly wouldn't answer a question like that! I'm not even gay and I would tell them to mind their own business. If I didn't get the job well, nasty break!

ISN'T IT FUNNY? Isn't it funny how so many people who are “enemies” of crappy politicians like the Clintons end up dead? And usually under suspicious circumstances? There are many who weren't necessarily “enemies” of Hillary who have ended up dead, but who, if they stayed alive, could make it uncomfortable for her. It happens to Putrid—er, uh, Putin, too. An “enemy” of his from the Ukraine just joined that club. As have many others, in the past. A lot of Bill Clinton's “questionable associates” have also ended up dead under suspicious circumstances. One of them killed himself by shooting himself in the head—TWICE.

STAGE MANAGING ELIAN: Remember Elian Gonzales, the six-year-old child that was retrieved at the point of an automatic weapon held by a member of the Border Patrol while hiding in a closet held by an uncle? The child who almost DIED while trying to escape Cuba with his mother, who DID die? Remember that tear-jerking TV interview with his “grieving father?” That was completely stage-managed while the frightened father, who was closely guarded by Cuban “security,” answered the questions provided by his (US-government-hired) “attorney.” Makes you wonder what would have happened if he'd have given “answers” they didn't like? Elian is a man now, and is completely brainwashed by the Cubans.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Buying the BS

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is refusing to stand while the National Anthem is played before a game. Okay,Colin, you don't HAVE TO strand. Nor do you have to stand from your position on the bench to play the game either, therefore not getting a chance to show what talent you may have and improve your position in the game. Yes, you're not required to stand. You can show your RACISM all you want while people judge you on it. We can see you've “bought the horse manure” put out by the “Black Lives Matter” fools, who are creating the very atmosphere they CLAIM they're protesting.

ANTHONY DID IT AGAIN! Huma Abedin's husband, a FORMER politician, whose run for mayor of New York City was “shot down” by the revelation that he Tweeted out a picture of his “weiner” on Twitter, hopefully to get extra-curricular sex. Apparently, he didn't learn his lesson, because he's still “sexting,” and Huma (Hillary's close “confidante”) is tired of it. She has announced that she is leaving him. Frankly, if I had a wife that looks like that, I wouldn't ”go out on her.” I've speculated that the reason both she and Hillary don't really give much of a damn about either of their husband's “sexcapades” is that they satisfy each other. But you can go too far, and Anthony has done it. I hate the idea that Anthony came so close to running NYC, but he couldn't be worse than the one now running it.

SHERIFF BETTER WATCH OUT: He's “displeasing” the “powers that be” with his truthful rhetoric, and, like Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, they're going to come up with some phony charges to lay on him if he keeps talking the same way. He's telling the world all their secrets, and they can't have that. They'll soon be doing everything in their power to discredit him. How this conservative got elected in this liberal stronghold is a mystery to me, in the first place. And he'd better be alert as he drives home. We can't afford to loser any sheriffs like him. And the enemies of liberals are often known to die in strange “accidents' –like committing suicide by shooting themselves in the head, TWICE.

SPENDING YOUR MONEY: Liberals like Obama and “Ol' Joe” Biden love to spend YOUR money. From Obama giving $4 billion in CASH to Iran to “Ol' Joe” pledging to give $2.45 MILLION to AmTrak, one wonders where they GET so much money to give away, with a national DEBT of almost $20 Trillion dollars. Of course, it's actually easy to figure out. They're “mortgaging our children's future.” THEY will be expected to pay that off, including all the interest we have to pay right along. After PRINTING the money.

ALWAYS TRY THE TRUTH”: That's what Hillary says: “We always TRY to tell the truth!” What kind of obfuscation is THAT? You either tell the truth, or you LIE. That's a pure SUBJECTIVE notion. That you can be LYING without knowing it. When you LIE, you KNOW you're lying, as she certainly does. There is no “trying” to tell the truth, unless you're an imbecile. This is typical horse manure put out by a congenital liar.

TRUMP OPENLY RACIST? That's what that fool quarterback who refused to stand for the National Anthem said. Of course, he can't give any examples of that, because there aren't any. That's because the REAL racists are the DEMOCRATS! They have a habit of accusing Republicans of racism, when the Democrat Party INVENTED racism. They CREATED the Ku Klux Klan while their cooperative president had laws made to prevent blacks from owning guns, so as to make them “easy pickings" for the Klan. They created Planned Parenthood for the expressed (in public) purpose of “killing off” as many BLACK babies as they could. I could give a lot more examples but I don't have room here.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Selective Reporting

The Hillary camp has a new ad out criticizing Trump for “disrespecting” a Gold Star Mother by noting that the Muslim mother of a dead soldier had nothing to say as her husband savaged Donald Trump, asking him if he had even READ the Constitution. Meanwhile, they ignored the fact that Hillary not only “disrespected” a Gold star Mother, she called her a LIAR! So what's the difference? Why, she's Hillary! She isn't subject to the same rules as other people.

CLOSING GITMO: That''s about the stupidest promise Obama ever made. The Islamic terrorists aren't going to stop killing innocent people for not believing in their stupid “religion.” We're going to continue to need somewhere to hold these ignorant killers. So if we close GITMO, we're just going to have to open anther facility, somewhere. We can't just let these fools go. Even if Obama is determined to release these rabid vermin on the rest of the world. He's already released hundreds of these vermin and sent them to countries that are Islamic countries, and who aren't going to do anything to stop them from killing more people.

LOTSA NEW GUNS: The American people are afraid—they see Obama releasing many domestic killers and importing thousands and thousands of Islamic terrorists, pretending they're “refugees.” Meanwhile doing everything he can to stop us from being able to buy guns for self defense. Or doing everything he can t make the guns we do have USELESS. They see trouble coming, and want to be armed to be able to defend themselves.

GUN BUYBACKS: They like to talk about all the guns they “got off the streets” in their “gun buyback programs,” but what they don't tell you is that most of the guns they get are old, useless guns that don't work any more. That's what people use them for: to turn old, useless guns into money to use in buying newer, better working guns. Nobody thinks about this, much less the anti-gun fools involved. They just keep on buying useless guns and thinking they're doing something great, while they're NOT. Like most of the anti-gun laws, gun buybacks don't work.

LOWER MINIMUM WAGE: It's easy to make the employment figures better, but the “powers that be” will not do it. Their brains (if any) are set in concrete. They think a higher minimum wage will make unskilled workers a lot of money. But, in actuality, all it does is force many businesses to close, or lay off many employees because they could no longer pay them the amount the politicians mandate, in their ignorance. Either way, the unemployment figures do not go down. But they'll never know that, because they're too ignorant. They've got their minds set, and they won't listen to reason.

CLASS WARFARE: Another thing that our politicians agree on, but which is wrong, is the “pipe dream” that the rich “do not pay their fair share.” That is so basically wrong that even the IRS agrees that it is wrong. But nobody's listening. There's one figure they can't argue with. That's that 86% of ALL income taxes paid are paid by the top 25% of wage earners! So they just ignore it and repeat their LIES—while those who pay no attention to politics until just before an election believe it.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Kroger to MOMS: "Stick It!"

“MOMS Against Guns” or some such, have been putting pressure on Kroger Stores to make their stores “gun-free zones.” Which would clear the way for a would-be shooter to come in and shoot them up, not worrying about there being a gun there in the hands of a law-abiding person who might shoot him before he can kill very many people. Kroger told them to “take it and stick it,” that “We obey local laws.” Which makes Kroger Stores safer places to shop than some others I could name.

INSISTING ON STUPID: Recently, Rep. Jim Jordan and Sen. Rubio put forth legislation to protect and restore Second Amendment rights in DC. IN response, Rep. Elanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) better known as the “Hairless wonder” said “The GOP defense of gun rights is like bullying.” That's a typical response from an anti-gun fool. Any defense of a right GUARANTEED by the Constitution has got to be “bullying, because she doesn't like it. Never mind the anti-gun efforts by people such as her IS “bullying.” Not LIKE bullying, BULLYING!

DON'T QUESTION HILLARY: Board Certified doctor Drew Pinskey openly questioned Hillary's health, and, immediately, HLN Network (A CNN “spinoff” RUN by a CNN executive, canceled his show without mentioning the reason for the action. But people “in the know” suggest that Hillary's thugs might have had a hand in the firing of this well respected doctor. You don't want to question anything about Hillary on a liberal-run network like HLN! Not if you want to keep your job, that is. Maybe the good doctor should talk to Fox about a similar show.

TRADING RACIST CHARGES: The liberal media told the story as “Trump and Hillary trading racism charges,” rather than emphasize ONLY Trump's “:unwarranted racism charges” as they usually would. Maybe they're “wising up” a little, but I don't think so. Their coverage doesn't indicate any support or non-support for their positions, which smacks of “neutral coverage,” which I didn't think the liberal media was capable of. The fact is Hillary IS a racist, as are most of the liberals running the Democrat Party Democrats have always been the racist party. Martin Luther King marched against DEMOCRATS, not against Republicans, who PASSED the Civil Rights Act, while Democrats filibustered it.

EVEN LIBERALS WORRIED: Ken grossman, liberal writer for the Chicago Tribune, thinks Trump should be elected, even though he thinks Trump will “trash the Constitution,” something Hillary and her latest mentor, Barack Obama, have already done. Obama has many times overstepped his authority, making “executive orders” and enforcing them as law. Even though they are NOT law, for us. They only apply to government employees and agencies. But he USES them as laws, and nobody objects, so he gets away with it. But he has been going too far, and even making liberals mad. It'll be good when (IF) he's out of office.

IT'S NOT ABOUT RELIGION: Trump's suggestion to keep certain Muslims out until they can be properly “vetted” has nothing to do with their RELIGION. It has EVERYTHING to do with the propensity of many Muslims to kill people who do not believe in their phony “religion.” They play the religion thing up, because that's an important part of their scam: to use religion to stop us from defending ourselves against the fools who want to kill us.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Hillary's Latest Lie

Gotta get this in quick, before she tells another whopper. She came out and accused Trump- of being a “tool of the KKK” because they endorsed him, some time back. She says Trump didn't dispute David Duke's endorsement, although he definitely didn't acknowledge it. Of course, she didn't note the fact that the Communist Party USA has endorsed HER. And, while she didn't acknowledge that, neither did she DENY it. The communists like her because she spouts their talking points every day.

WIMP LIBERALS: Poor babies! Liberals in our colleges are setting aside “safe spaces” for liberals who are “made uncomfortable” when they hear ANY disagreement with their preconceived notions and want to go somewhere and cry. So now they're giving them “crying rooms” where they never have to listen to opinions different from their own. Meanwhile, they go out and spread their stupidities around (risking hearing dissenting opinions), even if we don't want to hear them. They don't give a rip about that. They think it's their right to force their opinions on us, while retreating to their “safe spaces” when we try to reason with them.

THEY CALL TRUMP A DICTATOR WANNABE: Of course, they don't mention that Hillary is a SOCIALIST. Not a “wannabe,” a socialist. A REAL socialist! If she gets elected, she'll work HARD to finish the job of imposing socialism on the rest of us, in the guise of giving people “freebies.” The next election will be a referendum on how many people out there WANT freebies. If she wins, we're outnumbered, and she will BECOME a “de facto dictator.” With Obama to back her play.

IS NRA RACIST? That's what liberals are saying, now. Of course, that's what they say about ANYTHING with which they do not agree. It all started with Barack Obama, who told us electing him would forever END racism in America. So we (not me) elected him, and it not only DIDN'T “end racism for all time,” it made it worse, because Obama PROMOTED racism. Racism from BLACKS against WHITES. To make it seem true, they PUSH white racism against blacks, which had all but disappeared until Obama got in. But what is not said is that the DEMOCRAT Party is the racist party. Jim Crow was a Democrat! Robert Byrd, a “former” Grand Kleagel, was in Congress from 1953 to 2010. They're “salted” all through government.

WHO THE HELL CARES? The DOJ is putting out a new “directive” (they call it an “advisory”) that cops should ask transgenders as they are arresting them, “Do you prefer to be called ma'am, or sir?”. This is liberalism out of control! Who the hell cares what they want to be called? If that transgender has a penis and maybe “five o'clock shadow,” call him “sir.” Whether he likes it, or not, and put him in the MALE part of the jail. Nobody is (yet) required to care about that, by LAW. Only (so far) by ILLEGAL “regulation.” So screw 'em! If it ever becomes law, I recommend cops ignore it, calling them what is indicated by their biology. Emphasizing their male plumbing, in court.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Taking Stupid Pills

Where do we get such stupid politicians? apparently, they're not limited to the United States. A Mexican politician gave a speech at a UN meeting in Switzerland, where she suggested the US BAN guns. Never mind the Second Amendment prohibits it. They don't have that in Mexico, so they're clueless. With a gun crime rate FIVE TIMES that of America, maybe they should clean up their own “gun problem” before criticizing ours.

JUST CHANGE THE NAME: That's how the government “gets around” laws limiting their actions. The Firearms Owner's Protection Act prohibits them from starting any new databases of gun owners, so they just RENAME the one already in existence. They'll even go to court and DENY it's a database, LYING under oath. But if it LOOKS like a database, and OPERATES like a database, it IS a database. Not even if they call it a “data warehouse” to fool people and “get a\round” the law..

JUST DON'T TELL 'EM”: That's the answer in a Maryland (where else?) school district when you allow MEN who SAY they “identify as women” to “bunk with” young girls on field trips. They were asked what to do about telling parents they were doing it, and they came out with a policy: “Just don't tell 'em!' " And these are the people we are supposed to trust with the safety and well-being of our children! Stupid, stupid, STUPID! More liberalism corrupting our youth. What makes “transgenders” so special their wishes trump the wishes of the majority? Why is it only “transgenders” (.01% of the population) matter?

15,000 MORE E-MAILS: Well, they've “found” yet ANOTHER 15,000 “deleted e-mails” Hillary thought were gone forever. But don't expect anything to happen before the election as a result. If they didn't “find” any transgressions in that 33,-000 they previously “found,” they aren't going to find any in this bunch, although there are certainly some there. Not, at least, before the election, that is. I don't know ANYBODY who is better at “dragging their feet” than a government agency! Of course, FBI Director Comey DETAILED all her violations, but decided not to recommend her indictment “because she didn't mean it.”

POWELL “CLEARED HER?” They're now suggesting that former Secretary of State Colin Powell “cleared” Hillary in her use of a private e-mail server while she was Sec. Of State, because he “advised her” to use a private server. Only one problem: he didn't. Hillary's attempt to pin it on Powell ain't agonna work, because we know all about what Powell did, and it doesn't APPROACH what she did. And Powell says he never did ANY such thing! And Powell is not a well-known LIAR like she is! Even if he did, that wouldn't “clear her” of breaking the law. If I told you speeding was okay, would that stop a cop from giving you a ticket?

DON'T CHANGE COURSE: Iranian boats decided to harass an American missile ship by “buzzing” them and risking a collision. They didn't fire any missiles at them, and they DID “change course” to keep from running over them. Which is what the Iranians counted on. They should never have changed course to miss them, letting them take their chances, since they made the decision to “buzz” the ship. If they ran into one, it wasn't the Navy's fault, and might have taught the Iranians a lesson without starting a war. Although who cares about starting a war with a pipsqueak country like Iran? Iran threatening us is like a fly crawling up an elephant's leg with rape on it's mind.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hillary's Excesses

Hillary Clinton keeps trying to convince us she's “jes' folks,” like all of us. Then she charters a private airplane to travel 20 miles from Nantucket to Martha's Vineyard to her exclusive birthday party. She's having a harder and harder time convincing us when she does things like that. I have to travel 20 miles to pay my cable bill monthly because Comcast screwed me up on paying by debit card, by double debiting me a few months ago, but I don't charter a plane. I drive. As most old guys pushing 80 do.

I DON'T WORRY ABOUT POLITICS”: Obama is in Louisiana, to make it look like he cares. And while there, he talks about the criticism heaped upon him for not coming off the golf course to do something about it. While doing so, he says, “I don't pay much attention to politics.” Really? Then why are you in Louisiana, and not still on the golf course in Martha's Vineyard, with the Clintons? Why did it take Trump “calling you out” to get you down there?

HE'S DOING HIS PART: Former Democrat Party Chairman Terry McAuliffe, who, after his stint as chairman, conned his way into the governorship of Virginia, has “done his part” to get Hillary (the crook) elected president. He has changed a law, allowing FELONS to vote in his state, which will GUARANTEE many votes for Hillary. In appreciation, if nothing else. Not that criminals wouldn't vote for her, anyway, because they feel she is a “kindred soul,” considering how many laws she has violated, and gotten away with, because of her “friends.”

TEACH 'EM HOW: One of the things the NRA does well is teach kids and adults how to shoot guns safely, and how to handle them safely, so they're no longer a “mystery” to be “investigated.” Which will reduce the possibility of them shooting themselves or others by accident, which the anti-gun fools don't like because it will make their predictions untrue and they will not make as much money disarming the nation in opposition to the Constitution.

GITTIN' TIRED OF IT! I'm really getting tired of trying to pound sense into the granite-hard heads of the anti-gun fools. I tell them and tell them that making a LAW against the criminals carrying guns if they have a record won't stop them for a minute. It will just force them to get their guns from that “back alley gun salesman.” I tell them their “gun laws” will not work, and they keep making them, hoping for a different result. I tell them “gun-free zones” are WORTHLESS and are an ENGRAVED INVITATION to shooters, since they know that law-abiding people will obey, and they keep pressuring people to create them..

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Liberals (progressives) have been griping about cops killing people for a long time. Now they want cops to be the only ones who have guns? Proving they have no common sense or logic.... Hillary has made so many mistakes in her “government service” that I'm surprised she has ANY support, even from gullible Democrats. She has gotten many people killed. But she wants to make more mistakes as president.... Twice in a row, Congress has sent anti-gun fools packing, but they're already plotting their next assault on our Second Amendment rights. They're DETERMINED to disarm us to make us “easier to handle.”

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

No Surprise, There

While Trump was down in Louisiana to see if there was anything he could do to help. Hillary was flying off on her personal airplane for a fund raising trip. They're making a big thing out of her raising more money than Trump, but they forget one thing: he doesn't NEED to raise money. He already has enough. But her completely ignoring the Louisiana disaster, one of two recently, shows us (me, at least) a lot about her. But it isn't something that surprises me. I've been painfully aware of her narcissism for a long time.

SO THE HELL WHAT? The FBI found thousands of e-mails Hillary thought were completely gone, when she deleted them, saying they were “personal,” without giving them an opportunity to see if she was lying, or not. There are probably many incriminating e-mails in that bunch, but even if there are, nothing will happen—at least, until AFTER the election. The “fix” is still in, even if the FBI is TRYING to do their job. And if she is elected, you can bet the whole investigation will be buried.

WRONG WHEN BUSH DID IT: But not when Obama did the exact same thing, with the same reason for not going to Louisiana right away, rather than wait a few days. Bush said a presidential visit would cause more trouble, and drain more resources, than it was worth, in the first few days, while he could be doing something from DC to help. Obama said the same thing, using it as a EXCUSE to continue his golfing outings while Louisianans drowned, and lost their homes—and he doesn't see the irony. But then, he's stupid.

IS GUN CONTROL RACIST? The simple answer is, YES. The Ku Klux Klan, well known black killers, started out as a “gun control” outfit, so they wouldn't have to worry so much about “incoming fire” as they went about their “night riding” to remove black people from the land of the living. They still advocate gun control today as a means to the same end. Yes, they're a little more subtle today in their black hatred, and the “Black Lives Matter” crowd aren't helping much, as they “whip blacks into a frenzy” of white hatred. As much as black people kill other black people, you'd think they are MEMBERS of the KKK.

DOING SOMETHING RIGHT: The NRA must be doing something right, if the New York Times hates them as much as they do. They recently published an anti-NRA screed, containing myths, LIES, and false representations about gun control. They say they have “All The News It's Fit To Print,” but this is NOT “fit to print.” In publishing this article, they're also promoting the election of Hillary Clinton as president. What they think that will gain us, I don't know. Maybe they're as crooked as she is, and see her as a “kindred soul.”

HOW'D THEY GET SO RICH? The Clintons told us that, when they left the White House, they were not only dead broke, they were in debt, as well. Now they're worth $100 million, In just 8 years!. How did that happen? It can't be Bill's and Hillary's excessive “speaking fees (bribes),” so where did the money come from? That's pretty obvious to people who pay attention to such things. It comes from the billions of dollars contributed by foreign governments, to their foundation. That foundation, which they control, absolutely, “gets around” the prohibition on foreign contributions to their political campaigns. They think they're fooling us. Or they don't care.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Another One Dead

This is getting ridiculous! The body count is growing again. Victor Thorn, a writer who had published three books about the Clintons, containing evidence “overlooked” for too long by the proper authorities, was found dead, they SAY of suicide. They don't say HOW he killed himself. Did he shoot himself in the head, TWICE, as one on BILL'S list was said to have done? We need a fearless investigator, who can defend himself, to look into the high number of dead people who either displeased the Clintons, or were about to testify against them, and get to the bottom of WHY so many people connected to the Clintons have turned up dead under suspicious circumstances.

NO-GUN ZONES”: I've said, many times, that “no-gun zones” DON'T WORK. They only get people killed. These two cops responded to a “suspicious person” call at one Panera Bread in Maryland., all of whose 1,800 locations are “no-gun zones.” The shooter, who ignored that restriction, killed them both, and was subsequently killed by two “slightly more alert” deputies who came, later. Politicians routinely “turn a blind eye” and “deaf ear” to those who tell them their “policies” are stupid. And when they get people killed, they ignore it. So do the owners of private businesses like Panera Bread.

GUN LAWS NEVER WORK: They do NOTHING to “stem gun violence.” Actually, all they do is make law-abiding people DEFENSELESS against the criminals who IGNORE them by leaving us without a defense. They can't just BAN guns, because of the Second Amendment. So they do everything they can to make the ones we do have, USELESS, by such things as “bullet control,” and high taxes and fees for ANYBODY wanting license to carry a gun for self defense, making them prohibitively expensive. Meanwhile, most of them run around behind a WALL of “armed security” while denying us that right.

THEY HATE GUNS: And they hate hunting. But they still eat meat. They must think meat magically appears on their supermarket shelves without killing animals to feed them. They never think about the connection to killing animals there is between the live animal and their tasty plates full of meat. It never occurs to them that, for them to have their meat, an animal must be killed. They think hunters are the only ones that kill animals. Forgetting that this used to be the only way to put meat on the table. They should all be vegetarians.

OBVIOUS DOUBLE STANDARD: The liberal media bashed Bush because he didn't “jump up” and immediately get on a plane to New Orleans after their massive hurricane. But they're completely silent on Obama continuing his golf games after the massive flooding in the same area. They say it's because he's “too busy” (playing golf, I guess) to bother about thousands of people losing their homes, and some losing their lives. But he's a Democrat, so who cares? After Trump “called him out,” he put his golf clubs away (for a while) and thought about going down there. But he hasn't yet, as this is written.

THEY'RE RIGHT ON IT! The liberal media gave almost wall-to-wall coverage of the silly “contretemps” in Rio between four drunken Olympians and the cops, who only wanted payment for the damage they did in a restroom in their drunken stupor. Of course, that didn't leave much time for coverage of something “less important” like Obama sentencing many Americans to being kidnapped for ransom by “rogue nations” like Iran because they now know we'll “pay up.” At least, until Trump takes over.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Obama's Very Busy

He's got to polish his golf balls. So I guess he just can't be bothered about the flooding in Louisiana. It's like a lot of important things Obama has ignored. “He's too busy.” But being president, he CAN'T be “too busy” to do something about a MAJOR catastrophe. He's using that as an EXCUSE not to care. Obama doesn't care about ANYTHING that doesn't advance his narrative, and the plight of the people of Louisiana doesn't do that. So he's not interested. So sayeth Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson, which is why Obama didn't interrupt his umpteenth “vacation” this year, to do anything about it. (Update: After trump "called him out," he caved and has announced he is cutting his "vacation [his sixth this year] and going to Louisiana.

CANCEL STUDENT DEBT”: That's what Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein says, echoing Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and their SOCIALIST demands. Translated, she means WE ought to pay the freight for THEIR education while they get brainwashed to believe socialism is the best way to go. I don't know where all the socialist politicians come from, but there are too many of them. Socialism is all about FREEBIES for people who will not earn for themselves, with money STOLEN from those who DO. It is an economical theory based on THEFT, and people just can't see that.

RELEASING GUN VIOLATORS: They tell us they don't want to take away our right to own and use guns in self defense. But then to go right on trying to make laws to take away our guns. And failing that, to make them USELESS to us by making ammunition hard to get, and by making rules that make them USELESS. Like the Illinois law that requires concealed carriers to carry an UNLOADED gun  Then Obama, the top anti-gun fool in America, imports hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists who have SWORN to kill us and releases 56 CONVICTED gun criminals to plague us If you accept the idea that he is a saboteur, his actions are completely understandable.

ARRESTED FOR SELF DEFENSE: This guy was having a huge alligator chewing off his leg, so he shot him. Completely understandable, right? WRONG! Not to the local sheriff, who arrested him for “poaching” that alligator. Never mind if he hadn't shot him, he would now be legless,. And maybe lifeless. Where do they find these CLUELESS lawmen? To arrest a man for saving his own life and the life of his livestock is LUDICROUS! But try and tell that to this STUPID sheriff! We need to get rid of such people!

YOU TELL 'EM, DONALD! Donald Trump, who is very busy in his effort to replace Obama as president, went to Louisiana to do what he could to help the survivors of that massive flood. While there, he “called Obama out,” saying he should “leave his golf game” and go down there to see what HE could do to help. But, NO! He can't be bothered with anything other than to shave numbers off his golf score. He criticized Bush for not “jumping up and INSTANTLY going to Louisiana during their hurricane, But he can't be bothered to go there and help during an equally debilitating disaster. (Update. After Trump "called him out," he caved and is now going to go there.)

DEFENDING MUSLIM RAPISTS: The Muslim rape culture is even affecting CHILDREN! The rapists of this 5 year-old girl (a FIVE-YEAR-OLD GIRL!) in Idaho are having the case DEFENDED by the PROSECUTOR. And the rapists are neighborhood Muslim BOYS! (BOYS, not men!) He's trying to minimize their offense. I don't know where we get these FOOLS, but they seem to be proliferating on the landscape. Judges give Muslim fools six-figure “awards” in suits against employers who fired them for not doing their jobs. Presidents are importing them by the hundreds of thousands when anybody with a lick of sense can see it is an INVASION of Muslim terrorists!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Who Needs Twitter?

Twitter has reportedly eliminated 235,000 accounts they deemed to be “extremist.” Who the hell gives them the right to arbitrarily decide an account is “extremist?” Is it because those people don't agree with them politically? Frankly, if Twitter just “shriveled up and died,” it wouldn't make me mad, at all. And the same goes for Facebook, which also likes to eliminate accounts if they post something they, as liberals, don't like. Is there anybody out there who wants to start a "Twitter-like" platform to take those customers they offended by their actions? Lot of money to be made.

A BIBLE “FRIGHTENS” HIM? An anti-Christian bigot is demanding an Air Force captain be punished for having an open Bible on his desk at Peterson Air force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He says it's presence “frightens” soldiers. What a damned fool he is! Any soldier “frightened” by a BOOK has no business being IN the military. And anybody who seriously BELIEVES a Bible can “frighten” ANYBODY needs to have his head examined. This guy is just a bully masquerading as a civil rights champion. He needs to be REMOVED from the area, forcibly, if necessary, and told never to come back. And SHOT if he does.

BLAME A REPUBLICAN! Hillary has come up with the ultimate LIE. She is now saying former Secretary of State Colin Powell (a Republican) advised her to use a private e-mail server for government business. When asked, Powell denied it. That's probably the epitome of “blaming the Republicans” for your problems. This woman has a positive GENIUS for diverting blame from herself, and onto a Republican. The only way to prove or disprove it is if Powell says it's true. If he denies it, she'll call him a liar. And lying is something she knows about, from personal experience.

MEXICO; FIVE TIMES WORSE: Mexico, which has very tough gun laws, has a “gun violence problem” FIVE TIMES HIGHER than in America. This is a repetition of what is happening in other countries (notably France and Belgium), which similarly have “tight” gun laws, coupled with high gun violence stats. Does anybody notice a pattern here? Yes, Mexico has the drug cartels, which IGNORE their gun laws. And we have the “street gangs,” which also ignore gun laws, and that's the problem. Not LEGAL gun owners.

GUNS ENDANGER, NOT PROTECT: That's what one anti-gun fool who PRETENDS to be an “honest researcher,” says. He cites a lot of false “stats” by “researchers” he will not name and nobody's ever heard of, so we can't verify their methodology and their figures. He gives a long list of actions that inhibit anti-gun lawmakers, all of which are spurious. This is how anti-gun fools “shape” public opinion. Cite “studies” that can't be found and swear they're true.

I LIKE PRETTY WOMEN: Especially those who are almost naked, and show a lot of leg. That's why I like watching Fox's “Outnumbered.” the concept is supposed to be four women vs. ONE man, discussing the issues, but actually is a showcase for four sets of good-looking legs in the very short, skimpy dresses they always wear (don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining just commenting). One, in today's show, had a skirt so short, I was fearful that she'd show everything she has. I said I watch it. I don't LISTEN to it. My interest is only visual. And that probably is responsible for it's popularity among men. Somebody had a good idea that helps viewership, but not necessarily information.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

It Is A BASIC Right!

No matter how anti-gun politicians (and their “useful idiots” try to deny it, self defense, and the right to own and use the tools to that end are NOT “given to us” by the Constitution. The Constitution only RECOGNIZED that as a BASIC RIGHT, and pledged to defend and protect it, even if they must be used against our own government, to keep them from oppressing us. The Constitution gives us NOTHING. It only guarantees to protect our rights.

IT'S INSANE!” Tom Arnold, the guy who rode his wife's skirts to fame, then abandoned her (or did she abandon him?), now thinks he has a right to judge people who value the right to self defense, and to own and use the tool for that, a gun. He says those who think owning a gun is a “God-given right” are INSANE! It's NOT a “God-given right,” it' a “right of birth!” By being BORN you have that right! And the Constitution recognizes, and pledges to preserve and defend that right. Where does he get off pretending to say who is, or is not, “insane?”

YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT”: That's the tune being sung by the liberals, these days, saying that whatever YOU built wasn't built by you because you had to depend on others for services you couldn't do yourself. That's a typically FALSE opinion. If YOU want to accomplish something, they won't help you if you don't get things started, yourself, and YOU lead them to supply what you need. You DID “build that!” If somebody else wanted to build that, they'd have done it before you asked for help, for which you PAID. That's the free market.

NO EVIDENCE”: That's what Harry Reid says about all of Hillary's scandals. “There's 'no evidence' she broke any laws.” But there IS “evidence,” it's just being ignored by the people who should be acting on it. The “no evidence” ploy has long been a scam used by Democrats. But “no evidence” doesn't mean they're not guilty. It only means we haven't FOUND the evidence, yet. But it's there. Well hidden by their cronies.

HE ISN'T EVIL”: Would you believe it? A FEMINIST web site is saying that Bill Clinton may have raped Juanita Brodderick, but that doesn't mean he's evil.” What are they SMOKING? That DOES mean he is evil! No amount of denying it will make it into realism. Anybody who forcibly rapes a woman IS evil, former president, or not. And a woman who ENABLES his rapes is worse. There's no telling how many women this rapist raped that we don't know about. Rapists don't only rape once. His wife knows that, covered his rapes, and is now running for president. Her political career needs to be ENDED.

RACISTS FIGHT RACISTS: Up to now, the WHITE racist Ku Klux Klan had the field all to themselves. There were no BLACK racist organizations strong enough to oppose them. Now, with George Soros giving $600,000.00 to”Black Lives Matter (BLM),” the black equivalent of the Klan, only against WHITES, while Obama supports them. They're strong enough to be “a problem” for the Klan. So the Klan plans to disrupt the “Black Lives Matter” gathering in Westhampton Beach, in the Hamptons. Look for more such clashes in the future, as BLM becomes more and more powerful, and the Klan fights back. Soon, we'll have a full-blown race war, and that suits Obama just fine. It lets him take more control over all our lives.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

"But You Can't See It"

This University of Alabama professor has concluded a study that purports to show that legal gun carriers are connected with mass shootings His findings are questioned, since he won't allow his critics to see his research, and his methodology. Award-winning criminologist Gary Kleck, of Florida State University says his “study” was “very questionable” and should never have been published in a respected journal.” This shows the usual kind of questionable “research” upon which the anti-gun fools depend.

BAN HARPOONS!” That's what they'll be shouting in France after a mob attacked a photographer who shot a picture of a Muslim woman wearing one of those ugly and stupid Burquinis on a beach in Corsica. Since no guns were involved, proving what I've always said about thugs FINDING weapons if they can't get guns is true, even if the anti-gun fools deny it. Of course, the liberal media largely ignores this story, because it doesn't promote their agenda to disarm the citizens.

HUMA-LIATION: Did you know that Huma Abeden, wife of penis e-mailing former congress member Anthony Weiner, and Hillary Clinton's top aide (and probable lover), is a Muslim? Which is another illustration of how far into the government Muslims have “wormed” their way. It was his his sending pictures of his penis around the Internet that derailed his bid to become mayor of New York city. She says it was her “Muslim faith” that supported her in their “darkest days.” Being a Muslim, I wonder just how much that “Muslim faith” affects her advice to Hillary. And that's not “religious intolerance, it's LOGIC. Especially since the most religiously intolerant people on the planet are Muslims.

SOROS IS EVERYWHERE: Why isn't this fool in prison? He has destroyed the currency in FIVE nations and is working HARD to destroy the American dollar. His money is behind just about every left-wing scheme to derail this government, usually through “cutout” organizations that don't reveal their connection to him. He is a well-known saboteur and enemy to everything American. So why hasn't the FBI “taken him out?” Because he, more than anybody else, knows where the bodies are buried?

15 MORE MURDERERS: Obama has released 15 more murderers from GITMO, using spurious reasoning, as usual. Of course, his whole purpose is to make it so expensive per prisoner to keep them that alone, gives him an excuse to release more murderers on the world. Yes, a FEW of them might not be guilty. But most of them ARE guilty of mostly ISLAMIC terrorism and should be, if not imprisoned for life, shot. They're not Americans, and do NOT have constitutional rights. Most have been “caught in the act” of blowing up, or otherwise murdering people and should be BURIED forever. Not released, to go back to their murdering ways.

OVERREACTING IN MILWAUKEE: Turns out the cops killing a thug in Milwaukee wasn't an “unwarranted” killing, after all. Body camera footage shows him raising his gun and aiming it at cops after being told to drop it. Why he was stupid enough to do that is beyond me. And masses of other thugs, organized by Facebook and Instagram posts, rushed to blame the cops, who simply shot an ARMED thug who was aiming a gun at them. Like in Ferguson, MO, the whole thing was based on a LIE put out by the thugs.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Whipping Up the Swindle

Obama made a speech the other day, in which he said that “Climate change is the most urgent challenges of our time.” What a LOAD of bullsh-t! One degree temperature rise in 100 years is NOT an “urgent challenge.” But it's urgent for him, since he can use it to his advantage, economically and legislatively. AlGore used it (under it's old name) to become a billionaire, and Obama hopes to “get in on the action.” Of course, “climate scientists” are starting to talk about “global COOLING,” now. They should make up their minds!

BLACK AGAINST WHITE RACISM: Obama said that “If you elect me, that will do away with racism, forever.” But, of course, it didn't. It only served to divert it from white against black racism (which was almost gone, anyway, or he wouldn't have gotten elected) to black against WHITE racism—and they're working HARD to make it “the law of the land,” as white against black racism USED to be. “Black Lives Matter” is at the forefront of the movement, and soon, ANY action taken against blacks, even righteous action, will be declared racism, and people will be punished.

REPEAL SECOND AMENDMENT?” Clinton supporters want to cut their noses off to spite their faces. They want to REPEAL the Second Amendment, and DISARM themselves in the face of all the ILLEGALLY-armed criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists Obama is importing by the hundreds of thousands. They still think the way to self defense is to DISARM themselves, which will get them KILLED. Hopefully, there are enough INTELLIGENT people left to stop them from getting the 2/3 majority they will need to accomplish this INSANITY.

FAMOUS FOR THE TRUTH: Milwaukee County Sheriff Clark has become famous. Why? Because he's not afraid to tell the truth, and tell it eloquently. It's pretty bad when truth tellers are so rare that anybody who TELLS it becomes famous for it. There's a man I'd like to meet. I'm what Democrats call “racist” because I will NEVER vote for a Democrat, but his color means absolutely NOTHING to me. He's an intelligent man and says what he thinks. I value that.

COURT FOOL FLUBS AGAIN: VP Biden sticks his foot in his mouth again. This time revealing nuclear secrets. He tells a reporter all about how the “nuclear codes” are held by a man that “follows me around like a puppy” and points him out, so a spy who wants to STEAL those launch codes can target him. And he says TRUMP is “untrustworthy” with secrets!

SEPARATE, BUT EQUAL:” In Saudi Arabia, a woman can't even go out of their house without PERMISSION from their father or husband. If she has neither, I guess she's out of luck. Nor can she be “on the street” unless she is accompanied by a MALE family member. In places like McDonald's, or Dunkin' Donuts, or Starbucks, she's required to go in her own door, and eat in a separate space from men, behind a screen. But that's changing. Soon she will not be allowed entry unescorted, period. She'll have to send her DRIVER (she's not allowed to drive) in to order her coffee to go. Talk about “discrimination!” And they give US a hard time about how we treat OUR women! No wonder Muslim men are prone to rape Western women!

Monday, August 15, 2016

They Don't Understand

On purpose. That way, they don't have to answer questions about their own misdeeds while the liberal press is giving Donald Trump hell about what he says. Trump eloquently illustrated the fact that Obama was personally responsible for the rise of ISIS because he created the atmosphere conducive to their rise to power by abruptly telling his troops to “cut and run” from Iraq while leaving all their equipment and ordinance behind to supply the Islamic terrorists for a long time. That's how they operate: TWIST what he says to their own advantage.

BACK TO GLOBAL COOLING: In the seventies, climate “scientists” were, oh, so worried about “global COOLING” they were talking about “the coming new ice age.” Then they got the idea it wasn't “cooling,” at all. that we were “moving toward a ONE DEGREE temperature rise generally over the next hundred years. They pushed and pushed that, and ol' AlGore figured out how to make himself a billionaire with it. Now they're touting “global COOLING again. They were wrong before both times, and they're wrong now.

HILLARY LIES AGAIN: She keeps repeating that the FBI Director said she did NOT break any laws. That's one of her LIES. That's definitely NOT what he said. He DETAILED the crimes she committed, but said he would not recommend charges be filed because “she didn't mean it.” which is the same thing as a cop watching a man putting a gun to another's head and killing him,,then refusing to arrest him “because he didn't mean it.” Comey did NOT say she committed no crimes. Only that he didn't have the guts to recommend she be charged. She has no business still being in the race for president. She needs to be on her way to the slam.

HILLARY HATES THE RICH: She is constantly talking about taxing the rich at higher and higher rates, and stealing more and more of the money they EARN. She says they “stole” the money they get from their efforts. But she only knows about herself. Hillary is one of the richest people in the world, and she CONNED it out of people who are her constituents. So she thinks other rich people did, too. It's all she knows. But “the rich” already pay MOST of the income taxes paid. She can't deny that, truthfully. So she does lyingly. Meanwhile, IRS figures make a LIAR out of her—again.

NO DEMONSTRATIONS OR RIOTS: They're marveling that, with nine people, including the son of a police officer (who was just sitting on his stoop), being killed in Chicago, nobody was upset enough to riot. But they're not thinking straight. Nobody was killed BY a cop, trying to do his job. They were all “black-on-black” crimes, and that's routine (I think they were. Nobody said, either way.). Nobody gets upset by that, only the cops, who try to solve the crimes involved and protect the very people who criticize them. I think it's instructive that the killing in Milwaukee was of an ARMED thug with a long record, who was RUNNING from the cops, even though the newspaper said he was UNARMED. Talk about FOMENTING a riot!

JOE GETS IN TROUBLE—AGAIN! As usual, “ol' Joe” (Biden) got himself in trouble again for hugging Hillary a little too long while she fidgeted, trying to get away without making a scene. Joe has a history of getting too “up close and personal” with many women, other men's wives, and even their young daughters. Maybe somebody should tell him to start keeping his hands to himself. It's unseemly for a VP to “manhandle” women that way.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

"The Biggest Load of Bull!"

Impeached and disbarred former president Bill Clinton recently said, of the e-mail controversy in which his wife is involved, as “The biggest load of bull I've ever heard.” Actually, the “biggest load of bull I'VE ever heard is what comes out of Bill's mouth.” On a regular basis. With his record, how he thinks ANYBODY with any intelligence at all will believe ANYTHING he says, is beyond me. Bill previously held the record (before Obama) as the best LIAR around, and he seems to be trying to regain the title. The liberal news media, instead of CONDEMNING his lies, MARVELED at his expertise at lying.

COMMON SENSE GUN LAWS”: That's what the anti-gun fools call the abortions they foist upon us in the name of “keeping guns off the streets,” but they are anything BUT “common sense.” They're designed to make LEGAL guns USELESS by keeping them unloaded, stored in slow to open containers, have trigger locks, and such. These laws only apply to LAW-ABIDING people, not to criminals, who don''t bother to obey laws. And they get people KILLED while AIDING criminals in their efforts to victimize people.

HORRIBLE OLYMPICS: I don't think I've ever heard of a more horrible Olympics than the one now in Rio. The water is polluted and makes competitors sick (both outside and inside), criminals rob competitors at gunpoint, sometimes masquerading as cops, and when they don't use a gun, they just beat them up. One of the most unusual stories to come out of Rio is the Judo champion who was beaten up and robbed. One female sailor in a yachting event took sick from the water, and they actually had to SHUT DOWN an Olympic pool until they could get some healthy water in it. What a nasty place to hold an Olympics meet!

BANNING AMMUNITION: In Seattle, they gave a company a permit to import several thousand rounds of ammunition for their AR-15 rifles, and, after they were paid for and arrived, “confiscated” (stole) them and designated them as “armor piercing” and thus ineligible to be imported for civilian sale. They can't just BAN guns, so they're working on excuses to ban all ammunition, making (only) legal guns USELESS. They're working all around banning guns, making them USELESS in the hands of law-abiding citizens, and impossible to get into action quick enough to successfully oppose the guns in the hands of criminals.

ARE THEY A “HATE GROUP?” Is “Black Lives Matter” a hate group? ABSOLUTELY! They threaten violence to anybody who disagrees with them. Even to people who say, “ALL lives matter.” They want to smash the computer of a female student who has a Trump sticker on it, and want to commit violence on ANYBODY who ridicules their useless slogan. All lives DO matter, but they deny that, preferring to discriminate in their very basic premise. That is a “hate group.” No doubt about it.

WAIT FOR THE FACTS! Yes, a cop shot this black man after a chase. But the man was armed, and had been fleeing the cops after they made a traffic stop on him. It is not known whether or not he brandished that gun to the cops, but in today''s world, where cops have a target on their backs, it's not surprising that cops might be very “nervous” in any violent encounter with a black man. We don't yet know for sure whether or not this was a “righteous shooting,” but rioters are notorious for not waiting for the facts when they destroy property and hurt people. Interesting note: the cop who killed him is black, too.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Are they, Or Not?

We ask if there is an investigation into the activities of the Clinton (Crime) Foundation. We're told that several FBI offices have asked for the power to do that, and Loretta told them “no.” Then later, we're told that there are SEVERAL such investigations ongoing in state offices of the DOJ. Which is it? ARE they investigating her “foundation,” or are they NOT? You can't seem to get a straight answer on this, or any other question in DC. Plus, the 30,000 Hillary e-mails are finally found, and several crimes are discovered—and nothing happens. Nor, it seems, will it ever.

CNN BEHIND MSNBC! CNN was “riding high” during the DNC convention, higher, even, than Fox (for a fleeting moment). But those viewers didn't hang around. CNN is now BELOW MSNBC on the list of cable news outlets in the number of viewers. NO! Nobody's behind MSNBC in the ratings! Except maybe the Golf channel or Al-Jazeera (do they still even EXIST?). I didn't even know there was a PLACE below MSNBC on that list! Ya live and learn, I guess.

EASILY OFFENDED PEOPLE: Be honest with me, now. Have you ever seen a more easily offended bunch than Muslims? They routinely kill Jews and members of other religions all over the world, but then they keep getting offended by people in this country that are horrified by their practices. The worst “religious persecutors” get offended by that, saying THEY are victims of “religious persecution.” They treat their women terribly, then “get offended” if a woman has ANY trouble, with anybody (that's AFTER they rape them). They KILL gays, yet complain about gays “being persecuted” in this country because some of us object to gays changing the meaning of the word “marriage.

FIGURED IT OUT: I may be completely wrong, but I think I've figured out why neither Hillary or Huma are much disturbed by their philandering husbands (Everybody knows about Bill's “zipper down” policies, but not as many know about Uma's husband sending pictures of his penis around on the web to spark possibilities for sex). I'm beginning to think THEY have a sexual relationship with each other. Uma has been Hillary's “close aide” for many years. The question in my mind is, HOW close? Maybe neither one CARES what their husbands do because they're doing the same thing (close, anyway), but with better cover-up.

TRUMP WON'T LET US! The liberal media is whining that they “want to talk about Hillary's crimes (they didn't put it that way) but Trump won't let us. He keeps making outrageous statements that we have to cover, and we don't have TIME to talk about anything else.” Well, la, te dah! Funny. Fox seems to find the time to talk about both,. Why can't you? It's a bunch of horse manure, as is most of what the liberals media spouts.

DRIVER'S LICENSE RACIST? The liberals are unalterably opposed to making people get picture ID in order to do the most important thing they do in their lives: vote. They call it “racist,” on the theory that most blacks can't afford a $5 fee to get one from their state. You have to show one to do many things. In some places to user a pay potty! But it's racist to demand it to prove who you are and that you haven't voted before when you come in to vote. What a FOOL excuse to aid election fraud!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Iran Laughing At Us

They're thinking, “Boy. is America stupid! They're thinking that as they take even more hostages to hold for even more ransom while that fool, Obama, is still in the white House. They know they can con him out of a lot more money they can use to cause more Islamic terrorism in the world. But they have to work fast. If Trump gets into the White House, “all is lost” on collecting more ransom. Trump will just come in and TAKE those hostages, while killing off all their top people.

KILL OFF TOP BRASS: That's what we ought to be doing to the Islamic terrorists, instead of just killing off a few of their supporters and recruiters. Killing off a few low-level fools will not do ANYTHING to stop Islamic terrorism. If you kill off ALL the “top brass,” you “kill the brain” and they cease to be able to function, without a head. We need to “pull out all the stops” and quit trying simply to “contain” the terrorists, as that fool in the white House insists on doing.

SETTING A TRAP: Hillary and her accomplices set a trap for Trump the other day. They not only INVITED the proud father of the Orlando killer to her rally, but they seated him right behind her so the cameras couldn't help but pick him up. Trump was supposed to see him and immediately raise a ruckus, which he didn't. So their plan fizzled. Of course, the conservative media picked up on it, and it is now known that he is “in her corner.” But, of course, she will deny that to her dying day, and nobody will push it far enough to learn that the DNC actually INVITED him, and PURPOSELY seated him right behind her. Probably paid his way there.

HOW ABOUT COMMON SENSE? Why the hell do so many people want to vote for Hillary Clinton, when we all KNOW she is a liar and a criminal. Not just her e-mail scandal, which has caused at least one man to die because of an e-mail she sent, but because of all the other crimes she has committed? Like accepting BRIBES from foreign governments through her ”foundation," and the bodies that have been piling up, each of which is connected to her in some way? One of which recently was shot and killed on the street just before he was to testify against the Clintons. It is said he was the SOURCE of some damning information about her, given to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange..

SPECIAL LAWS FOR MUSLIMS? These Muslim men argued that, after the death of a Muslim taxi driver, all proceeds of the wrongful death settlement should be distributed according to ISLAMIC law, rather than American law, since all participants were Muslim. It was part of the usual effort for Muslims to avoid “assimilating” into American culture. The judge ruled, rightly, that American law would rule, since we are in America, not a Muslim country. That we can't have laws different for Muslims, Jews, Mormons, etc., according to their religious values.

TYPICAL LIBERAL HYPOCRISY: A number of music stars are going to have special concerts on the same day to promote “gun control” to keep us disarmed, while their concerts are “protected” by ARMED security. Like most anti-gun politicians, who also run around surrounded by “hired guns,” they think THEY deserve such “protection” while us :peasants” do not. They need to be disabused of this notion. The Constitution protects our RIGHT to be armed in self defense, just as it protects theirs. That's why anti-gun fools have such trouble passing their anti-gun laws.