Tuesday, March 24, 2015

No Teleprompter For Cruz

The fact that Ted Cruz didn't use a teleprompter in the speech accompanying his announcement of his run for president has become “big news.” Why? What's the big deal? If they don't have more than that'; they're in big doo-doo. That only shows that he is a “believer” in what he is saying, unlike Obama, who has a teleprompter in his back pocket wherever he goes so he will not put a word wrong. He doesn't believe a word he's saying when he speaks, because he knows it will be a lie, and he doesn't want to forget which lie he's telling. Not so with Cruz. He KNOWS what he's saying, and says it true.

JERRY BROWN: “CRUZ UNFIT”: California Governor, Democrat Jerry Brown (“Governor Moonbeam”) says Ted Cruz is “unfit to run for president.” Boy! He really frightened them, didn't he? They bring out the “:big guns” right away after he announced his impending run for president. I expect to see a lot more of that from top Democrats in their attempts to discredit Cruz because the very idea of him sitting in the Oval Office makes them pee their drawers. He probably can't win though, because there are too many people out there who “pay no attention to politics,” and they vote. Obama being elected TWICE proves that.

LEGITIMIZING” THE ENEMY: Obama is slowly “legitimizing” the Islamic terrorists by removing the names of their various organizations, one by one, from the list of terrorist organizations. The latest to be removed are Hezbolla and Iran, itself, one of the worst sponsors of terrorism in the world. We thought we'd done something to limit their “places of refuge” by “taking down” Saddam, but, NO: Obama undid all that. Maybe he couldn't bring Saddam back, but he has created an atmosphere where something worse, ISIS, has come into being and murdered thousands while other murderers flocked to Iran for rest and relaxation” between murder rampages.

ALREADY SLANDERING TED CRUZ: And I'm not talking about just liberals. The liberals, as usual, are “pulling out ALL the stops,” but even conservatives are trying to put him down. Because they're ALL afraid of him. The Daily Caller says he's more like Obama than Ronald Reagan—of course, without facts cited, only assertions. Conversely, others are saying he needs to learn how to speak better. Never mind his announcement speech SPELLBOUND his audience. Expect much more of this from BOTH sides in the coming weeks and months as they try and DERAIL his attempt.

GUN GRABBERS GETTING PEOPLE DEAD: They're calling the cops and falsely reporting armed robberies when they spot a legal gun carrier in a store, sparking an “armed response” from the cops, who sometimes predictably shoot and KILL this innocent person as he leaves the store. In one case, in a Las Vegas COSTCO store, a “rent-a-cop,” who KNEW his manager had given PERMISSION for the man to stay, called the cops with a false report, and he was MURDERED by the cops as he left the store.

CAN'T KEEP HIS PROMISES: Obama can't even keep his promises to Islamic terrorists! He PROMISED to get his troops out of Afghanistan by a “date certain,” and they were making their plans to murder more people after that date, without opposition from anybody, much less the Afghan military, which has proven itself to be impotent to oppose them. Now they have to delay killing a lot more people because Obama has gone back on that promise, too.

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