Friday, September 13, 2019

What's Wrong With Them?

I just can’t figure out why so many people are so stupid about guns. Every time some fool rushes out to kill a bunch of people, they jump right out and demand more law-abiding people be disarmed. They don’t seem to understand that you don’t disarm yourself in the face of danger. You arm yourself and prepare to fight. I don’t think these people are stupid. I think they have an ulterior motive in disarming the populace. They want a disarmed populace so they (the politicians) can do with them, what they wish, without opposition.

LEPROSY IN AMERICAN CITIES: Leprosy is a disease that was “eliminated” in America—until the liberal (Dumocrats) came along and took over the running of most American cities. Now those cities are “sh-tholes” the people living in third world cities would not like to live in. Homelessness abounds, and streets and vacant lots are filled with tents, cardboard boxes, and other “shelters” for them, while the “authorities” look the other way. Gunfights between criminals of all stripes erupt daily, and the shooters don’t care who gets in the way of their badly-aimed bullets. And the guns they use are illegally-obtained because of tight anti-gun laws that guarantee to keep the law-abiding unarmed.

IT’S JUST THEIR IGNORANCE: Liberals are (as usual) criticizing President Trump for “walking out” on talks with the Taliban after they blew up a bunch of people. This shows graphically they know nothing about negotiation. They say he is the worst negotiator, ever, when he is actually the best. Have they never heard of “the walkout?” where one negotiator “walks out” because he’s being asked for too much, while the other one must rethink his position quickly if the negotiations are to continue. It’s part and parcel of any negotiation and forces the other side to come to better terms if they want to gain anything.

TALIBAN TALKS ARE DEAD”: That’s what President Trump is saying, now. But just between you, me, and the fencepost, I think they were dead, even before they started. I think Trump only scheduled them to make the Taliban think they could “get one over on him,” and, as usual, they went right over the top, thinking killing some people would make him easier to manipulate. But they were very mistaken about what kind of man our president is. Trump knew going in that there would be no agreement between the United States and that murderous band of terrorists, and they’re only showing up “for show.” The terrorists only agreed to the talks as a means to “buying time” to regroup, resupply, and recruit more imbeciles to die for their “cause.”

CRIMINALS LOVE GUN CONTROL: Because they know that all it does is make the law-abiding more vulnerable to their victimization. That’s ALL it does. Supporters claim that gun control is “the answer” to “gun violence,” but it is NOT. It makes gun violence worse by making the law-abiding into “easy targets” for criminals of all kinds. And criminals know this. They just ignore these laws and use their ill-gotten guns to victimize those who obey the law. Politicians all over want to take away as many guns from the law-abiding as they can, because many of them intend to create a dictatorship, and want as few guns as possible in the hands of the law-abiding.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: The headline says: “Jerry Nadler Makes A Fool of Himself.” That’s wrong. Nadler cannot MAKE a fool of himself because he IS a fool. And under real rules of evidence he would never be allowed to poison the minds of the public against his target this way… Elizabeth Warren is “sending up smoke signals” about a “coming economic crash.” That’s all Dumocrats have with the economy booming like it is under President Trump. Make gloomy predictions not backed up by any kind of facts… President Trump blasts Rep. Omar, calling her a “disgrace to this country.” And she is, with her phony head coverings that would never pass muster with a real Muslim. And her anti-American stance… AOC now thinks Trump wants her murdered. Boy, she really has an inflated opinion of her importance! She is the best thing to happen to Trump’s chances to be re-elected…

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Biggest Con Ever!

That describes the global warming/climate change con that AlGore started, and which made him a multi-millionaire, maybe even a billionaire. He, and many other con artists have made silly predictions about how in a few short years the Earth would become uninhabitable unless you sent them money or allowed them to make laws that restricted your rights. I don’t know if this is the biggest con in the history of the world, but it is certainly the biggest in my memory—and my memory goes back a long time. The people pushing this con have used it to become “filthy rich” by promoting it, and are working hard to become even more rich, while politicians are using it to promote socialism, which will be the END of this country as we know it.

NO GUNS ALLOWED!” Dicks led the way, and lost $100 million dollars in sales when they stopped selling guns. Then WalMart decided not to allow “open carry” in their stores, and Kroger Stores followed suit. Now CVS Pharmacies has gone them one better (or worse). They are now BANNING guns in their stores, which, in Denver, at least, includes Target Stores. Which begs the question: “Do they really expect thugs and criminals to OBEY that restriction?” They just ignore all other laws, regulations, and rules, so why should they obey this one? Which means when they come into those stores to do their dirty work, there will be nobody there who is armed, and able to resist them. And good people will die.

THEY NEVER LEARN: CNN put on a seven hour “extravaganza” on one of the least of the “fringe topics” in the world, that ubiquitous (because Dumocrats are pushing it) scam, “global warming/climate change” (They had to change the name of the con since the globe wasn’t warming and hasn’t been for almost 20 years). Their already low ratings were lowered even more on average by the really low ratings for this show. So what do they do? Put on yet another boring seven-hour “snooze fest,” this time pushing LBGTQXYZ fantasies. They can’t attack President Trump on the economy, it’s too good. So they are picking “fringe issues” nobody but a few people care about and trying to push them to the front, with embarrassing results.

GUN CONTROL IGNORANCE: Everything about “gun control” is ignorant, right from the beginning. The belief that removing guns from the law-abiding will keep guns out of the hands of lawbreakers, for instance. What the hell good is a law against gun ownership and use that only the law-abiding obey? There is not a single anti-gun law that has ever kept a single gun crime from occurring. They have to know that all their laws do is make it easier for a law-breaker to victimize, even kill a law-abiding person who does obey their stupid laws, even while knowing they will not accomplish anything.

THEY STOLE MAH ELECTION!” That’s what Stacy Abrams says, and she’s right. Those pesky ol’ voters refused to vote for her so she lost an election she had no hope of winning. Funny. Most losers just accept their losses and go on. Not Stacy, nor many other Dumocrats, who desperately want something to gripe about, whether or not it is based in truth. “Beto” O’Rourke, failed presidential candidate, is the latest fool to “chime in” and say “she wuz robbed!” They just can’t get it through their thick skulls that their time is over! When the voters refuse to vote for a Dumocrat, it isn’t because anybody did anything wrong, it’s because they just don’t want that kind of person in any elective office that involves making important decisions and acting on them, because they’re incompetent to do so.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: A new headline said: “Trump passes new bill—Congress infuriated.” Funny. I always thought a president by himself couldn’t “pass a bill” without the participation of Congress… Dumocrats call those who disagree with them racists, but they are the ones who worry that the first list of Dumocrats chosen for the first debate are white. That sure sounds a little racist, to me… Ilhan Omar say her country is Somolia. Then she has no business being an elected Representative in the USA. And I don’t care what color she is. She can be purple with yellow polka-dots for all I care… The so-called “Squad” is a “gift from God” for the Republicans. There’s not much more they can do to ensure Trump’s victory… AOC and her pals couldn’t do a better job of helping Trump get re-elected if they were on his payroll…

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Damned Fool Liberal Politicians

San Francisco is a “liberal fool paradise.” They have human sh-t piled up in the streets, so bad people have made MAPS of where the sh-t is piled do people don’t step in it by mistake. They are so broke they can’t afford the giveaway programs they already have, but they’re starting new ones, all the time. Their homelessness problem is so immense it defies description, and they have the GALL to declare the NRA to be a “domestic terrorist organization” for wishing to support the law. The NRA has never killed a single innocent person. They TRAIN youngsters in proper gun handling so they won’t kill each other in their forced ignorance about guns.

REACHING, REACHING: Dumocrats are really stretching things in their efforts to “get” Trump on something, ANYTHING. Now they’ve seized on a “Sharpie mark” on an “official map” of the projected route of Hurricane Dorian, saying that represented a change to an official map, which is a “violation of federal law.” What a bunch of dumb butts they are. First of all, that map was NOT a “current map,” so no laws were broken. Second, even if it was, the president has the right to make changes on maps in his office without releasing them to the public as “an official map, in effect.”

THE NEXT AMERICAN REVOLUTION? The last time gun confiscation was tried on what were to become Americans happened because of Britain’s attempts to disarm all colonists. So we declared our independence from Great Britain, then went on to win the war they tried to use to subject us to their demands, while creating a great nation that now surpasses everything British. Now our own (Dumocrat) politicians would like to try disarming Americans and they will meet the same stiff resistance. It they persist, they will get the same result Great Britain got when they tried. There WILL be another “American Revolution,” and the ones who will suffer the most will be the “gun-grabbers.”

AOC IS COMPLETELY STUPID: How she managed to get herself elected to Congress is a mystery with her abysmal intelligence level. She has yet again showed her stupidity with her comments about what happened to some friends of Dan Crenshaw (a war hero), who used one of his guns to fend off an attack the other day. She likens them to felons and wife-beaters without any kind of evidence of such. With universal background checks he would not have been able to have loaned a gun to a friend, and that friend might now be dead because of it. This bimbo pretends to have the “moral high ground” in criticizing a war hero who lost an eye to the enemy while protecting the very rights he exercised in loaning that gun, but she hasn’t the right to shine his shoes.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: A recent poll shows AOC to be the most recognizable Dumocrat in swing state. I’m not surprised, since she’s got the biggest mouth among them. And that takes a lot… Ilhan Omar thinks American born people are not as patriotic as she is. With every such pronouncement, she illustrates her total IGNORANCE of what patriotism IS… “Drop and give me ten.” That’s what former VP Biden says he might say to President Trump if he questioned his abilities. As usual, he talks a lot of smack, but can’t deliver. If he ever does say that to Trump, Trump, who is a lot younger and in better shape, would “thump” him, as he is doing to all Dumocrats every day… House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy says he believes the four members of what I call “The Coven” love this country, but they prove themselves that they do not, every time one of them opens her blow-hole…

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Quite A Difference

QUITE A DIFFERENCE: Seven killed, 35 injured, but nobody noticed, except for those killed or injured. Odessa, Texas? NO. Chicago. While one gunman was killing a similar number and capturing the interest of the whole country, the same thing happened with multiple shooters in Chicago, and it didn’t make a ripple. Why? Because it happens every day in tightly gun-controlled Chicago, so when it happens, nobody makes a big thing of it, except for the anti-gun fools, who use it to get more of the same kind of useless, unenforceable, anti-gun laws passed, to make sure the law-abiding will have no defense against such shooters.

COMEY: CAREER CRIMINAL: The “fix” is truly in, even with Trump in the White House. That has become obvious with the decision of the DOJ not to prosecute Comey for his indiscretions and breaking of the law. He has broken many laws, and made a laughingstock of the FBI, yet he will not be prosecuted. Yet, even under Trump, his worst victim (that we know of), he will not be prosecuted for his crimes—unless something changes drastically. Which proves that President Trump is much more forgiving than I am. The IG Report ruined him, but he came right back and asked for an apology from those who accused him. This guy is a real piece of work. Cocky, arrogant, and stupid.

GUN CONTROL IS STUPID! What’s it gonna take for these stupid politicians (mostly Dumocrats) to realize that gun control is NOT the way to reduce “gun crime?” They have to be aware that not a single one of their anti-gun laws have ever done ANYTHING to “stem gun crime” and, in fact, make the problem worse by disarming potential victims, making them helpless against the holders of ILLEGAL guns. What is WRONG with these people that they can’t understand a simple thing like that? Or do they have an ulterior motive? Like, for instance, the wish to better control us? And are using “gun control” as the vehicle for that control?

IT’S THE COPS’ FAULT! Yeah, maybe Jussie Smollet lied in his attempt to slander President Trump with his publicity stunt, where he paid two men to do a false “attack” screaming insults about this being “MAGA Country,” But the cops didn’t have to take it so seriously, so it’s their fault his publicity stunt fell through and cost him a lot, including his job. Never mind it was supposedly an attack on a “popular actor,” which would have caused headlines and a lot of pressure, the very sort of thing that would have required a thorough investigation. I don’t know where he found these stupid lawyers, but such an argument cannot possibly hold water in a court of law. The whole thing smacks of stupidity.

GUN CONTROL LUNACY: George Soros is investing $millions is disarming Americans in the face of attacks by those who get their guns illegally. I just can’t uderstand how stupid that is. You can’t defend yourself by disarming yourself, when the opposition has guns they have obtained illegally, in spite of all the misguided, stupid anti-gun laws already on the books. They refuse to see the illogic of making and enforcing such laws, which only make things worse by making it easier for then law-breakers to victimize the law-abiding. But you can’t convince them of this. Their minds are made up, so don’t confuse them with facts.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: In a major policy speech, “Sleepy Joe” Biden says Trump is “the enemy.” Actually, it’s Biden and his Dumocrat cohorts that ARE “he enemy”… AOC thinks she’s “in charge” of the Dumocrat Party now. How stupid is that? For a “Freshman congresswoman” to think she’s the boss? She’s as dumb as a box of rocks and somebody with authority needs to tell her that, and simultaneously “take her down a few notches.” President Trump is just the man to do itDumb butt congresswoman Rashida Tlaib says, “We’re going to impeach the motherf—ker,” meaning Trump. Boy, is she deluded! More likely she is going to be recalled for stupidity. Right after AOC… Ilhan Omar says, “I love this country more than anybody who was born here.” Really? Then why don’t you start acting like it, instead of finding fault with everything you encounter? What a stupid bimbo this is…

Monday, September 9, 2019

Freedom of Speech

We used to have it. Nowadays, a former Marine who fought to keep this country free loses his guns because his SON mad a comment critical of ANTIFA. You know, that bunch of fools who think they’re the equal of Hitler’s “Brown Shirts” during World War II? He actually threatened to defend himself against them. We are truly living in a police state now, and this action proves it. President Trump needs to do something about this kind of thing, or go down in history as presiding over our police state.

RUNNING FOR DICTATOR: That seems to be what many of the myriad Dumocrat candidates think they’re doing, if you can judge by what they say they will do, if elected. And all expect to be elected. Which isn’t going to happen for any of them. They have nothing to offer except giveaway programs, and there aren’t enough sloths in the country to get them elected. “Beto” says if he is elected there will be a massive MANDATORY gun buy-back. Never mind that pesky old Second Amendment that says that would be illegal as hell. The rest of them mostly all have their own ideas of what they’re going to do, all of which are illegal. But they don’t care. They think they’re running for dictator, not merely president.

THREATS TO SUPREME COURT: Some Dumocrats are “too big for their pants.” They actually think they can threaten the Supreme Court into doing their bidding by telling them if they don’t they’re going to “pack the Court.” How stupid is that? That’s what Dumocrat Sheldon Whitehouse told them. As if. Packing the Court has been tried—and failed, before. FDR tried it, and failed miserably. It was one of the biggest embarrassments of his presidency. And Whitehouse thinks he can bully the Supreme court? Bring it on, Shel! More likely his threats will bring a censure upon him because he did it in an “amicus brief” to the Court. They don’t take kindly to threats, and theirs is a lifetime appointment. Usually longer than any politician.

CREATING A DICTATORSHIP: That seems to be what every one of the current Dumocrats running for president want to do. They promise to do things every day that will violate the Constitution. They all promise absolute gun control. Why? Because they know that, when they come for your property they don’t want to run into a gun when they do. They know, as did the Japanese in WWII, “there would be a gun behind every blade of grass,” and they don’t want that. Their precious butts are too important to them.

DEMOCRATS ARE STUPID: They really think they can flout the law with impunity. The Constitution, in its Second amendment, says clearly, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” What does “Beto” not understand about that? All the rest of the Dumocrat presidential candidates have also promised some form of “infringement” upon our right to “bear arms” for self defense against the millions of illegally-owned guns out there in the hands of those who want to victimize us. It is really clear to me just why Dumocrats want to disarm all honest Americans. They plan one day to loot us, and they don’t want “a gun behind every blade of grass.” They know that before they can systematically loot Americans, they must do away with as many guns as possible.

A CALL TO ARMS!” To some black Americans mass shootings are not a call for more gun control, but a “call to arms” for self defense against them. They’re right. But not just for “black Americans.” It is a “call to arms” for ALL Americans, not just blacks. Arming ourselves is the ONLY way we will be able to defend ourselves against the millions of ILLEGAL guns out there, in the hands of those who want to victimize the law-abiding. Disarming us is NOT the way to self defense, but very few politicians are intelligent enough to realize that. Most of them think that, if allowed to have their own guns, the law-abiding will “go nuts” and shoot up the landscape, themselves.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: I don’t have much use for that purple haired bimbo on the women’s US soccer team, but I do think that the team with the most wins needs to earn the most money because they did the best job… Kamala Harris is giving Biden a hard time, saying he’s racist, while wishing to spend $100 million on black home ownership. What about whites? Now that’s racist whether she knows it, or not… Nancy Peelosi says immigrants are not breaking the law in coming to the United States and asking for asylum. She’s right. But when they ignore their court dates and disappear, they BECOME criminals and illegal aliens… AOC is shocked we’d actually think she accused Peelosi of racism. But unfortunately for her, we have her on video doing just that… “Crazy Bernie” Sanders thinks his socialism is “centrist.” He is deluded if he believes that…

Friday, September 6, 2019


“Old White Man” Joe Biden has changed his tune. From “I’m the only Dumocrat who can beat President Trump” to “Almost anybody can beat President Trump. Funny; that’s what they thought in 2016. That’s why they nominated a failed ex-president’s wife with her own “bag of negatives” to run against him, and he slaughtered her. They had nobody better then, and they have nobody worth a damn this time, either. They thought they had the election fixed then, and they think they do, now. But they were wrong both times. Trump “blistered them” then with NO record, and he’s going to blister them again, due to his exemplary record in his first term. NONE of them have a “snowball’s chance in hell,” but they’re too stupid to know it.

TEXAS GETS IT RIGHT: “Don’t mess with Texas” actually means something. Texas politicians, after that impromptu mass shooting in the Odessa area, instead of following in the footsteps of politicians elsewhere and demanding more “gun control,” or the disarming of potential victims, immediately eased restrictions on the use of guns by the law-abiding, allowing for self defense, instead of making their citizens more easily murdered by fools with guns. I’ve always wondered about the sanity of most politicians when they respond to these mass shootings by making their citizens much easier targets for such fools.

STUPID JUDGES: The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld Chicago’s “assault weapons ban, in spite of clear instructions in the Constitution that the right of all Americans to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed.” President Trump has changed the base of most courts by appointing many judges and justices who are GUIDED by the Constitution, not their own political beliefs and their “instructions” from liberals. But there is obviously much more work for him to do in that direction, and this damned fool ruling is evidence of that. He needs to keep on appointing judges who are fair, and who accept the fact that it is their duty to rule as instructed by the Constitution, and do so.

RESTRICTING ABORTION? No; ABOLISH ABORTION! Abortion is murder of the foulest kind, victimizing the smallest among us, our babies. All because some pompous fools in the Supreme Court thought killing unwanted babies was not only permissible, it was a right. When they did that, they condemned millions of helpless infants to death, at the hands of paid killers masquerading as doctors. Who kill those babies at the behest of their parents, who couldn’t be bothered to use birth control when they had sex, and to keep that child would be “inconvenient.” And this is considered “right,” under our laws. Sad. And we pretend to be a moral people, which we will never be, as long as we murder our offspring.

TED CRUZ IS RIGHT: He took Alyssa Milano on when she questioned whether the right to a gun was “God-given.” If there was not a very good reason to HAVE that right, maybe. But the right to the defense of self and family IS a “God-given right,” and today, with the millions of guns in the hands of robbers and killers, the gun is a necessary item in that quest. And it is a right guaranteed under the Constitution. Take THAT, Alyssa! Maybe you should do a little critical thinking before you open your trap and demonstrate your ignorance.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: I know it’s just a conversation starter, but I get tired of getting e-mails asking of Trump should resign to keep from being impeached. It’s a question that is stupid on its face. Trump has done NOTHING for which he should be impeached, and therefore he should not even consider resigning. But they keep asking this question… “Controversial” soccer star Megan Rapinoe thinks President Trump “hates” her girlfriend. Whatever makes her think Donald Trump even knows she exists? Let alone hate her, or even care. President Trump hasn’t got time to “hate” people like this. He has a country to run, not just a game to winRep. Frederica Wilson thinks people who ridicule members of Congress should be prosecuted. I think members of Congress should be punished for being seen in public wearing silly little cowboy hats. There’s a little matter of a constitutional right to freedom of speech, Frederica. And some members of Congress NEED ridiculing

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Omar Plays With Law

No, not in making law, which is the job she was elected by gullible voters in her home state. She likes to “play fast and loose” with the law. She is said to have “married” her brother to get around immigration laws. Something she, of course, vehemently denies. She is also said to have had an affair with a married man; something she also vehemently denies. She has paid $230,000.00 in “fees” out of donated money to one of her lovers. She is a phony Muslim who only just barely covers her head when in public. I wonder if she takes that off when she goes to bed. She probably removes it as soon as she is no longer in public. A movement has begun to have her removed from Congress, and that’s a good thing, though it will probably fail. She’s a Dumocrat, after all.

NO APOLOGY, COMEY: Former FBI Director James Comey, who was fired for “conduct unbecoming of the job,” has been told that, although he acted illegally in many instances, he will not be prosecuted for it. He took that as absolvement, and said he’d like it if somebody said, “I’m sorry.” Talk about arrogance! There is NO APOLOGY owed him, for anything. Any apology that is owed anybody should come from Comey, for his blatant attempt to unseat this properly elected president, which cost taxpayers more than $35 million dollars, and came up with nothing. Somebody needs to slap this fool down.

RACIST PASTOR: In Birmingham, Alabama, there’s a sign in front of the New Era Baptist Church that says, “A White Vote for Trump is Pure Racism.” He really believes that, which makes HIM the racist in this picture. The only people who think Trump is racist are Dumocrats, and they don’t really believe it. They just SAY it, hoping you will believe it, Apparently this pastor believes it, which makes him a racist. Some people are just damned fools, and this is one of them, who has just proclaimed his own racism.

STEINLE RAPED AGAIN: A five-time deported illegal alien murdered Kate Steinle right in front of her father in San Francisco. And got away with it. That was her first rape. Then he faced a “gun charge” that was also dropped, so he doesn’t even have to face that charge. That was the second rape. This is the kind of stupidity that is only possible in San Francisco. I’m surprised her father didn’t take the law into his own hands, but they’d probably send him to prison for life if he did. The law is different for American citizens in SF, where there is sh-t in the streets, from human beings, and homeless people erecting their tents between sh-t piles, while making more.

THE SKY IS FALLING!” Chicken Little is out and about and wearing global warming/climate change clothes. They’re panicking over nothing. Yes, the planet MIGHT be “warming,” but it’s not. It hasn’t been for almost 29 years. The climate change fools refuse to notice that. In any case, warming/cooling of the climate is CYCLICAL. The Earth warms and cools in CYCLES. AlGore has conned a lot of money out of gullible fools with his global warming/climate change swindle. It has made him a multi-millionaire. And it has given politicians something to holler about to let them do things they couldn’t do without it.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Oberlin College says it should not be punished for the actions of its students. Yes, it should, because it ENCOURAGED the actions of its students… University in Australia is offering a PhD in heavy metal music. A PhD, fergawdsakes! And they charge “big bucks” for this foolishness… Bankrupting America. When asked if they supported FREE HEALTH CARE FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS, each and EVERY 2020 Dumocrat presidential candidate raised his/her hand… “Sleepy Joe” Biden says Trump is “the bully I’d smack in the mouth.” Right! And you’d get your teeth handed to you next… Colin Kaepernick says America is the “worst country on Earth.” So let’s send him to whatever other country he thinks is better. We don’t need his stupidity here…

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Sorry Folks

Tuesday the Internet went out at my place. Monday was Labor Day. So no posts either day.

WILL COMEY BE PROSECUTED? Doubtful, as long as Dumocrats control most of the positions in Congress responsible for prosecuting him. Trump wants badly to prosecute him because he worked HARD to “bring him down,” and is still working on it. Yes, he lied. And he admittedly leaked his private conversations with President Trump, in his efforts to bring him down. He leaked government information to cover up his lying. He leaked this to get a special prosecutor appointed, hoping that will bring Trump down. That failed spectacularly. He really thinks he should not have been fired, but firing is the least that should be done to him.

ANOTHER ONE DOWN: Kirsten Gillibrand has quit. That’s just one more Dumocrats who has realized that she had NO CHANCE to be elected to replace Donald Trump in 2020. That makes seven out of the total 21 who have pulled out. Others still think they can beat the “Trump Steamroller,” and that includes at least one Republican. It’s amazing how stupid so many people can be. But this is DC, remember, where people go to BECOME stupid. Look at how many anti-Second Amendment laws politicians in DC have tried to get passed, even though they were unconstitutional on their face.

OBERLIN COLLEGE’S BASELESS APPEAL: Oberlin College is desperate to get out of paying Gibson’s Bakery the $32 million they owe them. So they have filed a baseless appeal to delay the payment of the money, simply regurgitating the same tired, old arguments they used at trial, unsuccessfully. But the judge didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday, and he has ruled that they must put up a $36 million dollar bond, to assure payment. Oberlin found out you can’t just slander people and try to ruin their businesses, without consequences. The Dumocrat Party needs to take note of that.

MOVING THE GOAL POSTS: Dumocrats know it’s going to be harder for them to “fix” any election as long as a president is elected by then electoral College, and they don’t like that. So they want to change it by abolishing the Electoral College, which is the way we have elected presidents from the beginning, so that populous liberal coastal states cannot make other states useless in electing a president. They desperately want that advantage so they can continue to fleece the nation. They also don’t like the way ICE is enforcing the law, so they want to get rid of them, too. That’s how they operate. Figure out what’s keeping them from fixing elections, and try to eliminate it.

WHEN GUNS ARE BANNED: Evil-doers will find a way. In Mexico, legal guns are almost impossible to get unless you work for the government in one way or another. So somegang members in Coatzacoalas, Mexico wanted to ruin a bar owner’s business and kill a few people, so they just blocked the doors and set the place on fire, killing 25 people and, of course, destroying the business, which was a bar. And In France, there has been another “mass stabbing,” which will probably be treated lightly by the liberal media because it didn’t involve guns. Damn! I don’t know where they get those names in Mexico!

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Every “crisis” the Dumocrats complain about at the southern border is CREATED by them so they can use them politically. Never mind some people die because of it. They don’t care about that. In fact, they like that, because they can use the deaths to promote themselves… Joe Biden says, “If we allow Trump another four years, he will fundamentally change the United States.” One can only hope he will. It certainly hasn’t been much under liberal Dumocrats… Dumocrat Rep. Frederica Wilson, wearing her toy cowboy hat, is calling for prosecution of people who make fun of members of Congress. How about lyingly making fun of the legally-elected president? She really thinks the government is sufficiently dictatorial as to be able to do that without a revolution…

Friday, August 30, 2019

It's Hard to Criticize

When the object of your criticism is doing so many good things. That’s the problem those myriad Dumocrat presidential candidates are having. Maybe that’s why five of the original 20 are “dropping like flies,” with more to come. They say Trump is stupid, has no idea what he’s doing. And wanders the halls of the White House talking to the portraits of past presidents. That he spends a lot of time watching Fox News and “sopping up” everything they say. Yes, he does watch Fox. As do millions of other intelligent Americans who want to get both sides of every issue, not just the liberal “take” on everything. People get very tired of it when all they get is lies and innuendo as they get from other sources.

THIS CHIEF GETS IT: Many police chiefs are for gun control, even though gun control does NOTHING to stop, or even slow down “gun crime.” But this police chief gets it. San Antonio, Texas Police Chief William McManus was quick to go public with the fact that he just doesn’t support the “gun buyback program” that the City Council advanced, because they just don’t work. I don’t know how he feels about the other silly anti-gun laws that are usually passed into law by stupid politicians, but I suspect he feels the same about them. He strikes me as being of superior intelligence to other police politicians who believe in those ineffective, unenforceable anti-gun laws.

THEY JUST DON’T CARE: Two congressmen pointed out several fallacies in “gun control” laws, but will that cause the anti-gun fools to rethink their position? Not likely. One thing they pointed out was that background checks did NOTHING to stop the most recent mass killings. That the perpetrators, who were not felons at the time, PASSED their background checks when they bought their guns. They pointed out that the famous “Red Flag Laws” so loved by politicians, are patently unconstitutional, and will ultimately be struck down, after the damage has been done, and people have died.

FAT CHANCE: Iran’s president wants the US to “bow down to Iran” as well as remove all their sanctions, while apologizing for its “economic terrorism” before he will even consider talking to us. This guy must be a comedian! If he thinks that will get any response but “screw you” from America, he’s nuts. And that’s all he’s gonna get, with Trump, not Obama in command. Obama might have been stupid enough to have acceded to his demands, but not the MAN we have in the White House now. We have done nothing but punish Iran for THEIR SINS, and we have nothing to apologize for, or “repent.” He’s a damned fool if he expects anything from Trump but a middle finger.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: NY Mayor and presidential campaigner Bill DeBlasio quoted Che Guevara and that rightly drew a lot of criticism. People say, “Many see Che Guevara as a mass murderer.” Actually, he IS a mass murderer, regardless of what people think. If DiBlasio thinks well enough of him to quote him, I don’t EVER want him as our president… AOC is not a proper Representative in Congress. She is just a “rabble-rouser” who conned her way into being elected in a completely liberal district, so she could be “taken seriously” when she does things like go down to the southern border where they are doing the best they can with little money and screams at them as if they were “the bad guys” while they do their Congress-mandated job… Bullsh-t claims by AOC that clean drinking water is not being provided to the criminals crashing our borders are, as usual, not true. We are providing as much clean drinking water as we can pay for while Congress (of which AOC is member) refuse to provide money to buy more…