Friday, March 6, 2015

"Just Pass A Law"

And crime will stop. That's the stupid thinking of the gun-grabbers in this country. That's what they've always thought, even though we've told them different so many times. But we can't penetrate their thick skulls with truth and logic. In fact, liberals have been heard to say that “logic does not exist” (logically—my word, added). They ignore the very simple fact that criminals do not OBEY laws. ANY laws/. So why should they bother to obey a law that says they can't be armed when they commit their crimes?

THEY CALL THEM A “”MILITIA”: Cops and feds raided their meeting recently and confiscated all their cell phones and computers--everything that could hold information, and downloaded that info. They SAID it was because they sent a “phony subpoena” for several people to appear before a “phony court,” and that they were a “militia,” which had done violent things—which they have NOT done—any time, ever. I don't think any charges were filed, though the article does not say. But they were doing nothing illegal. It was just a “dog and pony show” to make them look bad.

FORCED VACCINATIONS? Should the government FORCE parents to have their kids vaccinated? That's a question being asked today, since many parents (my sister included) refuse to have them vaccinated because there is a possibility of the vaccination itself harming them. I'm not even going to get into that argument. But I AM going to say that the government should NEVER be able to FORCE parents to do ANYTHING. They THINK they “know best.” But with their history of incompetence, I sincerely doubt it.

STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION: Egypt is closing 27,000 mosques in its effort to stop Islamic terrorism, recognizing how much planning for terrorist acts goes on there; something Obama pretends not to notice while he FACILITATES it. The government is afraid to do ANYTHING The Muslims might object to. He's also afraid to do anything that might “offend” them. He wants to pass an unconstitutional law to make criticism of Muslims illegal. We need to start treating Muslims logically and LIMIT their ability to plan their skulduggery in mosques without opposition.

CAN WE TRUST HILLARY? That's a question being asked today, recognizing her many scandals. The answer is, “YES.” We can trust Hillary--to BE Hillary. We can trust her do do and say ANYTHING that will promote HILLARY. Nothing else. We thought we had criminals and thugs in top positions in our government under Bill and Barack? Wait and see what we get if HILLARY is elected president. That should just about finish us off.

SHOULD “E-MAIL GATE” DESTROY HILLARY? No, it shouldn't. It shouldn't be necessary to cite her e-mail crimes in order to remove her from consideration to be president. Her performance as Secretary of State, especially regarding Benghazi's deaths of American diplomats, plus the loss of BILLIONS of dollars (that just “disappeared”) under her watch (none of which has been recovered) should have already done it. We should check to see if any of that ended up in her or Bill's bank accounts—known or hidden.

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