Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Indiana Governor Surrenders

I'm listening to him even now say he wants to change his “religious freedom law” so it is NOT “religious freedom.” He says he wants it changed to say it does NOT give businesses the “right” to refuse business to ANYONE, for any reason. Which cancels the entire effect of the law. But the law never DID “give them that right.” The CONSTITUTION gives them that right. What he does not say is there IS no “right” to DEMAND somebody accept business that is against their religious beliefs. What he's doing makes the law say they have religious liberty EXCEPT for refusing to do business with gays, which puts gays in a “special place” never intended in law.

WHY WAS THAT LAW NECESSARY? The question I ask about the Indiana “religious liberty law” is this: “Why was such a law necessary in the first place?” Religious liberty is ALREADY assured in FEDERAL law. Why did Indiana think a state law was necessary?” I have no problem with gays and what they do except when they demand “rights” that are not in the Constitution. The odd thing here is that when the federal law concerning religious freedom was passed and signed by Bill Clinton, the very people who are screaming “foul” about this praised it then. Obama (then a senator) voted FOR it.

NO RIGHT TO DENY SERVICES: Indiana Gov. Mike Pence now says, “This law doesn't give ANYONE the right to deny services to ANYONE. No, it doesn't. The CONSTITUTION does! I. As a business owner, I have the “right” to refuse to do business with ANYBODY, and not have to even GIVE a reason. And I will do so. That doesn't mean I will not do business with gays. I have no “religious exception” to what they do or what they are. But I DO reserve the right to not provide a stun gun to a KNOWN CRIMINAL, and I HAVE that right. I don't HAVE TO do business with ANYBODY. Why we waste time on this crap when Islamic terrorists are beheading little girls, I don't know!

RIGHT IN OUR MIDST! Proud terrorists are right in our midst! In Florida, Barry University officials APPROVED a “pro-ISIS group on their campus, just making them change their name “Because technically, we're at war with them.” “Technically?” We're about as much at war with them as we have ever been with ANYBODY, including the Japanese and the Nazis in WWII. And they APPROVED this “club?” Who “only want to HELP OUR enemies?” These people are TRAITORS! They should be IMPRISONED! This kind of thing is not allowed as “freedom of speech.” Americans are not allowed to support our ENEMIES! Let alone do it publicly.

IN A “NEW PHASE”: According to Secretary of State John Dumbo, the “discussions” on the Iran nuclear problem “will continue in a 'new phase' since the original deadline has passed.” Which means they are IGNORING their SELF-IMPOSED deadline and going right on with the “dog and pony show” designed to get SOME KIND OF an “agreement” for Iran to ignore so Obama can say he “got an agreement with Iran.” We all know they WILL ignore it. They always do. It's in their “rule book” that it's OKAY to LIE to advance Islam.

WE SUPPORT NUKE DEAL? Obama has put out the word that “A majority of Americans support Obama's Iran nuke deal.” There are two little problems: One, nobody knows what's IN the deal. And we don't have to approve it to see what's in it like Peelosi thinks is true with our own laws. Second, we DON'T approve it. No way! If we did, it would be presented to Congress for IT'S approval, according to law. But it has not, and never WILL be. Obama is only saying this to make fools think it is approved by a majority so they'll “knuckle under.”

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