Sunday, March 1, 2015

"It's Too Important"

One politician was heard to say, “The Internet is too important to allow the Internet providers to control it.” Who the hell does he think BUILT it? So who BETTER to control it? It's certainly not something to let POLITICIANS control so they can screw it up, like they do everything else. Some people don't like it when I say that, but it's a proven fact. Show me a SINGLE thing the government controls that hasn't been screwed up. And I'm not talking about your OPINION, I'm talking about FACT.

BAD DAY YESTERDAY: And the day before. When you get to my age (77), you have good days and bad days. Yesterday was a bad day for me. I felt lousy, but that;s normal, for me. But what made it a bad day is that old eye problem that overcame me some time ago came back. I couldn't even OPEN my right eye, and it hurt like hades. I took a pain pill my doc gave (gave? ) me and it helped the pain—unless I opened my eye. Fortunately, I still had some of the eye drops the eye doctor gave me then, which “fixed it” then, and it seems to have fixed it, again. So, back to “business as usual.”

ISIS IS GIVING UP: They're giving up on destroying America because Obama beat them to it. (Stolen from Jodi Miller and “News Busted.”) I use this because it illustrates what's obvious to those of us who “pay attention” to what Obama and his crowd are doing to us. The most recent atrocity is taking over the Internet so they can “fix” what is NOT broken. That's how these con men work. Spread the word about a non-existent “problem,” then take steps to “fix it that gives them control. Because of them, the Internet is DOOMED.

IT MUST BE GLOBAL WARMING: In Denver, Colorado, we broke the old snowfall record of 22 inches in February. A record that has held since 1912 (or thereabouts). It is uncooperative weather like this that FORCED global warming (self-appointed) czar AlGore to change the name of his swindle to “climate change,” a sufficiently meaningless term that would allow him to blame ANY weather on his swindle and keep the money coming in. Obama likes it, too. It allows him to make more and better controlling “rules and regulations” without consulting Congress.

OBAMA SPENDS MONEY: Without congress: He sent insurance companies THREE BILLION DOLLARS, to “compensate them for the money they lost due to Obamacare, without an appropriation from Congress. That's how he spends OUR money. On whatever whim of the moment he's supporting. This is how a DICTATOR does things. And Congress is letting him get away with this, and OTHER lawlessness.

WE'RE TO BLAME: Of COURSE: Teachers in some schools are telling their students that ISIS will not come here because their whole “:THING” is caused by OUR “foreign policy.” that's a bald-faced LIE. It's the old, “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” question. What they don't say is that Islamic terrorism predates American foreign policy. Way back in the early days of this country the Marines went out after the Barbary Pirates, who were early Islamic terrorists. We have been fighting them since before any of us were BORN. And they are very vocal about why they kill, mutilate, rape and behead adults AND children. They want the entire population of the world to be their kind of Muslim, or DEAD. That's all they want; that's all they have EVER wanted.

LIKE THE MAFIA UNLEASHED: Islamic terrorists are simply THUGS. Criminals who love to kill, rape (both children and adults), and steal their money. If you look carefully at what they DO, not what they SAY, you'll see it. They're what the MAFIA would be like if they ever got to the point where they no longer needed to “stay underground” and PRETEND not to be criminals. They rob, murder, rape, and steal money wherever they go. They are not only not worth ANYTHING to society, they need to be ERADICATED from society. “root and branch.”

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