Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Call A He A He and Vice-Versa

People have been sued and had six figure judgments laid against them for calling a he a he or a she a she, no matter what kind of clothes they're wearing, or how they “envision” themselves. But the fact remains, if he's got a penis, he's a MALE, even if he “SEES” himself as a female, and he has no business in a woman's restroom. That's an abomination I wouldn't want a woman masquerading as a man in MY restroom, either. And if somebody wants to sue me for that, bring it on! I'm suit proof. I have nothing they can levy on. If they want to waste their money, that's okay with me. I calls 'em as I sees 'em.

OBAMA'S GREATEST LIES: It's hard to choose.  He says the economy is in good shape while the stock market reels from the biggest “correction” in years. While Wal-Mart closes 269 stores. And he expects us to believe his crap, just because he says it. When actually, if he says it, it will BE a lie. That's a foregone conclusion. He sees to it employers have to pay inflated wages to people who aren't worth it, and INCREASES unemployment by so doing. But this clueless liberal fool keeps on doing things like that while the economy suffers. And then he “reassures us” that what's happening is NOT happening. Sheesh!

CRITICIZED FOR THE TRUTH: Ted Cruz is getting a lot of flack these days. Mostly from New Yorkers for actually SAYING that most New Yorkers are LIBERAL. I guess they want to BE liberal with nobody calling attention to it. It's a STUPID world when people can be criticized, and that criticism taken seriously for telling the TRUTH. It's a good illustration of the IGNORANCE of much of the American people. Much of what they criticize TRUMP for is speaking the truth nobody else wants to say.

THEY REALLY BELIEVE IT: Now they're comparing illegal aliens to drunks. They say that, “You wouldn't call them “illegal drinkers,” so why call illegal aliens “illegal aliens.” Which is NOT a real comparison. “Alien” alone doesn't do it. Being an “alien” is NOT “illegal,” so the word “”illegal” must be used to describe them. Being drunk IS illegal, so to use that word to describe them would be redundant (for you liberals reading this, redundant means, “repetitive.”). People really come up with some STUPID ideas!

MUSLIMS FURIOUS: One company refused to change its prayer policy to suit them. I got a clue for them. If you didn't like the policies prevalent in this country, why did you move here? Moving here to live among “Infidels” is against your “religion,”so why do you move to a country FILLED with “unbelievers? So you can sue them for imagined ills and make a lot of money while making life hard for the people you hate? Everything we do seems to “offend” Muslims, but everything THEY do “offends” us!

ALMOST ALL MUSLIMS: Since the Paris attack, 482 Muslim “Syrian refugees” and ONE Christian have been admitted. When are the world's INCOMPETENT politicians going to see “the handwriting on the wall” that we are admitting Muslim extremists to kill more and more of us? It really pains me that a simple old man like me can see what our illustrious elected and appointed politicians CAN'T see! These people are supposed to be intelligent, but, almost to a man (or woman) they're NOT. They have their own opinions on what's happening, and when it is proven not to be true, they maintain their ignorance. You can beat them over the head with facts, and not make a dent.

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