Monday, March 2, 2015

Why Should We Care?

Muslims come to this country and, instead of changing their ways so as to “fit in,” they complain about what we have done for centuries, such as eating bacon, and DEMAND we change it to suit THEM. Why the hell SHOULD we? Why would we have to change our ways a whit to suit a Muslim's “sensibilities?” We don't go to the countries THEY run and demand that somebody open a bar and sell booze. First of all, if we did, the person doing it would probably get beheaded. Second, we DON'T CARE if they drink or not. I gag when I hear about a yellow-bellied restaurant owner who takes bacon off his menu because MUSLIMS complained. They should just keep their mouths shut and not EAT there. They'll probably want to KILL me for saying this.

IT'S CUZ' HE'S BLACK: I'm getting real tired of Democrats saying the only reason people oppose what Obama is doing is because he's black. What a LOAD of “stinky brown stuff” THAT is! I wish we had some HONEST politicians in DC who would call something what it IS, not what they think we'll believe. This criminal in the White House promised that if we elected him, we'd destroy racism in this country forever. In reality, we made it WORSE, and it's all because of Obama's scheme to attribute EVERYTHING that opposes him to racism. And I'm sure that was his plan when he assured us of that. That's who he is—a liar and a thief.

JEWISH GIRL KILLS 5 JIHADISTS:. A bunch of Jihadists came to her village and started killing people. But when they came to her, she killed THEM with her machine gun before they managed to kill her. But that does give you a clue about why I'm so adamant about every American having a gun to use in self-defense. From Jihadists, or local gangs and other criminals. John Kerry insists we are safer now than ever before. He's a FOOL. We should put him right out front in the war that Islamic terrorists are waging against us.

PUTIN'S OPPONENT SHOT TO DEATH: There have been far too many of, uh, Putin's opponents murdered. It's becoming a habit too easily laid at his door. Naturally he denies it and brushed it off. Just as Obama denies HIS crimes and brushes them off. Is his behavior in any way familiar? The only difference is he's slicker. He just finds something the government can do to kill him. Like they did to the author of “Nobody's Business if You Do,” in the early days of “medical pot.” He NEEDED pot to keep his food down, so they arrested him for making pot and let him go on the promise he wouldn't use any pot. He was found in his apartment .Dead, from swallowing his own vomit.

SAFER THAN WE'VE EVER BEEN!” “And the only thing we have to worry about is Israel.” What whopping, abysmally STUPID thing to THINK, much less SAY! There's a good reason why we didn't elect John Kerry president. He's as dumb as a stump. But Obama recognized that, and appointed him Secretary of State after his previous “stupid appointee” (Hillary) had had enough of being his “football” for stupid decisions that get people killed.. He wanted somebody who would carry out his stupid decisions without question and say the stupid things he wants him to say—and even BELIEVE what he's saying. Kerry is a natural for that.

WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT? Saturday Night Live did a skit that might have been an ad for (or against) ISIS that purports to be a man seeing his daughter off, and her “ride” seems to be ISIS, which proceeds to shoot up the landscape. The question is, did they “go too far” with this skit? The answer is, Not in the slightest. Any ad that shows how stupid and ridiculous ISIS is, is okay, in my book. They think it might “go too far” in that it makes ISIS mad. I say, who cares if ISIS gets mad? Does anybody think that will make them even MORE murderous? Anybody who does is a damned FOOL.

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