Saturday, March 7, 2015

Ya Want A Woman President?

“Wouldn't we want a woman president?” That's an inane question asked by Hillary Clinton in a recent speech, and what a big PLOP of excrement it is when she asks it! Yes, we want a woman president some day, but NOT HILLARY. She has way too much “baggage” to bring along with her. The “e-mail scandal” is just the most recent one, showing how little she thinks of the people she would be serving, IF we were ignorant enough to elect her. The purpose is simple: so she could “cherry-pick” the e-mails to release if and when somebody asked for them.

THEY WERE RIGHT: All the people who said changing the DEFINITION of marriage was going to create chaos in marriage were right. Now we have the specter of THREE men “exchanging marriage vows” in communist China. What's next? A man “marrying his GOAT? I have no problem with people who want to make a contract EXACTLY LIKE marriage between them to allow their “partner” to enjoy the same rights as a man and wife. But call it “marriage?” Not in a thousand years! And that's what they want. The WORD. Nothing less.

NETANYAHU'S SPEECH: Nancy Peelosi said she was “almost in tears” listening to Israel Premier Netanyahu “disrespecting” our Congress and speaking to them “condescendingly.” Funny: that's what NANCY has been doing for a long time. Funny how Democrats always criticize others for doing the things THEY do. The only “disrespecting” that was done there was when SHE “turned her back” on Netanyahu while he was speaking.

ONE MORE SCANDAL IGNORED: Axelrod says there are no major scandals in the last six years (except for Hillary's—and Barack's). While Hillary was busy hiding the contents of her e-mails by keeping them “close to home” with her own e-mail provider at home in Chappaqua the government, under her control, LOST $6 BIILION dollars. Nobody knows what happened to it. But, except for a few mentions (not in the left-leaning media, of course), nobody has even asked about it. What would have happened if we had lost 6 billion dollars under a REPUBLICAN? We'd NEVER hear the end of it. It would be in the news every day for YEARS! The number of “congressional committees investigating” it would be ENDLESS. But it's Hillary. So they ignore it.

IMAGINARY JOB GROWTH: “Not since Bill Clinton was in office have we gained so many jobs!” That's what liberals say. And “government figures” back it up (if you can believe this government's figures). Supposedly, 2.95 million new jobs have been created last year, according to the Department of Labor. Where they get their figures, I don't have any idea. I don't think they do, either. My grandson STILL can't find a job, and it's a good thing I'm retired (I don't know how that is, I didn't know I retired), so I'm not looking any more. Meanwhile, millions more are “out of a job” and some for so long they've “given up” and stopped looking.

FOR WHAT YOU'RE DOING: Hillary FIRED an ambassador for doing the exact same thing SHE was doing: using a private e-mail provider while doing governnment business. Others have been fired for the same thing. This shows simply that she thinks the “rules” are for everybody else BUT HER. But then, the Clintons have always thought that, which is why she FIRED that ambassador for doing the same thing SHE was doing. A more arrogant politician I've never seen (outside of Obama, that is).

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