Monday, March 9, 2015

The "Creating Jobs" Myth

Presidents talk a lot about “creating jobs,” but so far, not a single president or other politician ever “created” a job, unless it is a GOVERNMENT job—of which they create many. Politicians never “create jobs” in private business, but they can certainly DESTROY jobs, as Obama did when he vetoed the Keystone Pipeline bill. In that, he destroyed not only the almost 300 jobs on the PIPELINE he could have been responsible for, he destroyed many jobs in periphery industries that SUPPORT the pipeline—which, in a “domino effect,” gets rid of other jobs that depend on them. But politicians never “create” jobs. All they can do is create the “atmosphere” in which new jobs are created—and that, Opbama has never done.

TERRORISTS JOINING FORCES: ISIS and Boko Haram to join forces. So the hell what? Both outfits have been “reeling” lately and losing ground. Both need to be removed from the face of the Earth. Killed, man and boy. Does their “joining forces” make them more visible to human beings? Will it make them easier to kill? Or will it work just the opposite? Boko Haram is principally a bunch of slave traders. They like to kidnap young women so they can “get women.” They can't get them any other way. They're too dirty and ugly. ISIS does the same, for the same reason, though they don't make claims to SELL the women. They just screw them and behead them, along with their parents. We need to stop capturing and imprisoning them. Just KILL them where they're caught.

THE ONLY VIABLE CANDIDATE”: That's what Democrats say. Hillary is “the only viable Democrat candidate for president in 2016.” What? She's “viable?” How about Elizabeth Warren? What about our venerable vice president, “Ol' Joe?” Are they saying there are too many NON-viable politicians in the Democrat Party they can't find anybody but her to ruin? If that's so, they're in real trouble. With all the scandals attached to her (which they ignore), there's NO WAY she's “viable.” My God! HILLARY as PRESIDENT? I thought OBAMA was a disaster! She asks, “Don't we someday want a woman president?” Yes, we do. But not Hillary, fergawdsakes!. She has set women back in politics a long way.

EASIER TO BUY A GUN THAN A BOOK”: That's what Obama says. But that's yet another of his BIG LIES. It's NOT easier to buy a gun than to buy a book in this country unless you're a CRIMINAL, to begin with. I buy books regularly. But I'd have to really go out of my way to buy a gun, and I'm not a criminal. That's the whole problem today. The “anti-gun laws” they make “create a market” for ILLEGAL guns. THAT'S what makes it easy to buy a gun—in the black market. They CREATED the problem, now they gripe about it.

GOP ATTACKS ON PEELOSI: The New York Times bemoans what they call “Republican 'attacks' on Nancy.” What a LOAD of garbage THAT is! Typically, it IGNORES Nancy's attacks on REPUBLICANS. Attacks that come out daily, especially since her term as Majority Leader. That's the usual CON Democrats use: accuse your enemies of what you do, yourself, while pretending you don't do it—only THEY do. One of their biggest problems is when we react to her STUPID statements, such as that SILLIEST one, that “We must pass the bill to find out what's in it.” I can't think of a STUPIDER statement to be made, by ANYBODY. And I guess criticism of that is an "attack" on poor ol' Nancy.

A LAW AGAINST “ISLAMAPHOBIA?” A Michigan town has now passed a law against “Islamaophobia. That's like passing a law against criticizing the NAZIS or the Japanese during World War II, when they were the ENEMY. Aside from being UNCONSTITUTIONAL, it is STUPID to do any such thing. But don't try and tell that to the stupid politicians who did it. They call such criticism “:hate speech,” and therein lies the stupidity. Human intelligence demands you be able to criticize people who are wantonly killing, raping, beheading children and adults.

SHADES OF “ATLAS SHRUGGED”: In Ayn Rand's masterwork, the prophetic “Atlas Shrugged,” which sparked the rise of her logical philosophical revolution, “Objectivism,” they actually made a LAW against “going out of business” to keep businessmen from closing their businesses and disappearing. Like that's going to stop them from removing themselves from a world that did nothing but “feed” off their achievements without paying for it. Now race whore Jesse Jackson suggests making a law to stop businesses from moving out of town when laws are made that are too “onerous.”

EVIDENCE OF LEFT'S INSANITY: Now they're claiming that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, a black man, is a Fascist and in league with the KKK. What fools came up with that, I don't know. That'd be like accusing a white supremacist of being “in league with” a “BLACK supremacist” group. It “doesn't compute.” In what way would a BLACK MAN benefit from an alliance with an organization that hates him because of the color of his skin? These people just don't think things through before they open their stupid flaps.

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