Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Outlaw President

No. I’m not talking about Donald Trump, no matter how much the Dumocrats would like that. I’m talking about Barack Obama. Obama did everything he could to destroy the economy of this nation, and nearly succeeded. He helped put millions of willing workers out of work, then advised them to “get used to it,” that those jobs were never coming back, that they should just depend on the government for their support. He drove millions of jobs overseas by the high taxes he imposed, and the “rules” he set upon employers. And again, he told us those jobs were gone forever, and we should just get used to it, That our best days were behind us. His foreign policies were a joke. He actually BOWED before kings and dictators, even though, as president of this great nation, he was their equal—for a while.

GUN MAKERS KILLING CUSTOMERS”: That’s what the anti-gun fools are saying, anyway, intimating that selling guns to their customers are getting them killed. Quite the contrary, in fact. People buy guns to defend themselves from those who want to victimize them with their ILLEGAL guns. Gun makers are therefore helping keep their customers alive. Just the opposite of what the anti-gun fools are saying. But that’s not unusual’ The anti-gun fools commonly lie and twist things to suit themselves in their quest to make the law-abiding defenseless against those who use illegal guns with which to victimize them. Anti-gun fools always assume that “gun crime” is committed by people who buy their guns legally. Therefore, their anti-gun laws are supposed to be the solution to gun crime. It is NOT.

NOT LEGAL GUN OWNERS! The anti-gun fools make the basic mistake of assuming that those who would do harm with guns buy them legally, and thus laws to limit legal gun ownership and use will solve the problem of “gun crime.” They will not. People who wish to victimize others with guns don’t usually get their guns legally and thus will not be affected by the laws the anti-gun fools get made. The bad guys either buy them ILLEGALLY, or just steal them. Therefore, no law against their purchase or use will ever stop them, or even slow them down. One glaring example is the “gun-free zone.” Each and every mass shooting has occurred IN a gun-free zone.

THEY CAN’T ALWAYS WIN: The Gibson Bakery/Oberlin College case shows liberals they can’t always win when they attempt to use the courts to intimidate people into “obeying” their commands. They commonly use the courts to intimidate people when they can’t do it legislatively. But with the advent of Donald Trump, there aren’t going to be nearly as many liberal judges to rule in their favor in spite of the law saying otherwise. The liberals have literally controlled the courts for way too long. It’s time there were more judges who ruled, based on the LAW, rather than on their liberal preconceptions. The number of HONEST judges has increased markedly since President Trump began appointing federal judges.

ANTI-GUN LAWS KILL: There can be no argument about that, even though the anti-gun fools attempt it. But a dead body is a dead body. Especially when that dead body belongs to a woman who had the legal right to carry a gun, but was denied that right when she was at work in the Virginia Beach, VA municipal building. She “knew” one of the employees, set to be fired, would “be back” and shoot the place up. But she didn’t bring her gun with her to work because of the rules against bringing guns to work for city employees. But that man did bring his gun. So now she’s dead, because of that anti-gun rule that made her defenseless when that employee did come back and shoot the place up.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Dumocrat presidential candidate Pete Buttgeig has apologized for saying “All Lives Matter,” even though there was never a truer statement. It just doesn’t agree with the bull droppings put out by Dumocrats… A seminar at UCLA compares communist dictator and mass murderer Che Guevera with Jesus. I can’t think of anything more STUPID that liberals have come out with… Palestininan terrorists have started a hunger strike over the Israelis jamming their smuggled-in cell phones. They really think anybody cares if they starve themselves to death because the Israelis “scotched” their illegal plans… Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx, with several racists standing with her, suggests that it is racism to object to her dropping charges against Jussie Smollett. That’s a common scam for liberals: accuse anybody who disagrees with them of racism…

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Flailing In All Directions

The anti-gun fools can’t get guns banned. To do so would be a major violation of the Constitution. The Second Amendment clearly says, “The right of the people, to keep and bear arms, shall not be abridged.” It’s that simple. The anti-gun fools have tried every other way to get rid of our RIGHT to “keep and bear arms,” and now they’re trying to make gun manufacturers subject to being sued for big bucks when someone MISUSES one of their legal products. Which would also open up auto makers to suits when one of their customers misuses one of their cars. It would be a disaster of major proportions.

IRAN GETS A HINT: Iran secretly attached mines to two oil tankers, and the US Navy sent 2 drones within minutes to observe. Then Iran surface to air missiles were fired at one drone—and missed— and didn't miss the other. Which should send a signal to Iran that their “military might” isn’t as “mighty” as they might figure. That they’d better be afraid—very afraid—of the possible retaliation by American forces to an obvious provocation. I’m waiting for them to try firing on one of those Navy vessels themselves. That would be a grave mistake, and could very well lead to the END of Iran as a viable country.

INVENTING STATISTICS: Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar just invented yet another “statistic” for the anti-gun fools to take up and spread, although they know it is false. She says that “500 people die EVERY DAY from gun violence.” Where the hell she gets such numbers is beyond imagination, except to see that it is IN her imagination. She’s fulfilling her “obligation” to make as much trouble as she can as an elected representative. That obligation being her obligation to be loyal to ISLAM, not the United States, even though she swore to be faithful to, and protect the Constitution of the United States as a member of Congress. Omar is following the lead of AOC in making up statistics to “prove” a false narrative. AOC does it every day, and she’s very good at inventing false statistics.

DIVIDING AMERICA”: Liberals (Dumocrats) love to say President Trump is “dividing America,” when it is LIBERALS who are working HARD to “divide America.” Some liberal daily slams President Trump without any evidence of ANYTHING, and then goes on to accuse President Trump of “dividing America.” One of the latest is “Morning Joe” Scarborough, where he and Mika said President Trump is “Demented, and not smart, and Horrendous.” This while Trump is busily engaged in doing the things Dumocrats have always promised, but have never accomplished. The economy is now where Obama said it would never be again. Millions of jobs have come back from overseas, N. Korea is coming to the table, even if they ARE still “doing their own thing.” At least, they’re talking.

SOCIALISM IS SOCIALISM: “Crazy Bernie” Sanders is trying valiantly to separate his brand of socialism (called “Democratic Socialism”) from that supported and promoted by other Dumocrats. What he fails to tell you is that socialism CANNOT be “democratic.” Socialism REQUIRES an authoritarian government for it to even look like it is working. It cannot be imposed without it. Socialism is but ONE form of collectivism. Collectivism uses many names to fool the gullible people who buy the BS of socialism. Socialism, communism, progressivism, Fascism, and many other names are used to describe systems that are simply collectivism with “cosmetic differences.”

ONE MAN’S OPINION: There is no such thing as an “undocumented immigrant.” Calling ILLEGAL ALIENS that is just the Dumocrat’s way of minimizing the criminality of their crimes… They say it’s not a joke that one Texas mayor is a homosexual transvestite who wears 4” high heels. Actually, it IS a joke. On that Texas city… Nancy Peelosi just got the “Profiles In Courage” award—for what, I have no idea. She’s not good for much more than insulting our president and oppose everything he wants to do, even if she previously wanted to do the same thing. I guess it’s another example of how liberals give each other “awards” to make themselves look better… “Hate Speech” is a liberal code word to mean, “anything I don’t agree with”…

Monday, June 17, 2019

Delusional Bernie

I’ve always thought “Crazy Bernie” Sanders was completely deluded, and now he has proven it beyond a doubt. He says, “Many Americans would be delighted to pay more taxes.” Anybody who believes anybody would “be delighted” to pay higher taxes has got to be deluded, or LYING. And I don’t believe Crazy Bernie is lying. I think he actually BELIEVES that drivel. He’s dumb enough to believe in socialism, so there’s no telling what he’s stupid enough to believe in. What frightens me is that there are way too many Dumocrats who believe in the same things. And many of them are running for president.

WISHFUL THINKING: Joy Behar (on “The view”), who is not a doctor says, “Trump is one cheeseburger away from keeling over.” There isn’t a liberal (and she is a “card-carrying” liberal) who doesn’t wish that were true, but it isn’t. Unfortunately for liberals everywhere, and “the swamp” in DC and elsewhere. Trump has promised to “drain the swamp,” and he tends to do what he says he will do. That scares the hell out of the swamp dwellers. Behar isn’t a swamp dweller, but she is a “fellow traveler.” She believes the same lies they do, and helps them accomplish all their crimes. Making cracks like that is all part of it.

THESE PEOPLE ARE STUPID: Anti-gun laws do not work. That’s a given. None of the anti-gun laws already made have had ANY effect on “gun crime.” In fact, it’s just the opposite. By disarming the law-abiding, they have made it easier for the law breakers to victimize them. If that isn’t undeniable proof they don’t work, I don’t know what is. So why do so many otherwise intelligent people fall for the bull droppings that they do, to the extent that they demonize the NRA for standing up for our constitutional RIGHT to “keep and bear arms?” Madonna, for instance, is right now “lashing out” at the “lack of gun control in the USA.” Is there something in the air, or are they just stupid?

COMPLETE IGNORANCE: In the UK, police are handing out blunt knives, hoping that will reduce “knife crime.” That’s about as ignorant an act as making a LAW for criminals to ignore, against the guns they have no trouble getting illegally. They’re CRIMINALS, after all. They do not obey laws. Disobeying laws is how they make their living. So they’re expected to obey anti-gun laws? Sheesh! UK officials handing out blunt knives is stupid because criminals have no more trouble getting sharp knives than they do guns. Less, in fact. It takes a special kind of ignorance to hand out blunt knives and expect criminals to “agree” to use only them in their criminal acts. Other anti-gun laws are just as ignorant.

SPENDING OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY: That’s what Dumocrats are good at. Just about every Dumocrat candidate for president in 2020 has advanced plans to give away other people’s money in order to buy votes from those who want others to pay their way. They think that kind of fool is in the majority, and they’re wrong. They were wrong in 2016 when they posited similar giveaway plans, hoping that would get Hillary elected to an office she isn’t smart enough to hold. “Pocahontas” Elizabeth Warren wants to cancel student debt for many students. “Crazy Bernie” Sanders wants to have the government pay for all our medical bills, student debt, and many other things as he promotes his socialist ideas to the gullible.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: We need to somehow “take AOC down.” She’s just not up to the strain of being a member of Congress, and she shows it, every day, with her many stupid statements that she thinks are smart, and she just can’t take the criticism that comes with the job. She probably cried herself to sleep last night after somebody criticized her fake southern accent. If she got the amount of criticism Trump gets, she’d probably commit suicidePeelosi demands Trump not seek re-election, as if she actually thinks that will make Trump do anything… Rep. Ilhan Omar “under investigation” for (allegedly) spending $6,000 campaign money on travel, and to pay off her divorce lawyers. Will anything ever come of it? Probably not. She is a Dumocrat, after all. Dumocrats have to make other Dumocrats mad to ever be “taken down”… Beto thinks there shouldn’t be any “pettiness and personal attacks” in politics. Then he goes on to call President Trump a Nazi…

Friday, June 14, 2019

Doesn't Stop Bad Guys

Disarming the good guys does NOT stop the bad guys. One woman in Virginia Beach, VA is reported to have asked for, and been refused permission to bring her legally carried gun to work with her for just the kind of thing that happened on the day a disgruntled ex-employee came in and killed her, and a bunch of her coworkers. Would her having a loaded gun in her purse saved her life, and those of some of her co-workers? We don’t know. It all depends on how good she was trained in the use of her gun, and her will to use it to stay alive. But the point is, if she had been able to have a loaded gun with her, she would have at least had a CHANCE to stay alive, and help some others to do the same.

KILLING STUDENTS ALLOWED HERE: That’s what the sign shown posted at a school really is saying. It actually says, “Carrying Firearms Is Prohibited On This Property.” That tells potential mass killers there will most likely be no law-abiding people on the property who are armed, so it is safe for him to come in and kill a few students, and maybe a few teachers and other staff. Anti-gun fools really think posting such signs will stop a potential mass killer from coming onto the property with a loaded gun. Or they pretend they think so, anyway. But “gun control” is not about controlling guns. It is about controlling PEOPLE. It’s about the POWER to tell people what they can, and cannot do.

GILLIBRAND IS REALLY STUPID: Dumocrat presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand is really a stupid bimbo. Not as stupid as AOC, of course. Only AOC could be that stupid. But she’s right “in the running” for stupidest Dumocrat out there. She is now saying that “opposing abortion is not acceptable, and is like racism.” So what she’s saying is that opposing INFANTICIDE is like racism. I never thought I’d ever see a prominent government official stupidly support MURDER, or support it so strongly. Abortion is our holocaust. Germans accepted the outright MURDER of millions of Jews under Hitler until he was defeated and the practice ended. Is that what it will take for sanity to return to our country?

PRESS FIELD DAY: Well, they finally got a Republican. The liberal media tries its best to ignore or belittle the many scandals that involve Dumocrats while playing up any that happen to Republicans. They try to “make haywith any they find that involve Republicans and they’re going to have a “field day” with Republican member of Congress Duncan Hunter and his wife, both of whom have been accused of corruption. His wife has pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors. How that is affected by the fact that a spouse cannot testify against the other spouse, I don’t know. I guess that only applies if the spouse is not willing to testify.

CHUCK’S MELTDOWN: It’s funny how Dumocrats “melt down” over something they can CLAIM violates ethics or even the law, while ignoring one of their own (Hillary) who actually did it (The Steele dossier). Trump truthfully said he’s LISTEN if a foreign source told him that “had something on” an opposition candidate, while NOTIFYING THE FBI as well. They translated that to mean “collusion” with foreigners to get elected. They’re desperate to legitimize that “Russian collusion” fantasy. Although they completely ignored it, and continue to ignore the fact that Hillary actually PAID a former British spy to falsify information received from a Russian source. Double standard, anybody?

ONE MAN’S OPINION: We’re in a boom economy, and it’s NOT the result of anything Obama did, as liberals claim. There were 196,000 new jobs last month, and the unemployment rate is at 3.8%. Something Obama told us we would never see, again. He just gave up on the economy, and Trump took it from there… The Dumocrats must be very frightened that “Ol’ Joe” Biden will run for president, again. Now there are SEVEN women coming forward accusing him of “making them uncomfortable.” And I’m sure they’re all Dumocrat activists… House Dumocrats want ILLEGAL “oversight” on what Fox News covers. These lawmakers don’t seem to know we have a First Amendment to the Constitution. These are the people who MAKE our laws, and they don’t know what’s in the Constitution, to which ALL LAWS must conform. There are certain things that are NOT ALLOWED, and “oversight” on the media is one of the main ones

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Liberal (Democrat) Looniness

Liberals are loons. The proof is in what they sponsor as “reasonable.” I won’t even go into their anti-gun laws. They’re the heights of looniness because they just don’t work. Liberals have to know that, but they insist on making more and more of them, every day. Other evidence of their looniness is their efforts to convince us there are more than two sexes, which is a biological impossibility. Then there is their support for “intellectually challenged” people’s insistence that they can change their sex because they ‘feel like a woman (man) that day. Now comes a Seattle yoga class that is billed as “an exercise in undoing whiteness.” Imagine the outcry if they had introduced a class in “undoing blackness?”

TAKING IT AWAY: “Creepy Joe” Biden seems to think changing the Constitution is as easy as a politician making a decision and implementing it. It is not. To change the Constitution requires a 2/3 vote of the electorate, plus a 2/3 approval by the states. It cannot be done by a simple politician’s decision and action. Biden thinks he can change the Constitution, removing the First Amendment, at will, which shows further his total ignorance of how things work in government. I guess four years in the most useless office in DC fogged his thinking. Actually, that’s wrong. He said that in 1974. One can only hope he has learned better in the years since.

DEMOCRATS ARE FOOLS: They think increasing taxes, and telling the electorate they will do so will get them elected in 2020, against all the good things President Trump has been able to accomplish in just two years, plus what he will do in the next two years. Yes, they do control the media (or it controls them), and Trump will have a hard time getting his message out. But Trump is resourceful, and he WILL get his message out, whether or not they like it. They promote many fool ideas, ideas that go completely against the grain of the American people.

OVERCONFIDENCE: Iran has a bad case of overconfidence. If they EVER do more than talk about attacking the United States, they will cease to exist. They really think they can take us on and win. If they ever actually try us, they will learn a hard lesson—if they live long enough, that is. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif sounded off about the United States and Israel during a joint news conference in Tehran with German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. He said, “The U. S. cannot feel safe.” If he figures Iran can beat the United States, he’s really stupid. The only thing that has kept IRAN safe, with their big mouths braying is we hesitate to kill their innocent citizens. But if they ever attack us, that goes away.

ANTI-GUN IMBECILES: That’s all I can think about the anti-gun fools. They MUST know that none of their highly-touted anti-gun laws don’t work worth a damn to stop, or even slow down “gun crime,” but they insist on making more and more of them. Whenever some fool takes a gun, legally owned, or otherwise, and shoots a few people, they immediately blame the gun, not the shooter. All their laws do is make the law-abiding defenseless against such people because they do not have their own guns to use in self defense. Meanwhile, the bad guys, who don’t bother to obey ANY laws, much less anti-gun laws, never have any trouble obtaining the guns they use to victimize the law-abiding.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Racism out of control: The University of Kansas is offering a course on “angry white men.” Can you imagine the uproar if they offered a course on “angry BLACK men? I Can… That dumb liberal fool that confronted and screamed foul epithets at an old man because he was wearing a “Trump hat” says she “stands up for those who are living in fear because of the hateful atmosphere fostered by Trump. Unfortunately, it is people like this fool who “foster hate” and “make people fearful.” I can’t say they “make me fearful,” but I’m a Trump supporter who will not wear a Trump hat because of people like her, since I’m 81, barely able to walk, and can’t chance one of her big male friends punching me in the face like one did in Berkekey recently. That’s what liberals always do: accuse us of what THEY are doing…

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Typical Gun Grabber Lie

“A good guy with a gun is a fantasy.” That’s what the anti-gun fools tell us. Except that fantasy happens millions of times a year, for real, in the USA alone. The anti-gun fools just can’t understand how telling such an easily refuted lie makes everything they say doubtful. They tell such lies all the time. Like “Anti-gun laws save lives.” They do NOT, and that’s another easily-debunked lie. But they aren’t smart enough to realize how destructive to their purpose telling these lies are. They “tweak” numbers in “surveys” to suit themselves, and put out lies, hoping to convince people of things that do not exist.

LAW-ABIDING MASS KILLER: You heard me right. This is not satire. That mass killer at Virginia Beach obeyed every anti-gun law there was. He was a black man, and a former member of the National Guard. He obeyed the law scrupulously—right up to the moment he began killing people. That Virginia Beach municipal building even had an elevated entrance, to prevent car bomb attacks. Liberals will probably criticize people who criticize him because he’s “a person of color.” Thus again proving that anti-gun laws are USELESS to prevent such attacks. Something that seems to escape the thinking of the anti-gun fools, who just want to continue making their silly, useless, unenforceable anti-gun laws.

GUN-FREE ZONES KILL: One of the anti-gun fools’ favorite things is the “gun-free zone.” Apparently they just haven’t the intelligence to understand that ALL mass shootings occur IN “gun-free zones.” Not only that, the gun-free zone is a favorite place for robbers and killers to “ply their trade.” I’ve come to the conclusion that they couldn’t care less if their laws get people killed. What they want to do is destroy the very concept of self defense, altogether. And anti-gun laws are the path to that end. Further evidence is that the cops routinely take away any guns that are used in self defense, and want to define ANYTHING that can be used for self defense as a weapon, so they can take that away.

TRUMP WINS AGAIN! He has accomplished something various presidents have been trying, and failing to do for 20 years: get Mexico to actually obey their own laws and HELP stop illegal immigration into the United States. The Dumocrats are not happy. They are accusing him of “being a bully” for threatening tariffs on Mexican goods if they didn’t capitulate. I guess we’re not supposed to do something real if it “makes somebody feel bad.” There is nothing good Trump does they can’t “spin” into something bad. They are much more interested in their Trump hatred than they are in doing something good for this country.

CAN’T DO IT ONE WAY: So do it another way. That’s what the anti-gun fools think, anyway. They haven’t been able to get lawmakers to violate the Constitution by just BANNING guns altogether, so they approach it fro a different direction, entirely. They are now working to ban ammunition, which has no constitutional protection (they think), to make the guns we have useless. In reality (where they do not live), banning ammunition IS banning guns and so, IS unconstitutional. If you can’t get ammunition, your “freedom to be armed” is moot. Thus, banning ammunition is an “abridgment” of our constitutional right to arms.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: People are talking about “the odd timing” of Biden accusations. Actually, it’s perfect timing to accomplish its aims, to keep Biden from getting the Dumocrat nomination, and that is as planned… Imbecilic demands: House Dumocrats want “oversight” over Fox News editorial decisions. In other words, they want to CONTROL what Fox says about their crimes. Like they’re ever going to get it. Hey Dumocrats! That’s unconstitutionalYou can always depend on liberals to tell you what hurts them the most. Usually by efforts to BAN it. Now a CNN host (who shall remain nameless to avoid giving her publicity) is saying “lock her up!” is “hate speech” and wants the phrase banned, flying in the face of the existence of the first Amendment. People saying that must really hurt liberals… At least one liberal has gone all the way “round the bend.” He now believes that the very concept of TIME is racist…

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

"Cops Can Protect You"

Not! The cops can take from minutes to hours to arrive when you call them. In this case, this woman was actually holding a home invasion suspect at gunpoint for 26 MINUTES before the cops got there. If she had failed to be alert for one second, he would have taken her gun away and probably killed her. I remember a recent case where the cops didn’t arrive until the NEXT DAY! Yes, the cops can maybe catch the criminal AFTER he does his dirty work, IF he got his gun legally, which is unlikely. What they CAN do is clean up the scene, collect evidence, dispose of any bodies, and, maybe catch the crook if he screwed up and got his gun legally.

SHOUTING HER DOWN”: A precocious 13-year-old girl stood up and told the Raleigh, NC City Council something they should hear, and those against what she was supporting shouted her down. What she supported is “pro-life.” One of the very moving parts of her speech was when she told those assembled that a child, being aborted while on an ultra sound “shied away” from the instruments that were killing it. That its mouth was open wide, obviously screaming as it felt the PAIN of the abortion. Apparently, that was too much for the baby-killers in the audience, and they screamed insults and some of the nastiest words I’ve ever heard; words a pretty young girl should never have to hear.

WHATEVER THEY CALL IT”: Eric Swalwell, that officious Dumocrat congressman who wants to take away all your guns and leave you defenseless against the millions of ILLEGAL guns out there wants to impose a “voluntary buyback” of guns. A contradiction in terms if I ever heard one. The Constitution prohibits ANY “abridgment” of the right of every American to be armed. And a MANDATORY “buyback” he calls “voluntary” is just such an abridgment.  Dana Loesch says, “No matter what you call it, it is confiscation.” And she’s right. Swalwell, a Dumocrat, of course, is they guy who told us that since the government “had nukes,” they could take our guns if they wanted.

ILHAN OMAR IS IGNORANT: How such an ignorant woman ever got to be a member of Congress is beyond me. Maybe her constituents are just stupid. I don’t know. Maybe it’s that she comes from a district that is heavily Muslim, and, as an extremist Muslim, she’s beginning the process of usurping this government from within, as has been admitted, by Islamic terrorists to be their way of winning what they could not win by military action. Being from a heavily Muslim district, they would easily elect her BECAUSE she is a Muslim. This is not a “knock” on Muslims, per se. It is a knock on anybody who can’t see the scheme that she is a part of.

ANTIFA: LEGITIMATE PROTEST MOVEMENT”: That’s what Vox reporter and Youtube censorship advocate Carlos Mazda thinks, anyway. Like the haters who supported the KKK for many years until the world began to realize they were nothing but a bunch of thugs and murderers, he is supporting yet another violent arm of the Dumocrat Party whose main activity, it seems, is to violently attack people with whom they do not agree politically. The Dumocrats, in addition to fielding these thugs, ADVOCATE violence against those who disagree with them. They have nothing else. They can’t answer us truthfully so they call us names, and sic rabid thugs like those in ANTIFA on us to shut us up.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: As usual, after ONE WOMAN claims sexual impropriety by a politician (Dumocrat Joe Biden, this time), two or three more women (so far) have “jumped onto the bandwagon” after remaining silent up to now. It’s predictable as the sun rising in the morning… The New Zealand “voluntary gun turn-ins” have been “wildly successful!” There are 1.2 million guns in NZ, and they “voluntarily turned in--37 guns… The economy is booming, but if you read the liberal media, we’re in a recession, jobs are impossible to get, and people are starving… It amazes me how stupid CNN people are. Christine Amanpour recently said we should BAN the use of the words, “Lock her up!” as “hate speech.” Ever hear of the First Amendment, Chrissy? I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and I have… Talk about blaming the victim! Some are now saying that antisemitism is because of Islamophobia. Pretty Orwellian…

Monday, June 10, 2019

Not About Women's Rights

Dumocrats love to equate murdering defenseless infants for the “convenience” of the parents with “a woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body.” But it is NOT about that. If it were, prostitution would be legal. It is about that helpless infant’s right to stay alive, in spite of parents who want to murder it so they won’t have to be bothered to raise it for 18 years. That crap about “women’s rights” is just a smoke screen to cover up their wish to kill their child. The fact is, the whole abortion question is about whether or not a parent can have her child MURDERED without suffering the consequences of murder.

TRYING TO LOSE: Anyone who looks at what Dumocrats are pushing wonders if they really WANT to lose the 2020 election. Everything they promote seems to be against what the average American wants. They push the LGBT platform, and they should know that only a very small percentage of Americans are in favor of that. They push the “hate Trump” agenda, while at the same time Trump’s approval numbers are “sky high.” they “knock” American heroes, those men and women who faced death and came away alive in WWII. Everything Americans want, they seem to be automatically against.

DEMS SLAM TRUMP: Of course. If President Trump walked on water, they’d slam him for “disturbing the flow.” This time they’re slamming him for actually making a deal with Mexico to stop the “runaway immigration on our border.” Something other presidents have tried, and failed to do. This is just more of him actually DOING what he says he will do, when others either couldn’t, or didn’t bother. The liberal media will predictably either slam him, or ignore his accomplishment. But that’s the way the Dumocrats (and other liberals) handle it when Trump “whips them” again. Ignore it, or find something they can criticize. But history will recognize the fact that Trump is the best president we’ve ever had, probably after he’s long dead.

DEMS SLAM TRUMP: Of course. If President Trump walked on water, they’d slam him for “disturbing the flow.” This time they’re slamming him for actually making a deal with Mexico to stop the “runaway immigration (invasion) on our border.” Something other presidents have tried, and failed to do. This is just more of him actually DOING what he says he will do, when others either couldn’t, or didn’t bother. The liberal media will predictably either slam him, or ignore his accomplishment. But that’s the way the Dumocrats (and other liberals) handle it when Trump “whips them” again. Ignore it, or find something they can criticize. But history will recognize the fact that Trump is the best president we’ve ever had, probably after he’s long dead.

DESTROYING THE COAL INDUSTRY: As if spending millions (maybe billions) to make all law-abiding Americans defenseless against the millions of illegal guns out there wasn’t enough, now he wants to target the coal industry. Like most liberal Dumocrats, he wants to do all he can to make life more difficult for all Americans. Never mind the many good things coal does for this country; and all the jobs that will be lost if he succeeds. Forget the fact that coal is the base on which many industries sit, including the power industry. Without coal, there will be no electricity, and do you want that? Do you want to go back 100 years and live in log cabins, using candles for enough light to read by at night, no television, no Internet, no cell phones, no cars, having to “hitch up” the horse before you can go anywhere?

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Some Dumocrats want to eliminate senators and representatives altogether and go to a “one person, one vote,” on EVERYTHING; “Pure democracy.” You know, the system the Greeks tried many years ago that didn’t work, so they stopped it. What we have is NOT a democracy, it is a republic… It scares the hell out of me that the biggest fund raiser in the Dumocrat Party is “Crazy Bernie” Sanders, a “proud socialist.” And if he wins, this nation is DOOMED… AOC ought to worry less about the high cost of croissants at an airport and think more on the reason WHY they cost so much: which is the government forcing their sellers to pay people not worth $7 an hour $15.00 an hour, or more, which raises their COST of doing business, which must be passed on to the customer…