Sunday, March 15, 2015


That's what Obama promised, and he's KEEPING that promise, whether he knows it or not. Proof of that is his inviting tax cheat race whore Al Sharpton to the White House and allowing him to “sit in” on discussions on how to “end” racism, when Sharpton's very financial health DEPENDS on racism flourishing. Add to that his appointing at least SIX (so far) Muslim terrorist-connected men to join the White House staff, and it has become OBVIOUS that he IS a saboteur planning our demise. Sharpton is “under the gun” on his taxes, and CLAIMS his tax records (again) have burned up in a fire. Nobody believes that, but Obama is acting on the ASSUMPTION it's true so he doesn't have to put this fool in prison.

OFFENDING” MIUSLIM TERRORISTS? Obama's people say the reason he will not name Islamic terrorists for what they are is that he's afraid of “offending” them by naming them. Who the hell cares if the Islamic terrorists are “offended?” I certainly don't. When they BEHEAD adults after raping them (men and women) in FRONT of their children, then rape and behead the children, too, I see “red.” When they “do what they do” every day, killing and maiming human beings for not believing the exact way they think they should, I'M offended. I'm offended by them breathing the air of this world every day and I want that to stop. So why should I care if he “offends” them?

IS PUTIN ILL? I've hesitated to report on this, because it smacks of a political “conspiracy theory.” It's based on, uh, Putin not being seen for a while, which may be simply him “keeping on the down-low” for a while. But, knowing the Russian propensity for hiding things like their “top man” being deathly ill until they HAVE TO reveal it (usually because he's dead), I probably should mention it, even if I AM still skeptical. I'd say “We can only hope,” but I know there is a host of people just as bad “waiting in the wings” for him to die so THEY can “take over.”

BLOODTHIRSTY?” I've been accused of “being bloodthirsty” because of comments like the one above, and the comment above that. But think about it: there ARE people alive on this Earth whose lives have cost a lot of good people their lives and “fortunes,” simply by BEING alive. Better for them to NOT be alive. Some people cause trouble just by being alive. And I'm not going to be quiet about that. I wouldn't go out and SHOOT them, but I AM entitled to my opinion (so far, anyway).

BILL MORE POPULAR: According to some sources, Bill Clinton is more popular than Hillary. I'm not surprised at that. But I AM surprised he is still popular at all, considering the fact that he was IMPEACHED, although he did escape being removed from office by the Senate because he “knew where the bodies were buried" (and probably even buried a few, himself). Apparently, there are still enough FOOLS voting in these polls to maintain his “popularity.” Which frightens me no end, since the same people will be voting in the next election. I can only hope enough Republicans “come out of the woodwork” to outnumber them.

LOSS OF CREDIBILITY: The “loss of credibility” of the police forces in the Ferguson, MO area is responsible for the current situation where two of their cops have been shot from ambush, according to demonstrators. But that's a LOAD. The CAUSE is the fact that the PRESIDENT has taken advantage of the CRIMINAL movement to “target” the cops and make it harder for them to do their jobs, based on an event they LIED about from the word “go.” And Obama (in the person of Eric Holder) continues to “beat the drums” of racism for their own purposes. Holder, for instance, couldn't come up with PROVABLE charges against that cop who was forced to shoot a deadly thug, so he uses “massaged stats” to “indict” his police force instead, to keep the unbrest going.

BECAUSE OF GITMO?” Obama thinks the Islamic terrorists hate us because of GITMO. No, he doesn't. That's just one of his latest attempts to fool us. Islamic terrorism has been going on for many years BEFORE the Guantanamo Bay prison was opened. GITMO is in RESPONSE to Islamic terrorist atrocities. It brings up the old question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?: And he wants us to BELIEVE this crap. I'm getting really tired of him insulting my intelligence with his easily provable LIES.

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