Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Ahnold's Knife"

Arnold Schwartzenegger, Governor of California, used a “big knife” as a prop in a recent ad, begging for help with his cost overruns and got a lot of criticism for it. Ahnold is a Republican, even though he governs as a liberal. What’s so different from the Democrat former San Francisco mayor, now Senator Diane Feinstein swinging around an automatic weapon in a crowded room to make one of her anti-gun points? The answer is, she’s a DEMOCRAT, and according to the liberal media, Democrats can do no wrong.

READ THE BILL: Not enough is being made of the fact that congresspeople usually do not even bother to READ the bills they pass into law. Rep. Conyers (D-MI) even made FUN of other congresspeople who PRETENDED to read the bills they pass into law. The problem lies with collusion between the president and congressional leaders who give congresspeople tiny amounts of time to read the bills between releasing them and scheduling a vote. There should be a REQUIRED interval between the release of a bill to Congress and the scheduled vote on it, longer if the bill is longer. This problem NEEDS to be addressed.

PROFIT VS. NO PROFIT: Obama speaks glibly about your ability to keep your health insurance under his health care swindle, but he doesn’t mention that private companies need to make a PROFIT to stay in business. The government does NOT. Therefore there is NO “level playing field” and private companies will soon be out of business and what will be left?” The government plan.

SCARING LIBERALS: Anybody they call names scares the hell out of them. Michele Malkin, for instance, they call “that flighty, right-wing fascist.” Which reveals their complete IGNORANCE of what fascism is. Nobody could be FURTHER from fascism than Michele Malkin. What stupid fools these liberals be!

NO “SHOUTING MATCH”: The media call the contretemps between racist Prof. Gates and the cop who got enough of his big mouth and arrested him a “shouting match.” But it was not. A “match” presupposes two people shouting at EACH OTHER. This was not that. It was ONE man, following a policeman who was just trying to leave out to his car, screaming “racist” at him. That’s not a “match” and the cop was right to arrest him, to shut him up for a few minutes. Black, white, or purple with pink polka-dots, I wouldn’t take that kind of abuse from ANYBODY.

BLAME BUSH: Obama’s usual scam when his numbers start falling is to blame Bush. And he’s doing that right now when he talks about “When I came into office we were in the middle of the biggest recession in years.” They were NOT. They were AT THE BEGINNING of a recession of their own making. Under Bush, after his tax cuts (which Obama wants to end), the economy was BOOMING until the Democrat-produced “slowdown” (Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976) began to affect the economy.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Who's Paying?

Apparently that infamous “beer” Obama is having with racist Prof. Gates and his intended victim, the cop who arrested him after Gates had screamed “racist” long enough is coming off soon. Who is paying the freight for both to fly to Washington for this exercise in stupidity?

WHAT KIND OF BEER? They’re now discussing what might be the brand of beer Obama will use in his “beer diplomacy” meeting with racist-professor Gates and the cop who got enough of him and arrested him. Who CARES? Don’t they have something NEWSWORTHY to report? Sheesh!

RESTORE HER REPUTATION: The woman who made the 911 call that started the Prof. Gates racism hooraw found it necessary to hold a news conference to help “restore her reputation.” Frankly, she doesn’t NEED to ”restore her reputation” with people who have any common sense and intelligence.

WHY CHANGE YOUR NAME? I notice that Brink’s Home Security is changing its name to “Broadview Security.” Why? I know why government agencies change their names (because the original names were now a liability), but why Brinks? Pinkerton Security was bought out by a Swedish outfit, “Securitas,” and they subsequently changed Pinkerton, a well-established, OLD name everybody knew to “Securitas,” a name nobody in this country knew. What were they THINKING? After spending all this time and money promotion their name, many companies are changing them. Why?

“TAXING THE RICH”: Liberals (and even some so-called conservatives) are always “targeting the rich” whenever they propose another spending spree. But they forget “the rich” are only 2% of the population and don’t have enough money to pay for all their “spending sprees.” Further, “the rich” are ALREADY paying a disproportionate percentage of the income tax (the ones actually working and EARNING their money, that is). Those who only “clip coupons” on the stocks and bonds left by their ancestors don’t pay any income tax at all.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Unemployment High? Raise Minimum Wage!

The unemployment rate in Michigan is the highest in the nation. But liberals there are suggesting that the minimum wage in the state be raised to TEN DOLLARS an hour! That’s for people with NO SKILLS! Is this STUPID, or what? What are they going to do when employment goes even higher? Raise taxes?

UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Everything Obama is doing, and everything he is proposing to do is unconstitutional! He lacks the authority to do ANYTHING he has done or has promised to do (such as firing the CEO of GM)! How does he get away with it? Because nobody questions him. He does what he wants to do without real opposition and he gets away with it. Have we come to this? Do we need to IMPEACH him to stop him from becoming a dictator as Adolph Hitler did, using the same tactics he’s using? You’d better listen to what I’m saying because it won’t be long before Obama makes it a crime. And he’ll get away with it.

A MUSLIM WIFE: The “mild-mannered guy” who has been charged with “plotting terrorism” has a Muslim wife and narrowly escaped having his hand and foot cut off in Pakistan a few years ago for robbing a bank. She immediately went to a known Islamic terrorist-supporting Muslim organization to make her statement in support of her husband and his two sons. She says “due process will clear them.” Is this fooling anybody?

CONTROLLING CONGRESS’ MAILINGS: The Democrats, who are now in complete control in Washington, are now “editing” the mailings congresspeople are allowed to send out and get the postage paid. They recently forced the Republicans to eliminate ANY reference to Obama’s “health care program” before they would allow them to send out mail to constituents under their “franking” privilege. First time I’ve ever heard about “editing” a congressperson. But then that’s Obama.

MAKING FUN OF COMMON SENSE: Congressman Conyers makes fun of those who demand that he actually do his job and READ the bills he votes into law. Funny; we actually ask him to DO HIS JOB!

“WORKING TOGETHER”: Obama and his friends Are always talking about us “working together” to implement his plans. What for? His plans will bankrupt this country and us along with it. Why in the hell should we “work together” with him to make them happen? Sheesh!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not Their Job

It’s not the job of government to tell us what kind of light bulb to use, and back it up by BANNING the other kind. Neither is it their job to give taxpayer money to “big business” because they were “too big to fail.” That’s a scam to get the power to spend more money and tell more people what they can do. Primarily to get the power.

VICTORY IS NOT THE GOAL: That’s what Obama says about Afghanistan. How stupid is that? When you fight a war (as we did in Afghanistan) victory IS the goal. How can it be anything else? Sometimes I wonder about Obama’s sanity when he says such things.

“TEACHABLE MOMENT”: Professor Gates says he wants to use his tirade against a cop just doing his job to the point where the cop lost patience and arrested him for disorderly conduct as “a teachable moment.” Since he teaches students how to “fan the flames” of racism in college, I’ve no doubt this CAN be a “teachable moment.”

“REVENUE NEUTRAL”: That’s what Obama says about his health care swindle. But the only way it will be “revenue neutral” (the true meaning of the words) is to raise taxes, a LOT. “Revenue neutral” is supposed to mean it doesn’t cost us any money. But it will. It will cost us TRILLIONS. But if he can raise taxes enough to pay for it (impossible) it won’t cost the GOVERNMENT any money. Problem is, it will cost a lot more than he can scam out of us in new taxes.

WHERE’D HE GET THE MONEY? Obama has paid lawyers more than ONE MILLION DOLLARS’ to stop people who are trying to get him to PROVE he is eligible to even BE president. Who is paying for this? Obama? His election committee? The taxpayer? I’ll bet he’s as forthcoming about this question as he is about his place of birth. Obama could put this to rest by simply showing his real birth certificate, but he won’t. Why?

WOULD OBAMA WANT TO BE UNDER HIS HEALTH CARE PLAN? Naturally not. He is followed around by a doctor all the time, so he doesn’t NEED it. And that will continue for the rest of his life. Congresspeople aren’t. But they carefully made sure that NONE of Obama’s “big plans” for US would not apply to them, including his heath care swindle. They’re constantly making laws that apply to US, but not to them. Their “health plan,” for instance, covers them 100% and will continue to do so long after they are out of office.

PROFIT IS EEEEVIL! That’s what ALL liberals think. So Obama (who is a liberal) GIVES billions of dollars to outfits like General Motors and AIG so they can—what—make a profit? Isn’t there some kind of a “disconnect” here?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Two Month Paid Vacation

Remember the Oklahoma state trooper who assaulted an ambulance paramedic after stopping him while he was on an emergency run with a patient in the ambulance? He got suspended and lost five day’s pay. Then got a “two month paid vacation” they CALL a “suspension. Which tells us the cops WILL be protected at all costs when they “go off the reservation” and commit an uncalled-for assault that could have resulted in the death of that patient. But the politicians and bureaucrats don’t care about that.

RIPPED FOR HATING MURDER: I never thought I’d be living in a country where a congressman could be “ripped” for being against the murder (in the womb) of a defenseless infant. But I am. “Kansas Congressman Todd Tiahrt simply told the truth about low-income Americans being given an INCENTIVE to use abortion instead of a rubber. Abortion is MURDER (but it is LAWFUL murder) and our LEADERS are criticizing our lawmakers for opposing it. Seems like that’s a decision he has a right to hold, to me.

“ONLY THE RICH”: When they foisted that onerous income tax on us way back when, they PROMISED faithfully that “only the rich” would ever have to pay it and it would never be more than 3%. At one time the top tax rate (for everybody) was 75% or MORE (until Reagan lowered it and nearly DOUBLED the “tax take”) and the IRS is now going after the TIPS made by waitresses and cab drivers! Now Obama says his latest “tax the rich” scheme will ONLY apply to the “:top 2%” who make more than $200,000 a year. Riiight!

SHAMELESS LIES: Obama tells them every day with a straight face. Like the one that he told about you being able to keep your health care insurance if he passed his health care swindle (if you don’t change ONE LINE on your coverage, maybe). I get really tired of having to listen to these lies because ALL the news media carries them LIVE. Even Fox. I’m getting sick of it.

STUPID PEOPLE: Obama was making a speech telling the usual lies, when a female voice in the back was heard to scream “we love you!” to which Obama replied, “love you back.” How stupid ARE the people in this country? I always wondered how Hitler gained his power, but now I’m watching the same scam here in my own country.

SOCIALIZED MEDICINE IS WRONG! Everybody is arguing every detail about Obama’s “health care swindle” except the simplest part: socialized medicine is WRONG and doesn’t work. Everywhere it has been tried it has failed-—much like socialism itself. It creates “rationed health care” right up to, and including, denying life-saving procedures for some people because they’re “too old.” That’s a DEATH SENTENCE for those people, but Obama doesn’t care. So long as his “pie-in-the-sky” power grab succeeds.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Outrageous Lies

Our politicians will tell us outrageous lies to get our support for their nefarious schemes. An example: the New York mayor standing up and talking about a felon "getting a license to carry a gun one place and using it to carry a gun in other states (I don't know any state where a felon can get a license to carry) to fight a proposed law to have states recognize other state's "carry laws." Another is the president himself talking about 47 million people who don't have health insurance, to sell his health care swindle (that list includes people who don't WANT health insurance and can afford to pay their own bills and those without it for ONE DAY while changing jobs. This is a "standard con" used by politicians every day.

A RELIABLE INDICATOR: Obama’s words are a “reliable indicator” of what he’s going to do, and what is going to happen while he’s in charge. Not what he SAYS, but what he MEANS, which is usually just the opposite of what he says. When he tells you he’s going to do something, you can depend on the fact that just the OPPOSITE is going to happen.

“EVERYBODY AGREES”: “Nobody disputes it.” That’s what Obama always says when he tries a new swindle on us, but it is a lie. MANY people dispute what he says, but he just doesn’t hear them. I dispute it, and lots of important people dispute what he says. But he refuses to hear it. What a liar you are, Obama!

"OBAMA STOKES RACISM AT THE NAACP: In a recent speech at a NAACP meeting, Obama repeated all the imaginary slights spoken by the other “race baiters,” (including his well-known racist preacher) and was met with thundering applause. I thought electing a black (well, almost black) president was going to make racism “go away.” It has not. It has made it worse, with the president himself being the biggest “race baiter.” Jesse and Al aren’t gonna like this!

DON’T LOOK AT OUR RESULTS: Look at our intentions, even if we fail, which we usually do. That’s what all liberals tell us (not in so many words), and Obama does, too. That’s how they “explain away” their failures. Truth is, liberals have promised their dupes the world, but have actually delivered nothing. And all they look at is their “intentions” and they’re satisfied.

HURRY, HURRY! Get it done, NOW! Obama wants the health care swindle to be voted into law before congresspeople go home and find out what their constituents want and before ANYBODY has time to read the bill and find out what’s in it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Open Insurrection

An Islamic group is openly espousing the “fall of capitalism and the rise of Islam” in a meeting at a hotel in a Chicago hotel. They’re using our freedoms as “weaknesses” to enslave us. This organization is promoting a world-wide Islamic government, using “Sharia Law” instead of our Constitution. They SAY they’re “non-violent,” but they support Islamic violence in all they do. Their name is “Hizb ut-Tahrir, a global Sunni network with reported ties to confessed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. (Fox) They are RECRUITING for Islam. Maybe not directly, but they send people to other groups, who ARE; and they ARE propagandizing for Islam.

ANTI-SMOKING NAZIS: They’re at it again. Their “target” this time is people in the military. A group that MUST “obey orders.” Orders don’t need to be voted on by Congress or any other law-making body. So they want to BAN smoking in the military for those who have put their lives on the line to protect us. I think that decision ought to be THEIRS, not that of some nameless, faceless bureaucrat somewhere.

TAX RATE 52%! If the tax hike planned when the government “takes over” the medical profession passes, while at the same time they “dump” Bush’s tax cuts, the “average” tax rate in this country, including state taxes, will be 52%! Of course, that doesn’t include county and city taxes.

PATIENTS WILL SUFFER: If the “health care reform (swindle) passes, fewer people will BECOME doctors and more current doctors will retire or go into research or teaching, which will cause a hardship, by itself, for patients. Add to that the loss of the right to make your own decisions on your own care, and you have a disaster even if it doesn’t cause costs to go up and service to suffer.

“REVENUE NEUTRAL”: Obama says he will not sign a “health care reform” bill that is not “revenue neutral.” That’s a blatant lie! There is NO WAY such a bill can be “revenue neutral.” To “take over” the medical care business will cost TRILLIONS of dollars, however they may disguise it; and those trillions WILL be paid by US. Count on it.

ARE YOU “PAYING ATTENTION?” I would hope people who read this kind of a blog ARE paying attention to politics. Most people don’t, until a few months before an important election. That’s why the liberals (Democrats) are in control in Washington. People are beginning to “wake up” to their mistake, but it is WAY too late. The damage Obama can do in just four years is amazing. And he’s “working like a beaver” to do as much damage (as are his accomplices) as he can, including “fixing” the next election, and maybe some beyond it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"No Pork," Huh?

“Obama boasted that his near-trillion-dollar stimulus bill contained ‘no earmarks,’ but in fact it was bursting with pork for favored constituencies -- including billions for the folks (and critters) back home in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's district and in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's Nevada.” (Human Events) How does Obama define “earmarks?” Apparently not the same way we do. ‘Could it be he’s LYING?

“THOUGHT CRIME”: “Many Americans can only shake their heads at the nutty excesses of multiculturalism in Canada, where ‘Human Rights Commissions’ prosecute conservatives and Christians for ‘hate crimes’ because they speak their minds about Islam or homosexuality. That kind of thing could never happen here, right? Wrong, reveals HUMAN EVENTS -- the use of Canadian-style ‘commissions’ to stifle free speech is already under way in some American cities and localities.” They’re working to pass a “hate crimes” law right now (as this is written). Under this “law,” they can “define” what you say as a “hate crime” and prosecute you for it. That makes it a subjective law, which should never be allowed to pass.

CONTROLLING YOUR CHILDREN: The government already controls what is taught your children from age five up, which has already created a country made up of “collectivist (socialist) believers, since even the TEACHERS now are such, having been brought up in this socialist-teaching atmosphere. Now they want to control them from BIRTH. “That, in essence, is what Barack Obama proposes in his ‘Zero to Five’ plan -- a collection of programs aimed at getting the government involved in the raising of your children literally from the moment they are born.” (Human Events)

WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT? Democrats are peeing their pants because the CIA is tracking down and killing al-Qaida leaders. Funny; I thought that was what we did in time of war: track down and kill the other side’s leaders, hoping to end the war. “Congressional liberals must think Americans have very short memories. For years the Left trashed the Bush administration for not capturing and killing Osama bin Laden. Democrats claimed they could get the job done. Campaigning for president, Barack Obama made “We will kill bin Laden” a regular part of his foreign policy stump speech.” I remember that. (Human Events)

DOCTORS FEEDING ADDICTION? Did his doctor kill Michael Jackson? Did Anna Nicole smith’s doctor kill her? We don’t know, and may never know because doctors are very good at covering up such things. Jackson SAID he became addicted to pain killers as a result of burning his hair during a Pepsi commercial. Smith was addicted and did not say an “unslurred word” in the last year of her life. Her personal physician was known to feed her addiction. Did that kill her? We need much better control over doctors who serve famous people and the prescriptions they write.

STAMPEDE: This is just one of the things Obama wants to “stampede us” into passing. In fact, every time he wants to con us into agreeing to our own destruction, he tries to “stampede us” into it. Ayn Rand called it “the sanction of the victim.” There are so many holes in his plan you could drive a train through it, beginning with the CONCEPT itself. He doesn’t want us to look close enough at it to spot them so it’s “hurry, hurry!”

Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Thought Crime"

That’s what George Orwell called it in his landmark book, “1984,” written at a time when 1984 was far in the future. Today, they call it “hate crimes” when they make laws that allow them to prosecute you for what you’re THINKING.

NO SMOKING IN THE MILITARY: It may not happen if “cooler heads” prevail. But some liberals want to BAN smoking in the military. Seems to me if a person can offer up his/her LIFE in the service of his/her country, he/she ought to be able to make that decision for him/herself.

MAKING YOUR OWN DECISIONS: That’s what liberals want to stop. They want to be able to make ALL your decisions FOR you, and FORCE you to do what they say. This is so basic I shouldn’t even have to mention it. But I do, and that’s a tragedy.

STOP DENIALS: Obama wants insurance companies to cover medical conditions that existed BEFORE you bought your insurance! How stupid is that":? I could find out I have a terminal disease, then buy a million dollars' worth of life insurance, and a lot of medical insurance so they could pay my medical bills and give my survivors a million dollars when I die. even though my death is a SURE THING, they MUST insure me, even though I'm DYING! There's a good reason they deny policies because of a pre-existing condition. Obama wants to put a stop to that. This is the kind of thinking you can expect from a man like Obama.

DO IT NOW! Hurry, hurry! Git-R-Done! Don't take time to think! It needs to be done, NOW! That's Obama's method of passing bad legislation and imposing onerous demands upon a (formerly) free people. Rush it through so fast even the Congress doesn't have time to read the bills they pass into law. The president himself doesn't know what's in them. He knows what he has been TOLD is in them, but that's all. HE doesn't even read them. Which means we're being "ruled," not by elected representatives, but by their hired staffs, which don't even have to be vetted by Congress.

“TOO BIG TO FAIL: That’s another of Obama’s scams. He cherry-picks” a company that is in trouble. If it is one that gave him campaign money, he declares it “too big to fail” and gives it a lot of money. Thus he pays his supporters back.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Citing "Foreign Law"

Apparently Sotomayor is one of those judges who think it is okay to rely on foreign law in her decisions. Apparently she doesn’t know that there is ONE SOURCE she can legally cite in her decisions; the United States Constitution. For her to use ANY other source is a violation of her oath of office and SHOULD be grounds for impeachment and removal from office. I never thought it would be up to me to “instruct” a “learned jurist” on the law, but apparently it is.

SO WHAT? Ayman Zawahiri released another audio tape and the news media goes nuts. But I say, “who cares?” Who cares what the chief killer of innocent people says? I certainly don’t. They say the tape “is authentic.” So? Ask me if I care. But for the liberal media, Zawahiri would be just another bloody murderer running around in the mountains to avoid being caught.

THE OLD 80-20: I recently had to have a stent put in my heart, and it cost $22,000. Medicare paid most of it, but I’m being billed for $800. That’s $800 I don’t have, and am not likely to ever have. It was a “minor procedure” and that price doesn’t even include the hospital bill. That’s just what the DOCTOR charged! Governmental interference in medicine has CAUSED prices for EVERYTHING in the medical field to skyrocket! And now they’re using those “skyrocketing” medical costs as an excuse tom take over the health care business.

THEY GOT SUED ANYWAY: Judge Sotomayor ruled against firefighters who sued because their test results were thrown out by their fire department because no blacks passed the test and they thought they’d get sued. So they threw out the results and got sued anyway. Sotomayor was reversed (again) by the U. S. Supreme Court (without her yet on it). So what has that fire department gained besides some notoriety and a huge legal bill? The New Haven Fire Department threw out the results of a captain’s test that blacks could not, and did not pass because they were terrified that the “politically correct” people would sue them. So they got sued, anyway. A lot of wasted money and time, and the right result came about (unless they are appealed and it goes the other way). You “racist hunters” go ahead and call ME a racist for this

I JUDGE PEOPLE AS INDIVIDUALS! I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I judge EVERYBODY as an INDIVIDUAL. Black or white, or Hispanic, Islamic, Jew, I don’t care. They all come before me as individuals and get judged as such. If they’re bad people, I’ll say so. If they’re GOOD people, I’ll say so. Whatever their color or nationality, or sex. So before you “racist hunters” call me racist, consider the above. Who IS the racist here?

PUNISHING THE GUILTY: Real “gun laws” should punish the GUILTY, not the innocent. Current gun laws punish the INNOCENT. They create a host of unarmed and defenseless victims for illegally armed criminals, who do not obey laws. A gun law should add years of prison time to those who use one to violate the law, not disarm average people who need guns to defend themselves. For my part, if somebody shoots me, I want it to be the last thing he does in his life.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Never Been A Fake Tape From bin Laden"

Sayeth the media, including Fox News. Define “fake.” The tape itself may be authentic in its source (meaning Al-Qaida), but there’s no way the tape purporting to be from bin Laden is genuine because he has been dead for years and they’re still trying to convince us he’s still alive. We made a “cinder” out of him many years ago when we bombed one of his caves with him in it. Don’t “buy” this con.

LAWS “CONCERNING” RELIGION: That’s what the Constitution bans. The “anti-religion zealots” define that as MAKING all kinds of law BANNING religion and its practice in any place (owned or used by) government. And they’ve been getting away with it for years because nobody has made a REAL effort to stop them. In Pennsylvania, they’re trying to ban the very MENTION of Jesus Christ. A California town is also trying it. This IS “making a law regarding religion or its practice.” But they will neither admit this, nor allow anybody else to do so. I’m not a “religious fanatic” although they will accuse me of it, but I support people’s right to worship as they please. How they worship is nobody else’s business.

BRING IT ON! In Pennsylvania, they’re trying to censor the prayers of pastors who pray “in Jesus’ name” in their legislature. They say they’re afraid of a lawsuit from atheists who don’t like that. What they don’t consider is that Christians (or other religions) represent 95% or more of their constituents and WILL bring a lawsuit if they do so. Rep. Dan Moul said, "I am extraordinarily tired of the vast majority changing our way of life to accommodate a few," As for the argument that the state could face lawsuits, Moul said simply: "Let 'em sue us." I say, if atheists want to sue, bring it!

“EMPATHY” IS NOT LAW: Obama sas he wants a Supreme Court Justice “with empathy” for the “downtrodden.” But “empathy” is now law. The Supreme Court has but ONE job. To rule on the CONSTITUTIONALITY of the cases that come before them. Empathy has NO PLACE there. If they rule on ANY other basis than the CONSTITUTIONALITY of the case before them they are violating their oath. Of office and should be impeached for cause.

“REASONABLE LIMITS”: Liberals and anti-gun freaks don’t argue GAINST THE second Amendment except to say it’s a “collective right” aimed at organizations whose existence was not even DREAMED of when it was made. They simply “sidestep” it, saying “it does not prohibit ‘reasonable limits” on that right.” It DOES. “Reasonable limits” is just a way to “get around” the law and the Constitution.

“POLITICAL COVER”: some Democrats are saying then Vice-President Dick Cheney ordered the CIA NOT to inform Nancy Pelosi about their “plans” to use what the Democrats call “torture” on Islamic terrorists. What REAL LIFE shows us is those plans were “contingency plans” they didn’t want Pelosi to know about because she would blab about it all over the place. Plans that never came to fruition. Congress should NEVER be told everything about what the CIA is doing because it is such a sieve.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Guess I'm a Racist

It seems that ANYBODY who does ANYTHING Obama doesn’t like or SAYS Anything he doesn’t like is a RACIST. This flies in the face of those who said we “eliminated racism” by electing a black president. Instead, Obama himself is making racism WORSE by calling his enemies racists. I expect he or his people will be calling ME a racist for this.

WHY DOESN’T HE? Obama could easily put the controversy about his birth certificate to rest by simply showing it. But he won’t. Why? Maybe because he doesn’t DARE. Maybe because to do so would make him ineligible to BE president. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, until he either shows it or he has somebody kill me or put me in prison.

MORE IRAN HOSTAGES: Back during the Jimmy Carter administration, Iranian thugs (including Ahminidjerk) took hundreds of American diplomats hostage, knowing Carter was such a wimp they could get away with it. Today, we’ve got another wimp in office and they’ve done it again. They’ve promised to release those two female reporter if we “admit” they were “spying.” They just told us what their purpose was in “arresting” (kidnapping) them. It’s time we nuked the Iran presidential palace.

WHY ARE DEMOCRATS SO STUPID? Anybody with a modicum of intelligence knows that you don’t raise taxes in the middle of a recession. So Charlie Rangel (D-NY) proposes to raise our taxes by $500 BILLION dollars, and he seems to have the support of the Democrat leadership. What is WITH these stupid dolts? Do they WANT to destroy our economy? Why are there so many of them? “Voices of reason” ask why they would do such a thing, but they are ignored.4

TAXING THE RICH: Don’t the Democrats know there are NOT enough “rich” to finance their “pie-in-the-sky” giveaway plans designed to do nothing but get votes for Democrats? Yet with Charlie Rangel’s new proposed tax increase, they will AGAIN be “taxing the rich,” the very people whose profits and money FUEL our economy. What stupid people we have running our country! Why do so many people FALL for that crap?

DURBIN AGAIN: You remember Sen. Durbin. The guy who equated American soldiers to the Nazis, and who now says white congressmen have “racism in their genes (he probably doesn't include himself).” This while pretending to question Sonia Sotomayor preparatory to confirming her as a Supreme Court Justice. She WILL be confirmed. The Democrats, who have a filibuster-proof majority, will not let her NOT be. Rush Limbaugh even thinks Democrats sent her their questions in advance. The proof is, she’s “flawless” in answering their questions, and only “hems and haws” when a Republican asks one. It’s a “dog and pony show.”

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Waiting for Us to Forget

Remember that story about a violent argument between a paramedic and a state patrolman in Oklahoma while a patient waited in his ambulance? I don’t know what the argument was really about (the cop said the medic “gave me the finger”) which should not have been a reason to stop him and put this patient’s life in danger. But the “final report” in the incident has been sitting on the desk of the commander of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol for WEEKS. What’s he waiting for? For the world to forget? That’s a common ploy. I can think of no other reason to let this report sit on his desk for so long. The cop is on “administrative leave” until then. Is it a “paid vacation?”

“INHERITING” A RECESSION: What a load of stinking brown stuff! Obama didn’t “inherit” a recession, he and his lackeys CAUSED it to get elected! Now he’s trying to “solve the problem” HE created by using the failed Keynesian economic theory that you can “spend your way out of trouble.” You can’t, and what he’s doing is only going to make it worse. The ONLY solution, lowering taxes (which has increased, one time DOUBLED the “tax take” every time it has been tried), he will not even consider. What an idiot!

SOCIAL SECURITY SPENDS $¾ MILLION ON “TRAINING”: They sent 750 SS employees to a “training seminar, flying them in from all over the country for a typical bureaucratic exercise that teaches them nothing because they spend more time swimming, playing chess with giant pieces, going down water slides, and sunning themselves (and maybe having sex with each other) than learning anything. SS is broke. The “end is near.” I hope I’m dead by then. But the bureaucrats don’t care. They think they can “justify” this expense while they still have some money in the bank. They’re not worried about what happens “down the road” because by then they’ll be spending the money of some other bureau.

NO “IMPERIAL APPOINTMENTS”: We are a country of elected officials. Not of “czars.” It has been said we now have more “czars” than the Romanoff government in Russia, and we do. Why do we need “imperial appointments” of “czars” for this and that, even though we already HAVE appointed (and approved by Congress) secretaries who are supposed to do the same things, but have been denied the power by Obama? It’s all about power for Obama, not the “people.”

ALGORE STIFLES DEBATE: He has made a statement saying, in effect, “the debate is over; there will be no more debate on climate change” (They don’t call it ”global warming” any more because the globe ISN’T “warming” any more) in a blatant attempt to WIN the debate without having to argue a losing position. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more blatant con that has worked so well. What a pompous jerk he is!

TAXING THE RICH: As usual, the liberals think they can finance their “off-the-wall” ideas by taxing the rich. What they don’t understand is that there aren’t enough “rich” to pay for all their “tax and spend” schemes. They simply ignore facts that impede their plans. Like they ignore the fact that REDUCING taxes will INCREASE the “tax take” and HAS every time it has been tried.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

He Was "Confused"

Obama summarily fired an Inspector General after he accused the board over which he was Inspector General of being corrupt. Glenn Beck proved he was NOT senile, so what is Obama going to do now? Ignore it? Probably. That’s how he usually handles things he can’t answer, such as showing his birth certificate. Or he’ll say Beck’s test was not “official” so it doesn’t count.

RACISM ALWAYS: Ignorant liberals (white, black, and Hispanic) are quick to call ANYBODY who criticizes a member of any of these groups racist. They said when we elected a black man as president, that “ended” racism. But what it did was to give Obama, arguably the WORST president since Jimmy Carter the best comeback in the world to use against ANY criticism. Of course, those same people will call me a racist for this.

RUNNING OUT OF VICTIMS: I’ve said many times that if you loot your “producers” (those whose brainpower and production CREATE all wealth) there will come a time when there are no longer any producers to loot. If you want to see just whom to which I refer, look at liberal regimes such as the one in California today. Liberal California has been looting its producers unmercifully for many years, and now it’s “time to pay the piper.” California is BROKE. They’re paying their employees and other bills with IOUs because they don’t have any money. The U. S. doesn’t have any money either, but they can PRINT money and “stave off the inevitable” for a while. Check out other liberal-run governments such as Washington, DC and New York City, which are in similar straits.

SHUT UP, NANCY! Nancy Pelosi, after telling the press to stop asking her about her claim that the CIA lied to her because she just couldn’t answer the question, is now claiming that Leon Panetta, a fellow liberal and CURRENT CIA Director “admitted” that the CIA “sometimes misled her.” Even if he DID say such a thing, he doesn’t know. He wasn’t in the CIA in the time period she talks about. What he actually SAID was, “after an extensive internal review, we found that we may not have adequately briefed you on ONE MEETING.” That was used to say he ADMITTED the CIA lied. I think this woman, who lies almost as much as Obama, should just shut up. People with intelligence just don’t want to hear any more of her lies.

OBAMA CLAIMS CREDIT: After doing everything he could, with the help of his henchmen, to cause us to LOSE in Iraq, now he is claiming credit for our victory. He (and they) said the “surge” wouldn’t work and now it IS working, he says “our plan is working” and we are now able to turn their country back over to the Iraqis.” OUR plan? George BUSH’S plan, actually. But you’d never know that from his press releases.

OBAMA'S WAR ON PROSPERITY IS PROLONGING THIS RECESSION: “None of the claims about a recovery are panning out, and nothing Obama is doing – by running up deficits, borrowing and printing money -- is working. (Rush Limbaugh)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

They're Panicked

Obama’s government thought they’d come in and just “spend their way out of trouble.” It hasn’t worked, because Keynesian economics NEVER works, but they just won’t admit it. Spending money you don’t have will NEVER get you out of money troubles. They also won’t admit that lowering taxes will INCREASE the “tax take.” They’re very good at denying the evidence that is right in front of their faces.

“BOTTOMLESS PIT”: Politicians look at the taxpayer as an “endless supply of money” for their “tax and spend” scams. The government actually BLOCKED an audit of the Federal Reserve. The private company that acts as if it were a government agency and CONTROLS our money supply. Probably for the same reason they blocked ANY investigation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as they destroyed our economy.

TRANSPARENCY IN GOVERNMENT: Obama promised us “transparency in government.” Why then, is he not PRACTICING what he preached? Why is he BLOCKING an audit of the Federal Reserve, the quasi-government agency that CONTROLS our money supply? Probably because he doesn’t want us to know the “secrets” of how his administration is RAPING us.

WHAT IS A “HATE CRIME?” Soon it will be ANYTHING the government doesn’t like. This is a way to control your THOUGHTS. And it will be subjective, which means it will be subject to the DEFINITION of what you say as “being offensive.” That this “flies in the face” of the First Amendment doesn’t seem to bother them, especially since they’ve been ignoring the constitution since even before the ink dried on its signatures.

SLOW, INEXORABLE CREEP: Against our liberties, mostly done with subjective laws, that allow those enforcing them to decide if you’re a lawbreaker or not. The “Hate Crime” laws they’re now trying to pass are aimed specifically at conservative talk show hosts and you can bet Obama will appoint a “radio czar” if it is passed, to prosecute such as rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, etc. for statements this “czar” decides are “hate crimes.” Under this law, they (and I) would be committing countless “hate crimes” every day.

TIT FOR TAT: Some people say the liberals ought to be careful what they institute. That “hate crime” laws could be used against THEM as well as their enemies. But have you ever seen a liberal administration “go after” someone who says something the liberals approve of? A law is no good if they will not enforce it against everyone.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Problems "We Inherited"

With Obama, any “problem” he encounters was “inherited” from previous administrations, most notably the Bush administration. But soon he’s going to have to own up to his own mistakes as it becomes obvious that spending TRILLIONS of dollars will NEVER “solve” our economic problems, but will only make them worse. But he won’t. As the nation “goes down in flames” having NO money, with “economic woes” that he can’t even mask by PRINTING money, he’ll STILL be crying “we inherited this!”

SARAH’S MIDDLE FINGER: When she resigned as Alaska governor she gave her “middle finger” to the Republicans, who are still trying to “rein her in” because they think she is “embarrassing them.” What a LOAD! She is the ONLY Republican who is standing up and saying what needs to be said and she’s “taking the slings and arrows” from BOTH sides for it.

THEY’RE GONNA KEEP YOU SAFE: Wait a minute; someone recently walked into several federal buildings, including the Federal Protection Service and the Homeland Security Department, with explosives, walking around aimlessly without even being challenged. Their “most precious possessions,” the restrooms, WERE locked, but federal employees were very cooperative in letting those carrying explosives in. That reminds me of a post I used to be on when I was in security, where the front doors were “security controlled” by employees having to swipe an employee card to get in. Many times I watched as an employee used his/her card, then stood back and held the door for a stranger without one. Some security.

CHANGING HIS MIND: Obama strongly criticized George Bush for doing what he is planning now regarding the prisoners in Gitmo. He doesn’t think you will remember that, and most people who don’t pay attention to politics will not. He has changed his mind and done many things for which he criticized Bush when he was but a “presidential hopeful.” He’s finding it a little different when it is HIS responsibility to make decisions that can affect the lives of millions.

PALIN’S BEST REASON: Her best reason for quitting as governor of Alaska is the money her enemies are costing her state to defend her against all those phony ethics charges. It amounts to half a million dollars, which she will be able to pay off with pocket change after she gets her $4 million dollar advance on the book she has signed up to do. Then there’s the multi-million dollar deals that are being offered to do a TV show and a column, and you have the best reason for her to quit, even if she doesn’t run for president.

SWINDLING US AGAIN: Joe Biden “let the cat out of the bag” again. Soon Obama won’t be telling him ANYTHING. They succeeded in swindling us out of billions of dollars for the first “stimulus (swindle) package,” so they’re going to do it again. It was easy the first time, so they figure it will be easy to do it again. I don’t hold out any hope Americans are any smarter this time, so they’re probably right.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Showing Leadership?"

One of the things most politicians just don’t understand is one of their number who would actually give up a seat of power because it was costing her state too much money to keep her. That’s leadership, and Sarah Palin showed it in doing just that. Her critics have been trying every trick in the book to get rid of her, but now criticize her for “quitting.” But she’s NOT “quitting. She is merely “clearing the decks” for her run for president. Other politicians run for their next office “on the pad,” while still collecting the paycheck for the job they ignore most of the time while running. Not Sarah. Sarah is REAL. We NEED her.

AL FRANKEN WINS: Proving again that Democrats CAN win their elections in court if the Democrats are sufficiently strong in their state. AlGore’s friends weren’t strong enough to do it in Florida, and that was his downfall. As in those rigged elections in (formerly) Hussein’s Iraq, the Mullah’s Iran, you CAN win by `100% if you control the system. Democrats ARE in complete control of the election system in his state, so he won with even more votes than he had in the election. I guess he’ll add to the Democrat majority and help them pass even more stupid and costly laws.

NEVER HAVING TO SAY YOU’RE SORRY: Being a bureaucrat means “never having to say you’re sorry.” SEC bureaucrats “investigated” Bernie Madeoff 8 TIMES in six years and found NOTHING (But we now know there WAS something there). Franklin Raines, who ran “Fannie Mae” (Or “Freddy Mac,” I can never tell those two apart. Maybe it was both.) into the ground (under Obama’s orders) is even now enjoying the millions, even billions, maybe even TRILLIONS he put in his personal purse while he did it How stupid ARE these people?

“POOR-MOUTHING” US: This is one of the most common cons working, usually by a politician to support a tax increase. But we also hear it coming from various charities. A current one is the “hunger” food drive being run by the “Food Bank of the Rockies.” The fact is, we have enough “feeding” programs going right now to feed every man, woman, child, and animal in Colorado, but they still want more. They say THOUSANDS of people are “starving,” which is an impossible number. Then they go on to tell us there are “too many fat people in Colorado.” Which IS it? Colorado Gov. Ritter is now charging a $25 surcharge on car registrations, right after the state treasurer told us we had a BALANCED BUDGET. Why can’t they seem to get their stories straight? I notice the treasurer hasn’t repeated his/her announcement. Maybe he/she was told to “shut up.”

“VIOLENTLY?” This quote comes from a young woman who knows NOTHING about what’s going on in the world, yet makes such opinions known when some liberal asks her for her “uninformed opinion.”“Supporters of reform candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi, upset at their announced loss and suspicions of voter fraud, took to the streets both peacefully and, in some cases, violently to vent their frustrations.” Violently? Not EVEN. They were peaceful to a fault. It was the Mullah’s cops who did ALL the violence. They didn’t protest Saddam Hussein’s (100% victory in Iraq because they KNEW they would die. But here they THOUGHT they would get some SUPPORT, at least, from America. I guess they were “deadly wrong.”

WHY IS IT OKAY? Why is it okay for black people to vote for Obama because he “looks like them” but not okay for white people to NOT vote for Obama because he DOESN’T look like them? Why is it okay for black people to practice racism by voting for Obama BECAUSE he’s black and NOT okay for white people to NOT vote for Obama because he’s black? I don’t understand that.

Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm Baaack!

The liberals can return to being nervous about me while I continue to tell the truth about them, which they hate. I have buried my brother and interacted with my family. The next time I go there I hope it’s not for a funeral. Not even my own. He’s in a much better place, now. I am now the “patriarch” of the family and, though I didn’t want the job, I’m going to keep it as long as I can. Bob and Rick (my next younger brother) are responsible for me doing what I’m doing today after insisting I read Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged.” While Bob introduced me to Rush Limbaugh. The first time I ever listened to him was while sitting on Bob’s porch. Rest easy, Bob. I’m going to carry on the work as long as I can.

GOP VOTES PASSED “CAP & TRADE”: The vote totals were 219 for, 212 against. Eight Republicans voted FOR the bill. The difference was 7; which means it was the Republican votes which put it “over the top. So without the Republican voted in FAVOR of the bill, it would not have passed. I guess those Republicans are the ones most easily fooled, because they ARE fools.

Rush Limbaugh says the “state-run media helps Obama spread all these myths” such as the one about Caterpillar rehiring people after the stimulus bill (swindle) was passed. That isn’t a “myth,” Rush; it’s a LIE! Stop using “weasel words.” When somebody lies, CALL it a lie! I’m getting so sick of everybody, even people like Rush, using those “weasel words.” It’s sickening!

“OLD ATTITUDES”: Obama is criticizing :old attitudes” in his move to “legitimize” homosexuality. Personally, I couldn’t care less about what two people of the same sex do in their bedrooms. But what they do is NOT “normal and natural,” though they should be free to do it and even form enforceable contracts (not “marriage) binding them together if they wish. But gay extremists insist on nothing else BUT the changing of the very MEANING of the word “marriage.” They won’t accept it under any other name. What they will not accept is that not thinking being gay is “normal” is NOT ‘old attitudes,” it is COMMON SENSE. And Obama can’t dictate to us what “old attitudes” are and if we should be allowed to keep them. That’s none of HIS business.

THEY CAN’T DO THAT! People think that the Constitution protects us against such things as a president deciding that he can stay in office long after his two terms. They say he “can’t DO that!” A president can’t FIRE the CEO of a large company either, but did that stop Obama from firing the CEO of General Motors? How about Obama limiting the bonuses large companies pay to their executives to keep exceptional people in their employ? Has it stopped him from appointing (so far) 23 “czars” that are not “overseeable” by Congress, and are answerable ONLY to Obama? Obama can do whatever he wants, so long as nobody steps up and speaks out to stop him; and they’re not. I expect him to start talking soon about how it’s “so tragic” that an exceptional person such as himself can only serve two terms,” in preparation for introducing a bill to change all that.

POLAR BEARS THRIVING: According to the “New York Times,” no less, polar bears are THRIVING. Their numbers are FIVE TIMES as high as a few years ago. That pretty much puts the LIE to AlGore’s “global warming” swindle, doesn’t it (Oh, I forgot; he doesn’t want me to use those words any more.)? But then Al himself does that with his statement that we only have ten years left before the world ends that he started saying fifteen or more years ago. Maybe he ought to grow a long beard and go around carrying a sign saying, “The world is ending! Beware!” Or “The sky is falling!”

CHANGING HIS MIND AGAIN: Obama, who tried his best to DEFEAT the troops in Iraq, is now saying we should “be proud of them” and that those who “disagreed” are “not good people.” This makes me physically ill to hear him say such things after he did everything he could do to DEFEAT them while trying to get himself elected. What he’s REALLY saying is “those who disagree with ME are “not good people.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Level Playing Field?"

Obama says he wants a “level playing field” concerning his “health care plan.” He says if people like their current plan they should be allowed to keep it while he comes in with a plan he SAYS is just as good for half the price, or for NOTHING (except higher taxes and more government control for everyone). He can do this because the government does not have to include the same COSTS in his plan that private carriers do. THIS is a “level playing field?” I don’t think so. Private companies, which DO have to pay their COSTS, cannot compete with a government, which does NOT. Who does he think he’s kidding?

HIGHER ELECTRIC PRICES: The “Cap & Trade bill,” just passed in the House, is a “jobs killer” that will cause massive increases in the cost, thus the price of energy (electricity and other forms of energy) while putting a lot more power in Obama’s hands (which is the REAL purpose of the law). If you want to lower your standard of living by paying much higher energy prices, go ahead and support this bill.

PLATITUDES: I get really tired of hearing Senators and Congresspeople utter platitudes such as “we’re dealing with the public’s business” while they go about taking away rights and money from that selfsame “public.” It’s a load of brown stuff.

WHY DO IRANIANS BLOCK THE NEWS? It’s because they want to kill the dissenters without the world knowing what they’re doing. It’s the only thing they know. Having no experience with a government such as ours, they think the only way to deal with dissent is to kill the dissenters. They do recognize that other countries don’t operate the same way and will undoubtedly object. So they try and keep that knowledge from them in self-defense.

CHANGING HIS MIND: Obama strongly criticized George Bush for doing what he is planning now regarding the prisoners in Gitmo. He doesn’t think you will remember that, and most people who don’t pay attention to politics, will not. He has changed his mind and done many things for which he criticized Bush when he was but a “presidential hopeful.” He’s finding it a little different when it is HIS responsibility to make decisions that can affect the lives of millions.

THE “FIX IS IN”: Obama’s accomplices pushed the “Cap & Trade” bill through “in a hurry so we wouldn’t realize (in time) that it is the biggest tax swindle ever, so far. NOBODY knows for sure what's in it. Nobody COULD have read it. It was released just HOURS before the vote, and NOBODY can read that fast.