Friday, March 27, 2015

Intentional Mass Murder

When the pilot left the cockpit to go to the bathroom, the co-pilot took over, locking the cockpit door to keep everybody out, and quietly set the airplane on a downward course, impacting a mountainside at full speed, causing the plane, with all abord (165 persons plus the crew) to disintegrate, with not a single piece larger than a small car to remain, and KILLING all aboard. This was not SUPPOSED to happen. There were SUPPOSED to be at least TWO people in the cockpit, at all times. But that rule was ignored. Is this terrorism? There needs to be a system to make this IMPOSSIBLE, to “let the horse out after the door was left open."

WILL HE GO QUIETLY? “That's a silly question. He HAS to “go quietly.” He is constitutionaslly prohibited from running again. You're going too far.” -J.R., Tulsa, OK writes. Not at all. It isn't the first time he has ignored the Constitution and gotten away with it, because of Congress' refusal to stop him. Every time he gets away with it, he gets more brazen. In New York City, Mayor Bloomberg ignored the state Constitution and ran for one more term, and HE got away with it, It all depends on the determination of Congress or the legislature to stop him, and this Congress has shown it doesn't have the balls to do so. -RT

JUST PASS A LAW: This is something I've always wondered about. What makes politicians think they can stop criminals from doing something by passing a law? Don't they know criminals break the law for a living?” -Bill P. Indianapolis, IN. You're right. They should really know better, but they don't. They just keep passing their useless anti-gun laws that do nothing but disarm honest poeople and provide unarmed victims for the criminals. They're too STUPID to know better.

REID IS QUITTING: He says he “wants to go out at the top of his game.” But he is NOT “at the top of his game. The Patriot Post says it's “The end of an error.” The Democrats congratulate him on pushing the Obama plan against stiff Repulican opposition. But in fact, that was what caused him to LOSE control of the Senate. He just BARELY got re-elected last time, and against a “B-List candidate,” even though he had a billionaire's money behind him. He just doesn't want to have the PEOPLE “retire” him so he can LIE about why he “retired.” My comment is, “Good riddance to bad rubbish.”

MAKE HIS EARS BIGGER: Obama likes to whine and scream about editorial cartoonists depicting him with big, floppy ears. Good. Let's do it some more. Make his ears “dumbo big,” and show him flying, using his ears as wings. Anything that makes Obama so mad can only be a GOOD thing. Hopefully, he won't be with us much longer—unless he does his usual thing and defies the Constitution, running for a prohibited third term, and manages to steal another election. Frankly, if he does that, I think the revolution will be on! If I were a little younger and had good legs, I'd LEAD it!

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: That's what the new law about to be signed by the Indiana governor is, and George Takai doesn't like it. He wants the freedom to be gay, but not the freedom of people to choose their own customers. He wants to be able to FORCE people to do business with him by not allowing them to refuse. Personally, I don't give a damn if he likes men instead of women. He's free to do that. But if people have religious antipathy to SUPPORTING what he does, they should have that right. And he should have the right to go elsewhere—but he refuses, in favor of FORCING them to do business with him when he KNOWS they don't want to. He thinks his wishes should supercede those of others.

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