Monday, September 30, 2013

He Can't Understand It

Obama just can’t understand why so many people are opposed to his policies. So he blames Fox News, who do nothing but REPORT his mistakes—all of them. He says they’re somehow “mentally deficient” because they don’t support him. To me, this shows HIS “mental deficiency.” Anybody who is willing to negotiate with the president of Iran, but not with Republicans IS “mentally deficient.”

SHALLOW, IGNORANT PEOPLE! They did a “Survey” recently, asking men if they would prefer a new iPhone, or a new girlfriend. The survey is stupid in itself, but the ANSWERS were even worse! Way too many men said they would prefer a new iPhone to a new girlfriend. What a concept! That’s a choice NO intelligent man should make. The question in my mind is, why is a stupid iPhone so important in a man’s life? Some of those “surveys” out there defy intelligence.

McCAIN’S IGNORANCE PERSONIFIED: “(Russia Today)—The Washington scholar who was cited by US leaders calling for a military strike on Syria, only to lose her job for fabricating her academic credentials, has been hired by the office of US Senator John McCain, Foreign Policy magazine reports. Elizabeth O’Bagy was formerly employed by the Institute for the Study of War.” How stupid could this senile senator BE?

Former UN Ambassador Susan Rice, who famously (like Hillary Clinton) lied to us about the murders (most likely sponsored by Obama) in Benghazi, has a “new gig” in Washington. She’s still a spokesman for Obama as his National Security Adviser. I guess that’s her reward for lying so well for his “fantasy” about that infamous anti-Muslim video that really had nothing to do with Benghazi. She’s a classic case (other than Elizabeth O’Bagy) of “moving the deck chairs around” in Washington.

STUPID PEOPLE: How can intelligent people born in freedom, be stupid enough to embrace a “religion” that makes them into “second-class citizens” and “chattel slaves?” Samantha Ludwig, a British-born woman is one such stupid woman and is now suspected of being one of the killers in that well-known shopping center Muslim terrorist attack in Kenya. What possesses such people to get involved in such fool actions? I guess such people are simply shallow and ignorant.

“GLITCHES GALORE”: Even Democrats say Obama’s health care takeover swindle law is “riddled with glitches,” and they’re right. That’s because it was WRITTEN by incompetent fools who know NOTHING about the medical profession. It is not just “riddled with glitches,” it’s a TRAINWRECK waiting to happen and Democrats are slowly becoming aware of it. They KNOW that, once put into effect, it will mean the DOOM for Democrats as America reacts to it by throwing Democrats out of office.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

War Against Christianity

There’s a war being waged, and it is against Christianity. Not just that being pursued by Muslim extremists (and I wonder if it is just extremists) against Coptic Christians in Muslim-run countries. I see evidence of it right here in America, and it sickens me. It’s not only against Christianity, it’s against ALL religions not Muslim. They will KILL all people not Muslim if they can. All they seem to want to do is hurt people for not believing exactly the same way they do.

CAIR CHANGED ITS NAME: WTF? That’s not a question, that’s the initials their new name created. It’s The Washington Trust Foundation. The best-known terrorist-supporting, money-laundering organization has changed its name. Because they are now on a list of terrorist organizations and they think they can escape that by changing their name. They see enough American outfits doing it, why not them? And, of course, it creates more confusion about just who they are, in any case.

ASSAULT ON A POLICE OFFICER? A parent who simply asked a question (out of order) was assaulted by a “security guard” who also happened to be an off-duty police officer who seemed to be very impressed with his own “authority.” This parent was charged with “assaulting a police officer,” a possible TEN YEAR OFFENSE. If any court actually is allowed to SEE the tape, they’ll notice that the only “assault” that went on was perpetrated by this overly officious cop. To charge this parent with “assault” was an ATROCITY. He will probably be found not guilty, but to CHARGE him in this case will cost him a lot of money to defend. It is a vast overreaction and should be made a crime.

“SCARING” AMERICANS: Obama says Republicans are using “scare tactics” to defeat his health care swindle law. And he’s right. They ARE “scaring Americans.” But what he fails to mention is that the TRUTH “scares Americans.” And it is the TRUTH that Republicans are TELLING Americans about Obama’s swindle. What part of “can’t afford it” does Obama not understand? Making a LAW to force it doesn’t change that.

“I’D SIGN UP FOR IT:” That’s what Obama’s “liar-in-chief,” Jay Carney says about Obama’s health care swindle. Carney is well-named in that he is like the “carney” outside the tent showing the bearded woman at the county fair. Nobody really believes what HE says, either. But they’re curious as to how phony she is and they’re ready to invest a little cash to see it. Notice he’s one of those who WON’T have to “sign up for it.”

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Post Office Wants Rate Increase

Today’s equivalent of the “buggy whip makers” who went out of business when the automobile was invented, now want to hasten their demise by answering a reduction in business with huge a rate increase. Only a government agency would do that. A private business would LOWER rates and make it up in INCREASED business. I predict a HUGE reduction in business as soon as the new rate goes into effect. I used to buy postage by the 500 roll. No more. I no longer use the mail for communication and do my shipping by UPS or FedEx.

COKIE ROBERTS IS FULL OF BS: She says “All conservatives are racist,” which is one of the STUPIDEST things she has ever said in public. She’s “parroting” what all Democrat politicians say in order to NOT have to answer the proper QUESTIONS conservatives ask when Obama does something else STUPID. And she’s a little late into the tent. That got old a long time ago through overuse. Nobody with any intelligence at all believes it any more.

ENSHRINING MEDIOCRITY: Some sports organizations are promoting the “Sportsmanship Rule” by FINING teams that beat other teams by more than 35 or 40 points. That is one of the STUPIDEST things I’ve ever seen. They SAY it “promotes sportsmanship,” but that’s bullsh-t. Tell me where in REAL life this will ever happen. In a NASCAR race, should they require a driver who is winning by more than one lap to “slow down” and let lesser drivers “catch up?” Damn, how stupid ARE some people?

PUNISHED FOR NOT BELIEVING: That sounds like Muslims, but it’s not. AlGore’s “disciples” are having trouble getting people to believe their lies about the “global warming” scam since the globe has NOT been “warming” for about 15 years. They even changed the NAME of their swindle to make it more believable. So now they want to PUNISH people who question their lies. It must be hard to make people believe so obvious a lie. I kinda feel sorry for them.

CAN’T WRITE FAST ENOUGH: When I first started the “THOMA$ REPORT” I wondered if I could find enough material to keep that blog going. Since them I have started several more blogs and still have almost 300 posts backed up, waiting to be posted. I can’t write this stuff fast enough. I sit here writing with the TV news going beside me and forget half of what I want to write because I can’t write fast enough to get it down. And that’s just ONGOING news.

“COLLECTIVE” RIGHTS? A new web site says the Second Amendment only talks about a “collective” right. In a document that ONLY talks about INDIVIDUAL rights, today’s politicians want to convince us that the Second Amendment is the ONLY one that only talked about a COLLECTIVE right. How stupid ARE they? How stupid do they think WE are? It really amazes me the lengths corrupt politicians will go to, to scam the American people!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Arms to Terrorists?

I can’t be sure of this, but it seems the reason the ambassador in Benghazi is dead is because he was asking about the intelligence he had received that Obama was shipping arms to the ENEMY, al-Qaida. Now why would Obama be doing that unless he was a FRIEND to the Islamic terrorists? Other evidence suggests he is. Just watch what he DOES and what he SAYS. Every decision he makes that involves them is FOR them. That tells me a lot.

EPA: LIMITING COAL WON’T DO ANYTHING: Yet Obama still wants to “bankrupt the coal industry.” Why? Because he personally has an unreasoning HATRED for the coal industry. Forget that bankrupting the coal industry will also destroy the ENERGY industry, which depends on the coal industry to make power. He doesn’t care about that. Like most liberals he figures we’ll “come up with something” to make it all okay and will blame somebody else if we can’t. This man is a damned fool and we need to GET RID OF HIM! Anybody that stupid has no right to be in the presidency. That’s aside from his wish to make this into a socialist nation.

DOING IT TO THEMSELVES: I often wonder about the intelligence of the average person. The Germans voted Hitler into power; the Russians voted LENIN into power; the Cubans likewise with Castro, and the same in many other countries now run by bloody dictators. We (not me) voted Obama into power TWICE. Many ignorant Americans STILL think he is “doing a good job.” Are they blind? Or just stupid? Most of them, like most liberals, will not argue the facts. They just call you names and walk away if you try and convince them of the truth.

ARE THEY STUPID, OR WHAT? As in the above item, I can’t believe there are so many stupid people in countries run by Islam. Why there are so many men WILLING to “die for Islam.” So many WOMEN willing to die for a regime that views them as “chattel slaves.” Maybe the fact that Muslim men fight so hard to keep their women IGNORANT has something to do with it. If you don’t know what people are doing to you, you can’t rebel.

WE’RE BEING RUN BY TORIES: The “Tories” were the ones who wanted to remain under the Crown of England. Today, the same kind of people are now running this government. They say people who want a RETURN to limited government, low taxes, and the government OUT of our personal lives are “extremists” and “terrorists.” If you don’t agree with their “big government,” high tax, total control ways, you’re their “enemy.” Okay, I’ll buy that. They ARE my enemy. And I will treat them that way.

RACISM STILL AROUND: One professor said that just as many white people are still racist as before. Where does he get this? Nowhere. Like most liberal fools, he makes blatant false statements without even bothering to offer any proof. But what’s really happening is that BLACK racism against whites is on the increase, promoted by Barack Obama for his own purposes.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The REAL Racists

Democrats like to paint Republicans as racists and bigots, but THEY are the REAL racists and always have been. One Democrat member of Congress was actually a high-ranking member of the Ku Klux Klan; several other well-known Democrat members were KNOWN racists. The people Martin Luther King fought against were DEMOCRATS. Jim Crow was a Democrat. It was Democrat policies that held black people down and it was REPUBLICANS who finally set them free. It was a Republican PRESIDENT who fought a war to free them. So who are the REAL racists?

GOVERNMENT COUNTERFEITING: I’m getting real tired of making this assertion, but nobody seems to want to do anything about it, so they get away with it. If I started printing money, I’d go to PRISON, quick. But when Obama does it, nobody does anything about it. They even ANNOUNCE they’re going to keep on doing it, creating TRILLIONS of dollars in “Monopoly money.” They even give it a name: “Quantitative Easing.” They truthfully say that every dollar counterfeited and distributed lowers the value of every dollar now out there AND every dollar that is printed. But they conveniently fail to mention it with regard to their own counterfeiting operations.

ASSAD: “YOU PAY FOR IT!” He says it will cost a billion dollars to get rid of the chemical weapons he insisted he didn’t have, and he wants US to pay for it. What gall this fool has! He kills his people by the thousands, then sends US the bill for destroying his chemical weapons (that he said he didn’t have). I hope somebody kills him soon. If there was ever anybody who didn’t deserve to be alive, it is this guy.

THE RICH GET RICHER: The Democrats talk a good game, but they don’t produce. They tell you they’re going to “narrow the gap” between the rich and the rest of us. But their every act WIDENS the gap as they print a TRILLION dollars’ worth of “funny money” every year and invest it in the stock market. Yes, a few pension plans benefit, but the people who benefit the most are the already rich. But people who count don’t notice this, or are even the very ones who benefit from it. So they keep on keeping on, gaily printing “funny money,” and stealing from your pocket. I keep saying this and nobody notices.

WHY ARE THE “POOR” FAT? One thing I’ve noticed is that a majority of “poor people” on welfare are overweight. Why is that? If they’re so poor, how can they manage to eat enough to be (in some cases) grossly overweight? This is not a “knock” on overweight people. It is a “knock” on people on WELFARE being overweight. If they’re getting enough on welfare to become overweight, there’s something wrong here!

CHICAGO NOW MOST VIOLENT CITY: It just passed New York City in the number of gun deaths in the city. Both cities have some of the tightest anti-gun laws in the nation. Does ANYBODY take note of this and make their laws accordingly? No. They’re “tone deaf.” They don’t want to stop gun violence, they want to disarm Americans to make us weaker when  they come after our property.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What Good Did It Do?

I salute Sen. Cruz’s 21-hour effort to defund Obamacare (Obama’s health care swindle law), but I have to ask, “what good did his 21-hour speech do?” Nobody will ever remember what was in it because nobody heard it. He gave it before an almost empty Senate chamber while the liberal news media ignored it. I give him credit for quoting from John Galt’s epic speech from “Atlas Shrugged,” but again, who but “the choir” noticed? Or know what it means? It was an exercise in futility with such as Harry Reid running the Senate and a majority of fools sitting.

She gave a speech recently in which she talked about women more than 100 years ago here who could not even leave the house without her husband’s permission. She failed to mention it’s that way in most Muslim households TODAY. She confused the DECLARATION with the Constitution itself. That’s not unexpected, since this woman doesn’t seem to be able to read; not most governmental documents like the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, or any of the laws she helps make, anyway. Maybe she just CAN’T read. What an ignorant bi-ch. She's becoming the "Gaffe Queen" of DC. Outdistancing even Joe Biden.

OBAMA’S “STAND-DOWN” ORDER: As I thought, Obama gave the cops a “stand-down” order when they were readying to go into the Navy Yard to stop that mass murderer. There’s no telling how many lives could have been saved had he not given that order.  Just as in the Benghazi atrocity, many lives could have been saved but for these “stand-down” orders. Is Obama a coward, or just STUPID? Soon these outfits are going to start ignoring such orders from this fool. Maybe they can save some lives that way. 2 This information came from a congressman, told to a reporter: “In an interview with Jake Tapper of CNN, Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, said his information came from a member of the rescue team.” (WND)

REID GOES BANANAS: He calls Tea Parties “anarchists,” “extreme,” and “fanatics.” He’s like most liberals when they can find no real arguments against their opponents. They “call them names” and ignore their arguments. He KNOWS he cannot come up with anything concrete to oppose their arguments so he resorts to the usual Democrat scam, calling them nasty names without answering their charges. The Tea Parties are ANYTHING but anarchists. They simply want LESS government and fewer taxes. That’s NOT anarchy. Calling them names is ADMITTING he has lost the argument.

PRINCIPLE TACKLES STUDENT: Like a linebacker, Principal Andy Frelick at Zepherillis High School outside of Tampa, FL, “made like a linebacker” when he stepped in to stop a coming fight between two students the other day. He says he didn’t mean to “take down” the student, but tripped and both went down. But I’d bet that student thinks twice before threatening any more students at that school.

WHY SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT? That’s what the Democrats keep asking of the Republicans in an effort to get them to stop doing everything they can to stop and defund Obama’s health care swindle law. But the REAL question is, will the DUMOCRATS shut down the government in order to keep a law nobody wants while blaming it on the Republicans? The Republicans do NOT want to shut down the government, but Harry Reid is the one “holding the government hostage to a BAD LAW he wants to keep on the books. Will he succeed? And if he does will he be successful in FOOLING the country into thinking the GOP is to blame?

This treaty, if approved by the Senate, and their ignorance in previous matters doesn’t make me very convinced that they will not do this stupid thing, will make a mockery of our Constitution. If Kerry signs it on Obama’s orders, BOTH these saboteurs should be IMPRISONED for TREASON!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Obama Is "Tone-Deaf"

That’s what Politico is wondering about Obama after he made a short, perfunctory statement about the Navy Yard killings the day after, then launched into his vindictive tirade against Republicans being responsible for everything bad that is happening in this world today. The media “wishes they had yesterday back,” but people with intelligence wish they had the last five years or more back. We need to “wipe the slate clean” of everything Obama has “decreed” for us.

MICHELLE SHOULD SHUT UP: Michelle Obama is not satisfied with the many ways she has already tried to mess up our lives, including her effort to feed school kids ONLY “healthy food” against their will (which the kids handled by throwing her food in the trash) and by telling people to drink ONLY “plain water,” is now trying to get food makers to stop advertising sugary and salty items to kids. And Mister Important (Obama) is backing her. There’s no LAW against such advertising, but the very fact she says it makes food makers “nervous” being intimidated by Michelle’s big mouth.

LIBRALS COMPLIMENT RUSH: They complained to several liberal media outlets, complaining that Rush is responsible for everything they consider bad in the world. How stupid is that? Rush merely speaks truth on the radio, and that counters the liberal lies told daily all over the liberal media. And THIS is “being responsible for everything bad?” What damned fools they are! When they do that, they’re giving Rush a BIG compliment. They’re telling him he is succeeding in exposing their swindles and scams.

“MOVING OUT OF AMERICA”: That’s what some people said the Navy Yard killer wanted to do because he didn’t like it here. But where would he go? Where is there a country that is better than America? Be REAL, now! Some socialist-believers might think Britain or some other socialist countries are good candidates, but none are. When examined in total, there is NOT another country better than the United States. That’s a fact. Not conjecture.

DON’T LISTEN TO THEM! Democrats are constantly “advising” Republicans on what to do to win elections. And Republicans LISTEN and tailor their actions to what DEMOCRATS tell them to do. Do they really think Democrats CARE if they win elections or not? (Yes, they do. They want them to LOSE.) One example is their “advice” before the last election NOT to criticize Obama because “the independents” (upon whose votes they say ALL elections turn) don’t like it. Republicans listened, and criticism of Obama went WAY down—and Obama won a second term in spite of all the outrages he performed.

GUANTANAMO DETAINEE KILLED IN SYRIA:  Sheik Abu Ahmad al Muhaji, who spent five years in GITMO, went back to the fight, and was killed fighting with the Islamic terrorists fighting the ASSad regime in Syria. This confirms the fact that when these murderers are released from GITMO (why?) they go back and swell the ranks of terrorists further. This news is good riddance to bad rubbish.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Banning the Bible

I’m getting various e-mail messages the theme of which is, “What if Obama banned your Bible?” That’s stupid! Obama does NOT have the kind of power to do that, and if he did he’d be assassinated. Frankly, I’m surprised he hasn’t already been. Not that I’m advocating it. There: I used that word; assassinated. That’ll get me at least a visit from the thugs in dark suits and sunglasses and I’ll give them each one sheet of toilet paper to use the way a certain actress said we should—only on their mouths when they spout a similar brown substance from there.

MORE STUPID BLATHER: Nancy Peelosi is a fool. Every time she opens her mouth she reinforces that. Like when  she said, “You have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it,” and more recently when she said, “Republicans hate Obama because he’s brilliant and completely eloquent.” Actually, we hate the socialist POLICIES he espouses that are destroying this economy. And he is NEITHER “eloquent” NOR “brilliant.” He can’t put three words together without his teleprompter, which he needs to address third graders in a school.

NO GLOBAL WARMING: The globe has NOT been “warming” for at least the last FIFTEEN YEARS. What a BLOW to the global warming swindlers with AlGore at the top, along with now the United Nations, who now want to discipline people for not agreeing with this swindle. So he changed the name to “climate change,” which is sufficiently bland that it can be used to describe ANYTHING. Meanwhile he keeps on making MILLIONS on his swindle. When they gave him a Nobel for his “work” in this area, I lost complete confidence in the Nobel Committee. Then they gave one to Obama for NOTHING. Way to destroy your credibility!

DURBIN IS HARD TO FIND: The Blaze tried for days to “pin down” Sen. Durbin about his promotion of an Islamic ACTIVIST as a  VICTIM of “Israeli oppression” while she posted obscene words against Israel on her Facebook site. His many “aides,” who don’t seem to have last names, worked HARD to convince Blaze reporters he wasn’t there while he was probably standing right next to them cowering, hoping they don't get through..

OBAMA’S “WAR ON COAL”: The “powers that be” in Ayn Rand’s prophetic “Atlas Shrugged” waged a “war on coal” by stealing the profits made by coal producers. Obama is doing it by over-regulation, making it impossible for coal producers to make any money or to even OPERATE. In any case, he wants to DESTROY the coal industry without any VIABLE replacement (He has VOWED to BANKRUPT the coal industry using the “global warming swindle” as his excuse). In doing so, he will also destroy the ENERGY industry and "turn the lights out" on society. But he doesn’t care as long as he gets his way.

FOOD STAMP CONTROVERSY: They give Food Stamps to just about anybody, able-bodied, or not. Consequently, people who really NEED it can’t get it. I know of at least one 76-year-old man who can just barely walk and can’t work who gets “Food Stamps. A whole $16 worth a month! That’s not help, it’s an INSULT Why? Because he gets $825 a month Social Security (about HALF what is needed and for which he paid in for years at the point of a gun), which is counted as INCOME and he is not allowed to get more than $16 worth, even if he has to eat dog food.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

House Defunds Obamacare

The House has voted to defund Obamacare, and the liberals are incensed. Never mind a MAJORITY of Americans want nothing to do withObama’s health care swindle. Harry Reid is “very disappointed (read: incensed)” at that vote and pledges to keep it from ever becoming law. But it does serve to send a message to Senators that “If you vote against it, you’re taking a chance on losing your job, (as two Colorado senators did over their anti-gun votes).

WHAT KIND OF FOOL IS HE? Obama’s now telling us that raising the debt ceiling won’t raise the national debt. What kind of fools does he think WE are? There’s only ONE REASON for increasing the limit on the national debt—and that is so he raise the national debt and spend even more money. No other reason. It really amazes me at the ignorance he shows in the lies he tells us. Never mind he has spent more than all other presidents down through history. He (and his fools) still say we “don’t have a spending problem.” What the hell does he think it is when he spends more money than there IS and has to run the printing presses 24 hours a day to (illegally) print more?

WHY IS CHICAGO SO BAD? Rahm Emmanuel “gutted” the police department as one of his first actions when he became mayor. He moved people who had been in certain neighborhoods for years elsewhere, and lost the effect of all the information they HAD about that neighborhood and its people, forcing them to “start over” in a new area. He also, as one of his first actions, reduced the SIZE of the police department by 10%. If you WANT to increase the crime rate, there’s no better way. And he wonders why his city is “the murder capital” in spite of his tough gun laws that none of his criminals obey.

“BLOW EVERYTHING UP”: Obama tells Republicans “You don’t have to blow everything up just because you don’t get your way” while threatening to “blow everything up” by shutting down the government if HE doesn’t get HIS way. And people actually BELIEVE this inveterate LIAR when he tells them it will be the Republican’s fault when HE gives the order to shut down the government. Damn, what a low opinion of our intelligence he must have! His problem is he is too dumb to know how dumb he is!

OBAMA BREAKS THE LAW! I know that’s not news--he does that every day. But this law is so new that his signature on the Bill isn’t even dry yet. Congress eliminated the position of “legal advocate” for illegal aliens because it didn’t want to pay a government employee to defend illegal aliens. He even signed the bill. Then he changed the name of the position and kept the advocate on, thereby violating the law he just signed. This is typical of the “shell game” he runs.

DON’T TOUCH MY PHONE! Word is, Hillary’s “security” (otherwise known as her “thugs”) took a cell phone away from a citizen who took her picture and deleted the picture. That’s a violation of the law. It’s ASSAULT. Will this thug be punished? Not likely. He’s a “security officer” for a :”bigwig.” They get to do what they want. For my part, “You toucha my phone, I breaka you face.” I don't care who you are.  Damn, what a bunch of overbearing fools!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

"Big Brother" On Tatoos

You’re apparently not smart enough to know better than to get a tattoo, so “Big Brother” is going to make the decision for you. At least, they are considering making a law to impose (operative word, “impose”) a ”waiting period” so you can’t get one when you’re drunk in DC. Typical liberal notion: you aren’t smart enough to make decisions for yourself, so they’ll make it for you. Admittedly, getting a tattoo isn’t the smartest thing to do. But where does the government get off taking that decision away from adult human beings?

RENAMING IT MAKES IT RIGHT: Brooke McEldowney, writer and artist in the very different comic strip, “Pibgorn,” was absolutely right when she (I think, she) wrote about the simple mechanism of not calling it war when a president decides, on his own, to send young boys into battle to support his (that president’s) whims. The Constitution clearly states that he MUST get Congressional approval to go to war.” But to call it something else such as a “focused military action” makes it okay without it. Typical liberal circumlocution and “snake oil.

Leave it to the Muslims to have a “March on Washington” on the very day in history that makes us hate everything that is Muslim. “In Your Face” actions are something they enjoy. Else why would they try to build a mosque on the very place where Muslim extremists MURDERED 3,000 innocent Americans, the old World Trade Center and have a "March" on that very day, too? That is the site of the biggest success for Muslim extremists in the United States (albeit an accidental success). And they wonder why Americans don’t like Muslims!

THE VERY IDEA IS RACIST: “Authorities” at a black charter school in Oklahoma told a girl to “get rid of her dreadlocks” at this black charter school and were accused of racism for it. Maybe that’s racist, maybe not—but the entire idea of a BLACK charter school IS racist. People allow there to be black only schools, but call it racist if somebody starts a WHITE only school. What’s the difference? Limiting a school’s students to one race OR the other is EQUALLY racist, be they black OR white.

UNFORSEEN CONSEQUENCES: Obama “shot himself in the foot” when he cut many billions of dollars from the military budget because, even if Congress approves his plans to bomb Syria, there isn’t enough money in the budget to do it. Likewise, Michelle’s “school lunch program” is in trouble because the kids refuse to eat the food she dictated they feed them, saying, “It tastes like vomit.” Kids can be VERY descriptive.

OBAMA’S PRIORITIES: He wants to bomb Syria to “protect” Muslims. But he has said or done NOTHING to protect Christians, who Muslims are MURDERING every day in Syria. The very people he wants to “protect” are MURDERING Christians every day. I question Obama’s priorities when I hear about this. But do Washington politicians? Every time a question comes up between Christians AND Muslims, guess who he “rules” in favor of? Muslims, every time! The Muslim Brotherhood has been declared a “terrorist organization” in Egypt, but Obama has PRAISED them! What kind of a FOOL is he?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Atheists Burn 9/11 Memorial

What is it about being an atheist that makes people do things like that? If atheists HAD a symbol, would Christians burn it? I don’t THINK so! I know some atheists who wouldn’t think about doing such a thing. It’s not being an ATHEIST that makes people be such damned fools, it’s being a MILITANT atheist. These people just want to make trouble and claim the “atheist” mantle to “legitimize” their atrocities.

Why? Sharia Law violates our Constitution in everything it does so why do they need a LAW against it. We already HAVE one: the Constitution. Making a law against it actually legitimizes it in some ways. There is NO WAY Sharia Law can be instituted in the Unites States without a major change in our Constitution—and that’s not going to happen unless we get a LOT of REALLY STUPID politicians. Which might just happen with today's voters.

FED JUDGE LEGALIZES ISLAM: He has named Islam as an “official and protected religion” in America. Why? Why is it necessary? Or even advisable? Islam is NOT a religion; it’s a political system PRETENDING to be a religion so it can take advantage of the rights and privileges normally reserved for religions. It’s not even a CULT! It’s a “religion of fools,” believed in ONLY by fools. Of course, they’ll call me some kind of bigot for saying this, but that’s one of the PRIVILEGES reserved to RELIGIONS. They say it’s a religion; I say it’s NOT. If it’s not, how can I be a bigot for actually telling the truth.

ELIMINATING THE WHITE RACE: That’s what a Harvard professor wants to do. Noel Ignatiev, professor of “black studies” (a racist bunch) wants to destroy the white race. It is not said if this professor is black or white, but I’d suspect he’s black. Why would a WHITE professor want to eliminate HIMSELF? If a white professor wanted to eliminate the BLACK race, it would be extensively covered in the news and he’d be fired. The hypocrisy is breathtaking! And they call ME a racist for reporting this crap. Reading further reveals he IS white, which makes him even MORE stupid. He says “only committed white racists disagree with him,” which only adds to his stupidity. And people like this are TEACHING our kids!

ZIMMERMAN’S WIFE LIES: You remember Zimmerman, don’t you? The man who killed a young black thug who was trying to kill him and was acquitted? She called the cops and said Zimmerman was threatening her and her family with a gun. That got the cops moving fast. But when they got there, there was no evidence of a gun and she recanted her statement that he HAD a gun. they still "roughed him up" and put him in cuffs. Cops are still “investigating,” maybe hoping to get SOMETHING on him; anything. He’s still an Obama target, you know. He will be as long as Obama is in any way listened to in Washington.

WHEN WILL WE OPEN OUR EYES? Obama may not be an “official” Muslim, but he is DEFINITELY a sympathizer by his own words: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” How plain can he BE? Every time he gets to “rule” on something where Islam is involved, he “rules” FOR Islam. What else do we need? Damn, I hate to have to repeat this so many times while Americans ignore things like this! Meanwhile they call me a racist for bringing this to your attention. Today it’s racist to tell the truth about our president. Damn, what FOOLS are some Americans!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Convert Or Die!

That’s how Muslims swell their ranks. They gain control and then tell members of ALL other religions (and atheists) to “convert to Islam or DIE.” Then when you do, you’ll never be able to change because to move away from Islam is also a DEATH sentence. What a religion! People MUST convert or die, then they cannot become something else, or they die. This is how Muslims get, and keep “believers.” Whether or not they DO “believe.” And they don’t really care if you believe, so long as you act that way and follow orders. I feel sorry for Muslims.

GET READY TO GO: Obama says forcefully that he’s NOT going to “put boots on the ground” in Syria; so the young people today better get ready to go. It has been my experience that when Obama says he’ll do it, he won’t. Conversely, if he says he won’t, he damn sure WILL. So “boots on the ground in Syria” is almost a certainty. Get ready for it.

THEY HAVE “HEARD FROM US!” Former President Bush stood in the rubble of the two collapsed buildings of the 9/11 Muslim atrocity and told the terrorists who brought those buildings down (albeit completely by accident) that they’d “soon hear from us.” And they did. Bush’s detractors criticize him for invading Iraq and “taking down” Saddam, but Saddam was a principle architect of Islamic terrorism while PRETENDING to be “above it all. He wasn’t, and Bush is an “unsung hero” for “taking him down” and removing his “safe harbor” for terrorists.

THEY REFUSE TO ALLOW US TO TALK TO BENGHAZI SURVIVORS: Why? Because Obama is sorely AFRAID we’ll find out what REALLY happened in Benghazi. That’s because what he did to allow four embassy people, including his own ambassador, to DIE while HE refused to help. I say “HE” because ONLY he could give a “stand down” order in such circumstances; and to do so is to become a MURDERER. This man NEEDS to be IMPEACHED and removed from office because he is a CRIMINAL.

THEY GAVE A MARCH AND NOBODY CAME: You’ve heard about the “Million Muslim March” on Washington. What you HAVEN’T heard is that only a few hundred Muslims came. Apparently this march wasn’t as important to Muslims as Muslim leaders would have you believe. The “Million Rider March” drew HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS  of bikers, but you won’t see anything about it in the press because Obama has decreed that you won’t.

NO PERMITS: They quickly gave permits to the organizers of the “Million Muslim March,” which fizzled when only a few hundred Muslims showed up. But they FEFUSED to give a permit to the organizers of the “2 Million Bike March” because Obama decreed it. He also decreed that there would be no news coverage of it and there has been none. The Blaze covered it, but then The Blaze is fearless, as is its founder, Glenn Beck. I LOVE that man!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Al-Jazeera Loses Its Anchor

al-Jazeerqa America, the offshoot of the well-known Islamic terrorist mouthpiece, the original al-Jazeera, in addition to poor ratings, has now lost its most ballyhooed anchor. Morgan Fogarty summarily quit her job at the cable outlet formerly owned by global warming con man AlGore and returned to her former job at WCCB in Charlotte, NC. She doesn’t say why, but I suspect they tried to get her to falsify the news, as they are wont to do and she rebelled. Good on ya, Morgan!

STILL AFTER ZIMMERMAN: Cops held George Zimmerman (who has been targeted for killing a young black thug who was trying to kill him) by Obama to prove a point, at gunpoint the other day in a “domestic violence dispute” brought on by his (former) wife lying to a dispatcher, saying he has threatening her and her family with a gun; which he wasn’t. She changed her story when the cops got there, but not before they made him “hit the ground” and put handcuffs on him. They released him when they found there were no charges they could bring against him. Zimmerman should go somewhere they don’t know him and change his name or Obama will eventually “get him.”

TYPICAL MUSLIM FOOLISHNESS: Many countries have suffered rejection by the Olympic Committee, but Islamic Turkey is the first to “cut ties” entirely in retaliation (Like the Olympic Committee cares). Most countries try again at the next opportunity, but not Turkey. Like many Muslims, they feel offended by the rejection. They feel that all they have to do is signal a WILLINGNESS to host the Olympics to be granted the right. That’s how Muslim “leaders” think. They’re wrong. And with this response, I expect that they will never be considered again. And good riddance.

“JUST KILL HIM!” Col. Leo Thorsness, recipient of the Medal of Honor, who spent YEARS in a Vietnamese prisoner of war camp, says the best way to stop Syrian dictator Assad from using chemical weapons is to just KILL him. I agree. We stopped Saddam from using them by killing him, (actually, we just let his own people kill him) and it worked. He never used them again. So why not ASSad, who has killed hundreds of thousands? People think we have a law against assassinating heads of state, no matter what. But we don’t. It’s just a presidential directive, which can be removed with the stroke of a pen. Even quicker than when Obama violates the Constitution, which he does every day.

Russian dictator Vladmir Putin says we have no right to say we’re “exceptional.” This about a country that has led the world from the president of a country whose system COLLAPSED in failure. What the hell does he know about exceptionalism? His country has never BEEN “exceptional,” as far as I know—ever. He is seizing on an accidental “solution” to the Syria problem that allows him to “crow.” He needs to just shut up and keep killing his own “subjects.”

GRABBING UP A LIE: Bashir ASSad, dictator in Syria, who isn’t going to last much longer, says he is giving up his chemical weapons “because of Russia, not the United States.” What a damned fool statement THAT is. He’s giving them up to keep us from bombing him, and the world knows it. Russia has only come into it LATELY after Kerry’s gaffe that became our “policy.” Putin is, of course, using it to aggrandize himself; and, of course, he hasn’t met a dictator he didn’t like.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"Shall Make NO Law"

What part of “shall make NO LAW regarding freedom of press” don’t they understand? Congress is making a new law they SAY aids freedom of the press, but does NOT and simply attempts to eliminate bloggers from the protection of the First Amendment by DEFINING them as NOT "journalists." They want to be able to DEFINE who IS or is NOT a “journalist.” We need no law to “aid” freedom of the press. It is very simply GUARANTEED in the Constitution itself and that needs NO clarification. NO LAW can be made concerning freedom of the press by Congress, or any other body. Are these people STUPID, or what?

UN CAN’T MAKE LAWS: It is NOT a ”lawmaking body.” It is merely a “braying society” for dictators who want to control countries beyond their control by law. They CANNOT make laws controlling our right to own and use guns in self-defense, PERIOD. Unless WE let them. And Obama is set to LET THEM. But there is still an impediment to them making ANY laws to control our access to guns, and that is the Constitution. NO TREATIES that violate ANY part of our Constitution can be made—by ANYBODY—especially the UN. Any laws thus made are NOT laws in fact and need not be obeyed.

NAVY YARD GUNMAN LEGAL: He had a VALID entry card; one that allowed him in by just showing it--WITHOUT a search or anything else, IN SPITE OF several previous shooting incidents and a judgment that he had mental problems. What kind of FOOLS did not revoke that entry card? It is this kind of INCOMPETENCE in government that has caused us to be in such “deep doo-doo” today. And those in power will NEVER understand that.

MAN CLAIMS TO BE MICHELLE’S SON: Johnie Gooden, Jr. went into a bank and tried to access a non-existent bank account he thought belonged to Michelle Obama, saying he was her “adopted son,” having been “adopted” via Facebook. What kind of FOOL is this? First, being “adopted via Facebook” conveys NO rights upon him, and even a blood SON cannot access a mother’s bank account unless she gives him “power of attorney” to do so. This is but another example of the kind of FOOLS there are out there.

DON’T TALK ABOUT IT: If roads were collapsing all over the country, we’d soon be talking about ways to stop them from collapsing and nobody would tell us not to “politicize” roads collapsing. Nor would they blame the roads. Not so with guns. They quickly tell us not to “politicize” the tragedy when we talk about ways to stop wanton shooters from indiscriminate killing and immediately try to ban GUNS. Not the people who misuse them. It’s NOT “politicizing it” when you try and find ways to stop the gun violence without disarming honest, responsible people while ignoring the fact that criminals will ALWAYS be able to get their guns.

THEY SAID HE HAD AN AR-15: That was the first word about the Navy Yard killings. Then he didn’t. Then he did again. Then he didn’t. Every time “wiser heads” tried to correct the record somebody else lied to us, and it was mostly the media, who have an agenda AGAINST the AR-15 and a few politician cops. The media’s “knee-jerk reaction” is to say such shooters have AR-15s, even when it is proved otherwise. Why? Because they have a vendetta against AR-15s to please Obama.

“GUN-FREE ZONES” ARE POISON!: They are an INVITATION to people like the Navy Yard shooter. They do nothing but tell these fools there are no guns there so you can come in and kill us at will and there will likely be no guns there to oppose you. ALL mass shootings have happened in “gun-free zones.” But don’t try and tell that to the “anti-gun fools.” They don’t listen to reason. They even deny the very existence of reason. It’s time we got rid of these fools, and you can always identify them by their rhetoric.

DON’T PREJUDGE US!” That’s a constant refrain from liberals, but they are constantly judging US. Even when they SAY that, they are judging us as being “too judgmental.” They constantly figure out things they judge we shouldn’t be doing, like smoking, overeating, etc. while telling us we should not judge them. But the truth is, EVERYBODY has to be judgmental. We must make judgments about everybody we meet, every day, to decide how to react to them. I judge these people to be “too judgmental” of US. That’s total hypocrisy.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Obama Hates It

Fracking is causing a boom in jobs. So Obama hates it and is trying to shut it down. Obama tries to shut down EVERYTHING that promises to create more jobs. He WANTS more and more people to be unemployed and there to be NO booms in private business. Such things make a mockery of his efforts to make this into a socialist nation and he will fight that to the death. Like he will never do to militant Islamic terrorism.

WHAT LIBERALS BELIEVE: “Liberals believe the Constitution gives citizens the right to an abortion, even though the Constitution says nothing about it; but they don’t think the Constitution gives you the right to bear arms, even though it says so explicitly. Bottom line: liberals don’t actually believe in the Constitution at all. They just want to impose their will on everyone else.” This comes from the Twitter feed of Bert Bartlett and is copyrighted by Dixon Diaz. I tried to copy it as a photo but couldn’t. But it was too good not to repeat so here it is.

LOIS LERNER REPLACED: She has been replaced as the boss of the department she headed when she started holding up he applications for tax-free status for conservative organizations, while asking them all kinds of inane questions, some of them unanswerable and demanding information the IRS had no right to know. She is, however, still employed by the IRS and will probably (quietly) get a new “plum post” at a big pay raise, somewhere else in the IRS bureaucracy.

THE NEWS IS SILENT: The motorcycle “invasion” of Washington, DC was 55 riders long, and 4 lanes across while the Muslim “invasion” consisted of a few hundred Muslims and their demonstration was dwarfed by the motorcycles (Will they holler at me for using the word “dwarfed?” Like I care.). Yet the liberal “mainstream” media has completely ignored it. Even Fox hasn’t made much of it, although they HAVE covered it. Only the “alternative media” has really covered it, so Obama can still call it a “right-wing demonstration” and put it down. But it will be hard for him to muzzle so many people.

COLORADO FLOODS: Some of you who know I live in Colorado wonder if I’m “high and dry” or if I’m “Drowned out. The word is “high and dry.” Apparently I’m too far away from the flooding streams. We haven’t even had a power outage where I live. So it’s “business as usual.” I have my own personal disaster to contend with, however. Due to an unexpected repair bill for my car, as of today I’m flat broke until the first of the month. From what I can see there will BE no money for me until then. I hope I make it. This is NOT a plea for money. I’ll make it some way. This is only temporary.

A “LOSE-LOSE PROPOSITION”: That’s what we have in Syria. We want get rid of Bashir (Basher) ASSad, but what will replace him after he’s gone? An Islamic regime? This is the problem that faces us in many places in the world, and is the chief reason we should just mind our own business and stay out of fights between different kinds of Muslims. Now “Obama the stupid” wants us to fight ON THE SIDE of al-Qaida terrorists in Syria. How stupid IS this president?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Carney "Tap-Dances"

He was asked specifically if this administration would consider “boots on the ground” in Syria; to which he replied, “We don’t ‘envision’ boots on the ground in Syria. That is our policy and we are not participating in the Syrian revolution.” This is a “no-answer answer” and means nothing. Policies can be changed with the weather and usually are, with Obama. So later when he decides to “participate” in the Syrian revolution, he can say he never said he would NOT ever send troops to Syria.

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: The Democrats are still trying to blame any “government shutdown” on the Republicans, but it won’t wash. ANY government shutdown will be dictated by OBAMA, not the Republicans. The Republicans CANNOT “shut down” the government. Only the president can do that by REFUSING to agree to measures that will keep it open; which he has done, all along.

SANE OR INSANE: Kurt Vonnegut once said, “In an insane society, a sane man would be considered insane.” That’s what we have today: an “insane society,” and people who disagree with it are called “anarchists” or even “RACISTS.” So maybe we need to listen to the people Obama calls “insane.” See if they really are, which is doubtful if it is OBAMA who is calling them that

TYPICAL LIBERAL CRAP:  The “Democratic Underground” says (the now defunct) “Sierra Times” is a “right-wing propaganda rag” and no doubt contributes to the NRA, as if that were a BAD thing. He gives no proof of this assertion, as usual; Democrats never do. They just make statements and expect people to believe them on their word alone. I have reason to doubt the word of ANY Democrat. Sierra Times went out of business several years ago and I was the last writer to contribute with my ”News Nuggets” column after several years of contributing. What ST was, is one of the few places to find unaltered TRUTH on the Internet until J. J. Johnson, its owner, moved off to “greener pastures,” since the truth didn’t pay too well.

“THE AMERICAN JIHADIST” KILLED: Omar Hammami, the famous “American Jihadist who was born in Alabama and was subject to a $5 million dollar FBI bounty, was reportedly murdered by his own organization, with whom he seems to have had a “falling out.” But that $5 million bounty likely won’t be paid because it would involve the FBI getting information leading to the arrest and conviction of a number of terrorists. So they'll probably not ask for it.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Colmes Lies Again

Alan Colmes says the Republicans are hiding the fact that liberal and Democrat groups were held up as long as Republican and conservative groups were by the IRS, which is a blatant LIE. Liberal groups went through “the system” like a hot knife through butter while some conservative groups are STILL waiting, years later. Obama’s own BROTHER got through “the system” in 30 DAYS! Colmes agrees with Obama that this is a “phony scandal,” which anybody with INTELLIGENCE knows is a LIE. He is Fox’s most prominent “token liberal” on staff and the author of a "Big Lie" book called, "Thank Liberals for Saving America."

SYRIA’S “SHELL GAME”: Like Saddam did when Bush telegraphed his intent, for 14 months, to invade Iraq and find their “weapons of mass destruction” he was hiding while claiming he had none. Saddam hid them all over the country and finally shipped them to Syria, who has now used some on his own citizens (or the rebels used them to “frame him” and force an American invasion). He’s moving them all over his country, in 50 different locations, so far. Hoping nobody will find them while Russia PRETENDS to be “taking charge” of them.

DEMS BLOCK BENGHAZI INVESTIGATION: Sen. Cruz tried to pass a law requiring a Senate investigation of the Benghazi debacle but was blocked by Democrats. Why is that? Are they afraid such an investigation would find out things Obama doesn’t want made public? Like, for instance, WHO gave that fateful “stand down” order to troops ready to go there and stop the attack? We all know who was the ONLY person who COULD give that ”stand down” order, Barack Obama! But since it hasn’t been made official, Obama can avoid punishment for their murders. Damn, I wish somebody in Washington would “grow a pair!

MICHELLE’S WHACKY IDEAS: Obama’s fool wife has had another whacky idea: you need to drink more water. ”She says it will give you more energy. BULL. This broad is just full of fool ideas. Her idea to feed school children (against their will) more “healthy” food in school flopped horribly when kids threw the food she dictated in the trash. So now she has this fool idea that more water will give us more energy. This gal thinks she’s smarter than the average bear. Actually, she's not too bright. Of course they will call me a racist for pointing out the truth.

CHI TO SHAME BIG ENERGY USERS: They plan to “monitor” the energy use of everybody in the “windy city” and make it public so that people who use a lot of energy can be “shamed” into using less. A typical liberal fool idea. How much energy I use is nobody’s business but my own! They can take their “shaming program” (if it comes to Denver) and stick it where it hurts—sideways for all of me, and get out of my face. I'll use what energy I NEED to use, and they can go to hell.

FEDS INTERFERING (AS USUAL): Where they’re not wanted and aren’t needed. There’s a strange situation in one private zoo where a bear, a lion, and a tiger live TOGETHER. They have for the last 12 years, since they were babies. They love each other and get very depressed when apart. But the feds have mandated a $400,000 fence between them, as well as other animals, regardless. Not only that, but the zoo can’t afford it, and the feds don’t care. This is what liberal bureaucrats do—interfere in our lives and cost us money we can’t afford; and they just don’t care.

Friday, September 13, 2013

IQ Linked to Lower Incomes

A “study” has come out linking lower IQ to people with lower incomes, saying the lower income is the reason for the lower IQs. I think it’s the other way around. People of lower IQ will ALWAYS have a lower income than those with higher IQ. But don’t tell that to liberals; they’re not listening to logic. In act, they’re so stupid they don’t even think logic exists. And they think there are no absolutes (absolutely)!

DON’T DO WHAT WE DO: That’s what liberals tell you. They tell you not to mention it if you think somebody is fat; then they start sending “fat letters” home, telling parents their children are fat, based on their “body mass index” (BMI). Where the hell do these fools get off? If my child is overweight I certainly know it without the school “authorities” telling me and insulting my child before the world. I can make that problem go away without hurting my child’s feelings. They can’t. They should take their noses OUT of my family’s business.

FAT? OR STARVING? Schools are sending “fat letters” to parents while at the same time the government is feeding children both breakfast AND lunch at school, for FREE, regardless of need. It’s a typical action of those who think like socialists: give things away, (as long as somebody else is paying for it) without regard to “need.” Just give it. Meanwhile, old and handicapped people who cannot work get nothing because they’ve already spent all the money.

“THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR”: Remember the old Andy Williams song, “Christmas Is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?” It’s “Christmas time” all year long to socialist-leaning politicians in Washington. What they do best is give things away, regardless of “need” as long as it’s not THEIR money they’re spending. It’s yours. Until they run out of your money and can’t afford to do anything for people who, through no fault of their own, REALLY need help. Of course, “running out” is only in their minds because their next action is to give something away to people (in foreign countries) who don’t really need it (and they create money out of thin air).

OBAMA LIES WHEN WE KNOW HE’S LYING: And when he knows we know he’s lying. He doesn’t care. He goes on television and says he “didn’t draw a red line for Syria” when he KNOWS we have him in video saying it. But he hopes we’ll forget that. We won’t, and he’s going to suffer for it if somebody grows a pair and calls him on it. So far, nobody has. If not, he doesn't care.

FAILURE EVERYWHERE: Cities and other governments are failing everywhere we look. But nobody seems to understand why. It’s because of the INCOMPETENCE of those RUNNING the government. And in just about every case those incompetent politicians are DEMOCRATS (or liberals). But nobody puts it together, not even when intelligent people tell them. Libs run Chicago and it’s going to hell in a handbasket. Same with Detroit. They need to WAKE UP!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lyndon Johnson All Over Again

Lyndon Johnson ran an ad during one election cycle saying, “If you elect Goldwater we’ll be fully involved in Viet Nam in six months.” So we elected Kennedy and we were fully involved in Viet Nam in six months. Obama said “If you elect Romney, we’ll soon be at war with Syria.” So we elected Obama and now he’s trying HARD to get Congressional permission to bomb Syria. Will we ever “Tumble” to Democrat scams?

TOPLESS WOMEN PROTEST: Looks like some guy who loves hot women (who doesn’t?) has come up with a good idea. He has conned women to go topless to demonstrate and protest one thing or another so he can watch them run around without bras and “groove” on them. I wish I’d had an idea like that when I was young. Sheesh!

IS TUNISIA NEXT? An opposition politician was assassinated (probably at the orders of the president, or whatever their dictator is called) and now people are protesting the Islamist government. Is there no end to the fights between Islamist extremists and others, INCLUDING other Islamists? Even when they ARE in control? Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, why can’t these people get along? They will fight at the drop of a hat; and sometimes they even drop the hat. They fight us, and then they fight each other; often at the same time. Do they know anything but war?

HE SHOULD SAY, “I RESIGN”: Fox News asks the question, “What should Obama say to the American people? He should say, “I resign” and slink back to Chicago with his tail between his legs. He has failed economically and in every other way possible, maybe with the exception of moving us ever closer to socialism. Since that is his main purpose, may be you could say he is succeeding. If he succeeds at that, we’re doomed.

THE WORLD IS COMING APART: And what are we talking about? Anthony Weiner’s wiener! Obama is very good at diverting our attention from his crimes. What are we talking about? Not Obama’s crimes; we’re talking about Anthony Weiner’s wiener. Obama snaps his fingers and we (not me) “lean in” and savor the image. Then there’s Mylie Curus and her wiggling her butt. When are we going to learn to ignore these extraneous stories while Obama rapes us and concentrate on what’s important?

INJECTING POLITICS INTO COMICS:  More misdirection: Some people want to teach our children that being gay is “mainstream” and okay. It’s not; it is a perversion of what sex is supposed to be (I’ll get a lot of mail for that). But if they enjoy it, that’s okay with me. But it’s NOT okay to teach that to my kids at a time when they don’t know any better, as certain writers want to do by making Batwoman (or is it “Catwoman?”) into a lesbian. The publishers refused (rightly) and the writers walked. Probably to the nearest bedroom. Good riddance.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Voters Have Spoken!

The two Colorado lawmakers who supported tighter gun laws in Colorado have been FIRED. Both said they were not regretful for so voting, but I’ll bet they were, as they packed up their belongings and left the legislature. This will send a message to other Democrats who think they can “willy-nilly” take away our right to self defense. May other anti-gun politicians “quake in their boots” as other voters move to fire them, too.

STILL NO ANSWER: We ask Obama and ask him and we get no answer about who gave the “stand down” order that caused the deaths of our ambassador in Benghazi and three other people. Obama acts like Benghazi never happened, and so do other liberal FOOLS in Washington. Now they’re going to give the Benghazi criminal, Hillary Clinton, a “Liberty Medal on the ANNIVERSARY of the atrocity she helped happen! And we (not me) let it happen! This woman should be in PRISON for complicity in MURDER, not given awards.

AMERICA: “KEYSTONE KOPS: Obama’s administration has become a “comedy of errors where a “gaffe” by John Kerry (Syria giving control of his chemical weapons over to Russia) becomes policy. Something first postulated by a comedian on TWITTER and “picked up” by Secretary of State John Kerry and only mentioned as a joke has been taken up by Vladmir Putin and Bashir Assad as a “face-saving” idea. Kerry first tried to “back away” from it, but it is now official U. S. Government policy and Kerry and Obama are being heralded as GENIUSES.

SNOWDEN TO GET NOBEL PEACE PRIZE? The man who has been declared a fugitive because he revealed to the world that America’s National Security Agency (NSA) was spying on us all is being talked about to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. And in a world where Barack Obama got it for NOTHING and AlGore got it for his health care swindle, I believe it. Some people are very serious about this. More evidence the Nobel is now worth NOTHING except a few bucks in somebody’s pocket.

RUNNING OUT OF TARGETS: One problem with bombing all over and indiscriminately is that soon you run out of targets. Islamic terrorists wanted to make a statement (what else?) on yet another anniversary of 9/11 but couldn’t find a good target not well-protected so they bombed the former Foreign Ministry building that hasn’t been used as such since King Idris, the ruler Khaddafi overthrew a long time ago. Nobody was seriously injured because nobody was there, though a few passers-by were sent to the hospital. They’re getting desperate, people.

SPITZER AND WEINER LOSE: Anthony Weiner, whose main claim to fame is sending pictures of his wiener to various women even after being caught and resigning from Congress, and former Governor Spitzer, both Democrats, lost BIG in the New York elections. Weiner for NY Mayor, Spitzer for NY Comptroller. Apparently they thought as Democrats, their sexual missteps would be a resume enhancement they could use to reclaim their careers, but they weren’t.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Health Insurance Prices Up

Since Obama’s health care swindle law passed, health care premiums have gone up by $1.975. That’s almost $2.00 and that’s before his health care swindle law is even fully implemented. He SAID your premiums would go DOWN. But then, anybody who knows Obama knew he was LYING. He lies about EVERYTHING. If he wasn’t lying, we’d be surprised.

“SMALL MAN SYNDROME”: Watching Obama and Russia’s Premier meeting, you note the significant height difference. So you wonder: is Putin suffering from “small man syndrome?” Is he harder to get along with because his power as Russian premier and before that, head of their secret police makes him more powerful than he could hope to be as a small man? This is nothing against small men, just an observation.

PUTIN CALLS KERRY LIAR: So what else is new. Kerry lies all the time. Maybe not as much as Obama, but he’s just a politician. He’s not used to the level of lying required of an Obama employee. He'll get better at it. But Putin calling Kerry a liar? Not news. He’s just calling attention to a specific Kerry lie. That’s not news. We all know about it without his input.

“OBAMA’S PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY”: In Tucumcari, NM, a man(who won’t give his name) put up an outhouse with a sign over it saying, “Obama’s Presidential Library” and is getting a lot of comments, much of it derogatory. The mayor of Tucumcari says, We’re checking to see if it meets code. But we can’t control what people say.” One wag said, “It’s an insult to outhouses everywhere.” My question is, “What if it said, ‘Bush’s Presidential Library?” Would so many people be mad about that? Probably not. Democrats did such a good job of demonizing him nobody would even notice.

“JOB GROWTH” A MYTH: Obama’s fools tout recent “job growth” as the numbers seem to show it. But they don’t; they only show what SEEMS to be “job growth” as more and more people just GIVE UP on ever getting a job so long as Obama’s policies are in force. Obama has done more to stifle job growth than has any president in memory. He is the ENEMY of America with his support for Islamic terrorists everywhere that is shown vividly by his sending $500 million dollars to the enemies of our only ally in the Middle East. Supporting Palestinians like that is an INSULT to Israel and should make them snub us.

EU TO LIMIT SPEED? The EU bureaucrats want to create a satellite-controlled sensor that would not allow a driver to exceed 70 MPH in ANY situation including speeding up to complete a pass if you were looking at a head-on collision while passing somebody. They would not only mandate its installation in new cars, but would also FORCE people to install it (at their own expense, of course) in older cars. This is the kind of “Big Brother” legislation you can expect in a socialist government, which FORCES people to do what the bureaucrats dictate. “Eeewww!”

Monday, September 9, 2013

Is Obama A Member?

An Egyptian newspaper says Obama is a MEMBER of the Muslim Brotherhood. I don’t THINK so. I know he’s stupid, but not THAT stupid. But he IS a sympathizer. You can tell that by his every decision regarding Muslims in this country. Egyptians also say they have EVIDENCE that would send Obama to PRISON. But they won’t show it to us, which tells me it’s phony. I wish it WERE true. But you just can’t depend on anything Islamic extremists tell you because it’s usually a LIE. Part of their ongoing propaganda campaign against us.

TYPICAL LIBERAL BULLSH-T: They’re giving Hillary the “Liberty Medal” one day before the anniversary of Benghazi, her “day of infamy.” They always do things like that: “in your face” awards for people who not only do NOT deserve them, but should be in PRISON for their actions. If it weren’t for John Kerry, I’d say Hillary was the WORSE Secretary of State, ever. But then we’ve had SEVERAL lousy people in that job. Which is one reason we’re so screwed up today internationally.

INVESTIGATING ARIEL CASTRO’S SUICIDE: What the hell for? He decided to give himself a death sentence that was a lot faster than that offered by the state. So what? Good riddance to bad rubbish. He did it to himself. Unless somebody conspired to allow another prisoner to get into his cell and hang him. But instead of punishing that prisoner, I recommend giving him a medal. Ariel is a guy who doesn’t deserve to be alive. Some people are just that way.

ANOTHER MILLION DOLLAR VACATION: Obama is leaving for yet another vacation, again at taxpayer expense. Even if he does “pay for” some of the expenses, it still is up to the taxpayer to pay for several planeloads of security personnel and media to go with him and to pay for their hotel rooms. We probably pay for their prostitutes, too, under some other name. Liberals point out that Bush took several vacations, too. But Bush had an economic bonanza dating from Reagan’s cutting taxes going for him and wasn’t spending millions several times a month for vacations while the rest of the nation was suffering, as Obama is.

$500 M TO PALESTINIANS: Speaking of Obama’c continued support for Islamic extremists, he has sent $500 MILLION in taxpayer money (that doesn’t exist) to the Palestinians to help them in their quest to “push Israel into the sea.” NO similar grant to Israel, which is supposed to be our staunchest ally in the area. Why are we “propping up” the Palestinians, who are KNOWN Islamic extremists? Because Obama wants to, that’s why.

NO HEALTH INSURANCE FOR THEM: Obama’s call center to support his health care swindle law will not be giving its employees health insurance. This is representative of he hypocrisy of the Obama administration. Demand people BUY your health insurance while denying it to your own employees. People ask Obama about things like this and get no answer. Typical.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Disarming Ourselves Doesn't Work

Liberals, in their incompetence, think it does. People try to tell them that, but they’re not listening. They think that way in dealing with other countries, too. They think that if we disarm ourselves, our enemies will say to themselves, “Self, America is disarming, so we have to do it, too.” That’s utter stupidity. then they think making laws that deny guns to honest people will make criminals think, ”If they’re disarming, we need to disarm, too.” It doesn’t work that way, and INTELLIGENT people know that. Criminals will ALWAYS be able to get their guns, ILLEGALLY. Criminals don’t obey gun laws. Surprise, surprise!

WISH IT WERE TRUE: Muslims say they have documents that will put Obama in prison. Unfortunately, the way they lie, I doubt seriously if that’s true. It’s all part of their propaganda effort against anything American. They keep saying it, but never show any proof. You know, just like Democrats do against Republicans. Do they really think we’ll believe their lies? When I see the proof, I might believe it. Not until.

OBAMA IS A FOOL (AGAIN): Obama says he’s going to “ask Congress for permission” to bomb Syria, but in the same breath he says he “will not be bound by their decision.” What kind of fool is this idiot? If Congress’s opinion is unimportant, why even ask for it? The ARROGANCE of this man is amazing! He’s NOT a dictator, even if he thinks he is. The law states that he CANNOT take military action against another country WITHOUT the approval of Congress. If he does, he will be in violation of the law and subject to impeachment. Again. Damn! When are Washington politicians going to get some gonads?

WHY NOT OBAMA, TOO: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leader who won a staged election to become president of Egypt and was deposed by the army, will soon go on trial for “inciting murder.” Obama has done many of the same things Morissy has done so why don’t we put HIM on trial and remove him from office? I know they never will, because “the fix is in” as long as Obama is “in charge” of the means of prosecution and he will not allow it.

SCIENTISTS SUE ALGORE: 30,000 of them are angry about his lying about their opinion. He says 30,000 scientists agree with him when they do NOT. He has based his entire global warming (climate change) swindle on this lie. “Increasingly, environmentalists and politicians have exploited the shoddy global warming hypothesis as a method to take away the rights of the people in a draconian manner, and to tax all of us exorbitantly.” Meanwhile, AlGore is banking billions of dollars in profits from his lie.

EVEN ALAN COLMES AGREES: Obama is in violation of the law if he sends missiles into Syria without congressional approval. Even the author of “Thank Liberals for Saving America” (what a fool concept!) and one of the most irritating liberals agrees. Other presidents did it, and they’re in violation of the law, too. But if nobody calls them on it, they get away with it. Presidents get away with all kinds of lawbreaking when nobody has gonads enough to “call them on it.” This should change. When they break the law, charges should be automatic.

FOOLISHNESS FOLLOWS FOOLS: The Congressional Black Caucus is recommending Obama appoint Shiela Jackson Lee, the woman who doesn’t know the difference between Mars and the Moon, as director of the Homeland Security Department. What fools are these to make such a recommendation? This woman isn’t smart enough to find her way to work without help. She’s one of the worst damn fools in Congress and is an example that intelligence (or lack of it) doesn’t count when being considered for Congress or appointment to important office.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Climate Change Is Real!

But not the “climate change” AlGore has used to pry BILLIONS of dollars out of unsuspecting fools. He calls it “climate change” now because “global warming” no longer worked to advance his swindle when it was found that the world was no longer “warming.” And hadn’t been for the last FIFTEEN YEARS! But “climate change” IS real. The climate cools and warms in CYCLES, regardless of anything man can do nor how much money we (not me) send AlGore to support his swindle and his energy-using lifestyle.

MARITAL DIFFICULTIES: What do you do when you disapprove of your husband’s ex girlfriend’s activities? Well, if you’re married to a dictator, just have him murder her and all her friends. He trumped up charges that they violated his country’s pornography laws to make it look good, lined up eleven people including his ex wife against a wall and had them shot. Must be nice to be able to make, or tailor laws and punishment to suit yourself. Just like his dad and granddad. If you don’t like somebody, make a law and charge them with violating it, and murder them. Damn, there are some evil people in this world!

Columnist Elizabeth Obagy says the Islamic terrorists are NOT “running the opposition to Assad in Syria.” What cave has she been living in? What kind of a fool is she? You can bet many of the arms Obama has shipped to those rebels WILL wind up in the hands of other Islamic terrorists, whether or not it can be proved. It is uninformed columnists like her that help Islamic terrorists advance their cause.

: Oh; so if Kerry confirms it, it must be true, right? WRONG! Kerry is almost as big a liar as Obama, and since he became Secretary of state he has become an even bigger liar. I think that’s one of the requirements to work for Obama. So I don’t believe a word he says. He says chemical weapons have been used there, but doesn't say who used them: the rebels or Assad.

BILL: “SECRETARY OF LYING”: Bill Clinton is Obama’s new “Secretary of Lying,” given the hard job (easy job for Bill) of trying to convince the citizens that black is white, or some other easy-to-believe lies. He’s a natural choice. He narrowly missed being appointed “Secretary of Screwing Women in the Oval Office” before, but he was president then, so he didn’t qualify, though he met all other requirements. Oh: I forgot. Oral sex isn’t “screwing.” It must be true, Bill said so.

HAS ASSAD BEEN SETUP? Maybe he didn’t use chemical weapons on his citizens. Think about it: probably the best way to GET American intervention is to fool Obama into thinking he did. The Islamic extremists now involved with the rebels think nothing about killing their own people if it will gain them an advantage. So think twice America, about shelling Syria. Whether or not Assad did do it, you’re playing right into the Islamic terrorist’s hands when you help the rebels take over yet another Middle East country for Islam.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Replacing One Dictator With Another

If we help to topple one dictator so another dictator can take over, how are we helping ourselves? Or anybody? Especially if the new dictator is an Islamic extremist? Looks like we’re helping Islam slowly take over the world, one country at a time. How can our politicians not know this? In Obama’s case it isn’t that he doesn’t KNOW it—it’s what he WANTS. The Islamic extremists he’s helping are his friends. He might not BE a Muslim extremist, but he’s certainly a sympathizer and he has shown that clearly by his actions and decisions any time Muslim interests are at stake.

IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES: Obama has committed more than one “impeachable offense,” but nobody seems to be doing anything REAL about it. One congressman has filed “articles of impeachment,” but not enough members of Congress are expected to vote for it to make it into anything important. Why is that? Are they frightened at what Obama might do to them if they “sign on?” Obama DOES “know where All the bodies are buried” and, like Bill Clinton, probably buried a few himself. But as long as nobody does anything real about him, he will continue to get away with literal murder.

“DESTROYING McDONALD’S” Somebody’s out to destroy McDonald’s. Their “strike” flopped, so now they’re threatening to contaminate McDonald’s food, which will inevitably cause customers to abandon McDonald’s, which will cause them to ultimately go out of business and those employees to become unemployed; all at once. I don’t think it’s McDonald’s employees threatening this—I think it’s members of the Service Employees International Union making these threats. They have a history of underhanded tactics. Unions ran Hostess Bakeries (Twinkies) out of business with their impossible demands and put hundreds of people out of work. Now they’re after McDonald’s.

ARGUMENT DOESN’T HOLD WATER: Liberals say requiring photo ID to vote is to deny poor people the right to vote. That argument just doesn’t hold water in a world where you need to have a photo ID to BUY NAIL POLISH REMOVER. You have to have photo ID to do so many things, I can’t even count them let alone mention them all. Almost EVERY American citizen has one or MORE photo IDs. You have to show photo ID to get WELFARE! And that involves the poorest people! But not to vote for the people who make our laws. What a damn fool joke that is!

WHAT ARE WE THINKING? There are Muslim extremists all over the world wanting (and trying hard) to kill us because we don’t believe the exact same way they do, and we’re spending a lot of time and money wondering if two men or two women can “marry” each other. What the hell’s WRONG with us? Don’t we know what’s realty important? Yes, even gays should be able to inherit from each other if they want to, but call it MARRIAGE? Not even! They can call it anything they want, BUT marriage—and that’s what they’re holding out for.

IS IT FAT? OR STARVATION? Liberals are whining all over about childhood obesity; when they’re not whining a bout childhood starvation. Which is it? Fat or starvation? Make up your minds what swindle you want to work. It’s just like the weather. One group wines about “global warming” while another worries about “the coming ice age.” Is there no end to the swindles the liberals want to run on us to con us out of more and more money and more and more of our rights?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tylenol's "Dangerous Ingredient"

The “usual suspects” are whining about the “dangerous ingredient” in Tylenol that can injure your kidneys if you take too much of it. So what? ALL medicines contain “dangerous ingredients” that can harm you if you take too much! The solution is not to take too much. Not ban them altogether. But liberals don’t think like that. If they don’t like something, they want to keep EVERYBODY from having it. The world is full of stories about liberals who use guns to defend themselves while trying to keep everybody else from being able to do so. Like with everything else.

DEBBIE DOES THE USUAL: She comes out with her unkempt hair flying in the wind and says, “Dozens of countries support Obama’s bombing of Syria, but I can’t tell you who they are.” As usual, they make a statement without offering any proof, which is their usual “modus operandi.” She can’t tell us who they are because they don’t exist. They do this all the time: make an astounding statement with no proof offered because they don’t have any, but expect us to believe it anyway.

OBAMA LYING AGAIN: As usual. He says, “I didn’t draw a red line that Syria crossed, it was the rest of the world.” The news media makes a big thing of it, as if Obama lying was news. It isn’t. Obama lies everything he opens his mouth unless he screws up and tells the truth once in a while. If that happens, you can bet he didn’t mean it. This is the lyingest president since Bill Clinton.

$9 MILLION TO PROMOTE OBAMACARE: That’s how much Obama has spent (taxpayer money) so far to promote his health care swindle called “Obamacare.” It’s a “train wreck,” and unenforceable. It will never work (for us) although it may work for HIM in his efforts to socialize this country. You don’t believe he’s trying to make this country into a socialist country? Just watch what he does, in total. His every move forces closer to a socialist economy. And he has SAID, “the free market doesn’t work.” How clear can he BE?

USING THEIR METHODS: Obama has CUT all military pay if you use the same reporting methods used by politicians. Congress authorized a 1.8% INCREASE in pay for them and Obama arbitrarily reduced that INCREASE to 1%. Under their rules, we get to call that a CUT, even though it’s a 1% INCREASE, though not as much as Congress gave them. I think the Congressional approval should go UP, while Obama’s goes DOWN further.

So what else is new? Sarah Palin is just telling the truth, as she usually does. She says, “So we’re bombing Syria because Syria is bombing Syria? And I’m the stupid one?” The Obama forces have done a good job of “marginalizing” this amazing woman, but she refuses to remain “marginalized.” What an amazing president she would make. But Obama has done too good a lying job about her. He’s even got REPUBLICANS “knocking” her! If she ran, I’d vote for her in a “New York Minute!”

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Burger Strike Flops

The unions tried to kill the fast-food industry (as they did at Hostess Foods, which went out of business because of union demands, costing all their workers their jobs) the other day by creating a “strike” that only lasted about an hour, and didn’t include many workers on their picket lines. Only union organizers. They struck for an impossible demand, $15.00 an hour for unskilled work intended for entry-level workers only. Unfortunately, that seems to be all that’s left for ANYBODY with Obama in charge. Unions have outlived their usefulness.

KILLING FAST FOOD: That’s what the unions are trying to do. The same thing they did to Hostess Foods (Twinkies) in Denver. They couldn’t pay their demands so they went out of business and hundreds of their union workers lost their jobs entirely. The average wage in the industry is ALREADY a dollar an hour MORE than “minimum wage” and higher-paying jobs ARE available to people who deserve it. But unions want “part of the action” and don’t care if their workers lose their jobs.

CORPORATIONS ARE PEOPLE, TOO: Liberals keep insisting that “corporations are NOT people,” but they’re STUPIDLY wrong. Corporations are made up of THOUSANDS of working people, many of whom are living “from paycheck to paycheck” just like everybody else. The people who own those corporations are the people whose IDEAS create the whole reason for that corporation’s existence. I once owned a corporation, but I’m just another guy who had an idea to market. Liberals are damned fools who have no idea how the world works. Yet they’ve conned their way into positions where they run things.

OBAMA IDOLIZES MANDELA: I think it’s very instructive to note that one of Obama’s biggest heroes is a COMMUNIST. Mandella has always BEEN a communist. And if you don’t know what a communist is, you’d better look it up, right away. Not knowing can kill you. Communism is but one form of COLLECTIVISM, which Obama is trying HARD to impose on this nation. Communism ENSLAVED Russia for 75 years and murdered millions of people. Collectivism is a system that must be FORCED on people because nobody with intelligence wants it.

CARREY JUST DOESN’T GET IT: Comedian Jim Carrey, in a Twitter argument, was asked about how HE was protected on his appearances. His answer? “A policeman protects me.” Really? He doesn’t think he should carry a gun for protection when he can have SOMONE ELSE with a gun to do it? What about us folks who can’t afford armed security? We have to be our own security, and to do that, we need our own guns. But he doesn’t understand that.

JIM CARREY IS FUNNY: He’s a very good comedian. But when it comes to guns and self-defense, he’s a fool. He thinks nobody (but cops) should carry guns to defend themselves because he’s got cops to defend him. But most of us can’t afford armed security like he can, cops or not. But he is an excellent illustration of the myopathy of liberals who CAN afford armed security while thinking other people don’t need it. That shows complete stupidity.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Obama's "Shell Game"

Obama’s health care swindle law said businesses must offer, and pay for, health insurance he approves for employees working full time. Full time was then 40 hours. Businesses lowered their worker’s hours to 39; Obama redefined full time to 38 hours. Then business lowered their full time hours to 30 hours and now Union boss Trumpka (who is demanding waivers for himself and his union members) wants to lower it to 25 HOURS. When will it stop? When full time is ONE hour? Or will they do away with the “full time requirement,” altogether and include EVERYBODY who has ANY kind of a job? What a damned fool game this is.

TEA PARTY LIKE CONFEDERACY: Jesse Jackson says the biggest problem facing Obama and other African-Americans today is conservative thinking. Then he said the Tea Party is the modern equivalent of the Confederacy. That Republicans only oppose Obama’s policies because of racism. What kind of FOOL is this man? The biggest problem facing us today is LIBERAL thinking and to think any opposition to Obama’s policies is only because of racism is PURE stupidity. But then, I expect that of this “race whore.”

PRICING THEMSELVES OUT OF THE MARKET: McDonald’s (and other fast-food) workers are “on strike.” They want $15.00 an hour. If they win, most of them will lose their jobs because what they do is not WORTH $15.00 an hour and their employers can't AFFORD $15.00 an hour.. They’re falling for that liberal idea that their employers are only there to satisfy THEIR needs. They’re not. They’re there to make a profit (a "dirty word" to liberals, who know NOTHING about business). And giving their unskilled workers a $15.00 an hour salary will cost them MILLIONS that they cannot afford. So what’s gonna happen? Those workers will GO! And good riddance!

“NAZI STYLE” PROPAGANDA: Hitler’s propaganda minister, Joeseph Goebbels put out many lies by saying he had :”proof” of something without showing his proof, because he didn’t have any. Now John (Goebbels) Kerry is doing the same in his haste to do Obama’s bidding and attack Syria. The REAL evidence is that REBELS are the ones who used the poison gas, not the government. Therefore, Assad did NOT “cross that red line” in the sand Obama gave him. But Obama is using that “proof” to back his wish to invade Syria and help (his friends) the Islamic extremists to victory. I don’t know his motive. Maybe just to start a war to cover his own crimes.

11-YEAR-OLD ASSAD “DARING” OBAMA: The 11-year-old son of the Styrian butcher, Assad, has made several posts on his Facebook page DARING Obama to invade Syria. What kind of a country’s leader allows his 11-year-old son to TAUNT a head of state to invade his country? A damn fool one, that’s what kind! Assad is not only a butcher, he’s a damn fool who lets a CHILD make DARES to another head of state. When he dies, the blood of all his citizens will be on his own head, and that of his kid. And from all indications, he has made a RACIST of his son.

“NO BOOTS ON THE GROUND”: That’s what Obama promises in his proposed one-day war on Syria to help his Islamic terrorist friends who have “taken over” the rebel action there. So you can bet there will soon BE “boots on the ground” if Obama promises there will not be. Whatever Obama promises, you can always count on that being just the opposite from what he does—unless what he promises is something bad.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Rape Should Bar It

A court is trying to decide whether or not a rapist should be allowed visitation rights to the child he fathered when he raped her. How STUPID is this? This should not even BE a subject for discussion. The very fact that he raped her should BAR him from having ANY parental rights. If the decision is to allow it, the law will allow this woman to be RAPED for 16 years just by his presence in her life. But then, with stupid liberals as judges, how can we stop such stupidity?

MSNBC HOST IS VILE: He calls the “right’s” emphasis on Chris Lane’s death “vile.” What’s “vile” is Toure Neblett CALLING it vile. His man is a typical liberal FOOL who has his own microphone, all be it he cannot speak to many people, since MSNBC only has two listeners and is soon to lose them because of such people as him. Where do they GET such fools to put on the air? No wonder they’re sinking rapidly.

HIRE SOME PEOPLE WITH GUNS: What do you do when your laws keep citizens from having the means to self defense, a gun? Hire some people with guns to escort your children to school. Is that stupid?  Yes, but the liberal politicians running Chicago are doing it, and with your tax money. Today, it’s Illinois taxpayer money paying for it, but I’d bet it won’t be long before Obama sends Rahm Emmanuel (his buddy), the mayor, some money to help pay for his stupidity.

OBAMA: “FRAIDY CAT”: He thought al-Qaida was going to attack some oil interests so he shut down 23 embassies to stop it. Is he so scared of the Islamic terrorists he’ll shut down our embassies on just the THREAT of terrorist activity? Yes. This is our big, brave president. Is he hiding in his bedroom as he did while Islamic terrorists murdered four of our embassy personnel including the ambassador in Benghazi, then lied about it for weeks after?

SYRIA VOWS TO DEFEND ITSELF: With Obama making ready for war on Syria, Syria is yakking about defending itself. Reminds me of that old story of an ant running up an elephant’s leg with rape on its mind. Syria will not last a week if America, even with such as Obama in command, goes after it. Like Iraq, which we whupped in one week while his public relations hack said we’d never get to Baghdad with American tanks rolling by behind him after much bragging on the part of Saddam, Syria is making lots of noise because they just don’t know how silly they sound.

RESPONDING TO A LIE: Football player Leonard Marshall, responding to a LIE, said Rush Limbaugh was “irresponsible” for saying football is being “chickified”  by rules being made to limit concussions. One problem. Rush never said that. This is a typical example of accusing Rush (or other conservatives) of saying something he never said, then vilifying him for saying it. This is how they operate; always have, always will be.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Armed Cops Storm Home-Schooling Family

They stormed this home with guns drawn to take the children from the home. This happened in Germany, but you can bet Obama and all the other liberals are watching, planning on one day doing the same here. They don’t want kids to be schooled where they can’t control what they’re taught so they can teach them their liberal crap. They’re already trying to make homeschooling grounds for taking children from their parents, and this is the logical progression.

NOBEL PRIZE WORTH NOTHING: The Nobel Prize used to be worth something; only the finest people in any given area could get one. NO more; they gave one to Obama shortly after he conned his way into the presidency—for what? For nothing; for what he MIGHT do as the “first black president of the United States.” What a fool notion! Albert Einstein got one and he EARNED it. Linus Paulding did too, and HE earned it. Then they started giving them for political reasons to people like Kofi Anan, UN boss, Al Gore, global warming swindler, and Barack Obama, pretender president. Now it’s worth NOTHING except a few bucks in their pockets.

NO LAWS BROKEN--COPS ARREST PEOPLE: In Texas, they sponsored a LEGAL demonstration where people were allowed to LEGALLY bring a “long gun” to the Starbucks location. Cops (San Antonio chief William McManus), however, said if ANYBODY “feels threatened,” his cops will arrest people for “disorderly conduct,” a well-known subjective “catchall charge” used to detain people when no laws are broken (except maybe "contempt for cop"), and which can be triggered by anybody’s OPINION.. They have already arrested the organizers of the demonstration. Looks like “police state action” to me.

LIFE MEANS NOTHING TO SOME PEOPLE: In this case, 16-year-old black teenager Mychal King was having a “tough day” and he wanted to kill the first person he saw. The first person he saw was 22-year-old Jason Paul who was riding his bike past, minding his own business. There was no robbery, no argument. Mychal just stabbed Paul three times and killed him. NO guns involved, so the media can’t advance their agenda against guns. Just a vile act by a black boy against a white man. But of course, I’m a racist for pointing out the truth, aren’t I?

AGAIN, LIFE MEANS NOTHING: Black youth DeMarquise Elkins (what a damned name!), who was 17 when this crime occurred, shot and killed an INFANT baby right in front of the baby's mom in Brunswick, Georgia. What motivated this “innocent teenager” to do this heinous crime? He wanted to rob the baby’s mother. When she refused to “turn it over,” he shot the baby between the eyes. He tried to turn it around in court and  blame the baby’s parents, but that didn’t work. Since he was only 17 when he callously murdered this infant, he can’t be put to death for it. Pity. But if he gets life without parole as he should, that’ll be a long life at the mercy of sex-starved older and bigger prisoners.

IS OBAMA IMPEACHABLE?  World Net Daily is asking that question and the answer is a resounding YES. But is there ANYBODY in Washington with the gonads to do anything about it? I don’t THINK so. Not even Newt Gingrich, who TALKS a good game, but DOES nothing. There are others who do the same, and I don’t expect any action out of them, either. So Obama will go right on violating the Constitution at will and committing crimes by selectively enforcing or not enforcing laws as it suits him.