Thursday, February 26, 2015

If It's Bad, He's There

Anything that's bad for America, George Soros has his fingerprints all over it. As he does with Obama's “hair-brained scheme” called, “Net Neutrality,” which is, simply put, a 'power play” to TAKE OVER and CONTROL the Internet so he can reduce the affect of the Internet in the dissemination of information he doesn't like. He wants to be able to LICENSE web site owners, so he can ultimately CONTROL what they say. ALL my web sites will disappear if he succeeds, because I guarantee you he doesn't like what I say, because I tell the TRUTH. The power to license is the power to CONTROL, and that's what he wants, He laments his current inability to CONTROL the Internet, and this scam is meant to change all that, giving him the ability to shut people like me down. And of course, Soros is helping.

PUBLIC DEMANDS IT? Obama says the “public demands” Net Neutrality because 4 million people (a TINY MINORITY of the 311 million U. S. population—not even a BLIP on the screen of total population, according to the National Census) demands it. And I doubt even that number. Obama is well known to “massage the numbers” to support his swindles, and I think he has, this time, too. If he wants it bad enough (and he does this) he will tell you ANYTHING to promote his LIE. I seriously DOUBT that the “public” demands he control the Internet. Not in any significant numbers, that is. Only the FOOLS who agree with his socialistic plans approve.

TERRORISTS TO KILL COPS, FBI: Islamic terrorists have threatened to kill many cops, then go to the FBI offices and kill them, too. Talk about “biting off more than you can chew!” Obviously, they just don't understand the power cops and the FBI can bring to such an endeavor. If they TRY it, they will DIE. So come ahead, guys! We're happy for the target practice. Your biggest advantage is “hiding among the populace.” When you come after cops and FBI people with guns, you're revealing your identity and you will DIE in the attempt.

CLINTONS GET FOREIGN DONATIONS: It's a violation of the law. But the Clinton Foundation has collected $2 BILLION dollars from foreign sources recently and they think because they listed some of them on their web site, they're okay. They're not. Now all we need is for somebody to have the gonads to come after them for it. You won't find anybody in the current government—maybe the next one. Not the “outgoing” Attorney General nor the INCOMING one, which is a black female clone of Eric Holder.

HOW MANY NAMES DOES IT HAVE? The news media goes nuts when they uncover a new name for an Islamic terrorist organization. Such names as al-Qaida, ISIS, ISIL, IS, Boko Haram, Al Shibab, Taliban etc. What they don't seem to realize is that, whatever name they operate under, it's the SAME PEOPLE going around killing people, mutilating them, beheading them, even CHILDREN, after raping and beheading their parents in FRONT of them. All those names are like different chapters in the same fraternity. It's the SAME PEOPLE, who all believe in the SAME THINGS, and all believe they have the right and DUTY to KILL everybody who believes differently that they would like to DICTATE.

DEFUNDING LAW: Why in the hell is it necessary to pass a LAW to “defund” the enforcement of an ILLEGAL “executive action” that Obama does NOT have the POWER to enforce? It would seem to me that if the action is ILLEGAL, the various entities within the federal government who are being asked to enforce it become ILLEGAL, themselves if they DO, and are within their rights to REFUSE. And no LAW needed. Only somebody with the GONADS to put a stop to Obama's LAWLESS actions can stop him. The only way he has been able to get away with it thus far is that nobody has HAD the gonads to stop him.

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