Thursday, March 5, 2015

Gowdy Subpoenas Hillary's E-Mails

Whoop-dee-doo! Does he really think he will get them all? There's a good reason why she not only had, and used, her own personal e-mail, but was her own e-mail provider, as well. That's so she won't have to depend on someone else to decide which ones to send, and which ones to leave out in just this case—and nobody will know the difference, because SHE will make that decision. The important thing here, is that the Clintons don't think the rules apply to them. They make up their own, and insist it is perfectly legal.

TAKING AWAY OBAMACARE “LIFESAVER”: NBC is afraid the Supreme Court is going to take away the Obamacare “lifesaver” when they make their decision. Oh, right! If it IS a “lifesaver,” the Supreme Court will say so. If is is a swindle, as I, and many others, believe it is, and is unconstitutional, they will say that', too. That's their whole purpose in life. And if it IS unconstitutional, it is NOT a :lifesaver.” If so, we will be well rid of it.

OBAMA INHIBITS COMMERCE: Way before there was a federal government, with its onerous “rules and regulations,” farmers sold their crops to whomever they pleased. It was the best of the free market, which BUILT our nation and made it the best in the world. They didn't need, nor want, grower's associations and federal agencies to do it for them. In fact, they did better WITHOUT such things. But since those outfits “took over” the sale of crops—and were allowed to do so, now it has become ILLEGAL for farmers to sell their crops directly to consumers, and the government is now ARRESTING them for it and charging them with a CRIME.

OBAMA TO BREAK THE LAW—AGAIN: Obama can't create taxes. Only the Congress can do that. All he can do is sign the tax measure into law AFTER the Congress passes it. But Obama doesn't care about that. He's getting ready to issue an “Executive Order” to raise taxes, and his accomplices will ENFORCE it, as if it WERE law. In so doing, THEY will become lawbreakers, along with Obama. But why should he care? He violates the law DAILY. And Congress allows it. As long as they do, he will get away with it, and we will just PAY.

FARCIAL FEAR-MONGERING: Ignoring the OBVIOUS, some liberals are calling Netanyahu's speech telling America what Israel is facing at the hands of radical Muslims, “farcial fear-mongering.” Forget hundreds of rocket bombs that fall on Israel, coming from Muslims in neighboring territories. Forget that Iran has PROMISED to “destroy Israel” by whatever means necessary, and is building a nuclear bomb to do it with. Forget they've already survived one “holocaust” and fear another.

BENGHAZI DISQUALIFIES HILLARY: People are talking about Hillary's e-mail scandal taking her out of the presidential race, but they're wrong. That's just politics. It's bad, but did not cause anyone's DEATH through INCOMPETENCE, as the Benghazi scandal did. Why ANYBODY would tell rescuers to “stand down,” I do not know. But she obviously did. She says, no. But she's the only one at the top who had the authority to do so (besides Obama, and he'll never admit it). Then later she shows her complete INDIFFERENCE to those deaths by saying to Congress, “What DIFFERENCE does it make, now?” For me, THAT takes her out of contention to EVER be president, even if she were not a devout liberal.

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