Sunday, March 29, 2015

"What Difference Does It Make?

That's probably what Hillary is going to say when Congress asks her why she summarily DELETED the e-mails they subpoenaed. That seems to be her stock answer when somebody asks her why she did something stupid or got somebody killed. It shows just how LITTLE she cares about what people think about the stupid and/or illegal things she does. She's “entitled,” you see. She's a CLINTON, fergwdsake! But her multiplicity of blunders is going to hurt her in the long run. Maybe Gowdy will let her get away with her latest CRIME, but I don't think the American people will.

OBAMA-REID BEST: “The Obama-Reid team is the best ever in the nation.” That was said by—Harry Reid, of course. Nobody but Harry would be so stupid as to say that—something EVERYBODY with INTELLIGENCE knows is wrong. Like I say, ignorant people are too ignorant to know how ignorant they are, and think they're the smartest around. Yeah, Reid is the best. That's why he left more than 300 House-passed bills on his desk, refusing to bring them to a vote, so he could LIE and say this is a “do-nothing Congress.” That's why he lost the majority in the Senate and just BARELY got re-elected. Boy, how STUPID is this FOOL!

SURRENDERING TO IRAN: Iran has threatened to destroy America. It's like a flea crawling up an elephant's leg with rape on its mind. But Obama is about to sign the WORST agreement ever, in the history of the world, since the British, under Lord Chamberlain, tried to appease Hitler, which signaled the beginning of World War II Will this signal the beginning of WWIII? Probably not, because that war is already in progress, and our “leaders” don't seem to realize it. We're going to LOSE, with “leadership” like we have. I hope I don't live long enough to see the flea raping the elephant.

TRIPPING ON RACISM”: How can an 18-month old BABY be racist? It can't. It knows NOTHING about the difference between black and white people. But Indiana Democrat Rep. Vanessa summers reacted to this baby's crying at meeting her as “bring afraid of black people.” How STUPID is that? But then, she's a Democrat, so stupidity is to be expected. A REAL Democrat, not a Democrat dupe, of the kind who voted Obama in, TWICE. Calling everything racist is so deeply ingrained in Democrats, there's no telling what they're going to call racism next.

HIRING CRIMINALS AS COPS: I never would have believed it, but as screwed up as things have become today, I'm not a bit surprised that some “cop shops” are hiring illegal aliens to be cops! Somebody once said, “Nothing is so good it could not be better and nothing is so bad it could not be worse.” A very profound statement. Any other time in history I would not have believed this. But the way things are so screwed up due to liberal meddling, I am not surprised.

WHEN ARE THEY GONNA LEARN?” Anti-gun fools are very slow to learn from experience. VERY slow, in fact. So slow that you can't notice anything amiss. Or more amiss They keep passing the same old laws, over and over, while they don't work, and even make the problem WORSE. But they don't care. They think they're right, even if facts prove them wrong. That have no new ideas, even wrong ones. They just keep making the same mistakes, over and over, while people die because of their mistakes.

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