Monday, March 16, 2015

Obama Blocking 840,000 Jobs

Last I heard, Obama is supposed to be doing all he can to “create” jobs. We all know he can't do that, except for GOVERNMENT jobs, But what he CAN do, is create an atmosphere in which jobs are created—and that he has consistently NOT done. One of the ways he has not done it is to block “offshore oil drilling” in the Gulf of Mexico. Another is blocking the Keystone Oil Pipeline (15,000 jobs). There are countless Obama policies that keep new jobs from being created, including doing everything he can to hinder coal production. He has even PROMISED top “bankrupt the coal industry.” You name it, he does it.

HOW STUPID THEY ARE! The liberals in our government are working HARD to connect the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting and the Boston bombing, to the “Tea Parties.” Anybody with ANY common sense or INTELLIGENCE knows the “Tea Parties” are not an organization. It is an IDEA, representing those who wish a return to smaller government, with less government interference in our lives, lower taxes, less government WASTE of our money, and the free market. All these things are inimical to the aims of the liberals, so they try everything they can to discredit the “right wingers.” They'll SAY anything, DO anything to discredit the “Tea Parties.” But it won't work, because they have NO PROOF of ANY of their lies about us.

IT'S A CRIME! It's a crime for a legislator NOT to read a bill before he/she votes it into law. It's “dereliction of duty,” but Congresspeople, and legislators all over the country do it all the time. They SAY they have staff to read it and advise them. But who “gets the big bucks” to be a legislator? Them, or their “staff?” Who has the legal requirement to read them? They say they “don't have time” to read all the bills they make into laws, but what else do they have to do? Outside of raising money to get re-elected, that is. If they don't READ these bills, what USE are they?

HILLARY IS CLUELESS: It has been said that she is “clueless” on the economy. But in actuality, she is clueless on EVERYTHING. Yet she BELIEVES that crap about her being “the smartest woman in the land.” Judging by what she does, she's probably the most IGNORANT woman in the land—the proof is that she thinks she has the “right” to be president, and that the election is “just a formality.” The only way she can win in 2016 is if “the fix is in,” as it was when Obama “elbowed her aside” in 2008. One of her stupidities is her claim that her people “read every e-mail” before deleting those they deemed “personal.” Physically impossible in the time allotted.

PUTIN IS NOT DEAD: Damn it! He was just seen in public for the first time in ten days. Where has he been? What has he been doing? And is that our business? Yes. Absolutely. He's running a country that has expansionist aims we THOUGHT we had ended when the “collapse” of communism in Russia was announced. Of course, they're STILL a socialist country, which is only one form of collectivism, while communism is another, with only cosmetic differences, and with the SAME PEOPLE still “in charge.”

RESTAURANTS SHUT DOWN: High class restaurants that have been successfully in business for many years are shutting down because of their new $15.00 an hour minimum wage law. They just can't afford it. That's the trouble with liberals, who have never been in business, never had to “make a payroll,” making laws to increase costs for businesses without regard to whether or not those businesses can afford to obey their laws. So now the Washington restaurant business is suffering, and the liberals just make excuses, saying their stupid law caused nothing.

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