Friday, March 20, 2015

Nobody--for Anything!

Obama's latest dictatorial idea is to make it MANDATORY (that's his favorite word) to VOTE. As far as I'm concerned, he can stick it up his whosis. I will NOT be told to vote as long as I have to vote for one or the other. Often, BOTH CANDIDATES are bad, and I wouldn't vote for either. When they start having a choice of “nobody—for anything,” I'll let them tell me I MUST vote. Forcing me to vote is the act of a DICTATOR, which Obama THINKS he is. Somebody should “set him straight” on that. Obama is supposedly a “constitutional scholar,” but he knows less about the Constitution than the most IGNORANT person around. He proves that every time he comes up with a stupid idea like this.

JUST $19 A MONTH: There are starting to be so many charities out there asking for “Just $19 a month,” I'm getting tired of hearing that phrase. Many are good charities as far as I know. But there are so many of them it would be impossible to send each of them $19 a month, so I don't send ANY of them any money because I can't decide which ones deserve it more. So ALL of them lose out. And if I feel that way, I know a lot of people feel that way, and I feel sorry for them. But not enough to send them ALL $19 a month.

CAMPS FOR ADULTS”: Speaking before the National Camping Association (surprise, surprise!), Hillary Clinton said, “We need camps for adults. We have a huge fun deficit.” And why do we? Because liberals want to take all the fun out of life, and she's one of the biggest liberals I know. Of course, like everything else liberals suggest, it's always “voluntary” at first. Then at some point, it will become MANDATORY, which is their favorite word. I'd like to see them try to force ME into a “camp for adults” where they tell me what I HAVE to do. Where there is “organized fun--for ALL.” Fireworks would ensue.

WHIPPING UP” RACISM: I don't know whose idea it was, but the CEO of Starbucks apparently approved of the whole idea of his coffee servers handwriting little notes on coffee cups and engaging customers in conversation about racism. What a STUPID idea THAT is! In the first place, I understand there are usually long lines of people waiting to get their coffee and they don't need to be made to wait while some bozo who knows NOTHING flaps his lip about race relations. Second, it's bad enough there IS some racism left (of the old kind, where whites discriminate against blacks). We don't need people wasting time gabbing about the NEW racism, where blacks discriminate against WHITES while customers wait.

RACISM: THEIR COMMON LIE: Democrats have used the “race card” so often the accusation has become meaningless. But they're not intelligent enough to realize it. They keep calling ALL their “opposition” racist, not having a clue that when they do, they reveal the fact that they have NO coherent arguments for their position so it's “name-calling time. I've been called a racist so many times I've lost count, and there isn't a racist bone in my body. I judge people as INDIVIDUALS, and I “judge” these individuals to be FOOLS. Now Democrat Dick Durbin has said ALL Republicans are racists, not realizing how STUPID that makes HIM sound.

NO “TWO-STATE SOLUTION”: Why is that? Because the Palestinians don't want it. That's true, and is provable because every time we near an agreement on a “two-state solution,” they sabotage it by demanding something NEW they KNOW the Israelis will not allow. This allows them to rationalize rocket bombing Israeli “soft targets” as they've been doing for years. They and ALL Islamic terrorists rarely attack STRONG targets because they're LAZY. They don't want to have to fight too hard so they go after targets where people usually will not be armed and be able to shoot back. Targets who are SURPRISED to be attacked.

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