Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Chaplain Punished For His Faith

Lt. Commander Wes Modder, who was recently recommended for early promotion because of exemplary performance, has been relieved of his duties and is set to go before a “board of inquiry,” at which he COULD be given a “less than honorable discharge.” His “CRIME?” Giving advice expressing Biblical views on homosexuality and sexual morality when advising an officer. How did the ”homosexual lobby” get so powerful? This kind of thing MUST STOP. There's a quiet WAR against Christianity going on, and it's GOT to stop! I'm not big on “organized religion,” but people MUST have the right to CHOOSE it.

WHERE'S THE APPEAL? They're catching way too many misfits who are trying to join ISIS or one of the other Islamic terrorist outfits. Among them are some women, who apparently don't believe the stories about how they treat women. One of the latest is a former Air Force member. One wonders how they got to him. I don't think he's stupid enough to believe their bullderm—or is he? The problem is, there are way too many misfits around, who view the world as “owing them something” and not knowing how to get it. Many are recruited from PRISON, where misfits are KNOWN to live.

SCRAPING THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL: When I heard that the Democrats were considering running AlGore again, I laughed myself sick. When I heard him praised by no less than a FOX NEWS reporter for his “work” on global warming, I almost threw up on my keyboard. It's not an “accomplishment,” it's a SWINDLE, fergawdsake! One that has made him a billionaire while he flies around in his huge airplane polluting the atmosphere while criticizing others for doing the same. Meanwhile he uses a LOT of energy to power his HUGE house while driving around in his gas-guzzling SUVs. If he's all they've got to replace Hillary, they're in real trouble. When are Democrats going to “wise up” to this con man?

BARNEY FRANK'S A FOOL: I just watched him pontificate for five minutes to Bill O'Reilly on how Obama has helped the economy, and helped Afghanistan win out against Islamic terrorism. How he helped race relations and that they're “better now” than before. This man is a FOOL! He opens his eyes but cannot SEE! He sees only what he WANTS to see, in the way he wants to SEE it. He sees disaster and calls it victory! I'm glad to see he is no longer part of our lawmaking body. He is one of the worst DISASTERS to ever happen to us when he was able to make laws between BJs (that's not an insult, it's just recognizing the obvious).

OBAMA LOST AN ELECTION: He lost an election in Israel, not the United States, dammit! He wanted badly for Netanyahu to LOSE his election. He even sent “spoilers” to Israel (at our expense, of course) to make SURE he lost—but he didn't. He won, and now has another term in which to bedevil Obama's wish to help the Palestinians and their wish to “push Israel into the sea.” Obama just doesn't LIKE Netanyahu because he won't “knuckle under” to his wishes. So he wants to be rid of him—and he LOST. He probably thinks it's because he wasn't able to go there himself and take a hand in things.

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