Monday, February 1, 2016

Matthews Is An Idiot

Once again, Chris Matthews has opened his mouth and PROVED his ignorance, maybe his STUPIDITY. Ignorance is just lack of information. Stupidity is KNOWING things and STILL holding stupid positions.; He took Chris Christie to task for having the temerity, as a lawyer and former prosecutor, to call abortion “murder.” What this MSNBC fool doesn't realize that abortion (killing innocent babies) is MORALLY murder, no matter what man's “law" says. To criticize somebody for this is showing his OWN stupidity.

BIG SURPRISE! Iran says the Holocaust is a hoax That's really a big surprise, isn't it? That the president of Iran wants the world to think the biggest misfortune ever to be visited upon the Jews didn't happen. Well, many Jew-haters in the past have tried that. It didn't work then. And it won't work now, because the whole world (except people living in Iran) knows how much the Iranians LIE to support their CRIMES against Jews.

THE “FIX IS IN”: It sure sounds like it, with the DOJ briefing the president on the Hillary “investigation” and Obama's “mouthpiece” saying that “it looks like Hillary will not be indicted. Without even ALL the “evidence” in. Obama is trying to”poison the well” on the case against Hillary, at least, until the election, so she will be elected and be able to represent the THIRD TERM of Obama. Frankly, I don't care if she is indicted or not. If Trump is the Republican candidate, she will have NO CHANCE, indictment, or not. Jeb Bush talks about Trump “insulting people,” while insulting Trump in the next breath.

MOST FOLKS DON'T CARE: The boycott of the Oscars is a “big thing” in Hollywood. But anywhere else? Not so much. A recent poll shows that most people couldn't care less about their claims that because no black person gave a performance worthy of an Oscar this year, it MUST be racism--as is everything else they find when looking under a rock, or their bed. Apparently, most people are smarter than those fools who started that boycott. If that's what they want, so be it. No Oscars for boycotters next year,. Even if they give superb performances.

BASED ON WHAT WE KNOW”: The White House “mouthpiece” has come out and said, “It's unlikely Hillary will be charged, based on what we know.” Which doesn't mean she is innocent. It's “based on what they know,” which is probably that they know “the fix is in.” To keep her from being indicted, at least, until AFTER the election. They made this announcement, in hopes of “poisoning the well” before charges CAN be filed against her so she can continue to run for president..

WELL, FINALLY! The FBI is soon to interview Hillary about her e-mail practices. Something that should have been done long ago. Why it has not happened already, is a mystery. Maybe because the FBI is “treading on slippery ice” and doesn't WANT to interview her. She SAYS she “neither received, nor sent classified e-mails.” But what she doesn't say is that ALL e-mails sent or received by the Secretary of State ARE classified, by their very nature. and to have them go through an unsecure private server is damned foolishness and that alone, should BAN her from the presidency for stupidity. Liberals want her to be president so bad they can TASTE it. And they don't know what to do about this criminal investigation.

ISLAM LOVES POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: I could have put quotes around that, but it's simple fact, and doesn't require them. What is another fact is that Muslim terrorists are FOSTERING the “political correctness” that says, “ANYBODY who criticizes Islam should be punished.” That way, they can keep on killing people for not believing in their phony “religion” without criticism by human beings. Maybe burglars and other kinds of murderers should try the same thing. Gullible liberals would probably support them.

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